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Full text of "Morning Telegraph (Louella Parsons) September-December 1922"

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Crje ittoming UDelegcapti 

The only TBN CENT DAILY N EWBP AI'Ertl in New York. 
TOL.1W, K0.6S, 

_ PBbl!»t«l »J th* Uttll PtTBUHHTNa 'cOHPAWT, at No. S2n XigBtB AtmuV 
tt'M? ratUlh tirm, l» the City of New Yor*,-&}MOgB *( Msakattrn. J3£ 

nli Anna*: Xdward E, IMlul, Vice Frtaidrat, 
i naytasarj 

>h*nc. MM 
M. A. KALUTT, A«lT*rti*t*# UiM|«f. 

■ U* ElitlUl AMH 

Telephone- 14*0 ClrcJ*. 

in J r*w.lf OFFICE. EM Wtrat Katiaaal Bilk Biir . OUe*r»- 

IACIFIC COA1T omCX. *» Bldx~ STO HoULgWB** BlTd- 
La* AnreleS, Cat. Franrr* A ■■»«*, NtpF*tcQ< olive. 

Billy tad tiusd>r, »1i ninth*.. 

Ditty onlj, emff Tear.. ..fUno 

. Ball? *»<I, Cli monrbf... 11.00 

USIly oaly, tare* raeataa ->.« 

*Ond(7 Only, out xw, (!;# 

ftaartir only, alt ninths 1M 

aondiy only. tnrwySwita** 3.3* 

( Dally.fcnA SSndiy. the** W6athi..fA« 
1 nallj and Bondiy, *ae month 19 

CanidiiTi Feattxe, rCM exu* pot tost or Ron oar tamo. When the gnnfliy edition IS 
"-Jinrtton with the dally paper no ailra. puit*f 
ltjrpltll nosilae rstfs flir*i!«l>*fi on ■ppllealitm 

lODlinrtknn with the daily psMr bo sitra postage. IB ^fe* 1 
Vareiam poatajre rates fhrnii&efl en ippileallon t 
EnUrrf it lbs New Tor* Fostoffiw n> Second-Clns litter. 

«Jf LOwyjOH the Dill j an* AumdJiT usue* of The Uoralng iMUk »r« le b. 

toned cm Mlc It GorrlnaVs AiMriMn News Aiescy. H fitwn Street; CTjfttf; Cros 
1 1HB LJ*JJ..™l. D «l*» 1 t * reiwBrdlng CO.. Htgtnt and Csrltea flreSt; H. J. Willi! 

! Tfco -A!E«Tltin IfSwl Com 

Hw, Int. fciL I 

KEW JTOHE. Fit ID A V, fcEI-TEMUEJ; 1. J«2. 

I>i a« feel optirniatte About the toil! Sfia Hon, . There 
Tk«i-*j Will Be * tin l '~ ■ r * lT , " n T>plj in hind, digging la goLog en in ta* 
Heal for Ma* * m!n ** th«t proJnr* nflft coal, arid hard ca«l mlntii noon 

Folk When WitH Mar# tm,, lhllt( -winter "b a Ion* wan o* i«- ladasirisii 
tar Comw, mnv fe#l Uit: s»d ot coaJ, aod Int Fard plant haj cLodt 

doit-n. 'and mil Id rniiiUry iliatriot* vt-ftOii may lie. m<-i! as 
'ftW. But wt win («t tbroimH tbc catalog rnlt) 'aeaBpii all rllbt. kUJv *nt vlll 
;ftWJ» to death. That 1* e*nain, aMid 1ht>e ia ao reaeon under the- ran why lind- 
tard* fiwataA aparunent bausrt'abeuld be rattaied (ram tb«ir «biifatifiua to pro- 
..tidf) haat *ftrf cold dajr hi tha jf *r, -Wbea th* mlaea »s la (nil operty^u ">fl. 
■Mtrabla ttoS coal bt^dut; thai la required". And it ia^rtaaoimbl* to expert (bat 
there wirt b* n irafr*riar. XnttX Daw la needed mot* tBiD^Djrtiiu* c!ae wil] be 
ctra to haul tba «al to tb« cLHfj ud d*alrjbatln( JoitiI*. Th* railway strike 
drtr* aloot, but it aeeiiw to b« utarbiT its end. ' If we "can jet tha Kiel, it wBt 
t* Hi) to the dealers to aupply It; they can riant iom* of hit leant on. itjetor 
trncka. It may coat tba consumer more tban it Old Unt "U'tnU'r, but'tttefa 1 will' 
be plmtj.-. ' ■ : 

.... B , I? JOU i*e a flrl, fl jeOra old, TPeSjht aboul 40 pOunila, 

CkiJrj Actor* On carrjlnf a dinner pall in bee hand, cm* ring k faitorr to 

ih* Stan Needed b **^ ^ ]fl ™ 1 6tT ' t "" ork - ' our v * tr ,0ul ""Ita aa«ter»t the 

w Wen'. But If jou a«a t boaky. youth ol sereateta, ilert, 

■Uld Are Wot Over* ^ . of iati WfB . w nT]d cheerful, -oaterinj * theatre to 

.worked. rtbearte in a tUy ertta otfeera, joti tetteTe it la quke all 

t rirbt. And a« It la. In framing- the Chilli Labor bill Cou- 

1 \#rett aaouldi exerdae co',»a aeaa*,' for which it li not'telebrnied Iheae rtajs. 
Some elilMrin ahoitkt not work apd hhkif abould. Some iboutfl be protected 
aialtlst merciless taak nuiatira; but those who wjah to tiie part In pleasant and 
eouftfllal occobatfon abonld dot be etnpped. Certain cbildi-an not yet liS.are lm- 

.poftact aa b head WUU) era. Kleie Jflnii la a food example of What jonnf peraona on 
(be auca eau do. ThL* talented yotiBg tfrl waa barred from New lotk jheatrea 
unliJ abe passed ber atxte«a1h blrtbday, sod Immediately tflereaTter w*» tirrnlnf .io 
t3p0 to. Uld family wffera. Xbtre wie no reaacui under the aon why abe tiboold 
not haec appeared wbfn abe waa S year* rid. Some/children on the atact are ex- 
crptloaallj eutertalDini;; they mjoy their work; It ia ejiay, th« burden is llfht, Aad 
Ihdr aerrices are required; anrir* plajii — "SblyioKn" tot instance — mixht not qaee 

^wciJeBalfl' It'e^ldYejxT^itfSflVVTrm^ed'to plnj. All ^ hat we aaid t* <Jo# Lo the 
AuK that tba Child Labor bill, now before the United Stntrn SeUatlT, forbid- per- 
aOnk'UUdei' 18 yeart' old from working, and the fiqtrlrj, with llir Kiaiataoce Of the 
ewquent and aecomnliahed AuruBttta Thomas, vilj aak tbat atije. chfldTen be ex- 
empt from the worklnfa of the law. They nhould be. • "" 



collect mmmtm 



1, 1522. 

Famous Elayiri-LQtfcy Tab-ala«i 

Adrtrtiaiiiff and Publicity tn 

."Bloed and rated." 


m« firair .tt#r« to m* 

Foraotten L«w f '~.r >•*<<*< 1 
Webb I.«t« Br. ; ■ 

.■■!*>■' i 
i i 

Haa tJii>-ii(ivr:Li of the autolnbblile cjiaticed or r modified 
>■ ^^^^ oor attitude toward "matfg befit friafid"— t**e horae? Some- 

More W*tenng tin^g „ f„ r u, M t j, tl . e [„■ n6(r tfce 1EM nff#rti0D f(j r 
Statioru for Work (>>• borae among tbe mnui of tbijiirjeopU that ther* via 
Hone* Arc Needed w6en b * W1 * rcco * 1lilcd *■ tne *& ltt •ttney of laod locomo- 
tion. While there are thonaasda Oi admlrera of and terera 
of boeaefleah, h* doea nit appeal. tit the uveracc citlx'eB aa 
be ehouid, for be la by DO j-icnuK archaic. Hla career of usefn)nrss la unaffected 

• At-"** aotomoblle. He is the same faltbful aerrant be alwaye wB*. and he la br.ins 

I Btflected, eren in thia dtj, wbere^mueh aueqtiOB U tfeen to tht protection of 
dumb aaluulc. , 

. "Cnder the aUperriBfon of the New York Wonuatt'o Laaptc lol. AaEmals there 

' Art otiljr.rbjbtKBterini eUtion* where. there should -be elthtj. Tbeteaee « B many, 
howerer, at (be leajw ia able to aapport without iifiolatancp. ; Theyar« Well kept 
and. a boon.. Attendanta. aee to It that they a » alwaya eAnftiry, (hat tbe pelis'are 
eterillaad after use to prevent tbe possibility of Bpreadini- dtaeaie 

The women In cbarie of thia wotk„ founded: by the lata £nj]n Prbace Speyer, 
wife, of Jamie. Spejer. the tunke'r, !eel tbat it la only neoesaavryto «ll the atten- 

, t!bD of patroBS of tbe turf, borae owners and humane people jenerplly to tbe ik-piIs 
Of the inetitution, and tbat the number of Btatiocs w]].e be iocrefcaed rapidly . )a mOn 
ma preaent eondlHona are underatood. The Town Ciitr at 800 Lafayette «Mtt 

I will furnlab any Information dealred! by tboea interested* - 


Candor Tnaehirnj Bar They'll Brlnac 
Baric nlamtaed ^VoLltalnar. 

The rrtnrn of the long skirt and tbe 
corset were balled with, hearty approval 
'and' OMtsJdercd «a Ineritably makinj- 
neecJiaary a return of jUsnified, fmeeful 
danclnj bj eer^ntr-flie membera of the 
American Society of Teachcw of Dane- 

fag, oldest and mutt eooMrvitlre of 
American dancing aaaocIat)4na, at Ita an- 
nnal tbe WaJdorf-AetoTia 
tbi* week. ,v 

A reriral of the wklu and the tanao 
v.- 1!-; predicted. Tbe membera also con- 
tributed Ideaa and atepa toward a new 
dance to be.lntJ-OaTilCed for the benefit 
of tbe bavhful wooer. Tha new daoee 
Ytili be oalird n m It tTblte Dinciog." 


TBI* 91*** CAM Tell bn< C'*n-t foniprl Ii. Md wA«t Tkrj- My, 

UR1NC the day Uranua i* in beneftc aapert, awordiog te aatroloCy. After 
. aondowD Jupiter ia atroojclr adeerae. » ■ 

The rule la hel4 to be eiccedinrly larorable t.. tboie Who *#11. but uatoeai 
for buyer a ~ 

v Coder this planetary government all dinlinclly Intetleetua] puraiilt* akoultl 
proap*r, a.i the Oiiod is atimulateci bj- the- friendly Inflvenrea ef Uranna. ■ 

There ia a moat promising sign fcjr idveatioaa of e*ery aort, eaperially tbOB« 
relating to tho cinema and to radio, t » i^T^TT 

fsyeble InTeatigatlpna will h? prosrmted wish rew fntrteit an^tkronfli tbe 
AotamD, wben tbe public will be more than ever inclined tt, credit the atoriea of 
'aplrltnallatic phenomena. ; 

_ Xhla ta a away that atlrx the Imaeiaatioii and chould he Tarorable to raftny 
formi of literary work. , < ^'- . 

naya and booka that are km ephemeral than thoae „t recent yeara again are 

' By LOTOLtiA . riltSOlfS 

E\'EItY Una at a<Jr ■■ ; : i . . L i , , nr.' I 
lidtr pubtiahed In eonnecr! -j 
' -Blood and Saa-t" ' -^ 1 ■<rt- 

ed by Famous t'lajwi-Lv ik,j /fa. 
uaa t> evidence, in 1:: ■ i;-.\j- 
Vaiantbe it brincir;- •-..■■■- 
allefced hr+iiclL ol ontraet. 
Urio eofitenna be Van . »•. t 
rertiaed fat the runnr?, pl»v 
rluaa at Ihti be hai a »'-•,/ 
the cfMftaer, wnfeb ben . _ 
Vflrt to run. 

Three man at the PhrtnioTint ofltiea are 
fit woril clipping the street of newspaper 
ptibtlcltytlin i JonnTllek tud r #lg''cot 
lectod as .'iot-n as he- itaa notified tbat 
Mr. Vdiloutioo conLompIated taking legal 
aeilon igalnat FaUMla Puiyera-Laaky. 

"We are goiad;.^ gife^Mr. TalcnUno 
a /Ifilit." .icid -Sir. LadVlg. "It la not 
only inia on* e'aaO but future raacft tba,t 
may come iin. Wu hope to catabujLh' a 
precedent that no actor baa n right to 
break iiLi contren \Vo b.\y,- civi^n Mr. 
V r aHentino tbe b\e-t «tnrie« nml the best, 
directors obtainable ti> givo him Mk ri'ivj- 
tion-ho has tn-<laj ifJth the picture pub- 
lic o£ thn rtdntry.'* " ■ 

Arthur Mtlcr tlraiiaru, attorney for I 
Mr. Valentino ^nld eea^erday suit bad 
heen started and his client would en- 
duavor to"proTo hid Jpfinjjcuient of Ota' 
tract on'tbe amount of publicity received 
dueing the run of "Blood" and Sand."" 

Mr. Va>rifJnoa wberftabonui Cuntinocs 
to b« r BODrce uf n>,itiuu:t! apeculatlnn. 
Bveryono U Caking the nine queatkin. It 
14 generally believed lie in aomawhetC ia 
t^e Acilmitduokft with bis bride, Winifred. 
HudmiL There Pavo been few motion- 
picture: pijij-rr.H who have Into auth 
Instant success aa Kmlolph' Voiontino, 
who in the brief aoaet^ot a year roae 
from tho unimportant position of sup- 
porting octor to one of tbe moat promi- 
nent ut«ra 11 the world, 

"The-8he)h n and "Blood 'and Hand" 
have Iiccn n large factor lu winnljijt this 
(nme for nlm. nitliou^li he reeetTed aeii-' 
eroni .rwngnlticvn fur his work in "The 
Pour Horsemen-of the Apoeatyp*e." 

; Tlio Police Don 1 (o M«t IjOCW, 

When hlaroiii I,.v-iv afrlees in - 
tho .Sen York barboe on the Uer- 
engaria tbEu fflprnlng he will h* met 
bF a bsry ot motion p'cHir© 
acionj, rlirectora, and a sooJly dele- 
gatiou from tho Lamb* Club. Through 
the courtesy or Mayor Hylart, Mr* Loew 
and ii"r ton. Dnvia. have bwn given In* 
palirK hoat to me Unit the bead uf the 
pot* thentrU-nl Interests is dfehHBBbfl 
Pome in proper ityle. 'The guexts wilt 
asaemblr at Pier A, the Datt«y. at ll 
o'clock to meet the bJc liner, Mr. Loev 
and bin son. ArthiiT. who accivnipjtnlen 
him_opSlif trin. will go directly to tla- 
I<oew offices, where snothpr big reception 
awnlta tliem from the Btnu" of the Loew 
CompiYny. Of .course, we feel It wt* 
incftn si derate t>i Sir. I»ow to planhts 
arrivai on, Frlday + thr boaiest day of the 
weeh. because w* hnve nn idea- tjiln re- 
eeprjon h golrc to be one ttorth attond- 
WL (**->'■■■" 

- Th* ff eat will produce authors of note and California, said to be the rerwft 
of dhwnibodied, aa well aa embodied, (-pint... will produce many noteworthy "worka 

The total ecllnte of th- Sun, which will take place on (be Sin "hi this month 
falling In the third detail of Virgo, is read aa presaging disappobilmest to painters 
and ppeta. f ■. 

I Th* adipse alao ia Interpreted aa eictedingly terloua Jn its indication inat 
food and foodstuff* will rlae in price. 

* -AnatrtUa ia'VhaT* a period of serious deprc».ion, if tb* seen hnve read tbe 
, efanta anaht, * 

-%Udr«i 1km ds thin day ■» ilk.lj io bi- utizhiHl in th»1» u«. t»~A ** .l 

Tfl Karlcvt Pfrtorc. 

Max Qnt la in town uiih a print of 
The Forgotten taw*' lb bis poiwcflsion, 

-arCity to show atiy prociilcer who haa no 
attrnctiTc releaalni; arrangement for 
blnj. Mr. Grnf romca nil uir ivay from 
£an Fnnchtco, where lift ia vice presi- 
dent' and' a"l prrvi sine .director of tho 

' 0-rnf Prodnedons, ' The rttofy. T n hlch 
"■hi ndaptpd from CaroTine Abbott 
Stanley's novel "A 3Jo&en Madonna," 
mot ntl aitcrf"!H as b book. The story. 
Oci'nrrlinc to Hr, Ornf. has been kept 
Intact Xbe player* in the cast nr* >M1- 
ton Sills. Cleo llidgley, Sack Mnlhall. 
Afiee Holfipter, Mk n. FraiiciK, Bdnab 
Altemtift nnd Ba.hy Muriel Jttmcs 
Horne la the director. - - 

"W'ebb I, raven UphiiMI, 

Kepneeh Webb,, upon .the completion 
oT-f-Tbe Bocrets of Paris," will concludo 
W» ' long-time eontrai't with the Whit- 
man Bennett onranixatfon., Unritig lira. 
"haat two y«rs >fr. Webb tun illreeten 
four Lionel Barrymore features, two 
Betty Blythe film*, three all-alar ape- 
rials and one )(<■■* Beach feature tt tbe 
nOVff in Tonkcre. The director wllK 
soon leave on a two weeka" motdTtrip 
try enjoy a vacation, 

Tallu In A. SI. p. At ■,' 

ftt tba Aaaodatcd l?otion nctor* Ad- 
Tem*ara r weekly luncberfn yeattrdaj, 
Maetenore T. Kahn, fomicrly of fie In- 
tar-Allr Committee, gave a talk on 
'Tin tires in AaJa and Ifosaia." 

Jlr. Kabn, who baa Jiwl reruraeJ ' 
from a' anjoarn la three' coiin:r£e*> 
speaka in edmimtion i,I the llosr'ian 
■picture theatree. Id some («» tbey 
'employ two orrhestraa^ Due (o play for 
the plrtiire. tbe other 10 entertain the 
people between the featuren. Ameriran 
Ifellllua are shown ae, waU aa French, 
Italian and German. ~ 

Tn Japan nobody rends tbe subtitles 
becaujie a lecturer standi beaide 1he 
aereeti tnd explalua everj- action in tho 
'picture' art It ran*, Thia often nausea 
the atirlEonee to pro twire, oftre to hear 
the talk and once to too the picture. 

Mnrlrl Mcfnrwdrlt In T>lcttfns. 

, The HcCarmb-kii are nlwaya getting- 
in trrjblle prim. They no mo ro than get 
divorced and married and cease being 
the Seventh' wonders of tbe world when 
BOmrfJbboff else hajineax to get them In 
the headline* .of the newspapers. Xow 
It is Muriel MeCormEra, eldcM. daughter 
of-ltr. and ktra. Ksrold MeC^ormick nod 
grand^nughter of John p. Ilockefeller, 
.who h i' si little apace for nerarlf : 
ah well ns Matildejind tbe Swiaa groom. I 
Muriel, it aeems; has motion picture as- I 
pirationa and will enter films, providing 
they are roadjel Ft Chicago and do not in- 
terfere with her uiuafeal enfrear, ■■ 

Aerordjng to a speciaJt dtapkteb in laet 
evenlaj'tj Snn. «be wilt take tbe .name of 
Naranna MIe Cor.' 8bewanti to- wiik "n 
place on her own merits, and' .not be- 
cause of her wealth. ' Her grandfather, 
John 1>- BocfcefeUer, has *tveh his con- 
sent. -..■._ 

HboUtik fnr l'*-a rt White. 

There weer nv> beart-hrokeQ children 
oa Broadway' yeattrday — alary Bfltnkkn' 

"' 1 * ' Thaw by Utruoak. 

^-. w.i.xn.\ mwigV, -S\ 

Sib* piny* Itom^r-miHnu f&* In ' L JJT*rn- 
Injr S.thiIb." wblcb eonsea iu tie qaxt iveelc ror a wrrt/i 

Toll 1 


13 yeflra old, nail Laura Dion, aged' II — 
who dime all'tb/ way frOtfl TnttriHe, 
Ct, h to look* for'^enrl While. They 
Icokcil ud Broadway and down Forty- 
aecoBd 'street for their Idol, only to find 
Ihef* vera dozens of- New Tprkera. bnt 
not one of tbei» .Dearlug the 'slightest 
resemblance to Ibc Beds] queen. -Both. 
Met.- and Laura have bobbed hair, and 
eiu'b girl \V6S powdered nnd drfaued for 
the oi'CftBion. Tbe children wajrked All 
gammer i D ag to batc the nlno ^doUnre 
fuL' their fare 10 (ae hlg clty.-ond when 
Patrolman Charles Xlckel of Traffk- B 
told .ibem Misa White was. not in t£ie 
Cjt/ they looked «s If Ufa was move th'mi 
they could benr. They are in the eighth 
grade in Tiiftvllle and anved Ihelr fO 
penpy by penny by rupnins ertands nil 
SutEmer. They confided to Pntrofman 
Nickel thnt theyeourd ploy tbe violin 
and tbey bnd.boped tar- A job r in the 
m^vieK, where they could use their 
lalent to [ood ndrnntage. - 

i.ui.«Ti Week at tho ilrwad. 

' Artjtir jtCbuo is asking the svornl to 
1au;ih with him ue*t week. The reason 
for alT tbi* 'raemmeut in th* ftnrold 
Lloyd ronjfdj- "Ortindnii'B Boy," the 
fearuro at tho Strand! Theatre which 
stars tbo comeduiE) in what' ia said to 
he tbe biggest aKoeeu of has earocr. 
Anna Torrnaond plays thf- grandmother 
and MUdred David piays the lending 
iitvc-njlft aupport. Mr. Kana iun't 
bmcKing or anytblnrc. bat when a J pic- 
ture keepe tnafeinr the money tbls has 
made he feels It Is alright, to openk .:■ i> .•. 
worda In Its favor. ' 

At (lie tllrnll. 

1 George Melforde production, "Burn- 
ing, Sand*,", with r Wands Hawley and 
Milton Sill* Jn ttit leading ro>s. will 
have its prefnlere dt tho AlroltThcritra 
on Sunday, Septemhcr .", with a special 
Bleeoaiald presfntation. 'The et«*r. 
whlrU ia sfronglv rvftilniscetit nf "The 
ftheik, : * anotlie- Mr-lford prlH?uotifm, was 
written by Arthur Wei^nH ami the ndnp- 
Hn;i was made hv Oln. rrijitrian. .In 
the caat svpnOrtlng alias Hawjey and! 
sills Are ,Teci|lieline Logau„jho dishing 
"Follies*' beauty: Jinbcft Cain, Winter 
Ha!l Sud F»uise 1 Dre*a«t. 

fi At via* jtfatlte, . i,- 

M!arion Dgries In Mstjc f:'oi-e]ll> "The 
Yojtnrt UUna."ti3o current faim Bttne- 
,tion' at the Kii-ojj Tbehtre, will nlay a 
secoail week on. Broadway begjnning 
Punday. September 3, tvhen the plcrorc 
will be lirmiiibc to the Ktatro. Toe p)e- 
tiirn has anmsed mnro thAii naual fnter- 
est becauae it preoenta th. 1 stnr in h>-r 
first dtkraeter mle — that of s weary old 
apinster nbo - is tranRforraed Into a 
lien ut v. In tbe teat with Mum Dariea 
a^t! Forre*t Staoley. Podro da Cordobn.- 
Mnelyn Avbufkle and Oypsy O'Brien, 
The ilireetEou Is by Albert Cnpellanl and 
Robert G. VIpio)a. the adaptation waa 
™a tit by Li it lie- Reed |M the settings 
are 1>y Josoph-TJvban. 

"Madame aaiBia Sjalief' to flm Seen. 

Of spwinl fntereat to l tba film world 
ia the* onnouncenwut n>ade byprodae- 
era 1 Kebirity that tho famous story of 
"Sradiiitie Sana Gens" wlH aoon bo re- 
leased on ilif 1 **Indcpendent '.-market. 
Aubrey Kennedy in tho producer,, and 
tho picture bu-excepttariAl talus in that; 
Margaret MuyO.-wiMt knosmjvlaywrigbtr 
bos wrlttCR the tftlea. . 

Knttoin OSrrlny. -. 
Lnbor Day r.-ilt find ' tl.r (0,000,000 
univaralty-oe^«a nnd operated Kastroaji 
Theatre In aerh-a .operation. Through- 
out the week, aeeordlng "to a dispatch 
from Rorbeatar, taaxe and aurreys have 
been rnade covering: every feature of the 
great ratrrpriae and it has been * pro- 
nounced lb readiness to ro nation aa de- 
aigned by the nreuittaela^ engtiioers and 
experts reaporudble for its being, i'sorta 
Baa tm a ry whr>, placed the thejttre lit tbe 
bands of the tlblvefflity of Bocbestee 
with din endowtnenE ample tn permit of 
the widest axperimrntaaoa baa aet Sai- 
nrdayi September 2. Abide aa tho day 
(r Inspection of the house by the film in- 
ilufctry. Sstorday afternoofl will be de- 
voted to an Informal reception and j& tbe 
evening n dreaa rehearsal' wHl be given 
of the hill which opena on Monday for 
the entire . week. ".'"The Frlaamer - of 
Zenda" la the fUni cttoaea 1 to open tho 
new home, 

, A Line or Trro, 
With SfOricl McConnrek in-the moviel 
wi khall aoon .have nli. th* society de- 
butants asking for jk>lw. . Mrs, Morgan 
Belmont and Mrs, Julia Hoyt" art the 
pace only tk*j did not remain long 
tnougb to eitabliab any world a recOrdx. 


Ttutjualt tTndet Streets lead to 

' Biyer, I^rfflinf EldiAf; Plaoas " 

tor Worst Types. 


faliee Fatrei in rairi Tknsii 

Miyaiati ru-rkr.^. WhOf* n«a- 
jrev Lkfllk 4)lt ETerj- fafBSJ, 

" t»j. t'BltM HllHil TUt B-flftJBS tJMIflPtl 1 

LONDON, Ae*. 81. 
"£hi was found dead aider the 
Arches, tit,"" 

Many a London potjeetnaan has ut- 
tered thoae words to the rcaefntriite* of 
thr London no!i?c court-*. 
. What ira "tbfe Arches r p 

Deep under the atrceta of London 
which trad down to the Bircr frame* 
arh a aeries of runnels, dark sad tm- 
lislite-fl. In 'Ik hundreds of years ago,, used 
by T the citiseua of tbe town to mkka 
th*lrwty tb the river befrrfS the tan-' 
baaltcdaat was ballt _• ^„ 

Ono enireMce to the" tfljtgeit oft the 1 
ftrebea Is sUVely known ta thoUatLndo ol! 
Atneiiean^eoldiien who nocked day, and 
night down the strand on irtire frtat th« 
Caimpogne codntry of France during 
the world war, 
The blackish oval,of one of. tbe tun- 
tla j irn dut on the sidewalk of tho 
Straod, yet hardly any one is ever jieen 
going down Ita dark month, or emerging 
from Its Svplmi biaeknoRs, to. tho light 
of day. Just the aatne, tlis-re Is s regu- 
lar; Hfe In tbe runnels — an evertaatlng. 
night life In these stldlng holta where 
nights and daya nre alike. ■ ,.-. 

NO EnglisbniSr, would walk through 
thed after the evening dinner bonr. 
X* ^ftAllshman, that is. who' bad any 
kind of catling or pUee In tbe ctdien- 
ship. X T en the palice jpv^in' pairs down 
the long, rough, cohblestontd jtrchen. . 
Xh" Arches sr^..iln:- li'dint plrlces of 
Ldndtik^t worst types of T thug, pitig- 
ngly and gunman.. No swell xnoboman 
wauTd'.be seen there. 

.Old Jailbirds, decayed women of the 
rott'est type, one time ffotvef seHera ti.ovr 
onhy too rind to pick up a stray piece, of 
potato peel fur breakfast, tranipa. poor, 

.afadeut.' long- forgo ttefa courtesans, an 
oeeaalttoa! -dnitfketi enldiet or, Hltofj 

, tbeao make up the papulation of tlta un- 
derground burro ws of London, and abora 

I their heads, but a few feet above the 
ptrtrjd air wbleh they breathe, pass tbe 

_ Lsxipabs and the moror cars boaring'the 

1 well-to-do toward theatre and restaurant. 
. Crime- Is rife under the "archie." 

' Thither come the chUd imtrtfn. the 
sneak thieves, tbe "blind'' beggars, the 
tramps who parnde the atreet» of I.1V.1- 
don with fake eOtgs on nrma, aeliI he.t'l, 
afad hand, the atmgiter^ and tbe llftli- 
rate dope Smugglers— to count their 111- 
rotien gains or seek A Tew hoars* dbnvlon 
henrata the riutravcled roafa. 

Is tbi: lesser arches — that ia Uioac 
which are nearer the Ji-lit of 'day. siich 
ns the! Arches below Charing Cross 
station — there In pot su much crime, but 
of nlphts Iheee.lj nuiur'S collr^tlon" nf 
human misery huddiod against the dafk 

Many a poor, tired woman, her feet 
atldtlng out of her boota, baa been . 
awakened, stiff and frrwen from a fow 
hours' Bleep, by 'the flaab of the night 
patrolman "* hnll"s-e*e lantern and "Ihc 
stern woti. "More on there" — for your 
beggar may not sleep In Lu)id«n*a pnblle 
ihurinictifjire*'. and as &ucb the arches 
are ojssed* ' , 


Hii First Prodnction Will Open at 

the Fultos Hero on September 
1 19 — 2,-n-ille BergDtaiL Mai- " 
ried^Dis Wolf Hopper to ' 
. -. lour the Souti. 


Edith Xhaycr Enters Cast of "Sne 

Kefir"-— KM tt; fine Linqueat of ' 

"Scandaia" Going to the' Hip 

Ope niJig— Karens Loew 

nnd Son Beta rnirig. 


MortQirs. of Tto&tth "Sam Weller* 

Will Stir England Unless Cen : 

luri Get. Him First. 

■Mart'it Asquith, l.loyd Georgs cod 
other jiiLir.hcrs of the Cuitf:.] Ivlngdom 
haw. no monopoly on fbe.lnfrn:oir flcld, 
reports Kranrhj T, Buab of Cbtcago, 
who in at the MeAlpin . after a bEx 
wfrlis' buslneaa trip abroad, Tba ru- 
[>ui«d milliuisM.— made in America— 
awiiUn^; (he author able fa giva iitlj- 
mato cloae-upS of tba great and near- 
event hava deeply rtirred tbe British 
iramrlnatiou, Buab it convinced aft it bit 
rccenl Walt to London. v j - 

*At _the Sovoy Hotel in Lnndon, 
where L stopped, the'hcaj uorier, •wh.nse 
name was Nicholas J. Mockrtr, \rra 
piittrauj ;be enUhikg touches on the 
llory nf cm life and Aaspciationa. Mock- 
ett took occasion to ask m*. uo 'verify 
certain details En hi* story which con- 
cerned a> prominent' AmTican," said 
Bush, "and, having been able to do 'this, 
1 was privileged to read it jws-oT' the 
Kofk. which will h* QfTfted a willing 
•world TinJer the appropriate title, 'Thc- 
jlomolra of a Modem Ham Wellcr.' The 
porter has been, at his poet, a choice one 
for- intlqtt-t* ob»er*ntLon P for over a 
third nf a eoafary, and. should hla maid- 
en nook iP't past, the cenanra, I predict 
that It win create more 6t a atlr loan 
aay-of its predeceasora in, tbe Held." 

tlbah said that life In London waa 
b*Munlnjf rjulte Am erica nixol under the 
influence of the thousands of vial ton 
ovor there thin Summer: Far from rsi 
sr*ntiaa this oversea» Sntrdslon and tho 
orefthrotv of estalilisbed cot)FerVkrlVu 
CnethodA, Lon doners are study In& the 
American temperament and iJevising 
new attracUofln and InduceiDftts to lttra 
th* visiter. HouW enterpriaing ebOB' 
keeper* axe oddibg translations, fa dol- 
lars BDd^ecnu. io tbe Enkllsh price 
cards in Ibetr windows, declared Rnah. 


Bront ConiCnl»«lun*fi a«n Rtr^lrn 
Medal for EmoiiIb; CSu. * 

John F. Flynu, Jr., the 15-jeaiwH son 
/►I Jolm F. taynffl r *CommW0Mr nf Pqb- 
lie Works for. the Bronx, wsar preaented- 
with a sitvor medal yesterday for heroism 
in saving: tbe life of a bey at Silver 
Beach, op Pelbam Bay 4 on August 8 lost. 
The 1 imputation was jnado by Acting 
Mayor Murray Huibf rt. who commetkuad 
tbe boy for hla bravery;," 

■Tw«ity otbejns were also dceorated for 
life ruivinR. Flyun waa tb« yeungeat to 
win a doto ration.? 

Ttoidaavalt stmtac sfclpp«-a. 
A brohae eqnoabian'atatoe of tho Iste 
Theodora BoOaeveJt waa 'axttpped yeatar- 
day from Brooklyn to Portland,. Oregon. 
t'ii the United Amir Jen a Line* steamer 
Flo rid tan. Tbia'etatue; of which A. P. 
Proctor is the seulptorv still be erected 
in South Park; Portland. In order to 
meet the sailing data of the Flotidit*, 
tho manufaetarer* were obliged to work 
throughout last ntgtt. 


EDWABD BOYCE <knd hii .com- 
ii:iriy of "Apple' BloaSoau* 1 t?lt 
town yesterday with three, bag- 
gage aaJt tBreri iPulIniaB cars., for rhUa- 
ddpblii, wfiefe they are to open at the 
Oarrkk Theatre Jorfl week on MoadV 
night. - The troupe- will -spend the rest, 
of thd week la rahearaals. 

CHorles Dlilingbliu accompAriied Mr. 
Boyce w the Quaker City and ia'" addi- 
tion the peraonnrd of the travelers in- 
eludes fidlta Day, Phyuys W Gratid, 
William F, Mue*ster, ijurtni* Salllb, 
Nancy WelfOrd, Bobert JllchaeUs. Pst 
fcoraersot. RotWrt Fischer, All flkeBey, 
MauTice'DaKy, Evelyn DarvIUc, AliA 
Kinc;, Dagmar Oakland Eltrily ■ Dr(tngP, 
Kfb. I\>nu>ror, Miry Lucas, Fay' Ere> 
lyVEuW Gr*r, IJiana - Rtegman, Vera 
De Wolfe llalpb Hevilo, Victor liorhert, 
Gnr iSislE'T. TbomaK Pltzpatjick, Frank 
Cufrtn, "Oliver Stewart, DennyMurray, 
Abaer Barnbardt, Jack Whiting Gay?e* 
Miys, Oitntun Merrill, the. entirt or'eheif- 
tra, wttb vrTprr3sentativ£* tnn the offices 
Of A- L. l^rlanger. 

The New tork cngSKOaiCOt wlH begin 
Tuesday night, r3cptember 10, si tho 
FultOB Theatre. .,,•■.- 

iaetllto Borxsian BXarvled*. 

Liicill" Bergman, b niece of Mr. and 
Mrs. Louia IVerba and a ^mnSnleec of 
A. L, Erineger and- of Judge Mitehvli 
it, Etlaager, was morried yesterdny to 
Bernard Maaer, * young merchant-, of 
this "elly. 

The ceremony, at which Judgo Er- 
Ion$er ofilcHbted, took place at nttoO at 
A. L, Erlfltiger'a eoantry home at Law- 
rence* h. I., Snd wna witnessed Only by 
meruhen Of the family. . '-, 

Mr. fin ] -Jlf=- Mr.-rr ivill *. V ,yrtt\ iheir 

honeymoon In Atlantic City, and in Cnli 

Loula lid^fa. 

Di'V^Otf Hopper on Tnttr. 
De Wolf Hopj&er,, who^ went to Balti- 
more early in the Sunrmev for a." three 
weeks' «n*chU engnfrotneat In the, QHbest 
nnd BnlUvan operas, .has just completed 
his ,tnnlh;;weck and ia to remsin' until 
after Labor Dsy. His engageraent bos 
been extendedl from llnje to tirne, wpljl; 
at llif Cul-b he wllh.hara played tblr- 
teen »-.-(-':n Instead of (he three oriyul- 
ally BiraiBfed for.- 7 

L 'Iriimcdisit e!>- after ''thai conpluAton of 
bin enp.igement in Baltimore, he, with 
bis entire organization, wiirbegjn an eabj 
tended road tour,' presenting. "Thrr- Mi- 
kado," "Iolunthe," "Pirsteh of Pena- 
flai'-e." "i'iniifore"' ;ind ""Veorosn of tho 

anapay"" - . " ■ . 

He «Ui have nn Organ iutlon-ol fifty, 
including^ a chorus Of thirty. . And will 
carry* a special, orchestra. Each opera 
will be presetted] ,tb its entirety, wbfek 
will neceabitnte -ibc Tarrying oE tiro 
baggage cars. 

' Br. Hopper has what Is virtually nn 
all-star organisation. Some ' of tbe 
leading members nre Alice McKenaie, 
Wldlfred AngUd, Berulce Ucr&bon, Jler- 
bert Wnterou?, J. I Herbert Ouffey, 
Arthur fiLJimiijfjiaiii. nr:i3 Mi-hry Kellcy, 

Fred Bishop, who hou produced all. of 
Mr, Hopper's repertoire, will 1 ravel with 
the'cvnipsny, George Vi". Sammis is act- 
lug aa Mr. Hopper's New York* repre- 
sentative.. Si tioodlrieud. and Elliott 
Foreman will attend to telling tbe pub- 
lic what a renlly great l4 median. De 
Wolf Hopper is. ' ■ V „ 

Bniieaqno li* I'd toy. 
Borle&gue will be the policy, of the 
Mlhehy Brothera ,*t tho Park Theatre, 
which, opens under- the ne/w regime on 
September S. Tho prlncipats, with, .a 
chorua of furty, arc Row In rehcarkxl 
' Ef»a Uaton will have one nf the lead- 
ing roles. " .J v 

' (TAuaaujn In '-Syc lltur." 
Edith Thayer nas jr.Kod the cast of 
"Sda Pear" at the Times Square. A 
former pupil .of Jean de "Beaxke, Mhu 
Thayer hnr> lM•n , Hi-eti in Several New. 
York" productions, inclndmjr; "The Fire- 
fly 1 * sine "Vtuu I'uni,' 1 and Abe has more 
recently appeared here in concerta, 

Bhc-p CnlBf to d« Hip. 

Katherlna ] Llnqneat, 'a -liir.nihf r of' 
aeotfe White - * -'^candfilH" at the Globe 
Theatre, is (olng to attend the opening 
d[ "Uood Times"' at the Htpnodrome to- 
morrow alghL Laat evening abe^noti- 
fled Stage MePBgcr Sam Leilner, tbat ahe 
would jiot' be able ta appear in "Scan-' 
dkla" Saturday on aeoount of illness. 

"Haw do yoo know now tbat you ore 
gufna-tn be alck Saturday'' " *sk«i young 
Ledner, ■ : , 

■ "1 am aura I will not b* htlre, nx <he 
"HIpprtdronMr. reopens' Saturday, and I 
l!;:vf lie; mlated one of those "Hip** lirit 
nlilit performances in several seaaonfl,' 1 
replied hftss Binqueat, 

"Ob, If that's the ease.'*' said Mr. Lea- 
ner, "'you are txcoaMs" -'. ' i 

Mnrcn* Utw Brtnmlng, 
Marcus Loow, president of Metro Fb> 
tures torpor at ian and tJie Loew circuit 
of thefttren, will get an utnisual wefeume 
on hbj return from Europe this morning. 
Through, th* courtesy of Mayor Hylan: 
the polio boat John F. Hytea bat, been 
lent tr> Mrs. Loew and her win, I>avidl 
to meat the Berengsria as it ncarx Xcw 
York. Among the Sftlcofnlflg party Will ' Brady play 

' ¥ Fbou Ijjt Bari. 

KLsA Si' A VON. 
WHl H* Oaa -of PrlMclnala mA 
Bnrleeqaea at thi FaiOc Theaire. 


be rcpresceitaiive film andi -stage celeb' - 
ritlea.' Including ploye«r -producers and 
dhector*. The Liimb'a Club will 
tcprcsetsted. "" <-. " 

The gueau nil) nRsSmb^e at Pier A, 
Battery, at D -.o'clock this, morning and 
IcaVe to mr-ct tiie llucr. Mr. Loew. and? 
hla sail '^.Arthur, who accumpbnied hitn -,- 
abroad, will proceed direct m their ex- - 
ceutlvi officea lis the Loow Btdldlrrg oltj 
their arrival, where Another reception js . 
plannodto tho staff of Loew*a. -Int 

'Jolintiy Wnlleav 1 ' »it. 

■ Willis M. Goodbuo will present a new 
fnrcicnj comedy frurA tbe pen of fit" 
Sharps under tin* titlo of „ ''Johnny, ' 
Walker" at the Main Street. Theatre, in. 
Aabtiyy f»ark on Monday 'night, 

Tha_cast -n-{\\ eom prise- Jacki Rimes, . 
Teddy Hi 101-. Alil-^Uih Balfour, Charge* 
Shoya, John LbBwond, Thomaa MccsQn, 
Kits, Moulfoni MariiMi West, Mary Ver- 
non, Adelaide Power and Constance 

.After .dates at Long'Braucn, Wilkes- 
Barreaod HseriBrmrg-, "Johnjiy WaJkerH 
eomes uto town th a Broadway ibeatre 
to be aenonneed later^ - ■■* . *^'"£ 

' Wnllr- Frrkloo BBbk In ToWO, -> 

Walter Perkins, .who baa been spend-. 
Ing- bio SiThitniiT vacation an his New' 
England, farm, has returned to Near 
York to create nne Of tbe comedy parts 
In the- new Frederick Isham farce. 

;:, ''V?'' 

'■Pariili Lncfi on the "VVar> 
''Dumb Luck,"- a musical comedy by - 
Moaa oe Frye, will be the latest ail 
colored muhk-a! 'attraction' to reaca. 
BroacEwny within the next JlOw weeka. 
Both the mrtiiurs are being starred in 
this new voature:- This colored tflim, 
has gained ^canaldcmble popQlarity In ; 
Taudevitle, sbd baa tuTroundad itself ' 
with elghtydire. otter cotorpd enter- 
r.L.iii'-i-,.-. ■ ' ■+• ' ■ ■ 

The jrroduetion is being spontorcd by" 

"■ ^ -' 

1 Oata ■'[.i.irninjr in." 

Milton Hirahfeli baa acquired tbe ' 
rlgbtj to '■Liatenlng In," a new- play by 
Cariylo Moore, aathor of .'•The HJo-- 
kuown Purple" aqri 'fcr'top Thief." 1 ' -■' 

It will be "-produced: early in October 
under tho-stoge direction of Ire Harila, . 

»Ht ti< tliir rhi-mliDld;. ' 

Cbire Trre Major, the managing 'dl- . 
rector of the Tort-ahold Playbouss^ Jkaa 
already selcctetl for p'rWiiettoll for their 
second sensoir, beginning iu November, 
tbo following one-act pleja: "The Blue 
aptl Green hint of : Abdul IIjiw.iti," by. 
C^natflnee G. WJlcet : "P5lty-Fl(ty,"»^by 
Hardi Barron and Saxon Cone; "There 
Twain Shall .Meet." by Violet' Alltai 
fltory; "Fear," by Uphemla Van ReflS- 
■ebter Wyatti 'Trains,"j. by. *&-clyri 
Emiifi 'The Old Miser," by Elfrida antf 
Clnvene* parwent; "The-Mfln Without a 
Head," by Ltoyd B". Thanhouaen anrj 
Thomas J- Foster, Jr.; "Beoaiflra," by 
"Henry Albert Phillip; "Wings of Fuf- 
HUment,'.' by May Emery- Hell r "VTavea 
of the. Sea," by Evelyn Emir; "Mat** 
by Jane Dmnafield, and "Just Seiga- 
berly,;' bj AJexAOdor Dean. 

' -Molly Unrllfijr" T'o-iitaxit. 

''Molly Darling," a pew musical 
come.dy by Otto HarbacS. ana William 
Gary Z^ancan^win' receive. Ha int l^cal 
hearing to-night at tbe Liberty Theatre. 
Measn. Moore^unit Megley, sport so m of 
t!m produetlon. are makjng their initial 
hid for Broadway favor in thia pruduc- 

No oufref-town perforrnsncee have been 
given by tbe company; ami as far aa" tbe 
Cast is concerned, It is a res) first night. 
Jack Donabiie and Mary' MUbura have 
tbe two principal character*. 

L«lu t nor,b Bnamar*a, 

The SE-lwyris oahonBice the engBg em e ut 

of Lotus Robb for tbft- ieadlnr feminine 

role in "Tho. hlystortflUS Talee^of Hoff--. . 

rnan" when that fantastic melidrama. is 

Jrndueed by "them W- New >^ork with 
scob Ben-Ami as i« stsr> / 
r In tlLO play Mia Robb will .^ay three -i 
distiQct roles. ^''-^momamml 

.- . "" . 

■ '■ , Dorla-'.KM»T«xvB*rg ( 

Dotta,,Kej>ron will reaTinto-lufcr roJe a* ..*" 
.the feawutrd' player in "Up'Tr^ L«dd«^"3 
.thia week*-" arnea' the nlay^eW*^ a few; 
Weeks ago Mink Keny bit has .*oui! t<lv6f-- 
«i(ui *i» maklmt a picturr. a niir\.--r of 
phtinograpb records and be* writt«i and 
sold several 'pauic*. ■ " - 

After a her- -w ■-"■'■ 1 b/.-rtr an,l in Phila- 
delphia abe # il! M(rt r*ti*irsals ia i ae* 






I aamml 

Wf mmm 

■^»—-_>— I ■• II I*. ,, 




Hcssrs. Moore And Htglar Fiaallj 

"Present Musical Comedy by 

Hurbuh and Duaein. 


J>«k DAnihat, Hal roric, Erani 

Janvier. Cliwoec ynrt^niif., 

Jnr Leonid Al«o In ("omri»ny. 

tr_- ■.',-. 

LllCUTT THrATHX-^tfBHj- D*r«ia," ■ 
rnuilr.l rcBWdjr Lr. Iwn nrli fc» Ciln BST- 
bult, William CwiJ Duntta. Twin JoSn- 

Huh ma PW1 0>j, 

Tfce Can. 

Annuls ::'■-••■•■■ ,..atb«n i!'-"*: 

■"Chit" JlRI ,..,.Jlf* TtOTMhlll 

-fed HUt*r BUIr T«yt°r 

Trtl HnrMn UUII* T»l'rr 

Ueiiy RtwriP-... W«rr MLUwrt, 

Minv.ra ,, Cllbtrtn* M1I4U4** 

Qllter , -r.-ll (hinnni 

Hrw, **#»■* .-, Kern*, JilrtliT 

Jxk BODtDB CbOHtti SonSwram 

CHinM*T CfiBhra .„..,,.,IU| Forta 

•"■pirn of En"..,.., ., Mn» P*BR 

Arcbl* Acm..m ,...,...J«F Owld 

Ttnmy .. •"■■- ,...B*n B>*nr 

Tsdmr Ivrkt WtMtW 

■After several delays Messrs. Moore 
Md Megicy presented their nrw music*] 
comedy, "Molly PsriinS,". it the Lib- 
erty Theatre l/i t night It was written 
by Otto Hsrbaeh and William Cary 
D urics ti, -Kith music by Tom JeJustone 
■fid lyrics fry Poll Coot, It has been 
Jttacrd by Julian Mitchell And Walter 
Wilson, Urn latter ha-ring-. rehearsed the 
dialogue. BJiil it opened wilhnnt Ihe beoc- 
'■; fit. to the cast of any out-of-town per- 

"Molly Darling" Indulges in eight 
changes, ill: having been prepared under 
the supervision nf Herbert Ward ns art 
director. tr\ does not, however, take 
era any of tJe features nf a rerlew, the 
change* *>f baohgroirod heinc entirely enn- 
aistcnt with the development of a well- 
i defined sad consistent story. 

"Molly Dsrllnc""— it 1* not her real 
name, but one applied h* her friends — I* 
the danahler of nn old musician, and 
air ban written the lyrics of a sonx foe 
■welch lb* father haa supplied the manic 
I* becomes, Tier r n*rtJcnl*r business, to 
sell it to a music publisher, in this cane 
i coml'c opera Mrt of a villain. Row fihe 
succeeds, after Jnflo.v rliAftfipc-IntRieii't* 
and (tt.'ooni-arinE' epis/idcs. Farm* the 
plot *f "Molly DarHnf." 

Aft attempt Is made to preserve, a con- 
sistent story, of courts, eubetliahed with 
ntle'cal tiumbrni and entertalitinR i<rHv 

Jick Tlonahue, freqocodjr aeen here; t» 
the leartlnp- en median, with Mary Mil- 
■bttrn'. -«rho»e laat appearanrfl here ftbi 
»Hb "The FoIlSeV In the title rtle, Fnl- 
Inirinc rlosrlr in importanee ara F?al 
Porde, Emrai Janrier, tTlarprw 1 Nord- 
ateoFn, Jay GoaH. Oatherinr Mulqueen, 
Billy and BHHe Tajlor. Tlnr!<e Wa«1rm. 
Ben Benny, Nina rwu, , Alhcrt B.OC- 
catdl and Cecil Stimmrra. 




Jarlc Mnnnhiir mn& Mary- Sltllir.rn In VoilrsJ Com*ijr 
'■t UA Lthrrtr Tkrntrv. 



"A Little: Child Shall Lead Them." 

Another Story of H&thcr love 

Ttoei a Hew Angle.. 



Jary Has Now Made Porty-aii 
. Matchea. and Ctraplei Mtut 
Bo Beit: ) 

HAilHO.NTOX, N, J^ Aujx 3L 
Under the auperviaon of Pxeajdlot 

Jodaa Mr*. Eelta Loax Hodftra, twdya. 
pen«.Ba were matcled i&vCupld'a ctrart 
fiaje to-ntfhtf biinsinj; xh* frand total 
to forty-iix. . 

£z jbe cloae of to-iucbt'a aeatten— tho 
t( followinj: matcfaea Wet* an- 

; Atiaotie Gtf tltl, SSjwaa nabdied 
: a Brooklni eJerk, 38. g« met 
tha firl'B reqaireincatH aa cxpreaaed in 
ker ■ tzueatloiinain. * 

A BiooklyiL njj-LD. 31, a aoldier who 
. expects to be discharged aoca, wai «e- 
laetad f&r a Brooklyn woman, £#. 

A hew York J?uS Idiot; contractor. CI. 
an el a ri^velnnil wr>_-n»u. 43, billing: ( (t 
Mte where her huHband dealred were 
Joined 1 by the jury. 

A New York "rtrt mflcbinie.*' 4JJ, * D d 
» wotnaa of « from W«t iTilladelphiji 
wiera aeleetert aa iruf table mate*. 

A New York woman, 47, well-to-do, 
■d-aa Hleetod for a BfooUyn man. «iao 

A S#W Jeraar Government man. 31, 
W*a matched with a air t from Penniit- 
naBla. «ao Is 29 and has a bank account 
in Che thomajlda. 


Lant evening waa the first showing of 
the new Foi special 11 reduction, "A Ut- 
ile Child Shall Lend Them," which will 
run at the Lyric Theatre. . _ 
tlon in mi elaborate one directed by J. 
Searlo ftawlej, juIhiii.-i! hy J 'mi I If. 
3tanne froin s story by some mjaterioua 
author who wishes to lie kuowa an 
Mr, Xv 

The slory is about fiirl who is firm 
in her belier that nnly irw* hnpplnfira 
may be found in a home where there nrc 

How lift token her through eiperi- 
encea which include, even (rnzedy before 
her hope Is realind Ufrmtt tic oasis of 
a couiLilicatfd crnt Intrrestine plot 
. rc«v Shaw play* ibe part o( the pirl, 
Xllca lvelch is the man she fitinlly mar- 
rita anil Bohert Aimew in seen aa iIlh 


Health Comffiissioner Sveaka Up 

for It, bat His Ban's on f 

Long; Skirt, 


Dr, Royal 5- Coneland, Health, tom- 

m Iks ioncr. oppose* long nkJ:':. for iromen 

but thinka I hei modem corvct healthful 

becituae It helps to .maintain an upright 

The prodixe- j and Rraeeful carrlase. Woman ia no 



n/Vh-<T»y Girl* 

Ja«qne Shar I» Chatged With 

- Swindling Buineu Man try 

Income lax Threat. 

' Janqoa -Shar, former denvtlty collector 
Of In I em al rerenue^ waa neaiijraed yrs- 
tanlay afternoon before United States 
Commlsafoser Samnel M. Hitehcoek on 
a eoaplaJnt eharclai: hitn <i-ith bavin? 
fal'ely represented 1 bLmacif to he an in- 
terna] Je-reinie. collector,, so u to ewtartle 
boabcu men Bubj<;cl to tbr income tax. 
AccDrdiax to the complainl. Shar on 
Aua-nst 30 repreaefiled U> Samuel Ferher, 
an electrician and machinist. In burine** 
at T West Twenty-first street, rhat his 
Ineomotajc fetuma for the ypsri) lDLTI^ 
iKl and 1022 were drfectiv*. and tint 
be owed, the Government $00. Ferbet 
offered JShar a rhrrk for the amD^nt, 
which he- refused to accept, and was then. 
jctTen cash. In rctiirn for the. money 
Shar in allesed tn ha-re RiTtn Frrberj^'e- 1 " "■ — 

i/"^ ^T* 1 ?**. 1 ^ n ^ m * of C bSm Star Hear Jadce LkI 

Edwards of the Internal Jv'.tmbj, ^ v . rf . i 

^^l^-_t ^ a^TS i ' J ««fi'' I ^t&^v"B^d dlseoTered! 
and Hhar wan ai-TMted by cjpeclat Agent 
Mfles Chatmara and Leo KejtW as he 
■was leavinc: his faome at 21 Eaat 104rh 

' It la said by the aut&orHieW that Shar 
liaa obtained money from other bnajneu 
men In tha aamc way. and that on one 
occasion ha $ave a man named Meyer 
teniae a subpoena nrd^riuB him to an- 
P**r «t Room 306. Oeneral Poarofne*. 
They^ is no such numbered room at lbs 

Shar when searched waa found to be 
io - poaseaJeoft of an internal rcrcnua 
B*d(Tft which he admitted ba had ob- 
tained In Philadelphia. Feqriine a hear- 
ins- fit), the Case ha waa held in |1,000 

Somemonthea a|to Shar waa still In 
the Gorcrumnut aerTic^. He waa ar- 
r«»4ed on a caarae of extorMcn, but 
when tried on that complaint be waa 
a.oqn It led. Since tieu the oflSciala say 
he has been dismlued from tbc Internal 
Bcrenuo Herrlee. 

longer an "ornament." ss in the Victo- 
rian era — she ban nttvaofcd beyond that. 
Dr. Copcland, who returned from 
Europe last week, es pressed .hi* views 
ycBterday on women's fashions aa he 
obserred them Ea Ptwt*. und aa tlioy ra- 
lute tn health, after receiving a letter 
from a Sew York fromim wbo puk grated 
"Ynti BaVe rfone w> rnLi!:h..for health — i^i 
why not taekfr the Iohr pkirt. which Jan' t 
a menace to health?" f~ 

"This itenitil.le wom^'^atffa: 11? tom- 
mirtioner , 'Jls J JiJ«Sa^Tena* I ronrtaar 
a very wutjyiij^ lt1 <H|jnn. I aliall be »0rty 

ffLOncrn womnri ttaes back to iaa 

'"Worinn period of the. 

■ww "w -.»*.-.«. ■ .if iw «n Hum "i** IIF^J >bYE1T -J ■ l»"l "PI ICLU JrtTIO^J III I HIT 111 LI 111 TCHl-f \\ 

ynlJnsr suitor who mrctB with an nntinjaV eSlrt The wonuti of that period was 
WJP* , , f? weighted down with heav ^skirta. and 

df body and Hmbjj 

There are several clever eliUdf^n. in rnbiied oE at! freedi 

the mat. norabjy Florence Hftas n«d ' by her unnatural costiinles. 
JJiBlftS LapeKV. who play thj part „f | "I . was B nrry to note this year In 

the two children who ajf forrnnate P*rin the Temarknlile chanfin that has 

enougb to be adopted into jTwoa \Qa fam- j taken place- in so e.;iort a time. It muat 

• he ndrofUfd tho Farlirifiu Tnalriims were 

The pfeture *!orifjo£ the nresenc* o( ' formerly a little (team in their attire, but 
A child in the honuf Bm 1 H l Fr > offers a eTfl n "°- l*.^ were wearing porrncnls 
plea Tor the anoipitm of ornhJU»t. | fW more minltar)- und healthful than tie 

present mode demands. * 

""To my mind, woman's drw^-ahtnild 
tv no planned: that she haa perTcet free- 
dom of movemem. When -a ajdrt Sa no lone; ft draga the CroUpd, it 
must carry into the home cUrt from the 
■teeet and some of the germa of diressc. 
"rto far as ihe corset is conrerned I 
beiicTe the modern nirdle and the newer 

aonn-bl Flla 

Mary BotnEck. 13 years oM. and Laura 
Dion. II years old. tie tway'tnjBg ad- 
mlrem of Pearl White who ran away 
-from their honif-s in Taftvillc, Cl, in 
the hope nf seeins' the motion plctrtre 
actres* is the Mir city, ware before Jus- 
tire Cortjelins F. Golllns in Children's 
Conrc ytaterday afrerimon, 

Justice Collins, after . teetarlns the 
children and teUion them if they ever 
T«n away Jropj home ancti 'they 'would 
bA, aent Io ad InarJtDtiDn. turned tbem 
over to tbelr,narenta. who accompanied 
them back to TafLrUla. 


Fiwd .Smith. AcknowIrfljrM Fnnieit- 
tna Loar Clialm to Ptsii^f Tt»rLi, 

(Br TTslUd N<-m (o T&* HotbIbs Telqxsli.] 
SOIO,- Ohio-, Sept- 1.— Fred Smith, 
Akron, conf cased . .to railroad detectjrea 
that In- tied a heavy log chain to the 
Panhandlef track of the Pennsylvania 
Rsilroad two miles west ot the Sclo 
station lata to-day. 

Smith wu iTrtsted by detectivea an 
ho trudjred away from the npot where 
he had fastened the chain. 

forms of cornet pre some sunpnrt to th< 
body and are healthful in malntainlnj; an 
utrijebt poalMoTi and (rracefol earrlane. 
It is npparrat that In the cnrly Victorian 
period woman was intended to be an 
ornament. She wojr certainly no dressed 
that she would have Itr^n *f> ,capnbfe of 
loeomotion as n Venetian gloes model, or 
a Chinese woman, '■ 

'■Recent^ a coajniLttee wan «nuBiier1 
in Great Britain consisting nf deJejratrs 
irom the medical societies. BmnfeaJ di- 
crctors and others famtlfar with the 
]ih.reieal exerpacs nf ynrma women. It 
was the unanimous findinpr of the com- 
mittee that Biris could do everythlnj: 
SjBS . Wqld «■ »wpt ptar football, 
which an American Rirl wouldn't under- 
take, anyway. 
t,"L tb l? k * womM should ho so rTrfftcsd 
all thf time sn she cnuld tt-alk mtuoR m a 

h v EG r( an 1 ^carlnjj h corset so made; 
aa t» fill her lunjw with nil- q a d permit 
the functionina of all her vital orsios. 

i beJteve my cnrreupoiident is rieht 
and am anrry that these newfftp B lcd ideas' 
■ > ir T miist hamper the body .nd re- 
ntal the UfeaivinR actiritira. Let im 
hope that the dieUtcs of jmod bmrth will 
nee abova the flemandi! of faahlon " 


lira. Bertha E. Near? ia nnthority for 
the statement that her husband, Di*. 
Philip M. Xejjt* of Cortland, N. ¥., la 
endowed with tfae "virtue mf froaality" to 
a remarkable decree. Mrn. Ketry yea- 
terday beaan lull in the Supreme Court. 
tbia county, for a decree of Reparation 
from Dr. Neaiy* whom ahe married on 
Ancaat IT, 1890, and who. ahe says, haa 
made 1100,000 by pmetkui) profea- 
aicnally, - 

In her Complaint aha avers that tier 
huaband "refused u» Imve any heat what- 
soever In their house ferae yeans ago, 
at a time when ahe sraa not far from be- 
coming a mother for the second time-" 
That waa fourteen years ago, before hie 
and her daughter, Virginia, was born. 
On another occasion, aaya the plaintiff, 
tha defendant, following a diapule about 
a grocery trill:, broke through it door which 
bJ-b bad locked between bJm and her to- 
keep him away from her. 

In April. 1914, the year on which the 
iroeery bill dispute ia alleged to bare 
occurred, thn plaintiff and her dauah&tff. 
May and Virginia, who are now 2* and! 

14 years old, reepeetively, ]*ft ^ noia( . 
In April, 1513, -bey returned follo-»i n g 
a reconciliation. In June, IfilS, aaya 
the plaintiff, ibo defendant told her that 
he. desired her to gat out—that ha had 
not r*qiit-stcd her to return. On one oe> 
caaton, says Mrs. Ncary, whoee attoe- 
neya are Ingram, Taylor & Schenek. of 
300 Wear Fifty-seventh atreet, her hus- 
band said "that he would not eat any 
of the pie she had baked, de it was cany 
to put arsenic into it, and ha did not 
intend" to give her any opportunity to fea- 
ture hia money for her eWJdreh and 
horse] f. 

The plaintiff aaya ft to bo her belief 
that the defendant, who f* described a* 
"aariBfr n Jarte and lucrative practice, 
made some $100,000 St hie profeasion 
and r/srfli t-cal and peraonal properrr " 
She also allege* that aixteen yesra ago 
— in 100*— he threatened her with a pair 
of ahear*. 

All of the iillejjarions in (lueation the 
defcDdnnt denies wneqiii vocally, ho ft 
was learned on good authority, although, 
hi* answer haa not aa yet been Bled- 


Governor Waiting to See if Bis Man Can Arrange to 
Leave Bis Personal Business Affairs— Syhm Char- 
acterizes the Cut in Gas Bates as "Bumbug." 


Baud* Oat : "letter Sent to Him by 

Attorneys of Tamous Playen- ' 

leiatj Company. 



GOVERNOR NATHAN L. MILLBH. definitely has decided upon the man he 
wanta to serve as Slate Fuel AdmrnlptrfltOr, but will make at announcemelt 
of hi* selection until the person picked for the dictatorship noda out if be 
can put b^a personal buelnetcs Affaire in such shape that be can accept the Gover- 
nor's offer. ' ' 

Because of Ibis altuation the Governor will remain clntif to New York o*er 
the week-end, whereas he Intended to return to-day to th) Summrr home at Lake 
Georie. The Governor left the lintel Gotham last evening to spend the day r to- 
morrow and possibly Monday with William L. M'nrd at the latter** lVc"teh*Bter f 
home, but he wlJ3 keeji in touch wllhj offnifs heve nod will anoouoce his appoint- 
ment !i» Fuel AilniiniKtralor as SoOn an he gets; n favorable reply from the man 
to whom he had offered ilie po*t. Hhmild this man be forced to decline, the Gover- 
nor will csme back to the city until he gets another man lor the place. He hopes, 
however, to. be able to announce hi*, ippobatee not Inter thnn Tuesday morfllnj and 
to sTSrt at once fcr Albany. . 

Edward R, atittlnius., of the firm at J. P. Morgan & Co.. waa io conference 
-with the Governor at the Hotel Gotham foe a considerable period of li me J yesterday 
mumlog, which led to the report >Ir-8l*ltJn!u* i» the man theGorernor 1* Beekinf 
for Fuel Admlnlatrator. William Wooden, president of the American Car ft 
Foundry Company, nlno ?;as with the Gnrernor for a time. Later in the day, 
however, (be Governor wild DO conclusion* renardlos" the appointment oi the Fniel 
AdlmlnhHrator nbould be drawn from Ihe pernoDs wiln whom he had conferred. 
He went to Jtrooklyn during the. nftrrnoc-n to speak at the formal opening of thq 
new State grain elcvqtor at the GawanuK Bay terminal of Ihe barge canal, return- 
ing afterwards to the hotel and then leaving for IVe si Chester in an automobile with 
Mr. Ward. Before going to Westchester tbe Governor displayed: a lively InteieBt 
in the general coal equation and was questioned by newspaper men regarding, the 
'"mandate" from the people, desired by the anthracite operator* before they will 
afree to pay the wage scale o[ Ihe workers and paes it an to the public in the form 
of dearer cot). 

"I don't know just how the operators are going to set tbeir 'uuindatc' from 
the people," snid Governor Miller, "but t? ray mind the vital point nor.- la that the 
actual mining ft hard coal — upon aaSch the health, comfort and possibly the Uvea 
of ninny persona t!ep*ads— should begin at onee. I do not think, however, the 
cost of the strike ehjuld be passed on to the public. The actual mining at coal 
Is a mutter which the mine operatora will aave 1o srttle fnr ihemBclrea. None 
of the mlnet ia Id tbia State. I only Bf** a few of them were here. If iJlfl mining 
of herd coal Is resumed a! ouce the situation can be handled. If it in not resumed 
ot once there wilt be dhteoaifert*, but 1 d-ra't. thiol* there in any reason for aerioua 

"The situation requires careful handling, but T sm hopeful we ablU see the 
Winter pass without BBS one having to eiperienee real distress. Persons .should 
conserve ivbst fuel tb*J hive, evan tho»e with eoal on hnnd. Let them use oil 
and woml fltovCB. ev.u goe and electricity, and 00 r* tbeir eial unill Winter geU 

"I do not think il will be necessary to i'l->se any of the schools, as a number 
of children in n ecbool «tt| be kept warm ffloler than when ncattered in their 

MAYOR JOHN F. HYLAX. telo- . vealed an absence of designation* by tho 
. i _ f _i,_ j-nmmninln 1 Democrats in wt* Congress ano eleht 
phoning from Lake ChamplalB &ma ^ 7ii 8t rlcts. Since thnt time court 
yestardey, put out a atateroent ctarftCtor- OTDPni flave been obtained placing one 
ndnc as "humbug" tbo cut in gOs ratea Congrew and two annate, desfgnationa on 

hA ..™^ in. nn j, T to t\, r state Public thp li * ts - Th* desieating petitions, it 
announced Thursdny hi the btate t uduc w ^ ^ »^ ^*« ^ ^^ ^ [M 

Servtee CommlMlon. j pr | or t o the eipi ranon of the legal time 

"Show up the bumbuft of the nll«ed j mr filing — Augunt 22 — but hid not been 
ncHon in the price of gae announeed ncTived f B time by the HecretBry of 

Wfirner lleodirra Annooiicc Tkey 

■ TVIH rrodiiH Eisiuff" r*fp|as-« 

Dsrisi X*xt Tnclvr Hantaui. 

redncrion in the p-riee 

by PrendenaaUii this morninc 


The orders nnw being soagat effect the 
Coheres* deslgnationa in tfae Twcnty- 
nintli, Tbitty-flret imd Forty-third Con- 
gretca dtstrlrta, ns well aa in the Thirty- 
third, Thirty-fourth, Thirty-ninth. Forty- 
lirFt. Forty-third and Fifty-first Senate 
j illstTicte. It Ui aaaertsd thot in eoeh of 

teleti boned the Mayor to John F. Sinnott, 
bis secretary nt City Hntl. "The alleged 
reduction i* not reduction nt all. but an 
Increase, as the public will find out when 
the bills lot gna coma in on the basis, of 
heat units inrtead of mndle power. .__ :j . 

"Prendergaat knows that this alleged t|Wi0 n | atjicrfl Democratic deaignatii.... 
reduction is only a fake and trie* to lore- wpre raiiIpi j to Albjny. but were delayed 
kll.II bis own exposure by aayinS tbat in tr^git. 

nny one ilcmnndillB ft return' of the BO- ] n the . Twentr seventh Congrea* dia- 
ccnt rate ia only trying to deceive the t T [ c t_L Deluding th/ conntira of Cotom- 
public. This fake reduction was made «* Greene, Schoharie, Sullivan and 
at the rwneat of Uae gas companiea them- yi stBr counties— no deiignating patitloiM 
Klvea and nras done to forestall and de- wet( . eircujatr,] for n Democratic Coa- 
lay KMCijvV.->n the twenty-odd pAdlfani stbMi ta ndj|jgte, 
iinlSM Brt ; »«nt m which ■ 
CflrpnrBtion Counsel. Ilrl-jn (Ued nt mi 
TOiucat lawt Jnnuary-wlth tlir, coromis- 

roauest Ui'it January .- 
hi^n. The ^aa «mli*iiy-TcprMtentntl 
bava been holding secret apjwiou*. with 
rrenilergBat during tin I** 1 , "," mi 
months. Corporation Counsel \p HnM 

FRANK C, FLATT, an inturgtnt 
P^liuhliean cnndldnte for Congreaa 
In the Tliirty-seveatn Conjrrees district 
hah hit ifpon a novo! solution of Af,j pro- 
hlbkion ih^ue among hj.« roaadtoentai. 

at my directlOH refused to tako a*y part . ,i; B+P i_,. in „i-j'' 1% 

aUcked against the public. 

"The fake reduction announced <y 

hfmui]¥. ^'tiui-rrf. Sti-uben. Tioga and 
Tompkina, ^At the rpecia.1 election lu the 

m »n,l Mfilr tarins, oil til- •|>pl l F>l».. P"^™ ,",'„:_. "S5LZS It. TBS i" 

mand publLc hearinRa on 
for reductiina in the gr 

rnten ch&rged 

Irvine, Democrat, altholtjth in 1020 tie 

6l ^ lh L he ? i r-„j,™. — fandidate to-day to succeed hirtisrlf tiui- 

"Tell him tn drag Preoderga/it 

into the open on theae lippiLostious so 
that the public will be sble to see wh*t 
n hnmbua and farce iht alleged reduc- 
tions are." 

FOLLOWING the Mayor's message. 
Operation Counsel John P. O'Brien 
made public a letter ithlch he aent to 
the Mayor. 

In tbia latter Mr. O'Brien aaid "the 
so-calleoV reduction in u result of secret 
conferennes between the Public Service, 
Commission and the representatives of 
the na rt«^pFUlitr^. ,, reviewed h3» own 
fijcht a*alflst the adoption of the British 
thermal unit of measurement, instead of 
the 22-candle power atandard and said 
the net iufflTt "* *h r ehanges VOBld be 
to burden the pnbllc further. 

"T shall continue the fight which, tin- 
der your leadership.' 1 have been making: 
for the pist four year* to protect con* 
somen from tha rapacity of the gas com- 
panies. I nfaall adopt aueh legal meas- 
mes as Are arauable to cotupel Prcndrr- 
gant and the Test of Governor Millrr'a 
Public Service Ceramist-ion to hold pub- 
lic hearing* and allow n testimony to be 
taken open the facta necessary to do 
justice to (he people, then to fix a rale 
for gas In keeping with: the marked reduc- 
tion id the coat of materials used in mak- 
ing gfta. I shall cnmpel PrcTidergaat (0 
face the Issue *s to whctler he will join 
with the ptjblle in ita demand for the 
opening of the plant* and books of the 
companiea to the city's representatives, 
oe continue to stand With tbo gas com- 
panies on that irwup, l 

"The Public Service CouiailniioD law 
requires bearing* before rates arc fired. 
Taeae hearings upon J""""" complaints 
have net been held. Furthermore, thfi 
law aalimendcd in 11121. throws upon the 
gsa companies the burden of proof, in 
proccedSnun aueh. aa thoaa instituted by 
your eomplBluta, to ahow that the re- 
duced rate yon demand Is Inaderjuate. 

"ft we arc to strike at the roots of 
these Injustice*, perpetrated by public 
utility compnnles. we should have re- 
moTod from the public service the com- 
mission that has been so supine and 
derelict ia ita duty to the public.'" 

HERBERT G. PELL, JR., chairman 
of the Hemocrarlc -Ktnte. Com- 
mittee, atnooirnced yesterday that court 
orders were being Bought to put ot) the 
primary ballots tha names oE.Dcmocratie 
candidates for Congress and the State 
Senate in effceral district*. 

"In every district except one," said 
Chairman Pell, "Democratic nominations 
were- prepared, aBd in motE case* mailed 
In what should have been ample time to 
get Albany by the proper hour. 
The accounts of rJcrnfecratic failure to 
nominate have been extraordinarily 
exaggerated. The uc-3tara Democracy 
is loyal and entbuafaatlc'. 1 bar? no 
fear whatsoever of treachery or lack 
of energy." 

Chairman Pell's statement was brought 
forth by the fact the list of designations 
of all parties lor Congress and the State 
Senate) made public last Sunday by 
Secretary of Suite John J. Lyons, re- 

randidatf to-day |o succeed butisclf. hut 
a* he is a "damp" running; KB a district 
wliieh the Anti-Saloon Leaouc thinks it 
owns— atthouih Judge Irvine made hit 
Jnsrvelotia mo aa a "wet"— ha is being 
npaoaed la the Republican primaries. 

'['he- Anti-Saloon League baa entered 
t..nle H, Stalker In the primaries aa Ita 
candidate nnd Me. Stalker also la the 
rrcular Prohibition party designer. Milo 
H. Shfrnkii of Rlmira — whkh siao is the 
heme nf Mr Stalker and of Representa- 
tive Henry— likewise has entered tha 
Republican primaries, along with Mr, 
Piatt who comet frnm Painted Post, 
maklne four Republican candidate* in 
all. Xdiid-bIIv each candidate I* being 
*iulszed as tn his stand on: tho moot sub- 
ject nf prohibition. Mr- Piatt inateaol 
of declaring himself tain way or another, 
has propoeed te abide by a special refer- 
endum of the voters of the dlstriet. 

"If I- am nnminaited by the Republi- 
cans and elected to Congress, 1 ' bbw Mr. 
Plntt, "I peraoDfllly shrdl at my own 
expense send) a pnatcajd, to every voter 
in tlif rlintriet with .a return pootcard 
for- bis or her answer sa tn how tnev 
wjint me'to vote In Washington on Tari- 
OUa phsaea of the prohibition nnmtiqn — 
such sa sustaining the Efghteentb 
Amendment. sn*tslnlns- the Vnlstead Act. 
i»mertdlnt the Ybl"te#d Act or renesJing 
the am»ndment. 1 r-hol] mh> rm a ma- 
jori'T of th" vn*ers nf my distriet ^rlsh.™ 

Charles P, Rmllh of TTnrneU. fs the 
P^LortcraKr *es tj mee for Cnnrre«i In the 
drttrir-r and he ia unorco^ed in hie party 

ALTHOUGH William J. Conner* 
was not due to reach Neiv York 
sgsln for nnother week. U» field marahat 
fnr William RaDd>olpH' Ileum's guber- 
natorial campaign ahowed Tip at his Hotel 
>ir.U;i;n beadnjltarters yeftrxday. 

"Before I went away .1 said if we 
didn't hare a majority' of the delegate^ 
from up the State for Hearst we would 
not salt for hit nomination," aaid Mr, 
Conner*. "Well, now we're got them. 
Got 'em all sewed op. We've gone ovflr 
the top and there's nothing to this altu- 
stion hut Hearst This game i» all oter 
hnt the shontin'. 

"Of coitrae, I sin't join' to let my 
delegates make any an noun cetne fits Under 
after tbe primaries on September 10 he- 
cause I don't want to tip oil ray band 
to the other tellers. But after tho prL 
inline* ara oyer we will show our hand. 
Ot course, the whole situation rests with 
Charles F. Mnrnby, but I'm sure If we 
go to the convention 'with a majority of 
the delegates from up-State we'll bo en- 
titled to conalde ration from Mr. Murphy. 
Some wise guys *sy I'm not going to. 
rnry the primaries in Brie County.' You 
watch! Our headquarters arc crowded 
every nbrht and the Fitipstrick head- 
quarter* are deserted. 

"Why well gat tha whole, delegation 
solid from Erie and won't give PJfce- 
patrick a look-in. I ju*t sot a tele- 
phone naiwLia here from a man who 
controlH eighteen delegates and he told 
ane I can bare them for any one I want 
at the r-navenlion. I don't know why Al 
Smith bae eatered the race. I met him 
at the BUtmore last' April nnd lie told 
ma nothinj; could induce him to go back 

PhoLa ar lobuicse. 
HAG MvnnAV. 

Shf vrlll go «n Ibo Writ CiSit ni-il 
lTrrk tr. naV« b.*r nrii pletnre, 


, Msrahall have been retained by 
Famous Players-I<aaky to net aa 
their sttornert in tbe Rodolpb 
Valentino snit brought against the Blm 
company for alleged infringement of con- 
tract. Thty sent a letter to Will H. 
Hoys jeaterdsy asking him to preeent 
th* facts In the cose to the other pro- 
ducing compahEra. If these eljjht com- 
panies' ropre-tcnted in tho Motion Pic- 
ture Produe;r»-ft&d iJuvbrlbutors heed iho 
tedbest made by the lawyer* represented, 
Mr. Valentino may find difficulty in get- 
ting -releasing arrangement w£th any of 
these conccrns. 

Mr. I-i.iv.i aaid yveterday hn had 
nOThinE to say nor any comment to make. 
Copies of the letter* of GuHSenheJmer. 
Vritcrmyer & Marshall wo re -sent to each 
of tbe members of tbe M. P. P. A. with- 
out sny sucgestious, Questran* or advice 
from, Mr. Hays. 

Tie letter .sent id Mr. Hays by the 
lavrj-em la fl* follow*: 

We addrcH you a* preeident of,tb« 
Moilon Picture Producers' and Distribu- 
tors of America, lac. Wo have beeu re- 
tained by Fame uk PJayers- Leaky Corpor- 
ation to briug suit against one Rodolpb 
Vuleiitibio, a. motion picture RCtOfj to re- 
strain' him from violating hiO sgroemoiit 
to potform exclusively in tnotiou picture* 
for, the Famoua Players-Lduky Corpora- 
tlon, for a period which, including re- 
newal options, ns* abont two and one- 
half years to run. -We aifa ready to dis- 
close to you the terms of the contract 
should you desire further iafannRtioR re- 
garding it, 

"Pending the hearing of an application 
which we are preparing for an injunction 
pendente, lrce, It is importaot that no 
producer shall enter into n coutract with 
Valentino, in iiudranca of tho rights and 
cJaJnu of our client. 

"In order that the facta may bo 
brought to the attention of tho industry, 
will you be good enough to commnntcatm 
promptly with all producers and ilts- 
tributora who. are mombera of your or- 
ganisation, acquainting Lhcm with our 
client's claim* in the premlsea? You will 
thereby render a distinct public aertice 
by'ureTunrlnir others from becoming in- 
.volved! in this litlgaUon and at rhe.eante 
time. vrll[ accord proper protection to our 
client, who is a member of your organl- 
tlon, against the consequc&cefl of what 
-we regard as a threatened breach of 
contract. . ■ * 

"An cckPowlerljErJrnctst -oC the receipt of 
thi* commhnlcation will be npiircciitcd." 

Whan tbs above letter was beongbt to 
the attention of Arthur Butter Ctaham, 
attorney for Valentino, be mado public 
tho following letter which he has sent to 

"My attention has been called to a 
letter sent you to-day by Messrs. Ouk- 
genheimer, Untermyer and Marahall, who 
stata. that they have been retained b> 
Famous Players -Lastly Corporation to 
bring suit- sjnilnat one Bodolph Vajen- 
Liiift, a motion pletnre actor, to reatrnin 
him from violating hiu agreement tc ner- 
form exclualvelT In motion pictureg for 
Famous Playcr*-I*sky Corporation, and 
requestine; that you communicate 
promptly with all producers and distrib- 
utors who are members of your organ- 
isation, sceUainting them with the claim* 
of theit client in the premises. You 
are, assured by them that you will there- 
by render a disrlnrt aerrica by prevent- 
ing .other* from becoming Involved is. 

the litigation and at the same time will 
afford proper protection, to Famous 
PisyeCS-lAssy Corporation, wbn . 1* a 
member of yout OTsanhtatloii, of tho coD.- 
sequcneea of whaft the wriura regard aa 
a threatened breach of tha contract. 

"Xotwithstandlng that you are presi- 
dent of the Motion Picture Producer! 
nnd Distributors of America, Inc., and 
perhaps do not ostensibly represent tha 
stats, dlrecton and others who ate ah 
important part nf the production of ple- 
ture*. I have followed with interest and 
admiration your sincere effort* fcr the 
good of Tho motion picture- industry s* 
a whole and your growing; conception, of 
its mtoalon audi of its importance M ■ 
contribution to coir times, 

"For tbe foregoing reason I feel Bare 
that while you would be willing to heed 
the request of counsel for Famous Play- 
cn-Lsaky Corporation to afford proper 
protection to their client, you will (dso 
stand Firmly fol a proper protection, for 
any artist sincerely devoted to his work, 
anin*t violation of contract, oppression 
of himself or supptcasion of his talent*. 

"Announcement feu been made, that 
Famous Playera-Dasky' Corporation, will 
institute action against Mr. Valentino. 
■If Mr. Valentino COBld do so he srtjrddl 
at oncu Institute nctlorj saanut Famous 
Players-Lrasky Corporation. Ma must, 
however, . await action by that corpots- 
dor> f at .which timo be will piDsank'-tsj* 
fflctB of the esse tn the wart end abide 
by the decree of a competent tribunal. 

"I realize that not even tfae great 
power and far^-roachlng Influence at 
Famous Plsyera-Ijiaky Corporation will 
affect your lodgment or yunr action, 
and I am writing you for tbe sole par- 
pose of conveying to yon Mr. Valen* 
tirn-i's aesnrancc of the, justice of ■ his 
cause sad to aak yg,u to withhold any 
netinn until the court has rendered Its 

Golns; ta 1b« Weal Cosil. 

Mae Murray and Robert Leonard hie* 
at lost snecumbed to the charm of the 
West Coast ss a place for mafias' Pic- 
ture*. Not that their residence- In Cali- 
fornia In permanent. They nrO merely 
going to the Coast to make "Corona- 
tion." which, by tfee bye, is the moat pre- 
tentions production th*y have yet made, 
and which will require the broad acm of 
Western, studio ground*. 

S[i!'iklnj^ of Mae Murray, she has pur- 
chased for her next production the mo- 
tion plctute rights; to "Tha French 
Doll." n piny in French, written by two 
Frenchmen wbn wrote- the original ver- 
sion of "The Goldfish," whirb Gladys- 
Lager translated for Mftrjoric Jlambcau. 

, A Feraonal ADpesmnr*i 

Ieeon C*stte Is notblnf if not bra ve- 
Despite her recent accident, which re- 
sulted in a broken collar bine and other 
Injuries when »he fell from her horse sfc 
Ithaca, she is going tn be in the ursv- 
night atidJcnrc at the Capitol. Tha niece 
do resistance of tbe Capitol prograrn 
next iveek Is "Slim Shoulder*!" written 
for Miaa Castle by Charles K. Harris, 
the song writer. The picture wa* di- 
rected by Alan Croalnnd. In tbia pic- 
ture Miw Castle, who by the way. waa 
rhosen by Neysa MeMein as beinc one 
of the twelre most beatitifal women in 
America, drives. &wtma, dances and 
wenrs jcorgeon*, Mr. Itntliafel 
has provided nn excellent program to sup- 
plement tbo film feature. 

Dr>b ntnesniL To-nlsrht. 
The door* of the now K.QQWJOO 'jfarit- - 
man Theatre frfJJ he opened In Roche*- 
ter for Ibc ttrst timo this evening when 
'a score of invited guest* w]il in*p«t it 
Tbe drCas rehearsal will be a feature of 
the erenlng'H e mortal ijjnept ifd tboi* 
who cannot remain for tho formal open- 
ing Monday ni^ht will have a chance to 
BM the program as it will bo pivcn at 
the regular premiere. 

To Hake niBhteen Flet-nrvs^ 

When Warner Brothers blithely u- 
DOonccS a schtrflulc of eighteen prodnc* 
lions for the HCO«on of 1023, It begins 
to look ns if the w. k. old men Gloom 
waa being 'put on the run. This Is tha 
gfinl set by this enterprising concern, laid 
with the Hat nf pictured already an 
nonnced, it laakx ns If the goal would! be- 
reached without any great difficulty^ Aba 
Warner will leave D«t week! for tha 
West Coast studios to confer with bis. 
brothers, Bam and Jack, relative, to tha 
lien.- production Bcbedulr. Tho eighteen 
productions' will be made from neprjii: 
novels and st&gc plays, and. a number ot 
directors, are being added to tho Warner 
Aiaff along with Boms ot Our well knows 

R«« Willi Films. 

Bruce Mltcbelt Is in town with boa 
first productions of the T. H. Con2n;Prn- 
docllon Company. There are- four two- 
reelers in tho aeriw now completed and 
they bear the intriguing titles of "Euy 
Pickings," "West Is Worst" "Folio* 
Suit" and "Nobody There." Joseph 
Farnhom la tho author of the titlea. 
There will be n acriea: of twelve. of theaa 
short reel featurea, and Mr, Mitchell be- 
lieve* he has a find in "Fatty* etarr, who 
mike* his debut as a comedian in theaa 
comedies. Franklin Bocker, tha pro- 
ducer, has arranged to distribute his fihnj 
through tha Gaet Coast Distributors. 

Slg:n Fritrn-r* Clarion, 
Frances Marion hs* her work cut oat 
for her, according to a telegram received 
from the West Coast. She ha* been en- 
gaged by tho Roche tt-Nay lor Productions 
to put into scenario form their Lincoln 
picture. With fifteen reels to get Into 
proper continuity ^ust off band. o» 
might say Mia* Marion haa her hands 
full for the present at least 

am Aboard for BH deepest. 

Marcus Jjoew just came home in tuna 
to go away again. He is scheduled to 
ehapeione a uartj at Bridgeport, OU t 
where S, Z. Poli i* opening/.: A. Haw 
house. The party consists: of a galaxy 
of screen and stage stars that will gl'r« 
Bridgeport tbe thrill of its life. The, 
{■artr leave* Monday and dots not ex- 
pec t to return until Wed n esd a y or 
Thursday. A good time is expected by 

Oriijfllj- Gainetlsgk P"»mt. . 
Despite Ijator Day nnd the many 
people who kft town at pool yesterday 
to celebrate, the Lyric Theatre had a 
re presents tiro audience present last 
night at the opening of "A Little Child 
ijbatl Lead Thorn," the new For spcclaL 

to Albany. He aaid he had enough and 
wanted to devote hi* time to bis busi- 
ness and that under no circa nrstancnl 
would he be a candidate for (lOTcraor- 

"I haven't beard of any demand for 
him except from people who 'profited Lr 
him, bctag- Governor, auch as the. street 
railways and tha tekphorY cum rani'- 
Naturally they want him ruck as fhey 
made MOnsy through the £ncr?a»es hi* 
Public .Service Commission iftife them. 

-"They areijhe peaait insisting npon 
his nomination, but he won't be nomi- 

Ex-Cop BwrnjB [ nllorni foe trick. 

' Policeman Jame* J. .Donofaue was re- 
tired from tho Jersey Clry Police Depart- 
nteDt yeslerflay after twenty yean hon- 
orable unrvlre- Promjitly after hi* retire- 
ment Donahue hastened to a vacant lot 
near the Jeney Citr Isolation Hospital, 
where be had been detailed for duty for , 
many yeans poured: kerosene u<] orrrfalt 
uniform and tbreq- it into tbe Tot to 
bam. , 

Then turning to Juntes llsmill, who 
waa a)»o retre^U Donafaaa saidl '- 
■There aoe» all nur b»rd lu^k." 4 




telegra;pH, .' Sunday, 



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G«MB»d TKftt 

' U 

J *" .'.._- Canon William Shafe Chase has rhaag ed bin mind on 

CaROT! Ch**e Ob- the efficiency of Starr- censorship. A year ago h> wsi 
lectt to State ten* Df kh^it (he New York State- 3>arl.rlnture to nttke (he "Em- 
pire State safe for wumto und children by panslng the 
Lust law. creating a Motion Picture CammJsaleB, Be wee 
virging Governor Miller in protect the defenseless niojiciri 
picture. public (ram the claws of tan ruthless producers by 
signing the censorship bill. 
Now Canon Chase nays the New Torlc State Motion Picture Commission is 
He payi all Bute crnBorthip IjmHs are subject to' graft. Wlira the 
Cinon will lobbying In Albany, flapped by hit group of reformer*, he did not con- ■ 
i sider this aspect. The political angle of such a board did nit enter into say of hi ft 
, speeches. Perhaps he wis disappointed that Governor Miller did. niti tn ft to 
appoint him at ■ Slate censor. 

Canon Chirr is always resourceful, ■ The State censorship fniling to meat hit 

approval, he ti now aeahjne; to establish a Federal ceniorthip. His idea is to 

tcnnDr the scenario before the film is made. This pUn might be practical it any 

I director ever followed the working script scene by scene and lint hy line But no 

; picture wet ever suds without some changes during; Its coarse of COrjatnlCtlOD- 

- - '."Tfc* Immorality of the films It growing,'' says the Canon, H 'and noij thej 
• threaten to enter politics." 

'.;■ i. ' If what Canon Chaae says Is true, he has prtsentnl the strongest argument 

■(" ln " cemtorfiblp we bare ever bad. If State wnsbrahlp. existing as It dot* In 

'Virginia, New York. Florida, PenntvylTania, Ohio and other States, has failed to 

(dtps' the screen, what rood does cenaorslrif do? 
1 The high price* paid the stars Is also both*rinir Canan Chase. He is worried 

thst tbiae film actors and actresses are paid so well for the> lab^ro in enter- 
' Irinfiir the puttie. The casual observer would fall to an how these salaries would 
■fl^cfr the moralltj of the film Industry, but Canon Chase has .-. Hnnplelc cess 
wflrkedHBi bialnstawrerT one In the InduMrr. He beljeven the only way to make 
(hla country * fit piece for all of ps to lire is t? ceDsor, not only the films, tut 
the lire* of erery one associated with films. 

. '■ Federal ceasorahlp wc-n|d &ot affect State censorship in the lenst- Canon 
^M^*' ^ on * * ltu !° tner «f«me>9, mitaes the mistake In bellevinf a r^ederaJ com.- 
,.ttdaale.n would disqualify a State commlasioB. Ma sura thing. The national board 
ywWlW haTe no effect on the working of a 8 late censorship board. 

.If- the motion, picture indnitry had more Canon Chawe? censoeahio srould die 
a.natarml death. He seems alwayn to aay the wrong tfltog. and Instead of gfllting 
eonT*rta to bla tJde he mahea. the public realise how far these reformers haVe 
tsieruened on the righta and liberty rf a nation, \ " 




/X* Hiq jwwlWIjtT of fljndircn&in* ih« toIm ivlth motion ploturei *oawi u» for 
'JlUa-i m "™*? a wctt-mw tni fitp, with tlii„r tor isd «jilm; !t about otrsidlr 
JitWk]. rjio cinema u rjsrntinilj .1 patttomlmie art. and one of tie priaoina] 
,«mwbat]t, b, ft> pramn In Awrit. baa beta, lbt fan that Wo hnvr- ao Tfir— ao. 
T(rr f««J^i>ortrarCT> of tb> «t!eat drama Trlib a tnlfnt for pantamlmf. It loepil 
tt kt t form of niprsjjjon aiacb more aultrd lo Ijitirs ami BuailBna Ibiu. to 
ABtlo-Saiaoa. Bnt tiH TOMlIiiai o! plolo-phrs lirdlr Krma a rtrp too-art 

H PrL»ft ° It 1l^*S*l*' Y', w - TaUi "» "'«»"• «™>M lravrnotbtat. 

•ad ™rvihl„. .?! """tl""'? 1 ; crrlatnlr the .rreea would bnve aothioj 10 rlln 
tS?iSS?2IS ■*]£"* ? r ll " '""•Ifrtl?" «' Ui« "ice. It dorso'l brlonrl vfiiat 
.2 ^fif.'tE' ? '^I'T. '' »»"»*«l """'?• .oninhlBi that will be an npmat. 
■H2£fMSJ,H l f" m ^i'" "*"<■«!■»«'»""■) 'relinjta of tile onlooker ., TrefiTlt 
-taSSLrS LL ■'"■•*■«" 'o Jeam ttla. The opportnnltlei'lor eloqaeat and 

tW ! ''Preaidrenri.. arr If 00 rorarn ,ilili«^ l0 their 1 fullr.t 

••" E^W'to^hrboi onto "°°°™" " c< "'■* , =»tWnf ">«t l« «n appeal lo Ibe mind 

•Tg Ittrn. 0/0 public •electa Ibe cheap, trlilal form of entertainment on llo 
In WifT ? '"ll'-i^ wi y ' u * a > t "* '•»' <t>"»e arjiallo aoul eall , T orUt 
fciSl . ^.fj.:° """i^nr molloa picture theatre mnan„»r, aa.ra anj nltrmpt to 
SSll bi,hcI»M enter oiproerl ta tfila plnjhouae i> met with diwoiiracinf diaap- 
£rf» .aPilf!Sfti.™ J J l '- , . tl,t *»■"**« beomUte -••rikt, of BhC made io 

'S!i lUf. j 1 ° c >»•"'« "err time aueb a film ia advertinrd. but* plctaro 

•Bti "nbtletj.and ana aart of deep p.jelioloiii I, frncnetl upon bv theae aame foil, 
who eonaidee nw eorh entertainment .tireaome nail bijborow. Even tbe mnaical 
eratoSwra and balleta hAre ta be choaea with tie people tn mind. lVaJle tie public 
2H>.T^!2. ■? r """ rk " .'»> retnectiaj on Ibe Hate ol the •»«. rtat this 

BUS &£ U nf bl i 1 " ^f" M bri, ! lt °" : "'t<- Icliia.pha loat mow, for tie com- 

!? » Jf*^- "' J 1 '™" tiat -*¥ere ndlcnled aa beloa cheap traali brourjil la tiouaanda 

. otilalUra.i It I 1 altuaHon tint la worth Uiontht. Orlolnly ai prodncer la .llltnj 

SjSSi ,lU: i ,, ™*iSllk" r '-" '"'i* 1 !o *"- " hi '■ ™" ' ! ' , ''' "" I"»l">' encouroja. 
JJejt from tie public he tauinot ba npaetvl-bi In aailuplrtt Ihr (ilra drama. Sobie 
l!? «*"«rr* ila dntr to educate tie maaara. but if Ihe maaaea refuae tn ba 
cheated. wha( la he to do? We muat have better pietorea, etery one r^reea If 
tie ailerir drama ia to endure aa .an. art, but tho producer must bare aa incentive 
If "be !a to nk< tie sort of plcfurea that arill attract Intelllient bieh-cltaa 

ThrTEYSA BTMEIN, who is more courageous than one would Imagine a famous 
jl.~ creatar o-f mretty glrla to be, 'East weelc sent oat from Chicago a list of 
"one- Joito haiKt-ipickrd American beauties, led by Alice Jnyc* r the film utar. 
Jfyrthe r down in tbe llrt appears Mary Pif-kford. whose golden curln and sweet 
«Tpr«™.on hare made her a nation's sweetheart. Ir^ne Castle and Ethel Itarry- 
aa"» also receLTe honorable rnetitlon as Typen *>f the modern Veaiis, Tru* greatest 
tnbute goes to Mlas Jorct. Mi 83 hlcHrlein doenn't cni-e Jiujthing nbnut \Yin.xn lvlth 
a. Jewelled monement whan »be gets to Hearen. But she does want to look like 
Mill Joyce. 

Since hEsB alcMeln already has four firm beauties I» her li-t whr did ahe 
not make it an all-*crren team! It might, easily be BCCompli»hed. Did not tbe 
jrrtJBt oTerlook lorolr Katherln* afocdonald. who has all of the hest tiuiilitiea of 
the American; N'l(a N'alili. the atatuesque, who \>.nn a Floteqliue name nnri Itfl|i;m 
ben ring, but whn Insiats nn her rights ok s jiinivf-'bfM-n citixen; Clnrn" Kimball 
Xptmg, who needic no Iisncli^ap in. the hrnuly race; Hope Hampton. irSota iminrtl 
Titan, beatrtr Is the ideal of-inany. Bud Warion Davlas. an exqniaile type? There 
ajoTC half b doxen othrrs just as eligible- 

HndsoBie men Fhoold not he oferlooked, eitber. Hodotnh Valentino -would bo 
■n waqueatloned entry, with EutCDe O'Brien ft dttie contestant. Bamon NaTarro 
U by many. Lowell Sherman baa bla fallowing, Tom Mx, though he 
specialised in rough Western dramas, la haDdanme in clothes or a flannel 
phirt. Xewj* Stone is ejtremety good iookfng and Htuart Holmes could Qualify 
*a the lttraetlT* Tillaiaaua type._ -■ . 

F'OLMjWINCJ as It does in tbe wmlta of ths stlfe- play, "Ea»t Is WtMtT u l. 
.. kotion pietnrfl Mill douMtess cnate a creiat deal of Intcreit among ihesttt- 
-'fvm. TWa and the fart that Constance Tabnadga appearf fn tbe rot* crested br 
Jiy Painter. The &W pnnerb mainlfltning that ererything beautiful Is lorabJe 
•finda tnatlfirariiKi in the romantie atory of Httte Ming Tor. Tho ncreen Tendon, 

■ JScf: tbe Original, ia the type of entertainment wbteh makes its greatest appeal 

Ibrongh pirtureMiuc beauty * ml roraantJc ipterest, and It is this kind of oanntJve 
.wfcfeh. lends itaelf moat admirably to^the cinema. Few Indeed are those 1 who, ertr 
^itM** *aJth In the world of maSe-beHere. and we hafe bad so many aei i(>*bum 
hi pictnres, sq many Atories based on the tt-im j-pnliiien of life,' that it Is rather n 
maaaqt change occasionally to come upon a film with a moee delicate aud faut.-ifnl 
Wenw. ..»■■>■',. ... ,. . ... .... 

' Tbe play la not notable for its jdnunatlc fiOnr. ■ The author nppearn to hsTe 
JtUM^nnfte plan in shaping so intricate plot or creaUag stronj aituation*. H!a 
Jhjt object aeema to have been to appeal to bis audiences through the eye, pninUng 
for them ■ fragile and beautiful picture which npeah* Id pvrcaJrina; spectators in 
a- simple laariiage. So that after viewing "East Is West" you feel TCrj aulch US 
though youd r been wandering throueli a Inndncnne gsllery or «u an Oriental tour. 

■ It wis ^nat thesa foatures whjeh made the Jilay sucb an eBormoua suerees, 
f™"?*** afeas baa tun-n laid upon them In the screcp edition which of cOnrae, 
has far jfrFBtcr po«iihi]itJcs 3u emphaaiKing the pictureaqne side.- Boi'for ail the 
«sH"m af the story and the simplicity of it- romanr-e. and despite tlir iuitaposition 
•* w.pamta of the atitht-r'B compasi, a critical aniflysls must ineeltshly. result In 
*Mi *idLn=. toweret reluctantly, with 3Jr. Kipling that- 

"East ia East, and W&t h West, sail never the twain shall meet " 
Till earth and sky atand presently at Owl's great judgment Beatr"- 

MUCH baa hsren aald coneernlnf the hardships impced upon the motion picture 
- iadDatry through badly regulated censorship. One feels compelled ti dis- 
agree with those film directors who are ready te nl«ce tbe E.VTiBE blame forth* 
CalHloa;. scarcity of high type productions at the door of the eenaor. In thla 
•eaaprfet at least we are in <3 toed to admit with Sir linger d* Corerly that "much 
might be a*,d en both sides/' 

rXtTCrthtJesi the fact that the indnatry has been hopeleasly Bhsckled by the 
artrent metfJeient system of censorship. Is only toot'sppareat.- Hcrr-a «*' ia nioat 
afnhjr Htate (rfflcea. Kins: Politics wields the scepter, and as long as efficiency is 

■ JWdfl the rictim of favoritism Motion ifleturea must Buffer slonaj with The publif, ■ 

. . A ■t^lpV eiflmple of the ludicrous method* rteiplojed by present-day censors 
jnay be had In Voices of the City." tbe authorship or which in credited to Leroy 
■**#• >".J*? Uty , Voices of the Cltjr*^ Is the work of some scenario writer, and 
warn a decidedly feeble effort on the part of that person to rewrite ifr 3coltV 
*KPH|.ht .Bawe/" The latter film wns produced hy the Ooldwyn Companr at a cost 
CrI.>Ome ISOOjnO und Was barred by tho Board of Censors fn New York State 
MCauas It showed: a policeman accepting a bribe- 

. -Whether the ilUimlnrd perpetrator otthls bit of tnsster censorship Vna moTcd 
ia act tbrougli a desins to protect tbe child like innocence of so unsuspecting; 
Bcnbire. or whether he thought that sach scenes ahonld be preeerred for "Tiptei of 
rhe nay,'" it i» dlHicult tn aacertain. But the outcome Is onlr top eridenL The 
UaMwyiA Ciertpftsy, uowdurii; to lose the Urge sum of money invented, renr«OItd 
, ,:U».rum at the macrifice of whatever dramatic qualifications It possessed. Ouca 
/jtsamist the public was made the "gnat-" 

l; It aNll Ugh ti tor for the molion picture guild of the Authors' l>sgDe of 
A.BB*rl«* to take a hand in matters of this kind and bring whateyer weight It baa 
(a Dear toward the establishment of a censorship that will at leaaf tie intelKf tot. 

there had been mors men like 
Major De Wcesb In the days when were ■burned at the 
Salem and the citizens T,-prc pnt io 
etocks for smiling; on the Sabbath day 
Wo- would not lis ti-: been such a, com- 
plicated .' problem 'to-'ionr fcKciathcrs. 
J|ayor -Do Weese' Is the city tather of 
Pfoua, Ohio, and he' b'as all the tme 
spirit of AtcCl-i cauls m combined with an 
originality that entitles kirn to special 
recognition In every town ia this coun- 
try where morion pictures are the sub- 
ject of Sunday closfjts agitation. 

AtrvrcT l>r •Yeese, like many other 
public-spirited men, heads a town where 
a few fanatics and reformers wonld 
make Sunday about aft cheerful BB B visit 
to the Paris Morgue. If those men had 
their way there, would be no- amusement 
of any sort. The- working tn&ti wbo 
spends ei^ dejn a week at Pnrd labor 
would bo deprived of any rclnxatiou on 
the ■if vrntii day. Mnror De Weesa knew 
the only way M bring about a reform 
wna to fire Plqua. Ohln. a inst.- of San* 
iln.v ns tho-TeformerS would spend it. lie 
reallaed desperate cases needed desperate 
remedies, and the moment one Luther 3. 
Patterson arfeeted Harry Kreas, owder 
of Piqua's motion picture house,'' for 
keeping his theatre open on Sunday, bo 
put. into modnn a program that -was 
enough 10 make any town want to bary 
the bine laws jn a 10-foot hole nnil keep 
it there. 

M nil I ™e 'Em Alt' Tor ihr .Mare. 

Mayor De T\'m»c snid LI Mr. Km* 
cannot keep bis motion picture theatre 
Open on Sunday the rr-«tau,-nnt!4 In town 
must close. The drug store has no right 
to sell odda water nnd ira cn;an>, the au- 
tomobilists mnst not buy Kasoiene 0,1" 
havs tbeir machlncci rcpnireii at the gar- 
*p*. Borrowing Equity's slogan, "Qno 
for nil and all for onr" program, Pqhia'B 
AEayor put the town, into such a state of 
anaenthenfii it Im.i not rcrovercd yet. 

This blanket rc-fQTtu not only wrought 
havoc in the Li.iiiii-r-. of the working iqjih 
vho enjoyed his Sunday afteru&OTia by 
giving hLs fumily ngnin sort of nn outicjr, 
but it made the ban ■tern, iJoctors and 
la Wyen risr up In wrath. If bjij of 
these men of m^aj ran out of gasolene 
tbey bad no place to huy it. If tlie- 
famEly cook took a. Sunday off there was 
a restaurant open i:i tiv.vo. uifij the vil- 
lago stores were nil ctowd ti^Iltcr than 
a drum, a tluog tbnt inad'c it cxrreaie'y 
awkward for siy fumily who hod unex- 
pected guests arrive. 

M-r..v.' Df; Wiicjte couldn't hive elicsen 
a more eJTcctiTe wnjr af poiiiu^ thj; n-- 
formcrs In disfavor, hy piling Pi^ua a 
taste of what the town would bo oucu 
these fni,ati.\H WBU turned looso to en- 
force a liino Sunday he caused unch a 
turmoil, If the km had rot been removed. 
the vlllai,e would hare 1>ren In \iie throes 
of a revolution tliat would have made 
yovlct RlijmJu a iicnvcful plncu in which 
to live, 

Tovrn tor TCresa. 

Tho town went over to the side of 
Harry Kre»n as one person. It took a, 
JhW tJactljr 20 minHtes'»a &ct/u.t hitfl^ 
and keTWBi given [lerniiaiiou to open Tim*'-. 
nio;loti picture house SnmlBr i>r any' 
other day. Mr. Kress a-v.-aKn't t-mrrfdy 
Aatistird with flint verdict, lie figured 
tfio lawsuit wn him JTyg. and His loss 
of business ar. JS.OIX), so hcl* aovr 
asking -Mr, Patt-mcn. t(ie man win, set 
oili to enforci' the blu<? laws in r' 
for T5.T0Q dsniacits. 

Wilmington. obJo. bclnc bitten y y the 
same bine law Lug, is Utiuc heed Inim 
Mayor De Wecws drustle sCtiou. and 
through the excelirnt. jriiortsmanubip ni" 
their own Mayor Greene js patting tin- 
town thftngh the samp coximc of sprum-. 
that made PMa. ace ths liaht. 

TbUi hrifliBDt e.<.aui[ile of .what a town 
could be nndrr the rueittte of thcfii? blue 
law fanatics might be a Icason to other 
towns where the rcfoflflers are preaching 
on th* I.ord Day Alliance sad tryins to 
restore the I'urltaiiicnl day* of our wre- 
fathers. If orety Inwn in tlLO United 
Stairs were to havf n bine Jaw Sunday 
for a mooik jt b: tiie miiVs[ vager In 
the world at tlir rnd of tbat time wC 
Should hare a liet «f nnti-blue law fqlk 
that would reach from t.'nlifomia to New 
lork asj bnrt; again. Tf there Wis bsome 
way of puttin K ccnsorahlp Into tp m . 
poraey practice to let the peo-Ie wo 
what a lame remedy it is we might be 
spared tbe Rfttn of seeing sotnn of our 
most imi>ortjint States put ititu- the 
hands of the L'anao Chnses of the coun- 

Mayor Do Wee** i 3 entitled to tbe 
i iaiili« of the -whole country for Earing- 
the brainu to mako hit. town sec ivhst 
an ssinine thiufi this blue law edict ia 
nnd how It would Booh put any thriving 
gjp i on the haa-bceti list. Three cheers 
lor Mayor De .Weese or any other mart. 
who has tho vision and tha courage of 
Iuh convictions to bring aboat a splendid 
IntcxpretatJos of this law. 

Ia Itir Land Of WimcLen Shoes. 

The average woman -who returns from 
an European trip ,ts unable to talk 
coherently on any other anhject for tha 
heit ten monttuv Evelyn Greeley ia u 

£l£B J *a»t aioeption. Three moatha Jo 
uropi; hare made her tho most enthus- 
iastic AmerltBn I ever met '. — - 

''Not-.tbut tho Hollanders weren't kin'd 
to me — -I Jove- them, they ore w> dear 
and geoeroiiiT — but threo montba away 
from the U- S. A. Isn't tho sort of thin,? 
thst would appeal to any girl whn Jtkc* 
A*w Totk, said Mis 3 Oreclcy at lunch- 
eon where we met to talk on Holland and' 
pictures. > 

"I was alck witi ptomaine poisoning" 
and I io*t so- ninny pounds and wns .v- 
ilmvangiit kometleka that majr have ac- 
eoantcu for my bnppiness ac seeing 
MadnpiR Liberty whni wo sailed dows 
the bsy. J wanted to shout, I was an 
delighted-^ It save me The greatest thrill 
wht-n- -■ 


taver had when- ibe band Htarted to S£@ 
'The .Star Spanaled Banner/ and I saw 
tha ncv York harbor loomias; up so 
frjtnujty miri »o welcome." 

MJsa Greeley speqt m™«t of Jtar timo 
in Holland. She went to Eurdpe-to jilny 
the 1 leading robj in "Ilyll Dw Dnun- 
ttrond,'' and she has vuch an intlmato oc- 
qualntanee with the land that pnt wind- 
mills on tho niap and made- wooden shoos 
a part of every Dutch story that »he Can 
toil at one glnnca what part of Holland 
thcue shoes were manufactured in. 

*Not tint, Evelyn Oreeley made* any' 
such n boast Slat Isn't given to boaar- 
in*> She talks an little about [lerself and 
her ideas I bad to eay three or four 

"What made tod decide to bo a motion 
picture actress?" i 

"I do pnt mean to hint tbat all moiion ) 
oletBre stars are supreme etotists. but I 
have to say about every eisht o«t of ten 
Choose the 'pronoun I as her fUTcrite 
Word in the Afiwrican languna-e." 

nvlmrea. Feom (-hnlce .\i>t Hnmltr, 
Evelyn Owtey has no harrowing talc 
of a ■tarrlnc mother nad a dying father 
to tail tho world. She never had to ]js*, 
ia. a garret «□ crackers ajtd water and bog 

a job Ju movies to keep from the 

.[HiriMiriiLr. . J ii t:i'ji. 1 ..n:.|n-r! ||JV 

UL-lri;>s. t In.; is uii^LLil-i- mjiii,; *ue u.u'-i l 
tntt imv •.-<>.: eIiu ttflUfl trou. L.blcu^o iku-l 
so 1 huic^wn very, good authority Unit 
wlicu ' lit-: - Vi-i*-. -;..l . died bhu bad ciioug-t 
inuinSy leit in JlbY '-" •->-■'- very cuvinforrauij 
tbu ;■•'>. •■! Ikt day* lLiuurd <Jradweli, 
lii-ad ut 1'riiduct'rtj Security,, is bet suar.l 
Jan (mil Jiie tntcrwtt in luotiau piciutea 
wns probuUly tbe r^atton she decldud in 
fuvur wj" a scrciu curcet. 

ubway. clevn,tcd 
they would 

.he believe, added to ,.wn nuuw 
an .and ouet New 'VJork pdiscn 
bo popular bore." 

After a rewL Mi.-a ttrcCley will heein 
work nj^iiill fur Prndllt-?r* Sevnrity. SI., 1 
will not return t« Ilnlniid, havtag protiteil 
by bee ejtperiencc abr-jud to tcel, nice 
as the Dutch aro, thotefs im placa eipinl 
to America Tor ci'inrort in pir.klrjK pi:- 

I :u.ked bi-r if she didn't miti-, hrnrins 
11 iho IHm i;"*ip and news the thn--* 

*¥Tth <.iiun.. awuiihuu and Agncj | montlis she. was exiled in 
AyTen, Mitis lirvt'iL-y jiofvcj un ajiprvii f ice- -She United ut cie iu amaifinent and 

Khip ul the KKLrjjnuy Ntadiuu, unu ihih (.-!.■ aaid. "Certainly nut! We bL-ur every 
[leriL-ue.!, added iu 41r: UradircIJ'tt friiud- word of it iu irrasriem." 
nhip tvr bur' fathter, brought her Intu I Our luuchuou was made momiutous \,- 
pruruLiiL'iLee iu) a sLur of thts, IVtM-iU Com- J MSB Oreeley. who druU]<ed so many 
puay during tin.; Usiyii it ti.uurislied un it | precious pounds, looking uy ull the fm- 
matluH pictEafL' 'prrnhwini; Ctftuputiy. 1 tenjiiR food on the aieaii nr.d by my — 

Ivu might linvc plnycd tiuciety ii 
her Inc. i until! lib bad run Lo dre&i, nile- 
iieta und frivolity. She had uu ii^^iu-f.l 
j.-iijjifi.!i! In Chicago and :1s, ■ 1::^ mauy 
friends iu New ifurk who »ir<i pruniiufiit 
sociully. l!ut she be* never cared for- 
tbis sort of thinit, Not that alio lioestl't 
uccjujUiimlly ran uwpj tu tbe country and 
visit Ikt frieudi* nnd forget motion pic- 
tures. SlKS ia the typo that makes frkuris 
eatsily. mi attractive, typical AcicrieQn 
girL with o fiin-luviug cpirit thai citui-.j 
in her reucuc when conditions in moliuu 

Itii-i-j [■•-■ need a senne of uumori And who 
ijj ji tfST belonged jn picturen who didn't 
need a loving hojisg of !iuraor? Hha pmh- r motion picture Iheatn-s wtll hove a shook 

lUrsiisp'to be tftinptcil and sticking to my i hj vn t^c Am" 

dift .rellgtnusly until -we came to pencil \ how society s 

ice cream. The worst happened, f nt« 

it. But one dncsn't Ittnch vitb a Indy whn 

hint junt rctitmtd from Holland every 

tiny. And tlie next hundred pettta vjll 

prob.-jhly not show that n pound was Ii.i--: 

t,r pained. A lliuughL that bronRlit OH n 

deep discussion on v,'hnt Is the usO of 

worrying over being thin or fat Life Is 

ao short! 

ably used it in H-iunrlBm. where Ibe stii 
liioa ii Tr primitive compared with Anicri- 
cati [jJih it LiLii-r--. Sii-.: «ays Mr. Bringer, 
tlie Diiiusger of the Hollandia Film Com- 
pany. mid Elsie t.'nhen, bin unslHtant, did 
everytLlnp in theit- pWStl to make ie 
pleonunt tor the playcra. . ' 

"'I'Le I»ul,cli ntcauca clever UajgrtsfcO 
■aid .Mi** Crcclcy,."! bad no dWeoltf 
at the studio. Every one. talks EnKliali, 
even the carnentcn. and property buys. 
In tfyr- shops they seem to know intuitive- 
ly that 000 Ik fiJ! American and they 
never nnre make tin? miatnko o-f address,- 
ing a foreigner in the Dutch language." 

Ceetliijr n I.nuch tn lltillnnil. 

Mi.-.-- Greeley told of Rcvcral amusing 
lrificli.iit», in tho sfiiiliuii that vexed Oscar 
Apful, the director, but sent ber Into 
parorybme off lancrhter. 

"We wern busiljr ■tboo■tin■e , ■ a scene Oilo 
day," eaid Miss Greeley, "when the prop- 
erty man appeared] looking very solemn 
and doivncnat. 1 bej pardon, Mr, Apfel.' 
he said, 'but, 1 have to lake upi tlis^ red: 
stair curpoL' i 

"'Ytu cannot havo St,' exploded Mr. . . 

ApFcl, 'I am using it and will need it lor | rfing the wirmecs in nlphnhetiL-al nrder. 

ThfTf Wma Xo Donblr, 
Some of the blasa people who go to tho 

when they hear Aunir Q. Xilason was 
seriously' burntd ia n "Ii r-- nud not her 
double. For the simple reajet. there woa 
no double. The thrilk of the screen have 
Butfrted the lust few years becanue of 
the f;!;;jiir-!Pi[r:: e»[ert«Lnr:iI by the public 
that every dangerous stunt is done by u 
profcSi'ional acrobat and not by tho 
"ctress. Anna NilKtou wax driving a 
locomotive through u logiajr forest fire, a 
part most people would Boy would bo 
tnken by a double when her clothes 
^nnght fire, from tho burning trees and 
brush. Her face, shoulders and hands 
were burned and her Imir almost torn oS 
bcr head. The first reports said that her 
beanty would suffer from tlia pears, bat 
wi) hopa this Is not true. So many 
niracJee are performed through rrurgety 
these days. 

David.'* List. 

David Selgnklk: iwi't goiOK to let Neynn 
McMein hsitc everyEhiar; bar way. Ha 
has propored'bia own private, list of pro- 
fessional wtnire beauties sod take it frmn 
David be '■ bos ■ put Tbcda Ban ■ nt 
tho top of the li»t. But he says 
In crrder tlint the other beauties will not 
think he is playing; favorites, he is run 

fobs feei the call of the eiaemsr nud what 
changes the years bring. 

We, ^IPiUr No- More >Ilnti«J.:eii, 

A first liimch about otunreriag an 
ema'tiymoua letter la atwaya righta . A 
Mttle taate of publicity and the sender of 
this most despicable form of letter writing 
always comes buck for more attention. 
After many years In the newapaper busi- 
ness I have never known it to foil. 

Eovnds Like Idle Ca*stp. 

It one Is to believe la the photographs 
sent by tho Marshall .NY-iTsm Ftuttio, .the 
past wwavtlia rumor that Mr. and Mra. 
MarshsIL Nellsn ore ■about to separate Is 
all gossip. These pictures show . Mr. 
XclIdii asalating Blanche Sweet In mat- 
ins up for her return to the •Mtccm The 
story that accompanies' it speaks of the 
tests that were made -by Mr. NeiEan to 
get the right effects Tor the.acrecD. 

To Peryeinate Bull's nmuiT. 

Bull Mnojana greatly eibbarruaed 
-dtiring his recent rinit to Vorgbera 
Italy. He was. vfaited on by a 
tee appointed hy the Mayor to ask, him 
if lie wnuld pen&it * statue of- himself 
to be erected In the public square. Likn 
nil handsome men bull la modest and 
while it would be a wnhderful thing to 
hrmd ilnnp. his classic features in pus- 
Irrlty he .had to refuse: ■ 

IJTBAT e*tti pny to see me 00 the 
ecreef," said Bull, being- a good business 

mreetlng m* :*e rely weds. 

The grrattst excitement In town this 
rrk was the nr rival uf Mr- fiod Mrs. 
.rAck rHcJtrord froon the Coast Hflney- 
tiu-'iinr-rM are always of intrrrst to the 
public, and this pale of ncwlywedsr, a 
screen stnr and B stflKO Star were features 
Tf-r nny newspaper. Mnrilynn Mill»r 
I'ickford begins work, in "Sally." while 
her linrbnud will Jinish UlntlnE "Uorri- 
win'K Finish."- his neit plctare T Xae 
PLekfordi were nt the Acibaw-ador durins 
il-eip stay In Now York whore the^ fur- 
iiiidied morr Interest than any visitors 
jiinee this hnstrlvy opened a year nr so 
age. Tlepoiters nocked there, Rnd pho- 
tORTflphrrs nnlll life trt the hwo nnd 
hi-rnWr wnra't wnrth livinir. Mt» Ifflw* 
lins mne tn Ttn*ton to Wn the "'-illv" 
compnnv. Bv the by. FleywMMl Broun 
calls Miss Miller our of thr twche mODt 
bcftutirul women in. Ameriea. 

IJflKfrrlnMr Spmklne, 

MilI^i Normand ami her Hojourn in 
I>eai!ville ngure ediiurinjly in the Out- 
re, go Tribnur, The wnrld'u a-rentcat 
newBtinper'TW'lievc.i Mnin-":) reception at 
the Freneh watering pliice and her finit 
view of {.rincvR. kin^s nnil other <wrnbn- 
rtcefl U wnrfh -pn^ nn the editorM page. 
'Hif hectic life ifl nl.w cnmpBred with 
Hollywood's Ho-rnllrd tsnyrty with linnnrs 
in this dlr^tioii bcinr uiven to DeUuviHe. 

TVairvjIIe in a delirium which must 
make her think tlint the mirirl idrnlx nf 
Hollywood nre primitiv". In the simple 
life which she knew hj CaHfnmis. a lai-jre 
car. a bsg or pceiiut* the Police naxettf'. 
soma palms in the moonlicht. n RuFHinn 
woJf hound, n mnrhle bnthma p""' " fl d a 
finek nf servontji in livery was aristocracy, 
nnd from uneh inapiratlons the American 
people were siren the niet'irrs of high life 
in w-n-irty which delitht them. 

Life !■ nnt nn slmnV In the present 
"mam nf Dtnuville which Miss Nnnnand 
Es enioying. As ** merr incident nf n 
Ttich*'s plnv a inn-tor fotind HiOOOfl in a 
bundle UM<ler one of the tables. Seme 
nne. to whem it wns nf no pnrTle>ilnr eon- 
seourner. had drnpned It. T-.iidirn have 
vf-nrl RtrinnH per long they .*tep on them. 
The Crcwn Prince of ftnnmnuln ROE BO 
wniind up in the ranjto thnt his ebspcrbn 
hud to send him hnme. Mabel prnbshlv 
is culling oi-i or more of the kings "old 
de"r" er "old bean." 

It In nil a dasslfl <>f white -hmitders. 
jewels, mid. wiwe. <nme coke, the snUent 
"remnants- of rnyalrr. American million- 
aire" iipd the mixt hr""til"l <")d pdren- 
tejrons of the Wer woriiL It in the rlsas 
iim! Msbel will see how Insufficient have 
h»en the cffoH* of American mnvlea to 
AinTiean c-wipTe feel pletnrea of 
stpp*. when It is Btepping high 
and wide. 

MoMen PIctnre Editor The Morntor Tela- 
gnph: * , 

It- la noaslhla there Is patent protection 
for some part of tfas mechanlam whereby 
motion pletnrea are msde, aran la tbt< *ji- 
tem attributed to Mr. Earic. 

For what wa kaaw otherwl*a ghsj klatl 
uf artifieisi i! fi ht Baed might b P something 
dUTercnt Then sgaln ortbochromaUa 
lilras Of B parUculcr dexree of MasltlTe- : 
neis could be excoaed. Theio Ihlnta sra 
paten tab Is—a rs they not? 

True eaangb, paJntina' and pteteumpby 
> are old, bnt th« nMcbaalcs of tha arts are 
liable to constant lmproveaiaDL Maybe ifr. 
Earfe Jafrlnjjerl iotmi h|n K c f tb a kl2ll 
Fosalbly It would be better tn wait until 
Sir. Dawn's claims are publEil.e4 before 
paaslag Judgment, N 

it msr be'InstrnctlTe to compare "The 

Rubalyit" with other pictures. 'When fa 

tl» fltm tc be shown and wnerel h ' 

Yousa very trulj, 

Charles Hulir. 

A3" ovnce OF PBETTraTIOW. 

Miuiofl piastre Editor, The Uornlog X«l«- 
rrspn : 

Csoon Cbsie st least has ths merit of 
comlitcncyT In 1000 I was pi-ceeot it «, 
meeUng la the City Hsll aelrj for the pur- 
pose of trylag to induce tbe cMc -ninhor- 
Itici lo "^"upllft" the motion lilctorc. The 
revcrepd. seutlenuiii plended tor what lo 
Is pleading Bow. s-ls.. avoidance of naity 
thctnej and a meemty eenijilct of die butt- 
ons. Dudley Field Maioae sUo «poke to 

Plaster Csitand Ml. 

Bercral days. 

" 'SL-rry,' said the boy politely hut firm- 
]jf. 'I borrowed It from tbe .church, .nnd 
they are goiug to have a wedding to-night 
ana they tnr^un carpet/ 

"•After that Upis-wlo we irew used to 
haviuE' proncrtleu disappear," laughed 
Miss Greeley. -"One ol the most distress- 
ing incidents was the loss" of the one 
straltjacket HourJem posseaaeil. Tho 
vIllRja liiTiiicie grAvv violent one day and 
they onme and took back our strait- 
jactet to restrain him, and we were held 
up until he waif normal again." 

The Hollandia Company, makers of 
"11 a ! I Dog Drtuniaorid, 1 ' sunt the company 
to London when thry toolt' the exterior 
scenes' of the play which is set In nn Eng- 
lish focale, Kuglnrnl and Holland were 
the only countries Miss iJrceley visited 
and she went to AuMtcrrldtn. only a few 
boors from Paris., Think nf hefn| that 
near to Paris nnd not going; there I 
^, "I- vms ao sick." she said, "I didn't 
feel" like (hjlne. anything or golnff any 
Blace, hut I ,? expect w jn to Bntop* in |hc 
l-irll and ■visit slf the' plapn I didn't visit 
thur Sitmmerr' 

(rpon ray ijuestinn as to whether ahc 
rorpsjcted to *ntr^ute.woOd,e_B shoes liere 
Miss Oreeley said she lias no objection 
to wooden ihoeii " excepting they are tho 
crcateat sleep prevctttenrcvet mnde. Thej 
start clattering ander the window on the 
eobhlestonea aout ." in thn umniiup she, 
aaidl, nnd clatter, clatter oil dor until the' 
wee stta' hours of the morn. I defy any 
on* to alttpViris that nolsa." So I do sot' 

Ho Hats uS tho twelve most beautiful 
women In 'America .Theda Bars, "O&u- 
Btance Binary, Cmismiice Serine tc."Mar- 
.iorle Daw. Dlsio Kerguson, Lillian Oixh. 
Corintie GriQith. Elaine TJamoierstein, 
Mae Mnrray.'otflrv Piekford. Norma *Tnl- 
mndge and -Alice, Terry. David is both.' 
,ng if not partiol^o- th" scn-?P.- 

ita JVe<v> 10 Tier. 

Mao Murray had the surprise of her 
Ufa to Icnm nop was in Weatport, i"r.. 
M'.'k in a tfanltarium. Aside from occa- 
slHial trips: to and from Gmit" Keck, 
sbo has remained right (n Manhnttan for 
Ihe past few months working en her 
picture. Mbc and Bobcrt Lcnnard, her 
director hushand T arc nifiklne; pinna to' go 
to the Coast next week where "Coroart- 
tfon.," her nest picture, will he prndnced, 
The*pnrchaae nf "The French Doll," a 
French play, will nice her aa i a teres tin ff 
vchfcle b> follow "Cnrnnation." 

(ifltiiiic n Sarotrfee'. 

A tall ait-footoc walked Info this office 
last Week with a -motion picture no- 
linutlcemerrt. Tin naked ma lo' Took at 
lilm n>Hl seo if I did not rec«jin.iite. hfm. 
It spoke Very badlf Tor tttf memory for 
ijuv.-i when I failed to recoBTitBe the 
mi^chievou-i'smsll boy who lived near ma 
Ea a Middle Western town, and whose, 
mother was a life-long friend of my 
mother. Ho-ia Bruce Mltche.1 and he la 
here as the managtug director nt a motion 
pietura company. Curiouj haw EUBJ 

Jt seeuw lo me some one said Trrrfe 
rqstV would be a feainrn at. the opening 
Of "Klini ShonWers" at tbe Capitol ih.f 
evetlirijr. Miss Coatle. who ri-cently broke 
a collar hone and bad nil sorts of paitt' 
fiii injuries -tfhen s.he fell from her homo, 
will he in nttrndanre.ia — 0. not an er- 
mine coat, hut ft plaster east. Ireno 
is nothing if not n good sport. 

Where, Oh Wltwf 

Has anybody here seen llodoloh? 
There ore jaTMeJ people who would liko 
to know. In fact, one miuht sfty without 
fear of truthful eon trail! ctlon. there nre 
fully ]GJ> eag':r nnd interertcd friends, ac 
qu^intances, fldmirers, and other" folk not 
In that category, who would give an Ice 
ereatu soda to any one who would locate 
the bandsomo Badolph. We wish to <of 
we have no knowledge, of hia whera- 
aboata. Our telephone has dona, a Cood 
boalncas thl$ week on the Valentino dls- 

M*Llnc HaiDsad JIappr. 

All motion picture actors should have 
a wife like Gloria Hope. She bought 
her husband a new BuieJc roadster, ac- 
■eordiiis: tri the latest Information, and 
now (he family Is happy. .Her husband 
Is Lloyd Hughes, and bo rlsea to say aba 
bought tho car for fa'etMh*. All ho did 
vm to teach" her to 

- Creellnar Mat:* Under. 

In Paris. MJuLIndecls looked upoa 
as the screen bero «f the nuticn. He 
was one of the tirnt Pathe players and 
he hui-t up a foilowwg In the early 
days In the hearts of the French that 
no comedian has even bean "able to equal. 
When he returned to Fsria ho whs tho 
guest of honor nt a dinner given him by 
the city. Spsatini; of Max, his "Tha 
Three Must-Get-Tbereo"* is one of tho 
moot amusing satires ever Been on the 
screen; It is an exact duplicate of Doug's" 
picture and funny enough to make a 
wooden itni^e laugh, - ... ' 

TatcnsttiijK asid Perhens Tie*. 

'For aoveral weeks the rumor of an 
addition in the Richard Bart tic! in ess fam-- 
iiy haa been of. interest to the-fiieodj of 
the young couple. Mn. Barthelnieas or 
Mary Hay as she Is known on the screen 
has been visiting her parents in Osliko'nh, 
maL while-Dick has been array on lo-- 
CBtion. In thla world of motion picture 
murders and scandals an Huaouncctuent 
like tha above is interesting and pleas- 

-'. If It iBtesstata Von. . 

: Gh. tirlsl- Tben'iT-a new screen jdol = 
in fight. HEa niiBie is -Walter Emerson.: 
nnd he's .mod lookint. He' has recently 
ahandoned a auccessfnl career on tha' 
speaking k: age to embrace certain prof* 
fexod oppor turn' ties in the aiicrit dramh 
and! he will make bla debnt on tho screen' 
rlririnK the Autumn in support, of Henry 
B. Walthall in a bf« Wfillam Fox spe- 
cial production. In whirl, ho has the sec- 
oikl itapottnnt role. 'Incidentally, he's 
rich, owning; a lion's share of a lWfiOO- 
acre Montana.' ranch. ■ 



If you have nnlie to sitc, com- 
plaiats tn djaLs or ideas to air. 
rearfater them with tha Onlooker. 


i end. 

Anybody fain! liar wltb motion picture 
mi its in kno»s tbat bad the adrlce then 
gl fen Seen heeded evnsorslilp might bars 
trcei. svrned and msnj- scandals prevented. 

Tho responsibility i»\ ih e iiraient coa-' 
dlllon nf affairs clearly rests wltb a]. 
grasp of producers ■tfaa ramo Into power 
after 1009 aori deliberately went the llm|- 
ati scteen nl'tn. ' Me. liufs's spoiogetics on 
behalf at b|s empierers canuat ciplals 
sway blslorlesl records. 

I sec most of ih& "new crop" nf pic- 
ture*: aasuredlv they are less oftenslra 
ibun m.'! -v.- that p receded them. Deq 
Gratlai: Very truly yours, 

TliBDiss Bedding. 
L*0( TVen f;r.v,-.i'v ninlii HL, 

New lork City, Aug. 20, ffi£ 

al<'L!on rirtore Killtor The Morning Tete- 

J was very mueh Interested In ihu rdl- 
liirial cmonieot lo The Morning Telegraph 
Lib! Baaday chout the pests that Jasiot 
upun miking clutln^ n. musical number,' 1 
went to one of the Broadway tbc4lrca Igit 
Munriny to ■■-; n picture, anil pext to tna 
vat two meu nbo nnpaeently bud bad 
something tn do wlto (in? waVUiK vt tha 
festiire pfvaatUon. AU dnrlng tbe per- 
formanio not only iiii::e tbe picture waa, aut durlnfi the eaiinicat numbers 
as jrtd£ thiei two tUpcussed the ■■yillnm- 
busLana. Vfhnt mnkes mc i-eftsln tbat 
they bad n bam] In tbe produeMau „r tho 
mo*,* Is thnt they kept explaining tbe. plot 
wblca nenren knows Is not e-ksen'lai to an/ 
mntion picture. 

As yau ssy, this mniMenlag ti.iMi Is no 
longer con lined ro the clieapei- trada 
houses, tjiif (a becoming qalta s ieOmmaq 
oecurTenec In, the hetter thearres, and It 
clo»>- lecra. that some attempt fliight i(j ba 
mnile t« pmieet patrons from t&«ae nu|>- 
aacei. 1 notired tbe ellebi^e •Isnul In tho 
Oopitol to which you refer, and wtUla I 
don't njjTee rtjth you about having a alga 
at each side of tb« stage tthleh wnnid keep 
fl«sb1ng mil Jin-Inn the perrorniance--bp. 
cnane this, T think, would on almost aa 
great n illslractlon o B tbe peits themBelves 
—but I i!o tblnk (bat tbe nehers might no 
helpful In ualntalnloa sllrnec. Thera fs 
Qntblud more horrible than to have vast 
constam chst'er xolng on about yau whea 
joure trying to llslcu to the orchestra or 
follow tne Btary at s. film, 

",:-ji;-\, sincerely. 

Ifartaa Beoneld. 


Uotlon ricture K-Jll^, Tii.- viornlng Tel*- 1 


In tbe Onlookers Colnmn taat week I 

was latenmed In U,r. I*ele Smith's answer 

to my letter concerning Ifr. Nallan + a f«w 

worJs on the lUliJrrr of ■'.= .,. I :i.lj;,a nLctOrSS." 

I don't fllsagrfe wirh 31r. Nellan, beeaoBa 
In the past ft-w weeks Pro seen picture* 
list were distinctly of the "sqtiuge" tb- 
rlety, but because be said jo his stateuant 
that "aanisge" pletares were now a thing 
of the psil. Tbey may tre tu the future, 
but tbey ate rcmsiniy not now. Pot At 
least Its or six Tears l'fo ticea roadlag 
•glowloff reports about tbe fewer and better 
raoTles, No mote program pictures. Only 
tbe best, made from tbe beat materia] by 
iho best directors, etc., etc., elo. 

The point la my letter was tbat it 
seemed lo ut It might K> a goad Ides if 
Instead of talk Lac so much abbot tbe 
rUrnEnntLLrii of title Dims the producers 
scled npoii tbeir rariona threats. I wish 
I mi jt lit bo "on the ground'" there, aa-Mr. 
B-mith soggests. and im the xmii tajag-s 
tbat are belns; sccompllabed. But, Bines- I 
can't be. I'll take Us word for it tbat tbe 
Fait of ltf£ will mark tbe pissing of the 
"sausage," pictures And nur tbey rest In 

Pol lb tally, 

Marion Simpson. 

Kortbport, L..T. 

Motl-ji. Pletare Editor, The Horning; Tele- 
graph, j . 
For a long tl mo I've bees . wsnllasr to 
ask prodacers ther esatt definition of "nll- 
Btar." Rut nt last I see some ran who 
slgEis himself Ji w. has.bestea me to i:. 
U IS s _wctl-known fact, .of eoursD, that 
thi King's fiogUah Is conitstoally mur- 
dered In one belured- Industry, so we won't 
go Into'dstaLl In tbat line, Rut "all-it*r 
eaat" U tat niopt misused phrase of facia 
at). Time and time and time again I *ts 
plc^area advertised with a, company or ncsr 
pIBrhrs, "with the most seJntltlaUnir and 
radiant sll-starcast la tbe hiatory of th* 
mo-iles," kad Invariably the eonipjay Is 
made up of MnfamUisc namss. ,---'' 

"Wfcy do theT do tbla Who ttdQm 
think tbey .are fooling! Picture-go* 
aren:e snob nUmsXnJIs as to NUm tfci 
a cast Is tll-siar ilmpr/'beeanse U-Ib'j 
vertlsed. like tbat, Kvcn the cast which 
"BL W." elted «W being 1 a!J-»tar which la- 
cl<aded, Anita Stewart, Kafthlyn tWllliamr/ 
Hntilnji Ilamllion. Thorn** 8*nbcbl and * 
Thomas Holding doea not !«m .in me to 
te atl-atsr. Aalta Stewart It a a air, and 
I betters Thomas Ssntsehl apneirfnj aa tbe 
■tar in some short lyektsrn pictures, but 
when have toe ethers arte -heen starredf 

^L"hij- best mast ha>» iot to *"H. JV,"' seben 
be ratesKWary Piekford second to Katblyn 
Williams, Mary Pie Word Is at the .bead 
of her #!a»s— second to none, jn aplta Of ' 
the numerous efforts made to .Imitate her. 
There never wjll be aaather Mary Pick- 
ford, any imora than there win orer be a 
second* Cam to. But to crime, back to lbs) 
subject- of all-star run. My iden of It 
wen, Id be- a .company which Included: 'say, 
for fnJUnco, Mary Piekford, Douglas Fslr- 
nanaa, CTbsrlla CbaplLa, Elsie FergtisoB, 
William a. Hart and Harold UayA. 
Ton Pi Kerr irtUy, 

Greeaweo4-Lai* K, I* 

Ida .Butrsnun. 







PBA7FF wt *~ **> fi 


MATIN ep. TO-DAY AT 3.30. 


Lenore ULR i GasKIKI 

"lluhll i COOadr 
^Km. 1.1a AM TIHPS 


Ft, Efi I. II. 

M. UUnnn «•■ i.:cl, 

d J"*3LJH2K? %*9c£"lJ2. £•£ 


A play about wonai^nr wontn 

Wit!) Muftnl Lawrence 

"Tfe* b*U wwk si hit t*™»r."— Woria. 

Mg mmiin Hualul CtnMT 1st 







I YfFlIM w «i«UiSl. CrrBiori ■( l.M. 

1-1 KUR HU. To-dk; * ML. IM. 






JittUctri Y>>d. tivl 5il . I. H. 

"A Serpent's 

HOEOSCO »-»«■«■ TUEB., aEPT. 12 





W»rt « St. 

Eir! il Lit. 
Mm. Wid. 
A IaL, 3.H. 



W. 41 SL Er, t .:*. 

"r-c«- ytt. &u 

T.MC'Jf-.fl . 

Hnne«i CeBWiii, 



Fashion I'iDN.r.nd, 

I [ Irana Castla 

■■ §LlM SBOrLDEHl 
Capitol Grand Orcneiitra. 



Ei«. JJ.S*. Kill. Tid, 4SH..C:. So Klrh.r. 

4STH ST. K5. A 

"SCE*»lElr 1 ltl)- 

i Ha.ilM!B:lM;raH 

Mov« lb VauderblH Ttje-a. S>»i sion 


ItCCart 6 Bnfl[wfl H 
_. A Ere Bine At KiymlW. 
Ruielt * EltflQ. fcTirk* A WIUon. 
llll]«r A Bixtfjort. orl (F1 . 



and Superior "Vaudeville 



special rtriofinnnff ■*!■ »i ii A.M. 

SwaTaT a^^SSlf* SA-VHH- 

F*moo» Jtl»lra Orchnv*. 

few) <-an*j TBR HTMNTf HI.lCc 
_wa*w Hawj Bantf -sawl. r»el 

SI,OKW^B j-FUehMM-AWi*^ 7 
I A I t ll1 " 1 H»«t Peirr. 
Vm * 4Kb si ■ HARRY ROSE 

» A. H. la I; T M, ' A ^^D OtHBHS 

A LADE— -™ 

|D.r.K*Lth'a TED LEWIS A BUD, 

Y.imrda,' Wm A Jdi 
M»M<I, Harrr Klhqr, Mm 
B'-iy A il Et. i»i-«l S mql, W. A E, v. i!:. t . 

Ra.F.Kellf. MITTT dt Tltl.lTO, 

tvER8iDE*s, , : , i'? E 'w.;r.r"., 
» - «7*H»l. R, ivi!«., :: . :- r .j- s ... a ;:■.!(:,.. 


D.F.KsUh 1 " ONA JH'\<iiiv ^ CO 

o t n r r t " Ti « w *« ii ^p ^" ahm-f. 

U I II L L I JldkU CdOKnn In I*» 
B-»»j ft iiSiL TtnHfTEUy. "ThOtlllLlt/ 

i, [.». 



Rt flirt 3f" v ^f!"r- - 


Buindivay nnd Hn([ih A»^. 

Amateur* Brery wrOnrsday Xijriir 

l«i'nh> A Jtnniui'i "lVm Tana" 
Next Wrek -Youthtal i'«in*i" 


EocEent Bite's CUM While Trying to 

Get Cracker Sfce- TJropjed 

to Ground. 

A ha?* int attaclicd 4-7car-ot<] Belco 
R. Miller of 3180 TJalr avenue, ttw 
firom, jcaUrday wbile tie (illd *A» 
Tilsjin* otitsidc Broai Part. The ani- 
Inut Imri'jii its fpiip.i in Ibe cdfe of (t)^ 
Utile eW» <ock which had rolled Sown 
to aer ehoetorn, but wjis killed hft'^r-:- it 
wu abln to attempt n Ke«md biw. Work- 
Dien on a n&Brb? bufldjne, ftttr«oted to 
thft spot o/ the mcrEama of other vonarti 
and children jo tn« vkini? v. ran ovtsr with 
fthovclj and cIl:1i.;. and v.'i'.hin a i>w 
mlnntea killrd half a dated mor« of the 

Thc Fpot where the rata mada their a»- 
yieixanco wag on tb'« P»ly avennt side 
of the purk near East tS2nd etreeL 
B#nchfa ranged (iloiiE the outalde of an. 
Iron picket fpneo that Furrouttds the Pftrk 
Bra lilli-il dailr n-lth motli^rB and in:::--- 
who take their cliildrcn there foe on nir- 

A protest, it wea *ti\.A, would probably 
bo made ta the Health IJepurtracnt about 
the rui.-i ::; conetitutiii? u Ej:.-i::'..-." to' the 
health and safety -i pen^QK linos in the 
vicinity of the park. 


Detectires laaert Hegro' Polled 

Trigger of Leaded EevoJver, but 

It Tedlcd to Go Off. 

followiua- s. strUgflo in an unlighKd 
ltjihv:iy on the aeeond floor ni" a tene- 
ment In Weal 100th street during which, 
4cCT?nlinf to the pfllice, he tried twice to 
dLirharg£ a TcvoJver, Frank !.-■. Bestcr, 
a netm. of Wrat Sixty-second street, who 
Ufi he Ii a hutlec in the home of Sa- 
prctoo '.'niii-i Juatice Victor J. Dowlin?, 
wsa placed under arrest ehurned with at- 
tempted burglary aud vt^latlun of the 
Sullivan Iaw, 

Hester denies going to the tenement to 
commit a burgrlary. "1 Wrts just then 
to look lor a friend," he told die dcU>e- 
tivea »iheo finally duhJu<id, In eny 
event, he tri.-il the knoh of tha door of 
Antonio Grimandy on the fifth fioor of 
the bouse und the latter, hearing an 
order to open the door, went to the win- 
dow instead and blew bin police whistle. 
D*twtivoa J^tzjerald and Go-nrtnej of 
the Writ 100th street station met Hester 
In the daTktned huliwu.v nnil the latter, 
they saj- iv;\'-f clicked hie gun which was 
fully loaded, hut J fe>r aoine reason failed 
to go- off. before they finally overpowered 



Starts Work To-day on "The 
Bout," First of Hew Corpo- 
ration 1 ! Scries. 


CobM. 3.f*l Will Appear OpDo.ltc 

Pol. NeETt in "D«Ua binuiti."' 


■ ^j&wianiiiiiumrf* 



_ S»Wnt«MtHi.T(br. 





Two ('o«fh*. of HorkiTVAj Trailii 
Horn J If J N>Br blatlas. 

Two cars of an eight- traBaeoBcr train 
left the tiacka of the Long Island Rail- 
road just as it was entering the ntation 
at RockairAT Park Ittat night. 

The accident waa due to a defpcUre 
swlteh. The train wan ffoLng slowly 
and, iteeordLng to the otDcUifl, there wae 
little esceitement. The paiaeiijEera were 
allowed to leare the tr»in and walk to 
the atatlot.. 

Wllliama lllta Sa. 3A— -Tii Lend, 

(BT L'Dll«d N*»i W TJIi V&nlnf Telrnnpfi 1 

ST. LOUIS, Sept a— K*n Williams 
knocked Ilia tbirty-afrh home run of It* 
season In the tttmt with the Cleveland 
Indians: hero to-day. WSIJItme's clout 
makes him the home run lender of both 
major le&'fues* 

l'OL.1 N.vl.HI, 
Her ltr.\i prudacllua. <u Ue Dtade In 
A ■ lie- r Lea ivIJl ii-p a v*rsli»i of 
"Dilla Ddbba," hr HobirK IHcti- 

c-i.?i. COnrad -\:ii!(-i 1*111 1'ClV '■1>- 

I'K'.ln' trie atRr. 


ONE of the lirsi a! ihe nfim 1 - Labor 
Duy [irosnerlty hUirji>s emanates 
from the office of Tlio^xw Dima 
rtnd concern a a nin- produeini: CCun>Kt7 
that ha» heeU fni-inetf initJor the Invvn of 
iJe-lawnrc "fthn cojftt*! ^i" St^>,iKI0. To 
Etueli kuiillii Itna the moliua picture and 
of this new Thomas Ll. Ui.ion C »lM' -'M' 
j;rocre3!ird thnl uort, Bt*rta ar tttt; TiJ- 
1oeH Jitiiriids tn-day on ,J l"h<; tldfiisl," 
tirsE of a scries to ha marie tfjf tin 1 S«W 
corpora t Ion. 

Mr Ltijon. who is. one cf rlip most 
prolJk- writers of ltt:[iii]i in ftia erica to- 
day. Waa insj'Lrefl Kith the umbicious 
idea cl utilUin^ hid tvCTfttiv* mlr-ut to its 
fullest jtiteaH by milking iiicturc?: and 
writing plays ami norola sininliHuecnialy. 
He iniEJe»te>J thrc-; of hia :'r i=-:nj = — Wil- 
liam A. WbiW, Act^iii- S. Uniidrpr anti 
Oucar F. Grab— and they tuiv,- fiatscfd 
the company which wHH ci^loit thy work 
of Mr. Dikon. 

"The Beist,' 1 n Htcry ia which [Kjcho- 
snalyuu is the underlying ibnne. «ill be 
produced for rhit aiTceo with Mr. Dixon 
aa the difsttor, Miidcbn (.'hire, who 
played the leading role io the Llucolu 
cjcJc, and who hns appeared ie. a num- 
ber aE Uiiiii- h:ir!:i-'f Paramount pic- 
tures, bhs been rlioaru Hit -tha leading 
mirtiine role- Heleu \\"j.rt h)Js t'ac lead- 
ing charanur part, ami Robert EHJ*, th* 
chief male role. The other nLcmbrri of 
the C*at will be uutefe LilqWd in tliu near 

Mr. Itixan mail* arrang,cmfnts wJUi 
ooft g( ibe well-known jirodniern to pre- 
sent 'Tlio nta-it ,, und a play n llttkv.'atcr 
on. Lie proposes ■■':.-i:-. .-:.-: [be usual 
ordflr of thinga hy aivin^ ih.> public the 
picture fiat und foHowina h with the 
■tag? version. After it has keen seen 
on the utage and stjce*n he will Imiiig it 
out in hook form. 

Mr- Dison i-.-n-i yssMrrJay he would 
be aaluticd! to make npq picture a year. 
He CXpeeta to base all of ihem uh plyya 
and booka he has written na vrell as 
urigienl uifldrlal he pinny to write later. 

In ;.ir:i*^iii:: out thfl ' -i ! i"li i:!u- facto 

nf paycbo-finflijBia Mr. Dixon Img had 
tlie aid of Dr. David Ore Kdsou, author 
nf one of (he best-known tioohtt on jjuj- 
chalojry, who has giicu bis criticism 
of Mr. Dfxon'a effort, and helped him 
with runny mlufiblo suggestions. 

Exhibitor* and OpFr>t«H t'nltr. 

A joiat arbitration hosed of tbp teo- 
titiu plctnro exhibitor* represented in the 
Tbeatr** Ownern' Cbambtr of Commerce 
and the motion picture operators 1 union. 
Local 30*S, Ian been fornirit to e-ettlo oil 
Tuturo difficulties and nvoid nay thrcnt- 
ened Strike*. The hnnrd win i?oiisist 
of thrto exhibitors and three tincriiTors 
and in case or a tie b twutral iiartj 
will tie called In to makn tbp dt'i-^Lun. 
The bodtd will f[inctiun like the P, I. 
L, M. Boarda of Trade tbtptiKKr ml the 
country with- the exception iliac all de< 
eislomr will be final and both the op- 
eratora and exhibitors must it -.n- to 
aoMe by the findings of the Hrtiltratlen 
committee without aur hope cf appeo?. 

If an operator fallit to report foe duty 
through baring JmbiiH-rf tot) freely, or 
If .bo tears or damages n lilm *o that 
the exhibitor must pay the cost of re- 
pair, tbu case will be nettled t>> ilia com- 
mitter, which will see that the exhibitor 
collects if the rinding is In hiv faror. or 
if tho operator Ik held goilileaa the the- 
atre owner wHl be ctdled upon to settle 
the !■;.!- tf stems a practical way of 
iivi'ldtnjt ntrikee, which are nlwaja cost- 
ly things to all concerned, and too much 
cABnot be aaid in favor of the men who 
hnv« the wisdom to take this bread point 
of viftw. RhLc-b and regulations arc now 
bc^os (Jrawn up and tbo new board .-.-il: 
be ia operation before another month 
has '. p;ir- 1" >! . 

WAT Nat SrlriU for Vonraelff 

Ererr reader of American history 
kaowa tbc above scntuncnt was ex- 
pressed by PrlscLHn when John A ! -A --■■:. 
"n.iii" to plead the case of liis friend, 
MLJea fitandlsb. Thoao lines and th« 
marriage of John and Tri^ciila have 
formed tbo haokaToimd for many poems 
and love, stories, (ho nwtft a o tabic of 
these being the one written by Henry 
M'adairortb Longfellow. 'S ■■:■-. the old, 
old story, with its wealth of biatorictl 
details, will be made into n motion pic 
tare by C^fl'lea \Lm.v, who plan^ In hav.i 
tliis tho moat ellhorata picture tie baa 
ever uiadtf. It will Include a. study at 


Tut, Made, OcMi-j tea Cnr iAUSb*. 
Iho World's Greatest Laather Storm 

*<U 1 mil Arc. N«w York. «U MrPii.Ui nj 
IIli^iIIl — Hi V-"-c-ll<llill Mlrrl 
I-oaden *3 Ji+ftfil U4r*«I 

Hla Sam.* !■ Adolpb. 

William Brandt inn beea buying gin- 
ger ale nil day, II- \t ataudtng treat 
aa a result of the brand new .wxnitjitor 
that arrived at his house Late ThtirB- 
day nL.ii. This toakes ULinabcF fi>ur — 
a ijnartetle in the Hrondt InmLly — but 
Bill tam the uewc^t baby In n tun-u 
exhibitor: hfl hits, already yelled loitucr 
sb.Lij ull ;],■■ nthcr liu.-i' put together. 
The niiTuc of the vouug njan ts Adolph. 
Wo .UAiieet h. j..; nntued Tot AdolpU 
y,ii;.r.r, wjflm Bill ].,-!].■ ■■■•■■. Ja the great-' 
tst urodneer \a thi; cuntitry. Anyway;" 
Dill Bays h<- hop** Uo will grow np to 
bo as good .i business man aa Adulpu 

In our city, trying; not to sny fliiug.. 
apaiiiHt the heat, i> Ucorge Klelne. lie 
stopped ovi-r in ltoch^ater to aoa hitt old 
friend (jrBflfgfl I-^i-.::,it:!!i and bt^tamoug 
Lhortc present ivbeu the Ihvutrc upenerj 
irH doors, llf is in Sew 1'ork now on 
tjijsmws, He aayu be dyes not expect 
to produce iiuy more pictures, but cue 
csLk never trli w<Ma tbo Urge will eowe, 
especially jtttiT oni! liH:, made such con- 
tritiutioua u? ■ Wnihcruy end Cleopatra" 
*u[] -Qmo Vndiw" tn the urt y i the 
clnemn, Uuriiik: Lhc wa r Mr. lvlcine 
bald hiH mottvu picture aiudio in Turin, 
w|; uio^L -.'J [:!■■-■-- ItuLlan ut'ectacieJ 
were filmed. Lmt Lucre are other stuuua 
and wise tutu ehunge their mtuda, rtioid 

I I If: 


The Bustfiti ilir-mru uwnerd as aell na 
the othir .M^sanclmjutts aiid New llttaip- 
ahire showmen, hnv-c postponed llicir eofl- 
ij'titloii iu S<-]iiemlier VA. Tn-duy and 
li'--"; ■■■■'.■•.■Au:a':\\. ■■■.'*. iu the date, unil inua- 
ihiu'li ua tome of u«ir umst wnicstfn! 
nici-tiiis-s have been field during ihu hot 
wcftiher — ilii.i utl^lit bsya bceii mi hu- 
BrwpCiutt time. Lluwevcr, the fiata in the 
JStH, und Sjdney S, L'oheu and SI. J. 
U'Tiiolu arc slnted: fur a ptrrouiil [ipi' 

To Atrpe*r 

the Capitol. 

The t'unitrjl Thenirc iu Eietroil, than 
which there are lew finer in the country, 
will iilny "The Light in the Dark" next, Hope LlaDiptou, who has made ap- 
ln- iLra;ticfcs in many tlientrcx rh roughuu i 
the couiitr? so the <-redii of the box 
offiera, liiin brcn invited to uttcud tho 
qjxdiuc jiiTfcrmnncc- &k$ Iihm aecepted 
and will go to the Michigan eCly next 
w&b as the {u«[ at the managrnirul. 

Nan«| In Negtrl l'lc-mrr. 

To t'onrad Nogfl baa fullni the role 
nf Nigel, iho Q-nsuf^erting husbuiid of 
thi> fituciiifltdij; Mrs. Chepstgw, to Ftobert 
HichVnJrS novel, "Hellfi l>onnn." Mr. 
Nngi-1 will olay ipTK^ife Poln Negri, who 
it coming to Tlii& rountry ti> star in a 
aeries of pictures to t>e tiinde by Fatnnns 
Pla»ers-Lfisk5 j . At Ibn lime the Sbfal 
nnTjoimccment came forth from J eve 
Ixtaky's ofhee be also made it known .chat 
Eftty' fompfi^n's next picture " Will he 
The Whin flower." written especially 
for her by Jlr*. Julia Crawforo Ivera. 
Aenther annrniticcBii-nt of interest in thrt 
liurch nac of The. <"nvcrcd WagotL," by 
timers tin II j tin is for IVallaco Hold. Jaincs 
^ruw will dfrert Mr. Reid nntt J"acli Cua- 
ningham is now dolag the cyEtinuity flf 
the story. 

Unexpected Ct>mphc«(l«ni. 

Unexpected cornpIicBtions IS the 
"Madame Bans liene" motion Picture. 
nUuinc-d for release by the Producers' 
BeegriU. haye srl^en. Thi film is a for- 
eign one. hougtit and brought here by 
Anbmr Kvnncdy and retltlr-d ' and 
chunked by Margaret Mayo. Now comes 
the dy In the ointment- Knthedne Kid- 
der ciaimn that the American right* to 
the play belonC 16 hft. and it looks ea Jf 
there is trouble nTicsil. 

Pro«o*rlty ?fo(e. 

There cOtneu to thw desk th* an- 
nouncement tho( th* United F-'eticralion 
Servh-e of to* State of Delaware h *u- 
Iborixcd to citgnge in the dim btrainnta. 
The napitjil ia KM0.t>X>. and J. A. Nel- 
naa ot 7LI) Flf lb uvetitie in r>e rrnre»enl- 
ative. The n«to waw left on thia drffc, 
and wft.are Inclined in beltpTf the fifth 
should read Sev^uth. fjecatise that ,1 (be 
film market of the world. 

In Roc-beater. 

Irene raslle gafe tnp people rtf H.r>cli- 
esjtAt a thrill ou Lnlur Day that tii.-v 
will not scron fr-rgei. fihr appeared at 
the horse show in all lirr glory with bee 
srm in a fliofr, and provetl what p goorl 
sport tthc is by cot leuing a little thlna 
like a broken collarbone keep Jicr away 
from Aiieli an Important erent. She re- 
gretted ah*: niB unablir to ride, but prom- 
ised to be on hand (or the ue*! show. 

Da Her lVny W+if. 

Lepring on the Century to-day is 3Ine 
Murray and Robert Leonard. Tboy ate 
enroute to Califumi-. «ncre -Corona, 
tlon," MUs Murrey's; next pirture, will 
be made. They promise not to stay 
away from Broad ft'nj- too long. 

Bnek to thr Citr- 

Joseph JcfTcrson O'Neill, acting as s. 
lepresentative for the Will H. Hays of- 
Hh, traveletf to itnefimitTr to bx preaenr 
ot the opening of iho EWHOJS Tbefttre. 
Ba made his Uttlc apeadb to Mr. lf!aat- 
man, attended the performance at the 
thoalm and came horac the Jieatdsy. Mr. 
O'Neill says Roahratcr is s great cttv — 
hut, of rauFiif. there ia only one New 
Tork. Being & former newspaper man, 
It'a possible he ia prejudiced. 

Atn Boy. Harold ; 

While New York di trying to forget 
the unwelcome beat, Joseph Plnnkett Is 
ntlng it as a sure prooT it never Jnter- 
rerea with the patronage of a good pic- 
ture. That Us why he is holding 
■Grandma's Boy," Harold Lloyd"* first 
five-reeL comedy, over for a second week. 
It stays at the Strand for another week 
and Arthur Kane doesn't give a darn 
who kitowa it. * 

"neb ] k Fsmr. 

Vitagraph Ca bringing bark an Earla 
Williams picture U which Itmlolph Val- 
entino hu the role at tho villain. R... 
dolph ta getting a larcc share of the pub- 
licity and pvohably when the picture Is 
•jhonn the X'atenti&o fans will nnoist tho 
theatre owners in breaking records. One 
never can toll abont tbc feminine mind. 
It's U changeable as an April day. 

A t>lne i>r Tit.,. 

Spesking of strikes. A train on which 
We retamed home on Tuesday night 
holda tbo. record". It took seven honra to 
reach I$ew York from Albouy. And 
there wero , no casualties beyond a 
loAt temuer. ' C3attlng in Kew York in 
the night, wlvo one plap$ to be home to 
dinner, may ,ia * aubject for a drama, 
but we do no- recommend it aa comedy 



Offering- of Hew Hntnal Bnrfeiqrjo 

Ciycnit Much Enjoyed by 14th 

Street Audiences. 


C&lcf -: " in r ;1 Inn In « T-.r.*v PrOTld.CS 

TbrtltlDK Nunlbrn — Jnv«Alla' 

Leonard n^scnibleB VsilCBllno. 

By "TWO," 

The new Hqtirtl Circuit of Burlcanuc 

mede it* ■inlini here this week via Ihe 

Olynlpk T^lifalre inn! tn Mo* Mc.-wtnir'a- 

peppery I'vpiwr Pots fell tho honor tit 

ursi «* tbc otifjRlilg attraction. 

Then, loo. ir Kepper 1'ota, nnll.v a 
Sfl1iatBCii>ry und iuti-rentinc rnicrtaLn- 
metit for the inosi, >n tlie forerunner of 
what the MniuiiN an- 10 servo tbc re*E 

toe bi'ii eon. Olympic pnlrona can '■<'■■':• 
'rrrnrd to many we*k* of keen enjoy. 
ment down mi 1'vt Fi.nrl'euth street. 

McnaiTift'n iiffrr'niE. k'niitne nf the reg- 
ular scbetluled wheel ana* not ovine; 
rcudy oti tiini". is Taheled "Sniiies nnd 
K.iaae*," but wliatx n little thing like 
a mere nain" i<- Ulyiiiclr cuxtoBatn? 

The mttjor rfinn 1 01 the roiwdy fulls 
tn thr; Int nf QHarles IJoidr*. on nem- 
hBtip-P«'enfric- ruiinvnlii'r win Ifl destined 
to heconit! i>nc nf hiirk*rf:i)' * fnnirc grcntl 
|ir'ivi<|ri| In- fltWR no] Inw nny nf the 
many trieks cf b5s an bjp ilisplnyeil rlur- 
iitg Tui'sdriy evppiag'n prtfbrinaUfBO. 

A conipi-teihi oin'OM'i' criioediim, nlso 
funny in hi* r f ttn hOPUli-er 'ccentrii' way 
'- Ptarlw -nrJ" Mnrshflll, wftste 00* 
1 1 trie teulr is a Urt -i aferessivpnr^-' 
in speech anil innnnrr. 

Hurry KcHer in an uldMtnw htruiclit. 
nlwayn reliable in n cnfB*tiHnq -fretlins e.i 

Jack Leonard 'lora nli.-rnuif rfraighl 

■"■I in ■- juvenile role uml in apiiear 
BflCP bean 11 ntmw ffw robin am hi Rn 
dotpli Vnlcntinii. .l.itrL lIimlikIi hsta a hei 
tcr fcJneHng voice thnn Rodidnb. 

Ih'rtha Drlmntite in n iwiti.'.fni-triry 
nr ; inn darrpa With n ptionoH wed wri<ne- 
nlily and intelliirlbir' diptinn. Shi ftl-s 
'•"t- pretty Re*flsi Wiluont any re.mi t» 

MicV ilrluli! atiil Sorlnllilr 

1'eggy titay, bright) laooiahlc and ngrr-e- 
nblc, posae^snes fiirtliermore all il"> iiiml 
but uui tlie dnaciug giuiliticntioiH necea- 
sury for a per wui. *(ju- 

Hue LefiiiBe ia tae ingemie-soubreitf. 
Itl^n endowed vial: fftr-pcaehUifi VocaJ 
rwoniincc. In fact, icry far for uki- wa 
diminutive. , 

A co'mcly chorus ••( aixterd tHM '" r 
its energetic paLcmafeerr*. L"ortitli> Una- | 
sL-ll mitl Collceu Day, ijuite Induatrlaun f 
vrnrjieti iu th-e frotsL line. 

Tho Kbcjw* beginx villi Ijconanl Jelling | 
about the -'no jd thi agt i n the s|io>* in ^ 
song, but witii the liljiupic't orch antra 
ulniust boating him iu it in e:i\Rlup]ug 
bis voice in melody. 

Bit Uhe has Ktoler, n rtfr>rnier, cm-, 
ploying ilia l. ,.;;:, :i.L' 

W ¥ Formerly A_, T. SteieaTt 

Store hours now 9 to 5.30 

Jircudirap at .Vints BU TrU-ph'- ,-■_■- ]*,<}') $- % ':;■,;■, ■-.;;-.: 

Women's Fashion Salon features 

Brown Cloth Frocks 
$39.50 to $135 

Smart shades of this smartest of colors in frocks which 
show every Hew* potnl of fashion adaptable to cloth. 

—soft line kasha frocks with bronze thread embroidery; 

— the new flat back silhouette in kasha cloth (some- 
times combined with crepe) ; ■ 

— coat frocks of twill; 

—fine silk braid or embroidery on trottem twill frocks; 

— vctdyne frocks, too, for the velvety textures arc: 
much in demand. 

Second Floor, Old BuLldiqs- 





Comedy Adapted by Thomas Beer 

From the Italian le Presented 

by Brock Penihertun. 





"Th* Ship Btauiifwtf 

Sails September 13th 

disco vtr iiuy peil'uly an the part of 
liertUu. hi s wife. Ilcf'irc the detecHJi* 
cuti fcteflt, hosnevw, ther« i« urectpltaied 
a domestic wrangle omit the hnifior To rbh.- 
nectioa is tlivcrted to th* httHineis of the 
"ilrieclivi's" ii'tiiiiviug and rcstor^K tLe 
huu^hfld luniiture uncording to the vai-y- 
inp; montla of Harry and hit bc.tter awvea- 
ci^litlL!". Hit Tffu Iimk Mii^hall, biind- 
fuliipil a&d in frumli; go Lie, in -u Jiuhinu- 
Lseil verniaii of medial telepathy with 
Lconiird, out front, testing Miir a hall'a 
powers with articles owned by the h[we- 
tiitori, ~J!o* to gcL ii fltrt. i^ n|it!y 
illustiriitEil by Kfler, UftUle mid MUe ■ 
Day. In BOBtintMStiiyi lire audi inlirr 1'itJ" | 
na tiic ■relumed buaban.l" jtud ■111 I'iud , 

The moat liiliirions aail tH--.t in tlio en- ■ 
tire nil riurntn comefl in tin* second halt, 
when the cnmiwliann defy Keelr-r. tho 
limh or tl»> low. The inn^ie flower bit 
ia Marshritl'a inning h-r n funny uc«<ioti 
with BcrrliJi, the rscapi-d iniune |ia(ieal. 
The tinnle BertJtrh i« tbi? lamiUar "One- 
Rounil BlogBo" episode, where Marshall 
vanquislii's ins ■jiiin>neiltP- 

rruuu i>|irn tr> Jaaa. 

Leonard, bWed wilh h cultured teuor. 
open^ tlie specialty strli-n with on up- 
eeaiic selection HUUg in lialiun. His 
doling vocal effort -'311 .MMiniuy." watt 
nut uvi't tn a big hit. 

-Mtua Larnw delivered 'Vid.lihhe »aan- 
niv. " l>Hl!n t'uutfrr'ri sHcrtOT, s littl' 1 toa 
alijw. Her SL-»tc!i J^otig in hifoad di.ilci-: 
waa brtitr appru^intcd, 

L'hnrlie (Jo.tlir in IiEb fttfejeiic ilnn.o 
act eierutcd lpntd i. pins und mirniTiuuli.i 
wlthoiu quivering an cylneh. T^ey 
wiiiHi'il more cf l>nldi*'* nimble dhility, 
but Sir Chftrtes allowed thr- heaiy n\r 
pLium: to Milu-iilr iviihont a rpnent- 

A travesty on gfand onrra by the en- 
tire (.■om jmny nf princinS* mifeia Mrsa 
Dsltnotitoi wu enjoyed down io Lennard'a 
yodllnc aceomhli ? litueuta. 

An impnunptii i|imrtetlc cf males for A 
huso" Idea of a )hm orchestra eicitcil tho 
envy ut thf muticintia dnnn in the pit 
during their stay; but it waa whr-a 
tlcldi! 5 dnncCd lilnssetf out of his clothes 
"hnl the nurlir-ncn rensondeii wich vigor- 
ous hanJclnptiinr;. 

"Ruiiny Puy" proved tbc be*t of tho 
numbers iriflii* time half lircauite ot the 
■■■'k fu^liion Klw I.aensc led the girl.i 
through thai enlivening flirty, Hny'n 
■■CulifnriTirx" an'l "Suy It With Uamclng," 
also received a good hand. 

I'cggv Day 1 ' i-ontrlbinion 10 the ncni-f 1 
iurliulcd ■Diiieland." "■Btwueittfi Fool." 
"Anvpl Child." ■■Indiumi - ' un'l To-uiot- 
raw." all nre registering ono or mure 


Dcnhn DelmnntcV "Cry Orer lou'" 
ltiI "lrr.>"* Seng" pleased, im ilid Leon,* 
-'■- ->"<-i Ccminc Bnmc" and (Joldie and 
Marshnir* J, OI'l T&wn ETrill. " their cn- 
Irnn'-' 1 sfing. "fieri rain," bv all the rcu- 
pfr Tots, wm nn rrsbilcroting finnle prior 
to jnirrniianion. 




Plot Tt.kHnl " 


ill Luil Diritm 

ni A 

miidi rYawsrsst 



Ada elL* UJ'»»ni11l 

....nan csstaaai 

:.'■::'■ y.i\;*i ■■,■■• 

... Fz*a HbuM 

i \t :■;::.- ■■ .;- ■-•■ 

. H*mT Clriiitl 

Oiajinln Pl.jUlr Jn 

Ru»ill MarrfiHiE 

■■■;-== ;=.::::»:■ 

BsWara ;..'-L" 

DilUi. Willerd 

Mlk< Fh.m.n, Jr 

Li 1-1 1 Ml Mrs.* 

F-oILl. CsmmlUlaUrf 

Jciitfb H. Hn&v 

Ur Xtft* 

(.>n n recent trip thi? wonderful thip 
mad., the vfiyaj* f rijm SVW YORK 
tf I'LYMUVTli in tlie fi. K r time <>f 

5, \:i Norns. 


I'AHli Hi* if I. ]3 (i*t. A Nol". I 

14 U< 'HAHllliA I" Wrpl. 14 Or-t. LP Nor. fa 

Mi.'.NfiJ , . -- + sl. :■• Ocl. II S»t. a. 

I* Tonralnr . Hepi. 7 i**i.Jl l»(^. ; 
l.a Hoyd> fc«oi. n Oct. -il N't-*. I* 

I. a, l.ftfr.JiLc >ept. 10 Ort. II — «_. 

Hounilllsa S*pt.» OeLU l!-r ..~, 

!■■ llnurCon.lliill S*Jtt. 'IK Noi Z \trr 

l.«.f»>r:tp . . BrjU. SO It.t. W 

fJAIrmg-D .O't. 3 Nov. B 

K, T^-VlGo (ttpnln)— BOKbtUX 

Miaaara swfirt. 13 Oct. 13 No?, 21 



^_j , 


Joseph Morrison Is Sentenced to 

Thirty Days for Stealing 

Bottle Worth $1.75. 

Joseph Morrison, of West l--!iii 
street, who say« he i* A soeoiHn writee 
apd moving picture actor, was roDTicted 
Testcrday of ebopllftlo;. Id tbc Court of 
Special Session!? and watt aenteneed id 
thirty daya in the WorkaouB* by Jus- 
tices JaeatB J. Mclnerney. Danie] 1-'. 
Murphy and Joseph F. Moss. A.9aJatant 
DiatTiot Attorney Duniel Dlr^nto in- 
formed, the court that Morrison waa a 
retired army captnlo. who waa :n-:iv>- in 
the Liberty Loan drives here during the 

Morrison was charged with stealing- a 
bottle of perfume, mined at $LTff, en 
May 17, last, from a Forty-aecond street 
drug; atare. lie did not take (he aland, 
in bis owel behalf, but made on effort to 
nhow the JnsHciesi a number of letters 
from prominent morituj picture Plats, 
and he alio bad with Mm in roMrt nuto- 
grapberl photographs of picture stars. 

PEAftl WOTIfB*. 


"The Plot Thickens," a farcical 
remedy, prcaerited last ntajbt by llrock 
P^niherton at tha Booth Theatre, re- 
minda one B little of n Rolls Royc* 
haiiy completely surrouadias n Ford en- 
fine. Not that it rattles. It'a a nice 
little ena-Lne. It runs icry smoothly and 
reculatb'. not to say quietly fnr n Forrl. 
Lttit the works rtolly ere n&t bie enough 
for lh« car. 

Thoma* Eeer. kno»n fta a writer of 
saint very artistic abort atoriea. hsa 
adapted Mr. Fcrabefton'it firai offcrinR 
nr the acason from the HfiJtnn "Quello 
Cbe Jfcn T'Aspettf," by Luifi Ilarzini 
ami Arnaldo Fraccarpti. Broadly apeak- 
Ui£. it is well cast and well produced. 
And during (he flrM act One can not 
but admire the luxurious body of th£ 
i rhick. One forr^ta the engine until 
the not unpletiaant tickine of tho Ford 
inechnnletn hTincs it to mind. Rut the 
comedy, white it unquestionably baa l«o 
or ihTce excellent scenes nnd sevrral mo- 
ments of (rood farce, docs not move on 
readily. The valiant little Foril nulla it 
liirCrosh tbf firat net, and "then it begini 
to die. 

All of which is In aay [hat there is an 
Idea io "The riot Thickens"— an idea 
which would m:ike n rattlinr- g^od *ne- 
.!:■;[ fnrce. but which iL is hard to stretcb 
over three nets, ercn. thouzb they aro 
rather litnff. Adonh Duckworth Ls a 
bored nnd blane younr r:i:n: with too 
niiiL'h money. He gelH no thrill* out of 
life and takes eyen hla engagement to 
Claiidio Uupont. an nttmcttee Fr*nch- 
CinjirliiHi mina. With an air -cf enaui. 
Hy rhance Mr. Duckworth's Lona; Uload 
^n'tnic ia inTsded by the noted motion 
picture director. KenJBtiiin PUyfalr 
.l.ii-i'-, and bis rompauy. whn blandly 
1sk^ possession *hile tbey shoot somej 
Fecuea. Here i" a good bit of broad bur- 
lejifjue. It suddenly atrik*« Ouet worth 
that this ma-nutnetut-er of thrilW fcr the 

j Bcrccn could iiiiLiiijfin.unre thrills far him 
| — could surprise him, turtle biia, afcock 
I him. So it i 3 arranc/ed, and Adinls gtrca 
Mr. JoneH a lurjo eheck for hi* xervVeA, 
telliujt biuj (fi hp^ia ihe sumrifcing imme- 

Etnera then upon tlio sccno Mike Shte- 
h:iu und Sflfce Jimiiir, i-sbuhI croukrt, but 
none the ten i^nuinC desjierndoes. They 
-■!•":>- many Ihin^a in the house ant! 
when Duekwtirth cornea nii&n tfirhn rerl- 
!Mi!i!ei-L he H at first' surprised. Hut in 
a few momenta be realizes that tlicT ar* 
uuly creations of the imn£tun[|r> n of Mr. 
Junes and halps them ro lpn.d theniieh'ti 
up, urBi'iK them io dike, hll cftf, Th-i 
cornpllcarions eveutgally Involve hl<: 
fiancee, who ia Mao TOlrt-dd. tho Piilioe 
Conimifiiuiicr, who finally arreala Duck- 
ivurth, ntJ nli*-Bista who [hink him in- 
sane — In which iLia^nosis mnat . of the 
rcthcra joir. In the, third act the t^ipjr 
is atraigbtened out by tbc rt|ipenrance of 
Mf. .U.i:if.,"« aim private "thriilnr*,"" 

Ldwin Nicacdcr i-i otrrlleiir in [hfl tcie 
of Duckworth. Re my Carpcn. save fvt 
an accent Ibst ar rimea muffles h- r 
speeches, is wholly ilKlightfu). She ac t 
the rolr bcautirully and little sniootiijn ; 
In her line-> ftill mnko her on eitremel-" 
cbHrmluj: hrniinr- nr. may ,vrj sjj, th- 
Jonnoe Ene;irB typr. Dalln^ lVclfonl 
frivcH n brilliunt jierformancii aa Milfi) 
I Senior nrid Dwjcht Fry* i« jdw! aa his 
; light-fingfrcri but KiiB^eptibie ;-»u. 




Minsk y Brothers to Combine Britiil 

Style of Eatertai&nierit "With 

American in "BnrleBqne." 

After to-morrow night New Yorken 
roturninfj from London will no long*, 
have an eieuao to wonder why no osm 
haa dcae n tnusie ball nr^Rr.-ifti like tout' 
of the famoun ones in Enjjlandi groat 
Center, If Ihe Min^ky lirotbert H»e np to 
their prtmises ot tbr- OPrninp; of the Park 
Mnalc HaJI si t'nlumbLin Circle. 

Theae manscers utar: tha nesGon 
primed to gi*a "burleaiintB," and aftjrni 
tllst the "h" tnakea a difference. The)* 
mean to rh-vatc that style, of entertain- 
ment, which lirta n lot of devotees, into 
aomethlns that wil> combine the success- 
ful features if r-;ir English coniina with 
pointed Anir-rlcBn humor. 

The Park Theatre ban beea nifiwlT 
deeoratcd nnd tome chaises madia which 
adept it to its new uses. 



Will Play Road Shows Season 1922-23 




Everrbcdy knowt that Kanaas City is otus of th« leading and most profitabJo- 
<inc »nd two msht stands, in Amarica. 


Tha Grand has recently b**n r id fl Carwtsfd, new seats, etc. 
For open lima wire or wnt* 
E. S. BRIGHAM, B^eJsiauj; Rep^.entstiTo, . 
SOB Victor Bldgi. KaAtH City, Ma, 







Greenwich Village IRSs,* 




RFY- i<t(\n WM-SB at. iwdw uta 

"«l*t Ulrte nntdm>« all. upti-U- 

ll»kl-CT«» (h* nllil^at." — Tlidf 


COST ,, " e ** rttB ?r - £*■■- *' m '- 

Wallace K«JLier-MuTj Xnih 

■ I ltBdm*ftll MlHH. SfJKJ by HlHlTfl ailW t 

L YHFIfH w«i«^8t: E«aiir«ir.7»; 

t_ I UCUPII Mj:- Thtil-w A Thar*. !».- 

"3eor« Trtmt- ndiailr, axiea 

Stars Af llrr rtj-Ht." . -A-TLrjin. 




A pi* T akont iroBtn for « omen 

With M»r r «rtl Uwrrtcc 
■Tli» b«t mt »r h*r niw."~Titll. 






"A gBWtet— 1&*mmtna ■j>pliaH."-T«li| 


I Irene Cm tie 

' in 


HapUs! Grind I vtLcltrs. 



LITTLE *Mt « Bt Eimtan ■( I,fc 


; 'A Serpents 

ar * ■■■■■• • a . r»\g p wwkJ 




-'■■ '-■■;- A ULta EL 

"Rich Men's Wives" 

WIUi ][OTHc I'^trri 




Wml U 3*. 


ass i m 


W. <ISt. Et. *.w 

TtkQuMo cT 
U-ji1.'j[ C4m*fl!u. 


MOEOSCO J**** Tires., SEPT. IS 




48TH ST. ™ I V T -"'« = «r. e»i«. 

, *J ltM%T»-iiaiiiaw a lut ( t 


TIm. N,rl Mrm 


com*),. 'TARTNBn-a AOAW 


ll/AI |.6#*»r*M'ell«.F*Pr , 0n*1» 

VWAI Ar a /'.irDnMF.i rtdur* 

llll TO. HiL W Sfl OAV1ES 

SHARK ■*. 
rs'j- z. ft t--,. mm 

HAEOID ixotd 

■•i;f* mi kih ■■ nor. 

EpKliI KemlDi Tcr[BtmuiEii Ta-Taarttfrn ]I A. M. 


Vindtit. TJirtT !*.!»■«- Utr- 


Vint ft « B(. 


X. K. W>mt p , )-if.*:r,.j GUlin. 

I B J.K«lth'i OKA MTJNitON dt CO, 

' " "Tt« Wei* SPOL" AIlniD A 

llnn-n r : | f xardn, othan. 

■•]■*![ Sr, FfaDtaplly. "TROUp LE," 

ni llF-KrIHl'. 



EMPIRE TKL - «** d'^h. 

^■"■^■■^■^ TWICE I>AII. 1". 

nropriiiiT *nd RNlpb Ar*. 
Ainit*a.ra Ercrr WtdufiddT Mk!i( 

JurotiH A JtmiBii'i "Don Tbdi" 
7fe«t WMk n<«nttl FftlM**" 



J&moaa Contralto Is at Fier to 

See Her Son and Harried 

Daughter Off. 

Mm*- Ernestine SchniDi.DTi-Ht3iit 
COatFAlU, was at the United American 
Line ptrr .voFt4»rdii}- Co scr- off her un, 
G*otbb W. BeHumtun, anil h*c dawrt. 
t«r, Mxi. ChATloUfi Gro.r. and Lbclr 
families, who sailed on the Habsh, of 
llif IIsmbTirprAmiTiran IiinB for Hum- 
haig. )Imc. 8cJumaas-Heiak aald thtt 
i.):f firi-t canie to this cou&t^ on the 
RAmf) jblo iThlch n-u then the- German 
litiL-r J^cutathluid, G«orc« Schnruann 
:-ai'J thnt hu ivould visit aorergl riii'js in 
Germanr and th*n en to AuBtria, where 
he expecti to give l*ln to MT*ml r*la- 

Mfr. Heinrlcb Heine, -n-ifo of tha 
nrcaidcnL of tho AdomIcjih Dulty Cmttlo 
CoDlpaiDy, of, iaj[«l to nwist 
la the fldthtntatratfon of the cJiildren's 
relief lvnrk which i« being carried on 
la Germany irfth tbo tid of the Atneri- 
eim Bed Crotts. The Amorkan Djlry 
Cattle L'tiiuj'an.v has aireAdy >:c-n| *T« 
S,<000 cown, iv'.sich b«vo Ik-mi dl&IHbllted 
to Orpbaoa 1 homc-r-i and Im.spiluW-in Ger- 
suny. — 

Ludwic ftuhe, animal importer, went 
- to took over htocka of w-ilil anlmala 
abroad for uhipmest lo thUj country la 
tbo Spring, among whlcb ia a brtd, of 

aQtaT Maud* Unite, or Waterloo, Io*a r 
and MJm ETtlyn WlatApd, o[ EU' , ndaF< , 1 
North Dniota, nailed to etirdy En Munk-ji 
for tiro i-fjirs Em- the piano concert ataix 
■und*r Victor HclhM, 

The ehip look oiit 210 pasaenpers, 



Otto -L. Anerbacli Is Discharged 

After Being Accused of 


Otto L. Auerbach, 4S year* eld, of 
12T4 Pacific street. Brooklyn, was dia- 
charted yeaterdBy Id Totnba Court bj 
Magiitrmto S- Stanley Rtnaud. Allfrbach 
wa* arreatad AngTist 58 fln comiJlaiot of 
Frederick W. Hamben, prealdent or the 
Automatic Inierdna Corporation of ]&Jt 
^.'aaeau ntre*(, nn the charge of the lar- 
ceny of a certificate repreaentJtiff 150,000 
aharca of the cominotl stock, par value 
? Hi uf the MnltMbjcrt Vfailina- Machine 
Corporation about Auaiist IB l*(t. At the 
time <»f Aoerbach's aneac it vns report- 
ed that this stock wi* worth |100,000. 

AccokIIm t-5 the complaint Anrrbncn 
wan trenaurer of the ilniling Machine 
Corporation on AutDBt 14. and it ia 
claimed that on that day he ,.-r, rfr - 
m*Tfld aa treasnret and refuted to turo 
oror ihe certificate in qumtiaa ta TVU- 
ILaca Prtersen. his ancoeiiflor, as- trena- 
urir. Thfl Miaiatrito, after hcarlnc the 
evidence la the «•#$ Mid he heJicved 
that oo crime had been ooansltte^l. Tt 
was will iu court that a civil suit Is 




Grifflth'a Court Action on "Way 

Down East" Apparently Makes 

Thir-gs Safe. 


rh«r]» .at. na|tm and Ed*Tard 

imII F«itw »tt Imltiitnil' 
salaa and DiBtrl*»tlo* Co, 

I 7VA-57SBW**iF V.43/ , /uc.'A«^* 



_ ^Ifctt^Stlltwferk _ 

■Ml /Vi«U S/ dW^w.^ M 




Pfotecntor Ajmouncei That He 

Will Oppoie Any Firther 


Eltnore D. Dipt will be placed' on trial 
before Judge Robert 8. Johnstone in 
General Session* ■ September t& 0ier 
ia undrr indictment for grand lar- 
ceny. He was bead of the atock broker- 
ago cuncenj of R D. Dier >■ Co., i2 
New street, which failed lost February 
f«it I6 p 000 r 000, with aueu of Iras ihan 
two cent* on the dollar. Judge Jnhn- 
■ionc fiied the date for trial yeoterday, 
apd District Attorney Josh H. Banton. 
who waa in court, pnnouDced that hft 
wnold oppose any noBtponeinent. 

Dlaya cdae was oa the calendar, for 
fixing ■•.[ date vrv(, Ti ]uy. Qu thf itima 
calendar were caaee of Hatry J. £aw- 
r«irt and Harry Hecklein,, who were In- 
dicted with Die Both of them wcro 
uiera former nwiatanta. There it* aii- 
ICcn indictmenta agalim D>tr nnd lalw- 
rence and njeq against fieekleja. 

Judge Jlohpetonc' flzed the trials of 
Lawitnec and Recklein. for the some 
date, 3eptonjt*r 18. 


FILM lurarj; which ha* been so 
preralent In tbo OHeat It has 
hren'one of the moat serious prob- 
lems of the American him indus- 
try, haa ceceiTed iM death-blow, if an 
■Ttk-le published in the Japan Adsfrtlnet, 
Under thi (life* vl Anfurt IT, is true, 
fieorsc Mooter aenrts this clippins, whirh 
comments at jrirat lenslb on a recent de- 
cision in the Japworse court oa tbo cMl 
action brougtit hy David .Wark Griffilh 
to prevent tbe Jlicgal Bhowina of "'Way 
Down East." 
The Japan Advertiser says, in part: 
'The decisic-n establishes the precedent 
for invoking tbc urof-ctlon of the lav. 1 
relative to Lhr 'rights of author* in favcr^ 
ot the legal holder of copyri^his in Tor- 
<'!:;'i tilma ia Japan. j 

"Thr coilrl'w drciaion is heliered to set- 
tle once anil' for wf ft* queatioii of mrt- 
tion plrtnre copyright prolerfls?^, whith 
rince thr start of the. present actfch- nirt 
ativactef! (he attraflon of the Americiio 
ABibaMBadnr, tlie Vice Minister -l Jus- 
I ice and Iks Vice Minister of KowtfiH 


"TUe (-ii'il action wa* hr^ttght hy Um 
pliiintinr HRainst Mnnjirn f^udo. WeO CX 
Iiibirprl the 'dapCTl'.fiim at the Mpi»u- 
kan in Asabusa Park on lhi> night u? 
May A, tli.- ohjcrl of.lho auit bcitiE to 
r-Utain judicial nttirniniion of thr fafi 
th:it the [itbtN of flnlhorship In tlifi mo- 
tion pictiin — which in a more intetliriblo 
ivordine wotilrt bo 'cppjrisbf— bcluajtcd 
In the 1,'iuted ArtiaiK KarporatloD, phH 
to atb for a writ of it junction against 
Ibe unuutli.iriKod present utian ul rhe pic- 

"Final bearing in tbo action was helrl 
ia Civil Densrtroent Xo. 'Z af the Toti-i 
District t'uurt Ttieofltj, the United 
Artists t»eina; rppre«ented by Dr. 
Uiin'jiro Miyaokja nail fhe deftmlsnt br 
Mr. Ariliiijii Schlttiina, who when he ap- 
peared before ihc procurator admitted 
all facts relative to uo i»ureha*e and ei 
liihjtiou of the Miiped" film alle;rd bv 
tin* plaintiff, 

■The leiral ha«ls <jn which, the claim 
of the .plaintiff rcsteiE was Article 1 uf 
tbu i'oDTiniion ri- fi arrJinR the 
of loii.vrch: concluded U>tw#en Japan 
an^i fhe I'nitrd Hintp.T No».-eBi!brr i^ 
1000. or which Article 1 nravidee; 

"'The Bulijerti or rltir.cca of each of 
Ifie lira hii'h t-oncractiiig partiea shal[ 
■•njoy in the dominions of the other the 
nratertiuR of uopyrhjtht fa? ttieir votjte 
of llterntur,- and ort na we.. a « p__ott- 
ftrainta, against illcgsil rrproductiap, on 
the <«rme basis en which proiectiou is 
gmnted to the ^Kbjects or citizens of 
the other, subject, 'oowevrr, la tho pn> 
Tisicata nf Article I[ of tho ^rescnL icw- 
von tion.' 

"■Jo other words, the wo.-k of *r 
Arrtericao citivn in Japan und the wort 
of ii .'ji[i.'_ ].,-■-■ .author in the United 
Stat*., lneluding fterita of art and photn- 
^raph^. are reciprocally placed uii tiic 
name footing us the works of native 

CAnrrhei lo .Iskr KIl™. 

The ehun'hfs urp goins into the film 
producing busincw. if an arileie whlcL 
appenred in itm. t'-lir!*ciaa Dcrsid i$ cor-, 
rect. A cotUpanT accordmir to f.rshanj 
Pitttraoa, publisher of this magazine, 
has been forrard Uy the I'roteatant 
chnrcbe-, yf ihv country to produce and 
distribute The orguniintlon w\\l 
niivc unlimited capital, and Its purposa 
is tn provide clean tUni* for <-lpfln people. 
The new concern m ill operate nam -i- tttc 
Aim namiH or the thriNiinu lioraJd Motion 
Picinre Bureau. Although Will [f, Uays 
has only teen in the industry a .-run; 
riffht lit.t_i.Li -=. t_ie urticle annHjunces that 
he liim foiled ifj eu^perai" with ib<" 

The prodiicilons nre to br made ot thit 
Wurld studios in POrt 1-ee, where, llr. 
Pstternon 9*JA, * large KtafT at workers 
are already at work Living the pJan» 
for the first proilucEions, The bureau 
will have Its. bushes* ofBcea at 13U West 
ForI_.-*i_____ street. 

There arc IflftflOO to 3X1,000 Protest- 
ant rhnrcteH in tha coiin.O', 10,«>0 i>_ 
which arc eanipped with motion pietura 
tnucliiuea. Must of these are Idle because 
of lack of film. Mr. Pat tenon naya. 

"1 believe," he gocd on to sny. "in the 
neit five yean jou will t*& lUO.OUO 
ehurebei. -»]u!poi__| w-ith motion picture 
luactunea, and the audieneo will have- the 
same regard for the prniettjon niachiue 
they have for the urgSii. 

Harry I_erey i- prciittcnt of tbc new 
company, Arthur J rt tn ■ ■ .- , viOO ]>renlde_it. 
and Don Carlos Kills, hecrotary and 

i>J„nt(«T li^nnc, Jane MufhLn. 
To bo perfectly &nre "Bfu-Hur" will 
not Buffer En ite trnnslation from, the 
stage to the screei., A. 1.. _-_,rlauger hart 
epgaRCd Juno Mutbis to write the con- 
tinuity, collaborate on the production 
and edit tJc film when It i : 
produce* by Geldwyn Picture* Corpora- 
iLi.ui, Mr. JSrlangcr la studying oocb 
step, cftbe way in the production of 
J_«w WA_Iace*s famonii atory bo tlinL 
there will he no aftermath nf recretg 
nor any "It we had done thin" after the 
pictuiT i. completed. The engagement 
of June Miirhi.. proves that the firot 
tttep has been made ivith wisdom and 
care. Mlsa Mnl.ils has the reputation 
of helnif B n t-iport in fldajiting pjaya 
and storica, aa her work in "The Four 
Honemen of tho AnoealypRO." "Blood 
and Sand" Und "Hie Conquering Power'' 
haa proved. She will start work im»e- 
'dlatciy on "Ben-Hpr" and hold herself 
In FcarlincsB to accompany the playen 
to Palestine and Italy, where most of 
thr- exterior scenes will be photographed. 
The inlerlon will oc made at the Gold- 
wyn studios in Culler City. 

t)oj-" "The ._oi_inir-_." 
Tiie motion picture rights to "Tho 
Goldfish" have been, purchased by Jo- 
seph _?cheuck far Constnnca Talmadge. 
tt one is to believe a report tliat comea 
from a. highly authentic source. Miaa 
Tnlniadgc. acenmpanjed Jty her mother 
add Mr. and Mn. Bchenck, went to aee 
Marjorle Rambean In tabj eomedy and 
were eo delighted with iu poasibllitles 
•n n Te-ilcla for Constance ncgotiatiana 
were opened at one*. A* fl velilclo lor 
Miss lUmhoau, it has been nne of the 
motft successful plsvs of tho year; as a 
motion picture, it ahould have creat pos^ 
Blhilllica, If the satire (tnd bright lines 

i.i;.\tt.v MUjLER. 
| Nbe I, Iravlni- for tit^frnTillfl 
trhere ihr ivlLl (Abe (hn lradlna; 
! -nmlHlne rwlr tn A Jt-fen Lentil 

llLiK.ri; [inirlpiTlnn railed "J,o*l 
Id R HI.; C\ty." 


itiiont the nitl 


gayety theatre 



I'nlly ,nn.ppr_. r'U'lr fo 


. . .l.*Brir-.r! f-™-. Yt.-riL'i. - . LbiL EdlLln.} 


Jftv Pity From Prfl4ttOBf'* Own Pen 

Is Presented by Kim, With 

-IiUclyn Atbuckle in 3>ai. 


K+ti P r . mf in.ciT.4ra RicbRrd H-ar- 

"><<-. HouAlaa. WAod, JAiue* Br>4- 

harr. Jr., .n<i Danlet Davis. 

UlrlTfi Arfrurll» 

'■:■:'.■! !-..'■!" 

!>.'_(■■< wooa 

nialii D*tLi 

Iittn. HfllbiHT. J' 

Koairt Kmnnl 

T-ai-n C*jnn 

Wir;oT. r«skitr 

c.n Mi* on™- 

Hnpa Ssihrtliliu 

ludlll. 1V.--*'!I 

Thi DubaMi. ... 

Miriinl Nufin 

C4r«llDa CaipTiLBi* 

rmuimi ni-«-n(*i-t 


"Wild Oats Lnne," Uej*r» 'Rpoadbiirst 
calls his la***. euToJt. and "wtleT" ia cer- 
tainly thr word. Hut HUM and abr-tird 
by the rain which s*f*tj pnanleri to* 
exits nf the Broodhuri-i Theiitre, h<- swc. 
eccrted In ke^l'lni n Etwd sbare ol flmt- 
nighters in their sralu mrbugh tin- ihre« 
aeis last evening. Sntnr, iliouth. ntart 
forehanded, had tl.rlr ri!h_ir._. 

Mr". Broadhurrt attribute* lii« dowti- 
Toll to a casual ptrusnl lit lirrald [Sf*ft- 

mnnfs short StOTJ'. "Tlie (.inniblilif: 

CtilliliEiP." " on "' liD"" "K" 1" 'I'- Ked 
Book. The JtifO. appeals! Co lum pw much 
ho spr him -lotfn- ^^'Eh'vn.viiTiil tried 
mats n jiJj«,,v cut \?' 

B It 

'■■.Vild -Onls 

l^ane" in thr result. s.JtfrT 

;yc feet Mr. | 

One on .hr Aqu^linh. 

] If yd.1 Jo nut bcllerc mnn women get 
[ tbrir nun way in the uorW ycun will 
I not he intereeied in the faef Hint Hurir-y 
j Knnh'v i'irive.1 {ruin liaginnd >m thv 
l Aeiii-pinii in iijn-n it rei.clie* :\e« Vutk 

■ I: i !-!-.!■ to -ihiy. Mrs. KiiolCJ.. clir- 1 ivlin 

j wii» Hnnini Henley, eami* to New York 
< in June to remain until the first of Sep 
! fembfr. She hrouslit ,\\-i:;; n print of 
• "Ttfe Kobeniiim Girl", to place it on the 
L mnrVei and began immediately, by n 
[ series of lr-trem und rsblegrarat., tn .-u^- 
j gcHt to her husband tfin t he belter come 
. tn America. At tirat he wai. empbtuk 
in bin refusal, rtajinj; be iv»b niUL'b ("o 
huw. hiis "nnrH" jtrvn 1 fainter aim fuin- 
(**. uDIil the? could! ii"f be brsrd. nnd 
now he will be here io-d.*.y, and^UnsUia 
b. bappj because, beside serin?, hep hus- 
band, .«.!> h.E'i atjt _it-D war. 

.%r j,t Warner Edllnr. 

After hnving been rngafed ba a mem- 
brr of ^he publicity depnriment of the 
Warner Brothers Camp amy. Pearl Keat- 
ing proved sua" was -,'i- n uil ;in-' > tu Ula 
company, she wets pL*ymotcJ mid nnrt. 
edltnr nf I be sc^hario department. She 
brine? to tb.» daw pjsirlcii. not only a 
knowledge at the rrcn^c gained wMfa a 
member of the ClLurl"- h'rohxnnu L'nm- 
pnny, hut liktwi"i' u wtne ncvxpappr pa- 
pCriene*i. obtained on the tilrrbe. the 
Trareler, the Herald in Bortan sad 
other newspoperK. 

On R-r TVl-jr 1:.j.i:p. 

Europe having received the thr M) ot 
i;:-: life in The app^urnnre uf Mabel N'or- 
u.nnd at Deauvil!« nml other fsmDua 
plnces. the young lady is now _m her 
way home. She mailed yesterday on the 
Mojeeiic. and if she eate* to write her 
esperience she Mil have plenty to _■■;_. 
.Mabel nlways gets the mo^t mit of every 

Willi Ibe first snggestion of Pall in 
the ftlr everyone with .-, motion picLnre 
company tu caploit is eager to tell his 
Story, One of the modt interesting of 
thcsia new corapanjeH \r the nf/nfltidaMc 
Gnlca Corporstion. lieuikii by Chflrlc__ It. 
Bogcn. former gcnfrni mniinget of BWk- 
nick T and recently Ecnernl manager of 
dlstributio*. for ttnbcrwnn-Cnle. Aasn- 
ciated with hTm i.-. Edward Small, r>bo 
has guided the tferftqea uf many' of the 
motion plctt-re aLars an'] directors. The 
purpose of tlis net* evaegtfi is to prrtmote 
Mnd fin n nee jiroduetijn nnd to obtain 
disfrlbnUoll for tliC independent pro- 
ducer. Pew men in. the industry have 
the experience that Charles Raj-eni has 
gained in the responsible ims-iti'vns hs has 

%m T 1 1 With Mil- ic. 

"L?M in a Big City' i« a thriUlng 
enough title tn Intrigue the blase In- I 
term of nijr moat wcatieH thefltreroera. [ 
That in '-hi- title of tlir next. John Lowe.1 
ttussell production to be made at Glovers-. 
.5 llr. If ynu do n^L nrlfevr he is en- 
I i t E ^ 1 1 to choose such an old fashioned 
melodrama then you haven't hrard ntaut 
tho atteceja "Ten Nights in a Bar Boom - " 
mode throughout- tho country. l>e*ttA 
Milter has been ehtwen to play the role 
of the hsroine, and she lenvea for Gfov- 
ersville to begin work snme time next 
week. Mlaa Miller lien been seen in n 
number of Brondwoy produCtioii«. 

Choaslnc itae Dlrrrtnr. 

That anereatlc and youthful producer, 
Da*id Selzniel, has bin most buninrss- 
tikf air on these days. The reason la'hls 
hard work in making nil arrangements 
for ibe production of the first Tueda 
Earn production. UaviA baa hia eye on 
it director of international prominence 
and If the doal goes over — wcl., [cava It 
to David, he ib going to giro Myron a 
tact for family hnncirs. If hard wOrk 
meaai anything David Selanlck will have 
the'auccesa of the year, for be la upend- 
ing all his waking hours, and part of the 
time he should be alPoptngT makinjf his 
plans for hix debut as a motion picture 

HI* First AanoAnceinenl. 

Maurice Kaan, the. huetlia* new pre*a 
rep rei-in tatE tc of Al sjlchtman. proven be 
ll on the job by .-end inc. in n etory. Mr. 
Lichtman Je taking a party of motion 
P-Ctcre ttdltort to Pittshurg. Mr. Kiim, 
bflTing 'bad experience io the p*at Trltb 
these peraonal.y con ducted tours, takes 
hla typewriter fa hand to «v a word 
about the new excursion. By the way, 
we wish to congratulate Mr, Llchtman 
nn appointing Mr. Kann, who is one Of 
Ibe moat eticc-aretlc young; men Id th.r 

Mr, Kann says a party of film folic, 
including -Al Lichtnumii, Carroll H. Dun- 

Bentiment has h let In ni 
and the Weather Mau. 

"*WtM OntH Lane"' i. a aprt nf rftplera'g? 
of clyiTactcra and tlo ralio Alj,-rr irien. 
all milted lip. Thf r^j-ipe NF-en_« |n have 
hrcn takpTi from ri e.mknnnl.- -one evi- 
dently writien l>.v h woman ivhnap hurt- 
bond died of in Hi el.-* i ion— and (tie diib 
iiHin t hefn cooked enough. Tt is s^rt 
of hatf-haked. 

.Cast Ii n .;i,ri.iJ Qiif. 

Bj wny of SfinnrieR hlmeclf In some 
tnfhion Mr. Tlronilbur^i !n_» oisephlefl d 
nntly fair group of nctnrs tor his cost, 
end the majority ul thnii gives on indi 
■v i'Jn n I per Torn inner runt would have dnne 
juftlee tn ii hettrr piny. 

For instance. Maclyn Arbuckle **nn; 
gtejs manfully rhroneh n liresome rf>le fur 
rhtee mnrlnl , honrs witb'.ut hblrk^ng hi< 
re>prinsibilities once, atirj Morit-H L'niik'ey 
mutes lirr comflTinrcs en rhe desert sir. 
m t^i spt-ok. Fur the ntiine length (it time, 
■Nmgji-S Wood is ii'nnave villain, even to 
the morning remi-nnd .■■civ. hut. nnd .-snuv. 
llradhury, Jr.. delivers I-imaetf «f :■ chnr- 
tietcr bit that lit smusing. 

Kilns liar Oliver ii s dre- ! l Trisli mnid 
nnd .! ljHl'.'s Vs«»>elli plays n m-wlfiire c.li_!i 
.1 French necpnt that >-'f-r ■. up like an 
umnrvlln very ncccptnhly. FfcrOBfe 
i_::r!p. too, i,t"pr: out Li:.n the limelight in 
a pleasant rhnrHCteritsffou nf a smali 
town if net t<w tender toqiiett^. ond 
Wiehanl heroe* hi* WW aJ nver 
rhe stage fmra "tnrt tn finish. 

The reft of the t-sst comprtscn Danl*t 
JlnrtB. Unw«rcJ Nugent, Jolsti Ellin, 
.Tames .Trfferann, Thnmos (.unn. Hope 
Sutherland t-Amtlln Lynn. Mnrcorrt 
Sltaent. Edn von BtHSloW nnd PaoHtrt 
BreiHterit. Tln*y nil did thi he*t 1bey 
could, but nntbin,: short nf another play 
wouid baie nvaile/i. 

Ai ta the Story. 

The story, so far an one can n use ml do. 
1t without "the nld of tools, omcem* b 
pricsL who?e viDcierstandlng of iimblern 
and i- .-'-.''.:■, is «.uj&- ns Ktrat us lii- Icnfinl- 
ed$e of the liichFr estate. Indeed, he 
- 1 » l i ■ i - ■ :_ percentages in roulette, fluently, 
but is iinnhle In d^ ibe pryl>- 
lem in nlgehrn. 

It nec.1.-. his ni err. whom he hnh 
adopted, ir .he daughter of ,i >nilbird ivlio 
tuena up htiddenly and thteotpos tn icll 
her jtli nbnuf ber [.nrents^e unlesj. (he 
padre keeps hi" secret shout having been 
m jail :_..<: nil tbe reM nf it. Then there's 
a vonug w.inii-ii tb^ priest in trying to 
reoerm. snd she's looking a b&y she 
loVes nnd A'lu. rnn away Trnm her 
montbi. tiefiirv ihi- njirnin^ nf the play. 

Well, they're ni! !ii_r'ii,.1 up In a pile, 
nnd when the.y'rr. sorted out in the Last 
nc_ they (It perr*et|y The nuiale is 
fi'iiff'd. right triumphs alT> everybody ex- 
cept him who left hla umbrella nt borne 
la well pleated. 

Also, Mar 1 ;.-.. Arbuck-e made a speech 
at ihn end uf Fhe second act. 

ning of Prlxms, Lin Bonner of the- Al 
Lien .man Corporation and tho trade 
Piper editors leave fnr Pittsburg t"- 
morra-w night to attend the lir*it of a 
sericH of fout exTilbllor dinnrn tn lie 
riven, in J_lchtman*B honor by Harrv I,. 
Cbatmas. who holds the Lieh'tman fr*,p- 
ehllse in Weal Virginia; Kentucky, Ohio, 
-Jciithern Michigan and Western Penn- 

On Sunday rhrre will be a dinner s( 
the William P«nn Hotel, PitUburg; on 
Mtmrjny. at th« Sinton. Cinelnnatn on 
Tuesday, at tho Statler, IMroit, and on 
Wedneadsy, at tho Carlton Terrace, 
Cleveland. Exhibitors io those terri- 
tories have been invited to lit- prenent 
al the dinners, at each oT which Lieht- 
jnan will explain hit 41i.tribi_tlng njati, 
Charnne: will d_ion_.s hla Fall snd Winter 
product and "Rich Men's Wives." the 
lirat flf the l.Jchtronn releases _,creened_ 
Thi, psriy will probably arrive back In 
town next Thunday. , 

A Lids or Two. 
harid S*h-nlck says he found that 
some one wasn't telllnje the tr;ith about 
Hollywood. Inntead of being a gay, 
wiekee! place, he found it go quiet he 
was bored, and longrd for a sight of 
Utt-e nld New Y^rk and noisy Broad- 


163 W. 42nd SL 


SB 9lh Ave 

T.l. Cbclw* 0100 



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Join the Interesting Collection 
of Occasional Furniture 

Six most charming litlle Direc- 
toire tables, c»ch :in, authentic 
reproduction of anliqucs we have 
had, arc now added to our un- 
usually good collection of occa- 
sional furniture. 

$40 to $70 

Fine American walnut, loned a 
delightfully soft brown, is trie 
wood used- 

Little flat drawers, hidden un- 
der the top trays seem but ex- 
cuses for quaint brass puNs. but 
are in fact quite large enough to be infinitely useful. 

Fourth Cillery. Mew Building- 

New Paris Scents 

Fhaleno — by D'Hcraud 

A n-ingtd perfume, soft as (he breath of night, shadowy 
as the silver win^s of the niglit-molb whose name it'^eafs. 
Its crystal bottle has the shape of outspread motb-win^. 
after the French fashion of completing imagery, g7.5u 
the bottle. 

Face Powder of the same odor, By the ^amc perfumer, 
Si the box. 

Mirage — by Cuddy- 

In an odiilv shaped artistic crystal bottle. Its fragrance 
enmes and goes with that Untalliing quality characteristic 
of the mirage. $5 the bolilc. 

Vitslcttc Fraichtur^^by Le. Grand 

As fresh as violets after rain. Oysni bntlle with flrnv-::- 
shaped metal stopper. £10. 

* <* * 

Clever little French atomizera of painled and decorated 

■ gEass, $3. 

Street Flu -jr. Old BuHsU!a%. 

{trnvtvrif r|f $ mth 

l 4 


Will Be Made a Memorial on Anni- 
versary of Promnljation of 
Monroe Doctrine. 


Tnrsdsy ilicj nill i,n be |7.^ vlt,!|r I "°* 
ti-rlnLn-l h; ^Lr. ami Srt. Wrtltr^ jtX'i 
uincT'. On V.'etlaesdTij Jtnd Thursday 
t^iey nil) t« i!:^ pu-^s of iht ifftjr nf 
riiinhurs and tuk* pttH iu tin- umeu- 
ixir nf ii staUie nf WIBIam Pitt iu that 

A 1'l.nn to a^uire Ihc lant bnme nf 
I'resldent James Monrne nt Lafayette 
Snd Prinre ntre^ti, nclv iiAed an a rag 
sorting shop, as a memorial in counec- 
riou wiih the wletirntJon ^f the nui; hun- 
dredth anciverHGrr df the M on run IJhw- 
trine, tajai fiDhnuneed hy the Hulgrave 
lnrititiitinn yesterday. It ■■mi:, also nm- 
noiiqced a[ the mSD tlinn that a rte|i'- 
^atknn of mr'mbers of the British 
ti rxi n 1 1 1 «f L !■■ rtulEravc lustltutbh niH 
arriv* hrre on Sentemher 10, brlncini: 
with them aa 0tt* n Inist of tldmund 
Iturke nud two busM of the former 
iJntisiii Ambassador, James Wjrco, 

The movement td nequirt tha old Mon- 
roe bonne was started by Poliwt Com- 
missioner tilt-bard Bnrijjht. A commit- 
tee i? to tif .Ji.i-1-ii -iii i ■ -*) nnd subscriptions 
wJH be nought from tho (tsneral nubile. 

Thn Manroe. house, is now ownetl ^ij 
(ho C. it M. Envrlonr Company, having 
been acquired hy that company for ex- 
panslnu of their [jliiH!, The company 
lifts acrecd to part with it iu the In- 
tcresu uf itA preservstjon as a landmark 
and f"r it" hlntorienl associations, for 
a namfnol sum. John A. Steivort. chair- 
man cif thrt board of governors of Sdt- 
grave Institutinn announced reaterda)-. 

To Db Keopcqfd, 

The house will he rcstpned »ed opened 
on the one hundredth nnni versa ry uf th* 
nrotuulfiitleii of the Slonros rJnctrino. on 
December £. 1!>5S. eceordinn to preaent 

A cablegrapj *vds sent hf tho Instltu- 
tiflu td- the Prcaidrnt of BraiLl. throuBh 
SecMtnry ot Since H unhrs. BOw in 
Braxil. intormim Ihe head ot tho 
IlTazLlinn Iti-unlvi:.- of the institution'^ 
iutention of rcetodng the Monro* home 
snd teiiciratlna: llraxll nn tho one hun- 
dredth anniversary nr her iudepeadenoe, 
wWieh Is being: ceMirstcd to-day. Tha 
rableirram, welch, was [irepared by Mr. 
Hteivart, roterrfrd tn thn eBret of the 
Montna Doctrine in allowlnf South 
Amerifan rruublles to develop without 
I-.: ur. i ;»■:■. ib hindrance. 

The commLttw from the British 
branch ig cumloK on the Adriatic, and 
is -headed by Sir Charles Wakefield, for- 
mer Lord Mayor oF London. The others 
In the committee arc Lad; Wakefield, 
Hiss WaLeiield, Sir Arthur Adlingtoti 
rlntvortb. Bart, M. P,. rwridenpof tbn 
-Manchester Chamber of Commerce, and 
Lady H*W«iht Harold Spender, editor, 
and H. S. PerrI*. pnbUcisL 

A cnpimlttet from the Canadian 
branch, will also arrive on the sama da v. 
it waa announced yesterday. This ecru- 
mlLtbe '.lill ba ti;'.ad-.-.] by IIimj. I.uiHcn 
Turcoltc Paccud, jio'rernmcnt leader of 
tiie Canadian House of Comment. 

Th« whole commictae will he the 
ameSta of the AmortOan Snlprnvc Insti 
lurJon at a luncheon at .the Lawyers' 
Club US Broadway, on Monday at 1 
P. M. A dinner -will be given In bon«r 
of the visitors In the evextuii at tha 
Army and Navy Club. 

Major to Hfrctlre. 

Mayor Hylaa ia to receive the visi- 
tors at City Hall on Tuesday.' On 

iftatw lias fiern aeecpteil by I onjfttSM 
and will i-emnin in |ln> ('njiitol II : iM- 
iii jr. The tlt'le-aiinii m iM r-ctiirii to New 
Viirit nud mteinl thr unveiling ttt 1'ie 
"thejr Hry^e [.Latiic nt Trinity Church 
on the l.'nJi nr Uith 

$10,000 FROM GUESTS 

! "Cleaner of Screens" Makes Away 

With Jewell nnd Money of 

J. M. Jacob bob. 

I A hurcl thief, who ma *i]ii eroded firtt 

I ns a IfliindtvmDn and then as n cleaner 

j of window ^^^*w^s, Tins the nbJccL of an 

j intense search yfti let-day lv iletoctjves in 

i LV»li- York nnd the Jt-rney eoitat resorts, 

Thp ntnn is f-hareed hy J. M, Jecobson 

of fiivcranJe Hrira with robbiUE bis wife 

of rttErwy nnd jeweliy. woTtii JIO,<»0 

ivhile they were nt the Hotel Lorraine 

it- Brndk-y Beach. luv^tipators brlrl 

the trail from Bradley Beach to A L Ian tic 

City, vrhere all traces were Inst. 

Mr. Jncohsiin said the money and 
jetv#irj- were in his wife's trunk iitar tho 
window. When they diss poes. red it de- 
veloped that the man who was elipaninpf 
the window screens In the New Yorker's 
room also disappeared, Two diamond 
riuss, me with n ii'^-enrat stone and 
the other -with B o-e.M-ot dinmond. were- 
nmunjtr the ntoJen jowcIh. 


Keaa-tr StOOn ctalina Awm Held. Io» 

:il- ■•■!-■■'-. -ii. 

'SptC»l I 1 ':-.;:'.--! m Itlt SttM\tlt • ■ v t ■>!■:■: ■ 

TREXTHN. Sept. ".—The office q£ 
Adjutant Iri-neral Frederick Gilltysen U 
npw in eharffc of the ndmiiiiatering at 
the trnrk i>f the Soldiers' Bcrnua Conin^iA- 
sioo. Tho business was tnrned over jes* 
tcrday afternoon by dm eonvnitision upon 
the practical eompietiun of the u&yiuj; of 
tbo bonus. The Adjutant Uoncral'U a 
member of tlie com mission. 

In :. statement i«*ued Cor the comtnls- 
von by BtntB Comptroller Newton A, K. 
Buebee. Ir was declared that the commis- 
sion received 122,000 njiiilknUnnn (or the 
bonus, of which 2,721 claims have heea 
temporurily suspended to await adminis- 
trative action. Of the suspended claims, 
2.091 await substantiation of residence: 
nud thirty date from the Adjutant Gen- 
eral of the Army and th* Federal Bureau 
of Navigation. R »-hs said thr.t probably 
GO ncr cent, of the snsaended applica- 
tions would be dU»pprov#d. 


JtstKlS-VIROIMA R. '-t-AlfFMLL FUSeitA^ 
CBUSCB," ««**«? «fl i»a at., luaaar- 




1 ■ 1. 








belasco Jr^-vs^is*''- 

!:*"• ti.nir octSjM all ate. 

e^t^*- *~ EY£jf * MB wiud- 



THEATIC. B-*t» A M tb 


A B-lar *b*al WHItD— t«T wnmm 

With Mari«r«l Lawrence 

TSa ***l **** M h*C r«r**T."— Wm!*. 

BCBTV W. « »t. I Fo». Wat.. 

Knl I Km. H..-10. T-*l--tW>.J 
T** tantUl HtiKH (RV«T "i? 

{ 7noWfDai£ma x 

1UV Ta-*«r. 1 »- 


COHT **»*» *"* S a>*_ »t l ii 

"•"iw E«:«>r-mT> Xaah 

•A asvnsr-JHLn* H»."-*»* 




STABtt AT HER »F,1,T ■" - Attn il£*0 



[ Pop. Kit. To-diy 




Uxli Trt-d*.. A WtA. I.H. 
AN VI MfllCI.'- LSalSIBS BtctSSa, 



"A UMfcrnn — Unrftroji .„ 

*EMB£r 9. 1922. 


TheatTe Ownm Meet Witi Will 

Hiiyi to Discuu the Coal 

Si tuition. 


I r* ii* Cast I* 


■ LIU HI 10 r ■. I -l.RH 

^anllol cnt.d Oreoentrs. 

PB r f'.K«!(h'* 

■ »-l Kri!h-| TEH I.KWrt A HAVIJ. 
"T AILJI A llh" 
■ ol YalMUfi Wm. ■ Is* 

UinAi. Htn-r Kibv. n.r- 

B'»Sr « 17 51. tint ."»>«e_ W. A B. Wiltira 

RBJ'.Rfiih'.. 1I1TTY A T1LI.IO. 

rnrAHSl. K WUng, Hilqn lli|n 


Ul fMHi! tL. I 

I nj.l.111'1 DBA Sfl/SSOX Jt CO.. 

■"" '-TJ. V. ..I IMI,* At] HI * 

J1***rf. Eric ZarB>. ct£W*. 

_ . -Jack! a CuAfeis la 1st**l 

I »-*tr * M »l n«wi r , "TB.orB.LE." 


W*»l «J VL 

En*, ii i.r. 


a WTti, *.& 

W. 43 Bfc Er. Ho. 

M»r TE>-tiarAThui 

Tba 4 j— '■ ar 
Mu'ktl CoainStii, 


i M 



'c-.jr. "PARTnTBirs Ati.VfV 
E*l. |1.M M.(i. To-ixj A RK. 1: 

4flTH ST TBA,ini^».ii.&Mfc 


l>*DllAi> Uifrni I* I.nIIO>l br ■*- 

■ •As Pt*?era-t,**hr Isr 1'nll 

Da HUH* FHUr'. 


WILLIAM A. PACE I- birk from 
("IfrrUoJ trbrre be trnr-lfl 

tlH W(«k lO mi>r nfr*b£i-- 

m«ai» to bnUd a bfw tVi Lfac- 
Atrr. Frwai CkTtUnd «»™ »*• ■■M7 
fbit Mr. Fa* f>«t Mr. P*c* f* thw 
dlj 1 to iDnounrc to th*- pipert and th*t* 
fainmqrl ibti hr h»>J i«a>p3«t(Kf irnnp. 
in^Dlit 1<* rrpci IjDtttcdbllrij t sUic^n- 
stftr.v o(*p» baildiaf And motion jiiriure 
tliMtrc nnahbed on A *lte winch is iJf 
Mrfbetl ai beLoi "*[ihEn «oe Uock nr 
riAjraoiUH >4turt." {■<*□* Boclid ■Tennc. 
Tbr ndvfTit d ibIa netr tiiritre la 
Clirrr-Uud «aUita An tipwHlitTirp ttf fl. 
OflO.OO(» in.J «1r*i Foi a hoto* la whirti 
ta •haw fl« first ran pirtufrt. Tb* n*- 

e'il-i.o!Lori-i «Crr nidc through Juiiii C 

Itbrlr. ilir well linnw-n haipkr-r «r Xr«- 
Ark, S. J.. Jtn'l lr*A*ni+r "t the Foi 
film I IIMIIQ 

Atnnnr ihr uMfte [raiuTfti will h* ■ 
rntttitiBJ plant Trtth A cl*nt few mii- 
phinr. ■ MOJffll) Mph-powcrpd pipe orffun 
n*Kh fifty ttapd. (Ilnd projecflolt ri»m 
wiih thrcr mdrbinr*, A jsHmmofh Kag» 
Ihictr-^nr ff« dfi*ip : -ti,l ii ici.--i v feci wfth 
nnd a ftrw hrrfrii whicli hn» been kpIpcIH 
ivltb. prrit cir*. Thomifl B- iJmb, nf 
l N«W Tart. In the Att&ltwt. ■nil Htp .ron- 
HraesJoa >vlll Iip In tSutSt <•' William 
Vtitfti Work will i,.- tiraun rvtt motith 

■ nd lh^ ihralrc In expffMri •'» N ' w1 ™- 
jii,-r.-i for nri-d^iilftii by IJllxJr I'Jiy. 


Mr. 1'ntr. ..;:.-i, it 1 the imil>-n>irn 
Home. EtUUd a ctA!om*Pt tn iht ii?ps-t 
In which h.' K>i!d ttiAt Mr. p*MI, woo '■ 
n*w Iji Knrrnif., r.i'. nil tthorl hi:, trtj] 

■ nd Mill -ml from BwHg*Hl Bft^tJ nr 
rlrJnB in Nrir York Htx* **ek. H# 
nill en ifii(ii''HMK'ly Kt Cl t Tt tw ri ami 
win BtenuRsr in? ikf ewww ■»■• it 

the Hi 1mm Ifl'atrr ntirii BtttMlBB Op" 
rtotlonF tw K |ii. 


Th*-n, .%**( Sit. 

I ITT1 P w *" " St - s-«in 
ui i .. _i_ mSSmmtMb 


'A Eerpent * 


'Rict M«'i Wi«." 

'■■-; H«*a* i'-«"i 





||U'**V*T A F^d^m-i rVt. rr 

'fivryfta^'j Gen* '.e ihr fin a.'i .V*w - 

&fri=«'r; ft j jwm i - Wnt ii r i p*i« 


■ UL I lira -'The Vr.nns lU.nfc 1 
T1UC1 H Partnc.Tj />„],„ 


1-CltoBlBj.; qaHON. 

Whu linn Brtn Enilied **T thv F»- 

nun* l'lnrrri.1,11.1;} r*. mprwi j . 

lif Hlf;r*l)fij in il WAJ 'U'lbP "SI ''* &»( 

frtmi luiilty ]i|j|jiiif.[ nnd (located |irn- 
KrsTim [|t hb» Khor«nr-{| |ht [iWBKtUi 
j«(Mi-I ifrw f k;i turfji. imjirnv.ij [H'- mtiu'e. 
iiuJ Riv^n an ItnpotTj* hi lln Wlwlr Ihlnf 
IjorIiip before. \\» mm#t*i*t 




I ; e Ti ■ 1 1 1 i .m -rr H«>H, 

TbP Ntw \"orl[ f>xbfl»ltr>m hue 




9 ■• ■ ., T»i-»nij 

.■■.«.- BV 
IfKli! Hora'ec r<- ':■-.•: 


;-*n ■■'. rr. n "» Day.' 
-■ TO-DAT. ]I a V 

HllODKl:l\ AJfl'lEMEKTS. 

BraidCiT "nil H.e»y|. ttf, 
Amilvnn Bitrj V*dLnd» .VlEtkl 

Jafaht a Jtnton'i "Ban Tom" 

»*At Tttll. ■ ■ ■ ."YMtb,*«l Folllr." 


Son of Author Would Share in Bis 

£&tat« if He Could Be 


SurrOSntn Jimn A. Ff\ty jcilrrdn? 
ApiwLulcd Doi(j V, WtOVBI idmlnlRtfA' 
trii tit tho vitAte of hrr bualmnd, fiilion 
WillrlH Author, vho lived bcrc, but riird 

in Ln» ATigcIri. c»i.. on Mar -•". i -'= - l . 

Tbe -vtll of 'iViiii-iTt, dated January r>. 
l'JIU, |-)i'ijiif:n.lii. all iii:< property to hii 
wife, including auch property n^ Lo In- 
herited frotu bin fTAadntiutj kachci l>un' 
Iliqi, nnd dJb ATiadtuotbrr, Qusaq Srnltb., 
nnd nil mouuyu thai mlArfat be due him 
rirom tho publfnhe» of bin wrttinffii, In- 
ekdlni bis latest work at Hun tltur. Tup 
Doilblo (Jrona," wbidi lie any* Waa titOM 
lu bo pubHflhrd ty Wbitnpy Lyon or thb 
city. The nil] cotntnpndcd Unanclal DOii 
maurlal welfare of lis no, Ultwoa Wil- 
inta, ta the widow. 

U'Jtrioii MalAvinarr & Drutroll nr L432 
Broadway, attorapja for tho widow, nay 
ililigrni Bc&rcb for yotinjc WJWta, who ■ 
2ft yearn of aajt, haa fullrd tit locate lilm. 

. iil-c known addrrn nnri cDpIoymont 
wM with the ['natal T'legrHph Corapaay 
at 2S Soulh atr«*t, Aa aervlce of cita- 
tion why the wilt ilmnM not he iidrnjucl 
l.i pmliatc will have to be bj public ntla,u f 
the coiift nnpoloitd The widow to admin- 
ister thir (Tttate !t> the meanwhile. Tb* 
value of the eaiate is not tHvev, 



Jeremiah &. Brew Disappears After 

Bis Return From Veterarn' 


P«ro|i»BTi Jereroiaii E. Drew of the 
E&nt Twenty-Keood nlcet ntAtion, ml*K 
inc buict the niRhi of September 1, i» 
iH-JnE eouEbt by the polltt', it bretinip 
known yeawrdny. A "eonriiieiitiai alarrn" 
Fit-1'hio;; InformBUCiii rc^nrdinc his wLtro- 
jLtiimiji tins heen neni uur from l'ulici 
ii Mtig u*rter»- 

Drew, wbo in 32 years oid. is • ■■• • 
trio <>\ tho World War and made \>i. 
bomb wilb huj. partntB Ht 4-U Ilnat Fifli- 
eiiclitJi ntret't. He was appointed to (hr; 
]inln-i> i\*tc<- 1n l.!*l'! and enllaud In tho 
United HlatL'K Army December 1, 1917. 
Be waa muntered out of utrnce Deerui- 
be; li'!. 1&1D, reuiming iu the force as a 

l-',ar\y in AukusL "Drew abtaiced teavo 
of Abaenee' tp attenfl n woventloo of 
World War veterans in San Franeiaco. 
Ilia I'-rv-- for that nurpomr cinired Sep- 
tember '2. On die Jay prevlow*. Beptenj- 
ber 1, be returned to hla home, but left 
neain at 10 o'elock that uleht And hai 
not been *4trl ainrc that time either at 
hit borne or ac tho East Twenty -arena J 
aireet atntiao. OwIoe- to the confidential 
nature of thr alarm, an infrinaatiou re 
| Kardim; the patra!man> dlsappeArAoce 
rould be procured from the police. 


Mranfctr H*1il (or nhiptnJnc 3*1 a nr r 
«• Moltaa rietBTT *«'i Son. 

n«l e ajied reeen tly f rom, Beilarue 
Hospital , wherr he ha.l bees confined 
■ince Annual "iS. "hen. followioc airot 
At the Pennsylvania Hotel on a charfc 
«f forsery- he became ill. Arthur i> 
Siaricr. of Lone BfMtfc. I- L, wh 
Ifiler ""rtaujened before ' Maa-ifttrnu 
Jene ^ilrermABB in Jrffrrton Markrt 
CoBTt and beld la hn.1 of cj.OD>J ta await 
the action of the Grand Jury. 

Sranrer. atvordinj to the police, nil 
admitted i-asaini: "OOtf thirrj- rorced 
rheeka while noninr »■> Wtfliatn U. 
TtH, Jr.. aon or WilhiBi l-'oi. motioa 
pfcrure nan. 

Thomas l.tfiy. j credit man At the 
FeaoPTlTioU Hotel, who bid been 
warned to Tratrb, for a forger poctae ** 
the B4ni of 'William Foi. calFed In the 
poJler rrheo S'.aastr >ou;ht to bivr fajm 
r**t ik cfacch. 


1»&9itmo& tvfr-xt^ptr ^m 



Da; Announces That t>en the 
LittJe Bootleggers Will Be Pro- 
ceeded Against. 

I'rmljibitioti Director Ralph A. Day 
baa announced the next atop in the 
eaforcement of the nation tl probibiticn 
art U the aecnriDc; of ioj jtrti&Df Bfjaioit 
individuil Tiolaton ol the Iaw. 

"Otct 2,000 injnnctiani haT C been ob- 
lataed nxaiut the otmera, proprietor* 
and Iraaeea of rfstAurarjtj, cafes, aalooaa 
aud tlructurea and acalnat the place* or 
j ouildins*. in New York Btste aince pro. 
btrtitioQ went into etfe^t." paid Direcior 

"And we will go oae are]> forther. n 
h* added, "md proceed legally aftef vio- 
latora who violate- the with the In- 
tent to effect the Kate of liquor, and ask 
far afn Lnytinction A£*.Uut thera. In the 
erest of a f'-nbr,- rlolation after tba 
;-.- -.ji,-.--- of An tajODCtfon the vlo^toe 
v. ill be chAraed with conlesapt of court 
before A I'rdcrAl coort. 

"Hereafter the iKratlcfcera and other* 
who furnish Tiquor and »H others who 
make or nttempt to effect a aale. will 
be proceeded axainat bj iBjoncUre me*t- 

\iffo Idle on the raan hituntlon. Karh I 
■hlninf hour ban t»»n improved tu ci I 
ready it> f*ia*erve ihU e**entia3 artitftr I 
when the "intty trlail* blow, and the ■ 
iheatrae* ner>E !*> be Jn*pt warm. On 
Thur*d3y IISIlllU ■ rmnminee corap«»e»J j 
of ri-.irl. . O'lteMly, president of (he j 
New Voi* Motion Pletoi-.- T&eaire Own 
per, Sen*(er Janes W. Walfet*r and Sara 
Momw. etertil|vp ir^retdry ul the Thea | 
ire Oirofi t'hamlwr nf Oniniprt"-, m<~\ 
St (he Wtl| H. Hqys niHrc to discusp thn 
hlluailon with lierrt* Jiaitrr. Mr. Uakrr 
ix nrral aji»ipt4Uit if- W. J. Wnodin. who 
u-b- fecently appolnlcd Stalo Fuel A$. 

miiv.y'Tmioz by finvi-nior JJtlliT. 

No action: w>i tak"n of tin>- angiitis, 
the dtarnuion l«- r.-j merrly a franh -:m- 
ment of faeti* and a pli-a fri.m thr- then- 
in-- owner* thai tbey he nar.J ub t.'i' 
e^wnilAl IU[. Tin' th>-Atrr «u-neri n- 
prced ihem^trea n-, }>eln.E areatly 
pk-aMtt with Mr. Bahrra attitude, and 
a letter t* now brine drafted statinR 
theve fan*. 

LTinrfe? t>'Rcilly„ when ^iieatioaed up- 
on the meetluc, oald vrmr the telephone, 
hr W not *t liberty :- dineuaa it or tu 
mlk' any commenl*. Hf nm L<] there had 
heeu inch a incetinB. and be might have 
nometbiac to -«y laier. 

Mr. MorttM and the Jlaj« smre were 
- Hi ip. "ly reticent. Il in *>aid Mr. Hay* 
he* ap-ped tft do erftyihlnj in b!f power 
tc he|)i the nhibilori mhpi tar coal 
Miuatinti, aud the?' hav riillnd upon btm 
tii ret hit advice. 

I'ofc Krii lni» (i 

Tbr liBrHer in tJermai 


i.v tlipr ha* bn 

1'aullnr liarnti'^ friend* nrr all rush- 
in.; 'n r-niiirnttuliii.- her ou hrr asnpffa> 
metit with thr Kamotip t^yea»LwJiE* 
foni^any. jilir hptd hreu PB a w g ed (n [jlar 
an bnpoftAW r<>le in VorA lie UEli-'-i 
m-\t jircoliirtion. the nattu- «>f irtiicb wilt 
he injQiniiiiri-U lat-r. 3tb«* tian'ti iras 
«.Ttn"l a p:trc on the Be w ail aTter a hi' 
a;i|rea.-e>l in "l.ittr* of tlir Kip-iq." nhcre 
Iiit vtKitd j»nd beauty wq<i norJcwl lis* 
i-t-rrv one -n-itb a molioti nlrrurv pje. She 
played •■i;po*ii¥* t)wr« Mo<irp in "Jte- 
:■■■:'. -'L -ML-rtina;."" aniT llll ll|na)l1 the Mffln 
j H W ri f Ju ai in "Sonny." .ine of KVebaH 
■tarthclmes*'* late*4 pirturea. so ahc ba- 
harf : ■■■=«:r|prah , .i± esnorlenco on (he 
eereen. ."jhp InBtBI for Ib^WBoal neil 
Tpf)c tu lie-in oq heir ui-xi a**isanieni. 

K^nios: Ida EmaBari>r. 

The mott fAfrrr i-.i-n-^^fr on lie- 
AntitnnLa. Tnterday wit Harry Mltuinlr. 
Trim axril'ril homr,froni EarOpe Iflei 
spradin^ three monthi abroad nhntne. "If 
Winter CrtmH." There waa a rti*oii 
for Sir. MiUnrde'* Impn tJrncc to gri 
throiiiili the tii' roms — be bad »U Itn' 
norum appoints t and one he bad bur- 
ripj ii,to« the, o- a let ktcp. Hn dale 
was with Jirae fcfanBffB Mlllarde. aria 
wai horn while hi r Father waa abroad. 
At-i nrdiaj: to June faprlce'i Metier*, the 
yDimr lady is the prrLrie*! baby In Ar&er- 
iet. At]d UarTj tiaotM ta >ndce For him- 
self. With rf r . Milbrdp isT'mj Mar- 

ppCCted nsaiust all Ann-rirrin-Jiiadr tilm* 
i* rlnwu, *o for a* thr Fo\ roni|>nuy ia 
roncf-rned. Julluh Biejer, ivho arrived] 
rmm I.iir, .[j,- r.n Tlinr..j|ii .i on the Snv.iic, 
Kprnt <-on»lderabh" tiTin 1 i" BflrftOj "Tiht 
"Over thp II 111." - "Tlir fount of Sfonl* 
Crinio." "Tbe Queen nf Shehn," "Nero" 
and otbrr PH upeeiulf BfW») nhonn to a 
list oT prominenl Itcriiii men ^nd uomcii 
B,[ieeially invited to pit tlii* trtm$ at Vox 
clnemfl Biibjeet*, 

Mr. Strsrr u-ent nlimad nb'mt bnreti 
month.* aeo to Join William Fox in 
Fa*!* WhJIi.- there they were joined by 
.r. Gordon Inwards, lrlto j[nvp a ^c^rrn- 
\nz nf "The Shephrrd Kins." heforo 
bringing It back to America ii lie rditrd 
and assembled. Mr. Poi hn< bouRbt 
some new play* of In I e maun ml impor- 
caace, and he has made aaiaEinic *(rWe* 
itt unhicr the European distrihtilion 
(llieotJeu t BrcOrdiM to 51*. Stecer. 

None of these playa will t<e made pub. 
lie until (he return of Mr. fin. which 
j* set for next week. Mr. Steser rrportai 
tb« be*ri of (be Foi company as looking 

Railf Gel* Sfir ('jmrarl. 

To tbt* world *o Tew people trrCf baTp 
their services apprrc-ated/ll i* worth re- j 
cordina; when a m<u> like Samuel 1.. 
noibafrl la liven evidence thai hi* work 
la not beinf allowed to be fnrcoitm. Of 
cOQTtr. the jml.tlie ■ppreciates Koxie. but 
the fact that JEdwnrd fWiwrt and the 
men wbo arc financially Interested in th* 
beautiful C*pUol Theatre share tbr opin- 
ion of lie public ia Jptt-d newa, indeed. 
Mr. Roiaafe] baa been siven * aapar corj, 
tract at a nxurr that is much larrer than 
his old contract. 

"Our aereemetit with Mr. Rothsiel 
had not enplred." Mild Mr. Rowe* yea- 
t'rday. "W* had tin option on bin aer- 
ricea, and we are po pIcAied n it h the 
waj in which lie baa handled the Capi- 
tol we r*o*s»ed the coolnict before it 
expired. In addition tn li» work, apj 
like him personaUy, and are arc delighted 
b* aceepted our offer.*' 

fN s*y la til aiDeerlly that Samuel 
It-jthaCl sarcd the Capitol. At the LLnie 

*>n Their War Ka*|, 

En route to the city -t New York at 
this particular rammr-nt b" STnl |^**rr and 
A] Gore of l!ir iVm CaAM Theatre 
fnmpany: Harry Wttaon. -f-r.-ipr rrpre- 
nrntative f&r Jackie fiHtfaa, and John 
Mcfonnicli, Western r- -v ■■■ y.,\ :■- . fqr 
A«imclaied First Nntfonal. They left 
Low Aneeles Thum<lfl t , nnrj *rn dtir here 
Tuewlay. One reason for thi* triu Eaul 
is to dlaruM wiih Firm Natieiinl tlie <-i- 
jhloiTAtion of "Oliver T^rttt. Jsrkie fno- 
ff*,i)'t* latest pieturc. and nMWftlafl in 
ward front the I'nnnt. thi- biM tliinc [hf* 
tAlPTited i ounc man han r"nir]bnted to 
thp acreeti. 

Pot* \etirl Diif Tnmliij. 

flehenranis arp now on f^r the recep- 
tion of Poli Xegri wlien she redtejhas her* 
on Tur«dny. When !he fnmoua vamp 
.iVf.-' i'. r i" the boat h I ■ • - ivill lie Kiven no 
ovn'inn that will nuikr Iht think Amcrtea 
is niiiri.- than i.h. i . 1 - - - . .r- r cm »!■:■ Ma- 
jrntir tnlil her. lea, she in mvini on, 
tho MHJestlr. 

Jolna Klale rrrEoiiin, 
A new face at the FAmon* ri/ij-ef4- 
LjiJiJi.v htm laland atadie Is Walllam 
David. He appeared with C'harlejr 
Cherrj" in "Scandal." tad hu* naw Joined 
the Eluie Ferguson campnrv ]>]nyine In 
"The Outcast." 

Here 4n rin .ln'«. 

. W. E. True, wbo "-:vi • from Hartfard 
I and who :* president of the Uoliou Ptc-- 

lure Exhibitors* GrgAnLzaiicn of ("on- 

necttcut. wsa ■- town i ■ ■,i.-r ':..: on bu*i- 
nesa with the Mnti .-;i t*ictore Theam 
Owners of Americn. 

Rllcr llaleh In CBanh 

lliley Batch has joined the Alica 

Btati.v CG-[np*Br at'f is now playide itt 

"Anfia ."Lficends." Mia* Brsdya prrseat 

motion picture eneoxr-mi-ot. 

ri.-.-L. to the mt city. 
Having finishpd his enE/Hrment in 
Rochester, Ben Atwcll, Aeeppipajiied by 
his wife, will return tu New York to-day. 
Mr. Atwell bad enmplete cliarfe itt the 
publicity for the ne« Ka*tms^ Theatre, 
and from the way in which be li»ndltd 
the job, it Is ea.-y w BBS] a ft.. <**),(*» 
tbiAEre means nothiasj la bis life. U- 
wil] handle the publicity for Seaorue 
Hayaluwn in "The Leopold." tbe play 
in which the Jppapcw actor come* to th* 
Btate this Fall. 

v Lin* or Two. 
Now that Trent Cait'c i- matin* "> 
much Attention tbrouxcout the country. 
it is njixatated by a well known Broad. 
waylte that the Castle Cast a be atarted 
na the latest thioc lor motion picture 
aetrt*Ms- It Ktta sympathy and in inter. 
cttlnc. and was. tay thc>K who bait th* 
lady at the Hncbetttr show, vetf Ibtct- 


It U altofetber proheblc tba; while the 
SeaAtr In ibe aext fonfresa will be noa- 
Jnally eottirollrd by the lUpuhlicaiir. the 
balance or power In that hody will b; 
eentered in a small fTaap of Senators 
Wbo. -M.V ■..■ , *it:in| aa HepobliPAns. 
bars h*r««r. re exercised their Indepead 
«( Judfmi-ni .*nti ■ oted in anJt thuuerve^ 
ret;irdl»ea -A pjriy tir*. The recent 
amAahlos [ifllMlf ^ictnrle* oi Hlrani 
Joheion and ■_- Follntc toast i: plain 
that til* ik* faan| *rt forth sell I he ve n - 
Anther La Follette nor Johnson. 
who»f arra: im.ipln at the polls beat 
all record.*, r- in nny way indebted \a 
tha Hardinc \-' - -r.iir.Ttio*i. They hari 
Bot expocted jay Wbn*. Eloijpe alsisUncp. 
oor did ta*y jpt any. As a mauer of 
fact, la [be Baatrs nf fatifornla and WU- 
c-onun Inendi M the ArTmLn tat ration 
prayerf far the diefeat nf both the S*n- 
aum nsjned. 

Tif OIA naaea J* "H^pinj. 
If It ahontd turn ont rbst the Tiemo- 
cfitf nin a few bVnate seata in tha No- 
vember Alectiona. ihereb) tedoein« the 
present Repun-lle-jo mijurHj. It can b- 
eaaity seen what a trrtaeodiins |tewrr Ih- 
indepemdenia will bo . nabled to wield 
thniuffa eo-mblnoiniu arrti th- L>rmocratic 
nilDurlty. JJoMi. Jaossaesl La Follette. 
itrt'OkApar: of Iowa, tVusier ui North I'd 
kota olid Iji'Iii. iiii-i irom thai ^?aie, 
.;d b* ih ■ poiitioTi clm'ist [o ilirrat-' 
the trend ai Je k iniMtioa, nno little onjiij 
be dqur without ■ th- a r nju>eni. It wutilii 
te- no bard j"li lor ibrae men to ra arjernie 
wilb the liemoTfais fur tin-i \, ■.*-,■ bera 
doiiis that rifht alonr anyway. M)weinMv 
the famoup inn. Ilurab. Jotanvnc und J.n 
poflrtre. This spclla notliine. more ri.,r 
In- llinn andicalion of putter by ihi- III,] 
tluard, torn/, the anrlciu order baa 

Hate fo lee Him Ball. 

PttaajM of liberal vfe*rs, csp'TiaJly the 

iir.,ni-.riin!-i :•.',.,: (k>i)lurn puHtuiiicul I Aim, 
l;iiin'ii[ tbr exit Irani the bench nf iL ■ 
t nited fltAtea S^uproiiie fonr( nf Mr. Jus 
tier Clorkr. Tu th* tuna in ilie sirei-t 

tht S"ij;ir.-:i,, CvllTl of hi* cuuiltry U all 

loatitution no I'cr remoimi irum ^niniai-.i 
ken that avefl ir« pnsattUnrl aecma pil- 
tlopcd with ui j' ■ ik'si I prujhcrtu-K 
Tin- learned faidni or. i-iivelopcd to an 
aura «f nrinpn, ii, -^ rxi ■ i . - u i likti t Li el 
uhich anrroundMl the aiiarur* ui aucieu< 
Lirimt'. and the romiuir ami arilng «t Mi • 
member^ nJ retire meun I. m liiil.- i i 
the lifo of [he ni-rn^. i4[ixen. >■■■:• tli>- 
men romposlur, this .iu;,;ni: tribunnl -r 
.■inn nn nltpr all. and an it is iii(i'r<.-srlnc 
to note (hat .!■..*.* ■■ .- (1ark« has weaned 
el hit hJcb pla-> wtei Ii £■<!»; to serve hi* 
countrymen alone uther lines. He ■.<■■«< ■ 
"pli-rdfri Jiirl**. but daessj i* bordty o 
di.uli; iliat He will be of aijll ETeeter tspp- 
fiitnesa. iboiith exactly WDM Id* flftivi;se-. 
■will l*ii i mAUiC of conjectnre. 

Wilt 11* fiei. Protijbiflon. 

Some who Ittkow Mr. t'l.irke well b.^- 
lieve he mnn ta devoje hi« timr an-l 
raleht in the fmure to worrinf on the 
V ul. (eiil limr. |f emu ttn tbr rJIrliieenEh 
AmeadineTil Itaelr. A firm beheter In ii: ■ 
oid-tlme priticlrilp* of tEeuiucrary. lie ha» 
always reenrdeU naclon-wide prohib^ini, 
a» an attsick on tho Hheriirx of the peo- 
y\t for which there « u-> josi tncatlEn. It 
if further oodrrxtuod Mr Clarke t^era a 
STfOBC ,,f pcbHr senliment in face; 
of a rAodltiraiioK of the Vuliicad polic; 
« Kirh he. In common with milrioas ot 
Aiaericana. r-tar'i. aa hanne done far 
more harm than brorilt. Hbonld ho rve 
hi* powerful sopport to tlie rsvc ajtssnW 
ii-.e eaoae of nnduLas; this tni'^!ii.-ici' 
*tatnte. he will bavr atiM raorf reaaiin in 
be shad that he laid aside hi* judicial 

Mow Senile*- *lW4e (rood 

Joseph A. Ileotley of Aleiandria. La.. 
waa in Washington. |hia wesk. and I 
think:. After a perusAl ot Lhi* brief eketeb 
of the eentreman. Tbe Morn in r TH<- 
craph'a resdera wiH acree that he is 
wurthy of n few lines in. prim. Thirty 
yearn Afv wiU) ar a jacclj more money ma-. 
it t<»k to pay hi* ruilro^d fare frv<m ins 
nAUra town of WilliacuporT. Ps . Joe 
Bcntley b^adi-d for the rknith, having 
Ln-nrrl tberp wB« a rhanpe ttp make mt>ue> 
in tbr timbiT buameaa in thp jiIl? lan.i- 
■ 1 Ifiiimann. He had but little echivi)- 
iBe. Vul bTtrtn n-plenCrand a mind that 

HttW llttO thr future. To .[-irt with, i: 

wiirked nn a nmimorj day Inthtrer In ji 
aAWmfll for M.2A n day. which waa preU) 
Hood wi(n nt ihnt iieriod. Of that ^miill 
paj lie sateil PTfniieli to ur-quired' a snu- 
mlll of III-. ■■■' ii. njid lhrfrhy lei! to* 
firtifidntlon fii n treat fortune. Enormon,, 
forents of rlnptn nine ware, nil nrtwad 
lilm nnrl, lorikinEj far alidad, llphtley he 
i;nji bnylnc up these tracts, land heinc 
then r.'pfii'ii'ii nf BBCfi Mulct value tliat -i- 
boiiabt, much nf it for 00 centn an artr. 
Tn-day tin -la ownrr of ltt.000 ncres, cov- 
ered with majrhlnrpnT fl r>d ntntely Ireea, 
the worth of whleb It ia hard to compute. 
In tbe vaulta nf the handsome ron-atory 
batik buildlne ulili-h he «viu renoae 
■".iHii.i.'^f of hondn m tood oa any Fnelc 
Sam ever nut out. his property exdusitp 
l> and th*o there >> a hotel— hue that i* 
n awry by ttaVtt 



M», Giiette Cakabina, firadnata of 

Bcrlia Coruerratory, Seduced 
to Home.le« Wanderer. 


<!■" mlnn H*d I'n.srtMCd ttt PclHt 

■W[,rrf Sfe* Feared ■ ff ia rl ifl tli' 
Uli AWeeled. 

Who dptll ITer tc«r |o Ike HAS 

'•I.oBlr BIHT* r to-ttlaail In Wtt- 

rbwaed o> 

of the Ho □* a . 

ItefoTP he had reached hia prMent 
slot uk nf miiliiiiiillnnaiio Jo* Ucntley 
arsjkad Into (he dlnlne room of the local 
tavern In liis sbirt §ti-ei i >, the day be- 
Inr oppresaively Im". The landluard or- 
dered btm out with a/rest jurperity dc- 
rlarnir no man could eat at his table who 
ui tar forgot this conieintoc* nf polite 
xcciety. I. naxrianl at the calling; dow D , 
thr mieat obeyed ihc order, but us he quit 
the scene tltere came in[g, bit bead a 
rlrui molurfuu to build and operate a 
hotel of bis own in that very town. Did 
a& earn oiu the notion? Wdl, if you 
happen to have any business in that pari 
of tbo conntry. just ask any man yon 
meet what sort at a hotel does Joe Bcni- 
ler own and run at Alexandria, and vo-j 
will heir vf A Structure that cost S75U - 
n»"i to erecr In that btitn: vf 1£0W peoplr, 
with maboRany fnrnitnre tbrouahout, thai 
■ ■■inn- M hall a BiUliuo dollars, and Ita own 
electric llibt plant cud artesian water- 
supply put In at his: r-xpenae. Commer- 
cial ttatelen in that territory journey 
llx" miles out of their way to atop at itia 
estaollahmCnt. which has nothine to cotn- 
pate with It nearer than N>w Orleans. 
With all hla millions. Mar twenly-tta: 
| or thirty •■! tfaem, ibts adopted --n of the 
I South ii ai unaatuminx aa whe^ he toiled! 
fat a itaj hsborrr's pitUnce. Ols close 

■ prrsonat friead. CoO|rrnmaa A»»r!t. 
| waa ihowine; hltn thnnirii the Capitol 
- i-i;i('liri. An tbe unapolledi old tnmber 
. iiirr,E K»seil down, thr |.'-nr corridors and 

■ upward rn the hirb vaulted ceElines, be 
! exelAimed: "By jinp), doctor, wouldn't 

>he mate s fine uvoiili If you'd knock 

■ e-' all th- ; .-.r:i: ■ -'r 


ThccU Bars, ExpUini tbe Ifigher 

Vamping and Follows Cleopatra's 

Odoroux Example. 

Thr l.i [)v of Ihf Inne, slinky Jinrj anil ber$< qioI diualr-dunuti- cjirritlK* hA* 
rfltac back in toe time ihat TheiJn Tlnra 
' :.j, : K-i-n mLMUiLK frtmi thr film* sue haa 
iiln-n-d II- l- |j c -i". "i.nnl ".-liiiriiclpr from 
that "I iti> titijiiuHn.-.l *lri-n to tlist <•( 
a motiiAled tnmirinr, n* she calh it. A 
mntivLttitt miiLtiire it iliiti which, or one 
*rha encoil» th. itrtin *or kva's »wee( 
■alte. which, iraaaes it nil tinlit. Hh* 
said so yp*(ert*i r 

Tlie new itrlii>>>l nf vampinc operaiea 
on ihe ptrsaUe tlmt esvrs had jjirt la 
tad for n EiHut juiri-i"' H'rearfteT h*r 
audi^Eice mflv reri aa-nred tltat the noihor 
ban weiahcl the lapAHal and fl'-cide,) the 
only wry 10 *ni r Ifajp i-iimlemne.1 hus- 
band i* m vamp the oerjiired witness or 
&otne a<ieh nuttpr [ F ^lrr>n* will nlejv 
keep their seal* fur everyiljint will be 
P-spccTEihle in the end. 

JtsMtasei purpart of Iit iriftporiry 
GaevnEinn wna dabbltn^ in ncTfnme. Sic 
lovr* to linnU!-- Hr perfamev Ch>opatrA 
did It. Thedn Mara ha* invented her 
own. n ro^ibmniiim of Krnta of various 
tropical rjowpm t"n agnsBBsllC Tor words 
or music Iter it la an etpreaarlon nf 
her rsanrrssatj perwinaMir, thia perfnme, 
and it ia mile.) with an oil as was chat 
i,f f "i-jj'sii ra. 


Jad=r ■■= « 1 1 i Ont al -':. Peilponei 
■-■MOiijr hjr WlnianBi 

nqw-U] aiSSaaill i-TSr Vmim T.'Jirip!. ■ 

STACK, Spp-, *t — Sunrem* 0*ssrt 
Jm.Mi-p Arthur S. T^mpkius of llocs- 
land C'.tinL 1 . who ia prominently men* 
i inn.--* fur tha Republican nomination for 
GovrrrHT if Caa*«a«* Vtathan l« Miller 
withiirawa, ndjourned eouri here by a 
r*'li'. mPKjiaee from a iptt-boiind unm- 
ship. Judp* T"ni|ik)np. who la xrand 

sailvr ilf .MA*iillir Indue* lif Nelv V"fk 

Htnte. jm ec roue haew from KlnUftd. 
artteri he insinllinl ssspsmxlr ordem. 

Jndtte Tetnii^Ii"' »i» |n bB»e r*m **«**! 
cflTirt in NjiL-L at IP aVtsVJjj aexi Sntur- 
iIaj monjinc. Mi« Nnfnlle foiieh of 
Nyach r rAUIt *perelarr, ree^ltad A radio 
ntnsaac,- from the .TudjtP at spa ndrlaiiia; 
her (hoi be had MJearned thr "paslon 
to 11.10 o'eioi'k Saturday mnriiliur, nn 
the nienmi'r he l» rpMirninc upon would 
not does! in New York Cily until D 


rtoal* Slnsber Whn 1'hreoitaned Fler 
WJttB Knife. 

(*p*-L<l niip*t & 10 The Mcmlnt T»l«*Tirl) L 

RE.VON. Sept. T.— LSherlff DiVts** 
deputie.* niMrohril in-dn/ fir n mashef 
#bo erabhcfl nod tried to k]sa Mian Mil- 
dred Mcf Inre^. n eed Ltl, nea r Pouih - 
ktepaip. The taan Hfcosted her near ner 
home, in Arlington. 

The yniinR itinn arnbbrd: her at a 
lonely place on the Manchester road, out- 
aide el frnichfcerpslr. sin- fought hmt 
and hr flonriphcd n small knife. Ulan 
MeClavea eounrer-attackeil with the bat- 
pin and tbe dirt look flhxhl. Have far 
wlirrit Iflceratiun* Daj Ihe riiht band, Miaa 
IfcCleave* escaped unharmed. 

A f*at!p woman, torn and reared in 
luxury, a former -:ic!»m «-f I'-./iiabM 
InlvepaJiy, a crndijatp nf ihp IJerlin fort- 
•revaiory of Mmic. and *-n Brraimed in 
l^uex Markit Court fur romnjon m- 
"rariee. Soch in Ism fudrn drsceat of 
Mr-. < itene Cababina. 

fear of heinc venlem-^l bk a vagrant 
led her to tell tbe alary nf ihp mi<Tnr- 
tunes by which ibr had been broneht la 
the hruik of starvation. 

A probslinn officer was av.ijnrd t- ii- 
vesrlajite fter ato-rj srtd reported that sb^! 
was bora in IVenver, fo^onido. Her ,■']■;- 
callon w#a adminintered by private tu- 
tor* at home. 

T.ateT she CAUde to New York and 
atndied mr.-x ai Colurohis Univentitv 
aummor school. Three *t«dies were torn* 
tinier! in Germany nnd she recelvpd a .1* 
;it from the Berlin l^ocrrnntorr of 

• hi her return from Europe -e'he mar- 
ried an kalian she had rael in Home. 1r 
was iioi a bnppy marriace. and Ml*. 
i Alnahliih declared il;, it her htrsbcad** 
crstettj dr*jve her i» keave him. 

Her hair hrorhrr fnntlssird rm npart- 
nseni for |ir r in Bo*ton and proevirp.J 
ansae nmsie fHqdrA, HoweW*. MfK. 
falaabinn rllif no; !■■■■,; rerjiniu (n >!.■■ 
inn. Sul ram." tr^ New York, and lairr 
touebt rnii*ie |n n North >*sm'iTin mtlea*. 

Fnr Ihe taut few trmnttK. *h» said, ale 
hml lieen llrinj; in Greenwich VlUnc*. 
Rm bv thp** move* sap hn-J knB Trnvk 
of her rrlaiiT"* nnd Triem!*. Her fnml* 
irrei* lower. Khe was behind iy: her rerit. 
iilnl frp(|u«ntlv .ild not pet ntiimeh m ear, 
Finalh. maininritlnn. nhe hp|le T e,|. nf- 
lecteo her to anrli an eitenr thm ^he 
helleietl her mind waa falltne-, 

Last Boudny fthe wa^ turned nlit nf 
her furnished r.inm. herai^e rhe runld 
nor pny n,.. rent, nnd «r»a found by Pa- 
trolrran Re[||y nf tbe >'"ri-.-v Ktreet sta- 
tion trj'lm I i sleep In the Uallwuv i-r ll!4 
Manloiifal strf*t. 

In order to allow relniive* to armnjTP 
for h*r frilurp nire, M-.: i ■: t •: ■ Afmspl 
Rytienber* *rnt Mr.. I'ulzihioit to Wne. 
erlr rt-ime Jind put nrrr rhe firnl de- 
position of ih* cope until September 14. 



Erects at Jamaica Rs.cttnc!' Sched- 
uled to Begin Fromptlj 
e,t 1 o'Cloek. 

The Policr Field Tioj Lir.,-' at Ja- 
tu^ira Raretracs **• ill hexin promp;!r at 
I o'clock, bull* to-day and neit Mat onlay. 

. nccordins [.■ an announcemeul from Fo- 

j lie* HeadqTiBner#. 

j |n order that there may he no -von. 
fasfon in prtiirii io the track the f»l- 

i lon-iur route* have bsaoi specinll/ dessi* 

I Pre-m New York hy aatomoiiie — 

■ QOeeHbanmiih Bridirr (Fifty ai in Lh ^ircefi 
ia (Jnwiii KViuIevard Hillside aTe&ne. 

■ Snlphin rtoulcVard. Locust afrnup. to 
! track. 

FfY-m IlrookLvp by nntonvih;.* — East- 
ern E'arkura* or Hnahwirk avrmip to Aa- 
'. maica avert or to Bidaewood avenug to 
llockaws> Iloulerard i v track. 

By rail and trolley — Lone; Isjacd ililt- 
read. rena*jlvnnrn rtUVtssssa New York 
ami Flarhosh Avenup. Hronklra. Speeiml 
traiini will leave each irrrainaj. bcetQ- 
r.inx nf MV» A. M. 

I^TPal ■frvfne from Flat hush arenne. 
llrooklyn. to Jamaica. MmiMp*! b»»*r* 
wil! meet nil Iraiua sjt jAmaica to con- 
vey (uiB^ensers to irack. 

LealllElin BVenue er»r«i|rtl road feoea 
fvrneiblyn Ilridce [i. tVaehlncinn Sod Ful- 
ton *ireet«, Jsmairs: trolley to track. 

Express trsm* Im Jnmuiea will learpj 
(liambei* street. N-w York, hecinnias; 
at Hi A. it 


lVilli-r Malt* Bmpld-Flrr Drscrafs 
o*i Dplia Dens, 
Ten (.'hiae*p lverr nrrasittw nnd s. num- 
ber of pipe* and a quantity of oniiih 
were srised! in three "rajiiiJ btc" raid* 
made ln*r evrulne h.v detrciivrs of Peputj- 
I'nlice Commlsloner Dr. Carlcton Simon's 
atnlTr The rleTe.-tiren worked >inlrkly so 
at to prevent news of tbe lirH raid brine 
flaahul thrwujrb unilr-pworld rhaBoato in 
"lip nff" thn ocherw The priaonora trass 
Ioi-kpiI up et I'o^cc Hoailtinarlcra 
ehArcnl with violation of the nnrcotic 

Tkln HtsivU \i.| n.e ruber 

When The Mornlns TeIeEr*ph corned: 
a dlspntcli tram Ryrarar* rerpiilly ("11- 
inc how flinrlea E. Welders or Brook- 
lyn r known profsaatotia% as. Charles E. 
Mack, had played >i* vaudeville act 
while tinder srrrsi. and under the '-:-■■■ 
lant eyes of a depuiy th-riff other 
t'hnrlca E. Mftckn \u thr profession fett 
■ but some micbi muiunderstnnd 
which one of them it was. 

[n particular, it whs not Chr.rle» tL 
Mack of Msmaroneck. who haa inai f:r.- 
i-.ied "The Flower or tbe Flock" with 
Theda Bara and i-^ ■■■■■■ matins * i.'J=-if- 
ilth pletur*. 



t LBnVlS— WILUAJf, a* Kvyt- "- ■ '-IMPBEIJ, 
i Pl'SKASL ntllCH" Irailnr &nd U'h 5t 

I i::i hadar- 

IBATBn— * 


z"^ 1 ^ H 1 tC.a WCCT ABTU CTDC-CT 


East of BroAd**-ay ■ ■ - 

SEPT. 11th 


of Exceptional Merit 




!■..■'- ,■■■'■ ■-. 




, ' Published, hj THE t.KWIR PURU8IU Nil COMPANY. at No. 620 Eighth Xwut, 
corner FiflUih sr.f<v!, to lis City or New Yorlf. Borough ol Manhattan. 

: w. £„ L^wjt. Prwildtnt, SM Elf but Ai*aua. Editaid E. Thorns*. Vloa Prulden:. 

1F93 Eighth inrnn, John J. N«JI, Ir. H &rcr*[*ry and Trnmitr, Si* Eighth Avenue. 

KBk* cheeks payable to Tb* MorSlng Telegraph. B3D Elf bib Avenue. Saw York. 
II. A. HALLETT, AdTrrti.ini Mknift:. 

Take < 

From Motion Pic- 
tore Men. 

If the food judgment of the executive committee of 
Railroad and CotU th* Theatre Ownera' Chamber of Commerc* tad Motion 
Agitator* Might Itcture Operator*.' Union. Local 300, lis-] not Mine to the 
fon \;( might fiw be In tho throes of n most H-fs.1 urbinc 
strike. It npeak* well foi both faction* that in amicable, 
settlement of wage difficulties presented a strike at ■ 
time when' in* industry fia go 113 afford any .trouble, A 
.Utile .flaertflM ti both bidet brought' About ap-under- 
BtsndJpg .hnt avoided what mi|ht have been a very bitter nrsti. Tout drawn out fight. 
Seldom Is it possible for en* side to win every point in Id argument- There 
must be totei-anee a run compromise oil both ridei, nsd, fortunately for ft]] nd- 
**n,«i, th« theatre owners *nf operatnjs took thli Into rornlrjerstfon when (be 
S trouble was at Mr height, ud, by using common, tense, kept tb* tb**tw* from 
I closing Thrir dOOn, 

tollowing this truce tins tome about ad understanding: tbitt.wUl be twrnunenl. 
^H-tlio. Joint arbitration board arranged by tha Theatre Owd»ti* Chamber Of Com- 
taerw and the Motion TictuTt Operatora' Union, Local 306, proves a auocesBfui 

' arrangement. Hereafter, when (he operators hart grievances, they can tike 
tfcelr troubles to ihe arbitration board and have tbr« of their own member* and 

. three of the theatre owner* sit (i judfment on th* cas*. The derlrion Is final. 
There will be do nppesl and no going back aa the rerdtct. In cut the botrd 
cannot »frw ■. neul«l party wLS| mafct rh r dcebioa. Tbe board piat» oo the 

. nUbitora' differences with the oplrttora in the um« mpjiuitt, bo that a strike 
in tbe future n a rrmnte tH^i"ibU3tr. 

Too much cannot he wild in pwlne of thin moTensexit to prowulf ate a lastinj 
peace. It aneaka irell for both aldei, and! abould be a milf stem* In the adTanet- 
ment or botb'orfanljfltJOnB. In th* ^rttlftnptt of the threatened atrike the di*- 
comfort d[ the pubJtc tvob made the blf consideration aod what the cloBLnf «( 
tbe theatre* would mean to the" people. U tfanae who flre reanonalbte for. Lbs 
raflrond nnd coai L af!tBtinn.WDDld take a levaon frnm the expediencr nfid akill frith 
ThJcb thf exbibiton and operators aettled their difficaltlea the countrr mifht not 
Bow be in auch a turmoil of unreal. The motion picture Ib as necessary in Eta waj 
to thr publk a* tie eon! ttui railroad*. The men who hiM the power to arbi- 

. iTatt for peace knew thla and made it their buaiaeaa to aee that Ibe public wib 
not denied its TaTorite form of nramenwnt. If the faction* proJoHflnj the rail- 
MAd and coal dtfBCDltlei could feel tfaa limt reapoaalbliity toward th* pablic. 
We mifht now be freed . ff#Jn the rtiacomforta of the present atrike. 




HAT dot! th« piblJc wuc.t? Tar Bona; wstsllii it l»k«I la if lh«n R» 
» mronj t.„.l,„,-,- j„ ,b p ,l| r(0 ||i>Il ol hlntorim] picture, ndtBHV I>ro- 
ducfr< bs.ilraf,! to romp], „rtk till, dcmajid bj bujlni .toH.. with an bl.lortc.! 
Mtkiroont Tbt Crrmnn pnxlnrtion. with -Jliid.njt Dii B«ttr" auti ""H»nrj 
10. Eijlth wrr» r(wlr«l with «jch fviHm Intrrnt, It >K m«l ai if th, old 
»<n on nitiime pljji, had been r*mt>TC<l ror nil time. The wealth ol hlitorlcil 
VUjl and locnlloia in»plreil the nrodUVUM with new lnr.e-.herc nt letiat wne c 
tlninn tn win the I™ ol the public h r uinilns ptcinft, that were worth eeelnt 
lod which could not poeelblr csnie in [07 nnj- lincomplimeotnrj* reauekj trDtn 
flioie who find rHicnllluj motion picture! their favorite pnetime. 

But recent report* enow eome of thewe picture*, mede et Kreet exnenje here 

^nl. Vh fee. tJ'ill' !1 °M """ J^'">«"' *""»»• Kiuilni to be «en. Molt 
■vSE,™ fT,." """ * bl «, ""'J." '•' «»*■»» »!■'> l»!d in period, where 

S-H? ...h T. 1 "L" ";«7 f, >""n"- ,Thr film indpetrj hut been blamed for Ih. 
banal raeh it «rlnrl. out d«r after dn, tn,i month nfter month. No one can dear 
there l> on obnndanre of thir britoirfic trpe of picture, (hit .honld bo CHrtaretl 
nfovi h ? . ^'"ll" HFLr"". \'t '" "?" '•' "Wit »«»l« That w"i 
'%!!_ b^ j «."? W .^" L . S;»''«"M«' Tommr" to.« ehown « nicuire by Sir 
iMie. Barrio that relalned all the wbimrtoil cbnrm of the author. In "oe tfc.t-e 
^W.°J.™ Sh ^JL""f"°°'L " ,i l " t «'«„■""'< War Women Ijntfr or »ome "ch 
32 V!^?$2 'S. "»<*"? a™"- , ■BenlltMntal Tomtnj" lailed io do aor huel- 
?f™U^ h " , *»»•">"■ f>rt»« nilfd the hnnae, nfternoin and eeenln,. Buch n 
Taport Ji enough to infthe the prodncor aek niatn; ■ 

■Want doea the public want?" < v—j^ 

H-> 2ir°„l 1 "i^'".""," la """IT "•-, P»'hapa we nhill hove a " c Ua. of picture 
utlt will not come In for eo ranch rrlucjem. 

»-p HE Drri have appealed to Trill Haja to rllraulato from (he screen the rldicul- 
X lot of the Eijbteenfh AmeudrafDt. Thla le the Srat Idea the/baTe erar 
hflej worth endorainf and we hanten to applaud londlj. For. If tiere la anything 
^fif^ " , *° ?fa El «*'"°"> ,Ainendnieat. it ia the rolIectlM nf Joka. that have 
JOTM up ou fte .abject. Whether on etn|[e, acreen or Id priyate life, the pro- 
-Albitron conterealion »\tbe ainal Lreitatlnr baaalitv of the land. 

'iij.i'j'i J*'l",J*j' "'"!!r "."1) ln ""' '"'«"» forblddlni !he nae of thla 

Md of iokc. II .honld inniedlatelr illeapnear from the acrefn and an? indlrldoa] 

'^te^rl* "ft™*" '? ',»« »l>*ert .hoald he cut de.d bj family end frlend». 

The Drra lare a mlaalon Is life at la.t. flood luck to their tew lecture, 

FHOM preieat iadleaHoni. the comln|f eeaaor. la tolnf to be a banner one for 
lac raolloB picture theatre awner. Hepotta from o»enln|i all orer the 
«uontrj polot to a teturn to proaparicy. ^In eirery laaiance where n brand naw 
theatre baa opened or where on old hohae haa reopened after helnn cloaed down 
for a time, they were hardly able to accommodate the thronaa that fltwhert 
tu tnenu Tncldentaily, this wan not entirely due tn the atlracHon. offered In 
caaes where jua£ an ordinary proeram feature uy offered the attendance, waa 
Wf. Naturally, it foHowod that I he theatre, that abowed the weB-known hit. had 
to put out the 8. K. O. alpi. Alt of which ahould make for a fteliuy of aptimi.ra 
thnruefaout the industry, (or if the eihlbltnr ia doinjt hualnrsa It mrana better 
time, for every otter branon. of the bnalneaa. 


IS tlie Saw Tork Timt-a Book Reriaw for September 3 waa an nrticl* h«r 
BonJiBliu Dc Caaacrea, entitled "Itoriaj, Tbat the People Want."*-fr*m wbicb 
We quute * f#w paragrapbti; 

■■Who auta the national and local taatea in motion plcfurea — thr producere 
or the pabiicT >• 

"'Are the producers flrljia, the peoflv erBCtlji n-hi> c tkey want, or art th» 
prodiiM-rn rcmprllinf the people tf. take what tlirj f|?e tbemT 

|The anawer wonld aeem to he obripni* — you cannot force nnythinf on twenty 
imllioti people erery day in the year that thry do not want.' Jt la an economic 
WW that rietrjAilii ia anterior .to mipply. Tbfl producers hare nothinf m atake but 
* their potatThooka. There lan't tha ilirhtrat reaRon why they abould haTe any- 
thlriT rlBe at etake. They canDOt raise the artistic taatea of the people (to uae 
tie current jarroi* of upliftera) If the people b«»* ni> artledc taatea to rata*. 
' t " 'be moTlflf picture audiences «r thia coiintry detnondnl tha work of 
' BBakeapeare. Ibaen. SlaeterHnek, Anatoli Franc*, Tbomoa Sardy or Oorbart 
HunptmHTin on tna screen the producers would fire it to them. Tbero are doaeni 
of producer* cud acenario- wrftens waitinf lot the people to aay an. But they 
almply do not want th* b1$ atnff.. It 1a humorous and hypocritical to Rak the 
ireat picture companieM of thla eahntry to fO bankrupt out of courteay to tbele 
tUtAbnaW crjl irj... Z . ■ ' 

"How loaf woold a newapapera * maflalne, a tbcatrical prodactr Or A aport- 
iof ^TjiKXihalioa— not to apeak ol a department atoi* — Inst If it inaiated oo.flrinf 
to the public the tnina; that the public haa no njne for? 

"EirsiT newspaper writer knowa that tha news of Iba day mant be told In 
thr xaimplert, moat ctracret* form. Xo public 3s e«r llterar?, artistic or intelH- 
<«•■ The moTina; pictnre makea ita appeal tn th-. avcraie newapaper readar— 
and those below that averaf e. it depeodn for its life tn a f rpat many Retitinna of 
thia country on those who cannot even read the newspapera printed in their own 

" 'What's the isatter witb The marie*?' should (hen be changed to the quaa- 
tion. 'What'a the matter with tb* public?' Motion pictures, Hke eterylhinf e!a* 
tn the bualneits world, never rise anoTe the aourte of their rrvr-mic-i 

"'Qivt uh better moviti!' hit been the bow] o< the critici of the American 
motion pictare. 

" *O.Te na n better publk nod we will fir* you better 1 plciareal' mlfht well be 
■ tbe answer of tbe fi*eat picture producers, 

" 'W* stand ready, ' m\d Mr. Bobert Kane, (tnera] prodoicOon uaBuueT fl-f 

. the: Famous Players, 'to fir* the public of America the treat »torir», poema and 

epic* of all timet slid in all lanxuairea — wben they want them. Wi take somblioe 

, riaka-tbat no other legitimate bnaineaa in the world t*k*i, But art and reality 

■' are on* thing; public taste Js another. 1 

' ."I bare lately examined thoUsinda of exhibitora' report, from the amill 
towns throughout the country. Their reports are psychoioficaf mirrors of tb* 
' Ideal* and mtntil needs of the peopled' h 

Sir. De Ca^eerBi then (oea on to enntplea of small town Ifnorancc to pron 
, .ihe hopelfasneiiN of tb* attilatipn. .The following ia ooe ol tbe cited incident*. 

"An exbibitiir -if Sheboribn, TV1*,. renortit that one of Ike finest picture* 
"enrtr made — a picture fsundftti on th* 'Peter Ibbctaen' of Geoi£e du Maurier— 
■" went fiat ia hit; ton-n because it wm i costume plaf. The 'elite' supporter] it the 
. flrei iiltht. Aft^r that the ernrral opinion wbb that it waa a 'sleepy' picture — L e.. 
"■ !l baa some beautiful dream scene* la it, Peter Ibbetacn Waa played by 
B WaTiy Sleid, but the lr.h«. at Sheboyfaa want WaUy caat in a 'happy' mi#. They 
;■ H,*«n by this that they. want to aee Willy macchluc cartmsl* with a flapper 
' Hweetbeait in a ballroom coiner or aplnnlni will, btr in a Ford) to lift th> mart- 
V^af* i-ff betfumiture-" 

Tn cotaCludinf hi* nrricle, ha makes ibe atatemrnt that: 

"The publk are; imconaclously, in lesfne with tha etesora to keep cverythlaf 
1 tfowii io the level belnw which to fell Is sheer Idiocy. Tf tba ransowi are allowed 
IHA ride the hacks of our mot in f picture concerns mod. .onfer. tt will result in 
::pl*ttite* for balf-wlts. 

■■'A* a matter of fact, if th* army testa are any jui.le. th* t.i>unirr i" wide 
.. ,u* mofttly of juT*nUe minda and bilf-wlu. And It la to thla pnbllc. aided pnd 
abetted by Ibe political Job-holders called onuSon plcttlt'e Cahiori, tb*t tba areaU, 
'.-pIMurB indiutry muat cater ia order to Uts." 

George: eabtmax *toi* quiatiy 
np to the mexxAnln* floor and 
sat in on* of tbd trC40-colored "fi- 
boletercd chairs in Ibe new East- 
man Theatre- H« went all alone. It 
was the Bret moment ba did to fet 
away from tbe admirinf crowds who bad 
filled tb* tbeatn nil day tond to .pay 
feonujie Co the man whn made It poe< 
alble for Itoctlcstee to hs.Ye.tht* beauti- 
ful theatre. Ha had ptsrpo&ely ivolded 
tie newspaper folk, who journeyed from 
pll i.Vfr the surronndinf country to write 
(if the Beat Li^ivrrsSfy-o'vucrt motion pic- 
ture theatre In America. ?»ot that he 
fran any ^tud^e nRainst repbrtera, but 
that be ia ahy and has never been known 
in all Ms fifty »Htc or aixt7 ycara to talk 
for publicatinn. 

As the bead of the Eastman Kodak 
Company and a mulp-mi.-ioualre, ho jas 
been rcc,uc8ted to give fala "riewi oo 
many subject}, bnt at the mere meiitlqn 
of an- imerricw bo has alwayjt i:i;iJn- 
t.iiiicl the silence of the provcrbiaf clsm. 
His philaathronic deeds. Arc many in 
Bocbestcr. nod bin name is a word tbot 
many people here cans* to remember, 
but be has preferred (O let Jia deeds 
»P£4k: for themsclvfjL, be lie fins: the 
truest words in the American tnnruaec 
are "Silence Ib Golden.'' 

Tip In a seclude! i-i-mrr of ibe the- 
atre, George Eastman ant and looked 
about bim. On ercry side wsh some ob- 
ject or art, exquisitely wrought nqd 
chosen wltb lo^nc care. He had dreamed 
tbls whole thine, a beautiful 4heitne for 
all. classes where the poor conld c*t Rood 
moaie » ' 4 price within tliclr means, and 
where, thot* n'ho had an innate tove for 
bltltty could fratlfy it ,\o ona knew 
wbRt his thouehla were as ho sat t^tr* 
with tbe full resl.ait.fih that his dream 
bad come true* 

HIl Cl.-il,!. 

"It's b r a c"ji1d," whisprre:! one of the 
at-tixts who bad labored nidr hy ride 
with Mr. Eastman In huLldluK the the- 

Thoae who know Mr. K|*tma n biMt 
aay tbls theatre is thtt fulfillment of his 
greatest bone, sttd that iiotbhic in his 
life lias ever RiT*ii bim thr saHtfaet'on 
*h*t he ban had in building this structure, 
which bus tow to bim so Enspirerl thine, 
built after two years of ronatsiit plnq- 
nine aud fsbor. 

XothLnr so intriipiPB tbp interest of n 
ttporter n* a mani who doesn't want !■■ 
br. Interrl^wed. 

And because George Eastman ditlii't 
want to bo Interviewed and ho didn't 
want to talk about himself, beinr. n 
woman, I ftlt I must talk with him. 
While ho sat in (bat rose-colored chair 
oil alone I imprcKsed upon Ueorge Blair 
thp Importance of intcrricwlnn Mr. Eost- 
mfln. Mr. Blale is sale* mouap-r of the 
Eastman Kodak Company nnd b-avln* 
been my fri*nd for ten years or more, be 
felt he conldn't *cud mc back to >'ew 
York with only l::;l: of my niisslqu com- 

"Only," be cautioned, ''do not use that 
word interview," 

With these words of advice 1. slipped 
Into the rose-colorod seat next to Mr. 
Raatman end began n conversation, Per- 
haps it Was taking nn unfuii- cdvantafc. 
byt when a woman make* up her mind to 
do ft iLlng cbn usually goto what she goea 

Hnala ainal ihc Cbll4. 

Afwr discuwitlf the art and arcbiuie 
cure, of the theatre — a tbing Mi. Eastman 
in too interested in (o rtfns« to dlactMlo — 
Wf> enma to its purpose- , 

"I have always felt, 1 ' said Sir, East- 
mno, "n child get* its taste in reading 
from the qasJIcy of literature that, is jiut 
into his !in.til:i nt tun formative afc. A 
boy or girl wfea is piveu the right sort 
or tnjuk develop* n Putural lova tar soxjU 
rendlUf. H,o will refitse. to read Iraah, 
not only because ho dues not care tn fill 
his mind with tbls aort of stuff, but be- 
cause he ia not interested in anything but 
the beat books. The sumo ia tru« of good 
music, A love of music Is Inherent in alJ 
of .:.-,. All |t needs li fostering nt tin; 
righi hrc. If tbe young pcoplo of Bocbca- 
ter hflto an opportnuity to bear opera, 
they will nor want Jan. Give hicli clflw 
music in them in homeoparhic do*cu, tint 
all at Aucr. and Ersdusily their musical 
taste will be developed to such nn extent 
tboy Will demand the best." 

■■Vr>i! think, then it jb poBsibie to edu- 
cate tho people of Rochester to better 
thitits by (tiring them ort and mini.- at a 
pne* within their reach?" I asked. 

"I am sore of it," replied Mi\ Eaetman 
in a cotafideat voice. ''All people who co 
to Concerts arc not miuic lovers. We 
proved that ft few yeara ngo, when w* 
maintained a very expensive orchestra. 
Tbe people, were not ready for the liigh- 
cIbbs munici.l pKeftam they gave, and it 
was a failure. One evening wo had 
Schumann 'Heink on the program. Be- 
cause of n bad Rtorm she wrs enable to 
get to the theatre. The leader of the u'r- 
chestrn said the mnnry would be refunded 
for tRp ticltctn. wlilcli rould bo used an- 
other time. *But now thrtt you are here.' 
he «nid, 'you mti;ht at well atoy and listen 
tn the program.'' T>o you know," snJd Mr. 
Eastman, "nl though It didn't coat (hat au- 
dience a penny extra, and they were al- 
ready in their "rnts. about half of fham 
walked our! They enma to bear Schu- 
manr^Hrink not because the* loved nin- 
s.c, but because they Tnntcd to b*r able 
to aay they bail heard her. 

\ !..3lp{)J- of l.tlVr. 

"If they bad been taught an apprecia- 
tion Of flue music i:i their routh," said 
Mr. Clieutoi,, "(bey would hare rrmnlned 
In tbeir aeau." 

"Do you think pictures abould form the 
■ame lort of n prtlimluary training?'' I. 
joked Mr. Eaataniii. 

"I think a love: uf art ia inherent also," 
inrivered Mr. Eastman, "biit Ibclisve it. 
hu to be cultivated like inurfc. In tho 
aelwol of moalc we have a gallery where 
rlv- exhihEta of tbe miMcuota are loaned. 
On Wednesday we expect to throw this 
open during; the intxrnuaslan to hm I| aa 
A lounge j'or the people to wnlk up sod 
down and see those," 

fiuddcnly It dawned upon Mr. Eaitman 
be had. been talkEng to a newspaper- 

'■¥<)!■ area't ^ointf tn publish what I 
told +mT' ho said, in horror at the tden. 

"Sot unless yon are willing." I told 
hint. 'Hut jr»u «ald somrthing about ib" 
Maa.-t.PLil ParrUk paicting; let us ;n and 
see dint and talk about the »iorv later." 

I bad told Jinn I thought this Maxnefrt 
P»rrish pnintiuK had been bung In a bad 
ligbt, and it ahould be placed whan 


Hal UoRch and Harold Uejd, May tbay 
make nnother "Grandmfa Boy" - 

ll"p Bellvresi she I. * plnd. 
ThomoJi H. Uliion nauaed long enongb iii.-j work tha-other afternooD to tall 
me he baa n Und Jn'Madeiyn Clare, the 
young witmnii he baa chosen to play the 
leading rule in his ploy on piychoarmlysiB, 
clUcd '■'I !-■■ JSnsV - He, h:wcs hi- ci'uten- 
Uon not jkti much on .her. pnat perform- 
ances no tbe screen or on Ree bciury u 
un her charm and her iDtelllecnca, MIm 
Clans in a. bmuctta tyn* of beauty wltb 
dasric .eatnres, and a person nitty tbat 
teaubcre in drnmfttJe'art tell us in neces- 
«ary in Ta-innlug that elusive tblnf called 
Buccesi*. If Mi*a Clnrn rn*i>turcs up to 
expectations, Mr, Ulxon will Teward her 
by giving. her a part in "Tbe Beast" 
nlien it plsya on Broadway. This new 
compnny oT Mr. IliXon's. formed with a 
capital nf $150,000, has a threefold mis- 
sion : l-'irst. to make pictures adapted 
frnm Tliomaa DixinV original- manu- 
scj-ipts; .sLMinid, to bring them to tbe 
atage, and third to produce them In book 
form. We are publishing Miss Clare's 
picture, sud If *ba la bait aa good *look I on 
as her photograph, we have nn doubt we 
shall be bearing about her before tbe end 
| of tbe year, 

Tb« Hurt Pnhr. 

Wltb .tho coming of the William p. 
Hart baby, ccrry fine hopes 10 
hear of a reconciliation between' the 
good bad man of the West and 
his wife, who waa Winifred West- 
over . before she became Mr*. Hart, 
The tittJu one hew been called William 0. 
[fori. Jr., and this |n Itself fit Hid to 
signify that the llttt* mother had not 
entirety put BUI Hart oof nf her life. 
Any one wh.n knows of Bill Hart's lnvu 
of flttltfhen can hardly believe it pOBalbl* 
there will be a permanent breach at thi-i 
time. Whatever the difference ia. the 
frictuls of tho couple are hoping' it can be 

rgnp^t Billions in order. 
Annu Eugene Aiken and Willnrd Craw- 
ford i^itteraon were married on tbe fifth 
of frentiJEriber, according to announce-: 
ntfAtri Knt out by Mr. nnd Mm. Eugene 
Aiken, parents of the bride. The wbolo 
industry is interested in thin marriage, 
Which is a motion picture romance. Minn 
Aiken, ns thf editor of the Motion Pic- 
ture Weekly, a rcgionaE trade paper that 
flnuririics tbe .South, ind Mr. Pat- 
tfrson n« one «f the prominent exhibitors 
In Atlanta, were brought together i TJ th.-? 
interests of motion nlcturcn, nnd with 
thiK am a eotnuion bnnrl, thry became great 
friends — a friends hTp that later developed 
into n rnmnnce. Mr. and Mm. Pot lemon 
will bo nt home tn their friend* after 
September 15 in Atlanta. Ga. 

hits been enmrnsttM hy Thnma 
"Tho Bru,i" tb* flnl j>Ii-m 
Dixon faint pf! ny. 

EUR tn Ji'a>>" "■«■ li-:i>II"K rule 
to b« i.ruituri-il l,j- ihr Tho 

every one conld enjoy It. He ugrced with 
me and wo went ju n uf n»othsc 
place to hiuit it. 

That ho tuiK personally superintended 
the placlu], uf till hix troayuri'tt hLows 
what rt Inbor of love ihfa tbeatu- ii- lie 
bos studied every hit of tapestry, evary 
chair, every cornea Inlay aim i:very mural 
for Uio best effect. 

Motion picture, Mr. Eo*tmon believes. 
Is un urt tbat ahould have the same en 
eouragciaoflt kx music and painting. 

Forirnit rhotOHrvpiliT. 

"The improvement uf tho ph'tatography 
in motion pictures i^ nliuuat unbeliev- 
able." bo taid. "Tito cum^roiniui rrbontd 
bo fivcli a ;:;■■ ;<i. ■'■- .A uf crrdiL fur thil 
By CxpCrimcuLlnf they huve r.\\,-:\ Hv 
world iioj-tmit p ho In ine t-nraj- 
'days ;■."■:■" toe's; ih.-ir M.-ene» wi-ti UttU 
ij-ili r.-.s tn tba light. Uxpcrimcntt. -n.i 
glass plnti-4 ].j .-v:.-.) tbls v.-jii the only Wny 
to Ket ivMii'L^. ' :. " 1 1 1 ■ >■ IJgured iHiub ihii.l 
!>■- irstiietj in the sunie tuaUtuu. After 
many muiitba ami yCurs or Work they dls- 
Covercd the liucOt readlts were gullied 
fnim -jahotugraplilng right Into the light. 

"VnU wfll hud," went on Mr. kaOKtmaLi. 
"many .' h ot > bent arc Using tbe nevv 
fitma now to lake pictures instead of the 
ii|.:-f:i'-hiii:.'-ii glasa plates. 

"But — ncrhnue- I shouldn't sly this," 
he nald. "It aouncls. too much like 1 was 
trying to build up my bubinw^ I didn't 
■soy it tor that purpose," he ntud, embar- 
mased at the Idea. 

"I am irjra_you didn't. Bctddos." t 
told hint, "tbe Eastman Kodak Compsoy, 
according to reeent BtarJHticH, needs no 
i- illng up." 

"Every t>Usine«H nrviLm building up," be 
noid, chunging the con versa tion abruptly 
Into n iisilVreui channel by pointinz out a 
particularly lovely Italian psintiiiB. 

'Young L.awrepiM White, a son of 
Stanford White, saw that painting In 
New York nnd told ma about It I bought 
it for the theatre, but it haa bung In my 
hum* for so mnnr months It gnvr me a 
resl pong when I bad to part with it." 
'Speaking of Mr. Eastman's boms re- 
miutied mc of what n taxi driver hud snid 
earlier in the day when lie dpsctjbed tbe 
varinus i»lnt* of irrorest in Rnchcatftr. 

"Tlinl 'a E7ei)rge Enstmau's lionac," he 
sfii'l. "It ol&'t so n:«cb to look nt mi 
the nutridc,. hut it is beantiful inside." 

I tnld Mr. EnHtinan of the tail driver's 

con. fr^Lt -'!:■. Finer Than n*mf. 

"Hi« opinion doesn't eoinnifle ivith 
some of my fHcntk" slid Mr. 1 EBatf»OH- 
■ ttoc woman slid tea-day, after looking nt 
the mirrors, tipewrirf and funltufc, 'I 
sriah y&u would take bomo' of these beiu-' 
tiful Uiuigo iuto your own borne; it cer- 
tainly needs aome new Jtirnitwrc.' " 

If Rochester doc-ant r£it»ud to Mr. 
Er.jtronu'u Idea by vJutlsK the theatre, 1 
Miinl. it win bo a eruabinp blow to bim, 
But, after seeing the exquisite Rood taste 
of the house, it doesn't treetn possible that 
any wide-awake town, growing ond up 
tn data, can refuse to Cuke n gift pre- 
•cotcd 'iiih ao much pleasure oa tbls 
theatre, lias been presented jo them by its. 
donor. It in [lif* hie; tbidg io his life ami 
the sentiment attached to It haa msdo it 
a rriceieaa offorini;. 

X wgnted to exprei«a aomi! uurb lluuicl.t 
tnT Mr. Raahnnii, But, nf lor hating in< 
tervlewed bin, for An hour pgaitsst bis 
will. I thnught 1 lind better g» hack to 
my hnlri and give hiitn a chance to meet 
some of the jpiests who had atarted to nr- 
Tire for the afternoon retPBtion. It ruust 
be -<Ald for hlatood breedinit lie said 
good-by to me without a hint in i.L- tnpe 
tlinr \n- had been inveiarled Into nn op- 
welcomc Interview, I think for the mo- 
ment be forget he was talk-lns. tn n nenra- 
ria|wr*omftn, , . 

La* V' Hiirr Fulr l*ln 7 . 

Grafaflm PatleTfon in bis arric^ in The 
Christian Herald Mam** Will H. Hays 
for the failure 00,1**, churchet to obtain 
fllm. Bo says thi'Proteaunt ehurche* of 
America ire uniting to form ■ film com 

puny to furnish clean bimM Cor clean peo- 
ple nnd to act in o[>po^itiun lu the com- 
Irunics represented in tJil- organ ix-uiui, 
iL-aded by Mr. HayB. We with Mr. Pat- 
terson luck in. his eniCPpriise. Lut we do 
ihipk for n CliruUiiin Kc-ntleman he haA 
HiMken heedlessly mul tlifughtleBHly. Will 
II. Hnya has only been in the motion pic- 
tre burincss since March. Before he ever 
had any Idea tif becominE the lender or the 
lillh urcaJteaE industry, (lie 'churches and 
tlig thcutro, were hilling tlioir fiiscMHisions 
on nun- theatrical tilma. Mr. Haya*B pal-; 
icy has been to work with instead, or 
against the churches, and he bin. worked 
DUOtJifStttfy Ea bring nuHiut mi ero of clean 
plrturcs. Be h*a even called In welfare. 
urgnni^ilonw to Hssitit hifti in righting 
the wnitifffl In tho iilm intfiiMtry. Xu one 
tvbo has watcliod the former I'uMnisiHter 
i r« in actinn cauld iruthfullv riay 
he bos been n ulucker In urglnfi better 
pictures. . 

TLcre Is undoubtedly (l piare for the 
new comptiny. We wdooni audi en at- 
BimiXiitJon imtn this crent imlnwry, but 
at th(- sflme time we regret that u miin of 
the standing cmrl cluira^trr at (»rnbara 
rat tenon ehould linn- thouglit it worth, 
while to ap^nk an iqM K t.tinpl_v of Will EI. 
Hnya and Ida vnrk in the fit. ri industry, 
tti owing Mr. Hoyx sa wa do, «e nre sure 
lie wonM be the buS one to cunt mit as- 
pc l-rionii en the Cliri*tinn Hembl Com- 

An Exeeltent iiirp. 
In filming "The Life of Abraham 
Lincoln." Roy Roekett advance* tha idea 
tha; sach a film ahould be mud* of the 
life of each Prerident end filed uwny in 
tho nrehivrs 0-f the iJovemmeht for7utnrt 
use, Mr. JSockett pnrposeH giving th5 
Cnitod StM(i= : . tauvernment a copy of his 
Ulm (i-; an historical raeord. He.helipvea 
Btartlnt with President Warren Hording 
a lilm record vf each 1'r'i.vidrni ntui hi* 
most ImpfirtJint activities should beuinde. 
*o thot when imr futnre gt-nenition* want 
to know something of too real Hiitding. 
not sa played by an. actor, with himself 
in the role they can see thfac oictures 
and get a true conception of tin- man 
and his sccempliabnichts, Such a record 
of New York City would be invaluable. 
The customs are constundy ibsnging. 
Xew civic dcvelasmcnts are being planned 
and carried out every dny, m> that the 
Wealth of material far sucu a motion rde> 
tor* recprd would be limitless. Tho value 
of such pictures ore apparent to those 
wbo see in this Jtndt city, with lu cos- 
mopolitan ,K-nolatioi!, the iin>:,t intensive 
cducatlono! training for the people who 
want to LcArn aomeihing nf Manhattan 
and its progress. Paris baa nuch n motion 
picture department. Why not New Vork? 

Don't Mlaa "Cinmlnw't B«y." 

While wc ore handing out nil the edi- 
torial bouijiicts oil the plcturCH that are 
a blessing to the universe we would be 
rcmisa indeed If wo faileil to mention 
"Grandma's Boy." It's in a clavs with 
"Thfflltid" and is a Ave- reel comedy with 
it langh in every Inch of footage. What 
"Blood and Sand"- did nt 'the Itivotl a 
few weeke ago to wnkc up the iodett ma-' 
tion picture, upijrtit.', that is what Harold 
Lloyd la dolus; "t the Strand. It' is an 
art to he able to make a 5.UOO-foot com' 
edy nnd not have one moment of forced 
humor. Sometimes whet. Wo hear so 
much about n picture we feel wry that 
if*, went to see it, becuuse it eeeih* a sure 
alga v.-c arc growing blase, for an often 
we rail to share il": opinion of the eti- 
lhnviast». Friday night, nfter a huay day 
and a tired brain wc wnndcrt-d into ibe 
Strand. Tlie Inugh and tho entertain* 
me»t tbat "Cratidma^s Boy" gave us made 
us wi*th there vu fllwnya a comedy of 
this character waiting at the end of every 
Frldoy. when It la dlHItrnlt to forge-T 
hint's wjarliinii*, The picture will make 
menay for Mr. Lloyd, fnr Arthur K#m, 
and for nil concerned, and It should. An--- 
opa, who give* to the world a aim that Is 
:.." -'liil oJ liumor, so devoid uf anything 
suggestive and so well done is n nublEc 
benefactor. Our thanks to Arthur Kane, 

Jn ctr-issr. 
A postcard from Elsie Cohen ' makes 
known tbe jnteresllng MMl that oho and 
Mr- and Sin., Oscar Apfel arc ehioying 
a vacation along tbe Rhine. After a few 
days rest they will return, to Hollsnd. 
where hf r . ApTel will begin work on "The 
l.if.i!'*i Mouae." his next picture for tbo 
lloltnudin Film Company. 

Givlor Hor si Chsnc*. 

Any gir-l that Cecil De Mlllc electa to 
featuro in one. of biit big spocinls hi 
iisnally made, that Ib why the fr.fMidu of 
Paulino iinnin are so intereated in her 
offer of a part ia the next Do MHlo ap*- 
ciat. Miss Uaron ia the pretty young 
girl who played In "Lilies of the Field" 
on the stage, and later showed herself 
euch a line photo graphical subject in 
"Sonny" nnd In "Reported Missing-" 

It'- a. Hot Plate*. 

Chicago's lakcfront ino'i doing much 
to cool tho atmosphere in tbo Windy City. 
Madame Olgn Perrovr., who i* at the 
Blackstune, writes to soy, never has she 
known such tutcus* beat &he openod 
there with "The Wbltft Pcacocli" and, 
mnaiiigefi to gist there just whou Chicago 
■y-riil.'H, to break all bant records. ' One 
consolation. September never stays hot 
for many days. Two woman fainted in 
_thc theatre lost week and tho papers re- 
port several heat prostration a, ao that it 
would seem Lake Mirhigan [sn't doing its 
duty In the matter of cooling breesca. 

lout Ilaby! 

Harry Millarde ia so fascinated with 
bis new daughter be haau't been able to 
talk on any other subject. Tho young 
lady — June Elizabeth Mlllanfc — waa bora 
while her father wna lit Europe at work 
nn "If Winter Cumcs." tlla frlenda all 
thought in 1 would come home with many 
talcs of making picture* In England, but 
■.il for bl<j chief conversation has centered 
qtDiind the baby. 

"I wonder if all ^months-old babied 
are an Intelligent?" was the fjuesrion be 
ssked a woman who wonted w know if 
the Enalfsh fog had interfered with tho 
production of "If Winter Come*,'" 

June Caprice, the mother of this won- 
der child, says sh* told Mr. Millarde 
something of the baby, but he hadn't ex- 
pected to see anything oa wonderful, 

1'aJ* and Mabel. 

Most peoplo would consider it worth 
I trip on the Majestic just to travel with 
Mabel Normond, hut think of making 
Ibe yoyage with both Mabel and Pola 
Negri on the same boat. They aallcd 
•September and wn Arjo willing to wafer 
moat of Ibe pawenfrera kept to their deck 
chairs so ns not to mlaa seeing either uf 
these colorful young women. Both Mist 
Negri and Mina NcfUKul) wfll go directly 
to the coast, Mlas Negri tn begin work 
on "Bcl£n Donna" and Miea Normand to 
fulfill her contract, «ltb Mack Bennett, 
If half of the adventures the papers apeak 
of nro true, Mabel should make a con- 
tract at once to write these article*." 
With princes falling In lore with her 
r.iif! half of Paris copying her gowns. 
wrlL Mabrl has probably bad the time of 
her lit*. - 

To Prnmoir <Uf JaiTlsk Rae*, 

A now Aim company h&a been foryJlcii 
for the innouncod purpoao of produclne 
pictoras of intareat to tbe Jewish rice. 
WUh the name, the Eill. Eili Pictures. 
Inc.. with office* at 160T Jyeoadway, thin 
company will bring to tba screan the 
Sebrnw folk aong ond the aetivjrlM of 
its- people. Robert Sterling, the presi- 
dent, says : 

"Wc enter into the Aim producing bust- 
new nt ft tbnil when the need* of unpre- 
judiced and unbiRoted thinking ]* sedly 
felt over th* country-" 

An ,Mirw^tbt-Vi»r Rnmnnct. 

Sydney B, Bronaberg, of thi legal dn- 
pnrttoent of Goldwyn Pietura CorpoR* 
Hon. returned en Saturday «n board tbo 
nlenmship Amsterdam of tbe Bolland- 
Amftricaa Line, from Paris- He was ac- 
emnpanied by his bride, formerly 3Ulc 
Alice Michel, to whom be waa married 
in Paris on A'ugust 10. tha culmi nation 
nf n romance began in Fran** when Mr. 
Brnunberg was attached tn tba American 
Air Serrico. 



If you hive praise to Rive, com- 
pltlnti to make or Ideas tb air, 
register them with Ibe Onlooker. 

ricrrnE rAXEKTft. 
MptLon PIctnr* Kill tor. Xh* sCnralntf 

It la to ba honad tbat air. Beslau'a 
latter, which you publisned last week,- 
wlll be tb* mesas or clarUsU-j; the sl'to* ' 
atloc. with regard to "Tbe RnUalre*" 
anil Its Rllsgad IstrUifamest of patent 
"rlgnta" (slel- . \ 

Tkera liaa been, Lq my opinion, 1 far too 
much of tblB patent "light" tttrorism. 
to ths !Hotl»n picture field. Wha don 
not raaa*Dt)*r th* attempt* in idos o'r a 
soif-stylfd "patBnts" compaTiy to ibrottle - 
sp industry wOleb, In tbe making. Ib 
hunt] red* of rears old? How many <>r 
yonr readers sr« swar*, tor example, 
that tba cameia was deTtaad; in" th* flf- 
taeatb oeniary; th* pnlecter In the six- 
teenth; and that Ibe otb>>r basis esseh- 
llals of plrture making dat* from ta* 
elgbtesnth ceatutr. 

' Then Is hardly s "patent" ha tb* pfe> 
lure Itald, wU<-h would hold wa.ttr in a 
properly ennRltuted court of law; wblch 
reminds m« of tb* tDllowlng story: 

An Irhhiiim ee-neeleadi. is he thnnglir, 
an Idea worth patenting. Ha went to 
Washington io convuit the rtcarda. IF 
any, of what had been done t>«,ore along; 
the iinrn llaes. 

At the epd of much searching ba 
terltched hla head and sa.d, "Hrethrr. 
them sneLents! " Tney'va stolen *11 my 

Mr. Eeslna, pleas* note! 

Vary truly, *"■* - 

. Ttniu,M Tjeddlng, 

»i West Sere at y-n lath slrsel, 

Sew Tort City," 

Bept*raber 7, 10LS. 

'TIB EVEH T'il'S. 
Mstlria PEcTurs Hdltof, The Mnrnln^ ' - 1 > 
WJaj* la It thst as soon as nn nrtor iretx 
to b* sucEetifiil be toaei his hc.-iu ami 
immediately brscotnci obsesier] nun : .« 
Ides at go!u\ I read th» ^tory tn last titu,- 
osy'« Ttfleft'Tsph about ih* «i*Jrr*l hs- 
tween fiodolph Valent'no and the Faiwua 
Playera-Lnsky C'otnpnny. t rlnn'l Jtnn.w 
yet what !jb'« crylnE about. As Ini as 

hlS H«t gflttlnE -- ■= ' ^ ■" ^ ■ i . - : :. r H'l|-f>7t|>ine Iinrl 

publicity Is concerned, Li -. rlillcnl<>i!s. Tt 
kraems Io me hB has ha<t tw> UUeb, %*«** 
RBt kind nf tired reaitlna ahoot blni- H« 
t- Terr popnlaT right now, hut 1 rUmbt 
very muc-i that hla follswtog <v||] he l.i-t- 

Atiout a year s^o Vnieotlno'* sueceif 
waa hanging In the hslanee. Whether -r 
not he would become popiiluT rema^iicil to 
be seen, II was a Bamhle in wajteh !i ■ 
iiiiiT^.i isiii! partnership wltb (be E-'ara^na 
layers argnnlistion. Ai sonu ns bo 
•Taund that the piiblk nccente<t blm. in- 
■tesd of belns glnil ol tbo At,piirliinEi> h* 
had H immediately he gels an axagRerat*'!- 
j 1 1 ■-- . ■. of hla Iraportanee and #els About to 
collcet nn eje5rl)Hnni s»J*rJ- Tbr? n.i« 
point nn which I agree with I'niion Clnsk 
la that motion picture aetata nnd :n -.- ^ 
arc eoermonaly overpaki, 

It seems too bail that nareeiB Lnvsr'uii.y i 
•polls a man or woniatt <vhi> mtght oiher- j 
wlsa be quite human. I'm sr*n II ?i.> ; ■ l ■ ■ - ■ ■- 
time stilI tla.c slliiln.' Most nf -.:i- ilenllilC« | 
bsvc been wit* people of tho theatre, ami i 
my obserrntloat la this purttailsr f!fliL 
bare been that sa soon ss they net to tlie 
top -.'><■? become bopQicasEy vain .::;■! 
apollrd. 1 suppose, after nil, It takes a 
resllr big person -to hold hla hca>] •-■ '-''■•■■ 
auccaBB—Mind there n/en't many olg i>ro- 
plu |n the world. Very truly yours. 

New Tork City. Reglna lEciir-otisey. 


Ifotlon Tlentre Editor. The Horning Tel«- 
graph : 
While ao many toasts and teluuttm --r» 
being offered t« Tlodolph Valentino ilir-.i 
days I'd Use to aay n TV'otd for Hsmld 
Lloyd. Here Is a young man wltb root 

.inLrlUr- Citrril. He doesn't dlwnya baVA 

the best nrsterlsl to work with, but wb«a 
he does have a good subject there Isn't 
my fine Ln bl B tin". 3o many of th*.' 
screan comedians are merely Imitators oC 
Chsptin. TTlcv do funny lumps snil nre. 
■Il rlgbt as long ns tiirj" i-.ipi tbrn.v ].■■■; 
and fall tn a pall of wtiliewanh. Ttot 
wben It comes to gcnuLno comedy thcy'r*' 
absorulely at a loss. 

I hiipiirrn-.l to see "L..-;i:i'imn , i \\-\y" at 
the Strnnrl trie other night ninl w«s ever , 
ao Imptesied by Mr, Lloyd"! work. I 
bop* ■■]* mandaer wflj continue tn present 
him In fiTe-Teel pictures. He ought to 
have stories on tbe order of Charles 
Fflj'a. I don't mean by this that h* is 
like Chsrle* Itsy, tor ha bsn bla own :•>■ 
■Ii.-Srinaljt.i- and riOeio'L Imvp (n t-vi n on 
any one else's crown of glory. Dut I 
Jmt IhooKbt tbat b* woitld make a »ery 
■jood festure Mir. 

With oil the tnovEf actors there nra, 
there realty aren't mensv wltb say partlni- 
Isr (slant or peMonslUy. Tker nearly aQ 
shjn* beesttae they have pteHy rn-t. ■■*.. 
pretty eyes or pretty figures. Ttui Llnr- 
old Lloyd doesn't have to depend tin nnr 
ur fiiMf. Ho has LnlelllieUce, bbtlrlonlo 
ability and a p*Tac-nallly with a grcnt deal 
of charm. Mind you. I'm not -n>JM:.- b* 
hssn't good look^ Dccauaa be hv, l,at 
I aay, !i- doesot have to depend on h'a 
looki to enierisln: people. 

Now and tbfa be retorts to the familiar 
kick and alln-stlck tricks, byt I Ihtak toll 
la lieesose his ilirwtin- thtoks ii is ii«i-^ii- 
sary to sell the pttlnro, not becsns>> M.r, 
:.t.i-.j-/l wants ft. And: the thing about 
Hsrold fctoyd. he litntalee norjofty H* 
K himself, and 1 hopa ho always will be, 
and I hope hi* SR«-etsa won't go to hla 
head. Cordially youta, ',. 

- I In Onlooker, 

THINK*. "H. \\." WAfl IUGI1T. 

Motion Pictufi? Editor, The Morning Tela. 

Tn tout issue of Beptembar :: tbe letter 
signed "Ids Kurtxmso" needs prompt and 
active eorreetloa. Tbla woman i-e*ectf ons 
of your correipontlcota iiinif>fi -li. W." 
In rating Mary Plekfont eacond to Katb- 
ic-ii v.-ilildTr.B. nrin- actively engarcd Ib 
tbo making of motion picture*, ever vla» 
their beginning, aarl st 'present dally cn- 
gng;ed In tb* inspection of nmtloa picture's 
of »i| makes, i bare always been neutral 
In critlrisni of intHvldual berfoTmera, but ' 
E r*Unol 1st tbls criticism pass me. 

When it comes to a matter of sctlait lu 
motion picture*, nq an stt, theto Is not 
now. end cover ha* been, a fetusle that 
can reflater intalUgcnt artlna. besnly or 
personality, no matter what tb* part mKr 
be. I'k* Kathteea Wllllama. This woman' 
bai mad*' pictures ever since rise begin- 
nlag, sad even at ber age today aland* 
queen of tb* ser«en, Jn lbs same ratio si 
a Bernhardt of Ellen Terrv, 

I bsv* never had the pleasure of meet- 
ing GsthJeea William-*, but my huslneat 
has mads me a Judge of itage paoptn. 
What screen artiste Is there la-dsy who 
-f.Lil.t ontsblne K.nliiten Wllliama .m "Th* 
&poiIerB"T Very alncerely, 

Allautlc City, N. J. Kalr Plsy. 

Motion Picture BdJtor.-Tbc Morning Tele- 
RodolpB Vsleauuo la the gtestaat mov- 
ing picture actor in the- world to-day and 
Is worth aT*rjr" dollar he Is setting. I so* 
pleas*d to sead! you this ttlbuts or my 
Admiration sad appreciation of this young 
nun's wortb. 1 do not know- \.\-.-,. imss 
artier seetog the moat wonderful picture. 
"BImhJ and Sand" froio Bit Bugles, story, 
production, direction, photography ana 
aetlag, ] col hi not refrain from writing; 
this note. Very sincerely, 

Amelia SummtEvllla, 
Xarl Carrol!! Tbsatn, 

u- . ; v' 



VILIib ttr. . T ATI, ft («t 

Ei«. t.ii. jbvu. nun * sit. 



Lisur Matl 

Tb.,HTA«3t,FTp. I.W. 

Popular Matln«* To-Eior'w, 2.3 


i, was. ant, t*. 

- Uffla NICHOLS" L*g t lir.E Bow*. 


1|4U- TTlyll. * 5.1. I 

'SCORES TREMESIWriLY. Mill AT HEFt BEBT. , '.Am«rlciii. 



h St. x*»d1bp «i * : ■ 

DfcLflOl-U m,«. m*™. * 1*1.- l.«. 
".HI., tlrlc 0-ntd«e« All ■AjMni ' 
(lons-'ETen tr,e lTOjNrt. < VTI W W 

DAVln BElASffl FIHtBii 


-Mm. Wrt. * s.f ' 



WKD. AND- BAT. «l*.i*. 

Tlnilii iimlH I m n'ritri 

.. »n» Chart 

Tilth vutiiB Conn . 

'Floresra Minn, J-i Sit ilry 
ITT S»»y,i-„ ««ii1ItmJ T*tTT. Wlr ™*** 

"1|^F^lTsWTs7**A l -Rnsipid ftf wll.1 

■TA+Jl^si mm i« i OMar 

l *WSl*f ■ I STF^ HflMiiri of .Sr.i^d '■ 

*"JiM», Thu". «J B 



Conquer! oil Hroidnn 3 .• -_i: , ; :r.i: 




watiAKO aovct 


itNat Corned* mtAMufK 

zak^mmdcassK JiS^uSsMSaraixiiuAaaesrm- 


HasQcuznicSnutJi \ta$Plvilhp£cGi&jvL l/m /^xt,WJ£rrU 

Itr/JEialMdiaehs Mr foterlfiscjici- Mr A&Jcmaxt- 


ZioV^ Tbrw/tc Mas Fty Zrdyn 


* feu ft .._. 


lb-Thorns pfmutk lb Mikt 5djnii&, 

Hr^lni.(Mmn Mr BSWMSi 

Vr aim Slowt Hr dulc itui 

It Vejittit Murray 'a- CimumMtrnlJ 


Jtr GUT JBU2U ' Jtmntur PMA tviMT iiriomtiosartt 

&• i GRAND 



■I Him* 


JI A Eerpent's 



fibst m iri'srs: to-morrow 



A.VERT nrjFffOOD-T' Ngrr' COM EOT 

fKI.Wl's THEATRE. "«•[ oi 1 

tom^i". "PAHTSEU'S Aq.iH" 

ETM. :: it Hl.II. ;Vrf. 4 Bit.. !.'. 


TT. Uff, Zr.t.tD, 



;b*a rE L ft I B J A 11 I 9 

H LA If E Tn31 P*i-l'9l*. M«j<-:< * 

. _ Irlinroni. DiIIt- ArnofiM, 

latr ro!ol Dinrvi, ft n(hara. ■ 

IrtKSIUL Hermln* Shnne * Co.. 
It.r.Hrflli-* Jo, |j.. Jlw -!-_- CniTf'eTd ft 
»»hT*:-lei BrM«rtcV, A Otbtrr. 



i,Hti P I nat,l*y 

uri fin-nod |A Morton 

Bono, :-.i l>-.:: = .-;:.v. <■■::-.. ft 
DaiAth; Dilua' Is f'lic-aijrlaj, 

•Thft Sii*r>~tall." 

fl'iriTft JUb Fl 


lo'-IfHfifla (iIA"ar»" 
Rft T MiElnr & Orch. 


I V ULI la 'The Gkut F)r»htr' 
B-flTAT At A farameymt Piclwrt . * 

«*TF! 8T. Bttill Coacrrt Owh»pir». 

"Bxt*3Va*Vt WWW *P *** KiCort Wbw." 

"oniNi.vr, sa>hs" 
irmci ^ nMiMM /'icrirr* 


^frir»7 il U1L- 1 ■ Cf,p|l<cJ Qnod OrfSHBTI, 




New Rtjitanrant Patronised First 

UighE oy Many Well Kaowri 

Hotel Hen, 

What Sw Torlr ha* wairfd mouthj 
for jijj-iip^n"fj last nieht. ' It trts toe 
op^nisj! of the new Tivkd chop b«U!*'> 
on Wftit Farty-cigtith sttttt, just oil 
B€\-rrlth *T(riu&, Th* new reitaurant majr 
<>' **jid to bare opened In a buiie of 
llory. ■.--■■.. 

Twentj^flyc tnnraben ( the RMtau- 
rfcnt Mfji'fl Asaorinfion were on hand r 
ju well as mniiy other prominent rca- 
tsiirtt*«rii lu tSefr \nr\t. 

FJovcn came from huqdrOd> Qt frlendi 

of Hilly Lu Hllf, Lafr Dwntr of (Inn 
Tnvcrn, and teleiTHUTifl ftfriT«5 frora all 
over the conntrT from pranln^nt theatri- 
cal folk, wlahiDE Billy La Hiff and the, 
n*w Trvutb all Vinihi of flUCcfiM. 

ffiinil^dn TCfre (Urned *w*v, arid ihe 
capadty cf *b° niaJti floor, which ij 350, 
, u-4N rea^hHl three tttnea daring tbe even- 
■ injt. In the private dlnlfjg rwm a dJn- 
I ner was anrrpd to (ha nresn. Thnm took- 
| inc fir ih* DMt but the market (iffonlt 
1 in iri- WH7 L «t tood food Till find the 
J TAvcr.n enfr of the best places in New 
Tort for dlnirfi. 




CHURCH." Brot4my n '■■•* Smut ""'-' 

FCNGBAL, CHURCH," Broulni >t MIA 6trfL 
Vdlltt IAIN. 


prmUL, CHt-noH." B»id>ar k< Ibt -Si««t. 


Trolley Craw Bcrwcen P&sinio and 

Hobaken Find Antidote for 

Hackeiieac^ M?adowu. 

Motcrmeo and Conductort on the Paa- 
eailc line irorler earn, which ttflTtl bt- 
twrcn {'a-innlr, N. J., and Hobokcu, have 
b(ea wanrlTii for »me time what to do 
to countemct ilis- annoftnee eiUAed paa- 
neli^eni on their cira *y the unaeet»l.t 
odors nlllnaj the «r« m they pttaaed 
Lhrough the HflcVdtiMCk meadofti. 

"Sweet AdeHae' 1 hes tolted St for 
them; " - ... 

J u- r 't before the cars reach tbe odOrfat 
meadow-land now. the motorman Firaala 
the ronductoV and in an Instant the nO'tw 
of "*£w*ftt Adeline*' from -the nxmthg ot 
the trolley crow eliminate, to some de- 
cree at taint, the aour xmell from the 
w<« The? nlnz it load mad 
with Toeilnf, . Whether the MitiKitif: i* 
more ntiisDvipR than the odon Ik a ques- 
tion., but It oertainlT j» keuping pajatn- 
XKS* In A Jolly mood. .. ■ 


To 'With Company on 
Board of Directors, lint 
i Ooei to France. 


Swlcor iBJiurea rpln NVjtrl Av>lna.t 

ManrlnS "Wlilte Under COn- 

ttatt to P*r«mtiTiiit, 


FOR BQreral weeka there bare been 
rusnnrii floitiiil nho^t tint Paul 
BniQct mlcht not return to Adict> 
lea, «ad j-eatetdaj' that ptec* of 
Bmad^aj jroaiip came true. Lewli lu- 
netflrity T ttcMTary of the Path* Film 
Company, received A cablegram from Mr, 
Brunet tenderiag his resignation n;. vr7>.;i- 
dent of th« Fathe Campajiy. 

Tbtn fau been no friction of anr 
kind, but for aorne time Mrs. Brunei has 
b*en. Htjinl htf bnahaud to returij to 
their Datlre Frftnee. Bhe flpcs.Ke English 
oqly alffhtly. and most of her frlcnda 
Ate In France N to It seems llltely that 
her wlahei In the maHep were larcelj 
reaponrlhle for Mr. Branefa decfilou to 
retlie to his farm near' Paris. , His ton 
is still sraoelHttd with Path* and will 
remain In Amsrlca. 

Mr. BnuetA rtslF«tT&n will be acted 
open at the next meetfnc of the board 
of directors of Path*. Mr. Brunei vlll 
remain a member of the board of direc- 
tora, and It Li expected that h« « ill re- 
tarn to the United Btet« otcaKionallT 
and will condaue to take an artivo in- 
Mrtat In UM tffaln of the companj. 

While no otic at ths Fathe omc* could 
he persuaded to throw aAy Hcbt on ';:■- 
■object BA to M[-. Bronet'a aucce^or, ono 
member auigHted that it would not sur- 
prise tbe Fathe atrnff .if Mr. Intx-mrUr 
■FM elected » the poet. Merrill, Lynch 
&. Co. own a large interest In Fathc, 
hirlne pychaaed it eeTeral yeaon nco. 
'Charles Fathe also retains an interest 
aa dot* Mr. Brune* 

Mr. InnertrltX aaitl yeetcrdaj tbero 
hlti been no trobbta in tbe Fathe Cram 
pari* and things woum move alone; it- 
they had b the past. As to tbe rumor 
that Fathe might consolidate with an- 
other cc-mp&tiy, Mf, [anerarlty said then 
was absalutel; nothing to it, and too 
ridiculous to comment opon. 

KlnAlAfn In iM-rinrn. 

To most readera of the daily nrwa- 
pjtbef, iCi :!?.*,-> in, means Tiaj, be ■■■h.. is 
asaaciated with enforcing tbe Volccciid 
Un;. Tfcis F t inate4n is BO reistirc of 
Izzy. and answers to itie name of Pro- 
fessor Albert Kinstein, German acifrn- 
tiBt — in short, the man who created the 
Einettln theory *f refatiTlty. Edward 
M. Fadmaii. director of the Equity Film^ + 
£2fi West Forty-second street, hfls ju-^t 
brought ttv-r with, him from Germany 
a motion picture an the Einstein theory 
and naya that the world mav now learn 
what it's sll abooL 

AccordiriE to a rtprpscntativn of the 
compxny, it took six German pioiY.-Mir 
to translata the EiisstrtU th-rorj for pic- 
ture purposes. And! Mr. Fatfman l«%ow 
America a iainc it for home comumption. 
so If there are any of onr readers jvhn 
have a hankering to know- rrbat Mr, Ein- 
stein meana when he taJka about rela- 
tlrltr. nil he has to do h to aee the tilni. 

Inaarlnjt I'oin NostI. 
Thft Journal of Commerce yesterdsj' 
morning announced that Adolph Zukor. 
had Insured Fola Nfgri for il.O0O.OO0 
to prCTcnt her mnrryfng whlh; 
contract to his cornjuiny. Mr. Zukqr 
refUMra to comment on the article, but, 
knowing Bomethine of the difficulties he 
has had with Til-, atara in the paet, Jt 
T^o4jld not ba SUfpriainff If he did Insert 
tome Such clause in Ahe lady's conttfict. 
Not that he meani to interfere T?ltb 
Iotq'b yDQLt dream. Of course Poln 
has bfBMi married once. , The husband— 
a Polish' count — may hare been lost or 
mi-*ljiid when she schie»ed fame, but if 
aome of the American trarelera In Ber- 
lin told the truth. "Miss Negri la a Polish 
countess married to a cotntnnttdaot In the 
Polish, army. She arrive*- on tbe Majes- 
tic to-day, 

ID Option. 

The New Hampahlte "nDd Mamtachti- 
aatTa theatre owners will gather, this 
morning at their annual convention, 
Sydney S. Cohen and M. J. OToolc 
have gone to- Boaton to i»f* present al 
tola meetinz, which is aornrthfng of an 
event in Nciv England motion picture 

f Hiyi In Hfinhinprton. 
Will H. Hays went to "Wflsliiticton 
Sunday. Flo had expected to go. to 
Rochester to take a look At the n '"-■■■" 
Eastman Theatre, Itut ho changed his 
plana at tho last nAbent. He -will re- 
turn to-day. 

Edveationat Note. 

Visitors to the fitstc Fair in Syracuse 
September 11-16 will be shown motion 
pictures, of tho New York Barge Canal. 
Not only will theae films be on exhlhttlgn, 
but the? will be accompanied w5*h a lec- 
ture by a representative of the Btate De- 
partmr-m of Public tv'orks. 

The pictures beftif wfyh scenes of tbe 
Buffalo harbor and wnterfront and carer 
thu entire canal from Buffalo through 
the Stile to Troy, They ahow th* t 
structural completeness of the canal sys- 
tem, it's lochs, morabio Jams, lift gates 
operating machinery tml the buoys which 
ILtbt the canal at night. M.-ir=>- new 
vie* a have been taken during the Bum- 
mer iUnatrnring tbe tnereUa in traffic 
and the improvements which have been 
made at the terminals. .. ■ 

Governor atjltler Vlalla TbAtttra, 

Ben Aticell is authority for the atate- 
ment that Oavemor Ml^er stojlpcd Id 
BocheatBr long 1 enough (Surlag -btt> recent 
visit to tha horse abow tn tnke a look 
at tho new Esstman Theatre, Ben 
doesn't siy the GovemOT mite i&j sug- 
gejtioni or said anything aboiat censor- 
shlp. Ba does may, br-wpvrr, . that 
Qaorfs ArlisE's nev picture, "The Man 

She bm Hlkcnrd a fftn<Mr1 Wli& Ffl- 

mnni ristTcrM-I.atky rot- five 


Who rinjvd Ootl," in bjetut WcH rrcelveti: 
!i]-'-" tho music dim has heeu chosen to 
nccompntiy iL 

Ilikck F"roini Jjipjin. 
Frtn-iding his host Is on time., SeeHu<? 
nayskava will arrive in S.'in Francisco 
to-clay ou the Ebb go Maru after 
holiday Lu his native lond. Ho 
will remain otj the Coast for a brief 
visit, reaching New York la time to he- 
fiin n-hrumals October 1. The vrbiide 
chosen for Sunur tlayakawe's debut .r. 
a lfgirimate sctor in "The Leopard," by 
Ffcd d!e Urcssc. 

Thnma* >l — I FCliP bi In Tnwn, 

LookitiK Uki- n million dsillsrs and with- 
out n cfltp- in the -world, that popular 
young Irishman, Thnmaii Meighan, 
reached town yesterday. H* celled ut 
thr CampiLa Ployers-Lasky offices and 
spent the remainder of the time greet- 
ing old frti-ttdff. Thomas will only atay 
hern u few dfijs — hia purpose in coming 
Eust ln-ii:^ to consult with- George. Ada 
on "Bnek Home and Broke," his nest 
picture. Hi.' will atop at Brook, Indians, 
tho Adc farm, on hie v.-ny back to tbe 

Donald frkip'a ricinrc. 

When Dpnald (Jrisp was iu this coun- 
try tlu-re ftjjg more or lm tayJitory about 
0.'- title of the English -picture be is 
producing. Yctnerduy we received a let- 
ter tituiihg thnt Mr. Cri^p'a tii-vt produe- 
lion, to be laa B efced nader the. auapicca 
of Intcrnationsl Artiste, would bear the 
titlr of .'/Tell Your Children." ' As one 
vroold sn-ii-r! ih'' tbemo has to do with 
enUclitrninFr (he children on some of the 
n/LH-iiitin fncts •>■•' life. 

The. iRUornnee ■■( yiiuth. such as '"The 
Blindness of Virlui"" pointed out a fB«v 
yenra njjto, Ik difwij-sned pietorially. From 
,.[!;" pre^n sjbeat we are iiiuiti'e to gather 
just hqw,fHr thin pica fftr eugenics |na» 
We hope not tn? far, as we havu bud 
so many picture* rounded on thqt sub- 
ject and the ■■■:■- ■■■'-.'i are fuosy Hboul 
things of thqt sorr. 

>lr». Hajftic-, En Bonto to t^hlnn. 
Bupert Hughes's next motion, picture 
scenario mny be l.'iid in China, that it 
Mr*. Hughes tr||> him anything worth 
picturing. She hsn gnne to China for 
a rest, and vacation and hfing the wjre 
of n tsovcllst, of course, she will be on 
the loolcnnt for srrcen material. 

iv r -mm* 1 1 1- Coodveted. 
Harry D. Bueklpy In orrlvinjj from Los 
AJigelcd thin week with a print of "Itobin 
HoOtli" lHougln* Fnirhankti's l&lest ple- 
ture. AltbooRn the film is infrared for 
haLf a million, D^ug thought, on account 
of the unsettled eonditlonpi op th* rail- 
rondtt owing to ttir atrlkes, it should be 
personally chuncroued to New York 
City. Mr. Buckley, while Salts, will ar- 
range wjth tfireru Abrama lor a pre- 
mier? nt one o£ ttie Broadway theatres 

KlKim WUhni Faramoaiiit, 

Jncqueline Locnn hs« Higtied B,contract 
with Faranus fJiiyerK-Lusay for "fivij 
years. Folhiwing her work in "Burning 
Bnnds,*^ Jesse t, Lafsky seat for tho 
young woman nud etfered 10 make her 
a permnment memher of the Paramount 
stock company, Having nn eye to tbe 
future, fthe accept ied, rind Is now a mem- 
ber of this orgfiTxitatinu. MIhr Log tin 
wll he neon as a featured player in. Mr, 
Melford's new picture. "Ebb Tide," She 
will come East within the n«t few 
months to pkiy one of the principal roles 
in "Java Ifeaa." nnother Melforfl special. 

A Line or Two. 

She -walked into one of tbe beauty 
parlora yesterday and, seeing the owner, 
stepped up to her with her coyest nir. 

"I «tm«r. be made beautiful," ahe aaid. 
"hair marceled, cutis manicured and a 
facial maasage." ^ 

"Oh, a wedding?" inquired the proprie- 
tor. aiguaJ4ng two jcis-I - . 

"Oh, pal" she answered, "my sUter'i 
dead. I'm (ping to her funeral/' 

And she waan't in a motion, picture, 


S'tw and Old Attractions Provide 

Fine Airay of AmiueiPfrits to 

Choow From. 


Batleaqae OSesimaia PlwMMt 8 IBP* 

■Icliilah latlres on Mort^rn Life. 
AVlth Muiie and «aod Casnvaly. 

Openfoga of pL,iya on the New York 
atagQ eontlnaally add to tho lift of 
arauirraruLs of the new acAeon, "Dreams 
For Sale." nt the Playflouae, and ,1 Whv 
Men leave Home," at the Moroaco, are 
new attractions this week. 

Tbe list of Manhattan attractions ftl- 

. Apollo, "llaffy-Dill," Frank Tinney in 
white-face; Bctasco.' "Kilti ," LeDOTo VI- 
rie in characierliati03; l>iimem '"Ivein- 
py," comedy of lpofhi; Coet. "Captaio 
Api'lejacV Eoglish cotnedr; Earl C*r- 
roll. -The Glagbam Gfr(," music*! .offer- 
log; Prwoe. "Her Temporary Husband, ,+ 
comedy of marriage; Garrtck, "tlo W"he 
OetS Slapped. " Guild production: George. 
M, Cohan, "The Endless Chain," vivid 
drama of modern lite: Globe, "Georgfl 
White Scandals," elsr-orale revue; Gold- 
en, "A Serpent's Tooth." entertaining 
play, with Msrja Temp™!: Hlppbdreme, 
"Better Times," spectacular eitravagan-. 
aa; Hudson. "Ho This la I^qdon." 
Gwrg* M, Cflbsn produrtion: Libertv^ 
"Molly Darling." musical eotuedy; Ly- 
ceum, "Shore Let re," Francea Butt 
back in town: llorosco, "Why Men 
Leave Home." new eomedi: Music Bos. 
"Music Box Bevue," musieal offering; (le 
lllIC; New Amsterdam. The Follies," in 
all its lavish splendor: Play haute, 
"Dreams For Sale," rlramu ho 0«*O Pe- 
ris; Republic, "Abie's Iri«h Hose." Jew- 
ifth-lrith comedy: Seiwjn. "Psrtnera 
Agiiiu,' - another Abr nod M* -.•.-;-:> >■, com- 
edy; Times Square, "guc Dear.' liarht 
ftummrr musical offering: > Binlirhllt. 
"The Torch -Be* rem.'" satire wlih good 
fun, . * 

Among the bnrleaiiiip gttawattonsj are 
thwe: Empire, Youthfnl Pollies; Casino. 
Keep Smiting: Gayety. ,Tnix Babies; Star, 
Pepper Pots; Columbia. ^linliiiK Elillv 
Watson in Hollywood Inn; Olympic Pell 

Vaudeville TiiM.i include the follrvwing^ 
"IJItle Driftwood." a lively thumbnail 
musical comedy, divides headline honors 
with Gordon booley and Martha ^^o^- 
ton; "famous babies from famous fami- 
lies," on the bill st 8. P. Keith's Btehtf- 
first Street Theatre this wedi "Littte 
Driftwood" is by Paul Cunninghsm. nud 
Florence Gist is the featured plsyer. 
with a aupnortinpc company composed of 
(he Mesara. Scanlon, Arliuckli . Fay and 
Scitilon. Gordon Dooley formerly ap- 
peared with hia late brother. William, and 
Martha Morton appeared with her father, 
mother and brother 4B one of the famous 
Four Mortens. They offer a comedy 
clowning. siliginE and dancing turn. The 
photo-play is Dorothy Dalton's Intent 
thrill-Swept picture entitled "The Siren 
Call." Other* on the Mi) include Boreo. 
Leo Donnelly and company. Olive Eflvs, 
Marine & Bobby, Aesop a Fables. Topics 
of tbe Day and Path* News Pictures. 

Mrs. Sidney Drew, star of stage and 
spreea, shared headline honors with Wiw 
Patrieola. "The Scintillating Melodist." 
at B, F. Keith's Bush wick, Brooklyn 
Mrs. Drew appears in a donnrstic reme- 
dy by Edwin Burke tailed "Prcdrittina- 
Oon." Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Barry pee- 
acnt their country yokel comedy skit bv 
31>. BArry called "The Rube." 1 

Albert H. Hawthnme and Johnnv 
Cook offer "Ho Bhymo or BeaKOP- 1, 
B«*h Brown, formery of Brown jfc 
O'Donnell. and Jean Whitaker. a Brook- 
lyn girl, chapter and alng in "Clowr 
Toplca.-' Nellie Arnant ind Her Broth 
■era preaetit "The arusirsl Novelty of 
lu2^ , ■ Will ■ and Gladys Ahern io 
"Spinning Komanee," Bartn ,t Mclvin 
In remarkable gymnastic feats, Aesop's 
Fnblcn Topieti or the Day and Puthe 
Ncwa Pictures complete the program. 

A B. F. Keith vaudeville bill of sta™ 
of first mnffTdtude (h preaentrtl st B. ff 
Bross'a Broadway Theatre. The feature 
photo-play !n "Humsn Tfoaru." Sam 
Lcn'in ond gam Dody offer their funny 
Tcrses, "Hello. Hello, Hello." snd Will- 
lam snd Joe Mandel "The Unusual Oc- 

Al Herman, "thr blaek laugh." with 
new jnkes and n-lnn crack*, kcepa the 
atidlrnre in good humor. Other a^tsi in- 
clude Blanche Wiggins and Natalie 
Bates in "SlngdAiice, aasistwl by Hor- 
ace Bcndcj- at the piano; Florence Brndy 
In '-Mil™ of Smile"." and Cnrio De An- 
gelo ami coniimny in "A Son of Naples." 

The hill at Locw's Stntn Theatre for 
the firr*t linlF n( the week in featured 
by Bay Siller and his syncopation per- 
formers. Others are Ed Fflnl anol com- 
pany In "Betty Wake I'p," Diiphhnr ft; 
Williams, in new sohgii and burlesque 
hits; Ford & Goodrich, Call ins fl! Dunbar 
find the Frsnchlni Brothers. The screen 
attractions I* Clara Kimball Young and 
EHfoU Defter iu "Handa of Nam," oIbo 
r Ben Turpln comedy. 

The bill will he changed for tbe final 
half of the week. The silver sheet offer- 
ing, beginning Thursday, will be "For- 
get'Me-Not." featuring Bessie Love and 
Qaretli HufthftA The vaudevilla acta 
will be Towues & Froriklln, the Four 
Higgle Girls, Eekert & W " 
^artl, Bnice & Winifred. 

For the first three day a thEft week the 
attractions at F. F. Prtictar'a Fifth Ave- 
nue Theatre includes Valerie. Bergere 
BOd iMlPiiHnT lu "0, Joy San,'' Janet of 
France anil Tommy Tucker In the musi- 
cal playlet, "A Little Touch of Paris" : 
Max Cooper and Irene BicarrJo in "Did 
You See My Horn?" Charles Leonard 
Fletchrr, Fox worth 4 Francis, Molly and 
Ella Rending. 

The bill from Thuradsy tn Sunday 
will present Alexander ond company, 
Alan Coogan and Mary Casey, Din 
O'Connell and Hal Lewix, Charles and 
Adn Moaber, Barllctt VL Gnnlnor, Joe 
DarlbK and Eddie Woods. 

F. F. Proctor'o Twentythlrd Street 
Theatre offera "Gas," !t nketch : "The In- 
trnderB," Bigelow ft. Clifton. George 
Alexander and Billy Fields, George Frey 
and company. Tbe film feature Is 
Dorothy Dal ton in '■The Siren Call." 

Tbs attractions from Thursday to 
Sunday will include Edna Pierce and 
Haed Goff, Norman .Philips nud Irene 
Ehy. Arthur Franer and Harry Btince, 
Fred Whitney and Csrl Randall, Mr. 
and Mrs, Castlclou. Miriam Cooper will 
be the atnr iu tho screen feature, 
"Kindred of th* Du«U" 

Oneof the fretiirea of the bill at Froe- 
tor"a Fifty-eighth Street Theatre Is A»> 
drew Mack is ■■■« = •. and stories.. Me- 
AUister t Sbarrcn and company, Mag£«!i 
(.'llnton and company. Ben Mark*. Dolly 
Wfisoii. Elsie Clark and Nelson Storey. 
"The Siren Call" is shown on the 

Tho bill from Thursdny to Sunday will 

L resent Lew Wilson. Hag Hoey. Charles 
oder. Catherine Marco. Harry Bartlett. 
Mabel Clnnlehurei. Al Clint -d Snd Julia 
Booney, Georjfe Alexander and company 
In "Hard- Boiled Hampton," Murray 
BrTRerd, and Irms, Monroe AV Grant. 
The feature picture will be -Kindred of 
the. Dolt H 

At'F.-F. Proctor's ISflth Bt«*t Thea- 
tre the attzactioua inriusc "The Boyi of 


a '4 

/ / THVu^rta 1 


The - Dress Paris Applauded 

Is Included in the coMec-tion of Paris models 

imported by the Wanamaker Store to introduce 

to Nesr York 


Patou created the dress that was applauded. It 
wis first shown at his Private Exhibition for the maga- 
zine and newspaper writer's of Paris^ — the representa- 
tives of the Fashion Press of the world. A gala event, 
for on that njght Monsieur Patau opened his newly 
enlarged salons. Enthusiasm was running high — but 
when the dress "lapaliaui" appeared, a ripple of ap- 
plause swept the salons. 

Moreover, it was no longer a secret that Jean 
Patou had been influenced by the picturesque arts of 

* • • 

Quite the most unusual silk crepe of the season is 
the one by Jeanne Lnnvun, 

Motjneaun has worked wonders with sliver brocade 
in an evening wrarj — * 

* * * • 

Rene* has surpassed herself in a three-piece cos* 
tume^ — 

a ■ - * 

For more reasons fhan the above, you will be In- 
terested in seeing this Exhibition of Purii Model Gowns, 
Suits And Wrap*. 

Second Floor, OEd F! illdint-- 

Last Five Days! 


Less than Winter prices 

This successful sale is almost over, but its great buying 1 
opportunities are by no means exhausted. We have kept 
our stocks at the same high level of the opening days. 

New coats, capes and wraps have been added, from 
day to day — so that the last-minute purchaser wiil have 
equal choice with the first. 

Tpori payment pi £5 «cr erivL sf purcAoje eric* /it**s icitJ oa held 
in oitr drp-oir sioeJoO vntil Sav-eMbrr Ut te»rooi(( cndro«. 

Hudson Seal Coals 

<Dved Migakrat) 
Sale Price J265 to $7S0. After Sept. 16. , .$325 to $825 

Moleskin Coats 

Sale Price $285 to $425. After Sept, 16. . .$37B to $500 

Raccoon Coats 

Sale Price $210 to $310, After Sept. 16. . .$295 to $395 

Alaska Seal Coats 

Sale Price $795. ' After Sept 16. . .$975 

Black Caracul Coats and Capes 

Sale Price $2S0 to $S9S. After Sept. 16. . .$310 to $975 

Squirrel Coats 

Sale Price $495 to $650. After Sept. 16. . .$5S5 to $7B5 

Persian Lamb Coats 

Sale Price $310 to $650. After Sept 16. . ,$385 to $765 

Natural Mnskrat Coats 

Sale Price $135 to $250. After Sept. 16. . .$186 to $32$ 

Third Floor, Old Building;, 

I -our Ago," recalling rariety aa It tcbs 
tn generations gone. Hi Tom Ward, the 
TiiuuMr minaleet. vho thought nothing nt 
triflll somersaulting orcr n herd oT ele- 
phants, is with this nffgretfiilian. Other* 
are the LombnnJ Brother*. Sam Jotin- 
>■.;. and AJtrcd Allen. Mr. Allen, ■*• 
■tlted. or hia daq^hter. illustrates Co- 
lonial steps, aL« wftltaea, on an illumin- 
ated nrdesta). Tbe bill ntso mclud^ Lev 
CsEtletoh and Mm Mack. Tbe scrota 
sbon-s "The c^lren Call." 

From Thursday to Sunday the offer- 
[nga will Include Marine Smith's "JflXZ 
Hjunda," Aleiander &, Ficlda, Dorothy 
A Betty, Mabel am! Billy Bellday. 
"Kinni-cd of tbe Dust" -trill hn the film 

Othtf frAturae at all F. F. Proctor 
ihestrrK include Aesop's Fables, Tbxtaty 
Topics and Ffcthe Sswt 

■ TVtfsroBWSaMi /Hjfrvffiwtdf- 

. 229«M45A$tll«r\U . 



tlV W. *Mlttt+t>ro 9,. 
BklUMOn. 1 







nErUDLItr ******* *M1-JtM. 

* ■ **** H1CHOM' lasrtlsf- SLrttm, 



Opening {»* Sept. 19 

9AH H. Hjt!?RI9 unftulDMS 

#i?S— Arthur IftGahV* X«w Cs—tfy 

John Dity Mtirvltfi Jtsn Aftttf AraFI.ChirUaUaiTi3N.nAnUi7 
Xjti.jt. TlarKRn aKm. Pfftrr Lin«, 
■-■ -*■ Kllpair, WpVstM Hlaltj. 

■ ind Jiami ■, w*i*n_ 

H*(lnw«Tc>-4ir Astl ;.:■■) 
P*i»¥41»r MallB*« To.cHf 2.SD. 


Will .W1HGABET LA \VI11-:?f ri-J 




I ' CHUUfl raoNKAH vrtMDU 


■*4 *«war rttiuGInf BftBCB kKRAV 

The Awful Truth 


CORT ****«*,.**. ">«*■- . i ■.». 

«r .* M.U.T-MMT * t*\, t J.M. 

■9COHEH TRK*E!(Dm:H,V. HT99 


Kirt. Tti-R'"lHt. If. 

'•sua* trine ontdiH* ah ■vgwett- 

Uoim -Etph ibr WIM»ir."-T1in**. 


Hafe — rd fthovt. 

Willi ■.v;i:i.;.-- 
FJSpmk* Kenft). Jw HIM 

iTTtiwyr. KiMllndTwir. B«l!rW 
»qd bib; nihil*. 


"CniiqnfH oil Hroxlnaj-." jLijrr.;, 

V»iL To-iiiT # 5-t- *t > Kr, 


fOP. jMT. 'll-pA T P 

6fflR« WHITE! 


fultoh aKJ:°E°gstPT.ii 



WaSu' HaiBttSFSSf^tGW 

&" _ GRAND 



Tempest Voo^' 



Qp» °f ro-mCHT Q :j Q 


V48*B&Z6££ Ftnui.Lflu. 


1 A M_ DUP.H. 

in-HA»d:«M Warn" 
R»y Mtflar & Orek. 
Hnrrj Tlwta*, oib*™- 

V0E.O5CO v, " , * ,1 ,lth 8t e "*- ■' ,w 




■ U EL 
y.v. It Li}. 




tt". « BL St.. I.KL 

Morn la Bijou Xon, 


BEL.WVIT THEATRE. w«t m: .is 



"««r, "PAHTJCRH 1 * AaAI»"V 

I'll. ILtO. M*t*. Tr-div A Tiki.. 1! 




— -Tli<- Dbut DmSicT' 

itrffH *T .< frtrintfpiiTfi Ptftwrt 

(■NTH flT. RL»bJ| Canrarr DnMn. 

■ET'rytH/ttyi Ceing la lAi JErc-*/i How," 


IHI Tfl."'"" Alflf«nl Prcde'n i 

rR^ffSfii.iiiifcfl 1 * 

Gflprrni ,,the hound of the 
E' "jy kt lilt- C.pllDl GriDd Or'i- )«lr*. 


Il.r.KH-UTiV , F. r, s t K JAPi'IS 
* E T ' d I'**»iB d Band 
.J E I taex PiwKsait. MiTTjn * 
n-nrtitii ItiatBrf. KU6 Arlla|larl. 

es- .jy (mi. 

Rirnlnc SHoa* a en" 
■tot ntonibt. CnwTerd ft 
Brednlrk. A oih*rt.. 

B.T.Udlb' a 


B'>ir a n il 

Driftnwd I* Morton 

Poroity Dilioc | D !-':LoLar,:i- 
■■Tq* Bir*a C*)L" 



- - w i "(irindnii 1 * Bn)-" 

^n>tj«SI. ™* BlrtiKl RrrjiprKiar Onh, 


Longshareaiari, Wbo Tle&ded Kot 

Guilty, Eeceivei Longvit 

Term i 7 to 14 Yean. 

Thrift men sDd two woineii, guilty ot 
rubbery in tfao first (?■"■;: re'v. were nr- 
rnipriM] for Kcntcnbe j-cftircJay before 
JiMJi'- Robrrt S. Jobruitonc In 
Scrodona. The itrrc rr.cti rccrivcil prison 
HDteacee aad tbc twe tromea vere placed 
on prtibatioti under itupdaded arnEeaoe*. 
'j'hwf uotenced wero Clmrlea Ro^iriwb, 
loDsalMrticrau, of Esse Hirliry-f Lj :4i 
■tre+jr. who reed veil bctch w fourteen 
yean in Slug 'SLntr, And Peter La 
Guirdtl, cbanrTetor, of Hoboken, N. J^ 
ari:.l Fred W. Mauver. ri!ftB(feai , r Ot East 
BevcnLh-eighLli street, fjoxa four and a 
ball to ijijn; jeen each i;i Btflte's priaoo. 
Tlif women were Mr*. Laura Peleaao, of 
tb« ETflni, and Marj Novak, ateuoi;* 
»pb«r, of Ea«t Eigbty-EErvt tueet Tli:s 
tromea received AuirpeDded KBterice*. 

All Of tie five i!eff-!irlan!5 fsccpt Bob- 

lnaon bad ^laded gsiiltv to robbltiE Mfti 
^reeoiHD, of West Twenty-fifth (treat. In 
n farmer ulooa Id Second avenue on Uia 
nlEht of ,Tu!y 23 IneL RcbLnaon went 
'.'> trinl b«fon a jury and via convicted: 
ot the ebarge. 


Film Attnii IllHfharxTid. 
Ept;;.- Grtham, .a motion p.emr* 
aetTHt of Wei t Ninety -icrentii ^trei-t, 
aTreatad July 2f> on ampleicn of forging 
tie. name of Mr*. Ira Lowry to a c&arso 
dip f«B bill of foods n * Breunlwiy 
•trpsrlment atore, Vaa yeateidoy til*- 
charted ny Magistrate Eetsar V. 
Frothinrhain In Weat Side Courl; tl»f* 
beicc ei> evldfruce to bold her. 

Will of Dora Goldthwsit Provides 
for Taxioas Theatrical OrgAni- 

jations— Died AngTiit IB, 
The will of Eldora F. G^lrJlbwalt, wiit 
was known on the. aiugG ns Darn G'old- 
j tbwtit, aid wbo died at AmttyvLlte, L. I., 
i on August 19, was filed for probate yes- 
terday In the Surroxata'a Court. 

Tho docomentr dated Juo« IS. 1010 h 
appointed Abbott S, Qrnves of Konne- 
bunkport. He., and Jacob V, L'ronbach 
, of ML Verann, Ind., cAecutlvea, nnri di- 
j recta that S2.0Q0 be expended in pro- 
vidlBir a amlill tomb fnr her burial piece. 
Mva thoaaarid doIUra Ja left to tha 
Acton' H.0me on Staten I^Iiind, [irovided 
a tablet la erected Iti the home inscribed, 
"Looia Aldrich, projeclor and founder. 
May. IDOL" H 'this in comdlied with 
moodier *9,000 !a left tbe homf for 
ebawtablo purpoaea, flut it tin rcnuest 
iu not complied with then f5,000 In to go 
to the Soeinty for tho Prevention of 
Cruelty to AnJmaLp, And the other S5.0OO 
to rJte.Tuaiegca Inatltute at Tuatrer-e, 
Ala., for tfso 4tiuoAtion of colored people 
A specific IcfJty 3 r (0,000 and the 
mnrtue of the estate. LnelodiruT dectoent's 
dlatnonda and je,w*Lry and money In 
banka. in bequearJied to the Edwin For- 
reit Lodae of Uie ActOrt' Order of Frinnd. 
ablp for tf'.c purebkac of a Utu bed In 
Borne non-aeclarlin boapiai "for Ameri- 
can bom actors an4 actrcaiioa," 


Vfl*nfc*-ilAlEir ft.*'"eAia»iBti' atnnaui, 
rHtRcrH," BKMBhi.f »i 4tui acute tnill 

CHURCH," arftUtrajr k ItrJi it, th**4ati 


Will Present Jackie Coogan'B 

lateit Film at Frlrato abowiag 

Some Time Nrat Week. 

— I 

"Wlto KDllhlliond warn In H»w«" I 

la <l|rh Trt-moffoir ETfrtLni at 

thr Cr1l*rlon Th<-ntrr. 

By IrOTTEXljt-O. FABS05B. 

AE an idei&ee prrpflrairlon for road 
aborlni "Oliver Tfrlat." Sol Le» 
Ser will Rrraiigb ;■ Bpeclal show- 
ing at one of the hotela naif. 
wteJi, Mr. Lceaer arrived in New T*tk 
yenerduy w!*h * print of "Oliver Twbu" 
under his nrm and; tnreft •>: four apedaJ 
detectivea to guard bin troatur* wbicb. 
from the appearance of the Dieken«n.u* 
pbotoeranhn., ia all Air. Lceaer and his ne- 
eodotep be! lore in. 

Followini tb« hni»] ;-lior.-irif ■ anine 
thirty to forty, road ahnwa will bo sent 
out on tour. Tbey wilt leave (mm New 
"LVrk. Chicago ana ls>s Angdea. mid ell 
tninga moving sct^orciing to Ichednlc, Mr. 
Lteitr wlEl release •'Oliver' Twist" to the 
public some time In October, fit said 
yesterday be plsna to rdeas* Jarkip 
Cooftaa'a newest film to the exbibltc-r on 
a pcrcentAce plan, 

''\Vithour s.ny prelndice Against the 
lar£6 iliMTilnUin" companies," Mr- Lether 
said. "T want to market "Oliver Twist' n- 
an inrtlvidnnl production. I have spent ™ 
Ereat deal of money and T einert to tnskP 
an irrancfQent witlr the theatre owners 
throughout the country whereby they 
plsr it on n percentage b*mlj. 

An Bttractir« nrt": book has hr^n 
comuilfd by Uf, Tjesser and hla repre- 
sentative, Harry Wilson, fttnrint t«im* 
aharmine riO*e« of jRcliEie as flllvev with 
the bpt-rlble Fngin ntld Bill Syltcs mAk- 
lng a most interefltln^r rontrsat. Tho 
book contains a roUr** i& ^M.iii.-ih.-.ii 
tbftt should nss'st any nbihitor In bdHG- 
Ing thr plrtiipe to thf aWeption of the 
public. And fust tn make«l (*» 
there (i s ennrrset all rfndy for tbe 
John Hnneorts nf the ^owtosn, in th c 

hSch of tho book we 

"Olivrr Twlnt" is it, «i«ht rtels and 
wan dirreted l»y Frank Fjoyd. It hsn 
a cast which contsltis such namts as I jvi 
C&aney, Gladya Rockwell. George Sotji- 
mnnn Lbw.a Sargciit, .Tames llavniB, 
LiftJiel pelmnre. AkcI* Herring. Xtlena 
McDowrll, Taylot Or«*rr>i and others. 

"So06m and GomorraiTi.." 

Whtn H«n Rlumenthsl reache«l New 
5Vdt yesterdfty via the Majestic he had 
-virr, him a print of tbe big Blhlknl 
speeial"Sodom tjnd Gonvofmh,' 1 jiurchaurd 
by the Hamilton Theatrical Compan.T, 
of which he la ihp president. PVtv 
Ansericatin have visited "Offinany Ivitiv 
ii"- brinfing back aome wnrd of this r -■ r. ■ 
reel production which took et^btreii 
Dientli* in thr making and was prepnrpil 
for the screen uy Ladlt-lsua Vatljs sad 
Bdapte.l by Mlcharl KertrSS. the Enro- 
pean no^el'it. Jnrt bow the Hsmiltciri 
company *IIl releann "Bodom and Ciotnor- , 
fiU" It not known. Lost week an nn- ' 
nouncement went paftbi that "OtHcllo." 
a»iO(h»r tiennac picture, would he dts- ( 
trit>ittrr| by Da via Howells in ponjuno- 
tlnn with tbifl i>ttmpany. It is now tie- : 
Intf titled snd edited for the toarkpt. and 
will he seen nn itroartwsy wlth'n the 
next f c w vrrekn. 

To Talk ThrrjnHb RddlO. 

Any a^trcsa wjo hasn't lalced hy 
means of the radin hasn't really ljrdd. 
>Ikdjt<* Kennedy, wjantd* tn live und be 
up tn date, te»TE*ed this fact when she 
consented to tnlk at the bmadCsstinf 
•tut Ion In Newark next Fridtr ovw&Ltig. 
Her tople In -The Higti thrice of BeW n 
Star." If nny one Is lotercsrrd. tho 
prire of henrinc her is gettinc iviihiu 
listening riarb oT A rarfln machioe. 

tUtwfc Hani Merrily. 

A* merrily ak tje prfiverbia) wedding 
belt is prortuotirtii mnving slnng on the 
Thnmas Disnti picture, 'The Beast." 
Added to lh" ca^t. which ulresdy ron- 
t*fD! the names nf Mndelyn Clare, Helen 
Ware and Robert E11U rs that well. 


Nfir |i|n)'.n the lead In w role In 
">r*nBlaaa:fafer, Ip Which i-nmn to 
The iiii.,11 next week n * the eastws 

ntlr;.,Ml-Tj, Il I. m irrll Pc 31111a 


known i-h aracter actor, Gu$ta eve roft 
aeffertltr, ffbO pity* Onr- of the import- 
ant roles. 

OThcn> Tharaday Mcl.1. 
"When Kditbthciod U"ch in Flnwcr" 
opens nt the Criterion TUurMay evening 
Thla ruivrV: .. the taking Over or this thra- 
trf by WHUam Rnndolph TTonrat fnr the 
exploLtttinn of Conmnpolitntn pictures 
and in reai'ly an erent in morion picture 
rircles. The thratfc 1p bring r*-QO>"a(ed 
nnd nut into order fir rhi . anepiclons 
"iva?lon. and every one is waitlsg to 
«ee the jl.S0D.W0 pletnre \rlilch we «re 
told Is not only the «iom pretTltionfl 
thinp attempted hy CoRmnpnlitnn. hut 
Mflrinn r>avieR*R mont succeuKfui picture. 
Rohprt Viffnola b tho ^ireetor. 

A Flrat Njiltinl A tCl-*«(l6n. 

apyros Skonra«. of KkourM Bffllherft, 
First Natloonl franrblKc boldSre la Bt. 
Louis, rrt-cntly wns presented hy his wjfe 
tilth a houneing baby f\vL vrhn vtti 
christrned Dapbtie Suiaaoa Skourns. It 
wis reported tbut Biuannii wm Induded 
\a the name n a trllmtft tn Mack Sen- 
netfa -Siinannn." The latter i ; . a Flrfl 
National attraction — .iimI sn is Bahy 

DHvule fiver "Sana none," 

Thr tVar over" "Madame Ssns fien^"" 
proite*s*i rijbt merrily with Kb tacrine 
Kidder MifVInt t« ber flfd? of the ar- 
£umrnt and Aubrey Kcpnely n fu.-i;'.- 
to admit th* rightu awBM l>v Miss Kin- 
der cnnriict in the 1mm wltli the pro- 
diii-liori lie bouffnt abroad and baa be^u 
wnrkins on fn r B*«'0ral minlhs upltinti 
it In resiUnee* f^r the market. Tht 
trotriile Atnrr^d vhll Knthryjj Kid. lor. 
the Hetre*N ivlm [naaHtttalilM a charac- 
ter rolled IT'idainr 8nn Cipne on the 
■■>'■:;:-:•-■. Instructed h*r nltoeneya to tflte 
immcjlltte option m retrain Mr. Kcn- 
medy'FvoBi ethih^injr tho picture, clnim- 
ina thet all (he film riant* belmiflrd ro 
her. When this cooti tidiiir;* w*s con- 
veyel to Mr. KeooMv he cam*" riclit 
hack and said the film verrloa nf tbn 
(imnm iFaaheiwoman 1 who became a 

duchess, had nothing to do with the 
state play abd la»» WW coonetted 
Mi « aad that be la wholly vidua 
bis tights in ralcasblE. the picture- He 
aftld Kathcryu Kidder mifht own the 
Kiugi." riflbijf in a play by that naate, but 
that Hhc .U.-'.-iu't otfn tbe m-rtiai history 
at Uadsmq ^(tua Gene, alias Kidder 
Bay* bin? will aticji to bof nstiP--. and 
there you arc. Meanwhile tie IToduoera" 
Security iji getriHg letters of Inquiry 
about the film, ao what in one to ao in 
a cafcc like this. 

IgBiarialninB" lft« Tkoatk* Owiifri- 

Tbe Theatre Owndfa' Ofcamber of 
l,L'iu:ii"i'f bad a ffen luncheon yester- 
day, Tho ; iuli! vi- vii Company acted *» 
bo«t, and Hi- 2W cantB-ttoia preeent 
were invited, tallowing the laachaon, to 
tiiki" a lock nt "ttaratrmb ranee," BtipCrt 
HUghes'H !,-■•<<-:■■[ pk-lura. Fnrtified by 
tan good iQod— and by tbe memory of 
a pleasant ilmc " lsu t pa recerd that 
4 oiie of the gums had any tblsg to aay 
«jgaiDbt the picture. 

To the tllvAll. "" 

The pirturs all ih« Dc UUls fans ha v ft 
been wuitiDi to eee resches the Bivoli 
ThvAtre on Sunday, it la "Mauslamh- 
tcr." And in bBaed ua the Sttunlay Ucen- 
ln 8 PcKt titgtj bj AhV* Duer MlUftr. Iu 
IBe L-iLKt n{ .[niiL«i>li'n 1-b.jsei! by Cecil Ue 
MJIe ure 'Hiooiaa Meigban. Leatricft .loy 
snd Lola YViJeoo. Jeibie Ucfbernon 
wrote the nte-ry. The >>upporUng caat of 
payers includes John Aultern, Gtori^ 
b'awcett, Julia r'syv, JHraes _\eiii, HylviA 
Ashton, ■ ttayuionu ilatton, Mnbel Vau 
UUren. Guy OlL.-tT. h,thel Walts. CLsrlfft 
i.rg!'-. Uale Fuller and othera- 

LTABcba&n mt m:>< Stiitrl. 
t * 

At Iss PoIa Ne|ci has arrivedl The 
Famous l/layers-Lasky Company will m- 
trhducc, their newly -imported srar to 
iLeuibeea at the ptt^ to-day at luncheon, 
at Louin aberry «. The occjibIoo protn- 
lacs to br an especially intereVlfCf one. 
Miss Nsgri ie gne oT-.tB* vital persOCali- 
tiea of ihe screen and her arrival Isna 
been a«-aited with grrat antlcipatloo In 
wotic-n plctui-c j!eid»- Mhe will leave at 
the eny oi the week ior Hollywood, 
where bet first American production will 
be made under (tie direction gf George, 
>' 11 amau rice. 

Dlllon'a. \ftt t'oai. 

Genrge F. Dillan, as-iocifltcd wlih the 
W. \V. Hudkinnou torporation for ihe 
past two and n half yearn, during whk'h 
utue he has bandied the Broukim uud. 
Bronx territory, ban been appointed 
branch galea manager of the NVw Yorli 
EichnH'c. Mr.. Dillon Is well knawn to 
rxhlbitom and brinjis a wealth of ex- 
perience in motion pictures to hla new, 

Written lor colliers. 

"Why I Am Ashamed uf the Moviee" 
in the title, of an article In (Jollier's chat 
make* most parsons in film circles blusb 
for --ha:ii!- that any oaa in the inside 
could write eo bitterij e*aiwt hi» own 
peojile. .Mt. Btnnk — for he dldn t use 
1.1 1* gwu unuir — should rtep forward and 
onnouncc bitnaeU. IT he i>eUcvt» an he 
sera at lcaHt let him bare Ihe courage 
or J;i.i fii.ivj("[Nnv> and give 1 nomn of th« 
other people it chance 10 reply" to him. 
Come on, Mr. Blank, tva are waitiiiR, 
If yoti are a prominent, producer why 
not fare the worid. Anonjmoni. articles, 
lite anonymous letters, are dangerous 
In the peace of mind of people who never 
lirslUie ti> claim authoreblp whtn they 
bare a real DifMBfe tn give. 

Her* In Town, 

F. Richard Jones, wbo made ■Mieltei.'' 
■ftuiaitno " and macy utbtr comedifft. 
Is in town, having arrived yesterday 
From Los Anfjeles. Mf. Jone* la gtvlfit 
the town the once over, 

A Line nr Two. 

Boy McCardelt stopped in tn chat 
yciterday Long enough to be asked tin-.'-' 
to sprit Von SeytertiE. "You don't spril 
thnt "' ho **!d, ".von build it." He re* 
minda us of a Sunday editor once upon 
n time wbo refiiRcd to tell us how to 
upcll "coniioiAseur."' "Ntrcr use a word 
Vou cannot rtpull," be aaid. "But If you 
Innk it up come bsck and tell me how 
to ip;'ll It." 1 We suspect Mr. MeCardell 
of not femotstag how to spell our word. 


ExoltatS FLHl*fiJinn HuSlU Boy 

Dl.rr— l.mirr t.n»r. fltrncBfte. 

William Btttc-ven of ■Jersey Oity wan 
lam^nlinc; the facl that firii were scarce 
in ;l!' lake at ihe Hudson Connty Park 
yesterday, wben «uddtn'j there win a 
fierce tagging at hie line. An [ho fisticc 
man pullrd in the line (he Air«gXlin= 
continued until luditeTily The line nnapped 
and there was a (Sty of pain from a 
youthful bather. wh«*s head appenred 
on the fiirfnec of the water. 

Just after B^knvfii rant hi" line into 
the wat*-r William Convny, 13. of Jer- 
sey City, dove Sato thr- water, lie rannht 
onto the hook .m-l oa. be did llekoien. 
hellevhg he h"d hooked a t>Jjg fish, pulled 
the Hue until the hpOS tore a deep pn^h 
scroll the boy*i flrnb- Ihe boy Was 
rushed m the t.'Lly UtMpItnl. 


CnloT« d rotea Shotv Comniii nt- 

rrr-tlnil ft ReSttf, 

llatfU] <■:■ r-'i- > v Tin MefBt&f TSShlf*s4-J 
TBKXTON, S*pr, it— Thomaf J. 
\\"Aeser,,Htate Highway Knginanr. t"-dftj 
made public a ii-i of djtODrt which vi-era 
srraiiccd for the convenience ** the trav- 
eling nnhltc iliiTtng the lime that certain 
route* of tho Slate Highway Kystem ftffr 
in ''hi, ■,■ •■( rcn; us t ruction. All of the 
deioui-3 hare brvn plainly marked with 
arrows to act its guides to the travellers, 
The tm rellcr will find potea bwidnd" 
ninng f.-icli »( the rmm-i of the ayitem 
tn coTn-npond to (ho i-olurs indicating the 
direction of the routes. Blue on tho posts 
or dans indicate* that the road la run- 
iiinz north and *ouih, red ■liowa that il 
lies east anil west, yellow showa tbftt H 
tnkr-H a rilnEiinnl roiirsr northwest and 
-yiitnesit. while brown LndicdteM that ft 
takPK n diagonsl c&hive nunheut Bad 
so i it ho - est. 


siikhoi or 

._ M91W4SattllowVMi 






Titled by 







" t'ormcrtu A. J*. Stewart 

liiaadiray hj( Xinth, Xcie l"orJfe 

is ready for Fall 

New fabrics in new colors 

This is lo bt i season in 
which the fabrics of fashion 
are. of paramount importance in 
Ihe making 1 of the mode. 

Color and weave carry all 
before them. If other decora- 
tion is used, it must be chosen 
to emphasize rather than in 
subordinate these two qualities. 

Browni in the? n«w ahad'et 
including the light golden tones, 
so much used in Paris, dull deep 
reds, pale grtys, almond greens, 
and new wonderfully shade 
blues, are the colors featured. 


Many of these new materials arc exclusive importations, 
or fabrics for which we foresaw a vo^ue and ordered greatlv 
in advance, We control them. Tnerefarc the prices are 

Rodier's newest weaves— 

Saillalnn, ■■kashs-diivetine' 1 . agnelln toison and agnella briqnet, ■ 
new version of perllalne, rnotfusadlaine. for wrapn, mtits end frocks. 

Cloqnellor and other cloky materiab fur evening -n-Tipa, and other* 
of tfci* great nrtiat's ildigbtfnl creations. 

Fur Cloths from England 

A great Hucfca* is predicted fnr fue cfnth — broadtail, baby Iamb, 
and caracul cloths in black and lamb in whirc. gray and "hlnpk aod gray 
melange. They are balo^ much mod hy fine dressmakers for aulta, 
wraps »nd the sHiartJIltle abort paoketa usualU irimmed with teal 

Wool Jacqnard Broehe 

Onr own importation: In exnnhitcly soft tans, firBys and In brown. 

Bi-eolor Duvetyn 

A new melange duvetyn from France. Soft colors. Including new 
greens and MB* shades. 

Crepe Faille from France 

One of the smartest weaves in Paript. 

Cross-bar drop-stltch Velourg 

A moat adoimblfi new fabric for frocka. 

Scotch ramel'fl hair tweed 

A new fabriL 1 for auits end coats, In dark colors. 

Plalilccl veiours-de-lalne 

Our exclusive Importation. Quite- the most stunning plaids to be 
found fnr sports frocks, suits, capes and coals. fire«t squarea. plaided 
in fine lines, and faaelnatiag combination of color. 

The beat of American materia!?, also, in the new versions 
of the «oft pile coating and in dress fabrics. 

First Floor. Old Building. 


—a good purchase 

332 fine pieces, room sizes 
and small rugs> rich, beautiful i 
colorings, purchased in the 
early summer when business 
was quiet, and secured for our 
customers at 

A Saving of 
a Fourth 

$37.50— for $50 Persian Mo soul a 
Rich. Silky. A r era'g e slzti a.6i6 fce[. ,"M> of theae. 

$57=50 — for $75 Pcre-ian Mosouls 
50 of these. Averag* s1i« 3.fiiS.S fecc 

$50 to $95 — for $76 to $100 Bokhara! 

25. A&tique and modem. Bitcn from 3^x3.6 to A.9x4 feet. 

$32.50 to S39.5G — for $40 to $55 Pcrgams 
50. Pine Turkish pieces, Sices 4.0x3.1 ft. tn -LIU-".:} fat, 

S7&.50 lo $59 — for $110 to $135 Dozan 

SO. Very bandainje. Sixea average 3,6^.4^ feet 

$22.50 to $32.50— for $30 to $45 Samuki 

*0, Scatter sises. aTeTflgtng t.IOx2.0 fert 

$150 lo S375 — for $200 to $500 Axiatoliaits 

12 OQly. Siwn ra&ge from 0x0 feet to 14.1x10.5 feet. 

$150 to $375 — for $200 to $500 Mahals 

46. Magnificent colorings. lO.lOxfli.7 fleet to -33.2x10.3 fe*L 

$375 to $950— for $500 to $1,250 Sarotdu 

21. Rich. Durable. S.lOi0.B feet to J44I10.4. f*cL 

$325 to $525 — tor $425 to $1,150 Haitudani 

10. Excellent vaJues. IO-SiR feet to 1MH2.S feet. 

Third Gallery, Haw Building. 


...J ' .... ." . I 

M. ".-.'.. i • ■ i 



. ■ 

cAnttuvnce to hegin this morning 

oA SALE of 3,600 MEN'S 





of a quality usually offered 
at 2.00 and 2.50 

UNLIKE most shirts sold at a popular 
price these have been made oVer 
-libera! measurements, with no Skimp- 
ing anywhere* Sleevei are in correct pro- 
portion to body lines; each shirt has a box 
pleated front,, and the designs are notice- 
ably uncommon. Colors: Light blue, tin, 
helio, light green against white back 
grounds. SizesJ3J4 to" 17. Street Floor 

Men's Imported Ombre 
Blanket-Cloth Dressing Gowns 

Very Special /.50 

Made- of i soft, warm, velour-finish blanket-cloth 
in a variety of splendid colorings. Deep shawl 
collar, neat French cuffs, and silk cording. Tailor- 
ing excellent — down to the piping of the seams. 
Fifth Floor 




TCROM rhe hlghwaya all trsathtr* in N*w England can see gkrd*nt of iwgtrfeu » 
* dahlias. And In manr of them flowera can be bought for 60 cents a doicn; 
the lelretfon made bj aa<tu\t. 

A* far na I knaw. rhin custom originated in Greene Firm, a part of our »wn 
town. But It bat spread onr far eoontrj- roads, and oi:jnt to be ■ good thing for 
dahlia groTcare. as w*][ aa tha pablic. - • 

1'f* tward none deplor* th* caromsreLel fplrit of telling flower* and other 
firm prodtrct* by the roadafd*. hur T llkt thi Mm myaelf. Moat normi] human, 
beings haven't .osttheir fdrtj'W tnitfnct: Jt !a it poor trip oflojs which «M f*tch*s 
narking factor. An* i(> much better tn bat* brought sora*tbir.( than t» tenia horns 
with empty pocket ■< Although. o( cemflB,. fish and i*m- and wild harries *#tm. 
to be oar natural rijfe 

On* pa*t 1 kflcwi natl oat much of i poet, either. *&** to be ejaital. H* 
said lout ago (hat the dahlia *aa lb* true New England flufcer: nertectlr stiff 
and coaTeanonil with no fragrance, ■ : VTT 

Well, idt rface-it ill ra'ght be prowl to base ihe-dahli* Ita tlowee. For whll* 
folic who ar* nrwaj* spreading * rfcttr around linfl nrting ant to Ufa maillot in 
■Dire of nil mi* be tlf**ome and mistaken In rhrir efforta, they arc new io ah-rrt 
of ih* murk as rhr ern'civ 

. I hdp* my poet haa learned better: Ho l*ft fown bafoT* 1 «0Hld convert him 
to the (irELlrr waji of H>vt|.(irt and en apprertatlon of the riobl* flower, tins 

Tb* fltner aiiht a man *aa tclliat me tblt'lfr. Henrj ffirs* w*« K*lrl Io hart 
tchmTrind ihit he kn*w not hint of tha W»e of 1812. And aome tbought thai 
marked Mr. Ford at an. .tfltorint prrAoa. I knot* manj men who blT* their 
briln* ctMTdfd with am* detea. ahd tbat\ nil th* cood it tttr doea thtni. 

The Impoitint dite for n person to remember in that DonketiAr developed the ■ 
double dehila in tat- bitaqlcal ^ATdion of I^ouTaln In 1813. \h> ■?» ihsc time thin 
ru*Krit'u!*jH fWer'hiia been nn in»lgn.'nV»nt euoufh blowom. a poor relation of 
thennter farollr dwpluilf; In Mctlto and Central-Amerirn. 

IlonkrJaar made a' trip nT*r bero. flfld look the hnlba back with 'him miikinr 
th«ir) wlsjit the; a-r«. For the dabt'n Is a fine example of what nn be ntvom- 
Clished by faith HD<f hard nek. c»eo from n mail unproroisine t-ecmttitiK 

I look ou: on in? rardeti. nooai rich In dnhlUn Mi ifm going to he next rear, 
and 1 HC ro«-v of toreeoiln bloaanma. Alorir aide thet in raj' bed of axtrrei wlthi 
the pink, the white ind the purple fririEed flowerB, I do njt Imow If the filler" 
taunt the dahlia* with their humble br|-tiiainia. But It c^n't milter to (hem. The v 
have m«d* Ibe miat of Iheir opportanlHea lor mif-lnproTenienr. and thrlr nd- 
mirrrti like rheta thf better Wkuh' fbey *re two-facod. 

Tlif; iinhlia in eiaj to fraw, and prodnrea r|D« flower' up Lntn Anturnn but 

i.h»T do not laet veiv brsc when you brink th«mlnto the bonne.. That 'would he 
too mwh to expect of -them, umr. It th#j alojifr kbe table dinltje; 
ner their li(r'« work in euecranfulLr dinpatched. 

mueh to expect of .them, ■njwaj, Kthej flarllr tbt table difrine; one dlo- 

their llfe'q work Is euceenafullr aiNpatfhed. , 

Long lelfnd dahliH eKrdena were Qum«roaa and full of wandepful floweri no I 

wea not aurprlaed to henr tbnt the print fr»R the dahlia nbow went to a r,r,ij 
Inland man. I pnnll trj to fariof Jt to Connecticut next year: rnlalar prlxe ilowera 
ts aneh an amiable content, 

fiT'.^ Carman han wrLlian baame on dabliae, and * woman wrote 'him a Jeitpr 
acTMHni him a book *he*t! pvblfihed oa the lift of the flower Bhe Hren in Neu 
Jerney itnd In a true dahlia dladple. 

But the mar, I likn beat to remember la John Dlcklnaon of f}ld'Sejbrook Thi* 
Job SO he went to M« reward aftei **Tant]f'alr jear* epertl ip heioc happy hlm- 
nell and DJaUnf othern nn rAnch no an he Mold- His qnb1i*e were wdDderfiil hi' 
thair iard*Q out ihroujh the aw*at-fl«i awamp, wh«r* the aceut of tie aea came 

ithfat diatanc*«. 

one and the 'brilliantly colored f lower* stood ftfilnjt far. atnath) 
John left th*M to hie friend, "Wilaott, who has retired from th* ^hottaale ftorc'rj 
tmaineaa to the gentler art of ' a^rdajanajg'tw PH own plaaaure. 

Una marbt ia nTauwa. 
: "hlerej" Eamooie tfarned the rifbt to 
her nickname yesterday when aha went 

to the Mcataf the Bide-a-Wee Rou« 
it a »*rlod of financial crinis. The in^ 
etJtutioo Jor the rescue of mistreated 
dofn and cats bad icrtped the bottom oi 
the monej baa; and dfdn't khow* 
the next nickel »mm ta come from vrhea 
iq walked Mereetta with 2,000 of th* 
Halt iTha, $100 thsj.i contributed had 
been carnerird hj iht> actm* from mcra- 
t*raofi*t_profeaalon fond of onimala. 


\ BLO*«a-«l.EJLS0* J. -caUPBHI^ r^NEBAl. 

j cbekch,'- BM*a*ar • aata iil, Tfcweiv, 


Head of Keith Circuit Will Permit 

' No "SuccVins:" of Picture! 

From Stage. 


n Ail-FeaiiBiinb Frortoelnj: *.*a Rr- 

laau^lfeaY OriaDbttlnn Hu How 

Saaapad tbo JPlalA. 


IK the future anjr member* of the 
* Keith TBudeviile compan; Usina 
ItoUTtPbod and the recent impcdi** 
anacted in the notion picture cnl- 
oiij- a« tha auhject .of their iohrn vlH 
rective the coodeWatiofi pf E. F. AL 
be* preiident of the Keith OrTtuit, who 
aikt that ail hla arttata refrain from 
miktBE any rafaronca to th6 late con- 
troreraien Implicatlbaj diotlvs picture, 
people. He aa.r* thin reapect In due the 
people who are financially interested In 
pictntea aa 1 well at- the ptaycca- 

"I feel,'* niya Mr. Aloeo < "that no 
lnatituttoa ihoulo] be condemned for th* 
acts of a few of lta implojees or Ueo- 
ciates. It la had eaohf h to be/ obliged 
to stand the critldam of the press and 
Ike i*iletal pnbiic-'but wh*re those *'h» 
tarn their lieiar »n Ibea-trlcatp ooatinuc 
to Irriute a condition of thin kind it 
doea not become, aa in asj- way. It is 
hufflj):n to trr, hut it- ts not human for 
ciGinbcrn of a family to openly criticiie 
heforr the public ahtrrtcomtnt* of «nv 
ft the other members: It la th* name 

"Lth our bq»iD*J*0. 

"The motion picture industry. ' gwn 
on Mf- AifH'i-. "I* one of the Greatest 
and most important In the theatrical 
biislnrns. Million* of people, paftfe-njar- 
ly women and chlidfcn, *et their amuse- 
ment from tbta branch of our profe* 
Bifid- There are proper ways of di»- 
mpiing aad imniaJiirij; those who effend 
laws and prineipte* and tboa* who have 
trflnnareesed thaae ethioa and mflectcd 
on the mtir* profeiaion hare Buffered 
for rtelr mttcoitduct and any reference 
to thla In public on the atajce by the- 
atrical people is a breach of decency. 
» say the kut, 

"It is also a breach of nnaldcration. 
rather thoughtless, perhaps, than otb*r- 
^iic for a bit&incas which we nho-uld 
uphold and fii^tiify instead of endearor- 
inp, hy unaarory reference^ to pu!l 
down." ' 

Mr. Albro feJera to Will H. Hays aa 
a map nf frith Ideala and. prin<.-lpaia and 
one wbo in bItItIbc day and nicat, weei 
la and week rur, to rflui bllitA ir- any 
abortc4mius*e [11 the motion picture buKi- 
neet and to establish a hlfh standanl in 
ar] itr tamiffCationE, «hich will commend 
respect and siimiratinn, not ODiy fmin 
thoab who visit motion pictures, but from 
the public In general 

Wele-amlDftT Pol* Newrl. 

WhttBter PoU Nefri'n first imp:es 
Rlons of New York are, she. must he 
CoaaclouB of the hinwrlty at the wrl- 
!■■'.' rtif* ^iven her at lb* luncheon, at 
Sherry s yesterday, whore »|jo mu the 

fuest of honor bf l-'amou* ITtftjfatft- 
.aaky. Home eixty-aeven motion pit 1 - 
t!!r.> acrihea and eL«c»tlreB of Famous 
I'layers-Laniky were present at tblt*. the 
first public appearance <>£ th* Polish 
atar, who has. come to this country to 
P/lsy iu American pictTirr's, with Robert 
Hlcaen"^ "Bella bonno." aa her drat' 
vrblrir, These luncbeomi do not oftto 
hrinE out sb many well known writ era 
as ycAterday'R party. Every nne ivnp 
there, Btl eager to nf* the Polish av- 
treaa who won a mamr for herself ha- 
fore she' ever stepped a foot on Ataencsn 
soil. John K!«"k Ludri^h, treasurer mid 

Eeneral connsel for the Famous Ptayars. 
■aaky, spoke of thr- nraat plrosure ho 
f*lt in welconalnc' to thin cnnnlry one 
who wa« tlrstln'pd lo b>*> perhaps the 
jrrpHiest srrceli *tar. He intrndiu-ed 
Adolpb Zuknr. who wclcpmed Ml.w S*?t\ 
by -:i;.-]tit.' he had met her in Germany 
and' from the hm moment hi> ebiv her 
he had the name feeling he had when 
he brought Wfiry Picltford Into FarooiiB 
Player* ten years a^o. 

"1 knew ilins Pirkford was n rreat 
artist." he faid. 'and T fc»w Sfiiq ^ftS 
nan the name Qup|jr|c« that made \Tisa 
yirkforrl fsmtiitt,': He said in prwiinp 
Mlsa N'rirrJ he brouthr not onlf thr. wr(- 

3 tee of Fanimio F layers- La sky but of 
r whole induBtry, 

Miss Negri, Whfl speaks English r>rply 
slightly, promised to reply in three 
months, in the Tnpnntlmo Ben Blumen- 
thn] responded fnv her, ex'hrCJvlhg her 
deep gratitude nt the reception -given her, 
Thomns Mcighais, who is always a host in 
himself, floated iutn the party and with- 
out meaning to detract anything from the 
rrceptiott given the ptest of howr, waa 
soon surrounded by his admirers. Aa 
for PoTa NfKrl. she Is for nnre beauti- 
ful off the ecveen than nn— but all tills 
In a Siindjy story. 

•irrnncl KcVaBiin ?erln. 
1 Having hmught back his first prodac- 
tign fot Associated ExhlbUnrs and 
demonstrated to Arthur Kane's Batlstar- 
Uon he was able to get sotoctblng *orth 
while in 1'orto Rico, riklwnrd MfManus 
has signed for s iv>cond production to 
be modo in the snxnrttrritory. Meo Al- 
llvnn ;i:l.I Robert E1H& arc the titan in 
the flret praductioii. which has thr 
intriguing title of "The Woman Who 
Fooled Herself," sntl which Ik set for re- 
lease. October 2D. The .list' of stars 
ehosen Tor the, nccnn'l picture, wbi.e.h, by 
the way, la flnanoinl by Boose wealthy 
Ports Rfcans. contuine. seme pames that 
Will interest every on* who follows tpo-' 
tian' fiietriKs. Monlc Dlue. Mary Time- 
msit, Mary AUien. Fwai Currier. l&MfeJ 
FTnrtrin, ChHrlco Line. SaIIIc Cnue mid 
M.irti:i Faunt have Already preceded Mr, 
McManus and Charles Logue, who is lha 
author and ilircctni- nf the -entire. 
McMniiua aeriou, tn Sun .lunn. They who' 

n--.';-Lvrci tv. ^LiM-rniir Mont Rellly and 

the local KotaK club with a banquet 
and recepUoti that made them decldo 
Porto Bico is the place to make picture*, 

l-'emi:il«f :\r.(e. 

" We are to havrj with us a motion pic- 
ture company oulcerrd and controlled by 
women. This uti tejue argsnita tlon will 
he known on the l>ninm* Producing and 
BeScnsing OoUDsny, Bfl«l tU offices-'arh 
located at 1425 Broadway. The organ- 
[f.*r* count on thr enterprise As a sub- 
stantial business usdertAking. as well as 
an educational foro* for better filtni and 
better music. The women Identified with 
ihe project include Urn. fravid A. (.'iimp- 
■bell, prealdent, who ui etlltC-r of the 
Maslcnl Monitor npd ehalrmau of the 
music department of tbe National Coun- 
dL fflt Women; Mrs, NjBKDt furst, vice, 
president and widow of tbe cOmposec, 
William Furat: Mrs. Kstbrr 'B. Anhoit, 
treasurer, who founded lha ' children's 
hospital In Denver, and Mrs. tiydncy 
Farrnr, mother of Ceraldiae Farrar, who 
ta chairman of the hoard of governors. 
All the picture*, produced will tn* actual 
dratuat. set to mnslr. equal aUcndou 
being givrn to the music and to tb* 
stoiy. The first production will- be "The 
Soul of tbe Violin,'* » feature, 
written In the- form of an rpic .around 
the traditions of a Stnitieiriua vlnUb. 

CitaitiDn Gets "Urthlrt. rlft<iil," 

According to * wire received from 
our Coast cor resnga dent, tho contract 


j She hu rone ia l^orto ftic-o, vtber* 

«h* will *lay oBt Of tike lt-niiljlti 

j roles In th* aeeond pleisn to be 
made by rilwtci 
Aaioctated Eaklb 

omer. A»* Jokat M*.eP*.rlaUBV ■■■" 

best Yost. TktrtM KaxareU 

C»naT*i and Paul Etrrlon. 

ISvprlaltSi FroU I-Uriij-I 1>« SdlUM.) 


"Wiy Ken I«itb Hofflft" Preaenttd 

Here Under the Management of 

Wageabals k Kemper. 


dnsrd ^ir.tlfcTLUn ,lnr 

whereby Sid fJrnunjnLi gets l>ons;Iaa 
Falrbankn'a "Bob In Hood - ' far the open- 
ing attraction of his neiv theatre In 
Hollywood, was made the occaalon for 
a big luncheon in Lo« Angeles. The 
Hollywood Chamher of Commerce took 
a band Bndthrrc was a general rejoicing 
when it litcamo Iinswn Mr. Umuuian 
was tn have the honor of presenting Mr. 
Fpirbanks's picture for the, flrsjt time in 
sny thestrc + Wftlt, Doui probably be- 
lieves in Lintronlzlng hnuiD industry. 

It la Xnr Tribe, flaya Llls. 
j Tie arrival of Lils I^e ia Chic^o 
j ow the same train with Jamca KLl-kwood 
I Rave more coloe v tilt story that aim is 
I ■■i!,-ii"vi tabe marrii-d to the leading man 

nun fotnier iilm-iui. Hnth hlirw Lea 

eijrkwoorj denied (hu reuurt in 

■ Cntifnruin, beforu h-ji.iug lor tlie Btsfc 

fsnri ijtiiit "ii Chlcnco. .11 rs. ChsrleH An- 
| pel, mother nf MIjm Lee. ssld Mr. blirk- 

WMd had n SMeetheart iji c;blesg? tim\ 

dr and Llla arc merely, friends. 

1 -. Go Abroad. 

California guve Mae Mnrrny and her 
hushanil, Roheft i.ronnrd. n rouFing wel- 
come when they reiched the Const off 
■'-r. f'isa Murray paimed looa. 
enough tg ny aw soon ss She tinl«1iet| 
utLoti," tha pictufd lliat took her 
nbmad'. she iviu s*n abntud tn Riake a ae- 
ries <if npeclal feSlurr-s fnr Metro. 

A Cumciril 


\l"nle« saw "When 

The Prince uf Males saw 
Knighthood Was in Flower" berore i 
nas even shewn in this city, A com- 
aeand perform n nee was tiven at York 
bcunc. iind tbe prince, who lins itlnays 
liked nil Amerlcanf. took OChSlsfafl to 
pommeiid tlie Cnirnwpolltan rrmpnny on 
the exreltence nf thin portrayal of early 
English history, 

n ')'l»c tbe alnater Al P . 
Edward Hjoibh, manager of th* 
-BrooUyn Strand, wbm ko busy nTjying 
glnco- nte snH rigflm for Hie "crowd" 
ycfiierdsy, he only gave th« rheatrr a 
few momrnra of \m t me. The reason is 
the young tody who arrived st'hhi house 
— a girl who wffl !>n rallnf (iene tirse- 
Hyman. Although it i-. rather rurlv U> 
predict her fultirc ,\lr. Hj rnnn thinku 
she will be a motion picture actreai, 
her facile eento?tinns are so perfect. 

Die Tatidaj, 
Evpry ntcantcr returning to thi* 
country esrrlos some motion plctore no- 
table. William Fox, who . has been 
Shroad for three months on bualnesri for 
the Fo* company, returns oti Tucb^st 
H« la asiUng nn the BrrenffaHa. And 
t Irian Jlesroi is ffoing u> be dinappoiiiied 
it he doesn't have « n annouiiccment to 
make when he reaches New fork, 

Socially Speaking-. 

Mayor Hvlan, Will Hays and other 
notables tn c'vic. drammfe. literarj- art 
.and iducatipnal eiKlea «IU i^, a mone 
those present at thr opening of "When 
Krilghthooll Waa iu Flower - ' when It 
romen, to the Criterion to-night for au 

To Mm RBTmapd McKet. 

£?t*ft* ^od s"<"h exc+Hent results 
with Johnny Hines, t'bcrlrs Ilurr, head 
of the Affiiated Kshihitor*. has signed 
Koynabtid MeXae Io ptny the had In a 

*n s « r tWB-WftVrt It lw known nn tho 
"All «t*r Oanirdiea- 11 Production on 
the new scries hits already been started 
at Burrs deurlalc utiidios under tbe 
miiec- production staff that Is responsjhV 
for the Torchy series. Xfr. Earr. o'e- 
cording 1 to HrrtaqVay gossip, hi itrgDtiat- 
int with two other stars, Ilavmonil 

iUcKe* is one or the best known nf the 
LH-cnlle leads in the rfluntry and has 
. iRO wide experience since he first ap- 
peared in tbe I^IIfiiii films as Jong aca 
asVthear. hicture« were * part of tiie 
acreen cntartslnmerif. 

Sklrlr >''■ l.itc.l, 

Th £ t , F f T ™"t ,,,n J' bkaaw oceasion to 
*i.v Shirley Alsson t next pictnre wjjl 
be "loutb Must Have I^jve," The re- 
lease dare fn Octo-ber ii and the director 
Joaepb Franz. \ a i c . 

Xommy MoJghan is nothing if not 
tru* to h|a race. His Japanese valet 
answer* lo tbe name of O'aars."' 

A iJi.c or Two, 

Frank Vreelniid of the Herald naid 
yesterday Famnua Playera-Lafeky bad 
done their heat t* make a "'morie ntln" 
out of Pola Negri by refunbg to let ber 
mirry aff^iu. Tho H*Tcemcnt that it 
would cost the company a million -dol- 
Jars ir aha wera to become entangled 
in a son Unejatal -.attachment Was a bit- 
ter blow to all the mom at the luncheon 
yesterday. -. Yea, she to that bvamiifnL 

■ | r 


TWRAT1tB-"W*r " ■** L " T * 

Hob*,-' m. eoatdr IB on* i;ii nr- *'•" 


Th»* Caa*. - 

■uf- . . 

JtlBSr W*U*4 

jMMb Tllftr* 


Tr.-'ii ilttvtll f*ffl*Ttf 



... luHl Uittrtsa 

... Vifll KmBwii 


_.. Vest 

hul t+*rv>\ 


-Wiuni LerSIB» 

HUB . 

. ." . f it:* tien>r& 

BH. PRATT, Flattie BurrMii, Cnr- 
rectlbni. Pace Llftw). Wrinkles. BlBUXahcs 
Be moved, a* w*jb la. 

By LEO A. KAB3H. - 

A very Hnpwood didn't write * part 
mto his new comedy. "Wl; hijan Ltkte 
Home." for the baekatage cat at the 
Morosco Thestee last n.;M. but thereat 
dlrl It for liirftst.lf.-or herself, as the 
Case may be. And the part was what 
Will it- poller would describe aa a 

For'aerersl minute*' (he touchier of 
the audience was unrestrarned' and Mr. 
Hopwnol himself was forced to mention, 
it a bit later when he made a. curtatb 
speech. The occasion* was tae sudden 
appearance cf .the animal on the stage 
Iq the second act and after deliberately^ 
looking orer the sudience in If in search 
of s friend, th* eat jumped orer the 
apron and thence into the hndienee where- 
II was swallowed uji — melaphorkally 
speaking, or course. 

In his latest comedy llr. Hop wood haa 
not been aa naught; aa he haa. been 
charged with being In his pre-rious work*. 
Thar* art two beds iu *th* aecend aet P 
It la true, but both of them are occupied 
and then to make assurance ^onbly *iii-e r 
tbe husband gets out of one of them end 
goes out on the slccplne porch tn aptnd 
ut nlgbL - 

Some of It la Fnnnj-. 

But — perhaps by tha same token— Mr, 
Hopwood also has not b«n as funny In 
"Why Men Leave flomo" as be was in 
some of hi-" ftther works. There Are spots 
here and there where the audience, ia 
afforded heart; laughs mid there's tUarly 
a uigKIr- Hp.-iuKJi'd liiroucn thi dialogue. 
1 But the young playwright has written 
In mora farcical Vein In the past and 
haa Inrncd out many a better job of 
scintillating dialogue In the face M aU 
this, however, don't get tho idea "'"Why 
Men Leave Horns" hasn't its points. In- 
deed, it hsa: several nf them, and there's 
a re**oitai,i> KWi i evening of fun in It 
for the average LbratrcgotT in ie»reh <if 

There are spot* in the play whert 
Hopwood evea tgrna to preaching, per- 
hajls unconsciouMly, and ha tsksea a shot 
or two at wives errant, so ta speak, in no 
uncertain terms. , 

He lltnmrs Ir nn the Wlrn, 

"One-fifth 'w J irj*," as Hopwood csUs 
lhcin r are- blamed fop most of the do- 
mestic tufrilrily in thi* world, and then 
he drives tbe long-euffertng husbands the 
formula for happiness in tbe last act. 
Ita mild form of -treat "em rough" 
dorErin?. the piny would brlbjr, into use — 
abrl if tt atneg hall Bo well in real lire 
as it did in Hopwooda comedy it's a 
good system. , 

While the cast Ran Flomqce 3hirlcv 
and Je?|iii MeForlano iln the principal 
roles, the! honors, an. far as the audience 
was concerned lost nijLt. went to U'aunii 
Ixflrsiue, a clinrniinfi little girl with per- 
firct sptf-poKseiroiou and n maaiory for di-. 
rcction tli:il didn't overlook :i single in- 
flection or bit cif buHlnoss. 

McKariani;, "too. was excellent in the 
role of one of tbe husbands, and Mis* 
Shirley woa p*™on«b?*>. She was given 
to Overacting -nt times, it, eetmed. and 
there wereTnometits when the ulirUlijpsa 
nf her voice, raised to a tense plteb, was 
Someuhat iKrve-raoklng. 

JCstile \'l)!:ii'- was good in rjie role of 
nn eged, if nut decrepit, grandma, and 
Theresa Mfuwr-li Conover was clever at 
mother of the trio &f nivpa. Audrey 
rTsrc. too, did -well aj the third memher 
of the unity and Isabel Lejgbton was 
charminfr sh a young girl about to com- 
mit matrimony on six thousand a year. 

Norvsl Heedwell In It. 

Norm! Keedwell. the young Juvenile 
who hn* been seen here in mrlous pro- 
ductions in the last iwo ^iisous. ahOfrs 
vast improvement over his previous per- 
formancCa and portTaja the role of an 
earnest young business man very nicely. 

Herbert Yost acta much better than ha 
plays the ukulele, although ho admits to 
fikving bdd nineteen lessons on the tottei- 
Instrumfnt. and Paul Errrton dnc,i well 
as another husband. That leaves only 
Minor Watson, an the butler, and Peggy j 
Lytton, as the maid, unaccounted for, I 
and both did all their small parts re- 
quired <■!' them, although the latter'a 
ess>ty at cockney dialnrt was not very 

The siory nf "Why flfen Leave Home" 
deals with n triumvirate of husbunds 
who, deserted for some- ten montlis of 
every year by their wandering wives. 
Miildenl.i let it becomif known to tho wo- 
□icn that tlify do iint belt 11 iv bb they 
aheuld during their enforced bachelor- 

sum mm U Aerlucrn. - 
The secret leaka out by accident at 
first, but after,, a council of war, in 
which the wise old grandma takes part, 
the men rTeoido to let their wives fear 
the worst. 

Of course, after til*, first bunyt of In- 
dlgiiBtlun, anger on the part of the wo- 
men glse* w*y to fear of lowing their 
hiuhnndo, and after an act of talk that 
would make Margaret Sanger write in 
horror, alt of them decide to become 
reconciled and ruise children. On* of 
thr women, even considers adopting a 
■couple so she won't have to be kept wail- 

The plaj has been staged 'by CoUln 
Kemper, who with Lincoln Wageahals ia 
si wo responsible for the prooltictjpn. 



- AT 

BATiTiHone, nn. 

I'utLT fsnlpKfl snl ri-»'lr for 

Sol* of FaabloB Pura Ends SaturoVy. 

Store Hours Now fl ta S.SO. 

BrOodtOov ■.'- .Vif-ffi. - 

Forxttrh A. T. Brctcarl 

TefesAOPM! -STflO Sisirucsnnf 

--' ■ ■-- 1 ^- lit 

- jmore6ccnU 

(Satins Dichroiques Fluorescent*) 

This new material, created by the famous House 
of RAIMON' in Paris, has Us American presentation 
exclusively, with (he Wanimafcer Store, Thursday. 

"We art kappi lo he aiilt to «(ftr von," ,write« 
M. RA1 JrfON", "the possibility of firit presenting to your 
customers the "Dichroiques Flnorescmts" satins l which 
have been ehoser. by tmt best Parisian eustomcrs, 

"From iht fragbmlMLg of the seoson this article has 
had great sv'ccrss, and -i'e ore assured that it wilt havt 
its'iCcho in' America-" 

m * #' 

' This, is a wonderful season of colors in Paris! 
Some of the couturiers and" modistes have been grad- 
ually leading up to Ihis exquisite r er i°d for nearly a- 
year. Wey had accomplished much in a colorful way, 
but without anv Innovation. Then they consulted 
with the great maker of silks — Monsieur RAIMON — 
and ht understood, although to interpret their Idea was 
nej easy. ' But then — voila! — 


"Wbat is it? First of all, it is not silk — It is arti- 
ficial silk. It could not be otherwise and ye! have the 
necessary suppleness unless it were made, of the very 
finest quality of silk and then it would be beyond the 
reach of most every one. . * . 

Have you- ever been fascinated by phosphorescent 
ljghts~playing on the sea? If so, you will be charmed 

by Fluorescents. 

* * * 

This unique display is iu the Silk Rotunda, Street 
floor, Old Building. 

* * * . 

Interesting note— • ~ 

Fluorescent is not ivcvtn in x:to colors. The ttltiqtte 
ckOHgcaHl effect, lias been produced by a scctet process 
of dyeing, 

-,' Stmt floor, Old Building. 

THREE Days More! 
The Sale of Fashion Furs 

Three short days In which to lake advantage of these 
"less than winter prices." And. the first of th«e days to- 
day — Thufsday — we shall feaiurc. 

Caracul Coats and Capes 

TMne, well marked skins, in coats which foHow (he new 
fashions of the wide sleeves, straight or Russian -bio used sil- 
houettes, Capfis, too, with graceful flare and the smart short 
coals for trotteuf wear, or with a frock banded wiih fur to 
Tnake a complete costume. 

■j ■ fials JXoeia/iar 

price. BcpL /fi. 

so inch black caracu. cojt, skunk collar and cuffi. "»iw 5310 
*5 inch black cai-icul eoit, vlitka squirrel crush 

collar and cufft »\ $300 5450 

50 Inch black caracul coir, nilur" squ'rrel crush 

collar ind cuffs 437B 5475 

A7 Inch black caracul coil, blouse back, large 

collar., full Hare cuffs of Kolinsky.... $395 J*>75 

45 Inch hlirk ciracul cape, full ind Hiring Kolinsky 

collar 1 $423 j so <> 

3 3 Tnch black Ciratul ccat, Austraiiin nrossum. 

collar and cuffs „ .$224 $295 

36 Inch sporii Coat of plltlnum caracul, with hit. ,$22S $2$$ 

TBiird Hoor, Old Building. 

TRUNKS^ — Good Savings 

S27— for S35 tninka 

WARDROBE trunk), full size, made 
of 3-ply wood,' fibre-covered. ID han- 
Kers, laundry big. 5hoe pocket, 4 
drawers, rilsed: top. 

$24.25 — for $31.50 trunks 
Same model:, (hree-quiner site, 

$22.60 — far 529.75 trunks \'&"\Y& 

Steamer size. 1 drawers, large drop i! W?&~- . *1 

section wilh 2 removlhle piriltlom, fi 


Dicta trunk j, $13.50, $15, $36.25 
For 32, J6 and 40 In, sizes; Si 7.50 to $2! grade;. 
Fibre covered ind Mudded, 2 trays, cloth lining, beivj* draw bolts 

Steamer trunk*, $I2>25, $13.50, $15 . ","< 

For 32, 3o and 40 in ¥ iiisi ; *i5 t 75 lo 419.25 grades. Same ' 
model is last prcccdinc- Dress Trunks. 

Sevenl hi Golltry. New Building. 

- A new combination in 
Men's Fall Neckwear 

Satin with repp. Alternate two-inch bias stripes, smooth 
and ribbed. Alternate colors, loo — 24 combinations in ill., 
Very liandsome effect. First presentation. $1. 50. 
* * ■ 

Navy blue or hrrvvn sitlii with repp sirlpes of cold, garnet, 
myrtle, royal blue, del blue. Fight gray. Black utln, -with repp' 
stripes of Liel Hue. myrtlft, mauve, navy blue, royil blue, marine, 
brown, ffirnct, magenta, gold t olive, heliotrope. 

Stree-t flfitt|% Htrw Building. 

For 36-chest Men 

260 madras union suits, athletic style. 

Our Stand *t.5o jradesr— 35c each,-'3 suits for St. 

FIrTe. suits, plaid and fancy tfgnK*. *HH elastic wiatjblng- 
icrosf btck — but only the one site, hence the egtriordlTiary 

Mto'i Shop, Strtert flcor. No Building- 



* l iif*T£*ti>. T S*g5ftS > - 



Openug MM! Sept. H 

V, all*?* Eddlna*r^sui r> - v alt 

'A wo^e-g.f.,, mt 

music sox ;§•§* &** 

*\S*« rnUIH 7n n T a "'* is™. *.*i. 

**, uu nun mnf— *it • sji. t.*i. 



wttfc M AttQABBT LAWftErTCE 




• fed conn.*)- iai!i*HD C ft-RL^E sttltAE 

Ih« Awful Truth 

Bf art urn KjohjjiLS. 

»J™« ffiSSte To-** Ttar*. 

iKXAACp 1^*1.51. 


M*H.Tc-m. ATtnT»- l-fk 

")IiH ITtrfci 0«(dfn-a AH lv* prf 1«- 

(lonaw riven tK* WIWrii."-Ti="i. 

DATtp 19E1.ASCO rrsttsu 

L enore ULR1CasK jkI 

Iljtpv""^ Hns-vsti-d aVarn 
ST Bl111 WiJIlua CnllH«. 

^' H _r^«rF* Utter.. Jbj Mlthj ^ 


COa7CC w ™t *M ct. Eveeiup kt t.W, 




. .'Hn.HH. HAKftUJ. tttr. 
__. J.JA. UtllbiM W«L A S*L Mil. 








SEPT. 13 

K St. m OPENS 


I "Howling Succeu" Eve. Post 
I "A Genuine Hal" Telegram 

Oianqv ft 10S torn ir 



H*t«. Wrf. 
A Bit. LIS'. 




W\ « SL Ir. 1.39 

HiI».Te-m.* Tlttlrt 

Mil'lrll [V-,,.,., 
Hot.. | d Dijr.u IJ*J 


r-EPjWYiV TIIEATKB, Tint Itt St 


tomrit. "PARTNER* 8 AG A Jit" 

rtfv II! 1 . M*U. Vr1 A, BIL, 13. 


Accorded the grtat- 
est ovation ever given 
a motion picture. 


- ■ 


Prince of Wales 

after a **commari(i" showing in 
London. You will mv so, too. 



at 2.30 arid 8.30 daily 

Seau selling eight weeks in advance. 


->>iTOU«C tWHA'l 

VANDERBI LT„r;. .{JgBS g* 



J««Tlntr» Viti. ft Mt. J 10, 

A Earpenf* 


ttt<t& l! aff262i Hr.UCtSlL [ 

tR^SI«mw , p 

Fill/fllP 'VALi.Ai'i: neiD 

VIWULI'nwitfr i 

flfr'WAY AT W Faraw0**l fififrt 

IBtfTKBT. Rlvnll Ctorgn OnbWri. 

■'cr*rj!Wtfj"f C^rNf Id lA* Ri;-alt littv." 1 

J.f i L^J»««lliE« l ""lllMH. 

11 A. M. P 11 '' K- I AND OTHEKB 



ft 4T B|. ^ et'lai tfa^HMr OKI. 

b«m™ norma iaimame 

nflPlTfll -THE HOUND OF THE 1 1 in. BASKERvnjLEs" 

B'.if r. 11'- Capitol flr..d Oicbuiri. 

8t»5W!** Murray '""Bj^^.r 




E 1. s r i: J a s n 

Turn FlU-toil. Mcrefi. A 
ffmaloii. r-;li r Arlir-.iaD. 
Fort Cir,-*,,, ft oiUfr*. 


T*d L«vrin A Unsd 
nirnlnr Kttona ft tt.: 

Jh PraaiBitu, Cnvfari. ft 


^'VA* J Oo*le* 
DrjftvrD-fiaiA 3fOrton 

3ine L*& DthU a |]^ or h>. * 

"n» siMa cnu" 





"An ArUjOlmr S*r*. Bn."-ii, n d«:*, 


fitf Oonar TftK FtlNfTT HJCt 
V9F r»l>»<l Hurt aind lv-cl IUuUkk 


AmatrBTi Bvt 


Nexr W«V. '-MUdinc" fllllj- Wjliboa 

0I.1.1RS" «L<h ,104 Mirk*. 


>laisiBtrji.i-« tolih m4 Hoih Will 
CoKftldcr All Violent TJ-?».(hi. 
PlflM f Or the ulabluhmeiit of m homl- 

ode court for the B^muifa of MAnbac- 
tpn in ill? Traffic wen nn- 
Boun«a yiftt^tdty tfteAioon by Di*trict 
Attomer Joab IT. Bantoii followlni Lhn 
receipt ic bU o&Lca of a letter Inm. tn« 
Board of City Mftxistratu snUkorldbc 
neb u iif.ilit.on it. tna dtjr ecur-i*. 

Thn court will be presided orec hj 
ilAfintrttce Vfy S. Cobb and Fretterfek 
B, HaufF. and an actonit-j- frou. tbt Dis- 
trict Attonwj'a ioiinlcide tbilMan will be 
anifnerf to prweuts all «im eomli'is 
before it- Tire date for tfae opening 
Trill be ■■«( lUlt Tiicadoy. i 



Bing«r Brothers of Pcekiki'l. AJ. 
Inge Thty Cmilfl H»t Ho Tixti 

Ean Peittares, 


Jeba. C. Iflinn of rtramo-ant i« 

. 3Ele-et*d Beid <>f 4he Aieoelntvd 

lletlan Plcmr*- Advertlaen. 


PliEK^KIL!., ]i abont tp niner- in a 
lawsajt wfii&h Ntthen DerllaE 
cxpeota to brias to-daj for hh 
elleoti, Sitia-t-r Bmtlten, vwom 
of the cur Peeiiiilfill Tlif-atr*. T^e cost 
|-T6UiEtts to attract cOtiAidfruhlr* HLlea- 
l^-Q. inasmacb an it ttj.1 I.btc ae (!•-■ 
f«odanta most of tbs ImpDrtant dis- 
Tri.n.:ii.jr Fampuilej in Nev; York Sltr. 
Sincer Brothera, it appeaTt, op^aed. ih 
^n,iK>0 theatre in PeekskiU and; aftir 
hii^ldlr.£ tist beute. tber eaj- thry wtre 
usable to i-.upp.r thrEr patrona with film. 
T|j.?ir rlaiiu m that all tir«-run picrurfA 
of so* iroportanee *■<■»■* rented (o tbe 
Colonial, DLiorber -plerure- thratro owned 
by MarfillH Loew, trhilo *lhey were not 
pprmltiea lo buy a flr*t nia prdduclios 
at anj price. 

The ('ifl-ii, lc itemi, beard about iht 
p'.iifbt of (Ll- pToprletoT* of the BtW ihta- 
*re and cnuie to their uialitanm hj ap™ 
pfftlint \q tbt jmclfictilox of all film 
troubles. Will H IIbtb, for help. 

Tbey rlaited Mr. Hayi. and told him 
of th&lr troubles, nnd be naked them lr> 
Write him n letter n-lliti;; bira of (be «ltu- 

Mr. [lays, when questioned yesterii*r 
ovor Jbc Mephocie conceraini the Peeke- 
ki:l Uiattrr. naid he bad i>rpn approiehi-Ll 
on the dutiiject and- be bnd tii-oinlsed to 
look Into it nud do anj-thfni* be coojd 
d Don L ' an tooiiab-lc seitiement heiEreen 
aJL partie* coucerxied. ■' ' 

yinirer Brothere bave a |Mf liat of 
1-eturueit cbacita in their pnteailon and 
rruni) jfiri-rs aai'ina; that the (Ini «m 
paotes uerc nsibk to rent them Bnr- 
run oroductioni. *One raae (bat will fljr- 
ire eocsp£cuoui!!r Jo tbe Butt, if It i* 
niee* te-nUy, eoneerna one of the recent 
productions, which played on Broadway. 
Twenty- four ebtet poatera wtaa Tjlawd, 
ndvortlibp; HtsMcr wa B B eot nut, hoth in 
(be retular theatre praframi and in thf 
newipaptra. announdnp the faming of 
this nlcttnt »n a bjmcIM attraction. At 
the last mlTinlfl the «ro[laUj- diitribiirjnij 
tbe picture 5aid ;t wba neceianry to re- 
call it. 

Mr. ButMarr <ni.) reflterdai- hd had 
tri (phoned to atren.1 of the bBpertaat 
diitriliutinir corDpanlr'B exnlainlne h ! * 
I'lk-nt*" inaJiillty tt> nn flwt-run «irUre*. 
ti+ ,H(i id they bad 'promlied to iBTeatt 
gate Mr. Hluaefa cJaim, and meanwbllr 
he expects to brJoe f git to nak the eporl 
to Khow miiae wh, v Jt iroii impoaalhlo i,> 
aet film fur thr new thmitre. nii,-i thi' 
had ea»h to pay f i " 

Ellllia ABB inTL-:-C-tr.i 

It. (.'oparrtamVi. 

hjriiv-i if in i:h-'- Ota 

3nPT« Nallct on 'l'iilrn{|rin. 

Roililph ValvnlJDo will not work fur 
aoj other coninanr j>tceplin*; I'a&toiiK. 
Plflyen-Laftky fo f the limn hrlaff, at 
least. A temnorarj- Injunetloa wM B&- 
t*;jiei! Ipy thin rorqpan.r TtAlfrCday afte^- 
norin from ^unreme trourt JuaUif iVIl- 
Ham I*. Burr, md eerred ow Rodolpb 
WaCtnoo rpBtralnine him from cntfirln* 
intA a contract with au.v other motion 
plctnrfl produce compnTiy i»e from pre- 
duelcc. pirturd, p(mae:f. The r eKtr*iniMr 
°*f i" returnable Moiiday mornin*. 
wheii arSMntent to 'aboiv rji:«r- -«hv Tr 
fihoulf] cot be permanent wilt Dp lir'ard. 

Jofca C. Dlhn Atnde Pmaidem, 
John C. Flj-nn in tb« new preald+iu 
of the Aetoe^Bted Motion Picture Ad. 
v&ttHrt, an.l befof* we rt* on with the 
itoeft wb want to conjratulatf thu or- 
canleatlon on Us selwdoo of president, 
raere are few men In the Induatrj tu 
well iiunJibed to hear tbr org an lotion 
%L ."l lT1 i- ani " onQ i V &e»fr fltled, 
Th« other oflh<on cbo*en are: Vice pres- 
ident. V^ r M. Shapiro; McreUry, 
I hcifnnfl i.. tt Her 1 iremu rer, Hnj-ace 
Jute* : beard of dlrfvt..rB. (Jherlu Ba f - 
M. BotafnnL Arthur Brilaut. 



'."aaaaWat%«^ - 

. MniT*Y 

Laam P^**m 

Lm • a» 

JOHrT C. FL1S1. 
He rvrna made p-.-niiiPui of ffa« a«- 
Boolftted A*v*TtUttw at ^l»lir.n 
Ffctart. j-p'tordmr. 

man of the •££*£** committe:' reported ! 
a m-fwt aurccaaful yeai: 

The annual ou*lne of tlie elnb ttRb 
hm at Ashury fark, N. J., on Satwr- 
day. Members to the isumb«r of 400 
left l.y hnnt nt f.SO-fnr Atlnnlic Hifb- 
lands, whf-rr r Knr-elnl tfflin took the 
Pint to Asburj Park. 

Hla(Br> Hrr Plfinri. 

Before Norton Taluldje willed for En- 
rope ahc fetjueatwi ibat thr Kiatera or 
St. runl'ih foaveat nee "The Etertint 
Matne." bticd on rt *The Dnchraa d* 
hting]ni»," IlotiOre Baliac'a story. Jo- 
seph Schenrk ma'de arra&jccoientn 10 in- 
atnli a pnijeetton machine in the con- 
Vent, and NUt oveoUNl Heulah Uviao-- 
Mopn pave tbr i item a apecJAl peeaejtcv 
tloa- Thl» f* p I eajb y the rlrat time wieh 
a prerulero !i fl K • ( ^ei3 place. The mother 
KrptirkiE and nil of the sister™ were pecs- 
ent when the plcmr* W*M hIiowik 

Wirrn^i- ftlAtiii In fn»l 

A heary, in tJir pvrPun nf Warner 
gland, wan added <o thr caat of 'The 
Bran 1- yesterday. Thomaa H. Dixon'h 
flr&t itirienendenr peodMction. AJ a acrcea 
villain Mr. Oil nil has fftw eqLteJt. No- 
tice we said. Screen ylllnin: n& chtnev 
fi>r a liltel 

I1*1uk. Print With IIIeh. 

■'Oraar tha Tant Maker" ha» BTtlved 
in innn. fcOiirae, Omir didn't cojae 
alone hut In a lln ean. accompanied by 
Riqhnrd Wnititn fully, wbo ptfKJttcort the! 
plettirp with *.iiiT Bates Pear, in tne lead;- 
jng rnle. Mr. Tlilty vm* accompanied It? 
Din v.-sfn and if.iiichtc:, end . the fivri 
thing he did wa* th -cfllT at the Afso- 
cinted Ffrat National ottieea and prevent 
them with the picture thev arc io re- 
leaw. Hft Tully will leaf* for England 
tn a ttw dajn to superintend the pfe- 
mierft of "Tn Mna.inerjdcr -1 in pletute 

rpif Oeta 



Ro*nrd I>lrrz, Paul Letania. P. A Pat"- 
anna. Nat Rnthateln, flirty Reichenbat-h. 
>»■ J ' T 6" Kl(, -f: rn mi a ai iik MftOr A, M, 
P. A. .Bulletin, J. K I-ojiahboroUira; 
rhenMlnr Chomhf-r of Cfiinmerce, SiiTnu* 
il. Palm dr. 

The only ojinnj.i Hon on thf ticket «4| 
for the offloe ot a Tier prenldnnt. Mr 
Shapiro rtinfinji aitaiimt J. W. O'Nfa- 
finnpy. M T . Sliopiros election wna mado 

Mr. Pllnn aiieceeda T. L. Ternley. -arhn 
retire* as prriddert to bt(im» a member 
of the bnaird nf direetftm. After th? re- 
Biilt of the Heerion bai been annotmeed 
Paul fluilek riaifl tr,b,H» fft the aphnrJui 
work done by Mr. Vwraley alld the oiar-r 
r-hriBft offivK of tbe A. M. P. A. Mr 
Fhnn teaa th fn {-ailed m> for n apeMTi. 
!l" =ni'ir 

"I feci n ranlmilar plea-iiTe in b«- 
Ine- elected for the ree*n n that T hn-e 
been nwav fmm Jf*" York. To cortie 
bnek be teoelved like this i^ er»t!fi-- 
luff. I hope ^-p mid nCmmrillnh much 
dnrina. (he enmlnt; year. T baee be«n a 
member of lb* A. Sf. P. A. erfr aluee 
It WU ■taMevi, aense tin ^r aev-»n seirB 
as/o. a^fl rnn loai; hw>\ with flride n'n it* 
PrdeoOIrl Mr&rft, rwiiile -"rry mhfr afra- 
llar or-^HaatJnn h- dfsintejrrateT. lhj>- 

1 A. H. P. A. haa atiicli." 

Hftt Wiiwn, n rm»iMt» man -frr-m 

■ th* f**-Kf. wlin afre^rle^n. *ht. mfetin* 
eiren'tfd m»H»F» fp. — . ^r* 'Fe'H ee ** /SL 
aoclaHnn of Motion, PfetBf* Ad*-errlrJert 

RetDrnint to rMMCa. 
After ppendinE n irer-k in New York 
HrjTQtiaa; nil of Ihft time te, hia buai- 
lieft* ijr.ii his friendn. George Kielne I* 
TCtitrninj to ChVa^n. Mr. Elrtin* baa 
an active hand in th^ Rim builnrw and 
Ea abnnt to eomr) fo^th with *omo rery 
En terra ting nlariB. Re Sa Wry popnlir 
with the old-timers In the hn*ine*e and 
hid a orenJttl of ^rtfnf-iPMinwa that 
would mnkB a story fforlh ptabBtaiflf. 

B*«k in Out Mldal. 

Thea Twentieth. Century y'Merday 
hroiiftht Hohfltt Henley haek to the city 
after an eilln on tbe Ooaat for e\x 
mohtha or more. Naturally M,r. Henley 
b> sled fi be bark. He haa been mahino; 

Elcturea for tfatferat, lint hla contract 
aa eiplred, god be hn« other plana now 
whleh nhnuld be ready far publication 
within the Belt week. 

Elect Ofdcei-a, 

The andunl election of officer* nf the 
Paramount Pep Clitb was held it the 
offkv of FamonH Plavrra-LHatcy TucadA)' 
evening; when the folloninp ottlcem were 
ehoaen; Prea'dent. cluHBt J. Zukor;. 
Tlce president. Melville A. Shaner; treda- 
urce, B. A. Brnrrn: srcretAry, Mf*i 
Berthn Wiener: hoard of a-ot-e.-nora;, Mian 
Elrfc Hemner, Minn Florence MvGoVerh. 
(?. B. J. Frawley. Julian JohlHOn, Pant 
MorKan, George SpideJI and Harry G, 
TV j He.' 

The report of tbe tieaduret abnwed th« 

Doifllaa I'alrbfliita Ippwi a fcood man 
«hen lie aec* one. That is why be. ban 
afrfoWeJ l'rter (■ rid lay Hmtth, director 
of iiubtltlty end ailvcrtisinr for Marshall, to take eberaje nt tf>c criiloimtjon 
of "Ilfilin Hood, ' Ii.h bip BpacStl nrOdnc- 
Uoq. TbroiiKh the courteaj «f Mr. Nel- 
liu, PpIo bdtt !"■■:! &pp°lu>ed io direct 
the eiplioitation <.r ihu iplfluie when it 
apuearB In New York, I'lillndelpliia, Chi- 
ckgc-, fioatou nnd other &[«* 

EnrertaimlnB r-"i* nieirrl- 

( Pnla NeaTl muat think life in Nen- 
V.->:>: ia ; ii-: ..Li- Iiineheon iftor ktiotbee. 
Yesterday ntic wu the fiieit of bo&or el 
a liHieti&or; giyeu \,y Robert Rrid^-t, 
rleywuod Btoud. Royal Cordate John 
CroEH, Dnipht Frankiln, Aruuld (jetithe 
11. T. Litidoberlt, Conde Xaat, Tony 
Sar£ and Frank Urowiifnahleld at the 
Ooltre Houae, M Went KortJStffii atrect. 
TsA following giir-stx were prcaent: 

Alexandra Carlisle. Mary N>au. Tol- 
Inlih Batilihead, BIbhcIi.- Bates, Ina 
CUIre, Lrnore i'ltlc. ■Uracc Moore, Doria 
SttBe. Julln Hoyt, Ethel Barrymore. 
(Jarlolta Monterey, Neyaa McMeim 
Marie Teunicat, Tbercaa Helbum, Mary 
Bqland Lavjrn Hnpe Crcwp, Madge Kea- 
nr-dr, BUHa Burke. Ueraldla« Fartar, 
p *«7 Wood, Ruth Bt. Denis, John V. 
A. Weaver, ft rah am Browne, Alexander 
Woollrott, Georife JeAn tNatbftn, Karl 
Kitchen. Chester Aldriek. Sldnoy Black- 
■mof. IVanic CraTen, Charlea B. Dilling- 
ham. Howard ljre«nley, Jascha Ilt-lfeu. 
Arery Hopwood, ffajllatt Irwin. Km eat 
Lawfnrd, Ouy I^vell. Gilbert Miller, 
Great Mitchell. Kenneth M. Merchlion 
Erneet Trupt TVMtney Warren. H. J 
TVliiRham, Efrern Zimbalist, Adolph 
/ukor. Hugene 7gtor,Thonjrt* MeEirhAo 
and Charlea E. MrCarthy. 

Another Sheik. 

All we needed in make nur life pep. 
leot v*t Ben Twrpin H a sheik. Tea- 
teMay word oarae (lint we peed no lunger 
Borrow. Mr. Tnrpin has been ehoaen ne 
the ftiat In "Thr> Shriek nf Aroby." a 
Made Sftnnett eatoedy. He will be tup- 
ported by Kathcrine McOulre. 

Prolonjrb aJaatateidajtai. 
Altboueh it ntu intends to keep "The 
Priaoner o( ffcniln" at the Aslnr for fnvir 
weeks, the picture has dono bo -a-ell tot 
ill prodiicnra It renisiisn-iJ Bt the Aator 
for fi£hi werka, and will conTlnue to. cV 
hiialnetai there untit It bmimea necctaary 
tn turn the theatre, over io aoifto of itaj 
promised theatrical tenanu. 

GrttlHb. FlnLhe. Fl^inrr. 

D. W. irriffith baa finlahrd prodnctien 
upon the picture whle.h Le baa been en- 
ftfige'l for the laat nve mnutbg. It wilt 
be presented to the iiuhl!o in u abort tjuc 
In the \ianal Griffltli mannrr. Meanwhile 
Mr. Griffith's studio plnns nte womewh^at 
ccmprlL'Birjd by tha coal nhortMe, Hla 
atndln is eqnlppod /or hard coal and he 
may Imvn t« abnt down until he can get 
an adequate supply of this necessary ar- 
ticle. He will meet a committee of Eng- 
lish repreMntetlTCi ne«t week, wh*a :i 
definite drdalon on hla next production 
will' be made. 

A lln* OW Tivd. 

William Brandt hu a huge piece of 
coiil on bla desb: in the Theatre Owneri" 
Chamber of Cerarflercc ofllcc. He is ar- 
ranging to remember all bis friend* 
Christina* with aourf pin* and rlnaa aet 

TItb coal, and fimee (be ncicesalty of 
iBrdlng hla office from aneak tbisve* 

Stft-e Konra Nov 9 to 5.30. 


itrcadxctm at A'itifAr 

TsJep/icma 4TM o*'«ype»onl 

1,000 pairs Men's Sample Shoes 
$12 to $15 grades— for $5.35 pair 

Sizes 7 and ?%, B and C. widths 

-J2S pdlrs tan cnlfakln oafordi. 
71 pain black kidrtln oxford*. 
ii'fl pair* black calfskin oxford?. 

W IiaJr* white bnckBkin or canvap. 
906 pairs high black calfskin lace. 
237 pair* high tan ralfeklo. lace. 

185 paira tan train oafords, 

-T pairs (mt kiriskio ovfoedv, 

'.'(% riaim hTark prain nxforrla. 

1(1 yinirn CttKasia tolf oiforoa. 

D paira hiph tan .-nlf^kin, button. 

^ palm high black calfakln, button. 

Entire sample line of a well-known shoe manufacturer whose product 
sells in the best shops. Good last*. Good leather. Good workmanship. 
Good fit. It'* many a day since we had such a fine opportunity. Matt 
who wear these sixes— 7 and 7Va B and C widths — should stock up for 
some time ahead. First in, First served. 

* $>'- * 

Pajamas at $1.35— -Exceptional Sale 

Just the pajamas for young men going back to school end college 

1,200 pairs outing flannel, new, $2 grades. With and without frogs. Variety of> 
patterns. The most pqpular of pajamas for winter \rear. * 

1,000 pairs woven madras, printed madras, cotton pongee, percale, and "Fruit 
of the Loom" muslin, S 1 ! -65 to S3 grades. The good sort many men wear the year 


All tins. (A, H 

■ -. Dl In thn lot, tint 

lot in exery one of the atylen. 

Men'* Shop, Street Floor, few Buildlnf. 

nd mm TMitrtir 1 ' 


Wiiiium A. Brady Proimtt H™ 

^lay Frota Fen of 0w«» Vint, 

Scenei laid, in Maine Woods, 



in IB* C«at Are K*t**rlBO Grey. 

i;ilTTrvrit Emrry, tiTUft "ft'ondlfcat. 

Ddnali CBraaeMi. Roue Bwrtflc^- 

0«p D»M. 

:j: art r«H ..- 
Tb[B»j I KbTt. 
Ann, lii^-ir. 

Tirrt -.-■■ 

Frlif Mali .-. 
"L.MLI* )»" . 

nni Fiuan 
Anhut Ht* . 

ttr:*,;:* f-.:\f.: 

, ■'.■!-'«-: r..rT-.'-/ 

Q:1H. TTAadllis 

Dontia ( C»tn»M!l 

"".. "a'lTtarnd Klrttlt 

. n»:*n Ott-a-P 

.Jam** Poena 

WnillTfl l!t-IJ-S 

LuU- A^rivl 

..rurfl H«fti7 Crt«hy 

. ....jaiin Bohn 

. , H-r-.- Brm»io 

finaueee of- tb*-elup to be in a hujub- and others who realiu the value ot tbia 
aatiafactorr condition, whila the chAL-- black jeweL 

By L£0 A, HAB5H. 

A new actress wae introduced 10 New 
Yqrk theatre-aoera laic night the Play- 
house when WnUrp A. Bradj preaeattd 
- I ipivls'a na* dramc "Dreams For 
&e>." nnd J>he moaopoiiaed the oonvee- 
tfttton ro Juch an patent that ahe over 
HJierinwed. the pIsk. 

Helen QflliajtaB ie the ynnnc womfin in 
flUMtion and nee work from, the vcit 
<rtiUiet wae of the *ort tn aet the tonpaeS 
of the moit bUee first-nlEhtera to wae- 
cinK Wtl predictiona of Brest thib^a In 
etoto for her. Miw Gabagan was recent- 
ly aeen In "Mnnbhttan," but on that oc- 
caalon ibe had Such a minor role nnbody 
nnticed her. 

In "the rrWL!-. drama, 60W**ef, ebo Is 
what mfffht he termed the whole works 
niifl flhe dlaplft^a imlonta that well )ii«i' 
f.v all the niee lbinj* that were aaldl 
about ber. 

The joune actress hnn ft pleaain; vnlce 
Of fine timbre. IP- prtpossesafnc BWta vrttb 
the iinderclnpfd awkwardBesa of j-onth. 
and Just nutarallj- an actress. And if 
ahe ftotin't acme day arhiaVe the difnltr 
of a atar It n si: be becante ahe doesn't 
lire up to the promise of last vlffht, or 
tbere'i no juaticv in the wotln. 

Aside, from Uinl. HfiWtTH 1 , tha audi- 
ence was offered, I mMc-arama of con- 
liderable interest. There's A deep-dyed 
plot* A. frtinlly feiad and a couple of 
rnmanees all tangled! tocrthrr like liit 
.rear's harbwl wlrr. And Mr. Davln has 
fairljr outdone hlmaelf in heroic Bpeeche*. 
MoreoTer. he has dplred into the tntrieo- 
cien of psfchcrantlTSUi and the feminine 

Whether thi* be from personal eo&thct 
with the fair sbx or.juat TlcariniiB know- 
ledge, doesn't matter for the purposes of 
hia plaj. 'find the ftudlenc* remaided in 
Us coIIwUt* scats 10 tbe bitter end. 

f|>w ■ifrrrij, TOO- 

Then, too, Mr. ■Brady hna provided 
B*TcraI cUboratc setai for h!a production, 
one of them takta; In a tv-hole cross- 
section of fnrcat in the north of Maine, 
and the aeenerr sot ft? many cnrtaln 
call* as dji v or Ebu v:ayera. 

The ilotj of "Dreams lor Sal* 11 dcala 
with a recalcitrant,' bead-strong vimtiE 
gitl who jteta ex pelted Trom so tnanv col- 
trpr:, ber fulher dnda the supply run* 
pint; low. But, unfortunately, htr lust 
escapade la n mldnicht atn* ride with 
one Arthur Naah, the nephew ^q! her 
fathera ai>vwed enemy {or, !■>, .il!.-..- 
twotity reatt. 

To the fir) the fiimilv feud maailc 
nothina but a dim memcty of the past, 
but lier father holdB no such view of 
the nit.i]alio& and lie fbrbida her ever 
attain to eee tbe jouui man. Of course, 
the daughter refit*** to be dictated to in 
the matter and, the aees the: younjj man 
on tlie ijutet ererj time aha fecU like 
obeyint* (!=.* IrjapQlie, 

Then there is bnnest Jim Griswold, 
who quit oollete *o become a backwoods- 
man and baUle With the elements. Jim 
loves her and ahe u*«d to lore him. hut 
the mighty rounds ot cOlleeo pTetsure 
bin-" Tiiinle h.f-y different from ih> priri 
Jim once knew nnd be doesn't aoein AUle 
to Ret over It. 

But there"* a lertona, net (o $Mf trim 
pitrurtla ■'or existence bein» waiwi 
ii i» In the dour forest at Maine, where 
the uncle of jonng Nash li uji.iii to 



T ^ n public library the other day 1 wnp cbarrucd 10 find a lobg set of boiea in 
J which atood booklets of railway, ^[enmnhip lenen, and Vm cot sure airplane 
courses sad tbe way of eubmarlnep. 1 

They were nil torefully indexed, such a? "The Orient." "CcntrDl Europe." "Rp|- 

land.' 1 'Ne^- Englnnd," "B Mithern United Ststes. rhe mestern CTnlted Put>*.'* 

"Canada." ■'Alaska." "The South Seas" and "Sonth America. 11 

All the most reliable Information on the aubiect of travel had been collected 
and p|o<Tj] In easy reach cf (he public. You wouldn't hftTc to abdc anybody and baee 
them say they really cOXildn't rejneeiber H or tell you Ndmethlna whieh was not tn ba 
drprDded upon. Nor would you hare to consult any hteamfihlp agency before you 
arrived ji( 4 definitr idea ot where you'd in. 

In hf> letter^. Henry James, when he d reached tbe ace of 70. told his Cat* 
I rr:, L :.i T; ,|,,;if. thnt he traveled most profitably and pleasantly by books. He'd rehd 
1 the KlrriBk accounts written by pome agile aqd younaey wtiter-travelers and be 
lared ihe leouhle ami expense of golne over the around himself. * 

A npighhor camr- over to play auction (he oilier evening, and he wOa wlsh- 
1 Ins that things wtH "na they uh(£ to te." "I-oak," he said, "at the gamo fl*h 
I they used tn get. and how a man could bring op a. large family, educate hla *0Pi and 
daughters, and save money ou $13 a week." 

1'olk waatcil tn p-how tbe man's nnme, and thought s book ought to be Writ- 
Men about hla jiflrenturea. but our informant hadn't eoj; specific instance* to d»e/ 
j We're Htlll i:: dunbt about the ?15 a weei, but me have no douhta at all on the 
superiority or thr*e timea over, all otbera. 

A gentleman whn Oftt* lived in West port used to walk to Bridgeport twiea 

J a wee*i Alien he van 15 rears old. In that day ibere witr no way to go except 

J br ICflin. nud then Jie liked to walk. They 1ell of him that h*'d srnr? m N»w 

, York at annrisi> 'iind reach there before sun»ct. And he lived to be "6 years old. 

hlis nhntonrapb nt RO IcroKs.flA ronng as many a man at OS. 

Although n. firm sdvocate of waSJot I koort ttat II wasn'T walking that made 
lain geatlemnn an Blronc and hale. Hin conMitiitlon, and mode ot life were respon- 
sible- i nil he wda ble&Ked with n. greni fu.ud of wit, coxntoftti H^nse, ptid ealUre picked 
up ip all iiorte of thn world, for in hiB younger days he followed the sea. They 
say that It wns tbe ambition of many a. Went port boy to know old Mr. Btiiirtt well 
enough to get £»>" bB tell of bis life, especially on the South American coAst- foe 
he wps ant given to hoisting. And only a tm&ted friend ever heard of hia adveu- 
lures before tbe mast. -^ *_!,« L . _, 

For tnnnv days we ve ncen cars, msny of them tba humhler kino, cimlng In 
from the country nnd mountninV Isden wlta tents and cooking utensils and tbe 
eitrs tires deformed with bayberry, which later oi> will grnec (he city apartmenta 

Variety In fond, entertainment, scene and people ia a DecessIty_fOr uB All. Soffit 
like io toll up haw hard It Is to struggle stone in these days. You have to read 
ktitory to know what real hfirdahipVere. No One cin e*er hate tOO-mueh Mcnfort. 
but we needn't ignore all the advantages SW hirst, . 

Very few AmeHcans aro so haul np A nor to be able to travel a little. 8u*4- 
mer tteea them faring off with their fBrrtlUea for s camp In theie own raotota or 
those of friends. And It is astonishing wrsat new eyea they have for tbeur own 
abodes and nc*»ery when tbey return. - 

In travel na In friendship. It is well ir> keep the mlod open to ajeneroua l». . 
nreKsions And the spirit, of open-hearted adventure is tbe earns for both. Yatj 
■..'.'..'. '...,-,....- \i ytiu've mnde np your mind not to_ Unless vou're -a r" 

can't enjoy asw 


fes.-ton*f traveler e.n^ - 

the othnr eouotrlea al-»ne. For the glob' 
up his mtud tv B can see B all. 

the whnle wofld^ you'll pick your favorites and leave 

> ftcrennLble that any one who tnftkti 

wine out the holdtr-a of the girl b father 
and good old Jim- And the eecond act 
takes ns up to the heart of the wood. 
-That's irbere the melodrama really 
start* Tor there'* ft flcbt to block the 
road io thttt machinery Can I be Import 
ed to act up a WW mill and armed jriiarc3a 
atroll around th* premises with nrdera 
to choot. , Tbey don't, ao far as the nu- 
dienre enn judge, but Jim and young 
Noah Ret into a etruggle L«"t leads to a 
shooting. The clrl dwa It with a re- 
volver Bhe evidently didn t kn.^W waa 
loaded. At any rote, "be acts surprised 
when Jim fal* aen-elrsr Io the Kronutj 
and she helps haul bitn Io hia cabin and 
nurat* him hack to lire. 

Then Khe leaves bitn in the care or 
other* to ntab out to ihe. lonely road 
and take up hla genteel task of dynamU- 
injf s trOM full of machinery 'be enemy 
bring! ug into his mill- 

Everj-thiTisE Esd^ Well. 

Jim mftliP-i to forgive her when he 
finds out what ahe has done — about the 
shooting and not the dynami tine— but 
finolly everything enda happily and to 
tha iattrfflCiion of *vw? ooe. 

tlona^d Cameron is a sort of m*lo 
Polljanna in the rote of Jim Griswold. 
but he doe* It well, nnd William Holden 
is gncrl as the' Nsjjh uncle. Katberiurj 
Grey, too, Is line in ft not too lmportwil 
rei*, and indeed the. entire etot waa ade- 
quate. It iaeluded EdWAft] Emery, 
tirncc T\'ooding. Rose Burdick, Hnymonri 
Hackett, Jamee nonlflu, f.ula Alberni, 
Patrick Henry -Crosby, John Bflhn sud 
Mary Biltta?n. 

"ItreamB for Sale" Js niraat melo- 
drama, hut For those who lnve that form 
of entertainment- it bnlda an evening of 
real pleasure. 


HU MnimciT PromlnCi Bant WHtl 

Lrneh Will Teat Chnspjploii. 

Hovlpg beaten three champions In no- 
dedaion bouts, Jatk Wolfe, of Cleve- 
land, "-l.-i meeta Joe Lynch at the open- 
ins show of the Garden next Thursdny 
night, has a fair claim, as lending con- 
tender for tbo featherweight crown nnd 
predicts he will beat Lynch and defend 
the bantamweight tit! at US pounda- 

Wolfe'a manager, Tom.' McGinty. r.r- ! 
rived iu town yesterday to sign articles 
for the match next Thursday and tell 
the world that Wolfe is tlie heat man 
in 'he conntry at bla welfiht over n dis- 
tance. "Wolfe has beaten three cham- 
pions In no-decision hoiita," he -.:■;■'. "and 
took [.v:i::'!i Into CAmp in three ocejudoas, 
once in Pbilly and twice in Cleveland. 
The three champions he outpointed, were 


"Smiles and Sunshine" Hu Pretty 

GirU and Music — Ib a Broadl- 

way Hit 

Last night ushered In ano'thor natr 
Autumn revne at La Vfe, BroAdwajf 
and Forty-eighlb street T'je neflf offer-' 
ing naa' produred and etaged by L»an 
Dody, one of the best in the cabaret 

Tbe new ebon is called "Sntile* and 
Siiur-liint" and has a hary of pretty 
Kirls that can sine Jiod dance. The priD-' 
cipalfi include Miw PEeMnce Dlrlea-^ 
win .Hang three new aonga that evekenl. 
mueu applause. Then tiern MfWa 
.May ii-jli. dainty UtUe boubrctte, who 
contributed much to the success of tbe 
show. Mildred Hewett did her absufe- 
&(nJ danced t^'o Biilendlid dance numbee*. 
Julia Gcberety, au added. « Uracil OP, did 
nicely and camn in for a large thare of 
the applauae. 

One of the big feature* of the. cvea- 
Ing was tbe IntrvduoLnff of iii^ Svetyn 
Stuart, to the crnnd of diners who 
turned QUE for the first performance. 
JlEisa StuArt is the only woman manager 
of a cabaret In Xotv York, ptrhfeps ia 
the entire Cnuulry, und congratulatlnna 
were showered upon her last taLgbt. 

Mauy promini.nt persona, were ihlH. - 
In Tact, ther? wcra mote celebrities tt 
this opetiii;.^ than at any otbtr ao far 
thin seasnn- 

T'^a co^tumea were, fine, the music, 
written by Melville Morris, wo* spark- 
ling, and the dinner was excellent. Those 
looking for a good eniertainmaat. In- 
cluding dlging and datneing, ahould aee 
"Smile? and e>nntjb.lnQ" and pnsa a d*< 
lightlul evening. 

H,-ii-!rti:.t Lee-. Pfttbev Dtftft. 

Henry Lee, TO years old, * puhlijher, 
of 311 WtAt Thirty-third tteeet, ii«l 
terday. ot Bellevuo- Hospital irotn injo- 
riea received when struck by An autaoio- " 
bile in Eighth J ftBTfPu.e, between Tblrty- 
secotlri and Tairty'tbird Btrteia, laat 
Siiuday aftenun. Mr. Lee is survived 
hy 0, daughter, 31ra. Charles P, M&irl- 
*on, known on the stngn as HenricttA 
Lee. She is nnw.nlayinx «lln the "'Blue 
Kitten 1 ' conspany la Pblladetphli. 

. DEATH NOTICES.. '-...„. 

MJEasos-coaoEt-iA. -cAMrngu, rvscm- 
At. <-Ht:arH." Bpo«*«j .uc t*a in*«. **i- 
titii« ? ujlv: 

Bro«a*ai' ana Oti Si,, i>!d»j. 10 






"^ HAMIB THSA14E -, L 
1 Opening IWfnrV- Sept. 19 

k __ ujTil nana ■■■»■■■ 
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Th« Awful Truth 

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LONDON! 1 ' 


"Howling Succew" Eve.. Post 
'A Gamine Hit!" Telegram 


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IftJ.WYX THEATRE. *♦« 1!# «L 


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A mm cm never escape his mental background. And i confess 
to a feeling that every work of art outfit to have some meaning in 
termS'Of welfare. That is to sav, the real test of anything is whether 
it will help or not. 

The one play that I have seen of this season's offerings which 
has a distinct message, and yet which presents that message in a 
wholly entertaining form, is the one called "So This Is London." 

The play is aimed at reducing what Owen Wister calls "the an- 
cient grudge," which Is the grudge existing between Americans and 

As Great Britain on the one hand and the United States of 
' America on the other are eisily the most powerful and influential 
nations in the wortd, so bad blood between them is probably the most 
dangerous thing in the world. ■ 

There are certain groups who for one reason or another lose 
no opportunity to Stir up hard feeling between these two nations. 
The motives of these groups may be sincere, but the effect is un- 
doubtedly fraught with peril. 

This play shows us in striking form the kind of Englishmen that 
Americans hate and the kind of Americans that Englishmen hate, 
and also shows us upon what a nonsensical basis this hate rests and 
how absurd it all Is. 

Of course all the characters are exaggerated and grotesque. 
That is part of the artfulness of the play. 

I have lived many years in America and haVe seen probably not 
. more than .a doaen of those creatures that Englishmen cllt typical 
Americans. . I • • •' 

I have been many times In England and met hundreds of British- 
ers, but 1 don't think I have ever .seen as many as half a dozen of 
those creatures that Americans call typical Britishers. 

In fact, both those unpleasant bodies are creatures of narrowness, 
prejudice, and (he magnifying of Inconsequential traits. 

A lot of things strike an Englishman as unpleasant In the United 
States — our living rooms and offices are too hot; we drink too much 
ice water. Lord Northcliffe used to have Ice water put In his bathtub 
so as to make the water cold enough to bathe In. Americans smoke 
cigars that are a bit dampish and Englishmen like them dry, and 
so on. . , „ 

On the contrary, the American finds the English living rooms too 
cold, their slang unusual and different from our own, their, customs 
odd, their newspapers peculiar, and*a!l that, 
i People with sense understand that these are all surface matters and 
that in reality the two great races are of the same stock, have the 
same ideals and fundamentally the same ■ decencies. 

Whatever tends to bring these two nations into closer under- 
standing and sympathy and to create good feeling between them is 
of distinct value to the world. 

This play does that and it does it in a clever and amusing way. 

Of course it would, as it is produced by George Cohan, who is 
about the cleverest showman going. 

Not the least amusing element about the play is that the part 
of Lady Ducksworth, the Englishwoman of American birth who is 
the mouthpiece of the sane gospel of the play, is taken bv sweet 
Lily Cahill, who is as Irish as they make 'em and is the wife of 
Brandon Tynan, whose Irishr.ess is almost a religion. 

jntimiL lift *r niu Crua.) 

Running At The Hudson Theatre 


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1.1 HUE* ni OUCH. 
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Tim But A. Ediinn Ednciiionnl 

Filtti to Be ArsiUbie far 

Schools and Colleges. 


William F*s fe«f* Flla» ntfhu 

Booth T»Tkln« leu ■ Papator 
Wm'tti. -a«ml* JbIIb." 


THE -•* iV'k.jitl ttatioB pfe- 
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JWMBM jwtptfaj wbm worf 
wu *c(t«it thromh ihc In- 
duttrj tb«i J«*plr *atl LmiU S\h.s*t 
lictd jni:nK-[fJ l»*ir altomvr. Naiiiin 
llurxan. to file tall atxlnnt ■trrac ol ibe 
fibtribntinf DaBtUDlto for "imjiira.-r 
aarl damt^ea. Sir. Burlcan aaid tbe aulc 
nouid b» tiiad thii mcrr.tnr and tie addrd 
fa* n-Dultt !mtret.iisL(tj atad a c4pT cf i: 
to tic fv^ral Tradea Cooibi1uji>b *mi 
ill" i>J*f»! 'a(i*rriej, 

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[he Sinsn- ferothcrt t4 ptt M>J fir»1 n,n 

ppofliiPi (ivr (heir tnaatre. the rilatribui- 

irc comnanW r^fp.i'i:n to cupnlr 4hr 

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wniiuirlw at * unit rttnst tfif ftltuaHnti 

otiiI «ri* M|f-r io dfi (f^rythini in ehoir 

fynv-fr tn prrtrnt aiiph n null ftt>iri bflfiit 

AIM. StMTG of ttltm *t>t \t |l imp-uti- 

M" in :'-.T'.lv tha r>nr.dilion. i hr roloninl 
hnrinc alrffld>' rntitrlrlM fM thflr prnd- 
n.r-':. A taw riprtififl'! indlffT^rrr snd nr l*rft laid rrvolilj' It *m « maitwr 
In ur,lr>lt ihfj w+t* not inlr-rrnteil. 

M-.nifl'jLlo Thr> r I ) rt-r-i i ■ itnn lit hrinR 
wupcfl Ifl fVAiMf fifflfP. dart thP Impirtunt 

i;r-^U'tn rii wrin! will h* r ''' , l | lf' , ' , l!i" i* 

brln* mntlf- an j*unr No on§ drjnli>n mirh 
a xnl I v- I'uLil In nti/ortlinfitr for tlif 
wlirilf indiiPtrj atnil thrn fliir« ilir> <yu*»- 
iT.ii Nin'k rifiiisi wiij»i rsin l>f' rhn« f 
nlnn if 

Mr. nnrlifirr said fca(fft(aj', rm aafa'd 
far arid IH Anal dd,(a in ihi> itory, r h* 
EBwHi h«»* flt> inventment ft !fKi,ooo 
and It rannat rrmalii jdtp. t'n!pnri i r ■ ■- y 
Itm * ><imA WIT of jftsifif tirM-ron rilr- 
(um for their tiatrotia iHpt tnlfnt At 
rvrll .-I'-t tip Rhop. H#, Durkan raid hr 
had BnHftH toW of Ihr til| cII»frlbullhK 
fompanlH and a numlwr of thttti bad 
aftrrrHl with him it wan a wnrtltfnn that 
i'vrii'! ntit nut. ;uul an-aral liad m- 
|irf«^d ihpnKflv-di mm having inatrurtMr 
th'ir rnrn t- »<■•• that Mi- NVti W^kjklll 
frao iiipplln! *ltli proper fllmi. 

Tft-day *SI| ep|| Ih* atorj', and nnlrsa 
*".!n c [ '■ i n j iin*XM«ifd bn^p^rti' Mr. IV -r- 
km uji hr ii Lirrparrd to file bU •:■.-. 

F nliin lldunltnnal iilrmM 

TtiQMfc ah* Innnmr* ha4 ofttcrj at 
<l*ftt* Kl*iar-. Thnma* Rdlifin mij ea- 
ter rh* mu'Iftn plrntrr Inriitaurjr In in td- 
\lrorr rapA<-i(r. Evra ::.--;.-'i Mr Edl- 
iuin dn>*j pnj tVcoTnr ar-tirp in Tbr Kiu- 
r.iTlnnif (arocntm Mr. Klrlr,* purpoara 
Utalillnhing; In ilir rvillrgt* a>od univrr- 
-:ti'«. of itir ronntrr. a arbrdnla arranajpd 
b* Ih* invrninr nmi Ttara a^n nf 2,000 
■nbj^n to br taiuhl on ihr inwn aill 
h" tnrfp a part of rfc*- tnflhod Mr, Kl-in* 
ha* (A mind. 

It aM ramr pbatii nn WMn#ad*j whrn 

irr. K|piri« nnrV r, i;*i; Tft |hr ZMtAr, 

labomorr In Kuti Oranf* m t*k Mir. 
EdiKin fnr «flfiir hrff> in prrMntini; rbe 
A'lb^ta o( rhMDiiitr* and rlrctrldty r* 
th*- icr":i ap a mmm n [ fdnr-iiinij tfa* 
■riidnnin nf i!,i- po'jntrj\ A plan wa» 
niillnwl In, h ,!J«-u*«ion in wnlrh jfr 
Edi-oii loik ■« a«1*-r nhd {e-t«r'mlNl pafi. 

-1 harp 2.0fln anhj*rra, aJJ «4ue*tionil, 
fat u« «in irtf *^r*>fl^ 1 , ■ h> tcM Mr. 
Klfiur. "ilui 1 [irvnarrd artrrpl rr>wn 
an I hart eavrr bid tine In follftw 
rtrm np and rtirr nr* all ir tmi dti 
poral !i j'-: want : h'~. 

A i a hurlnit r.f if,:, program Mr 
Klrlna h«A al« ptttftfCfc enrh SOO ftet in 
Irjifth. «n majrpr>ti«m. He pkm |o aril 
1t>m and M- order nlui-atloaai anhji«ia 
aiitriflit (n thr tLnisr-r.iTlf <, |!i tie ronn- 
trr. rvlfrrlfir tin- plnn prtffrahlt to rr-ni- 

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Thrr* ahaoW hr a f|l.Mrr nr film In 
Wag a^ilw■l■^^ nald Mr. Klriae, "t he lame 


ewis *]wo , iso-mflTjio***Tco 


M II S C 0. 2T".' 'i'X-S Ssrii'J &"*- 

hItinkf. to-day, a. bo. 

• HI I.IIIV(. iraOluA-Mf, ft-arld 


'An Ahaolni+ltr sair p«i," -aha Dili. 

VANDERBlLfaT ■ "■*■ ""' JST 

"tertftiuiruTly rntioT."-ari. Peal 




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R$gy«" Hurr., « ""St;?.?* 


,B.r.K<-ilh'. KLIlt J a y I 1 

iii i r, r T *d t.r-«Li a n>uii 
A L A w t r "-- F«u»»i». m*...i k 


ilkr.HcKb'* I tr4 U*w|i * Band 
iS'fijtHMliiM,,:,!. a, ocaUn. 

B.r.K»rtVi i.irii* { Dooi.j- 
STkEET > m **• o*b»mu. »u*. * 

* , ' w " M| Plim in rfcaupli,. 
"'hi I I! »i I'.t H'*a Ck|L" 

llVfll I WALLACE tlElU 

[IfULI Thr ukt.l Rrtaktr 

T RAN II . ''inndiii'i lor" 
■ r a ii at ^ •«■*« Iraikiir Area. 


BhoOKLVX AMI itilE.^tl. 

flMie tr w«fl 
a|,ha pvnr.\* 

ihe la irilhnu (milnj in pl»r *n 
lorilfrlini rn'ir lA a pMnr. fliar 
Ik lr> be m»i]» on ' '"■ 'Klier *Ulr. 

"Eartnifi of Waoie-n" la tin- mir 
■ n|] Coamopculltan I* tLr conim; 

maliliif t&e [ili'lnre. 

ii a Hhrpry of hooka, Whan a, «ub]*et 
]'. prraciitMl Lt ihould h* thrown on thb 
KWB ind discussed bj ihr UntttFI DP<i 
r/upili ;i-- it U prctjrtleo. I hollevf. 1 " wrtit 
otj Mr. KklHr, M OV«rjf fiohrVil ibWld hMH 
a rejection macbine irith tU<> apuaTfthii 
M the film aubjret* could h* OttWrttd 
without Er»il M[->tv it iroublr." 

If Thomai £^llxon Ii p^Tanadfd tci give 
hii tcbtdula of 'J.000 tuibjeri" to the 
tf ' :■-■■(■ ii Mr. Ktelne vill bavc ilcfir a trtal 
wnrk. They Ua*e brrfi cl>»r* frlrridri far 

fenra and wur ai'xiclisttwi In th* old 
'atenta CoTApaiiy, an that, nninriillr, 
Mr. Editors ft— k a pereonnl interaat id 
any pi-nlarl Mr. Klrlno miRht hsv* Lit 
mint. The); frtrndrtilp tlatrs **t\ to 
ih° Buffalo *iposi[JOFl. and the tittn whrtt 
Mr. rdinTii had jn»i put tbe etonee btt- 
tary on the market. 

w ■.laeitlnn'a «ntBrT> * 

F.-'!k.tTir.s ttu neire printed Teat'rdiy. 
;h-,i JnatLfe WElSlim P. Burr of the Su- 
preme Court ha 1 tlran a deejalon jir*- 
vifirinc Rotfnlph Valentino from opp>ar- 
me in bpv pirture or perforuiBnice np thti 
ctace until a drri-iin d.4« been render**! 
-.n.. : 7E the injD.Ttrr.ion permannit, Siktt- 
iistrrTsrinB; aflrTroathi hivr developed. 
Thruapb the flllni of the «uli it oppeer* 
Valentino rntrtMl lafn a conlraat Jan 
uary 17 . 1 art ai a aaiBrr at SI.2.V1 nrr 
•re^k. Thr <nntraet pro»ided that tfaa 
frirpnratkin cnolil retaiit the aarricM nf 
the actor at an qdVincd aaltty, and ft>r 
a LTCOBd periled ttf nht pMf at I fnrtlmr 
advance of ■.alarf Arjrordin| to Adnlpl: rhr fictor'n t'rvif" are unique, 
apeelal aal extranr'TiDJiry. la ih> per- 
trijrfll fif rnrelrn rharJIrlrn and Ihe Halm 
ll mttie tbat bi> cppenttiiec ii "Blood 
and Sand" has broufht htm to tbe far*)- 
2:"urd ca an Mrlnr nrlillr he »■«.* practl- 
ratlj unkdnTTp r«-Q reaiii aao. Sir Stnkor 
■ latei ihn line?? ! i* .-OTilTflr' hr h*t 
itriiWfi frnrn lb" rorpftrBtion tttJUJl 
np to Anemt 1 lantt. On "Biood and 
Sand." item the r*irporatloti clatma It 
hat *p-3t *25.ono in cenertl adrprtle- 
inB. asJ [bjrt in kWttM Ml tolUl'lltlH 
hofrvre the n^h'ir ii h/Li ^iprndi"! np> 
trarda of ST SOO.OTRl iq [he peal (Wi- 
j*|«- ilr. Znfcnr aan that thlari rtt 
alAnjt Kittoo'biy until Un iBOnth. V*1en 
*iT|n reporrina doil> at thr atitdlo at 
Hollrwn&t. CwL iwriwdnie ha mil irari ; 
then, for pmrir rrr:-..,n not quite known, 
on the 4th nf September laat, he Informed 
•he jttnrfin mnnrz^r lie ran ifrilnr; (o New 
Vei-lc ihe tir-n day t« Ulrnlsthjen nul tli<- 
re] rtUnr* hrrwren lilmA^lf nrd h !* em- 
nifty r>m. rlaltnlntr hi* emplnyrri prul 
bfeaeftad their rfSntMft, The neat attft 
iMI when Valentino **rved nntlr.' 1 
ihrongh ilk FitorneT. Ar'hnr Bntlrr »rri' 
ham. thaj Patfioun Flarcr*-I.arkv Jifid 
hrr-flehrd ihnir rnnrrart. Thf iftrnnrn- 
tinfi rcTdtlbrla (he hrertrh wan na n ■ ■ ■■ hy 
Valentino a\% ther \imvc notiflrxl hlfn mi 
lrritinar of their intenllun nf ■xerrinlnR' 
OtUr nptJoii fot kuiolhcr "r^r. The »* 
rjnn to lifu':- the intunotLon, rsilrninLht; 
Valnntlrio fj-i'iTi ''rn.Tirn: Into annthpr acta- 
trdct. COrhca n[i Mnnrlay^mornlnE. 

■tnnninn Onea Abrnma, 

TJfiifp JntinrOll. tOtSWOS of the For 
eiatl Denllfimeiit, ^f AnnoeintMl Flr«| IT*- 
Mnrnl Plcturea. I no., anfln feir Sumpr 
KrMfiy. ftrpUmbrE 33, on the ftiaamalitr- 
B*roT>«-arJn. He will anend tfftt lunhtlia 
rrareHtni; tbrnncri Ewraapli Rcnn'MnavIri, 
Uprniunr. "Auairip. Bi-Ulnm. 
Pr.irloc. finMh. T*nly trd PnrtiiRnl. The 
(BffirjNW nf 'Ma trip h t^ cti Wttr Ihr far- 
ei(tb hniinesd nf A»*w[aro<l r^r-^r Nn- 
Htnal PlftUr'-"- Ina.. Brd eBtBhtlnh or- 
rhanae* in tlwrr mtinlrl** n c h«re 'lie 
bvaiee#s_ of Ptji National warrants It, 
r "*-.i- Narlnnaf now haa azcharurea lu 
Finland. Cnpc-nhaEen. Pania and Berlin. 
A Ceo m pip f|n it Mr. -TnhnaoD on h|a f'.-r- 
elan trip will fw Pnplfl P. HoWellB. pm*- 
Meat of Divld I'. ETovrella, Inn.- ano 




Captors of International Trophy to 

-Meet South Aaerium at 

Meadow Brook. 


AaarrlrBn Blarm or *p»rt IlBT* Sat 

riirnl Toirlirl ■■ ■ CBW1- 
talnsltan THi Vane. 


■T.enile Jnlla.' 

I-. rl*w nl ih' n-i lf^*rr»d popnlar de- 
mand on th* nan of the iportini paoli-: 
for a »■ r.n ef edbtcIi ftaem hclwerti t*a* 
Artfrntine P«>!i> Frdrratlon team, wlnnrr 
of hotfa thn £n£iyh aarl American opeti 
chimpirsn-iilp* fnr \S>--. and the tukn 
whlrb repreernird ibe 1'n.ltvd SlIteB in 
tnclnnd laa( ye«r and recaptured tbe In- 
terrtsrional l"up, thn Polo Aaaociation baa 
arranted ■'■'•' marchra to he pLayed be- 
tween theie fane. This announcement 
nn mailf la»i nlfht hi I^ouia E. Stod- 
dnrd, rhairnian nf ihe Polo Aaaoriation, 
Bl 347 Mcdls'ia avenue. 

Ar'uHr-rnrJ-iti ir* navr b*iat made. 
arcofdlBB t" Mr ?tmJdard. for lie iilat- 
in. ( of t % matehei nt the Mradon- BroA 
Cltiha imt»n>iB I initial field at WanJbBPT, 
L. I., at Ibe •endnaion of tbe irrjea for 
the Monty Waicrh:iry Cup. It baa been 
found ii f't ••■-''"- '.- ■ ■■■'"7 to ibnni:'! i ■"■ 
o-'inlitii'tf. t"-< i ■ i-t; that lOLiFijimtni in 
Order that the ArSrMtM tram mleltt l*e 
abU to rale pin in ihe wiatnM ivlth 
th« Mfladaw Uronk four. 

Co □•«! Henlly. thr ^'jnerlmtry Cyp 
trfiea la io he 'ronhnrd to four t-ntriex 
Initend of (.even ai nrislnnlty pUnnri). 
There La to rome nn rililpiilon niatrh 
between TrelnP-J t», Flamlnco, and the 
final tft'o riatB, Oetohrr 4 find ' orlyi- 
nally allotted for the reml-nnal auil final 
mrtdiM of th-* Waterhiiry Cup ecrir*. 
will he Idkrii up BJ i 1 " International 
jjirii'Li^-i between thr rhampinnnbin Ar- 
C nn tin* four OTirl ln*i ynnr'a virinrlntn 
Amrrienn Intrrhntlonal rnipililhaTinn. 

In ftfd#t that theTe mlpht he Tin hlirli 
In tii'il.iiii: ihr now ArranitecnrritB (or lli« 
fniil Ida nolo ICurnemeTit nT thr viar, 
three o? (hn orlclnal eniranin in thr 
Monti- vr*n ttrbur,! Cur ■*«**— -Otafija 
County, i'l.ijiihi--^ and AlMrelnnd — 
harfcd n[).. n Ihelr ivii. ■n^aaGt'on to 
withdraw. |pB»ltiK thr niUrauri Cup 
io br rtir.(e*ler1 IM ty the four nigh goal 
teamn oriiilnallr cntfred. Time arc ib« 
fthelbilrne anil \fmilGw DriMfh Fteebooter 
t ■ a hi-, rfprairntinj) tbe iTvlted BfiKtW 
"the Afro* tin* four and the Engirt. 
American Eantcott ' com bi nation, ivhlfh 
wil j -'iinir-i- :i|T |n Arirnlinc In tlr Kng- 
\[$>i open rlLamp'ohBhlfi aerlea early in 
the yumm*T. Thfs* four tenma will play 
far the Wotrrhury trnplu on the "Bit' 
Ittrf no htndlr-aps ivtlf he Jtlv#o or f- 
rp|ved by an J of ih£ ('octeatliii cnmblna- 

In pLannini for the niatchDt betn-e'D 
thr Arfenllne UM H ftrf o w Bmdk "his 
ffliir" iMRn, tbe Tnlo Aasociailon wbi 
fully rami tent nf ihe faot that many 
naerlfleea would "barr to be' made br 
mn a'de before ifthinB: to» laid. Thr- 
Ann-cVan tour will not rnter tbe, temee 
Aa thr- chamrlf^riK of yar'e Inter- 
natlonil Cup seriea. but rather a* the 
M pad* w Brook elub "hia four." Thlt ii 
rif-i -iiii-i' tl-ii- Biemhern of Ihe team have 
not plarrt] loitetlier IP a aiotle eomhi- 
natfon for more than a rear.' ahlre their 
rctirn frmp Knflnnd IBM 'ftumsntr- ' 

Derereu^ M Ihnrn, raptala of lart 
rear"* InitrnatioTial tlrfora. and Thotnaa 
HhlChcrteb. Jr. bart> pi-".' ed throuth tbe 
fniirnamrnt of the pre*rnt aeaaon an 
the Meadow Hraoa. Club four, hirinr on 
their team Ell'oit C. Baron and F. P. 
Von Stad!e. .Ho (hr orher hand L-tj!« F. 
Stoddard and ,J. Wtlaan IVebb, Ihe 
ntbar helf of taat yeara Ameriraa Inter- 
na! i0n*li"la. Iiavf. i.irrthi-r with Riy- 
ni'>nd HelTGotic an>1 Kot>rr| K. P-ri'v- 
bndar. Jr.. made :fp the Hlielbnrae team. 

Arjrriiyf Ib abo anterior tb» Epertal 
firora under a d^adrantate — deapitc tbe 
fart that i ha teem haa played to£*ihrr 
t*nnaecutlrrly during the la«[ litf nt nil 
montba In hard •-ampajcDi 1 In Krflarnl 
rm] on y.i-.- -ii,-- *t thp A;ia,i',jr, The 
chief hJi»dirap noder wfakh ihr £*£■*- 
ttnra will |>lay is that hef»re ihey kft 
Kitslaod ih*y ilJBnMed of many of ihelr 
p*n fa and hSie with then in their ».-.- 
Journ iti t!;i- eountry a hS.-Iuk of Daly 
tw»nly-tit*. Ab a rule a twin faking 
part In nn iiiieruaij glial cub match haa at 
i|a dilPi»M a atrllir. of f&rt> io fitly 


I*^"E often aontidcrl b note of warnlni to thoae *ho tfcink "ol rttiring from bail- 
ne*a. aitrlaint all who c^otemplate n\>to» ao pot W let it b* kMwpL Of court* 
fiflen family ban to know a creat tfeal. oofi I il^n't inppoae 1 cnold bar* *a«ped 
ha^ioi to netefl hnftfca from the tfbrftry for my wife if I had my Pise to tn# coai- 
uierciBl criDdatoD*. 

Tn b> n«re l>e beeToe *fftdem in aelactlai hooka.. When I com* i»to **** 
■far Barvttf llbrarianeaB xrm* in* in t friendly way and allow* afae hia iODK booaa 
m« wife win like. X\%\* ahe b fetrhlnc thtm from rMr plaraa of roMiaJnJtnr. I 
bone at will In the library, alwaya read lbs the newest -'Inwraatiooal Sttldhj-" 

Now. ta» ■ftrajW faad no interest 1 D plrtnrra whether they were- rtprodftCtd In 
MEnr mafazine «f lyinr out free on the lawdat-apr. Cbariea H. Daeli, * (avatkai 
painter of m u*. wbp repre»*ntedi wilh fior. i*ne New England lajaljcape. 

Leonard OehlmBn fliao bed ft pietufe la; b* ll«a at (itty L*dr# J» Coi Co*. 
noi tax from hare, and he palata our loniintrjaidy. And; I had a fine Urn* looiinc 
at the^e. ami ptclurea b? rteo 1 nerar had heard of. 

I beliexe chat *nst people wbi like in walk nod Mji»y aC*nr>ry like nirttrrra 

■>«m ui ■!■■ ,■■*■! , ■.*■ q m Jabu »!«■«, ia ■,<— » _ f» n4>-t rh»T ■ nm Bar ""JTrtrvt."' Thera 

nr- d4*rea t try to Torre them t» Bdmirr w**l they <-ona n>r -good.'' 
ia a ireat joj in findlot I pletgre foe yoturaelf and Jiuil it without beinf urTM " 

if »id( 

!a one. reprebenaible as it fa to admit' 
when friend* m*Ut upe-ti one aeelna] Ihe mtrila of ftltia pictures, ft** Iii* 

M «nt«ponl«m arhi,« 

Polk- BTt-reinn to ihe heroine o" a onTr), bran** the anthor spent aa much, lima 
aayina eoaiplisivBUrT tfal&ara about faer" He quit tbe hook: he said no auch wotnia 
eter TtTed. 

Ho*errr. yon 11 find Id your »urpriae. ihir many of th* plrtoreB otbera try 
to bafe th-ii admire are lorely when wkm (el a chare* (» look qi ihem without th* 
acvompanyjni fahb\e. We dad that (\jrcU ia fine, and Rembrandt. Yermeer. Miure, 
Mam. Inaen* and Thenalnr* B?u*«eau, But we don't know why, and we doD t fare. 

Thtnktei of th**e thinf ■. il -ireurr-d to me that J hadij t matfe my anrrail 
ptiftLTr.att tn- Mn nanAri.-hi -SudiA thlB Autumn.. He cosipi oT*r and Iooib at 
my har«?i, admiflna my reilnr full of provialau* for lie Wlnicr and] m.y corn In 
the criba. ___ 

I f » Or(r to ii-- 1: at Tib i i.-'ufi*' whirh are f ne and true. Bod LtmortilU* 
many rtqqiniie bit* of otir Iann*r*pe. LefV pood ie n (oi'elr plaee. and the (real 
(Cora of larehA OTer by perry « mill, apd r-ertaln coey Tallejrs and billl. With far, 
minjr. enrptr dlaianoea. 

■JometiJnei, when t fire! lo«k r' a plriure " think the man colored It op tw 
suit himaelf. Bttt arterwafrl when I *ee the land!»rape nn Hat lu^h a dw *■ rh* 
' *l. Aa I>e oTieo ■mttint Dajaa, 
much cenanr^d when ha pBrsted k 

jm «■ rh* 

pLeture wn» piloted. ] are ihe pjiimer w#a elih(. Aa Pee ofieu meptionto:. Dbibi, 
the painter ntnWHI and ballet d*oeet*, wu much ceoaured irhen he painted a. 
horse runouii w-lnh all ll" (*>M off lh* jroitud at tb» eame time. Th* alow moT- 

ihinxa in tbcJr tme lijbt 

[fir picture UM prrwei _. 
waBCP we're not tralnrd to do. 

Potk and 1 need to t»* aeontlll of plorurea Like (i. B Shnw, when traT*rt- 
ine Th* nlterlna nt the Meicc-pollrao Mueeoln, we ihourht more of our feet tfaaa 
of the plc'urca nti the wall. And we deHdH Ihrrr wan nothing te il- B*lt we (are 
it a flllr chance and w»m acaln ' Now, n '• pathetic to ne* how we watch thp 
newapaper* for Ibe nhibilx « r»rlBin palntrr* vhom wc'Tr come to admire. Ia 
Winter, eipwinlly. nothlnr l*ca}B*a ya ■ 

T\'r'ee now com* (ft fefflfri <nir itinUne.a for pnlniir.ea aa another forra of 
pleasure in ihia world there In a nrral rarlety of pleasure*, hut wr ha** let many 

I enough eeoe* to enjoy- them, 
prta. nnu We recOminend It. 

o! Iheni idle and arnrned lieeniree mi didn't bar 
AdmlTB-llon Hfl plrlwrea i. one of our rer«nt pc 

My neiebbor Maitnnovirh. BbtrVH me his crip of beautiful eajEYttet, and *♦ 
talked lotlt nb^ut hie flalJinr trip anrl nf "iher thin^e thftt InifreBled us, And T 
ivnilVed nnmr TCry hapny until confronrM hy dot wife, Where Were her honk"? 
I told her safe in the librae?-, rttlri "he anid I roiildn't br trUated Io do any errand, 
and 1 said I couldn't be bothered with bar rrtftnda.all ihe lime, anyway. WhnS 
tlid >he ex pee- 1 me to get any reorealbnT 



End or Amtrlmn Committee for 
DtTistited Primo Aid" Oirl 
Who Lost Pmport En Soute. 


H I 

Booth TarkiitKion has only ia »(-rr* ■-, 
rorel to find a market for 1(, Hb 
"Gentle Julia." mitten not so Innc airo. 
haa barn BTlTTrniati Iiy Williap* Fo« am) 
will of .-miT-ir tie iiTiijslii to the ht'tj 
To Jnal what mnanrr the Foi QBairtftM 
inne^u to ptoflncr f bi> la not yet mada 
T-nhlro, but the important thutr ia It 
will be a 3fV23 prr-inctlon. a thlnt that 
w|B Interesl the TorLinaton admirera. 

lallina To-rt. r . 

Aoy pictnre with fo-ri»n aimrMphere 
tht-n* day* U hr-lnc prolticad io tic | 
nroper locale, that is "by the Ca+mopob I 
|. tan Cdftvpllie **vr Alau CfoaUnd earte 
Manch to tike bit company overaea* to 
filtVt "tTaemiti or Women." An Intcr- 
errlnc conpartv headed by IJonrl Bar- 
rytntt* and Alma ftunena wll make the 
eHp. and Miss Rubr.* <> an etrStrd or*; 
tbe pro^p'^rt of aeeloa; Parla ibe I* wiM- 
Ina; to tell ibe world she ia glnd she la 
a inotinn ptctnrr anreaa, tn tKLa eotti- 
pany aajliar to-dar are Pelra d* ror- 
nora. X\tM Snlili. florrtte Htifhea, 
(Hadyji iltirHtt Bnd otVr Oieinbera of 
the roajpany. 

Ktwrvat Wlta t'elTanal. 

Rarlna; writtrfi "Driftinit." the stare 
p!»y WUEk ha.-. Irfen purchiaed by 1 Hi- 
reraal for motion piictnrea, Cbaflea K*n- 
>np tbe author, will take a ranree ia 
ninticn pjcbitea Bcenario wrltSnarriy join- 
[rur th* film nrooinytii a member of 
the scenario ataff. An1. !>y the way, 
apekhiDr: of iceairifm. "The Power of a 
I.!e," 1.t Johan Hajer, well-known NfV- 
w (jlaa novelist, baj been purcbased by 


fnlvrr-al and n-ill h* put Into produc- 
tion rery «hottly. 

aU&lOa mock Wlfh FaTDttm, 

Ifalph Bin i k. rrho reaijrncil from Qold- 
wyn a fftjl WtCtM nro. h-sa Joined the, 
F|tn«tii Pln.rera-I.aBkl* Company. Bft.' 
Block ulll Ci> In Ihr t'oaat for Farnrjiiti 
aa n mBPihef ftf tbe scenario depart cbejil. 
lib (fotit for Uoldnjn hivlnit mnalBtBd 
of TiaMlng nn aceuarloa nml making tu'E- 
peatlon* on ih.-- pwrrhaa*. of suitable plBya 
and nnvrls, ^ 

Caallngj lor "Vanttr rale." 

W'orlt In it^ina on fnr tho cnatlfllt of 
"■Vanity Fnir," wlileh will nerve Sfubfl 
Balljn in hoJ nc^t fTfthJcJe, in ba made 
under the dlreftlon of b*r Dnabattdi Huto 


At Ib* Capital, 

The ebftf film attraction at tie CapL- 
tiil, arnrtiny neit nceli, . "Brnndnay 
nose." Ma" Murray'* latest picture, mBile 
tur tbe Metro Coftip/iny. S. Tl, Hdlbapffil 
hria flvt-ii Mlha Murray's jilcture 
ap^rlal aiipiileniejitrlry mualc. and nr- 
ranir«d a firr-atum that will dnl'tht all 
thone who ntako It a habit to vUit the 
("npltol every -reek. Unhort Leonard aa 
director and a htHrawlfty rhoien cast aa- 
atU Mb* film. 

At Hks- «tl-nii-J. 

This eotnini week I* banner week so 
fnr aa plnurea ate concerned. The 
Ktnod 'Jfci Norma Talmaditc's latett. 
■'The Eternal Flame." adapted froan 
Ffonore tie nalaac'a "Ij Hucbe^ae de 
T^anrlab.'' by Fram-re Msriiir,. Frank 
I^oyd i« the dlraetor. Jo#*pTl TJuntett 
prombea a prorram suitable to Ihe ei- 
I Toltaiioa of thb picture, which he ad- 
mita la one of Ihe beat hr baa had In 
mme time> 

At Ihr ntnlto. 

Allen Brady in "Mbalm MLUlons/' a 
Paramount pk-ttire nf a Oack Boyta 
■tc-ry. baa been eeloetrd by Hugo t£ieeen- 
fei.l foT pmentalinB at tlir Itinlto nut 
week, bsnlnnlnir Sunday, Hept6mrreT IT. 
Mill Brady appears ai Mary Dawson 
and David rowel! haa the part of "fioa> 
ton BLarkie." ■ The aiipporUnc nat ta- 
r-ludr-i FrhPic I.-'. p Uatch. John 
n. Cooke, William IV Mark, l^ebrce L* 
Hu*Tt, Alice May. Cooper Clff, girlae* 
Drin. Be^trly Tnv«i and fUdncy Her- 
bert. Joaspb Htnhij directed the prfi- 
bMH am! Albwt Shelby Unnaal wrote 
lbs Bttilsjrlo. 

A Lln* or Tun, 

"The, beat atory I every reertred,* 1 
mn**d the ctty editor. "Aa food aa a 
■notion pA*tttrt trraario." 

"WbatV w« noeried politely. 

"Tbla," be aald, jandlnf u* in ■arvt}< 
«it>e "ll n.iBH-* all the way from New 
Mciico with a ilamp rt-i|iiejiinc we rrv 
turn It If able," 

loald* tbe eorelnp* were two blank 
pares aod not a written I In*. Now what 
dr. yon tttppoa* be meant wh+n. ba cam- 
pared It to a Boric aetoariol 

Elki* I*laPd, wiib all «a lermra for In- J 
eomlnc fnrrifner*. could not nreelll j 
afalnat Ibe p*r»«*Bi*e powers of Abo* 
Motran. head of tbe American Commit- , 
tr* for DrvMtaied Franw. j-e*terday even ; 
in the far* of a miHinN pnaaport. 

The caao In point eamr np with the ar- ; 
riral of the Frencli iio*r ftoiut-illnn (rote 
Havre when Mi*a Marian «»ht to tba i 
pier to frr* 1 'I* ?oun| French woronn 
eenc here for education hy the heada of . 
the committee in that, country. One of i 
these, lilt* Otortette Eldln, of Lepeu- 
iln. near Lyena. bad hwtT her paasnorl 
"lisrin* the vi.yase alone wiih other val- | 
qablo in a small handbai and it looked 
for aereral TPomenta aa If the rirl waa , 
In a aeflnua flit. ., i 

A ronfrrvticr or the Cilia Island o'n- : 
rials however, finally chined nermltalon i 
for Mile. Hdin to leave with Mba M«r- | 
fan tin parole and her ciM will be dla- j 
poiVd of at o Intrr date, 

Other* S»t *o Foeianai*. 

j^Trml othsnL however. **r* not an 
fortunate u MB* Eldln, amona them 
Mtnc. Louise Dunonl and bei- aop, flerre. 
The two Wen ou their way to Dtylona. 
Fla., where Madam* leiehe* French in 
tie high Behnol of that rity. 

Pierre, who la nearly IS yrar* of at*, 
w«k barn It) the Scyrhellr*, Ulanda nf ■ 
<■ ■" eilat »n*l of Africa, where Duponl I 
Laetft, now dead, iiracliaed law. Four j 
yean ajd *hc bmM(ht an olrlrr aon lu ! 
tbla country, nn* in the CalnCKtlUr 1 "nP- , 
virilism Fla,. ibu born in th" Hsythelba ■ 
lalanaa. and as he came into the 1'iiiinl { 
Slates all rijibt. she wBa ranch atirprlard 
when ahe lenninl tbBl ll>* new immlera- I 
lion lawn were based on thn quatn Byn- 
tero. thnt lb* Rcyohcllea wrrr dnnfenl u J 
Africans nnd that thr- ouotn for Africft 
WU sibtmated. 

3o, deaplte Liie fact thai arhnol openerl 
In Unytonn on HefVlenibfr II, KDfl *!'« 
hod Irttora from her plMl nrilnr liet 
to hnrjlrn btick. Al IMfl b*J h-ti WM 
ordered taken before n board of s[ieclal 
inquiry nl EUU iHlaad. 

Another nn* H*ld lp. 

Then ni-niic dthorii hrld nttj wan M"me. 
ltoaLnn. AJa*. Bodnnour, Frnttoi-, in the , 
Pyrtilieea, not a hvilf hour's rid" frOPi } 
San PrbiitiBn. Spain. Mm*, Ajaa In on I 
her way tu visit Lei abler, Str*. Mafic j 
(.ornate*, of 1946 Flntt. avenue, thb city. 
M. Ajoa Is a Frenchmari born In tj-enibje, 
France, on the north bank of tbe River 
Bldaama, bnt Mme. AJaK «aa borb aeroaa 
tie river lb the Spanbh, town of Irun. 

A five-cent car or boot fare and a 
bridge wh>n\ she aaid. "you can, stand 
with ana foot jm Spain notf tlia other 
ia FrtiW* eteate.1 s enlf a tbouaanJ I 
miles wide for Lee tu enter the L'nitett i 
Stat«a, for tbe qiuita for Sp-iin U fitted, j 
Ellis ialand aatboritira will paaa on bet 
n-bh to visit here. She ■ peaks Enklbb | 

Ntill another yonnc woman, a French : 
jrlH. to be bHd up waa Andnw Luiem- , 
bonrrer, — . who bronrht with her her 
S-yCar-old boy. Judd. to visit brr aiater. 
Mr*. IJeortr* McLean oi l^ast Siaty-tev- I 
i:nth atntct, Chkafo, 

After hearint th* yean* woman's atory ' 
tbe innpiffrailnn Inapectom bad no ptll*r i 
count except to *enn Mil*. Luxembour- ' 
atr up4 her ion to Ellb lalend to have j 
her case passed upon by a hither trihu- > 
aal. Dudnr. the laat years of. th* «lr 1 
aha met Feraaod Fcrraa. a yount; French ; 
infantr^tnan. »ho*e furlooahfl bom" 14 j 
Pari*, where she lirtd at IS Rue Fene- | 
Ion., a part of Paria, wen j 
too abort for a marriste ceremony to | 
be p.-rforcsed. Then cuu tba day that ; 
he did fiot return anrl little Jndd w H ■ 
2 year* old. 

A yount American in Parte took a 
great Interest in her and an told th* j 
American Consul before Mlta. Lucem- ] 
banner sailed so that aha could obtain | 
on. American via* to her passport. Her | 

wish to villi her siilrt will now be pitied 
upon at Ellb island. 

Tn 'ni'lr =i---i*l Work. 

Th- Rotmalllon. which had S52 cabin 
pHsaent*ra, al«o brotiffat over Cbriitlaa 
meltfti from Paris. 

Miss Galltzl, who ia here to ■ turfy so- 
cial and tMllenietit Work and econonilca 
at th* New York School of Social Work 
in Eaai Twency-^econil aueet. waa net 
by her friend, Atnea Vdn hlurowiky of 
Bellevue ITosplul. 

Born in 'Cnnatanaa. Romania, Mb* Ga- 
HtxJ ■-■--.! in the war and fear* the 
Rumania war rrosp. the medal of Queen 
Marie, ibr, American Red Cross silver 
medtl nnd ntfcrr Tokens of the apprecia- 
tion of her work, She iprekt seven Ian- 
ruafea and 1 tarred Enelidh io Constan- 

Th" Ronsaillon docked at Fi*r BT, 
Klfffli HiiH-!-. nt tbe foot of West Six- 
teenth street, instead of pint to htr 
usual berth at the foot of West Thirty* 

!7-Tde^«AAjhstf rofrvc**.,**- I 




on the HUDSON 

■A'est r'oltit. \nrbarsh, pAbah- 
Ueenalc, KlnKlnn^'iiur.r ■■Horn- 
er liamsrlrll 1 -.-. rHASKHJt 

aT„ lu r ii XT. ;:|rs IL. s !» r M 

'■Vi-.'. BJicllUrlet Luat* KoOlti •TUIM' 

-roDithkrepsff" ;-i.» FnArTKtllt 
ST., lu r. ■.; w ir»tn P.M. 
"oMwaini wi«n *t*»m«r "Benl. V. ad*>H" 

1st Mir., mi i i Kir Talk lamB, day. 
M \t«\V - f-'r-i.-'r -.Vrxkarfk 11 
ph.- ruiV:-' SI, ) A.M.: W. IT* ib IL, 
nt-. i it far Ht. Deprcs tad r>tura. 
< r.STIlAi, ItlDPOR LTKE, 

SUN DAY $1.25 


Tq, HUmanA rmla, Srrrbnrih. 

Beaicon ana H*tne«. 

B*in. raiaiui itttiur 

'Ben). B. Odell" or 'Newburrh' 

Villi i--i:,sn Utf Pirk. II ?>'<>bur|b. or 
1)44 a* Kmnil Ileum Bhnii 

',•••• Ills -: (Bid*. KrtA.VKI.lV ST., 
tea L m ; tni L3lli it * u a. it 
Hnale. EleifaaraBl. |.mnebe*>en». 

rraiiiHiiu ROOM TO LBT> 

conn fir 
■ no.iT HUST 

WB HA VS" Tk« FUtsUT, 


P«rn»»»£ id*tM its *o*^a*=ti *B)ia*a Bw yea. 

■ttaaiar. ia Nam- Tefl I»rt1--ll«jrr ■NHH-n*. 
M*i--.>hLit»r. Cuuir', Iti w. jJii a;. t»l. 




aaa ccn 


■t . -, : ; i,- . * 

i. uaua 


tiao*->--i AL~m ia.L»KoOHf L 

f* ah., ew. UOi a*. JM^Mtat HH. 
■rt-LER* X* MtrUa ii*au - salaai U*nmJ p. 


A^PSBariN— r-tiiDBJA ^»nrai^, BntlOaBV 
AL ■■ HtflClt ,"' Brtadwar ta* «a StrMC lal- 
':: . tl a. M_ 

c^biraiLL, rcxnai. -» 

l!et«.!*Dn-ELA»CO— jcjemi 
r'MEAl. CHUACIL" B'w'w.t U J 

: ■ ■ -■■■-. 






WILL BCcqm-e 


Tka raatizni of beauty, inaiic, surprls* ami pi*. Ad™. Ala? an aotiralj an twm 

Tie ami IUU4 *Uat fOUaj WtU na eonllAreei 



i" -■ PubUahed by THE l.Fm.v I-riiI.iSHl.vti CtMLTAXY. it No. K» Eighth Avenue, 
earner Fiftieth Street. In the City of. New York. Borongb of Manhattan. 
* ■ ■ i T. E. Lewis. Pmldvut, rto Eighth Avenue, Edward U- THomaa, Vice. Fruirlem. 
880 Eight* Avenue. John J, Nell. Jr.. Secretary jind Tmi««, Ko Eighth Avenue. 

, £4« CilTlr. 

Hake efceeka fiayalifai (o The Horning TdeKnrih. sx Eighth Arcane, >'*w Torfc. 

H. .\. ITAJ.T.KTT. AiltcirilMiir, Maufer. 

u- . v. One of the frequent rriticlanrs ngalnst AmeriesQ dJ- 

rCctora who have, attempted to make historical )il«s[n-p!jsyit 

1 Was in Fbw- hufi been the apiinrenl lark of knawledse of the period with 

^■njf* I* * Credit to which tbry are dealing. This inability in get convincing 

tbe Entire Motion * tlBM P here resulted in costume plays belo*; placed on the 

_. , t -. labnu Hit. A Jiirtorlcil clrann wan 'nunh a drug on (he 

- ' market no producer with any regard for bis poekefboofc 

rrmvMrrcd such, n picture w«nh his time nnd attention. 

The poo lie refused to look at ro*rtim.e playSi. Anil why. Simply because s 
•CMP tfltd during 11ii< French Tlrrnlutinn was very apt io fee &ot in the time of 
tniljam the Conqueror. They vrere mads without n»j thougiit of accuracy. Thorn 
Germany sent over l *PaniOD* , -«Dd "Deception" and (he publtc; r changcd Its opinion, 
Trnm an unpopular pontine Hon. historical dnmiiH became the- most sought after 
subjects on Lba screen. Thttt *rtfl fear. In tbr hearts of many (Una producers that 
Germany would Invade their preserves with a brand of historical filma that «iuld 
n*t he dtiplienied in America, Our director*, for eaine reason, had not been nbla 
to make- historical pJeturtjf rhnt had apv Interest for the. motion picture patron*. 
The e-Ituatinn looted" Merinos and with the ever prctem remctnbraacc of the wnr, 
many people were inclined In resent Germany's Vdalm to supremacy in any line of 

An explanation Hint Crnuan dLrertnra, having h*«i born And rtia?d on coP- 
Hbr&tnl hiotory, and having been rvnrcd with a kowltdce. cf period KettingK. there 
lfU Uniill chantT fit anj Ameridim dilpliatllcg thear plctnrea eflrrled pnor comfort 
in psfriotic AnnrtcftUt. .^l the mp In motion pirtare prattuetion nf m&dc-rD pjayi 
and romedie* this ti.ghtrj- ppuld 111 nfford to ulep niiide ~tna\ M a forelsn nation 
wmc in ami win till the idfludits BO their historical picture*. Snre]y thnrn raimt 
b* iwiar wai of lettinn Cerminy know nhe coutd not inanopoiiif llir murErt on 
costiinie plny*. « I 

.Robert Viennln bu found tht- way by makini n plrfur* Hiat it nnpprinr to 
inything (Jcrmany hjiM glvrn na. Douglftn fajrbaBka-flet fllrrmony a |1JM] in ebwhUM 
playp when he cave thP irnrtil "The Three «iiRk*|e>M." hut it hap Vemni^H for Mr. 
Vfcraola (o prorc- to thr nnrltl he carrbe depended! upon (or n'corrert picturiialiin. 
0( n period. * ; * 

"When Knighthood TVaii in FWcr" [■ a <-on.trfldirt:0ii nf the belief that np. 
Americno dirwlor hen the knowledge netrtisnrj- to filtn n hiptarkul ttrnma and 
retain it* atmoftpherii- flavor and its autbipiic rnpt«rnin(! ond KftttttSjfri at the time 
tn. which it fp laid. Whether Joseph l-rtati or Jlobert Vignnln drse r Pe^r?d:t for 
making^ prrwiuclion. Hunt ia n rrtootimrnt ti American film art nul n IJTing proof 
thnt nIT thr skill \* not rebtered in Grrmany mat tern not. The hi; (bin E if— Ameri- 
ca has hmde n historical photn-dramn tiint in nuporior in inytbJjjf Gprmosy Jiui 
Beat to : Pi " ■- cfjuntrj. I.yn Harding ban out-Jenningcd Jenniiig* in tbe portrayal at 
Kinj Henry the Eighth, ond nn for Mnrion Dftriep, hP L - 
■taiHl up agairwt npy bistorieat chnrocterlxnticn German. 
TVe are too prone to hflbd oat bmiqueta to oiitHiderP, 
creiljt b fine, and gire our homage tn "HTien Knighthood ,Wnn in Flower" iiwte^d 
M'Meins it for a German n r Itttlidu or Engliph piny. Vvilliam Ranttd&n Itenr-nt 
h*tt made a great pleture. And whether ne want to aeknoVledg* It^ heulity ut 
Weetic^i, it? tlcrinratirtn nt charnrtTFi and iut fiife ntmoRphere or not. we UMtsl niimit 
it ii a pir-tirre that the entire motion pEctUTP iTwtiintry ran be proud to claim. 

If there were more like it we Vhould not now be fighting i gel of pad re- 
fjfmerp and a lnt nf fanatleftl la^ltbttoes whn nre bntmg therr Haim^ fnr /ittentiun 
BO^: on p:ct«ren like "When Knighthood Wna In FJower," htit upon snhHaily DH [;-. filnLt thnt hare been Tnnde by wildcat mmpanieR for (he tncre purpose of gnln. 
Nof that we havn ilcnvm*trat«l »hnl it En popaible Tor Afi)etia to make pictures 
wttfc csrreti «-tting» utd ntmonphere it U to 1 be hoped we shall hnvr inore hlsl*irica| 





SV>Kn the unniitakable title of ' 
"Why 1 Am Ashamed of the ; 
M"v!.». ' a man who uya ha h 
■' prodacer 61 motiOBr pichirea 
launchea farth in n diatribe against the 
film buaincia that can only be attributed 
TO otie tame— a failure to mnlrr plctnres 
that brought hitrt AtttFicient financial re- 
tune. S:ic!i an article in Coltict'^, 
written by o»e who ntimirs hit is. In the 
motion picture buninen. mnHt necessnrilj 
be inapiTed by n persnnnl mntfTP. No 
man whn haa the b-'Pt interests of an in- 
dustry at heart cooJd come .out tn b cold- 
blooded faenion and accuse motion pic- 
tnrwi of "Hindermining Ameriea." We 
I6W fiarc ntupid pktnrea. Wr have 
been compeHrd to loot at bannl seoti- ! 
mental drivel, but in thin bnilne** ar^ ' 
Li.r-ii wbo would fare n firing squad bnfore I 
ttiry would, nndor an nnaigned nrtiele. 
cant auch <>■■>]» t^!"»'= on an induxtry thflt 

in r.nv; facing I \*t- rrii-i', at itfi "(i'-H'Jpr,'. 

Anonymaurt articles, li^i: nnopymoiiH 
I-'I.i-t?, are dangerhua. They bit a man 
in the back and give him no«mcane of 
retaliation. Tf n man. 'han a mcasaire t» 
deliver' hf should-do it In (he open, frank 
and unafraid. No one can' respect n 
writrr whn drwigrn rc.iponaibility hy re- 
fu^ng to ]e( ]ii=i iirt.n;e be known. How 
can people who mijflit en?igbten .lilra on 
n (vw matt era bnpafto rrpb" to an article- 
that in Hoated In myatery. If a maga- 
■ ine^ lem conarcTatfre and high class 
than '■ ColUcr V. had printed thene otvriea 
wc%lHJll!d have Hat^V^U not n pro- 

| !MMtti 'He- C.rtn H1n live! I hmi.l, J 
| Thin adthnr ft "Why T Am Ainnmrd ] 
j of Hie MnvicH" claims to have itHiii a J 
j icflBAKo writer, a pmttuction. manager. 
; buyer, aelter and tinnlly maker nf tnf 

pafrlen. In fuel H Tian been everything 

but (t& aetor. 
i "fta the uhob/' ihe movicji h*;*e 
I trented me very well," he say*. "I have 
I i." tMnploint to tuak« axaltist tbe itnlu;» 
' try HO 'sr *« my av:i\ n'lntionn to It ro. 

But I believe that the timr Jins come for 
i some oun wttti a full kn'owled** of fset* 
i q« well pfl a rehli?.atLO!i of bow much they 
j meun to tbi* eountry to out the cards on 
1'ihr. table." 

Vftrr Btlmittlnz that he bns made lit" 

■ ■ - m ■ 


liTifis o«t »'' 'be Indiwyy ihi* . 
pointed iloxcs. who feela lio mit*t lead 
. tbe Itenightnd ones; Obit <>f lllr laud of 
Mnry Ttidor Will j wdeVednrs?. 
Iia* n> offer, 
J .el aril give credit whi 


■Fnr I in a parent. 
cbildr*n. Knch WtVk m 
clamor fnr utrmimiin Tn 
tor* ro-niglit. - They're clei 

^ave four 
yimn esters 

mnL-'nteix. lai'no! 

■bite sJoricB. I'm 

I any plisht burin 

J them Cmii) mpj'Iiii 


J"pT|i-; ot K F. Alhee .-ii mi. Hun pi.tnre ■ mliMTry i- aV^rTag ■ l 

J." the hlgbfPt pnifjie. Mr. A'hee. as the hmd «f the Keith e-mi'1 <,«p »r 
. the lareeft nutb-rilk ortnniintionK in in. wnrfd. hns wr'tten n prrxop,! ]i Me r tn 
p> nctnrp asking them to retrain tnK Joking nhoi.i TIMlywiod. Hr has**, -hi- 
■sy due nne aMist to '.nntber and iinon tfie.fncJ (Ata tM 
ertirn htdnatrr. should not he P ^ lirS e.l tor the indlscrPtion^ of a few of it. m-m- 
f7--H* "l»o mentiona the bi^ financial fnveptmeni i n Uie film bu-inr^ nnd 
,;,toiustiee tn .be^rn who have ipvested Ihef, ,a P 5ta! in Whig, 
-Albrea nttitnde l r particularly fine + h view of (he fart tnUdeTlHe and motion 
res have nlway. he^n keen competitor,: for public Twyot; Bb refused to 
I eapltit] qj rbn mlsfortunen of the nim inducer, instenrl he PX t, n rN n helping 
I by Wlfini ncempnign that ; R bound^e it wide renrtii.p i n other lincR 
itisinew. nnnThring the Outside world to o rwlixatinn uf rh, U nfnirne* ft h, 
mg an entire Indus-fry ■tlfrr'fnr He siuit of n few,- Mr. .Ubee baa done a 
grgbf- The more Hollywood i- placed in Hie pubfie eye. and the more un- 
Hrtomr jpket. that are" founded nn its recent KUtdfttay the more difficult it 
* for Ihe motion pirfiire industry to recover- from the blows (hit hare ihi. pfitt year. Wblit part Will B. U*y» has in Sir, Albee'B 
r on) one known. Whether he had a pan directly on indirectly Is nnt import 
■~t the fart remain*, in mefatlonlr>g the fine [dealt Mr. Hnys brings into the 
Me Albee lets it be Ipown he Is imp r «.«e,l with the manner in which 
it Geoertl ik trying to work out Hid salvation of tbe Enrtua- 

t Jilre httu 

This may have Inspired the te-tt 

o stronfi in nur -nrpreeiati^ of Mr. Alhee> Bfl> spiciF, If there \r-re" tnnre 
should W|IMI difficulty in recovering (rigtSK mS^SS 


S' h* never wfcie to condemn in iniproremeitt. 

*.£?? '!."" k' 1 ""? "^ " rrf lh " , ' nt '™ w,l »^ 'I-"*- """illy **** nf d„ U b(ful 
#»nut To ihe object. But -o^pe* or later the M rp» fldvnnre flB m 
I value is evolved. 
-The mohon picttire bad rencheil 
i the color idea wnn in^ftulnl. r 

I nometlilns 1 of 

(nlr)y advnneed Hinge photographic 

; r,r "t attempts were n ctdn D€*WB« 

of lo;tnce attd a «in of salmoi.. rtmat unjirnw^e^ing nnil.nnMtiirtL 
\l now it has achieved Pomethiug v 

Rut [he 

la process h;t« made utrldea t 

u-T^^.u'lT rtne.riinfiit W popular « the talking picture. A rineoia wvnrtea 
W jrUb the Phouogrnphl/renderinc of wrir. Inti* present K«JeT i?a« im 
- the first colnr »IUm P , s and h* difScultirs nre'erea harder to overcome 
<-^ ll "T of Bli * V ' U( * exprension i« h npprouch ok nearly as w^lbYrthr 
g£ and -.,.- cannot he sure that Ihis e'ln^ive hlng wilHiot bTperfer cd 


! full 

\ Irt Us be patient 
„JI Imrehtinnn alurt 
Iforc the dawn, 

'So here's to motion picture with variaHons, May tbey tJOfii 
E nulu re and apeak with rbe longuef. nf men und an^iet.. 

dream ft&d work through (be nightmare 

with the 


" N° W {htlt Allotjlh ZukoT *** l*™ u * h t l'»'i S«frl io rbls etnnttw there wit! 

Ai^l probably be an gutcu ubout im[»rt!ng talent. Just a* when a number or 
foreign-made film* nrre rrifaued over here, not long a«'o. ibere weretlouil rrlea 

-.About '..orasion,-' ftn d iMng^ But in after nil it ■"„" Internmio.nM m *„ e" It h 
Wre rellnon. No one mould think ,>( finding fnuit if * jnt^ioojiry cume f«m mV- 
aUier CjtUtitry. jm why complain of an artist? MLbm Negri Ik pnwHHeri. not only 
*J good opks uiid * fierjr distinctive prrsonaUty. hut intellij^n.e a„.l n natnral 
*r*matrr Talent an well. K T .e spuielhing worth while to mnuvbuie io ihe Aintion 
Btclnre *;«l why should We noi proHt hy her artist ry? 

i i*' > Da £% ""T nicliire-making ciueriamspa abrosd -be hah liail [deuiy of oj.ponun^ 

l& ^Jft^** 6l«t"oni™iiy. but riie ba« been hantUc^fiml Potaewhnt j D hVr work 
;*y ewmbtiont on the otlier wide. There m tint the money over tlirrr for hcuv* in- 
VesntqrP m the way of production, nor ban the iecbnic.ll H fde or ihe cinema renchnl 
tbe iwint of developtnecit ihnt it ban here. Mr. Zukor bnpe> Io rive Mi*/ Wi 
•*err CDBticr to rearh-ibe pper of her enreer as a cinema *tar T find it fs to be honed 

, tbai When Kite Ktartn io Mork with American directom. they will rrrojnixe her as 
mn individual arid not Merely a« nwothcr inotioa (iieture actreHH. 

Hand-cuffpit and chHined nnd tied down by convent Lob*! and j-iet-eotvped 
melhoiJa of acluig>islie will.he utterly spoiled. She will benume one' of bundreuV nf 

yilheris- *-But if her individuality is given a chance to e*pcea» itself Mi km Vecrl 
Bbouid register ns emphatically in the cinematic- field ax JeritM did la»t Kenton in 

. tiie operatic. One t>£ the Kcrrrta of JeritiuiV miccenK. in addition, of course to the 

■ fact tlint »he i* a rsfll flrti»i. is (bat nbc tins b great den| or per.iounl vbfl'rni anil 
(*!»[ «* p t'»es things n little differently than *>tbe r people have been' doing them f»r 
the pa*t twenty year*. She needa no model. Sh* bn? her own. And so ft is with 
Ills* Ni'gri. She ia an artist and we need more of Wr fcind in tbe industry. 

WHAT doee « Broadway showing Tor a picture do foj- (he uliibitor in the 
-«mni!*r dtiea nod towns? Does the fact that n film ban been shown oo the 
■■■ Oteat Whit* liVay have any influence wllb the small town public? From recent 
. results it apparently does not. 1 There have been ntimbcrlesn instancm oT late. 
Where a (colore picture has i-rcutenl conriderable of nn impression on Ihe big 
; i-lTeer mud thin gone Its. way and proved a flivver in other parin of the country. 
■ liroadway viewpoint Is not always ihe viewpoint of the other ritten and town", 
r'hnu been proved wrtli speaking wtage nitractlons, in some cones, and rice versa 
1 proiluciionB making a bit in I'hlo-ago, were ulter falltirta here. There \% no 
t. but what a Broadway run for n tiUn ur i>U(t> ptay fit one time had consbl- 
__le inffucnee with the public of the !er tnwnn, hat ibi* lime lni' rn^M. The 
bbllc have lin-nme rditetitedX tkey no longer fel (be Broadway run blind them to 
i n)eL-l!<! of an attraction >>! any kind A ji-rinre or play iniict be good and the 
tP^c iiinsl know It fo good before they wilt (Ire it the benefit of their |tairou.ngp 
: t pay luelr hard cnan to see 'it. .- . . , 


>vl ho much afrtid "f 

!isif mi^'l.t come to 

■fly ordinary in!"ll. 

. ifl.r produn-d film, lebasa only dn»vi- 

hact i" "ton nld' for them. Tint f urn 

in (he fauni&ta* myself, nnd 1 am irrttisln 

aCu'liinted with llie part'cnlar lending 

trim thai Is to he shown Hnd al..>.i{ three 

iimff nui n r four 1 unn'l ^'ive ray ehil- 

dreti nrrmisaion to go nor will I co my- 


If thiri writer lioucmJy lifliecet such a 
sm^ll Hjpr«WUSt of moiion picture* are 
fit for the Juvenile mind and unworthy 
jif the adult indention, how iloen . he-es- 
plain to h'v ciiltlr-" wny f|f httnawf Is 
jn a busine** wlilrh be despiwa. His 
iii'-uN are hiuli t-unnriinp unci fine, inn 
I'jtfareety practical. U> liiie io feor a 
j man btres up In lib >"V'i eonvlctinns. 
j "I charge the movie.*, " says tbts reiBi 
i "not with immorality hut with what in 
: wnrs«^-»lori'Ttty and shovt-w^htH tree 4 . 
Recently ntieuflanee at mntinn* pietnrea 
ias fallen n.rT nlmont ftQ pflr CEBt Hun- 
dreds, of tlmuMiimU are Ktnying arfny he- 
c^aiiae the nlma aren't pnncl mo^gb- But. 
e\*en at thai, the mftvies nre making their 
mark!' on ten million Anieriinn minds 
rvery dny. V*V nre already lieginrffnu tn 
pay the price In lowcr«l standards of de- 
mocracy. What will our ohlMrcn have 
to pay?" 

t Fteforinrrs L's« HI* Irnnuli, 

The producer gl"* us no chance In 
say whether lie Is. ihe unfits exception (o 
these greedy morion picture makers, tor- 
cause ho keeps safely under tover. He 
tells nf some at the Flaming lobby dis- 
plays that gall nlirniion to such oftenxivc 
filmft If ■frbo Trice She I'oiH-.'- 'The 
Wnmsn In His Itoom"' aid "Her Double 
I^ifc," bat he faiU. to mrntinn 'The Pour 
Hnrir-mcn **f the Apccs lj pie," '"Over the 
(itll^'" H tirardmHs Ho-y," "The Frisouei 
Of Z"nda." '■Seritimental Tommy." "The 
Mimele llin," "Hlooil and Sara" and 
the hundreds and hrmdmdH nf fine pie- 
lures that have lfccn fundi- with all the 
terhnicftl skill and artlntlc talent avail- 
able. His aTifumeni is a one-sided, affatr 
without the JutelLigflnt eieeptions thnt 
mot-t of ill. believe, are due a i1ujcuk»Joii 
nf any situation. *■_.'' 

The srave ilsucer df such an nrtielc ns 
"Why I Am Ashamed Jjf tbe Btoriea" lien 
not m. much In his mad-slinging ns in tbe 
unfortunate gullibiliitj of the American 
public. Atteauy the reformcra have nailed 
this Htorr ns > Jsirt nf tbeir own propa- 
gandih and are using it in large adver- 
tisements in thn Boston' j mi isra to further 
the cause- of cenoorsbip in MftVUtinflaeit^ 
People Vb» are not flenflfiinted with thn 
true eltnalitkR read what a prominent 
prodjjeer !i*s' to sfly artaiust motion pic- 
turen and witJinut" any hesitation say — 
the movies m«Bt be alb wrong-if one -of 
tbe men who makes (hem soi'i they un- 
dermine America. If there i* a chance 
to trace thijr" man and make his name should be done without debty, 
The ilaaaachusetts pnhlic has n right to 
hear iu«r who aft If aud wliat hia wtatnH 
ia the lulllbjli menus. Most Afl$ftie*na 
like fair play. OpT nation is lounded on 
the principle* of freedom, and anj,inaii 
who can comu out and attack his oftvp 
people at a time when wery word against 
pictures 6 br-ing weigher] and lined as 
evidence in the lizht agaiust ceusorshiip 
cannot b&v* mpcb eouteplion of the 
ii!e:>l- he riiiim- ntc l-iitin- in the film 
hnsinoi, .tltir eentiraent seems to be the 
ftentinient of the entire indiunry — let (he 
man make hi* tinoie public »o we 
can drteviuinc jl'** what right he has to 
tike upon hiuuu?ir the salveUoti, nf a. 
na.tioii- tliroufib whnt lie \ believes \n a 
grand causae of motion pacturen, hut 
wbicli ia Tn reality ouiy a misstatrmcat of 

a-- 1 -,, "tell me,' where did she get ber 
uamer j 

"Her real name is ApoSlc-uia Chalupcz. 
sod she was florn jn Brombevg. l"olAnd." 
answered an trhliginjr youth. 

"But." said thr v Negri adorer. "Hint 
doesn't bplp rmv — I mean why i s she 
called Pola Negri?" 

"Negri Is the nxma of Ada Negri, an 
Italian poettyA, whom alic alwaya ad- 
mired, and whose name ^bc took wben 
she went on thi> stage. . Pola ia sn n':i- 
brcviation of Apolloiiia." 

The fflOWnl BJflt Pola "Carted in life 
e« a ,ihnp drl .rcrc denied liy the same 
youth whn toM the same man her father 
owned a- fabrie imsjnflaa In P«3and and 
■he hnrl been etiue.ucd nt une of tbe lirtt 
schools In Wortftw: 

The count, whom MJpB Kegri is saTd to 
have left behind. Waa llie -uiliiect of much 
converBati"n. nwM nf the tneo at the lun- 
cheon hoping llie report ihat *nc bad dl- 
Torceci him was true. No otic had the 
courage tn nnk and when I left Sherry's 
two oF our li-ft bnoivn newspaper ni'ii 
were wiyiiur iT the mory tliat Fniuous 
Flayers-Lnsky had iu^urni her for J3.» 
OQO'.OOO against morriase reM true, tliia 
Amount wis inauffieirnt, as a million 
won id lie H mere trifle compitrod with 
winning her affeetioDK. 

Lack of spsce prevents Hay more ad- 
jectlreF describing her beauty, but if we 
had a contest deciding nn feminine 
beaUtf, Pols, would bci my vote. TeiSi 
she ia that bc&ntiful 

41nr llurrnj Svim?-. Ward. 

A wire frnm Mae Murray tells of her 
srrivol nn the (.'oust ami tbnt hIic lin^ 
i:-::Ln. work on '■Coronation/ by Edmund 
j Gnnbling. fihe aaja riie will follow it 
I with "The French BoIT" ilic Mrtntrifl 
i of which in beinj^pfVpiire.! by Frniwv 
j llnrion. Robert wjogirrL nf \iiirhM\ it 
i diri;cting (he pirtnre, Mae udml-.< he v* 
j Mm greateat in tbe worm, and from th? 
I way it which he has directed her pie- 
i turcs tihe has a rjajtt In irjink go. 

M«klri|[ Reeorfls. 
LETc for Doris Kcnynn Ik nlwnys one 
thine; after nnotber. The word httouasa 
in unknown in her levicon. 3Jic is at 
the present time sin^hij,' fnf oop vt Hie 
well known phonograph companiu*. And 
tt'e not kh roay uk ii foundx. 

Nh# Ik. nT-OTi)lr,c to IrUmr whn ann Tier at' the Innrtirnn, the most 

surnfrim .rrfatuee lit eao>H*itT- Eveey n^flWspcr ttt«w ¥rh't »*» 

her It-ll far her i-h*rgn> — -anil Ilia I ,!■ ■ajloi; >Qinr|falB( it tint 
ii rill lie: a tit- nt Itf-nr.t Itml wiibip n Is .1 (inrl of <lii-lr Job, 

i..-lii.'.| tn put it under the head uf 

"Thinsh lire enming tn ftilcfi n paw In 
th 1 " ftclit oi ccnwtrcliip thnt the famllinr 
edjeetive 'puritiidic!!!' will ne* longer 
*env. It comas rtfi sornctatoj of n *hnek 
to un tn learn tHsi Priseilln hrmeir wsa 
nn >>eiter than a vjimp." 

And then culling; nttentinn |o another 
absurdity Mr. Dnjan remarka: 

-■"Tlien there ^is sijpcific prohibiticrn of 
the depiction of 'Quarreling, jealousy nnd 
msTrinco on shell | «en,*rtcr,' We 
triifct Hint Harold Bell Wright will fit 
dnee MtiNh and take n pVce with Rabelais 
and MaupnR.innt in the rnnkM nf the 
emtlr. Perbfiy"! he never renliied his im- 
mnrali'y in using lo-vr at first sight so 
fTeelj". T ' 

"Thr jlnir Has ntot tlrr-n Told." 

Well. Pola Negri ana been viewed, 
interviewed and "nirjpected by ail the men 
and women who 'make it "their buwoesi 
to tell the i-nLlii- what the stars utc like 
off the tureen, nnd irhether they are rcslly j 
aa gnrEottnp as their presa nganits nay. | 
She has. in the coarse tfcrflaculap of the 
day. tiecn "jriven the once oner" and I 
found not Miii: tint in auy renpect. In [ 
thr rniiKPiiniis of Opinion of sueii notab> ■ 
beaut.v BXpeflfc" as Harriette I'ndrrhill. ] 
Qninn Mortifl, Frlnfe Vreelnnd nod Wol^- 
erl Weleli the' Ik b com ui nation of Helen I 
or Troy. Cleopatra and Madame I 
Itecnini'er. She i-oniTiinei all the beauty i 
of this tiLu.Fii:-, [; i<i and =-niiis to :l;i.? a 
golden voice that ih a'crylnE shame to 
atlll in nllent drama. ■- 

Adolph. Znkor lt^t aH these niOtinn 
picture- experts a ehanee^lo pass judge- 
ment on Uihs Nrifri by Inviting them to 
a Innefacon nt ShCrTj-'a\to'm'et the lady 
who had 0'ily arrived from Germanv on 
Tuenc^sy. I^n.iliy, in inviting thfa hlsse 
:j':ij!e]i«-.' it is nrccwuat' to mention a Tew 
imnoTtnnt Teo*oriJi why such a luncheon 
ahould ho attended. On Tuesday the only 
nei^esaary pasaivord waa Pola Negri. The 
nunc find tbe chance' to tee ber carried 
* thriil" thnt brought every motion pic- 
ture erltic in the city to Sherry's sven 
before luncheon WJU. serred. 

Anil .~o eomplctC'ly was everyone sold 
on Pola Negri, brr beauty, her charm, 
whit she wore and what she vault] mean 
to tbe American screen, were all prompt- 
ly derided before the : .nab courifc. P'rank 
\Vrivhinil >mid she had Continental poise. 
Helen rdlnck and Oertrndn Cllase 
thought her frocks were Parifruaa rather 
than German. Quinn Mart in was sUro 
if :-rii- were made n rltixen of America 
Hudyaed Kipljng would change his opin- 
ion of Americans. U. \Y. Baremoro, 
seated as near |he he* illy as poasible. 
hoped hi? rtlf> wouldn't mind if he voted 
her the nw*t beaotiful. thins In captlcity. 
ZIoberL Welch wandered ffshe had rii- 
voreed !irr husbanil. and ao on. 

Heat en It elk* 
Hcywnrd Broun in a i 

All w-jnt 


nrticlu cojla attention to the ideals of tbe 
National Motion Picture League an set 
forth lH their faintly bulletin. Accordine 
to Mr. liroun. if one folLowed 1 the rules 
set dnwn ny toJ^ uHhucluciuu. erad "JStili 
tJinsmore" would Ii- taboo, in eitumont- 
iii,-; u f«w of tbe evils tbe leaguA ea uo sju t i 
the produce ra to etuninnte frocn thb 
•creen: s 

"All acanca depicting hatred, intense 
fear, JegVmay. recenge r intrigue, unfaitb- I ™ h£r* *H oppottunrtv to use hiaold 
fulncM, Indecepcy, envy, suiwrstitnui de- Bterntyped line of "Wouldn't you like to 
celU^wiisftj. Irwvertnec nnd lowltaa- talk to Mlss Negri. I am aure she bay 
many thing* to soy.," 

Mliese and many other admiring ei- 
peewioiip fiile.1 tl* mirswMlc tbe lady ate. 
apparently uiicocfeioua of the srnantlon 
she was ereiititiJ!. 

Mias Negri no more Than finfuhed her 
tunebcon tbau she was scked by all the 
newspaper folk for a story, Tod men 
tiring the interview idea to get n chuice 
to talk to her and hear that gohlfu 
roicer the woiicn to" get a vetter look at 
tbe alack frock and tricon bat. and to 
see 'if the diamond plnenitc was really as 
large ax Charlcit McCartliy claimed. 
'&pcnJiiuK of Mr. McCartny. who auper- 
intend,* all FanoiiM Players- LajBty pob> 
llciry. he was alnoAt swept off hia feet 
nt the demands for interviews. 

Mr. Briniu. itii comment ittjc on their 
brilllout pbuiupkleL ■■■->:■-■: -, 

"llpdec the ln-sniia-: 'Kthicul' wr ht* 
nmazod to And mentioned aa 'cxtremeli 
iLBrmfar 'acedea depicting women propon- 
ing mottiscc-* This never * truck us an 
,nh tfhicsl nuwilnn at ill- U-w« -rere 
to write a caption for It we should be 

In fncl in- attitude was reversed, «nd 
he didn't ofTcr any-eacouraEcment that 
any rfportcr'connl pt to Uiaa Negri bo- 
fore midnight — not with a waiting list 
that wnuld mnke President Harding's mp- 
poinfmentn look ulrilnpOrtaat.' 

But Adnlpli Znkoe, not huring been 
coached in these ."appointmentaj he Iped 

AH capture the but* brfnre ahe liegnti 
her otHiial' interviews.. Mr, Znkor vol- 
unteered (^ aft an intcrprvirr. n cracioiin 

fJcd that MITCcJ Hj> dn>',:fnr Mist Nngri 

ii only Inarning Kntflish ^uri my sehool- 
in.Jiii 1'icriiLan 'm iruirh loo imprrfect tn 
try na a IlBrast why *pc*ks Preneh, 
i-.Tinnn. Polish and Kalian. 

licliyinj; in orieinslily. [ l*gan with 
the hrilliaut nUeslinn. "in she glad to hr 
In Now \orkr" 

'■She says,'" Mr. Zukor bezan, "coming 
to America is thr- fulfillment of a 1 3 fe- 
lling dream, Hhe has ajtvayi lieen in- 
lercstsd ia ibis oOttntry. and now thst 
»he is here nhc cun Acnrcely believe it 
is true." 

"What does she think of American 
wnmon. and fs New York anything like 
riie pi petted J' "■ 

"She anil! came je*terday."' sairi Mr. 
Ziikor. "and shs hasn't had a chance to 
form anj opinioii of New York." 

I. whHpeJfOf] somethtnc triwut flappers, 
but nr TDitrno she ccnjldn*t he espected to 
uiider-ftlnnil a word/ thar isn't in the ling- 
fish dictlnnftrj-. although T will, sriy for 
her she Buttle a vailuiit ejftirt to ^'et its 

"Hn« she seen nny American pictures 
in Ocrmtnyr' 

Adolpb KaLnr an Interpreter. 
filic discusscc] thin nt some length in 
Gorman and Mr, Zirkof trnnslalin*; for 
her, flaid: 

"Miss Xcftri_ha*. of course. Jiren Numr 
American pictures. I nl only very old 
one*. Many of tbe H e are so badif. cllt 
and mutilated they tell a dEstjonaoctcel 
nlorj. Hhc baa hud no iitinortiinity in 
see any of our newest lirodurtinns. her 
only knowledge of these picture* heinc 
bAoaxt on what she hint read and lie.ird, ' 
"What doc* Musi Negri think of 'Uclin 
Donaa' as a vehicle foe her " r " 

Thla iiueation, when nastud on to Miss 

Negri, was received with mage anlmJitinu 

and mom geatieplatiotJ than UBff previous 

conversation. It was evidently a subject 

oh which the lady has opinions. 

I "She doe*n't like the character of the 

1 woman," reported: Mr r Zukor. "and she 

j is aorry lrcr first introduction in Ameri- 

I can [iiH-tnri", must lie' in such, a vicious 

! personality. "I o*plahittl to- be*." Mr. 

/ukor went on, "that in portraying «U 

these various chKractetrzations abe h.\n a 

blf opnortdnity to show hrr versatility 

as an actress. 

Miss Negri interrupted him with an 
emphatic shake of her bead and a long 
.argument which Mr. Zukor aaid wna an 
explanation tbnt eiuce ahe made Dn 
Barry, a (rbaraclpr erpiaily devoid of mor- 
alft. *ympat4rtjr to the Amcrirnn uudi- 
once ahe hoped tfLdo the same w^th Mra. 
Chepatowc. .^* 4 

t unked about the Poiiah netreai, Mod- 
jesko and Miss Negri bra-ted eloquent in 
explaining how she much admired Mod- 
jeska and liow she played in a KitXhian 
play in the ro'e the older actress hail 

We were gel flap along beautifully, bnt 
seeing all the other "reviewera lined np 
and waiting, 1 knew T must not tojee 
any more of, the lady^a time„ / Ji 

B pe«klng-^#t BcmuIt. 

Poln Negri's smile, her chatm and her 
beauty arc worth the most extravagant 
lunXUaRe, for ■-;.•■ Is as one enthuaUhtic 
youth said a thou&atid times lovelier off 
the screen than on, Bnt why tell ail 
tliin when abe is going to the Coast Sat- 
urday and New Yorker* will trnt bare a 
chance to sec her. Bets art; being made 
that jn a very few raonths„ane wilt he 

. — tlie. most talked of motion picture actress 

He didn't in America, nnd tbe odds arc all In her 
favor. ' 

Adolph Zukor mid! be recognizes in 
Pola >egri that sametn-fng that Mary 
Pickford had when he engaged her ten 
year- ago. and when all ban been said 
and done he fa as good a jtidga of pic- 
torial talent an any man in tbe world, 
having pleVed Boat' of the reigning: fav- 
orites to-day for Kannca PUjers-IfUky 

Ab I was leaving I uoard one admirer 
who had never taken bis eyes oft* btr face 


Motjon Pletur? Editor, The Marplot Tele- 
graph : t 
A while. b^o there was -an editorial fn 
Tap Morning Telegraph about "the scree a 
: i-inrc tbe ffrealeM faftoc In :>,:■ gatnlitlnjr 
nf personality And ability called ectlntr," 
In that editorial said that In tbe 
morles "looking 'Ihe psrt Is largely con- 
trolled by Hie director." This forces m* 
to write you a line on a suhjeet whirh has 
been In my mind for a tang time. 

It aecma to mo tbat directors have tr>o 
Wflrh to s«y, nd( only about the plsyeT* 
looking the part— but artlng It, Time and 
again I've aeen people 1 no nn swkwnTd of 
onnstiiiral Ihlns In s Him when there w«< 
every tn.lVallnn' that fhey were i]o|0BT !t. 
not heenuse iney ten u :■■ he the rlclit 
thins; ta ile. but Because Hiere was a m*n 
with n me^a'plinne in the foreground Icll- 
Inn th^TO the wr«ng thlDK to flf>. 

It's n toed u;psI like having vonr photo- 
-rn,.ii taken, l'tva enn't possibly ■ bare a 
smi'tactory fli"i" If you pi tti one ot 
these places where they crin you liy the 
lisrt (tf ibc ne'-t wlrli nn Iron tnrf snd 
■ ^cll roil to watch llie little hlrdle. The 
eleeer nhntofirnphcr npoesls tn thtv Intel- 
llgenre nt his subject -in.! tries to h-V'-'i 
bis mood and to rsmillsrlse Alttnwlf with 
Btunn of his clleot't chsrnr(erlstlL-i before 
taking the jitftnre, 

1 This ahenld he trun In ibe wtowfot/r ton. 
Directors nojtat to study out the sertpts 
tinil tbe rhai-aetere with tbe players a&d 
when they nre thoroughly Mm] I jar with 
tfcOav Lhcn go^Bbesd on |h r producing. 3o 
eflen When A scene Starts I eHn aeo the 
Heiors watching rhe dlrcetor and getting 
all net. trying to keen |hek minds on wbat 
they are doLae- sad heed ihe advice from 
t be niegapholtr At t he snme time. Of 
eiiurse thi* tsn't sq common nn offence 
niw as It wfis a few yeflr« ago. bjL Ibere 
■eeim to t>p no irood ret&ou why u 

- ln'i he eliminated alt<i|retbeT. 

Jl Faithful FioT 
Wheeling. TT. Vs. 

**** .IL'HT ['DVHDN -IFN.SK. 

Mulloti Pletov Fnltur. Thr Morning Tcle- 


Rlln Vt'el 


The FrUluy morniiig Afljaricm* carried 

| an bteraadog article by Rita Wcima i 

j 'i>lini«:c." AtthuUgil Miws Weimnn dJbcil 
rot s|>eat: with tlie autuoHly of Dijpcrf- 
I price, *hc has semo vittvm nn tlir .siihjeet 
that nt"- worth rcnilinc. Ulir h never 
radical and always con.- i» tern. Hrr arti- 
rle in based on the- eoitdilion thnt lins 
etisen Hjnl makfTi il im|HhNj.ible fur Dr 
1'etcy hrftnt mill Mf. 1'ldlip l.A.Jig Io 
macrj. Misa Wrimiin hue uc ^reo-a no- 
tion, hut aiie ociEeves matrfaen ajiojrtd 
he more difpvult afld (Hvorccs wuuld ili>- 
crcawi in number-, 

Tlie Plvat Mchl. 
The opening night ar "When Knlght- 
hood fl'ns in Flower"' bronchi out ull the 
film crleltritics in town. Kveyy arm was 
there, and a casual glnnce at thn nn li- 
ence diHoWrd Mjeli wfl|| known pcrann- 
*6*s a> Adnlpli Kulior, !l(ram Abruin-f, 
I'ltvid Kelinick. E UK ene iiUrlen, Atffii 
ftolinne. Dr ■ ,p n ,-|r] (-^..i Coalman. 
Naomi Clulderh, Lmher Ur-c.1, glbra 
tmrh ErneBt iMendiauiujt. William 
Handolpli Ifnirsi. Arthur Hji^Un,,- 
Mnyor .Joint !'*. Hylmt. Mr. ajpl Mrs 
frniver Whal-n atitl tftaify other*, Mm 
DavLo« herself was in „ bog, bnt she 
modestly kept m iIip bnekgronud and ii-r- 
inittejl the audience id hare only an oo 
caaionol gllmiwc of her. 

ABlIrd l"*«enlaj. 

a merry crowd that gathered 

at the "docks yesterday to wish bon voj. 
npe to rhe pTvPtfear! H-.Hing and Ii>t 
motion pichtee travelers. In ( the party 
were: Lionel Enrrymore, Alma Rnberat, 
Stadja Hulctte. Pedro. r> r or ,lolin, W. 
H- Thompson nnd rVUImm Collier, Jr., 
nil engaged to plfty impottnUI roles in 
iaroiiea or Hoaen." which will he 
filmed in Paris. Nice- nnd Monte Carlo 
flic rocatidpi t,t ibanea'B storj-. In addi- 
tion in the irouitcrs tuc party indudoil 
Alan troaland, directo f; Ljnn Hlmrw, 
BHPiBtant director; Dr. DKtiiel Cunori 
f.ipidinan, e/.m|inny maniiitcr, and Ira 
Morgan nnd Harry \V\\A, cameramen. 

They Wlir lie mm.- vlJ weekK. Ih, tXtOno- 

\ t . a '\ tympany baring dee£dcij «omo 

realistic aim^phero j* imimt-tunr to il,e 
succeitK of the picture. 

In Detroit. 

Hope Hampton is beginning to be one 
of our best Uttle traielrra. Every timn 
a theatre plans. o n having a Vpccinl enter- 
tainment they wire/ her to come and 
make an Hpucnrance. Of enorse she tnn- 
riot accept VI thee invitation-, but the 
did praraiscto ar, to Detroit und ho pres- 
ent when The Jjght in the Dark " her 
most recent picture was rimwn nt 
KnaskyK Capitol Theatre. She is dua 
(a ap pear to-night, and con si tier able in- 
terest has been shown ovnr her aeeeptnnce. 
of Mr. KttnhkjK invitation. She left for 
Detroit ycaterdny. 

fi*otwe Ade n«re. 

George A«e. who- wrote "Our Leading 
Citkrrt" for Thomas Meigbnn nnd who 
g respon»Ible for "Back Home and 
Broke.' Mr. Mrighan s next pjrture. ar- 
nves nVNew York tomorrow mnrniuK 

■ l 11 B *** At sbt «^nario and to 

talk over the story with Tommy. Siwni 
in« nf Tommy, &-■ will make- his next Lcji 
1 nrnmoiuit pictures in thr lias:— good 
news for nU of th- frirn-ls of Thomas 
titd his popnlnr wife, 

« I'll..-- ^o..' L |!.. 

Thoj aimpJyvwIU not let Charlie Chan- 
line nloce. First ibey hate bi ra engaged 
to Mae CoUuh. and then some inspired 
writer says Claire Windsor fa the fady 
wbo will become Mrs. Chaplin. Charlie, 
being a gentleman, cannot very well 
deny the enekujement wneu tii e ncwa- 
papetl InslMt upon, giving him n beautiful 
wife, J'egxy Joyce, tht: mnch-rqniried 
beauty, una added to the lint Just week 
and yeatenlay one .of tbe pHMn come out 
Wim a story lhac IJIa l^n had said v.a 
MIum Le*i in an interview, said Mr. 
Chaplin waaa't going to marry bar nor 
any one elite to far as hhc known, Tbero 
is nothing as mtereatirtg i« the world as 
the romance of the screen players *tcu 
if It ia a !:rti!iou.; affair. 

June MniEila id To-wb. 
June MntLils a buay at Ihe Capitol 
working nil (he seenfirio for "Ben-I£tlr.' i 
MEn Mi.tJri.s. rW came all Hie way from 
th*- Oo*flt-to do this work for A, 1^, 
ErlgJttfH and tlie Goldwyn Company. Jias 
crdabltflhod working quarters iu, the coni- 
modloue Canltol ofiiccs. 


TOr\5T5 A$D ROASTS, i 

If you hive praise to give, com- 
plaints to make or Ideas to air. 
regJsier them with the Ontootcr. 


lah fo 

ny word nf prnttr trr 

RcdOlpb Vnletillmo to t^at of mjr oil 
friend. Anielin fummervllJe. IThen nae 
f-.illxc^ i In" lit* prnwi^i nulnry, nblch r 
illlile'-STiiiirl I- ti.yti\ ■SMfely, la one merely 
nominal n-meng ih* Ms slnrn of the sereen. 
on* cannot hrtp !>li[ trr\ tolt -come nm< Ii 
inkllLS ndfrtnlnp/e nf lil« iinnrmmiS popnt. 
Ifirlt.v to make a lol oT money ami n:ei rll 
nr s let nf hpd pfnrk* at Ihe «emc time. 
Il Is true u^i Cordon Tt C 3» frtntea. f%i«l 
ll"re Is 'ninoil nnd ri-inrJ" -It rnme HOBR 
) ( ni ahont In time io rcFcue him. .\ f»w 
mnre pietnrr* Iftfl "nVynii.] thp lln^ka" 
nun lie wjh 1 1 t ( i hate been flnnosrrf lis t 
Uaiinre Reid hsd Vili-nt inn'" Imekbone. b- 

armtld n ot Sn f.-rdlnjl mtl "n a Jriiie- Ijilrpfrh 
«r pietnret whleli time Sffiii .;i I 
eamtarti u, *moth»r aii.v netnr 1 air. 

Vlilcnllnn hnn Erlt rnnlnrTi tn lace thr In -Jin 

••inarely rSchr sow, la bu hea>inntftg<. 

1 am Inlrt thn| Mary MJIm Hint- T Tf 
reivnn tH.isrm tree*]; l nt Ihnf rwte, nn* enu 
in|.v Eiion* 'tvba( Vatenllno shonin, in 
eilbiliy. Iw ree«Iv|rB An for publicity, hi 
was stnrr*d n(T with alb* <>T "'turtiHTr In 
rnrlnna 'frn" mB»Klnr>^, shout hli epln- 
lotta nf ^nierli-nn ttmit nnd WOlUen, ln- 
'eniJed in make hl'm nprwar rr-.n.'i-.i i.- nnd 
forclcn. hut which srotiHeri uttptCsis. 
.Ihi CnmmeiK; |r 1 1 :■:■■■;.:: ,-■. th;U be liS^ 

nniulnc to do wltb II. Mlaa ittnaesaev 
eslla bis present smnd "ttu. hlg heatl": I 
cull 11 !.T.-..|.-^r ntid common t-enpr-. 1 do 
"■u know hiai. I hove nevef eern aeen him 
In Ihr flrflh. but I .Ton«ider nim one ef rnir 
lii-nT ponL^mlslPlB. However, ^f I wmf* 
t\ Isy Kaufmnn latelv, all or rhesn rfiiTer. 
cures nf opln|[>ti renld inly Lip rir&nh forth 
ay aa unuaiint pcrsoiiAllty ; one doe^ not 
nrgnp alioui medtni " 

t In 

F. C 

-McHlcn Flrinre Editor. The Morning 
Telle K raph j 

1 Save heep readltiR- a prefll msny of the 
motipn pletrtre review* tn Toe Mornlof 
Telegraph nnd 1 nnrlre that jotl cotitlnr- 
-iiiv harp im (he vapidltr of atoriea fit 
elmllnrlty of plot and derelopme&i. fin 
[his point I ogree wllb you. I don't go 
io the moiti-fl very nften, hut esrh tims 
I do aa, t Rwonr not to do it again. 7ht 
ilorles ore vapid, and dull. But (be pntu| 
I wiiii t-t wHia to you a tout Is tbl>: 

There ore Inataoseji when ttie pboio-nlsy 
■ lOMca are ndapraltaan nf novel*. *nd nl- 
mn»n Invariably the critic Mame* me sce- 
nario ftriicr far the fact that tbo narrs- 
live la stuplit. [ think more one™ than, 
Piucmtse, ihe original boo* la niupld. r 
am n are«t reader and belooji to (be Near 
t'leitan Idhrnry. where t ran get hold, of 
all ihe new hoom almost sa soon as [fciry 
arc publlehcd. J ara perfcetlj stire that' 
proaenl-dBy novels wnuld run Hie movies 
t Clo^C serond for vapidltr. Most of them 
arts Hirer Irw*. TnEtis of the.iTeit and 
ihe t'anartlnn Northwest and toe Yukon 
and the Klondike are Jnat as plenlltnl la 
hnoin us on ihe screen-and aa are lba 
amch-rilaenased sei storlen. 

So don't think tttst Urk or Ingenuity and 
imagination Is confined rnllrely to the 
elncma. II Is oot hy n inn C shot. And w hi la 
wrrc nn tbe tnodect, where are tbe really 
line ploy* to-day? Aren't moat of taem 
anknui nnd Hfe mont baneleu bntderds^hii 
Tht 1'e.noy Ulead variety of drama 14 be- 
cominff more and more popular, and thn. 
play with nn Idea tias leas and lens hope. 
Po that the slaLe ot affairs tn the movies 
la really eunnlly (rue of 'novels and plays. 
Very truly youia. 

Ilerths Hf.iatrx-., 


Motion Pkture Editor, The Momlna 
Tclcuraph : ^ 

I have Jnat finished readlrig in Th# 
llotnlnB Telegraph of September IA n l-|- 
lev-\vrltten tiy Deglnn Henneuey In whlrh 
ahe aeonsOa rtodblph Valentino of eonii-Jt 
for trying In phisln s larger ssliry. Mare 
wben bna tblri beCO a sign nf .-.--i--.f ;■ U 
alias Becucsney aware of the !"■!-■: ; n,-- 
Talenllno bus made nnd ts making JuSUSona 
of dolhtra for Famnun Plaversl TVb» 
sboUlfl lie lint tiaai- Inore nw.o.-y | 

.She atao mail" the s'la terpen t tail I l'a. 
mnua Players gamelrd on Mm is e pepnJae 
fiputr- IT* alaneil hli presimi rtWTTMt 
contract nficr he hnd aisdi' tivch s hit m 
'*Thn fihetk." I enu'l »»e nher f ( h- r'all 
roaica In. Aa fot his pOp0l*rtty unl Ian. 
Jng;. well, t ibliik proof ot the luvaUy ..r 
-ata following !-. jn be iern la the farl the* 
be Din,. tbt-OUgh. kh Ufity chafce nl bbgafltg 
and Is atilL popular. 

Hr la worth cr«ry ceoth* Is ntklnp- nnd 
Famous Plnyera-Wsky ^ are a Imnrh nf 
dumbbelli If they don't give Jt to'hlni and 
keep aim. 1 always nut lee thai.fotk whn 
charge actors with eoneelt for trying m 
oblaln iBTfef aalarlaa Iiaually have rhelr 
h(T(h bands out, ju'iii ; up, when there la 
any extra money being banded °du I sup- 
nose Mlsa K. r-ii::;-:« Valentino ought Io 
cot down on "TjIbi bands and knees and 
thank FnmuttB flayers for giving blm the 
opportunity to male mcoey for them. 

Ulgbt T iay Id cloving ] come of a 
tlieatHcal temlly and have tuairy trleod* 
In the proYesaLoii and know that tbey are 
no more conceited than any otbee penp!?. 
bat they are more tolerant ot others' 
fsutia <>i:m t no-people who krwk them. 

TTopini; yon will print this and" wish^nE 
Valentino every success, as t cnjc-y'hli 
pictures vetT much. 

Sincerely. / . , 

Mr*. A. F, Turner^ 
C^2," Germsalofm areaoa, 
£aJ^4baia, ?L 




FtllTOH r^-ITO-HlQBT.a 

|A H UlODICTh^tr*. W. »S St- E' ■- ^ "■■ 
H. flJllllltd*U». W«4,L'laL, HI. 

WilK« AuWt M#ff *** Ca-**T 

CadT w»<l ink rj. nip. m it. 
UK* |t»i#:T*4.*8it.*is.ia. 
Willi* re Kd<H"iff»-M«f7 3nl» 



a £f- COHAN 3S 


With Mifjmrct Lawrence 

Mfliurd Short, 
WltB -millini Collier. 
F1«»nr» Uo4lt. J*» fi*ttl«r . 

Iry6*wj*r. KUflinlTtnr. Mil **■:« 

Hi*. S.». H»tlM** 1>ur.. «. fin.. *.«■ 


%VP CO.. ir,r!-.;*ir; BRDCB McPAK 
In M;> ;!ii: RICH MAN'S NeF L'nnwdr. 

T*« Awful Truth 

' EYB. I.K,. UATB. M H- A HAT. t» 


6E0RBE M. G0H*H'8 



hr ,'iiriirn GOODRICH 

"Howlinm; Snccw" Eve. Post 
"A Genuine Hit!" Telegram 


LYCEUM *«*«•* h. i*fifiH» 

L. Ill CUM hm> Th«r». * pii.iii.Jc. 
"rICQIIEj TnBMK.Np«V!lljT. Mt!\8 
STARR AT HER WRflT.»'-fcMfrrlr»D. 

DAVID bELAJrCO 7nt*-ii* 


i • BIT. 41 T ■•■ 





Adolph Zekor and Karens Loew Re- 
gret Involving of Minister 
is Afftir. 


i'Di>»aji I* Han Xfi- Cr>Rln«l- 
llnrrn Uni|l af IIodoi nl 

t}U' tTKJT 41U ST. 





Ev". IW JIil- v:rO £ .-«! t». 





IJN3 FRIDAY. icpC 32, 



B0Hj3 ia FLOWER 

"Is a Ki«t from Start to nnlah, 

L« a RoBrtaff Tr»»eitr." 

— Patterson Janti. 


WUKUawU Mm, wot. * a«L 3.w. 

'•LAUGHING BUCCB5 »."-£«. WmW- 



W a' way at U-.\. 

"LOVE 19 AM 

|B'war Snapshots <>: v-i 


ELTI NftE The*,, nv. iiin.i »*. 

A, II, IV mills prrBenI* 


in "EAST of SUEZ" 




MB Hani 




plflL I U n ' lHi«ln« Million*- 

[ 'blV.KUTHVN4K.V\UI 1 

■•mm tok rowiw«y.flmv- } 



VllHKBt Lopai * Qrvb,. >.[ it 
• Tlllfo. HD-iru & Dtert 

Mr. Llonrl Alirlll. 

»l» P«i!Tlf«]i h Dn^j, a c,,. 
in4usb II ■ it [h urea & ijeut 

Hrauro *■ **l)jtjl| r nth*.. 



W-'j-nsi. V 

M.I .j;--i-ti> 



PBOtwSfiB- "Tt, r t d11b 

nSinj." C. * F. Viher. Tririi 

a HiVr. r„ nnrl i,i.m a F)«r 

= ;'■£■ V.i:- i ■f,.„:,. T ,. r |l(-d:«, 


««la Op'njnf mil 
(iuirm * i* pttfla Mufvw 

|u "IIaiIcp or raatillv." Co 
M Wf. &ollr A Mr. B-rfer 
0*:ion » FoM, othirr. 


lYiiham flnnd, -1 JTSftfJ (if ace vIvp 
pate* f W'tKt I<'Sfty-aitlLi Rtrwl nnni!n'r 
na iiis Jiuinr mldrpts. wui itrrata-iicJ in 
ilic TniAic *L'ourC before MriKtamtQ 
Bru« i.'wbli ;. -.-- «.i-j--i xnnniluiT. ll'r. was 
arrwtml i»at Frldo? by Pdlicemmi 
Pjitrick O'Kecfc of Trnffir B stlw lia 
!::l'J flrU'pn li;-. nutqmo'bili 1 tntit a {nxirab 
hi "L"'.u1>l avenue ;u!:l b'iftf-iCT«nth 

"tie •■■• "v itiloxicalnJ. your hDnar," 
said 0'K#e^. "Hs mi that FplfH— I 
nirnii intoxicated — he didn't sober up for 
a)s houra j-'i'vr 3:c p>t v.t tin 1 palicv . l a : - 

".Tudse." -aid Hand cflrncatly, "not a 
■ !:!■£■■. c\dh a dPOfc pf liquor hoa evw 
PBtsed my lijifi- I eajinot imtt^inc what 
it wu nnlcu I ttoo ilfi?j-d h.v the sliacti 
«F Tunulna; into tb« cazk-ab. I'm nervous 
anyway and easily itanJcd," 

"Wall Jftu Wliot [ft brawi jourwlf far 
n real Hhoc'k." "■nniinectrd Uie masiatrato. 
I'm foine la ei^-s jem sixty days in iln- 
worbliouM ana rcvoko yanr JlronBp. I 
don't believe tit at total Rbatjncncf) fx- 

When tbe pmcednTft *f wvoljInE the 
lSrenne bfixan Jjami cine hIhwh- in biir 
pocket and produced a 1D22 licuiac. "I 

didn't pBM ttttW u9 L'ct n lflli't liirnw,'" 
be rxploJncd. 

''Sof *»riB the indtolaJ reply, "well, 
rtta| will fiDii. yun %\iTi or Irn diyc iaor* in 
ihi' rmrahcniaf .tinil try iHatmrr un your 


l*»t4S!*Stll«Y*t _ 

■fcta t plK -Jet fiffAlW r~ aBBBBl 

Mother of Family Held Up -37 Bay*. 

Receiver; Pertni&si&a to Ccme 

in Country. 

iinlftif Tfojii \l"a»b[iiKton. rcreivrd jc&- 
itrduy nfteraoQn at Ellis Island, will 
make it posnjbc tor >Jra. Sarah F. Mnr- 
Kati, of Tredr^nr. Walt*, tr> land in th* 
linitrul Stat*?, it wa annniinred: by A»- j 
:-:.=.i:irii <romuii"«oiipr H, II, lenders. 

Mrs. Morcnn, acc-dnipanin:! by hi>r hu> 
band, lir-r daiLsht^r. t)onx, ID yea re oid. 
and sons, Bewanl 21, ^ion), 17 nod 
Charh-fl. years old, armed twcnt'T-Mnii 
days nj^. The fatnlfy recnilnrd teffctjnr 
gn Kllw Inlflh'3 brcauw, while all htit 
ibc irn: jit']- were natifie4 Lhry could en- 
ter this country, all chnaa to stay icilh 
their mntiier and gn bade to their home, 
fn Wares with Jirr U neceeaary, wben it 
warn found tlint.sTis bait a nprvQu.* afflic- 
tion. uh>! L cavs«] fiffidala tn order her 
barred from patrr. 

The nrden received ycfttfrday provided 
thst a bead of $2,004} ahall h# pnt op 
hefore Mrs, Marfan it alJnwtrl to abtar 
t'.\o rfnimry, i he aasJBtsnt compilsalaaer 


THE cluing headlines In the daily 
uawtpapera tbttte past tear day* 
tlcxcrlbiair in mlnqt« detail thb 
mtird*r CTimcilttfld nn tlir 
pkirta p[ Krw Brunswlek. N. X Si8a oraH 
brf'Licin lo lit*. litk-n' d£ ill-- mntlnn 
jilelMK Industry nn it lias to rvrryone 
else who rwids the dally prpis- Aloa^ 
with tin* re*' nf 1lir world, him men huvr 
read of ibc s/bavtiy mardcr of Rrv. lvl 
lvirtl W. tfatl, rector of tht fashionahl" 
rrtitettant fiplacopal church of B*, John 
the Pitirte. and Mrs. Elcfltmr Milla, tbe ] 
nifr ni Jams* Mill, sexton M the cbrtrt-h. 
Tha fild industry haa pondered «»"rr 
Ihe mystrricua way in which this man j 
and wnmun eameHo th*if nnlimely death. ! 
and aotoe oF th« film men littvf txprattcd I 
deep rr-gret that a rnmi o( Ihe chiiTch 
Bhould bf Involretl in such a Ben*attnn&l 
affair. Thri' have irpettO 1 that ihi- 
church should he brflURht ItttB the ,lim»- 
lifht through the: te*Bi#re™tf'p» of on* 
nf ;f . inrnibera, 

Aiiolfili yii:l;or wtin Louthr to (Hacuan 
the rtnrdsr. but aflfr beiujt pencusded 
that an oplnlna frDiti him »">ul<f oatfj 
wri^ht, h" itaid: 

"I d« not ahl.Tih ih* church irtrautS be 
Ilium, il frtr (his innrriT. 

"Sitppos^ fin* of Uiolr members hail j 

rl an deatino. affair v-llk a wrnnan in •>■•■ 

r'nii-i---i.-;i'r(iii, iliat dor-h not mean lhAt nil 

rccltwiiistfl atx untrue to thflr cnllli>|t. 

| W"a do pot too*- that Dfc tioil and Mrs. 

Mills meet piilty. It sMsmn very wrong 

I tq say their relatione m-rre other limn 

] thai ova minii+tier an-I n WOfVrt in his 

clntrcbi bound tfi|;ethet- in thr rommuu 

foiiac nf liuraanity. Let us si it tbrm 

!ln- !>■■!. '-iii of the linulir. A man i» ahvnjs 

[ iniibct-ni Ufttfl [WOTth eiiltiy. I ehonld 

! mjnvt inifnod to have thi: whole rlturcli 

! i^i!inli'ii\n 1 -il fur tin- action of -( ita 

I ministers ol the gosolp." 

I Marcus f-ocv. - fthan^ with Mr. Su&Ar 

tlic belief thai it wah unchnrilabl^ to 

' ttiipimi,^ iluit the tti-v. Mall u etiI Mrs. 

| Mitln were sjoi'ty of tniscuniloi-i until 

j ¥om<; crincliiHlvc prool could hr catab- 

I tHshod cm to their ImviuE broken flu- laws 

I af tbe- churcli n-. w^ll nh of the State. 

! "1 thihL." .■.iriii Mr. LcdW, "Wi hJhiuIiI 

nuarwuil judlgmeat- Ifnw do w« know tltat 

j the Kt-i- Uall nni| Mr, Mills w*rc not 

out on hoiti? act of, vi.«nuiiK snnjc 

I at tbe ntcfc in th* [writth or cairyinp; 

aOCOP pOcournKinr; wop| to thOBti ill ll*nd. 

To condemn Lliem BCrnia in me to \f. 

| false to all the tnnchiJipR <if the tiw»\ 

j liovii. Wuit until it in iintBi'd tlat tliplr 

' rclaiions were oitier than that of s 

clrrRynifln untl n mrmber »■ his riock. 

Finn i[ tbitar r» - « iirv cuiltj v,c have no 

n^-i to blame thu cnlira Epiacopal 

Church because one ministi-r fuJi:i hy tin- | 


'■' 1,. ttnthafet pnused long rnniifb 

frnm rllsciiBBiil^ till- t^LUHtioil fif blivtll^ 
WW Citrin-t tot th* t'H[iitol Thrnlre tti 

"I tatpooai! lliid Saw Bniniiwick mur- 

d#* ih titC. i.iif. i.i--!ii-: i ::,!,' is no iQIfC :; 

' oiattcr nf one profewlon ihnn of an- 
othrr. fevpry "ue i^ humun. and thonp 
who do i:-!isifiir' ■!---. are t ii« pxeuptloQ to 
ibc rule. I hesitate' to voice an opinioa 
un the apbjcd, [or. after all, what du 1 
know of ItV Tha neajipepera cum' h^o- 
satinnal accounts of the murder, and in- 
sinuate- that thr victims hud more time 
a mi.d internet in each other. \ut ' 

■ whe-ther iliey did or not t don t know. | 

■ and the older 1 f;r>>" the ]•■•- I ffttl ii I 
! if incnmheiii upon me to judoe piwipip [ 
'< for the wriuio thaj - do." 

, Tbe MeutLmcntti advanced hy AiesB-iK, j 
i Zukor,^'.t and Rothafel '.■! in tn h? 

\ the .'.■;■;-■ -ivni'- of ojiinioci in the indunrr. j 

I The Church most uot hi: t<lamed in any I 

*)'iiri!iy Tailna Aellun. 

j The protcat scot out by Pstftt J. i* t- jhi.-j 

1 o[ tbe Allied rriotini; Trade* Counei) 

j and chairniuu of the educational dDpuTt- 

| men l of tin* Ktute FedcratioiL of Labor, 

■ /rsjuettinc; that ihr Mntion 1'ielure Thea- 

j tie Uwuern Mfta tonH ScMon |n the cftm- 

1 niK campaign uguinst i.«rj^0THhip. is hc- 

^inploif to bear fruit, t'burles: t}'H?llly f 

urcbldent of the Aliitin.i Picture Tbeotra 

OwnerH of Nciv York. *aid jcMTilay lie 

iMiuhi M-iul a cumruittcc to huth the tti - 

j nnhik-an nud llrmm-raik- politicnl ooti- 


"W* do nnt lvnni to am ipto poHtieV 
siuil Mr. 4'yileill.v. hut we da (Jfl^ond 
a Btiiiami dfitl oa [bf c*n.torsblp question 
in ihi-- Btjtc, 

"Wf will di-mnnti s pJartk i^ the plat- 
form nrjrinK thf repeal nf thr ovflsorship 
bill in Sow Vortt Siute, or we will not 
.-.i[]j]i:i[-£ tbe candidate. UhIcm ihe Ite> 
[iobiir?iin unrty comes out anil Uphold)! 
the film indiiiftr? on tb^ Lenwieshlp iiorB- 
lion-Wf tviil nut toipport .heir candfaatr, 
sijilL the same !. true of lli^ Democratic 

iff. Brady is eircularistag liia prntwt 
and ptittinft it in the huada of every 
mrmWr of the motion plctnt-c- indiL*try, 
If thr imhi'.tr.v tiset to th* battle ctf 
hounded by Inlmi*. rcntorship nhnilld ha 
an importAiit Iwnj? in 'He coming i.:ai?j- 


BU* *rlll riritc (b c <-hirn-irr pf 

kUttt, Mini i n n.ioil. T«'lfinii- 
|a**a «i-ll hnonn houk In ■ olc- 
lurr hfr hanhaTid Klop Vlilur irtll 

Are Yon Fat I 

Just Try This 

ThoiihiiutA nf overflt peaple a*Ta ^c■ 
rr.iur iHm l»y followlnf Ibc sdrirc of <Ioe 
tip- who :■■■!'■ ■r.umeiiil Msrmolii Frr^'Hprlnu 
ruhiriii. ih-ae harmltas lltlft fet rwfteaH 
tarn .tinpllTv tbe tlnan it th^ fimous Mir- 

l T ri.. l; ri|ilk.ii. If l.m fsl, don't watt - 
your druaffl 1 " ana foT tvna d"l- 

hl^h In th*- price tii*> world aT#f. pro 
cure a i-«iw nf lb«4» rattlete. K prerfr^hii- 
yc-o ran ween it I hen, rtlr«t by «en.dl0i pr!r P 
In lh r tlnrmoli i\,.. Ifil? lY^odB'Sfi! A>» . 
iH-iroit. Mlrti. They redoes HWBl *nd 
edfll) iviibuut itrPRome xceivUfl «r itnri-i 
li'-'i 'llfi -n;. I :--ni> ]in ii!iri!'-i-l*:L!M df"! 

fsr. whi 


One Collector Showing Another How j 

to Fipht Bandit? Shoots Him 

in the Abdomen. 



Son AM. 

ret Uii II* KebrTI 
Ih fiohbtr and. fol- 
Itrlnr ! i-fl». 

\\vtc Saturday to tplk bosinrsi with swr- 
cml nrodiicpni who sro Lnfcreptrd in ihe, 
ynunjc iitnn and cupi-dallY In "OUrcr 
Twjat,'" which er»n Jacklr- ndniits is the 
best thine he hns dnne. 


a far 

Any wrek thpl dof 1 " nn! boaht s motion 
pictiifp liiTirheiin is n nl^ak moment in 
ih^ _\*ar;< i-ftlrndnc. The Film l'ookinr 
Office m\v tn- ii tmt thia «vpfife does not 
po by iv i i MuL etHcrtaijiine Carter T>e 
ifrven Ho was the sfur^t of Iiocct nl rt 
luncheon nl the Aatoc Hotol ytHrt»*da)r. 
It was ii itsg affair, wiili ibc fnir oca 
eoTiarioumia for ii* jil>seu^-. Aside from 
thih it in ^Hrilrl tn hnvc^neen nn enjoyHhle 
affair. MshlhltorM oml motion plptjixe 
mHEtara were the BOt*IX "oil mPlioc i"i"- 
Lunn rhf Mibji'ct nf e<inver«nTinn. lint 
tlu-n H a/hm prrr lipanl of nuy jilm ifolk cet- 
tlos toother wMlioni ilini-iin^ii^ th.cif 


ilir i'a 


(ieorge Adc "" raon!-|iban stepped off 
ih" train than he vn» hurtled to the 
country, Thomas tfrighnn did the kid- 
! -u; ]-;ui; nn ;irui. Iio wait pldivi und abetted 
by Alfred! tiiten. who wpn lirst n^intant 
in tha deed. The reason for the uci won 
lo ci Mt. Ad* away from tin; noi.ii-n 
of the hie city so In- und Tommy and 
Mr. anted could nit calmly dowii ond :Eis- 
ewa "flack Ham* and Hmltc." the next 
mctom tv be i-l.-b »l .-- by Famous rinyer*- 
L:ikIij-. •Lurrinit Mr. Mriehau in sn Aib- 
utory with Al <ir«in as the director, 
Sum- eriii:iiKi.iii"ii- 

In Our vtliiipc. 

ALLtcn \ernfiii. l:4 year* nld h of Unwk- 
ljti, v--.;i- shut in the- nbdoiopn yesterday 
ofternooiT py Nfirrnsn 1'elnstAc, 1?2 years 
old. alse of ilroohlyn, nr tlif Sew Km 
, PlUTIO t'oinpSTi), of 1hp llmni, where both 
j were rmnhi.veu :t* eoLlrrtorf. Thaj- were 
j rrhnSniiuf; pi lh> lioo 1 10 iterfect thPEn- 
(BfT*a in i" 1 !! pretoefibu uaninit poaaVolr 
| ImMurw. 

Vemnn w» token lo Linr-nin ITos- 
pitul by Dr. KapUo. Hi* >- nnlstinn. vis 
said 10 b> fctIoiip, 1 MuMo? whi. ar- 

fpntrd hv Miller tiod takfn to 

the AlciHiider avcrtoe patTcc ntntion on ■ 
(rchnirfil eharjp" ■■[ iejbaiou n-.-.-n^i 

The V-capoi' >vith whlrh Vernon wen 
KtiOt, wna ft .tSi-pftlrhar automatic ptetoL 
DrirutfOK, Whn owncj ih" nutomaiic and 
n JS&-C9 liber rr-vilier h hud permits for 
tlifiH. iv-tied by County Judge T. f>. Kul 
lit b ii of ILtiniilrnn C-iiinty, N. V,, acconl 
Inn tn-lhc polii-c. 

As both Vitooii and I icInsUx often 
e;irriiH] i-on Elder n bin wims af money nbout 

in th" rourura f their ilutiriH :v> t«lleetor* 

Tnr the |]jano .-"ncrn, DciofttDf H&f 
fsifd ilmt Uiey Npcnd a few minutes r^- 
in t;-:-iii): ii Mippnecil holdup so that each 
could fniAllaTlr.n himself with the part 
he would hsve m piny in such an event. 

IiHubIpk tOOk '1>p fltilomtltlc. J«vio( 
the revolver to hie fellow worker. Both 
iveiipiint Mere- thnu^htt a be empty. 
Pe£a»taji lind wilhtlrcwn the tnarhsiiic 
bin litnl cTirinniJy forjrottcn that a cart- 
ridpe wan left Ih the chumher. 

Vernon, taking ihe part of s nuppO""'! 
hnoilil. loifH^i hl» Weapon Bt IVlh-Ull'* 
hi-inl. but the latteT threw nnlde the 
others flrni. jtnd pustilns tbe muulr of 
the aiitnnutir tisiinst Vernon's stomach, 
pressed tha i"KJfr- Tie movement was 
followeil by an explosion and Vernon fell 
rn the llnnr. 


A Sew Lonin-Pi«T. 
Musicians nil! simii iuv a niotinn pic- 
tui-e company Ui^j r»o call ihi-ir own. 
Arthur Zinkin, ni th-' V-futin Produc- 
lionn, i* abo'it to moke a teHea nf film^ 
rounded on lilo^raphies of L'rent rauiticsl 
fomposTH, mid n mosienl jeore that *yn- 
ghennixra with the film nil I be prepared 
for eoob picture. "The Life of Bee- 
thoven'' will 1..I- ihe lirnt. and this will 
bo followed by Chopin. Liist, WagripT, 
Mwtart in*! tnnny other famnna com- 
!-■■ --f--. A director and a ciiBt havp not ; 
yet been ehoB'-n, but an art director, iii _ 
the pernOD of Seymour M. H,ono. the 
well-Known sriht. haa been xi^u the op- I 
pnrtiinir.r lo furoiph correct Bertinjpt. | , 
Mabel T.|vinc;Moii ia handling Ihe ptih- 

Jnrkte lo Hairr Ravr ContrKcl- 

Jackto Coogsn !■ to have a new con- 
tract. His nsrenta are on their way 
East to nee that he jceia the be^t posalblc 
Driee for his scnices. They -Nrlli rtieh 

i£ the Mijournere from the wild 
and wrinly U>et arc Sam IUrk. who is 
hert on tarfjrrjt*. lie rcfaneH to cainrnk 
hirruwlf ax tn th^ nature of bit btnnt&eair, 
hot, of i-nirrur. it munt be "fillsmn." 

Soiti PfrniAII In LlufTalf.. 

Sam Herman is lu Buffalo. \i" matl^ 
the journey aaperloDj to take mirt in 
it hjl man mcctloA that in bcin(r TTY- 
mncert hy the exhibitor-, of tha tnwn, to 
do away with dayliKht wnvllijz. whi<-li 
they Is wrecking their husjnr-nji. 
I Mrnical Hmin^ mi^lu not he tturh. n 
bH thiiffl if we coulft n]| Gc|*Loa;uihiir 
on ll. Kin it m cCrlsinty cnnrnsjnt txi 
have Htundard time in one city nml dny- 
Ijfbt io another. It Interfere* frith ani»> 
xlpt'p to HLiy nothuijr of one's dL^nfiiiion 
if our travels frnm city tn eit.v, 

Prmln thr Rrepril. 
Vesteediii at I o'clock ifsen nan 
■■iLiudirt,- room thnty at the KivolT Thra- 
trr The dodrumn unid the crowds lmd 
stnrtod to ERthor In front of the llrrftttft 
BB early as 1.'.'ti oelorli and had kriit iu- 
crm.-iup all nftornogn. The Htruu-tino 
U ■■MetisilanKJiter. n popular SuLiirdny 
Kvininc Post Hinry hy Alice, liner Mtlkr. 
Added to this «a« (he majtlr name, f?rel| 
Pa Millp. and Uerr imn't any clitWMf 
who carries Mi- »ppeal le thtiHC who lov? 
liiMirioits settinpy nml hkartr ilolln-s 
that i'c Mill.- do^. Cecil Ha Millc K in 
Ihe same li^-t n/ rnr^rilea tbtl Datlie au.l 
Susie plm-e rtohTi Chnmbors aart tN-v 
are ♦OlirtlS' loml I" him, They Lvouid 
BO to boo hh nietuh? any time in wrefe-- 
once to another prnilue«r. Tiia rtivnli 
tjears thii out lir sayinc tnat' "Silit. 
elfliiirhW" bmli'- lb" first dsv'a recorf 
s-t hv Rodoiiih Vali-ntii.i' In "HIdoiI und 
■Sand" Hi the satB.r Th^ntie. TI|p aif<"n|- 
BJP*e nt the ftiyuli oa Sundsy wth S.!»"!i 
rmd ih*- njipninc ilfly'i; ntlciidniiri- of 
"Bloc-d am] 8nnd" wan S.7!>7. n different:* 
of 1 4p palrnne. ThniunH Mciclinn. *ho 
nlny>i tho role of O'Bannon, the lrla3t'0ia- 
irlct Attorney. rieWK nppfnrnl t« hi<l- 
te- JL'iviiriiftin-. He (Iook fiomrt or his 
finest work, in this pieicire. which iji jut)*, 
in? ram-rhlhc for ibii yotirje man. with 
has tunny fine pirtnres to hlei Create. 

T B Play "Allor \dams.'' 
"Alice Adam*." in the; opinion nf ipitnj 
people, the finest hook written laft yp"r. 
n ill he brouffbt Io l. he screen by Kins 
Vldlor. In this tiovp! Bool a Tarkinpton 
li;i- - ■ r •-- n t ■ - ■ "i a chnTflctT that iji ko pn- 
(].' ii:- Bnti at tht- Hiime time "o HraiiHTna 1 
in her little Idlim.yin'rn-'Le^ thnt --hi- lip.- 
L'crw in owr memory louu after ht have 
finished the book. Florence Vidnr will 
hi-;iji wark as Alirr within rhr nest t^o 
\vy-'.:'. and Hhe '.\nn no opoortunlty to 

Efvc n prrformnnee thai will be cemem 


Blnmea Vice Society Chief for 

ChanpriB Taete in Littrature. 

Wanta Something Done. 

Mr, ^N r I s . Dow&on. Book RcTiewcr of 
of the lilolir. pllbUsbea the foilnwini; 
letter rrcrivpd from one wId sIi/uh biui- 
»alf mt "S.": 

"Caonol sfimi-lhioE ll( done to pro- 
tect the poor, unsophisticated reader 
fhiiu such men as John Sumner? My 
arievv-nor uKaittnt Mr, Surrtner is tbi*: 
Before ronton to Sew Yjrfc (I am a 
native of Vlrfiniai my readina mstl-T 
was iidh-1 Llr-fl by anything 'obscene, las- 
civious lewd, or ii.iiiinriil ' Thanks to tbp 
in^iuiintidt; Hii^tTsstloiiK af Mr. Sumner, 
my lint nf Ihnoks now looks like 
nn exhibit nf Liturera Erotk-a, In 
place af 'I'ilxrima I'rojjreas,' 'Pnrld!.ie 
Lost." and the highly moral works of 
TftrkluBton nod Winston Churchill, 
I lUt Ilul-acii Urott S Lories". The 
HecHineron. 1 "Th- tle/pUunCrorj.' the 
i'DllfouloilS I'f Jean Jnt-i|uej It uiupau.' 
'Tal™ of Hflbebrfa,' and. the dlr?ct re- 
ariomibHity bfioi.' on Mr. Sutnllrr, 'A 
*inunj; i^irls IKary.' 'MaddalPC,' and 
(JitrtjJtn/ Hut my iTjirnin,; heart hasn't 
been satiMTi.Hl. Mr. Si.inine n aayn 1 ahould 
□ot read "I'iySnfjt,' Ob, N". P. D., whrrft 
tn a I pet it'' 1 fear I am becoming likn 
l>r. .lekyll and Mr. HytK To my 
1 friends I am iteodfust as liibraltar, Inn 
nlouc I enioy thin Torblddeti, fruit i:n> 
Bnjnaaty. I eonaotc io> with Mr. 
Silninr-r'a own excuse — I am not ii.- 
coniinj: ruined morally bepauxc £ tcaiI 
thcHi tci'hniL'sllv. Yon know nlmt I 
nicon? Well. 1 donl. Siniere^y. II." 

l-'ttitTj-ra tor I, on Tellea;ok.> pills nf llio eborus irf the Zies- 
fi-ld ■ l'"o.lle« ' e'ulibcd lopetber to buy 
tlnwfr« fur Lot) ,Ttll*iren, who appeared 
in "itlintl VoiilIi'' at Ihe New Anwtjlr- 
dwu ThciUhe y<".ier^ny at the *04tba« 
■ ltd htal viiiibl in lln' iiiniHrtiral h\ F. 
Keith rouccri.i-. As one nf the jrirlt ei* 

"1,1*111 is .-. groat Inter. He cut s but] 
ureak. W>- want lo show him lhal wo 
ure is itli him," Vrnwot i.opva and his 
l'ennaylvfliile Orch.i^'trB were also fen- 
lured on \hf pcHsram. iuohidina Van 
Ilovcii, tjormw & Ford, Lytfoll A Slawy. 
Cmwford A. Broticrlek hik! other htara. 


Savs J- -'f, Cltirk, 

One of our well-known at*Fa.waJ b*- 
inp yiow-ed on lii.« screro iu hor lal^-i 
pnjduction. A woman sal watchlnp her 
Entcntly. nover npiaatog a niiipj> ulppSe 
Her eontlnnal twisim^ am) in; mn - was 
like 8t. vittUTai mar*, but then wa trore 
all ao used to aeflnp her we didn't mind. 
Sitejdnily tho woman's voice broke thn 
alienee of the thratce, 

"Wkat ii shame," j^hc *aid. ".\Eiej 

X haa inch s rCTHQH ftfflJctSLiu 

She £»emi Hitch a nice (III, too!' p 

UEATit prn>TirK». 

'FTj^ieitjLt. rji-OHCM." n.--.-:».. . -, : .■.(.:, Jr 
Lbllt tHu-Ll.r 

^ *hir>Jnng i J | 


taMrN-BTROM *■ 
CKt'BCW," i:;.,v:i 

■CAMPllEt.1. rrj.vERHi. 1 

•7 ■»] U;k Atnri. TuwUr. I 


auaeicn *nrwoiui*»ti *ti- 

Grand Central Palace 

Stora Hour. Now 9 to 5.30. 

\r ftfrwwl* .1. t. Stewart 

/''■■■■•..•i:-.:.- nt Math. 

Tc/rnliojie 47JW £<*jyrcr4»t 

Women's Smart Topcoats 
$29.50— $35— $45— $59.50 

The ^real vogue of sc- 

vrreh- taliofed cnaTs for 

trottcur and sptirls wear has 
only just begun. 

Tweed?, imported and du- 

Coatinpi and flcacfi from tnp- 
lind ind Scnlljnd, 

In cocfl nl rerfpet atiljjiHg 

Snrne were mid* In r>ur own 
tmtOra workrciom. f>|'bers were 
made aoecfeJb. for a* nv in £,i C - 
lish lirm which ipecialirer. in 
men's lor-cnits. 

Absnlyte e.orrec!ne.*«; pi d« Ul | 
— crilJarJ, sleeve lines, pocket* 
leather bmton:>— i'l jo^* (h e 
Jure (oaeJi of (yjpj Uilorloj, 

fl-fd-backcd. lio^d .*r h.H 

Slripes, check%. pltigs, ML - r . 
rinrbnne Wettvt) ind uttrtufes- iji 
ariyi, blues, Has, prcem \nd 
brown j. 

Note: Raccoon ■hawl collart 
on (be eqiis at S59.&0, 

Sacond Floor, Old Builduai. 

Fine Twill Frocks, $57.50 

A "special] price*' group 

DcliPThtfu] fashions. !-ach model has been elected with 
some particular t.vpc of woman in mind. 

Tho very tailored frock. 

The frock with lingerie touches. 

Beading or embroidery on straight line frock. 

Brown, navy biue or bli^k with louches ot t-eije. red or Nick on 
all but th* m-0M severe frocks. Site H to tu 

Women's Faabion Salon, Second Flcmr, Old Buildlrjf. 

Finest Matelasse of Paris 

i> now displayed in the Wanamnktr Silk Rotunda 

And oib critics [ill us thit this quaiilv is nol la be found 
in any other store in New York. 

This matelasse was adopted hy Paris for Ihe coming season. 

Sliw Floor. Old Building 

A new shipment arrive*! 

Rodier's Perllaine 

Paris is using perjlaine even more extensivejy this falJ than 
it did last, for wraps, capis, coals and even fox suits and frocks. 

$6.50 yard 
The new rose beige melange is just now most in demand, 
but the plain colors are equally smart — for Ihcv ari very lovely 
— reds, greens, grays, browns :tnd black. 

Perllaine GalSonne, $9.50 yard 
RODIER'S newest version gi FVrlUlite: groups of line lines wnven 
In one ureit border Riving it the lsjcinstine, t$f ot many "rowi of ftrj? 
rrjid. First Floor, Old BMiidicg. 

New Trimmings from Paris 

• For * acakon of glorious colors 

Russia, Persia, the Orient and Egypt have each furnished 
inspirations in colors and designs for these fascinating new 
trimmings which will add charm and distinction tn ihe simplest 

Motifs end C&bochoru 

Paris his uJcd ihaie uitiqurh 
ihaiped trimming! |n numerous 
interesting wifS on frocks tif all 
types, lo sparkling ifiL bri|;hll> 
colored btids. scintillating Cty> 
Mils, crystals and pents, some i' 
comblnitlon v-ilh semi-precious 

stones — loz in no S". 
Gird Lea 

l:_tquJiitc jffaifl. very much 
widtr than those faiorcd la|£ 1*1- 
son, which smart PirKiennrs arc 
Wftttiffg on frocks and coals. Id 
let. colored beads, brilliant rhinc- 
Mnne«! and crystals, crystals and 
peirls, or In woven itctfl wire 
with buckles in prCtLj lii|h col- 
ors — (j. SO to |13.50. 


which ir* very eff«tiv< on 
girdles of s*|l material or ribbot> 
— 51 zl to I6.4S. In Eslslilh 
with slael mtiilis or sieel Sfer«, 
cut steel colortit beids, |tt. cryi- 
tils or pearls. 

Bandinsra and Braids 

Beadad and spaitfiled bandings 
in lovely colors, jct t crystals or 
pearls — 4Sc tr| llS.50 yd. 'j 
to 6 in. wldr. 

Braids arid £iUcon5 fft-m Lhn-t 
master Jeiigncr, Ai. Hodicr — 75c 
lo 13.50 yard. Cticniile and wool; 
chenille and rrielil; metal and 
silk: silk, metal and wool; silk 
and. 4001; wool and ■.■!-,; 1 .-.:■ : cht- 
nHIr, silk, and metal. % to Z lir. 


More than a trimming — a few 
deft louche* will make them into 
lovely dlnnef frocks ind evening 
gowps, and these ire quite ihe 
srrume&t we have seen in many 

Groraetle crepe or silk nel, 
beaded in exquisite ml I over eU 
fects. 112.50 to $SS. 

Jn coquelicot, wild poppyi ni- 
tier, a soft, deep bfue; jade; 
(n*y*ij citroiv, i warm Yellow; 
parmi-, violet; cipucine, naslur- 
liuin: rouflle, rus.1; negrf. a dark 
brown or blicfc. 

Metal Lacus and Ncla 

which have erf a led a furore itt 
Paris for evening; powns and! hal!, 

Flouncings. in floral ind Vene- 
tian desiRni. H, 95 to flO.75. In 
antique gold, steel or bright sil- 
ver. 3(j In. wide, 

tdpinns. l(} and 12 in. wide, 
11.25 lo t*J$, In antique and 
brisht Kold. sl*cl and bright 

Plain or cireJ net, ll In. wide, 
42.03 m j4.«/5. Plain In steal, 
antique and bright cold.; cired In 
antique goJd- 


SinRlc llowers of mctsil net 
and melii cloth— Ji. 50 to *3.?S. 

Dower tcimmlnffl In silk r chif- 
fon or (ratal — 7 5c to 18.50 yard. 

Hair Bandeaux 

The s»J tapltit ot Fnuce ii 
revivirg this pretty fajhlon for 

■■.■■■■:'-.:■ 1 ■.[ '..-..!.'.'--. In metal, metal 
and silk; pearls^ Jet; pearl, men. 
and silk; pejarll and rhireston*. 
or all _ Thineslones— Ja.aS to 

Shoulder Omnroenia 

— the only triflitnlnf; one need! 
■on an evening gown — In rhln*.- 
siones and crj-sials, or pearly 
rhinaaton«s and, ervstals — J5.95 
(o JlO.57. 

Tbv Trimming Shop, 
First Floor, Old BuiMiny 


'■ ■■■'■■- 


» J 




at 34th Street 

It is inith great pleasure that 
we announce for Wednesday a 


3,000 Indestructible 
Pearl Necklaces 

3.95 Peart Necklaces at 1.75 
4.95 Pearl Necklaces at 2.75 
5.95 Pearl Necklaces at 3.75 
10.59 to 15.09 Pearl 

Necklaces ... at 4.75 
18.50 te 25.00 Pearl 

Necklaces ... at 5.75 


Louis and Josspli Star" Oraated 
Order Upon Application or At- 

tomoy Nathan BurkiH. 



During the interim when, one cannot (or will not) 
wear Oriental Pearls, an acceptable substitute is one 
jf these necklaces— for they reflect much of the 
exquisite tinting* and glowing softness of the deep 
sea gem. And while they often cannot be distin- 
guished from costly counterparts without careful 
study, the appreciable difference in price is discern- 
ible without any study at all. 

In crcme rose or Oriental colorings. 
carefully graduated in small, medium 
and large sized beads. Strands are 10 to 
3<S Inches, finished with solid gold clasp. 

Street Floor 


52,000 Biil Set for Collector Who 

Shot Companion by 


Herman Deinstic, 22 yeara old. tv-qs 

Lrii! ye:; ii-rciiiy In $2,wO bail by MilfiiS- 

trsta n. 5ranl*y Bemud In MorrWmln 
Court for examination odpicmbi-r 20 on 
a charge of suspicion of felonious as- 

DftinitA^ sbi-L-.iHJ'TitEsllv shot Albert Ver- 
non. £-1 yuan old. of Brooklyn, while 
tlvej ttcra tchearBiDB Morjrloj against 
poutbfc bandit hold-up*. At tbi* lirnr 
of tho jhrjadnjj the iwo ww In t!i? new 
Bra Piano Oampanj'a plant mi Third 
*r«-uat>. "where tucj WHSffi employed Hi 

Tldnatae pulled tie trlicrr of a .2iJ- 

eftfib« automatic, whirh he ll.rnipljt iin- 
touted, but in which onp errtriilec re- 
mained, Vermm ^a* "Id by thn police 
trwlay la bo In n crinLMll condition nt 
Lincoln llonpital. ITe wM ■ knit N Uio 


Kan Who Found Sergeant's Shield 

and Companion Held on Bab- 

bery Charge, ■ 

Thf mj-sMfJ surrounding flip iflcnUty 
of dm "police Rrrppunf who* hail brcii 
reported »n bavins bertd »I> and robbwl « 
number of parsons wStalfl the Inst few 
montha was solved ywtrtifaj momtnjs 
when William P. Craven* HO venrs oM. of 
W«Sft Sevnityaecond aircM. anil Micbiel 
Stefan* ^ ?**<* old. nf Hroaklyn, wore 
BtrtilTied in Yorkvllir Court oil chnreps 
of] lawny and hr-lr) in $^000 bail. 

Actor dine to drtrc lives of IBp East 
Fifty-firm atre*t autioL, wjin made th* 
arrest, UUBj found In \m pannesniou o( 
i rjuiMi 'i po.iec Beranunt's shield brlonK- 
Infi to Detective At tin of llw Nrtrviitlr 
Hqiiad. t»clfCtivfl AUie lost tbe ibicfd 
icverftl months ago. 

Thn charge of grnnd taWeaT Iffilfljft 

jnd Ktefuho voi preferred by 

Itussi-i D. French uf Wnat Li^lity-Hacoiid 

Cruvtti nni 

■ trcet, o ennvflrser (Inpbifed by n ui4Kiv 

into a tlallwnj mn Rcwt Fortjf'BftoDa 
street Monday aftarjHWUi anil robtrtd of 
$7 and hh v.itii'li and i-holn, the latter 

Acwrdini t^i French. CffttVfm told Mm 
he u-flji n detective and br nnlcn^d French 
to nccompjiny iiinj intn the hallway, 
where Stefonn wan wnitiiiR. Tht iw 
mta then wftbwj him. Frfncli Blaimpd. 

Tel*r Urtdler SWlth «dV#l « *»- 

s a 1 - = 1. 1 "I!.ohiii l!«(.iii" — liinlil*- 

liar> Villi! 11(1 Urwtfc*r. 


tHK Pwkulil-ll luoidou picture case 
Tt!U find it*e!if in M»rt '•"!■ 
[□nmlax. S^preaii! Court Jua- 
tics Phlnell Martin tilnn^d an 
I .■■■■!.■,■ r«xim4tf rrn.ulrln)| IbdltLdual* 
■ n<) rorpDratlous prdmlnftlH ia too mo- 
tion pli-turff indiii^ry to show Ofifiw why 
they (di'iulil hot br reiitralntd ffofti <Mn* 
acts lhaL LoUla and Joi*ph SlnirPr. ofl"U- 
m or lb- new TVekflkUl moHan tilttum 
thraiTP. icnB tn raakff tilcir theatre, 
tuail tn make ih*ir tbcatrc. on InvtAt- 
ni&nt of $00,000, a !du. 

Tlw ordfe wa " (tttitW upon applica- 
tion or Nathan BurkiB. attorney f« luc 
SitiKi-r flrolherh. nnd It riamea tna Ad- 
vitut Avmawm**! Company, XMHHM 
^vli'-u^ + Joseph St-hfarrk, Fred MltPh*ll, 
liww'-t. Inc.. and Aa*o0i*tod Firtt h4- 
tional «■ i|"[>fld4"nt*. 

Joiipivh BJBftr. who li^fa In >etv York 
it l«0 lVtil UPlLlt atrctL flUofiM ht hfl« 
bji»a unaijlP m aet nny fir.4t-run pLetutra. 
btaiUffl n r the lor« Clrenll, whlrh nad 
fimt rlaloi on ill the output *f Ihit lirg- 
dueerar. He mak** tR affldoTlt tlmt 
lack IfnaerfwW. mannRfr of tlic thra- 
^T¥. mftri^ an appUcstLoa tc ramou" 
i'inyom-LaakT for ftlm 4 and were re- 
fn*wl niifriltbt. ittJ furthfr afiya Aa*o- 
clpteil Finn NatloMl drtept'^1 htn ohpch 
tnr "Hurrleani" Ottt." "Foola FiraU 
-Trouble. 1 ' "The Maa^uora ile.m" and 
"One Hear Call."" Aiter h.* hml adrer- 
ii*.-d "TronMi*" lie ff*H InformRl. he 
Mti, that on acconot of the E*****J?. a 
hrlwr plnrfd flafn-hrrfr It would lie-im- 
powhlr to supply him 1*1*6 Uieaa Hp- 
ture». Mia chucks. BftM the lrttw, would 
he rftunird later. Mr. Slfliltr aaaerts 
tbia ptaro.l him in a rftf bad poaiOnn 
with his patroba aftnr prpiniain* U»rfl 
a plrtilre (ind thflli not ahowlna' ft- H« 
nll.'t-i-^ it hurt all buMnofia- 

Dartfl Bernstelti ahld jestwdky lift hud 
lirn theatre;* M Peek* till to anpplj pic- 
tures for. the Colonial and another bOTtft 
R« doolarfOl thpy had! no rattattM of 
doinc nnyHiliifl to put the New Pwkskill 
nut nf bualn««, but he bad to fl*C hi* 
patron* the beat mttrta^nmont fcfaiV 
ahi*-. 9e anid tn* Slficcr lioOae wa* 
mnrb handaomw than either of hU the- 
atTta, and he alwnyn nndorMlood becilm^ 
of the miide'Ville Mitrrtainmont 
tbrv were doln^ a rrry jlood Ii-lt-sij^b. 

"Vin (CiVe the credpta ffOM fhia the- 
mr.' to our rPlnlivwu." nalrl Mr. Dem- 
stein. "M r. Scheldt jim| 1 took over 
■■:<■ tbebtrr- a treat many yoAm nKO in 
imyment for a rnortttflRQ nwfd B| and 
naturally we harp to do oiir bvat to at* 
that It iiayp. 1*. ia t> problem to set 
enoti);h film in iippl) 1 both ajpflat*, and 
havlnp' brrn nn th-r jrround tlrat vtr mnd? 
ftrran*OTn.'iitff with the motion .nleture 
.oinpooiea b*J*r(i the New I'M^kill wan 
built, for Sim end tU*y arv bottOd tn 
i:*- by pM-vloLiF rontructa matle befure 
Mr. hinwr "tdrt^d his theatre." 

Jlnreii^ Loew aald hf fenew unrljfiiL- 
aooat the trouble: had no Interest in the 
Colonial, ami that iEaaSltioli aa li« did 
nut |.>i:!y Fimt National In li!a theatre;c 
ii ii- ns nunnenHp to say (bat bprailae of 
the i M r!-L. «-■-■ of the LocW circuit .Mt. 
Ringer vrnn nfljlble t" *et P*lr*l Nfl-Honal. 
ii>' added he reeiratted there had been 
nny diffteultr and told Mr. Siucir aO 
when he railed on him laat wc-ric. 

JfJT. Hlnc*r In fell affidavit filler Mr- 
Den^9t?ln ta!d him be would oe>t t.r. able 
to «et pictiii-pa Inim SclKJiick, 1'nLrprfia.l. 
Fo.t or any raottnn plotUf« concero, lie 
fiaYN Mr. Krniiitriti told lilm ha ivun 
"lick-id" ri^ht th^n and tueren 

Mi-, Strut, r iUhf"- coiitraeta made by 
the Universal eon»p*liy Ware broken and 
rapndlntcd :iml that ^tilz;oJek cnacrll^d 
hooking of "A Woman of Nu Im- 
fhnr^anre" and "Iteported llhalnji." 
Krliic.ntional. it ia claimed, made a poii- 
trHLt for fifty-two filth* ahfl tlitn n- 
fii!:'-d ro furiiLah auj mot* pkturta, 

"I here t>e«n unajhla, rrxceptlnfr for a 
few iaolatpd pteturea," sir. Hingen- aara 
In surtimlnjr lip his srieeaacea, "to t-et 
nny motion picture* for fflj ibeatreB. 
and tiulean I ran obtain fllnii my heavy 
IrtYeatmcn t nnd the iaVpatratnt of my 
ai*ocifltea will bo utterly destroyed." 

Thn cute n-ill ho watched with irrtt-nv! 
by the motion ptctuTo Induatry. Jill more 
Or IpM Intotred In Sir. Hlnger'a chai-if". 
. Aoothiir phaar that ig mnnllonm] In 
the aVpdntit El tbe' gflW Mr. Sinner al- 
]<■-• i wjis mndf hlmb y Mr. Dertuitcin 
for a h'fiBB on hia tliratro. 


An UntquaiUd Combination 0/ 
Style, Quality and Value 

It is a constant source of wonder to our patrons 
how we can create such a collection of fine hats 
at the price of $8.50 — a collection which en- 
ables them to buy a hat to wear with each cos- 
tume — and still not overtax- the budget. 
If you have not yet seen these chapeaux, you 
will enjoy making their acquaintance. 
Among the collection on view tojday: 

Lvge Black Panne Velvet Hats in elaborate semi- 
dress or dressy models — trimmed with choux 
of velvet 

Smart Felt Hat* trimmed with velvet or belting 
ribbon, as illustrated. 

A Great Variety of dose-fittitif and small-brimmed 
styles, with burnt feather fancies. 

Youthful Poke*, Turbans, and Tricomes, as well 
as chic hats for the matronly woman. 


SKOnd Ikiftrv Mtb Stt*M, Vhonl. 

Hmld Sqnn An.^ Now York 

^»Jfr)»^iu)UJ Wif»f*mi%^^^ mil Lin m ii u m p at 

Spanish-Am eric an War Veteran Ai- 

lerted He Was Not Beggar, 

"Out Peddler. 

Leglcaa And wheeled intD court on n 
»UibC iihair, Carl R Wad, of Wet 
IDSth atreet, n petidler, told Mafiiatrilte 
Max S. ]jc.-ipc in Jefferson Market 
Court ycaterday that a pollen lieutenant 
bad thrcotcJied to keap on arreutlng hitn 
until he wtiPi "nin out of tomi." Mag- 
Jatrate Leflne rilnrhatf^-d SVcKiifa, wlin hud 
barn arraigned on a chai-f-e of vagrancy. 

Wood held n war veteran* 1 UeetlM ufld 
Btoutly daaiod ha had tiii done any bap- 
glnf. lie 111:1! he aold pcndlft. Be was 
n Spftniah- American VU leteraa, but ad- 
miuod to cthtr-f after cocrt that he iovt 
bin, IctTei In s raikoHH amdrnt. He. waa 
arreatcd on Septembei' 15 nt Thirty- 
third atreet and Broadway. Wood told 
Magistrate Levinc. it wax the third t£xM 
he had been arreatod And that be hid 
'litt'ii dL'.fln;r::L-.) eaeil lime. 


flfinf.lma I, cm.-, for .IuktIih an 
Aanli-»r«rr al Grr-mtfWt Vlemri. 

HAVIIT3, Kmnce. Sfept ID. — Former 
Premier t_!fion;r.i ('lcmcntcan, "tli* 
Tig**." will f»'.1 frrim thi( port on the 
Kraaeh Idne ateamcr raria on November 
11, It ban just been sitnuuncud. Ilia 
■■h.-^intiijr-ri la Saw York. 

It waa four yoaru i.i;o thia day that 
CtrmrnrpBii ei^rrd the fcrcatcit triiiniiih 
Of his career when tba Hftrmans [ B ld 
down their arnu to thf Government of 
wbltih he was the head. 

Anuilicr O'Cattr In liniluf, 

Jimmy Twyfurd, who runnaRPn the 
O'l'iatty hrotherB. Paetoy. ft feather- 
I Wfiifiht. ancf Jinuny, a welter, IjsuwI u 
atatement yesterday that a tblrtt brother 
has decided 10 try blu luck at the sport. 
Tae newcomer la Joey O'GfltU, the 
youBEeat of the trio a flyweight. Mo 
would lik-o io niMt ]S&t I'iucua. iu*t* 
PlakiiD. WIflfc M4fk, Lou Goldbon or 
Little Caf. ITL. flrat atart u-ill be tt 
the I'iouccr A. C in two week a. 

Sim Hill Itu# FtlDi, 
fiATR Hi3l, a Mcli fiutincleE nf Portland. 
Ore.. h.BH maAti a i'iIiil in which peace 
i:i the theme. Mr. Hill finaDrod Mar- 
KbaLI JolTri-y'H tour and become bo Itj- 
terAited In maklnif peace an Ibtetnational 
object that ha made this picture, wbica 
be brought in S'orr York to show tbt> 
motion Dltture i.rndii.vr.i And rllstrlbu- 
totn. To-ilay at the weekly jHsamitf 
of the Hayaa nrgaoiEatlttn, Hr< Hill 
will, prewan t hLa liliu And Lta object, It 
baa alrcndy been ttiinwn at the Fimotie 
I'lalri-H-LaHky... <>V*<:-\ tlSd although it 
needs cohaiderahFe editing And cuttinc 
it ia an id to ooataiu a big Idea, Mr, Hill 
if not a relatre of Jamat I 111. llie rn.ll- 
rund magnate, AS it was repotted fat first; 
but la thfl man who did ttinoh to con- 
atroct tho (.'-otumbta highway and haa 
promntnl otiier blu enterprises. After 
the conferenre tn-d.iy It wil) b« decided 
what will ba done with propaganda 

Veaterday tbe day web made brighter 
by a TttH from Peter OHdoly Smith, 
who {a bera to exploit "nc-bin Hood." 
1 ihjiisiIlik ("alroank'a next picture. Ac- 
rDrdlti gto ePtc It la cOmo plclbta, and 
Peter always mtm n conTinclflg talker. 

Amvfd-lTiK me 44«*a(lon. 

Many peojile hnvp Elnvk^i to the Ca- 
meo thjft \Vtek to And o:>t ^bat ia wrpDg 
with, women. Tie 1 attrfierloa at thlst lit- 
t!n honfic, tbla week, 5* AVhat la Wrong 
With tho Wotnen?" and of rourtft. (very- 
one Wntita to kviow. In the r»*t ar« 
■uch ntayurs n» Barbara Caatleton. Rod 
Lp llocaiie. Mnntat^ie Love, Wllifnei 
Lack&yo and-JiiJLn Swarne OordoD^ an,- 
otbor reaaon thn frorrd |a fotdteated En. 
the electric sign *''■ front of tho raroeo. 

VUItLnK HI- BtDlfrar. 

The M'iv- office, had ■ vtgitor yester- 
day in the peraon of HlhalG- Hlyl. of 
Mi:l!ivn:i. li>. YtM, he ia a relativo of 
trie general, a brother, ftbd till I»w part- 
ner iiii-L ]a Indiiiist!, and he thlnha Biaek- 
atone coLild have takan a fow pointora 
on law from the head of the film nidus- 
try if they had been contemooi-arie^. 

Co ml Tin Batata 

The jftLeJt word from Nrulmova makea 
uj think aha mty bo hen nny day this 

nullum castlkton. 

Hah the 1eadln K fnriinlhr hole Id | 
■Whot l-i UM.iiit U'llh llie , 
w limrn ," na\T Tie ln R plar^il »l 
fhr CantFO TbMlrr.r 

week. .She ia oti her way I"ii»t in make I 
a picture In New York. The tuuni', ihe 
qr-rrnigimeniH and nil are nut given — 
merely the tncl ale In mmlng Iht't' tu try 
New York atnW#Jbece f'ir liieturo lore- 

Amori ttn T film vinicwrs frum the l.'oaxt 
the nfliAo of Maurieo Bartwr atauld be 
ElRteci. Mr. Bfirbtt giTM lM AflffaJw 
nn Ii!k nddrcw and Me liinln^BJ n/jeiipn- 
tinn aa neclrtary "( thf Kincijiit Finance. 

Make Xppllcatliin for ln«or*B«, 

HVflrJ »a* i* doing It. why not Tuny. 

Itiai MiiL< bam? tteHing mmtTtntee, 
n^ mean. fr>r being fiimtiuB. Wi-ll. now 
c j l in Tony h;!- made hirti'elf rd iiidiap^-ii- 
aabLr to thf Y«s (jrgrtfll&tltfliL atipllru- 
t|Lii lion been nmde foi (iFHHMMX) Insur 
tincr. The urdf-r >vin tfiv.n it. I'barlea 
[tORera, an nptnwn brnXir. whu in turo 
plaeert it through bin Ilrlti«ii eor-wapoa- 
dent wllli T.lajdjt, l.nndoii. 'Pony in now 
apprnrlng in u picture that will coat 
?250 h t«J0, ond thin, with the profit Fox 
linpce tn make nf ?2M.(.)O0, made it 
Effcessory t& cover ihe rink in hum' tha 
tior*c ahouht die nt be bild nn. 

c*t i';,in'H '"rtnpnho." 
We are to hove another film ver*tnn of 
"Sppphn" in Opr fllldHL Wi^ relate- Ihisi 
ifi fan thf cecuor boHiv],, hgl not been 
told. Poln Negri la the aetfesd whu 
tilflj-rt (lilh lrorhl-fnmnin rhnrari'r. nnd 
from what we know of the lady she 
Bhould Eire a performnncr (but ranks 
with her ■farmea" and 'JJii llnrrT " 
Elport and Import linn acquired the 
Amorieau righto, mid Bin they Of* *dlt« 
ing it and getting It rrful tor this .rouu- 
try. If it ba* to be cupujgated tot oefl- 
-si.Tlfil nppmval it will b* mot* than 
thane who dtp Interested in artistic Film(* 
ean bear, 

T« Mukf Tim-ltn'J Cum«dl«. 

Clftrenre Nnrdfltrom, nc\? earning hia 
weekly alipond by appearltig In 'Molly 
I>orlinE" at Ihe Liberty Tbfnire, will be 
Heen very shortly in two-reel comedies. 

Ai tb.e Stmnd. 

"Cndrr TVn Flag a." bnseil mi ihe 
story by Onido. will ha the aitrnctlon at 
the Strand next week, PriKcilln ]>nn 
\b the atar, and tha diret:toT i« Tod 
Hrownihg, Supporting ML*n r>eitri nrf! 
John Dnrldiwn. atit^r; IKiIlli^.-. JnniM 
Klrhwood, 'Ethel Orev Terry Rhd H. 

Al thr C.pltul. 
At the Capitol Tbenire neat weak H. 
L. Raihafel wlH preaent Warner Pmtb- 
er'n lateat opoa. "Bog* to Bidim). 11 fl>»- 
ley Barry In the ntnr, and the produc- 
tion, which Hi a Harry Bay! picture!, di- 
rected by Wallace Worker, ontslti" . a 
Mil In which MIA Wtleh. Ituth lletfefc, 
Ulchnrd Tncker. BBliHr IMMRL PH« 
Sotheiland and Jiminy Qnmn r-loy im- 
port roles, 

iiradT Mabit a talc- 
William A. Brady tuok time Cfnw nil 
hia other net If E He* yelftrrdfly to srli to 
It. TI. Cochran "To thn Ladder.'' «? ha 
used na a vehicle for Virginia VtilH B8 
her firat starring vehicle for \ " 
"L"p the Ladder" wax prednnad on 
Broadway lust snaeon and acrved Doris 
Kenyan aa a vejilelc. Aftt-r a lonf t«u 
it toured the country and tlfU been play- 
ipjt on the- road SoVCml monthn. 

gayi VnliriitlLiO'jt Hrkt la COOfl. 

According to ona flftffl know*. Finnan* 
T^nysra-Laakv haa ftti other winner in 
"Thn Young ilajoh," Rudolph Vnlnilino'a 
next pieture. Home on* who anw it qc 
tha aludJua Aayn it it d* good aa "Blood 
and Sand" ajid will piny to rapacity 
houoca ee aoon rt* It rencbrs Broadway. 

^penLliii u f Wlnmn. 
Jesae T.. Lanky U in etirhlPilBBlic orer 
Thomaa Melghftns ueit ptfturc, * , Th.e 
Man Whn Saw To-morroW," he wired 
Tommy i,nd aaid: ".Tujt saw tlrat rough 
cut of 'Man Who Saw To-morrow.' and 
It ia b peaoh of e picture^ li will prott! 
popular. Your perfonnancg ia itplcudtd 
aa ii*ini3. Ib^nr.!.*." fto it aounda aa If 
Fnmuui Pleyen-Lftsky have a number of 
srirji] 'plctutea waiting for release. 

A Llna or Two. 

YrptenJay Oscar Price aat In hia office 
wroying conloualy. lie mopped In tha 
midit of hia trief to oiplalu hit tear* 
were cauied try n Ktory be road in a 
morning; paper aaylag Bodnlph Valentino 
had to ait on n fcarrcL Neitl 

Storw Hanan Now 9 to B.SO. 

%r * Formerly A. T. GletMrl 

flrnna'ictfy *« Ninth. 

erly A. T. tStmcert 

Teitpkon* 4"c :l ? fllyyt'eiottt 

Varied and inlcrortins silbauetlei in the 

Charming New Negligees 

Distinctive creations in soft, souple silks, laces and 
velvets, many of period inspiration. 

Breftkftot coats, Hostess gowns, Tu pawns, 

Boudoir fowne. Lounging robe*, Tea coata 

«10.50 lo $7B 

Necklines are cut in new ;md becoming shapes, 

Sleeves are very picturesque — in most instances 
king, as shown at the recent Paris openings. Short 
ones, too, for those who prefer them. 

Plaitings — as the Milcr SaeuTs use them in long + 
wide sleeves that aTe almost capes. 

Low waistlines— emphasied by pretty girdles. 

Padded ruchings — a smart finishing touch ex- 
p-loil«d bv Lanvin. 

Third Flfror, Old Building. 

From one of the beet American 
tilat and velvet mnnufncluren 

Silk Chiffon Velvet, $6.85 yd. 

42 in. wide, 31 khade* and black and white 

We hay* carefully compared them with other velvets be- 
ing sold in New York and none of quality to compare with 
these — so soft, so pliant, so superb a sheen — could be found at 
ft price within ran^e of this. 

* * * 

Pientv of the new reddish brown tones, rose Madelaine, 
Anierican beauty and olher rich fall shades. 

SUIr Rotunda, Street Floor, Old Buililnn;. 

Ail exclusive importation from Franc* 

Drop-stitch Velours, $5.50 yd. 

Only a Frenchman would have conceived the quaint idea 
of weaving velours with a cross-bar drop-stttch, making- little , 
checks less than an inch across. 

Of couth, it 'a auccejufull 

t"sr"!iily m 'he "blond henne M uied so much by fueu. 

Also In 

1 shades of IXTi and brown ind In navy blue and black. 

Dreai Good* Salons, Firil Floor, Old Bu it Jin f 

^xram ^/a* 


Steel-beaded Frocks 

Not the llrst beaded frock, 
nor the second, which our 
Paris representative found 
when she filled this com- 
mission for the Women's 
Fashion Salons, but — 
— tha very unarteat of 
beaded, frocks in Paris 
And only 569.5 1) 

* • • 

Of GsorBelte crepe, excep- 
tionally line jelI in delightful 
colore, ii well us bticlc. 

Crepe <U chin* alipa are not 
tha iaaat of tha itnpor!«nL 

* * * 

hicidmtailif ifte oltic saw avtvy 

chir !rr7f:;iii irr.r.r'.tiy thit r't.'ne 
ffotcn — Jianeiaph, in EnffJand. 

Second Floor, Old Buildbas/. 

Women's Tailored Suits, $49.50 

New. Sirrlply made on ihe conservative lines of the typi- 
cal tailored suit, with new fashions shown in details of "trim- 

* * * 

Duvet de lame — in brown, navy blue and black. 
Twill cord in navy blue and black. 

* * * * 
Perfectly linished, of course; lined with crepe de chine.' 

Second Floor, Old Balldlat- 

Blankets— Best Sellers 

(That main Ihe bUnketi the people like the hot) 


' All-wool Blanket* at $10 etch 
Made of Cape Colony wool, warp and wool. Superior 
quality. Beautiful soft blankels. In plaid patterns and in solid 
cslors^ — rose, blue, tan, 

The weave is the old-fashioned homespun kind, which 
gives additional strength and long service. 
* * * 

Sltin bound al rnd:., matching colon. 72x84 inches 

Pint Floor, Old DuildLnj. 




» s 

KUTTlWrf rm> T-aunny-* t—t ESUIira.1 


Edward Sojcc Be^im Hi* Produc- 
ing Carter Moit Aurpicioaily 
With Hew Muiical Comedy. 


r--~V?T "tlB "n«l* IB 

G'«ue, n. a. d* itn 

■ !■« a'l* hi *"r«a ■!« 

■ .*J v<e,-* KMA 

Tb« ew% 

'*—.-- ;■«-'.- 


(irtl'i - 

li.-- -i Hofi- Clltec-H 

Kitty- ■■ 

Hmfey Fljftfl.., 

II*;*;'- -i* Vs-ms* Bojn*r»*t 

,...,Cr.**6.le Bmllh 

v «:.:'-*■ Uarry 1 

... ...RAMI Ukln.H 

..KdlA IT ' 

... lit' SUlL- 1 

, PStllH Ls QrlM 

Eaaajing to defers "Ornnnn Blos- 
soms," which Edward Jteym presented 
at the Fulton Thritro hat niRht, ia ii 
rood deal lilcri an awkward mno trying 
to boat an an atlrartlv- woman'* drcas. 
It'* M dLisii'iiti to kunw wbsra U> begin. 
But "Oraaga Bloaanmn" la r» "on 
nort difficult task, rim-*- It not only (in- 
bodies a splendid nnnw with Vietr-f Iter 
ben raialc at Victor Herbert's heat, bat 
It also tike.-, In the eoDirammatB craft of 
Kdward Rn/co U a prodaote. and thr 
newl* — ud eery rnwdaorrjely — rcdeeo- 
rstfa ud rebuilt Fulton Theatre i-nu tLt 
bar* tin. 

That's a mouthful for an eirlted flr*t- 
'lighter to itarctner forth In one breath 
us hi nttbe* Into print* and It nn't be- 
ir-s.tfl do any part of bit anbject juatice- 

ll Will Tsks Th* r-tbiir. 

No onn can do "Orange. BloasoniB'"' and 
Its BuiTPundinti justice in a ain-le ses- 
sion of coo versa rJoa, It win take a Ion* 
Use of publicans at tha hoi eirfir* !.■ d*. 
that, and the line wiEl he there for nan; 
s month to wnif or we are So prophet. 

To add to the rale air of the occa-ian 
Mr. Herbert himself mi In tha orchestra 
pit aa director of the tntuiciiaa nnd tba 
raaaicf yeara have, robbed trim of ncne 
of hia aacDitiam. He. aeetned to breath 
hia marie aa ha swayed to and fro in 
tiros to Ita atraina and tha liltloc notes 
fairly leaped from %la finger tip* aa he 
wared them magical]* through tba air. 

Certain not In ween* aeteon faaa Mr. 
Herbert written a acore of such peraee.- 

How Fat Actress 

.Was Made Slim 

Many atafp peoele nsw 4fpcud entirely 
upon alamo la Prei-rtption Tablet* for 
reducing and coDtreLlLsir fat. One "-levar 
actrtei litlU taat aba r*de«d ei4a4!lrand 
raitl* b* ralnt thla new form of lU 
fajaaaa llernela Prra-rlpHan, and mow. n* 
tailaa- MirrnAi* PrrMrli't^n T»M»i- m. 
eral UDH a r*", k*rra nrf wrl/bl JJf. 
rl(bL AU (*od draxxUta atll MarmQla 
J*r>*cr!ptioa TabUu at ona dollar tor a 
caae, or If T«n prefer xon fin af^tsre ib#m 
«liwt from tha Maraaala Co., »6i: Wood- 
ward -vn. DatraJt.-Uli'b. If *m have 
xoc triad tBeea do eo, Tbej are binolMi 
and effaicUTa. 

alitj. auch boundleaa rbTthd) and *uch 
ruiirfulnr-j u he bn* Brromptiah*d in 
■■Oran-ee nio*iorriK." 4 (or Trithout an «- 
nrptjoti ih* nambf-n Brc ftaunlioxlf at- 

II LdoIHb'i Bp Do»», 

It would be hard to pick out any Ana 

of them as atanriinj; fcrth nwre praml- 

j ntnlly than the othpr* Einl^aa it might 

lw (he m«Iody that bfers the atune uUe 

U the ahow. 

1'bb number u suae and dahtvd— end 

don't tarsal the dancing part of it either 

—toward thr f-nJ o( int second act and 

| H ib atacpd beamifutly. "Ortnn Bloa- 

; aoraa/' the anna; in quMtinn, Ik Herbert 

and Rojct at tbeir beat with Edith :■.._:■ 

I and her ehorua o( *oirnj; met) lendina; 

| Iut ahle aseiatABce in carrrine; ua the 

COckL work. 

Earner in thp plaj— the berinnlue; oJ 
\ the first act, to 1» erapt— Roturt Mi- 
i rhaelia elso side 4 ruerminff little n.-m- 
■ get entitled "Tm Time Ifa Losa." and 
I thi*. ipo, etood out. 

The prodii^iion i* laviib without beinc 
oreroruutir. *fiij tbr irowct of the frm- 
Ininr contingeat are far t<w fragile end 
faBclnnrincly eAir^fHRant for mers Dinl<) 
to disetiaa. SuEfice lo aar. thej-'m 
linMtli-tiihiriE in their alKirrmcnt and 
leave the re*t of it to the fainion editor 
to dn-eH upon. 

Paul Poirar, no Its-, ia tcapocaihle for 
thp dreaafa, and be eeen went to [ho 
troMhlo of rialtinE jiQieriea recently to 
ttinke aura tln-y >rcrc in ahip-Bhape nnltr 
for tb» ihow. 

Norman Bel Oedd« dedrned the acrn- 
*!?, and hia work la a titftn} «f beauly. 
It ia rattefvl to the nth degree nnct rett* 
fii( to iti>' eje amid all Ita aurroundinca 
of nr Bilks and aailna, 

Mr, Rojcc has aHemhled a eatt that 
llrra u|i to tbe nnmc Mimdard he has net 
in hia other jireparatiana for the nrrtrn- 
tAtibfi g[ "Oram, Bloaeonis. 1 " Lleaihnl 
bj Edith Dae. it fiiao iarlndre the like- 
able Pat Bomerfet. a jonoc EQfliab 
dnaoer; Queepie amith. Maurice Darrj, 
Robert Micharlia. Hal BktDey. rhyllia U 
Grand. Robert Fiaclser and Naoiri Wet- 
ford, not ■ivrloj\L\-K ibe frenh-looalo' 
youncj men and warn-ri of the enteiabl*. 

To Mr. Rojn there ia no aucb tblnc 
aa a ehorua, for be hat riren eacfa of 
tbein aomeihliif to *ajr, (berebr ciaiaify- 
ina: them all in the category of prlntf- 
patn. And tbey degerce it. 

Tb«7'r« W*ll Tniiri, 

Seldom baa there been eeen here- 
nboata bo wall trained, an orcanination 
of aingera and daeeen a. Mr. UojCe dia- 
cloaeo laat night. They are the poetry 
of motion and do treat credit to the au- 
la) ry of tbr svbd who trained them. 

Mi>s Day is tjii-noid in her role. 8be 
•iniB pretdiy in a toIcf that ia awrel. If 
not overpowerfu;]. and play* her role de- 
hcbtfully, Bfae alao nndertahea two or 
three IlMle comedy rfiarwrteriaa-ioaa that 
father aarpriaed the andlenrv. They 
were eUear. hut H la aa a comely prima 
donna tbnt the first- nlfbtera beat liked 
Mi as Day. 

Mil fcik-lly doej aane of hia fw^mr 
dinfw and hac conaiderahle mmeay to 
dispence thai «» yeniunely fanny. In 
(inr ftr.t: In (he second aet where al an 
awkward gardener preaaed into •errlce 
aa a waiter he Attempts to get to a ebam- 
peene not lfe*b*>* ore the gneata bare killed 
it ha wap^pmrocatlve of a trrat deal ct 
mirth and he and Mbuf Smith did another 
funny bit with "Net* York la tha 8ame 
Old Place." 

I*ter Shelly and tht dJmlantJTe Mlaa 
'vlelford perform a danre that mowed 
the audience to tearful hilarity. And 
Pat Someraet gyrated around the scenes 
gracefully If not importantly. Indexd, 
young Mr. Bomersrl has not heen glrec 
a gi~eat deal td do in "Orange Bloasoma," 
heyand nttfoa; into the duileajno whin 
the other principaia are catching their 
brraths. but he does that little well 

Mr. Royce faaa inrndocad a real ln- 

noratJea in the fi-ai: art nf hfn prnd-jrrirri 
whpa th* t-rn handaomi- tapeatriee.nn 
rither aide nf the a,udilorfutti n-'i-r tl ■ 
beads of the aud-enf? mil up. tsVarlaaawjl 
attrarti'a young actrpsses Beatad at teU- 

The numbef i^jhrern* the >-alhnc up nf 
di*era air r . I>y phone from ih> »iB,-f pudj 
the young wnwa aoawir from tlteir safe 
refuge. T^ii feature got a =aap of sur- 
prise oat of more than ooe blav hrat- 
niahcr a&d it rie»»rT»d to. 

Not to oirerlook lb- anlhnra of the 
play^ "Orange Itloaaotna" owm ita book 
l* Fred T>e Grease and the Irrtri to D r 
tl. P-a Sylra. The nt*-ry i*t rsk^n from 
the rrtneb play. "La Pa*seretJe."' which 
De Graaae *r«1r •Jjrnf years ago ia col- 
laboration with Kranciv de 1 "mi-/.?!, nnd 
I It ia enleriainlng in (be main. The 
lyrlca are anappy and uniformly n.-ri- 
lent. Young Mr. De Sylva has rapidly 
come to the fcrr aa a cr-ncocter of aongm 
and in bis lateat effort he bus rnlmuccd 
bis reputation appreciably. 

Mr. Herbert, who did the acute, nred" 
no L«trpjHc.tion. That he has Brqultted 
bLmielf na well as he know* h,.-.v in 
praise enough for nny man. erco Victor 
Herbert. And be baa, 

WhU l»*a AboDt. 

"Oraoga Blnssomt," hHefly. telk tb« 
laic of a man apparently in lore with a 
young FrtOcb women hi the first act 
He wants to marry her but the will of 
a deceased rflntfvo atandn in (bo way 
tince his marriHre to tier would mean 
hia diainheritnnre. 

Not to lose the fortune, Iion-eier, tin) 
two plan that lie ahull become the lin*- 
band in name only of some girl, not too 

Erttty, and then after he bne come into 
la property a, tfinroa ahall iw an-Qnjfnl 
and the two loyera will 'm- unrtrd eurtlin 
Tha rirl aeleriH by bla InwTer And 
frifTid. however. diiguUfa ihr fart she h 
ootnely until after the cercmouy, :mi 
when montba laier he pnjB her a vlbIi to 
arrange the detail- of th* divorce, he di« 
coTiftfB ti r- baa a beautiful yonot creature 
for a wife. Ami hp further fj&d*. bn 
doesn't want to illvorco her at oil. 
lp fiet. he doean't. 

Hosrever, the atnry la an 1 in import not 
detail of ■'Orange nbipaoms." \Vi|h its 
-eort. Ita flawteaa staging and ita danc- 
ing, the show doesn't need any story al 

Since tbc public !a>t saw the Fulton 
It hat b*Mti taken «*rr by "A. I,. FHan- 
g«r apd fbarUa Miltingaam, the inierior 
torn out and rebuilt and decorarioni 
■ dded that hare transformed the bouse 
into an entirely Mar home of joy. 

Tha de™raiioaa ar- in argar, rrimaon. 
black Sod, gnltt. in HpEeadid (aalr. sod 
luxurious enouga to tatiify the 4-rai-iog 
of the most pronounced sybarite without 
It* taking o-frdune in any detail. The 
stage, Xov. hftr. been greatly nll-rrd tn 
conform to the mnrr riactiog denmndi 
of a musical production nf the propor- 
tiopB of "Orange li'n.v ™»." and it baa 
been equipped with tbr very Jaat u-rj-d 
in thratrical bpparsiija from awjtchboBr^ 
to apron. 

Altogether It la a wnrthy hnme fpc 
aitch a -bow, and auch a tbow is a 
worthy lodger of nuch 3 bnusc. 

Mr. Itoyce has added another ontrb to 
hia artiatic gun In the e-iagi&g and pre- 
wmuttkm of '■Orange ttloasoms." and 
wills tho*e who bad b*r n familiar with 
bis nrtiatry In the direction of pyrrjouB 
pr^dnctiaua were not surprised at the ao 
comnilahineois be dlafloaed last night 
lb e ? at any ra to w e re f creed lo pay 
homage to the ability of ■ man who 
cooM li'e np to the enviable reputation 
hi had already built for himaelf in days 

"Orang* BEouoma" i* aa near nerfrc- 
tion la the muaical comadjy stage ia Liaely 
to offar In. our day and: axe. n« who 
Becks mora If aot for thla Ufa. 


Brooklyn Theatre Ownen and Oper- 
ator* ip Biicmsion Over Hew 
Wage Scale. 


I'm I HrtnM'1 Hnljtr.*il-Ml UrfpifJ 

and Pstke "nill Ha WHbiti 

Head t ctil V*n V*.r 


CAXADA will market her own aae- 
tion pinnre prtducJion 1 '. A step 
>n that direction was taken last 
siiordsr at Otswarsj, Ont.. when 
all the artiw prodiiclpg romnaniri- in the 
dominion -nrt and trfftk action on the 
■liar rib niton nf (ludijn produei. tliery 
trintjori pirrur*' inade ni'ls t'aUSrlian cap- 
ital on ' 'jirt-lJnr, suiil r-i'i be r~n-rktd 
for ConBtMan rnanagrmem. 

The paremount factor in determining 
lliiB move, it la wid. u tha prefrreiitial 
■nriff.n Sri-.! ^|; . ia! nimmTni: ir.rilh-. in 
force bctwwn the Dominion auJ 4 <na- 
jnrUv of foreign ctfuntrlea. L'nder these 
tiealien. it ia pninred out, Canada will 
be ruablr-l 10 sate for the huyenrof for- 
eign tights ta h*r productions *asi aum% 
in duly lhat, in thr r*A? of eiportatlun 
t' tiic 1 iNT"l states, wtiutd ue BdoaSt- 
ri l'> tbr : in ['.or 1 1 1 1 k fnvernmrh(->, but 
Fir, hi *i hLirJi Cans^la 1- iu some tiaiai ; .ir 
tially, and tn otbera wholly, tieinp:. 

Al far aa this runcerna tht Aitiirlcan 
markcL the various producing uuna ,<;> 
frnnk in. aajlng they liujje it will be tv^ 
eiprocaJ in jh. M.-opc. Tha thisninion 
bays flri|ir«ilmntely s^.iXHj.iuq w.irih tf f 
dim sooiriitlv. nnd «iil< the sdvecjl "f 
This ehsngi itufty s.«y (he bualm-KJi would 
be increased t.i SB,«HXI,iXXl. and posssbty 
■ -i.<nw. 

Home of Canada's wealthiest Bet) nr* 
-lid tu be intrreBtr-l In the Fn^Biuf forte re 
f motion phsbtroa and Thla eWBing year 
sill to* o Bfrjt IncToaaal id the numlwr 
>f prodnctlrrTiN. A iniing i )n,.- ■.,!... .1 1. 
lended ihf nwetrog ia*t Saturday worn 
reiirr-MMittttiies of Canadian I%otop±ttys, 
Ltd.. Nonhprn PiotBrt Corp.,. Ltd.. Win- 
minx rroiluctiuiis, Ltd.. Sautt St*. 
Mori- Films, Ltd., l'rlnce Knward 
lalaud Films. Lid, New Hrtitmwidk 
Film". Ltd.. ilDhfai Film*. Lid.. New- 
foundland Films. Xrtci — each upArwOgg) 
undiT a [■■T-.-itii-inl ehartcr— and Onswn 
Fllnii FrorluPlion. Ltd., whirb lias just 
fin|-.hcd "The Man From filejigsrrj" and 
"tilengsrry fipbpol Usja." »]ntrauns 
under a IVimlulon ehnrter. 

TJi-ooklyn M.-f,. Torth. 

JnM when the Theatre Owners' c.'bani* 
b#t nf Commerce ibuuglit everytbinR was 
■billed nith LoCnl I5JO stid Its motion 
pjfturr operalor?. Jtrptihlyn g*"t-i int'i llir- 
irjariuitfaaj nnd now troobte it again 
tbreatenrdl- Broohtyn had a srpsrate 
Screement with the theatre own era. a 
contract lower^tliaEi the wage aralc rwing 
paid under the Ul'w arraugament. Hinee 
signinz on ibe tinned line the Brooklyn 
uoi«i> has joined LOcal 3OT and, in view 
of ; ■ .• fact, detnoiui-i a new contract. 
Thf Chamber of t'ootmerce daims ilir 
op^rjiors base no right la abrogat'' an 
Jtr^m'ti made in all failb- Bo that la 
that, and vvtry »oe ia sighing deeply 
ari'3 li'iiiin^ there will not !■* any more 

i.ait Ptiatnoned. 

That Bssrl of ihc hsAMTJ pret-teed to 
] brar th- irsiitnony in the e-A-v of Singer 
Brr r the-« jngminat tba owner* of the Col- 
onial Thr-sirr in Feeishlll wen; dopmefj 
i la diBnppoiutmenl yesterday. Thp f-a»w- 
ha_« bc'-n iHMtpoiied until I.'kinber -I. wh»n 
it will he argrjrd by those intercaird 

Rr.l K n 

I'mhr will Lp A'lthout a president 
until the annual mn-iing rome 

nme neat 
year. At a meeting of the board at direc- 
tors of the Path*- Kiehange, Inc.. yea- 
terday Oie rraigpati'io of Paul 
as president was formally accepted and 
-1 atalemont senL out that, inasmuch as 
■ 'sine tin* hcen functioning with i-ffl- 
th-a«e for ov-f ;i i ear, there ia no imme- 
diate need of rearmnpement or change. 
'Futhormerr." reads the ^laiement. 
"<hp rraipistion mt Ut. Brnpct will io 
no way affeci tbe p-diry of the c->m^3U} 
ur its raamBEvment. 

Soto*lfa.lan ,\tw AkIIb. 

Any one uliu is imLlined. to !•»■ borxl 
nilti life, or vvh« tret* Ihcrr ii nothing 
bntw uitdec the ami ttteda only to becJairte 
utisociatcd with the him TuijLocsa t>j 
cbiiARe tile vmwBoint. Yesterday a 
tterewcofdc niolinn picturi- knmriL a" 
the Teleview, itindj? u lid fur nttcptioo. 
It in tbe itiv*DLi->u of tu-o young Cornell 
electrical cngiurcrw. It ia now ready to 
Irt- tried i-oiniinTi-ijLlly and invitations are 
in order for thoae uho wiBh to hk'Ii In 
uperaiioa. Th« Tclfrleiv, according tn 
the 7-jionM-irs of tin- unique luvention, ia 
an electrical affair haviug n9 lenaes or 
prisms, but whfrh by d. simple devlco |B- 
tatferpta tho vieir of tue H|icctBtoT*a right 
wye 11 ud rhen the Ii ft cJm bq rapidly that 
be. Is ttMBware of the pTOCOTI. Pictures 
made by tbn Teleview- nyocasal nra mtile 
ivith ri ctHuera hming tn-{) lensea acprt- 
ratod tiy mo auil hip-eighth* inches, the 
oornial iliatanw between the avernge 
man'a eyes, Id Ehr-atn- where picturca 
are to br auwH by Tele ri en- each chair 
will be equipped with a Teletiew and 
two tilmn wi:] he run. 

"Horrible." exclaimed all of The Morn- 
loc TeJcgTgph rcrjewexa in osm voice. 
"Will we hare Tn nee **r« uictures at 

4 "ir l l»r(ii Back. 

-Without so much as a monocle or a 
apat. Sam Morris haa returned to Amer- 
ica. After epeudbg the beat part of a 
year in London, Ur. Morris la ready to 
aing rrom the top of the Woolwcrth 
building or any other convenient place 
Ibat .\e» Tork in the greatest city in 
the world. Just wbst he wilt do In the 
Brliuick organisation has not- been de- 
rided, e The otjly thing ibat concern* 
Samuel is tbe fact br is back home. He 
say a aQj one can bare the job of foreign, 
manager ihat stni-i it hin neat poallion 
-'"1 be under tbe American Stara and 

Pels Leases To-dir. 

After a aeriea of dinnfra. teaa and 
InncbeonH. lo aay nothing nf interrlears, 
Feila Veajri *eta sail for Holljwjod to- 
day to see for*, herself whether ll is true 
■>r not that Hollywood has no opera. 
Mi«s Negri will br ncvfimounied by John 
C. Flinn, who will art aa her persosal 
rcprfseatatiee en route. And who darr" 
aay he will not be huay. eonridering the 
schedule calls for a (wo-daya 1 stopover 
in Chicago, when all the rrpottrra will 
he on band with their notebooks and 
photogTaphera? Mif* Negri will start 
work on "Bella Poub*." nnder the dlrer- 
tina of George' Fitirnaurice Ka aooiii an 
she reaehen California, 

Mrma aelarafek In Tor-n. 

Myron Aelaaick canse all the way 
BRsrcsai the continent to tetl hia dad that 
"One Week ef Ijoee,' 1 r'lajne Htaiairr- 
Btein'n next pictare. is a Kit* nraajagjITosl 
DeapLte tba Elinor Glynlsb Utle, Myron 
Rays the film is thare. and br rtya every 
one ehe who haa ae*n It at ihr Western 
studio atT*c» with him. David, who la 
nothing* if not r«ctlcaJ. dedded It would 


" as 




/" --■ 


lil'til- DAMKLS 
a thr tradl 

f in "I'lJik 

ltlallo nril 

Ik- a! food thing to kill nvni I'inln »irt one 
atinic ntid uinkc lb-- Hit* imrty n blrtMaj 
nari.v in honor n( Myrm. Ortober s I*- 
In^ Myron's natal day. II is plnnuid. 
lir..H -IiIIiik llklh USitI- «ill tlie approval 01 
L, J., tn ah«w ilie picture at lit" Hi'i on 
Ihat i-vi-niin:. M'Lirnvliil- Myron i-, fir> 
Ing to the theater* La \tu- p\ enin^ and grt- 
littlf Iut of rsrOodwaj ntmospberc 

ig n" Nil i>[ hr-viilnny 
|T.r. J be eaeturna to ll«fljr«"a 


Among the 1 r.t-.i •■■>■■'> Arrlvala. 

'Iter at th* 1'n-nn 
olUft- life is JW niir 
another. Vemrrdny 
walked in. mid to diiy 
aaoT Lt-alrice Joy arc 1 
for work. The reaaw 
esodiis t- New Yorl; 
ilend." Mr 
whirh will be ni.n! ■ » 
studios Jarourliii 
Joy are th« fmmr 
James Kirkwooil 
reached tbis cii.i 

as 1'lnyer-l^asky 
Ids surprise after 
(irsrrce Mclfucd 
.Ini^nrliuc I^nrse- 
•_ijrpete*1 to rc-iori 
n Tor thin Bjjtgfeli 
nnecrnB "The J*v>i 
uei| pr,-rlii"titin. 
. _.,e I..-!i^ Islaiidi 
oenn and i-^siri"' 
ptafera alone with 
>li« ban already 

1 1 1 n g, r ■ 1 1 1 1 j 

tn Order. 

Joseph Srbnila*T\ lekphooe i" arsmV 
Ing ivter tune lln-av day* snd th* r«-a*«n 
ia Jim Triend-i" raEvrm « ro * , oncrnliila-c 
h^tr- on the arrival nf Mi*,* Jn*n Srhnit- 
tr-r, who tnsH-' b*"T Bpir-pnrnnce Snndny. 
Thr vii-e |irc*id* , *-t «- (a* F. Ii. <) has 
bren an busy filing th*- worhl be dom 
wot rs-* I t« nlar blw daughtc: in un>- 
lion |>iiturr> In- ban llttlt' time lo 
'llsciun ihe mrni->rshJ-> rjursllnn «r the 
hfgh cost "-t heln-; in thr film busfn'**. 
Mrs. Scbnitfrr and Jna* are dc:ng 

Snelpl Sfni*.. 

Among tbosr i-njoyin-i the sad --•» 
•eaves tbin week 1* **, 1^ ll<nhafr-l, wb<- 
haa goae to Atlaatii- Citr ro rest for .1 
fen- day a. Mr. Kotfcnfe] says no nn- 
Ivttc: nay anydiing abont motion pfc- 
laprs j« him 

■.* Ihc III- m1 I nnd Hlnllo. 

"Manslangb(*'r" r«irui-< at the Itcoli 
Theatre f-r a aec-ond w»»-k. Cecil He 
Mille'ii pktorrn always |d»f to rapacity 
houses and this njetnre han the addtxf st- 
trai-tlru. nf Thnmin Mi igban which in 
it»e:f is reanoi 
house, Ali«*»" 
haa been among tliosp who have visited 
the theater na han Thomas M>ighan, sad 
i-eatricc Joy. n-ho is expected lo-day or 
tiHtnorrow, will undoubtedly pay a visit 
lo tbla picture which hna. giren her such 
an admirable ofportuaity to display her 

At tho Rinltn nest week Penrhyn 
Ktnnlaw'n prtHliiriio-i. "Pink (roils," with 
f>be Pnofeln nil'! Tnmcs Klrkwoud in 
the [r-nding rotes and Anrm Q. Nllsson 
nnd Raymoml llniLoa foatirred, will be 
1 lie principal sewer, 4 tr meting. Ad^Iphe 
Menjou, One OJtreri ilenrge Tow, and 
Arthur TriinMr FtpiXid out ihn rant. 
"rlnl God*" in u tiiitj -dnptotiMin «f Cyn- 
lllia Mtockley'* nnvrl. the contlniiity hav- 
ing been prepared by Bonya C-e*iea nnd 

J. E. S'nnli. 

l-r.MJn.-r-r* HCrarltiT t:»t. FentDPe. 

AnotlK'r [ileiiRnnt tLurprme Tor thr in- 
rh'jiendftit market una the ■anounoAaieat 
yesterday tlmL 1'ro.liic^m Scctiri^j will 
ri-l. ■-,!..■ r., tills nM.i .1 Hichnrd Parflti-I 
mean feature ti - lcd "Jual a Song at Twi- 
'l-jhl." The rclcruni date haa ji»t get 
Ueti antioniHs-d, I "rod ii rem Serurity has 
■1 -iiimbr-r of big thinfts ^laiiDe*! fof thin 
running veer In mlrtii.,.., fa "The Country 
Flnnper." "In ibe Night" and "Mr, llir- 
-fle, ' all recc-it ncriul.'dtlon*. 

A l.lnc ow Tito, 

Rodeilpb Vnlinr 11,,. i'.:i;-,-.| ,. ■-.-,. TrJ( . 

lerdny. Ho visited the O-mmc-i-ifll 
Trtisl ( ompany oad a few prop I r «ti the 
street thought there woe a run an tj,^ 
Henk nntll It was esplHin-fd it wns Mr 
Valentino «m- to deposit some uf hia 
* 1.230 n weeh. One wen-an in her eager- 
ivr-aa to see the screen hen*, dropped I 
bee money, ber ban)- book.^Biid her par- 
cel*, fle augeesr it might be a grind 
pirn 10 hire « Blm star tn stijnufaic bu^L- 

Jhn* Mm W 

A"ayj Harry i Hauft. 

Eihibtior of 
the ItEeJi 



Grand Central Palace 
Sat. Sept. 13- 30 

Stor* Hour* Now n to R.30, 

5«4 fimmaA 

W * WMMH$ A. T. tite*mrt 

T*r,jidif(i(r at .YintV 

relcpAone aanajj Slmr^ottnl 

Tbe rVomen'i Faahion SaJona prtnwnt — 

Originals, copies and 
Adaptations of Paris Suits 

I ,ic fins Openings presented ihc smartest, most delight- 
ful suit? nl msijf seasons. The (*k Parisienne has accepted 
them -AtMinut the slightest hesitation. And the Women's 
Fashion Saiin-.s present lo the New York u*oman a suit collec- 
tion "i JinIiik'i- n, expressing the Parts mode at relatively 
ntoderate prices. 

Tur clfih in iiunninj; two afld 
three pfete suits with blamed 
and tie-around Jackets. 

J«sji Patou'l rnmt ■..-■■■:'.. J 

three piece Hit— green velvet 
with the nes- niiurij dirk btown 
limb irJmniinr 

• a « 
Rcnsw'a nc». li-nj fljrlng \ 
jacket with both mktl and I 
match ing imck much trimmed I 
with her favorite "tubing " 

The new leparate s,tip skirt 1 
worn over 1 crepe trock. ind the 

short Ir*;.': jacket liter Jessuis 

Black dyed moleskin— -the li^l ' 
ivr fashion. «• 

Three plriie suit* In manv 
versions, each. If po'^lblc, more 
(etchjn*, lhan the Iut. 

"i-'lrv — ■-■ lovely pslslcy of 
the old ihiwls. In 1 three piece 
5 .::■ trlmned with monkey fur. 

MatctiMe suit*, too- 

And always fur trimming;! 
Rearer r>r brown s u ll3 that T«- 
fiecl fifli. Monkey fur, brown 
!"i, .quirrel, kit fox and other 
effective furs in shawl collars 
and binding'. 

1)1.50 tn 11395. 

Thundny — *oftly tailored auits at S59.50 

Duvet de lame and a b*w sueJe finrsh duvetyn, in de- 
lightful two-piece suits which adhere in the most adamant of 
all Paris rules — soft tailoring. 

Short box jackets whose belts mav he worn in two ways 
nr not at all. Long Jackets, too h with line wolf collars or 
moleskin collars and cuftSn 

In brawn, navy blue or bUck. Second Floor. Old Building. 

And— Suit Blouse* at $10.75 

Crepe de chine, Georgette crepes, satin, in simple slip-on 
models, designed especially to give to a iwo-piece suit the more 
formal look of a three-piece one And ipocirJl-* prioed. 

Printed in smart figures, embroidered all over, of just 
plain in colors to harmonize nr contrast with the featured 

SU-tS. Thi r d Floor, Old Building. 

A new Silk — Crepe d'Annam 

A rich silk from the Orienl — is one's first impres- 
sion of this new silk- 

A perfect silk for interpreting the new r modes — is 
nne's second thought. 

And Ihat is just what it is — a combination of the 
ideas of Paris and the Orient. Paris, you know, has 
turned to Indo-Chini for much of her inspiration this 

• • a 

j Thi* silk wit raavde cxcluaiwclr for the Wtninnkw 
Store and if moderately priced— — $3-85 3rd. 

In black, Chinese red. 
beige ind navy blue. 

COCOi. chocolate brown, fray, 
St-WM Floor, Old BnUaaauj. 

100 of the Best Wilton 
Rugs that England makes 

At lower prices than next shipments can be sold for. 

MUD SH7SO 36r.«3b> S20.Z5 

8 '4 z 10 Yt ft., SI OS 27 1 54 in $12.50 

8x9ft J71 

These ire CROSSLEY worsted ruts, woven 13 irireerfel 
the inch, with 256 warp ends to the 9 ft. side of the 9x12 ft 
The average number of warp ends on Wilton rugs. Is 236 
(Ihey run as low as 180). So, you see, these are very tlgltly; 
woven, and, consequently, very durable nup. 

Wc have too to sell at the above low prices. 

TUnl G »S »t, S« 1 

All Wicker Furniture 
Now Half Price 

m # * 
3SO picrta. Pint choice* To-day. 
■ • • 

All reed and willow furniture on hand, simples and 

230 pieces best grade American goodSj upholstered, 
enameled, stained and natural finished pieces. 

i 5o of the most attractive chairs and rockers and 3-plece 
suites, made of reed in the natural creamy finish, as fine as 
the lead in the pencil that is writing this good news. Made in 
Europe. Suites with seats and backs upholstered in prettiest 

16 Stylet of Sdtea— -30 rates in all 

22 Style*, of Chairs and Rr>cken — 1 14 in all 

27 Style* of TaM**— 43 in all 

StooU. Strtteea. Day bed*. Fern Standi. 

This is the sort of furniture used all vear 'round in en- 
closed verSndah rooms. AH of it is GENUINE reed and 
willow. Beautiful furniture. Serviceable furniture. All of it 
now half price. Some of the pieces — (note the wide range) — 


16.75 — for JU3.5Q gride. 
jr. 50 — for »:i (ride. 
<•-?": — for Iii.'o (ride, 
in. 50 — for 113 trade. 
ItS — for I'O fride. 
Ii6 — (or »32 (ride. 
f* 7 — for »J« (radr. 
*"o — for f*o trade. 



J -piece snitaa 

*i3— tor fio* (rade- 
*-' — (or liti (rid;. 

161.75 — for 1133. SO erade. 
»69.5o_for (U* (ride. 
S76.7S — for f H3-.30 gradt. 
S7T.50-WO/ fiSS fTtde. 
S-~ — (or 1194 (fade. 
fiH.SQ — for *3'5 (ride. — for #37 (ride- 
| — for J39 (ride. 

S27.S0 — for I5S (ride. 

•■■: — >:<: $62 (ride. 

Day Beds 

j:o,:f— for IHi.SO (nite. 
*■-'. — for ft*= grade. 

sso— f-v 1160 (rade. 

ft a! — for >2So (ride. 

"f-preea suites 
flSJ.50 — for |367 grade, 
*::" : — for *504 (ride. 

lU-piace asnatM 
1307.25 — for J4l'.50 (ride. 
13J7.S0 — for **TS (rtde. 

Itk-ppBCSI suits 

Fifth Gallery. Maw Building. ' 



Musical Union Advised H*w Show* 

An Hot Vudevillt, bat 

Traveling Sent . 


She and Ber Sitter, Forms r Griffith i 
■ Stan. Under Contract to 
Same Company. 




rlairrri Appear iti ^inilr T»r B Bad 

Hrliia Uiti la tfartkaa 

Naa»br ra. 

<!a*:i*J impurl t» T*M Nan 

BALTtllORE. Scot. 71- 
Tji* Satins! Utukal Uuleo, m w*H 

U lOCal DraiDiHtion« rirrj-hrrf. jV 
njiirh puaxled aa in the tbeBtrical datcl- 
li ration of th* nfir abow r ^(r^prl■>'■■ 
deeifnRt*d m "Sbiibart l_ nil*" wnlrh are 
Wet Booked over t U« df-emi and are 
now maalcc their ten** of ajeerenieai 
•Sib :h* theatrical anion*. The bn qnca- 
:ion si Iteue in thi» braach of the amuae- 
stent boirtneia it u to whether tee n*w 
unit ehtnra an variety or bttrltaqti*, tfcua 
iatotvinjE the question whether Lie? am 
entitled to the lover burlesque rtU o? 
myat pa.T tie hitter teala demanded hs> 
the Canaidaoa' union (or real vandtrlUc 

Tho mualdaiie* union. <»□« os* thr few 
labor ortanUatiou w/fcicb ndlierea to thu 
claims and cifjtrtfi of a OaH of r.r.i.t.:. 
hat a v.riiblr but c tealn of wages 
bepnninc at aiif toi> with pran.l open*, 
rrrjinJionj*.. mnairql coinr-dy, 
TawJeviUe, drama and burlesque about In 
the ordtr named — ih«. lowest wsj* nm'.i- 
applying to burlesque, probably on the 
■round tirat this fon« at cntcrfjUn(n*nt 
requfrca tie l«*rt experience and arliaLry 
from the union mu«id*n emnlt-yed. 

How to acai,! (Lc new form »f in. mini 
■howB called ihe ■■tSliubert Unit*" hta 
been * moot un cation With tbo aiDxiciair-t, 
becauw it Ilok been VBrluiiaJ'y aeerribeil 
as vjiuiU'viM... mb "vartaty" |jiii obaelB+r- 
claMifleutlan) ami m, burteaquu. The fol~ 
lowing latter, written by d representative, 
uf the Bbulwrt Unit*, would teem to ml- 
tie th" quentinn by tinally deal(naUn h ' 
tbe ii«w form of attrition a* burltfsqui 1 
and. thc-rcfurr, entitled to the biirlrivgun 
rate If -» advertliwl. The letter folium: 
acadbmy or wjittr. 

Nm'i I** ■ J. J. Bhnhail 

Ofn-i «( Li* Jluidiha Huaxti'. 

Tb rnMldMi 
eniin»iri. Mii 

Caoltraina ay '« ! 

I Ua Huieal L'slas. 

*IU r.'*( 

Oh 1 



»:.:. p 17 Ula A-t&,-, } at Mulr, ! 
>-:i rttwi, 1 -:..\ :■;. ui a i. filln-i ft 

Tb* ilieva trt bart*H«f. TB«F UtTfl Ulirl 
u * Hltl^ MlTr IBrlr s*b !u!v lo4 i-h* tn*. 
■ ■ Ikitr --»« a!..-:!.:;, aprel ir-; tsaaaw, 
»M turn [•)! iJI nrlntriJB qi*'ll«f «1ni»flfi*r. 

i-1j.II TAl-rnvii.:.E. winN *« ■ ir- -.;■- 
r»l-»™«T«- Ihil inpaar lg tb* oil, «£4 4tM%s* 4b 
'ha bqfVMfU. « **tl**». U «( |gu«d M c»JI tl 

W» m*i jvair ronaMmiin »«* nwpttaiim la 

'" n:> ' riaalra ..: i : fou jjtui 

. ajai 

acaJa an >aruiaapc ■• ::■-..-:, 

Tluiiklac TOd Ife ■"-<-■ Inr i 

■•-; » -f- t '. »ht trytt J«W*. 

AfaiPCMT er taF. 

fij fKavx cKHs-rey. 

a.f-t»**Tra( SvltBeKT vsifa. 

Tii* aborc inihi-irifatiTr- atatemrot that 

tbe near unit fbowa irr berletqir ar-1 

p " "bonld not bt> ciaa*td aa hich -dart 

TftinJefjlI*" la lakra to tnraa (.bat the>* 

loariPB attjactlnn* mar nao ndrertiM 

ib'ntf'Ur* an raarterjHr tho* - *, hut will 

■ pp*or » burWqm-. wftieh. aa tbe ohiiTc 

ieiter proT«, tbey rrtily are. 

am** tlntllaa I'ortrr I'nrmi II rr 

Owa Flla Cuajfanr ■■* Has 

RUrir* rroiirilon. 


SffMjE wreka ago a rarcnr wis printed 
in ibMe ^Idbblib ibit LilliaD dish , 
would maa* flint for Ififfrirattoa i 
rietareru but it wax im[wn>lbTr< | 
Ibea to obtain Tcriftcafion of tbfr atory. 
Terterdaj Charlie* H. DuHl. of PneR «t 
Smith, siinrarj', who ia pcf »idetit of '"- | 
f>piratiirj ririurea, came forth with an ; 
annnuTiremeiit ihat hr bed «iDtrorird . 
with Lithau Ciah tot a aerie* Of pieturep. j 
Under tbe terme of the coatrBrt. she 
• •■Terr «snpletelr ell relation* wltb tbe 
D. W. Grifitb orfaniaaiion and puta her i 
fotunr io tbe handi of ate- Paella or- I 
laritatinn. I 

Heery Klag, wbo ii re»i«Dalblt for 
"ToVable T>«titT end other of Richard 
Barlhlr-mraVn pWurea. wbirh hare br-en 
well feeelred. will dlrert Hm Oieh. Her 
firat pirture will br v Tbe Whit* Slater." 
bj MarinT) Crawrford, and beeaune it la 
UH In ItJttT. abe will «o leaf* fi^ ihe 
eaterior arenea. "The Wfctti BLatir " 
,aerved Viola AtleU for neeen y*ara nc n 
Aiarrina vehirli 1 on. th* ntna;e and will b# 
admirably trailed to TJlllan tii-b. 

Mr. JDuell a|rn rer+ntly aipied DeMW 
(iv-h who i* bow plorinx opposite Kieh- 
nrd BaethlamMN in J Fury." It'l* under- 
Htnod abe will pl"j aielft wilb^Mr. Bar- 
IbleweKtt, afLer wliich iche will nppe'r in 
a p'etnr* with her Mater. The niMition 
or Lillian 05>h to Inapiratioii 7*lrturn 
rfie*n« tba: the two (liahea nnd Kf- 
Ur-rtkl. tl:.'^. fnrmerly Uriltith atitrn in 
hla moat lisporfant product lo&e, will Mti- 
rionbtedlj ell *ppe«r tOntatT from tiioe 
tn rlma when a biff production wtTrent" 
the use of (hl« t.-jmbiaatiorl. 

Uweaureclad A^ilon. 
An unexpected and dnrifferoua hit <*f 
nrtEon not called (or In tbe aerlpt ol 
"The Banai" tare Thooina Dlmn ami 
aw«ifa] playera In bia compjiny a ahora 
fnim which ti*ry have not yet MeUMreif, 
Whh Made'tyn Clnrr. li-.ntins woman, 
Willie ScJiarff. an R-year-oId artnr. his 
natbrr and Warnfr Itlchnnnnil. Wr. 
l>ixan woa procredLiic to Bronx Parian 
location. Before »nj "f (Vm realized 
what waa happeniniT a two-ton motor 
Lruea crnatled lot" ib^ Piian ejr, apltn.- 
terins the wimUhield enrt ah.nntln£ their 
car to th* curb. Alias rtarc ETJibhivl tl.« 
ehilil nnj preteele^ it from the ahnwir- 
in« aliiw, Ur. Dawfli mffered: bruinr* [ 
<vn rbr ln'fLi! and knrr aw\ all "f tb* partv i 
v-Ti- more or Iran sluthen up from their 1 
non-e-nirkins rxperletier. The accident i 
bappeuan at Lexinafo iw - ™^ ami 11 ">h • 
uTi-eet and dn»w a larrr crowd taUltWted 
\v, & piAFJun pirtnre arrident ■'■ '■ on the 

Mhn is.vri It Stilt 

Faiwiuu n^yera-f^aaVy h^a up imrr.i- 
ti-'ii ol l*n iisp ihe voffiir for rlirk-eycd, 
rlark-hnirrd devil* die with Rodnlnh Val- 
eptinoV nmliny. They have ni^iir^i Aw 
tome Mnrfftn, of tbe name Spaniib up- 
to play rhe lead In (ilorfa. Kwarjfcon'a 
next pirtur*. "Hy American Wife." bir 
Hector TombalL Monte Kntlrrjohn i^ 

■lolnx tb» con;lntiity .and rumor hoi It 
If Moreno ia nil Lnaky bHIrren him, 
tharr \* nn intrrftsiii- CCS^M waitlna 
f-T liim. Tnncy Iludb boat of irianda, h" 
i" n poorl artor. ond aa for rtnlna- a Spnn 
is.ii r n : i-.i.l.-T — there la rone nny beiter- 

Ti» Film )lr- Ann "-i^rl-i. 

More and more in the author cominc 
Incn till nwti In trwtlon plctnrea their 
day*. Her' wr hare Q*&# Bttattea 
raTtef, autbnr ft "Frecklea,'" "The Cirl 
of the Llmbertovt" and "The Ilarceater,'" 
joinini (hr rnn!>4 o( mntttm picture prtf- 
dwra. Rbe [m- atertH op h"r o«o pm 
Auction yl the TLi'itiH It. fnre etudi<v« 
In « 1 iilv: City, ebooaier "Mirb-iel 
O'Hallereii** u her brat urodurtloii. 'Hi 
pew nmiptny will upcrnta uiwlcr tbe title 

of Geeir SlrnitOtL I'urfr 


In 9f»T>CWB*. 

AmonE Ihe aTtrer^nnn li»;i^l m rh* 
cranri reunion of ex-aenlee men n( "IT 
am) "IK bt Hrracn** i» lb-- appiarane* 
.-t Rrrtqlpli VjilthUnr.. (.he motion pic- 
ttm c-ter. Mr, Vali-ntinn baa been in- 
\itft to appear In nerann ai the atadlun) 
t hi ■ aflrrric'ti. w Ik r laW lecion a(h- 
letlr ffemre mill t>e ferld. und ti-eordinc to 
the Kyreroac tJeralrf ba haa ercepted. l n 

Forms Close Oct Z j| 

P. W. EMridSfl, Jr., S*Ua 
Nla rut£cr> Directory Ad- 
vawtlaingiwtll give vou full 
particulara on the nert 
issue which closes toon. 
Call him ax Penn5\ltranii 
at 1261 B roadway. New 

A Simple Problem 
in Arithmetic 

The figures in thia chart directly concern every merchant , 
roarjufacturer and professional man whose product or 
service ii sold la the great rlaw York Market. They ex- 
plain thaeoortnoui circulation of the Telephone Directory 
in the Metropolitan area; they how many times 
the Directory is consulted each business, day, and th* 
daily reference io the average page. 

Telephone Directory Advertising 

Produces Big Results 

. at Low Cost 

L«f year mare than 16W«mcerT»a used thia produdlve 
medium to sell nearly S00 different commodiriea. Note 
the emphasis on the word setL Telepc>ooe Directory 
Advertising does just that — it is mere than remindtr 

To reach tha treatfjftt number of people, the ereateit 
number of time* over the longest period of tune, at the 
lowest cost, include directory advertising in your adver- 
tising plan. 

ltil'[li«,Ml 1.A MAFtn. 

FJnrai for lcadlnc role in "THflini 

tli'iixtrn." *iM.i, romew to th» li- 

ti<r unit Monday xlIbtM far an In- 

drllnMr run. 

! Ma reply Mr. Valentino Ii queted aa at** I 

I Idc; 

I 1 have your letter of the J.'ih IdbL, j 
inviting; me to be prwut at the athletic 
samel of the Amerfean Lrxion of New 
Wk State on Ffidtj*. geptrwber 22, 
1W2", in which you aay that my preaence 
wauKl be a wonderful Bdrtntajre to Ihe ' 
Nglon and the former aetvtce atep fen- , 
rr.illT. And wnnH B ujn diffnify end ad- 
vance tbe i uteres; of tbe. motion picture ; 
iiiduatrj at a whole. 

"I think yon rreatly oreratate ihe re- . 
-■-I: of my arcepranee of tbe innutjim j 
out nrverthelrcK t slttflj aceept aSfl 
■hall be pTeaanr, tweauae I an easer to ' 
■how thr boya *ho fought in the *T*»t ! 
war by any act in my power that tbrlr 
Bemeefl have not been forgotten. 

*'Tou may rusnt apoa my pnane* to . 
takr part id thr i-renla thai yoq mep- ' 
turned ii yoor )«i»r." Hilt ai Hon. 
Hain di|| mrt with the board of dlreo ] 
tm- nr the Motion Fierare Prednrrra j 
*nd r."iatririutora nn Wr^iaradey and ea- ; 
plained tfc* parpoae. af hja Sim mad- in I 
Cbr intareau of fjrar*. No action *•■» 
D"n takTi. hni ifar- memla-n nf the board 
all e*prei*e; iol-r^t in Me. HHIV pro- I 
jeer. He la enrrriaininr lie membera of I 
tt>* ?r*ui with b Ignrheon nn Satunl*y 
2 . Ih * ' n| w.5(y Hub. wbea hr wlfl 
make knr»w n hi* plana Tor Ik* nietiira. 

Oprn» Naai *!»-■- it Mlsfct. 
After playine St the Astor foT nine 
week*. -Thr Prirmier of Zand*'* In*** 
to mnke room for Rax InnetaVc BSil 
prodoetloo. "Trlfliit( TTnaSIB" TaM dU- 
wa* rheern Btter mnch deUneraUitn ial 
many coiunjlTjuiona for the picture, 
which, ia bve4 on -"Blark Orehioa" Th<- 
Prinei]ia! nam are played by thrc* of 
nt ^ ™ .° f 2** ^wney of Z*ndt." 
Barbara U Mjrr. I-ewti Stone nnl 
Ramon Ns»orrn 

To MhttM o.i* tri,. aaataea 

HminK eainhl^brd bsryond tbe ih'adow 
hf a doubt iiircuaL Lbe popwleeftj n[ 
-CraitdniB 1 ! Bo>' Ufli fivereei! fdjeiajfn 
"" *' h - lt ibr public i-ujbja. Nunitd. Jdnjd 
w« conHno* ts moke rfir loiu-rr - film. 
Klmer rrnraon. who went to the IV^[ 
L'*4« ti tulk bnaineaa wlfb y^uiir Mr. 
Lloyd nod ua wbllr therr "h,. 1^- 
tbe nesi LJrtyrf featuf... in returnlhc boBe 
* lh ., IJlp L "thiiHt Hint Mr, 
I.lnyda rhnrt n-cl dflyi BjW |i, [he pail. 

uronrlnin H Hoy ' ivm ,•,., t i rbt ] K , nii p \ r . 

lire mule by ibi« comedinci, who w«<n 
f'ls Aral pepuUrlrj witli the two-rrrl 
"■n.-.lL,^. y n wH | hits thia pfcture h.. n 
recelvrd on !bf (Joan thnl It baa brnti 
l-iirint- ar rha Symplinnj ThBatrr for 
^itlirecn weeka. n record nn othi-r oifliir*. 
Iib-b r*t Echicvrd. 

Binor Sayr, 
Of cnurae we hole to print rumor, but 
the follow+ns bit or anwrlp mailed to u * 
1n a letter it Wefts m^ntiDnine In paati- 
ine; 'Jroree Fltsoiau/rice, ny| our eor- 
n-ipon^rnt. haa two more plctqfra In 

[ n ^n*' SSL iY"** * , «I^ »''" -The 
After thai hi. contract esidrea, aad. ears 

'T.. lr ,"tL- " '■ *" d >!r - "ttinaiirtw Km 

talkwl brunneaa with Inireil Artiata. 
.sr»w vorlj Oner Hoe* tiarir. 
W»h the arivni »r Llta i^* 1c aSjg or , 
po*it* Th rear Mrifhan in ~Our Lralu':^ 
C:tt«ra" lt..\ tbe opp*4jniErt ol lajaafkt 
Jav ood Jacquelipe- |,r ; ....... ■; , r .. Hrp bf . 

E'cnlas tu be livrly occe more at the 

2H< M*' ,r '' rd wM ■**" Bl " corapanv r u 
HP ■ »""■ ■ f ft JB« proper artttne. fot 
^2T rtg* "«>d," fehrrh (bey 3a not 
_ i be a vary 
In iQo Iff- nt thia 



mind irillnj ;du i. r .„, ,„ j, 
im(»n«nt pr.<dortio T 

'»r B. Her Film.. 

X«I T™d.t, „t KM «clwk it lb.' 

Blltfncre. tie Brtt«r Film, ot I be W'iirij 

•ill wmli at a lunrliMn. rtlHnll 

It. touch.™ ii, „,„„ »(|| ,„ ,„„,„! 

in a rjmsnr .rti«„ .irii..-. ,, . ^ 

lur.. Tie HID lVlio pl, r ed n^." 

Atnr, EfftD t '^i. tilft tnM th. frri- 
turinl riihu Id Ari.tir5De. : -,:.-■:- 
"■ ■• = ; .-,- Chile ond 111, Heel r«H «i 
tie C.nrl S. F1.min, .en., ol -,,i| 
wumje ;:[,] melndrKrane tA id. N'.w Turk 
Kiln. Etrhjiice. Tlie n i r nire. Mere nrn- 

pauv. the ISrel beinj "The lieilj'. p Hrt . 
»er fcaliiHu, Knern, SSe.rer and Kd. 
eraerl F. Rr»aeman. euptw>t!*.l hv a ra.t 

E*i>e i £ t .'e 0<l " f%"« F"'"""'"™" 

E Itelaoer and Ilener «rf!„, T „, ,„.. 

f rtjtdssi* w i " i °' ■" «»j miw. 

..t . ijvlley e.i Irfisi Rnul*.' n-lib, 
Albeeal pla^n, the lea.t. 

At 11.* Came.. 

Al Iba Careen TheqtT* pen Teret 'The 
ChDur Breaie r " n-lll be pCrre.] , a th, 
(•■inured film altraelion. Thie bt Ihe .isreinj eehirle nt !V»]!„ r , Heid", 
■ PjIPHpttuot plrti.r. r.eentl, en mI ,|„„j ■ 
on the I, wi ,| ,, f .„ rr „„„ ( |„ „;, h 

iJt ['J'"'" 1 »">»«■» 3 Si mfl 

and (iui.'lr. 

wntinii kot and Ih , p eB(ll<i 

The verj Oral person Willi, m f oi 
rlllted ,rter lie rearhctt S™ v or j „,, 
tb, dtntilt. lvhile tl,e.e m„ | 10Tr „_ 

A Llaa oe Two. 
Iwkh f«itl receairj .tt,ad c d 
F.r«i iXaoaoal luticheeii .-„ ,k, i .... 
Aloa, ^-nb all He „,,,„. , T |ehri|„. " 


Slenderizing Corsets 
for the Large Woman 

Deep down in every m Oman's hear! Is a desire to be slender, and because 
the slim figure ^aes hand in hand with ynuth the slender silhouette dominates 
the mode, hsrje women will be delifhled witli Ihe new, light weijht, 
lightly boned 


— made exclusively for the John Wanamaker Store — 

which makes it pnssir'.c for women of full figure to have trim silhouettes with- 
out the slightest feeling of restraint. 

Scientificattv constructed of pink silk figured brocade, this corset has 
been boned by expert torseiiers who know Ihe value of a little boning in just 
the right places. Other important features of this new model are the semi- 
clastic waistband, which allows the diaphragm perfect freedom, and the long 
thighs, which are well reinforced. Sizes -4 to J2. 


Corawt SaJona, Third Floor, Old Building. 

Broadway at Ninth. New York 

. Some. 

»■. piipei» rjp 


. where.'" 
"I bar* friend* 


ft ewe j t 


"Marki i New 
Epovh In the 
Motor Cir ln- 
du»lr> !' ' 


Geand Central PaUce 
Sat.Sept. 23-50 


ViUiua HtrTir. Jr., Kikes Hi; 
Fiist Production of New Season 
With T.ty bj Wire Knmmer. 


niTf, mi 


b/ CI 


'nstidf In 


a Caat. 


Saeaa Hi art 

■"i : j.. Pal" 

naaat Abatw 

Ls|i riinar 

uiii trtii-- 

TJ-a»r^ «. R»l>[o#dn 

iifn PrtEcri Sr™* 

A Lin Jshr 

. Mahafi :ii. 

1 Milralm py B a 

1. , ; .. .■.:■■-■ Luei 1 

nuCaiu GriBTifi* ; 


licnferr.*. 9he auhrequnitl' DiBrrlra him, 
bur <>n rbe day of ber weddlni her faacU 

!i;iliij K (|(jj di^orrcil tllfltW bliubfllld 

■hiAvr. up and he refuan [n rec«fi>ir-fl 
i"i* Bee 1-TeniAtjy in ihr etirnt of put- 
Ibue ber lrrai huahjind oui of ihe cham- 
bet that right, 

ljila )"{ Hber ii niiiiiwf*. p.-, the murh- 
hri-rnrln hridr nn.1 Alfred Ltiht \% aim 
rii-Hirm Hi die rirelirnnd nim an.! \\»\ 
hu.ban.l. Thf "it nf i| lr raat la alio 
crv*d_ It Cnclndea Hall Ififlry lvdviard 
U. Rohinwo. Fraccia pjrne. Alio- John. 
Rn.b.-rt Ktraner. J. Malcolm Dunn and 
t'hnrUrrc ftranrille. The latter waa 
nprrtally Rnr |D tbe mlf n( thr dull 
harnD'a mother. 

Yi •■-•■■• Knmnirr han reKiirlhuted many 
of her bc«t Ifnea nii.i hoamota In ber 
ndaptatinr) and the malt, nn we have* 
nald bafor", la an enjoyntile CrrnitijC to 
him without n nrball-tfiu-n canacienc>.X 



Aralo,. F-|t„ Cfl , siatr- CSawJJ*. 

• Bfrrlil n., e ,j.-h laTh.Mt.nstilrtTalaBr.iA.J 

TRENTON. Sepi. n.— The Aralrai 
Film Company, nhich Aprratn rroni ]3 
Exrbnnje place. Jeraey city, w ith Arlbn* 
T. t>ear as atent. filed n certinceta of 
aBUesdUWU tS «■ charter with the Sec- 
retary of ^tntc resit-rrtur. making Ita 
-■■;.' ii ktoik ceewit of J,."> "i ibitCFa nf 
cummiir. eifM-L withnut par value with 
enlmiie votine power, and JSO.OOj of 
preferrt'd ntork ivlihi^m votine power 
s-nrnTiowd of Waj ihtro-at HOU p»-t nhnra 
per i-aliie. Murifn H, Wcyrauch ia tbe 
aneriMary of tha cvimTern- 


Tn order ro eojoy io ifcr foKesl th* 
hntnor o( "Banco." which opened at th* 
mix ThrBtre taat eight, one must put 
Balde all aquramiah >deaa about the -.anc- 
tity of tbe marriBfe .^eremoay. One 
mu>i i'lo|!t tbe lO-c.iHi-ii "Continental 
Idea." ID iborL A*d ihe D we'll all set 
a lot of tun okI of the .how 

Tbe play, adBpied by Clare F,urHui»r 
frnns tb* Fteocb Of Alfred Sarior, 
ntround" in delithlful 1 liuva and merry 
-.luaiioDa of rbe aophiitlratcd type. It 
Ii riu :■ >rr.rii tar tbe *.i,it>or hr*men. It 
mlfht put sew idruB into ib*ir beads and 
wrrr-L 9loeuBiri|1e or abateier their 
nttire babitBt It esTled, But it eTeri * 
pleaianl 'Tenlec for Ihoar wbo haven't 
■nr bomr to be wrecked. 

The atory deela with a recbleaa 
f 1 rati It wbo haa married n beautiful 
fir! en the ere at bet- betheotbal tn 
timriDf *'**. And then he goea off to 
the Carina to Ramble for tifhrj or ninety 
bouvra. She reifptp bta deaertiofl. of 
eoarte. Had. poaiib'y ikklns ber cue from 
the WatblfiftOB lulrifrttr-, pkSceU thr 
pTare. MeaDtatre, wasera. are frcrly 
made rhat »h* will weakrq Ja ber Tisil 
belore i*. huabRsd: nulta plarinr- 

.\i It titnu n'.ir. (be wouldn't bare. 
treept that Bho lemru ba carried her on 
a wacet and an aba deaerta blm, ( 
to ber mothex'a bowt In the company "f 
a feorceom* crtature camrd Sarco l'e- 

Eeit&urant Owner Wants Setec 

tivei Watching Hii Place 

RemoTed From Vigil. 

When Aaroa Reubep. OMHI of jl r*a- \ 
tan rant and dcllcnteaMn itare at 2*JT0 
Urottdway. waa diacharxed la We*t Bid* 1 
Court a week ayo no a chttrie of rio- J 
l*i in f the Mullae-Gl^jv law to barlnf a E 
hnttte of wbitky In bin reaiaurant. hi* 
trouitlc* did nol *ad- 

AccordicB to TuxrUe McfJe". attorney. 
■vi-.n appoamd for Reubro befarr >Jic:'»- 
tnt> K<Uir V. t-'rothiuKbam ft) ihr aats* 
cocirt ycatrnJay. Inapeetor Jinn S. Bo- 
J*n. whmr deiectirer made the raid on 
Reithen"* place on &>pTeniber tl ba» sine* 
maintaiord ■ nrxbt and day rlfll hi th* 
rcnlawrani thrvusb ihr pmenre (hero of 
a TiniToMnrdi patrolman. 

Mr. Met}** aalced fur a lumrnoor fnr 
Jn*T»ctor Bolan. daimins that ReJjbrn ■ 
peadbafB* « h«inc tuiTi*d ^ y , bt rPMrJir# 
of tbe MQ-olmaru M>r>trat* rrotliinpt- 
ham t*ld the lawyer ibat hf WmM con- 
fer pt*nn V ally with Impede* Bol*p, In. 
the hop* of bai-inr the pstrolnan n~ 
morcd. meaqwbilf holdiaf qp th* imij. 

What Most 
Stomachs Need 

Tha Alkaline Effect of Stuart's D71- 

papal*. Tablit* Pr*Tenlj nt- RclifTCl 

Acidity *nd Sour Rsiaji. 

To mai* our food painubtr. larory 
ts. ■! itppi<|iinc. the cook aHn In jqoi* 

■ ■ .■ - 1 tlr E"(. ! -, wi eat tried r: il.-f. 

Itraorta "raa* 1 ' tki (> B , or . 
itj'atlil Pita*«a to Tb* Hareiu T*^<n«t, j 
ASBTRT PARK, N. J., Sept. 21.— 
Aibuey pari; and Oc^an CtuVr. aa Sum- 
n-.r^ rrsorta, were »,atnp«t morally 
"O. K." In a erfmrt yettcrday by Ltr* 
Kai> Wallrr Barrett, naclnna! preeldeut 
«f Ihr Florrac* Crltleodeb MiaaiWi 
Wort, Tb* Travelrr» + Aid Koci-iy, quin- 
tainiu? a patrol 04 the Icmrdwalk ib* 
imar acaaon. did act «py a batbinc adit 
that n.Lilif be denned Imnevpec, uvr waa 
it fount. necttPtary t" a'ltn.iniaier word-, 
of cliMiidernnt tn ipom(i«jj[ rtniplr- taf 
loUeonduct. I>r. Barrett ileelaml. TIiIj. 
I thr ^.ifd. w«a a Treat Improvemcat over ■ 
condjtioaa of lut v v ir. 

TTb 7 tf*li Tbnr* IVaja tar th* S t aa n wih 
!■ M**anr Itoelf! Jinw Aawla Sa 

3 ., , c A* la* tan (,« Slaart** 
Dyai-ap«*a> Tab an*. 

ml. : hr-j^i. cbt«*r arlth pk, irjd krtchap 
:-.f t rlaecer to tame dl<bea and then roai> 
plain M a ao!jr. ?tk1. sm,y, brlrklur 
tinna-Jj due tv ladtjrailon. Fxpcritara 
ha% sLnwn iiitt it« rmam la not i« 
i-.,n!*'. all Ibex s°od tkla» to cat and 
her ! -r eoiik !,ui iu i>ai]ii.jr -■utp t , :i th« 
j-i,| -t»mark with an alkaline trTevl and 
thro ibe kfunneb rakea care of (near ■■>* 

• alWd "lT«i»f|iili t.ribcpfr* (J*i ■ cO reot 
1i»x it S'uart'4 Urapepiila Tablet* tad>y 
■'I any drill atair. rat tthu »»g' like 
neu ihnoaa yon mt> fear )»d!crMt*u. 
<"a*w -a* oe i*n nai.'--r ,-,i fbi-n. rrjo'ra 
iii«t :••■' f'tqaii tba vexy Lhias mcr atom-. 

• ;.b n>od*J. 


;: ^.:. 






Ii't U, iio BL 




1!>1!;['V «[li! MU*lL\ 

' mobSt 

gj AT l/TCl 

: David njcuirco 






ftV*S. A.*y 3iATB. TO-DAY * **».'. Ltt 



"Howling SiKcew" Eve, Post 
"A Ggnuint Httl" Teliffruh 

KIEi rg™ t 

m. uunAn «iuT*-7fcr * *«.iio. 



Ty'euTJrorif Adopts 
"IT'S A BOY", 

"The mi.iic-nT took M to 

HThmM.' '-TrUm ne. 

W iMiiifu Aa(b»q 7 Mc-C.ulrt-'i 
fcr s«wi II, Ilarr-in 

Season 5 first Real Laugh 
°*" 1 HABEIS t^:.w.« bti.i - -- 1 

Mlt.TTnj-* Wrt 
BjAjB * Vrek* Ahmd No 




llH»nrd Short-' 

.Villi wiuiua Efliiwr. 
li T Ei*r>r, KLfcollbd Turr. £rll/l\*ra 

"«* >iHni^TO>nA.T*-TMn- »-»■ 
llrlr Outdoes Atf E*p**tB- 
F,tm (h„ 'WMO>st."-TI:>.*. 




,„_ Boson «.■*■*"*." ' 



IINA- l-LAIKt- HFinci-; Mr-nAK 


COfl7CCwi»T «*/«T. B™nla«« .! t*V 

rnMLLLn w to-bat* w»a. « tw. 


8«tl! Sciliax S W^li. Aht.U. 

earl carrollj^tL;;;* 


■'I'unqnrtK iih II rimdrra j- .■■-Jmirini. 

RFP11M fP wBt'm irr. ith. no. 

nCrilDLfL. MlU. TO-DAT A Wrf.,J.M. 


El T 1 in r F HmSu. W. -tand Ht, 
LI I n U b >la(».\v < -il. £ HDt. 
[•'I AST MATIN KT4 TO-DAY. 3. 3D. 
A- II, WOODS prag ma _ 


in "EAST of SUEZ" 




(hMms< "WHirS witWG 

i Leva * ]^«rt*r 


ir "llrniiillin^ ll«li*" 
r<«i »' C-lIU C»j ILol <;n.!:,:! yi<-T. ( .i:rJ. 

HKWlNjflSC ■ Hl^i.HY IlAHItl 

rorSioimow'i la ■•«««!* to IMw 


Fi'T-'ft ^lh SI. 
!l A. M.U II P.M. 

m-:r> mklfohd'd 



i:i«!. VMndrvlllt- 

4POLLC*- * WK " " B "■ T -^. ' 

r«i. tj». Hii».T*.a«, t wid. « w 

1W«H«KT- " ALE»jiS'L>IK 

fn P AftTtf&'RB ASAXH 
Kh. k h H. MtLJ.Ta-dil 1 * n:*il (i 

TLMES SCfc. :. ■ 

IrllOsT MAT. TO-DAV, 1.30, 





1 B'y^HM.. 


Vlnctnt Lcpfl * Oreh„ Ulttf 
A TMlV HAktrd A Cliik. 
Ran Dt4**r. **cd 4 Auitlo. 

71r. Llonrl Amm. 
Mtu PtLTiDdEt. 'Doyii fe Oil 1 . 

■ nanjtK H»»tSora* A Co«k. 
"ft;- A *i H. nr^vb & WELtUkar A *::■■■;: 

Rli .1 _KH<ir« 




t 'riimiL 


I'luiwrtni*. "Thi Youna 

1>1«™,' - I". & F. Uih«r. rntts 
A lliu r , CubDESthtOI ft Sic* 
■II It, Van * Tjnou.Tfi* HhIIbji 

CB P F.KiiLil>'a 

*:nl.-i OprntHK juii. 
Ouirn A [j PrllUHirrnJet'.t* 

|d '■!!-(.: -ii nT Fwtuk" 1 On er 

», Mt r>uify & sir. pi-wimy. 
Gardaa a Fcrd. r.ihrti. 

GAjun FDR SA1.K, a N«t PiiK 


T R AN If In -TIip EUrsaJ Fl»m»" 

B'r .-. 17 : ■■■■. U (iLrtifl ; : >~ ;■.;;. •■:,;. Ornh. 

l. Lail IIH, T6-PAT 

Tempest Jm^ 


-a-m-PAi A W.a. I.M. 


****3i>"jyt CtfiBf la M*-U»oH Al*n- 



«j M IHln h 
maiuit KrM 

-JBOCAIB Win. Rl-lm .rftkHH,.. 

g*g***™jjg. rF'ffftTg. 1 jrwtlit nam' 


E M P I RE "VwicS " bTi t ;"v7"" 
t-iiiriRB tbl. arts* niiPiH. 

tlr^juMTrtT mnA FUlph Aw. 
Aw*l»rtl Evrry W»dBH<lA> \"t*h*. 
1 SlldIM Alltr- IHtJW'l "HIU FliK SHOW" 
MH Wnb. r "Wfnf, WomniA ^uht" 


Bucket!*? Case May. Be Further 
Postpone^ Because of Engage- 
ments of Counsel. ; 

The daw flf rrutl ff>r,I->Kiini M. Pal- 
\cx jiiiij IVIIEIam F. McGeo, wlio -nrFrt- 
inHnlnTfi c[ tho fWaflC fttotk brokerajp 
Brm uf K. hi; Fuller & Co. of 00 JJroA^ 
MrSrt: n'H* ?rt f i-»t*rcilly for October* 4 
by Judcc Hfib'Tt S, Jnlinstonfi tm p«n- 

OwIur to tUf ulatcjiipnc i)f IVLUiajB'^ F. 
Fallon iluit hi- nail n !*ij)iql^i; (u? con- 
lug Li] i Lipfoffl Jmljjt-'Lfiuh JE><I Glbba in 
tho Bronx 4'..i,;j.i;. hV-,;: ;■■:. Judfa . Jo&n-. 
■ u-'iiH- urffd «* mflk.f Octobrr •! /i :ciii:i- 
tive dorf ttttgfe (rial nf Fuller mid Me- 
Ute, fidJoumlhE the cdNfr from tin; to 
diy uniir Mr, Fojlori and bLn partner^ 
F,u*mi>! F. UcO«, worn Hblf- to uk« up 
th» iSub of thf brukrrA. Dirttrict Attdr- 
ntr Joab &. ■Jlimion,. w'Tm wbj prertnl. 
Mid he wii* fcAdy i.. itii on wiih thfl cam 
el out rtrti* rrfim Ortciltfr 4. 

P\»Ucr finrl Willism F. McOee -were iu- 
dlrt«l Aiiirutt H on UutlHta Hparate ii:.- 



ifirtmcDU chiUKiuc htickr-tlna'Af btoek or- 
{lf«; T^f firm o( which tlie> wtn lifl 

]:rjid].:> lAlInd ID thn ■ Pajrlj HBtt of thft 

ftiimriifr tut alioui S'r.OOCljOOO, ■ •< ' 

HEi-D IN *40»00(> BAIL 

Roland Eooue, Believed, to Be Er- 

Convict, Hud Small Araeual Co n - 
% ceated in Bis Room. 

Holajiti B, Boonr of West Scveiiteeotli 
odraj;- who w»a -Bjrfcqted Thonday 
nlflit i.n chirps of vinlaLjinE tEic Sdlfi- 
van Law and lareeuy, wm- jeatcMaj LflJ 
Ju *4Q.lK*» baii br Magfiitrale Mat S„ 
l^mcic in JeffefnA ifxriac Court -for 
ennluaiion tp*d»y. ■■ . '" l 

„ Bmdq'a hrroet cime -.abhjxL' ** the^rt- 
nult o( (!l.-- |.Jj«?tl of two ■ratelity froai, 
i;;-Liil y i;riilin. ■.■..];., conlliKita thfl Toomiif 
Muse at which. JJoQDei (ua wif« and two 
ehBdtcn lived. -.^Vh(m Booue'AEooiti wiu 
w-Afched by JJeteeiivo Thom^i Enrlfbt 
p£ IbVWert Thlrttelh attest wtAttoaJt 
wu fiMinrt to t» « HOuiil-eiB*d ■wait, 
Oaoss t]irka And AmtDunition were found 
id. qaADtitT T . - 

| According ut th* ilnrrtiie*. Boono 
fcrrwl twelvft ycrnn and eiiaitwoplbs of 
o tircTitT-four-jflii: afttitcne* in Bitldmore 
for bis connection with n.c holdup o( a, 
troJfey ear and Its panatngert in 190^ 
during .iijch thr coDdQctoc of the car 

W3K SOpt J'.ll'l klllfri. 

MAjriBtriitfl, LeTifte .eotabionded Detec- 
tiM.Emriibt f6r Urn arr«at e-f Boooa. 

'n*cnti»d rem TafWHr 1 ! Lut mtlep.l 


A. H. Wood! Presents Hwghair.'j 
" Saw Jbloflrawij ^tt JJnrtiW 

Eecd in Ltadiag R&lc. 


Olh*r. En I far ton Awm JvtlB »■!"- 

i1»7. firn(li'*y Kerr, ilrtrt.rd 

l*ni »nfl (iTpij- nnri*n. 

rt,Tisoe THEATftr— '-iu»t at aun L " ■ n*» 
iMimtana la fir* i-cau fcj "»' 5nm»rwi 

... Hatband! S.rL, 
ra|htrt;ip TnVIPv 


Htmta KtMi 
W* .» 


Aulh .. J .- i -... 

Oanriii Ctm- 

D»ay :..: #^ . .-. T — . — 

Ut Til CS*ar--.: Ha.*td liti 

FriT-t K^oi .„...-. .j.>....Urw» irnTi*n 

A Blidtflifil Pl-Ult ... -Jolan *MiJr«T 

As .*'(*!( i* .-.., ^ HLll KiMd 


Ho* "th»ie GesUaameil do atirk \a- 
l«h*f. Mr. Kiplinr wrote A ponm mice 
rime abOQt Bant britut TSaat and vire 
■s^raa. And V>\ Qone ra«d: Maugham fainr 
iilOTn and wrolc A plar to pro»e it- 

Tbfl plajf .a "Elol or Sura." and A. H. 
Woodn prcafrnttd it iflat nlfflit at the Fl 
tloie Thratre, Flortmcc Hied, who <s 
sajed the role of a hflif-tfl*te mrl En 
China. aliio.helDed aIodj tbe proving 
proe*«F. She'll Went, -ao lo apCnV. 

For all that, how*-T*r, Mr. Wood" haa 
conlrhed to [It* hia latest. offpriDK a 
charmta* ^MdueUoa. The aaiLiD((B.arT 
nnuBually floe tod b« has deaied Ills pUy 
'<*** nothlDg; in. (be wajr yf inanimate 
BoaiEtncee t* help^aate.rtlifilr «ork e«n- 
Tiadcf. i. 

The Chineae fpnrnle la «pedally ^ah 

orate and (he eourtTiii'd, of the aamt edl- 

tcA .a done r wttt realistic fidelity to de- 

UtJ, - . ''— ' . i 

\Vn» Dan* ta LonflBa. 

"EMt of Suea" oAB -1 ilr*adj bern «Jm*c 
in London. Indwd. il Wli there 6Jr v 
WoodB- first Bptfd ft eud it caupthi hin 
fADer to aych an «t*nf he WA6n't happj 
till br a-ot it. Up hopea" tb«! public here 
will feel the wacne way about it— and 
maybfl they wllL . 

The underlyfnt: ibtme of the ,>lay 
beara nut the Kiplfni; ih*oxy about tlio 
inability of the East tn mic ■ wttli the 
West. Doublleirt that thebTy isn't cou : 
fined Iq KIpHks, hut he wha the tjdtt 
man to tLliits up aome rhyirtcB about k 
And so i-i deserving at Itaat of an assint 
on the hiay. 

TbereH a tffirtOg trae^dy built up in 
thia drama, that of n half -conic iflrf ft-lig 
Iili-- been edueatcd lo England uraons <l>" 
white folk and who nfler* ninlruni-jf >«ll 
L'n'ir inAtkotinpfi Ik iTi-rn'iiJLi-'t buck in 
the- environment rf ln-f E^clbix>d in ttu: 
Oritnt. t 

There the Cnne*«1an» re/fa*** t'i a««pt 
Ik t sodally aad nhe , Isn't happy with 
her oivn pi-«i>|H . And when aht liillf in 
■ love with one <iM>rcfl Codwaj nf the 
Brittah CoSAuloie scrvici ahe finds even 
Ili>, though h*: returna thu ^mnde poji- 
aian,' can't bear <h" idea of sacriririoc 
hb career to miirry nef- 

TitJH affair happena aonie Lime before 
the' openlbg tf thn [tlay, L>ut v.e aro told 
all about It in the opeslnf --n-n-.-. 

Then George's friend, ironically 
cnou|h, one Hcary An^tnton, deddna to 
\f,Vii her- She miring . h\ja but Lhinca 
don't go well with th<m. Sins doean't 
Care for aim {pecans? all ilic time ufit'a 
very vldently incl[t7cd toward fli-nn;,-- aod 
inndvenantly «ht diacoTnrs he return* the 
feeliDA'. "* *■"•*» 

The Birl'a native niairJ, whn tuddtniy 
Fa dincloard aa her mother, tukca a hand 
■ t tbla juncture and ronTMiifnttv ar- 
raAgeii to haw Llcnry murdered. But 
something rocj u-r..ti;.- and <ieors-G fnlla 
a vici'Vi to S!-MiH-:i>L kiiiL'i -. jngtrjod. 
Fortunately,, he Ir Pat killed And the: 
hAlf-caAo yonag tdidbd nurnea him hacki 
Ijo life. . * 

In the-R«ne in thr- garden rhe..ttiro ron- 
feaa their lofe Pw eflch othi>r f*an while 
CJeerjfp dHMtlinpei fifmaeir for dole; ir. 
And then, resliaiiifi rim fnilliiy nf -., fu- 
■ture tORether whon the (Irl ia already 
ti.-:l to his best friend, George killa 

n«cli to China Wjiyw. 

The fLrVn buBband: drnouncea her bit- 
terly for, tiavJNK lircn the caua<> of the 
end of his in'"-! friend and alie fe^la the 
doorfl' of the old China nk* bud tried 
hard tu eBCapc cloning in tightly ahnut 
bar. Thft curta-n fails aa sht lactn the 
rftttation of i-rnn-nlrjr to th Q deB>ived 
ranVn et hrr people fnim whom aba had 
fought to get anni i.ll hrr lif^, 

Aa,Matr(ham hnn written It, "Emst-of 
Ru,.-" la in.iivi* Bt^fnrA, uiid--lu' baa told 
hi.» !i(ur/ in the main rimp!y nnd with 
dlrectne^a. Tin- force of tbl. great 
traeeoy, In fact, V.m chjofly io fJta>.Bfni- 
pllrtty. But Mind Bred #cem* to -fa A re 
*TtWed Mother cOQi-nptloc of li«r n role. 
She FTOCfl In ntrnucly for emotion and 
reads the moat fiJBwml line on (f U-vrere 
rtdolent of liiddoti rni::in-nc. 

] Vriiaf:' tbi* is the finlt— if fault it 
he — of dL-^eilon. But it doe« appear aa 
Jf the aeteeea were trying awfully hard 
to miikr.Mtv Wowltt Ptallxe ihi. In onrhinj? 
her moriey hf Ahe*r mapiial labor. 
. T^ih' rest of the eaat dlsplkys a bappiei 
bent and John Hallldav aisnagea to get 
through b!a role nittiout mttrr than one- 
half of one per r. in. of emoting, Hia 
la tin 1 part of the ill-fated George, and 
be does it wli. Leonard Uudlt i> nko 
ereelPeut as the hiiahand, ivhii.- (;, c,f. 
frej Kerr and Gypsy O'Brien are ch;um- 
JUpr ■■ d youii£ Britinh brother and BLf 

•*'.>■ Olber* In fDinjiBT. 

Otheraln the tompony iverc Nathaniel 
Har;:. Cajberine froctor! Howard Lanjc. 
Join Spiflcrr abJ ffim KoTeo. . 

The mott InTereiUDg thing abont 
"Sast uf BatJt*' in tbo production Mr. 
Woods has clven It. hut this doee not 
Imply there's no I nt first In the play 
Itself. S^Teral of tho mtuid aro.of tho 
food old^raricty known In the npStato 
theatrccolni" remBnilaT u "eripplng," 
and undoubtedly this ' melodrama will 
Bud a ready clientele in Xew Vorki 

Ctrrtainfy, "aurfe An earneet effort 4a 
worthy of tood trfttaBttt at the.banda 
nf the public, and there a no reason to 
b+lleTe It won't be kindly treated during 
ita atiy sit Uic Kltingc, 


Associated Office to See That Zti 
Members Get Pre per 
FUm Senicei. ' .' 


rhnelt. li. (;«il*i nir l>rrilin from 
EaaimaA) ,r Tb eajVr— 1.*« h u*ir<i 

atart-t IVort H Mftth" PlrimT*. 


WITr? -Nathan Burkhn as legal 
adrlecr and Incorporatof, the 1 
Atsoelated Bovine Office in 
rapidly ueerlnpias: - nliaa to 
form a liHxihine combine to obtain ■ult- 
ahjf play ilstr?. The prievanee of Olft 
men itho ire :rpr.---niii. il in the new 
corpora lipji ii their Inability lo get First- 
mn pir-turrs. They claim all the cream 
of the motion T>ictur*B *oCa to'lhe map 
who ha* a bir circuit lad thit. v-y tbe 
Urn* the indrprndent exhibitor gets n 
pietiirr it is an aid hi" patrons are not 
inirrcsiH in aeeing It. 

"A man may hsu-n' s, beautiful thea- 
tre," Bshl Mr. Hurkan. "and br nnalle 
to riipply il ^ith tha proper films', A 
comprtltor mi.v hire on old remodelled 
honae, and. hf-caitie he heiodifa to Iho 
romhine. si-i all the Imat pictures the 
marks! elfnrHs. Tho Associated Bool;- 
IriC OfTir* 1 i^ formed to avoid tbiu very 
thing. They slreatfj have AOo 'book- 
ins d*ye wiih ihr promise of many 

About /'^ty-fLvp p^hlbitons hare 
joined toe neo- orniltliiation. Lre Otbl 
btiiI L. i: hltinteatlial nre 'mentlourd aa 
imnnriAo) meniber^. Although many of | 
thr ■■:,)■.[■■■ ;■■■■:■■■: enTolleil belone; to the 
Theatre CVwUbts t.'liamher of Commerce 
it wis Htotod yesterday at the Cham- 
ber "f Commerce office tbat tbe Cham- 
ber of Commerce a» an oraauir.ation* is 
nnt interested in thr new hooking com- 
bine. It !■■ a separate association wirh 
separSte plana and affiles. 

The StBJ>t*y Company has a booking 
office, but ii', a usual thins; a boipktae 
evimbine ho* not proved a miccchs. for 
^hr r-i-:»*.iiii that rtiipy of the proJucer- 
(luttfitiators hare rrfu?nl to do buaiseas 
with such an nrjtanlxatian. 

"Rometbinj; mnwt be done, 1- taid Mr. 
Burknn. "to relieve (he embarrHHsmeni 
of the i!ii]--]]ri.ri"in exhibitor who ia com- 
pelled to tatc any left prat 1 he en . get," 
The man with a htf mriuj; of theBtEe^ 
who can ^nsrAbtee a certain number nf 
hooking daya get« firit claim with the 
result thr Independent man 1* left with- 
out any xuitahlr film Attraeiiftni." 
^A wcll-kaoivn prbdnoer-dlBtrrtintor, 
who anted ibet hEs name b« omitted, 
lUtld the sltiin tion waa a serious one, 
awj 1hit be. did not qnre lo comnarnt on 
ji uniil he had met KUM oT the other 
diatributors and dUcureed the matcer 
mote thoroufflily. He fit ill "Too much 
r»ui.-rTMBti*iB i" always ilanserous ' 

It i« *aid /ii luncheon will hf itiven 
within th« rett f%w weekj when aU the 
plann will he nmde pul-lic and the 
raethoJ of in-oeeiliire anoounced. 

Could (no-. BeaLajfife. 

The De"« chat L'harlrarl. lionlding 
Ifas renigneil «■, mnnajfins; director of the 
B*w W.Wi.OOU theatre hull |" by Oeorsn 
EuHtmati in Rochi.-nter in FiomDwhat of a 
Hurpilpe. Mi. (loilldinp went to Rodi- 
enter from J'roetnr's Theatre, Hehmt'c- 
tatfy. lost Spring, and spent most of. tb*; 
Mummer getting ibises ready for the 
oncnitiE. He sflenUd dcligbied with th* 
prospects the now theatre 'offered, and 
Mt. Eastman »■■■.■ ru-ii p>naed ^vTtb bia 
work. No tii,..>«si-ir baa been nasied to 
take !Mr. (.louldluc's plncc, bnt It in ex- 
pected rhdl Arthur Amm, hip ssAistant. 
i; hi !;»!;'■ up the reins until a new tin ii;: ■ 
ttgiot dlreetor Eb ippOintrd. 

IVmLter lln>ri an the -I11I1. 

The rotHting cnmmtttM uf Awoeiiied 
First National la M4S rotatln K , Walter 
[iujes trf Buffalo la the uext one to co- 
operate with the ex-vuHTC «>mmLttea cm 
importiuil mBlteri,. He eome* for a two 
wanks* term of ollice and b Berving as n 
Huhntitnti' for Moe Mart. So far Fimt 
National lie.- found the rotating commit- 
tee prnctical nnd raluahle. 

To Sbow Flotar*. 

■■The Chair nf 1'etT." Phowing tho 
ccremotiir* incid^n tul to tht election *j>d 
coronation of i]ia Hotineu Pope Plus XI. 
relenacd in this country anri Cnnada lij 
the ,1ii\<ik Film Cnmpty, will be shown 
to the Csthollr Writpra Unitd at thett 
in :"'■■■! ii-i: next Tun^day at vhe AtlBtfUia 

McCOrinlcl. netlFB*. 

John McCormiek. Western reprtsen.- 
(stlve of Aataclated First Nauonol, who 
came on to talk *hnp"ivirh the nowem- 
ihm-be of his org an ir at ion. it returning, 
lo the West Coast today. Broadway 
may Ik- nil rijihr. but McCormlck is aold 
on hi? home town. In other worda. be in 

Allele ComAndlnl of "J1TG Bathgate 
aVcnue. the Btons. i^ n happy body 
ihr:-i- daya. JJ&K for her cottEainn biuch 
that ia promising aod tha' reason is. the 
pri»* that IWa awarded her this week 
for writlng/the bi"»t plitfto-play. The 
prize !.-■ offend by thr Nubley Company 
and the jndcra" who iulvIc this llociidon 
arc Julian Johaann of ratB'Aifa jPIflJW*- 
1-asliy. fJharlea Whlttatan 1 and WlutgJB 
K. (.i^ldenbcTg of tbe St. idler t.liimfiiiiiy. 
The judges were unanimous In their 
tlioloe, nnd Ihcy-ilfo earo favcraiilc nida- 
tion to ALdft 11. D.- Milt. 117 Kant Si:.' 
tteth tftrect. and Profeirsor John p. 
Tboataf. tK4 Vfrmi :M7rh Mrcet! AEiw 
("ontandini i? a ttudept of the Naw York 
l : nlvcfsi[y. 

Leah Balrd at Work, 

Arthur Kane liaa nutliiiu to WOCCT 
him au fac e..' fiesb BnLr-l is concorncd. 
Witu c:itne to him yeetirday that Mina 
Ur.ird haja stnrtedl work on her fount 
i'lrtiire. to he called "All Mine." !>orian 
\ere wgtita the story ant]*WHllftct: Wor- 
sley dinw(ed it. PromTnent in the cast 
are Ltifelun] TAicker, Wait, r MeOrail 
and Thome* Hajitschi. 

Goaif TldloBB. 

Pttb* Ia oVtaflB* a dlrifewt TbroflKh 
its secretary,, JLcwla Snncramy. it wia 


Sli i- won rhe M'.nn plo in itr olTeFeit 

Oy The e j- ( im^y lur the 

lirnr mollnn ulclnrr ilnrT. The 
ladfren vim iipinlmnui In tbrlr 

stated rratrnlny (hat I'll lir lix.-liaii^e, 
Inc., annonueen that n ili^i^nnil nt tin 
rule af H per cent, on the pfrforr* I i-t'Ji k 
of the company lm* Iwi' i ilech^il \t~*> ■ 
abtr on Septembrr AO, I'J^J. The-'aUre- 
ment explains thai thtwe are tlio ,n>i- 
dendN ^iijimrjlnted »iticc th-- Jiitu* uf 

HWtfe tO .:\-i i.U- HrllTlK I In- I'hfJittl ihl.V iff 

Bep'ejEKHir, mi 1 ::.- 

Tbnruas ii> ticain ta'arL. 
Kvery one is liusy tti tin' FftUMBJ 
Playi'M- l.asley BturJiDS tbcsr (layjr. The 
■ cene ■>( actirity is ri-ry K rjiiifinit ti> 
those, who hare been ca«er to »ei! many 
companies nt viork m tin- fittitt, Thunniri 
Mei^ban heRinn waf& no Mon^tny in 
{ji-orge Ao>*ii "Back Ho Hit' and Hj-nki.' 
Liln ivoo plays ojipfyHU- 1 nini. Other 
memhera \>t iln l-u^l refioi for waii 
Miuidii.v niiirnitiR. 

( rlrbi-atli 


The Jewlali N«w Year in-.faj wBI bi 
riimmemnraLerJ by S. 1.. Tiothufel ut fte 
Capitik] Theatre iu th-- pn'Rruiii lupin 
ning to-morrow Uy n Bpreiul ftrm£utttfini j 
of the nucienl Hebrew irnocutLon. "Kul 
SI Ire." Wflliutn Ait hnn nrrjinKed a nth- 
cifll vccnl nrrutJBcmeiit fur l>ik H,ve. bar 
itune, nnd Justin Lnti-t-ii-, tenor, ■■■,■,: ;,-.\ 
by n double nuHrtctti 1 . t-onsimiiLg .if jjei- 
b.v Ajffe*. IxiuuiL. flehevrer. Melanie 
l)owd, \'lrj;inin fUrfuud*, ILij Hunter, 
Am Bonibetfier uuil Janie-. Pnrkfi 
Coomba, Mel^hinrrc Mnnro-L'oHoiie unit 
further cnniribuiK to the lujlitliiy bLiiiib- 
piiere by Jt "T'uluphraan nn .liw"i-h Mt-J 
odics" on roe Caiiiiol tfrnflrf orSuu 

^iif.ii.ln; r>r New l>nr'l. 
The Him inihoCry will bs .oiiNpi. uniiv 
by ita nbHi-iirr to dny. I-'chil Brosdway, 
we mean. Xrv Yi'nr's: is cine holiday th- 
JewiAlt people ^-T.-brnte nnd upend ;■! 
home. At T, ,i - rW-V Last rvrning it win 
itnp-uwihlc tm rejsrb ninny nf ilie film atpp 
on the telephone. The holidii* bagAjn it 
sundown inxt ev.ning \\n-\ 1 m :- 1 -. until 
BUndmem to-ttfgbt, i^oDd thine it in Kjit 
urday. or iv.: shrnild be .l.-v^,;...! f ftf 

Coir-MjlM hy lVliai-loa. 
LeopoJd Whnrl.iii nf tit* teuin <if 
Wharton Brotheir,, well-knon-h in tho 
ri^iiinn picluTT infinmry, will twin intna- 
duco on the market <5»a>r4Ioa produced 
by the LivrW Ciuemn Company. Th« 
tirst one, "Tne 1 inutile One**" 1 Btnrrin« 
Unt-n Bo«-, in oon," ready fnr pi-eaenta- 

At the C>rr>ra. 

The i.'apiea will Imve e» \sn o)iirf film 
Attraction nest week -The Chosi 
Bn-aker.'" Those who mi^wd necJhc 
UAllsie Reid irj thia plrtnre cb.ii pec Mi- 
Reid. I j la L*e find the other mctabem 
of the cmat nt this theatre atartin K tltm- 

Mlrlpm Ilia fim.rrojt l.hVnpf. 

Miriam Itattislh. who is beln K dirr-cied 
oj- Hcrherl Brenon in the Jlary Caft 
picture, ■Penale," h:i,! a aarrnw eacaiie 
from .' drowaiiic; lfl»t Thursday while 
h'-inu "shot" jn n life boat off I tie High- 
lands on the Xew Jersey ahorc. l.iUle 
Miriam slippod Trom the B rn«p irf a life 
guard and wem under «.ao of tho hoati*. 
She wan ut-ettghl to mhnre ia an cx- 
tiALihted ceuditbn Ami ii took CnnBidrr 
ahl^ time io revire her. flul alie'n amil- 
ioj; ftgAfn. thankn to neverfll bosCA "F 
ti on bo tie nnd botwjufin of flowers from 
th«" other plAyer*. in the Fos company. 

A Line or Tiro.. 

Whe demanded an aiklicin-e with the 
nimion picture editor at once. Cpon 
being [olrt the editor wata inacce«.a|j,Ie «i t 
FrirJaj- afternoon nht< agreed to tnlk lo ti 
mcmlier of the ( f(nff, although declaring 
abe didn't suppoac ahe eould cxplnin hep 
misjuon to any one b»t the head of the 
department. At tha end of a" long dis. 
GUMten the exhausted member of the 
staff, who hIko had. plenty of work m 
do on Friday afternoon, learned the wo- 
man had n Btory Mho wanted printed. 

'it stunt be pnhtiahed," tmid, the W o- 
man firmly. "Jt'n very imiinrtant." 

The member of the staff acrred to do 
n-h^t ebe could 'to tanncc Km pubiici- 

"And," said tho persistent one, hand- 
ing a piece, of paper niih three or four 
Hnea written thereon, "when |t i* ptth. 
Ii?hed telephone to me, will von?'" 

Saturday Special 

Charming Hats 

For Dress and Semi-Dress Wear 

Specially Priced At 


\\c have prepared as a special occasion — for Saturday 
only— this exceptional assortment of hats — all of 
them smartly modish and all of Ifteiii mndishly be- 

You will lind among them: 

Models of Black Hatter's Plush 

rti large and medium Srtort backed TniLshroam 


Soma of them are trimmed with ?race(ul gairii- 

lurcs of glycerincd ostrich, u/ftitfi others liave 

a touch nf lace as well, to add Ihe softness 

nf line. 

Black, black with colors, and all brown. 

Hass suitable for every age! 

SrE-ond Floor, ,1*th fliTf-et, Kmni, 


L^ Harrisi'i. Dulles, wli hnown in 
I'luLLidclphia >,nd New YoTk siwiety. wbk 
ve>:ierday miiiic defendant in a rootn- 
mnniiLi notion wherein Grace Thornr 
liullg-t, bin wife of leas than iwu yeem, 
ligvircs as pldiiitiff. 

Thin Tact lienine known ihrougb a. mo- 
tion |or aUmiiny nnd eouuse! fees peail . 
ing trml which CM fed in the office of 
I'an /)ne, tfpeciol Term. Supreme Conrr. 
vi-fiterdiiy afternoon. The motion was 
maite rrturDflbli' before Ju^ice Philip .1. 
McCook on Wedncudaj EOlt. 

The papers hied ar^ under s«nl --Uil 
no jufomiotioa eooeeroing them could >.? 
obtained frcim the loWjera or from anj 
one ebe in ilir County Court House- 

Mr- . Dulln is a daughter of Samuel 
Thorpe, taniU-mlllioTJAire biinfcprv 'ind j 
histrr of Joel Wotfn Tl.ornc, who sumo 
looutha nijn WstB awarrled a decree of 
divorce from Mury Cnsey Thnmc, hiK 

Ill in year's social register am forth 
that Mr. and M™. Dullen huve a town 
Ihiubo in New York on East Fifty-ihirii 
Merer. It win impossible to get an an- 
sivcr to i telephone call from the 
Count;- Court Hotiiie for some time. 
Thin cawfli offered tlie infortuaUot' 

that ^[r. and Mrs, 1 Villus had discon- 
tinued the telephone. 

Coii-eidrntal with the begioillor of 
Mm, Dullest unit waa the Tiling: bj Mrs. 
Thorne of n bill of execpttona to Jua- 
tire Edward R. Finoh'a action apprortng 
ihe nndioga of the referee. 


Mary 1>iidH(I, WAl* C'eilrned Ap- 

prtriDMi on ntave. Acted Useerly. 

Mary Feonetti, a young woman, .who 

registered nt the Hotel McAlptn ahout 

| three or four week* ago, saying aho had 

I appeared on rhe sinj^e and in motion 

pictures, was taken to Bellc»oe Hoapital 

by Or. Foley, for observation. 

The young woman bad beCD ActiRg 
nttii'T i n i ■ - i ■ r 3 >■ and yeaterday in reply to 
queationB nf House. Detective Denniaon, 
stated she had lulrcn veronnl. Kim Spoia 
ruthef ideqhCn;ilt]y. 

Mijta Fcnnetti said she waa 23 jenrt 
old nnd that her mother waa at preaent 
in France. 

Mr, Sf'«ster s«fl« To-dir. 
A, I*. SylTester, tics president of tho 
Americnn Tnbacco Comlmny will nftJl On 
tlie fHympic today for on extended trip. 


All Gas Consumers 

Who contemplate moving on October 
1st should notify their Gas Offices 
now so that the gas meters may be 
read and locked on the premises to 
be vacated, and read and unlocked in 
the house, apartment, store or office 
that is to Be occupied on and after 
October 1st. . 

By notifying your Gas Office now, 
prompt attention can be given you. 

Consolidated Gas Company of New York 

GEO. It. KIRTI'.I.VOl. Fp*ftld*nf 




kotbht sicrraE skcthm. 

PPBUdBkD kvkb\ ncNDAV. 

^^S^A^.H TUE s^*™" PDULIIHINO fOMPANi, st No. 8» Elfbtb Aveoue, 
Cotter FlUleih HtrwU It. the City n r New \« r *. KoTowrb if Manhattan. 
„.^- E. U»h. PrwIitaH. B» fcjghtb Avenue. Edward R. Tlftiw Vie* Fresldcat. 
K» Eighth Airtaae. John J. Nril, Jr.. S^Hiirr ■mi Treasurer. fii<o Bighth Avenue. 

TllepfcoSw, EIOO I'lrcl*. 

Uake cheek* payable in The JRrnlJif Telegraph. AM Elf bill Aveau*. New Te-ri. 
H. A. IH.M-i:tt. Advertising Uiupr. 



p Bourn] bell 

No one dispute* (hn argument that it would be much 
r if flip mntlnn picture Industry could k*ep out of 

Become Politi- 
' cal Istue in Com- 
ing Ounpaign. 

polities, but since the Motion Picture Commlaaiori la a 
pollilral board ft MOW Wfj probable that cerJBorahip will 
becnine on* of the big ie-sue* fl f the earning gubernatorial 

Tbe State- Federation nf Labor baa already made it 
known that the party that dor Bl iif.t ba,*c a definite plank In lln platform, de- 
nouncing eeajmfahlp. rannnt hepn frr the suppart of .nrgaaiied labor. Peter J. 
Brady, president of New York Allied Printing r\iunrit. and chairman at the mIum- 
tfouol department of the State Fede-ratlon of Ijlbor. bat appealed to the theatre 
owncrn of Ihe Slut" for h#l y fn eihmlnriilng n pamphlet based pit tbe rr :..'.» at 
censorship, ■■ , 

Mr. Brady mfiolnLmi thnt Jill Aims depicting bnitai ewoduet of hireling* Ual 
officer* or the law ha™ been supptcjfssd, and thin, he ity*. la n vlcHatioa of «n- 
atitutioBal rights. He «i.m ihe people pave, been denied the right t» see flltn* 
that ure edticattanal. t:nlc*s the Democratic and Republican partita are willing 
to remedy thin evil, \U*y will not be supported In the coming electtoc. 

Sow tbqt labor bafa taken auch u ilednlle «taiia on 'tenhorahlp tM notion 
picture ihcotrr. owaer? enn scar^elj do !« v Innamuea *n It in their own problem. 
Toasfblj- ff^ the tndimtrjr had bPoa firm In kit eonrietlofta that ba partj could be 
*MlBt«l to viciorj- iritheut a plank repudiating S!:u,- caoaonhlp it tbt htat elep- 
tioa, <arej nhould not now be hflmaerwl with censoralilp in New YjtIc. 

The theatre own*rn fl f New York State ore acceptlBf tli* Muiseation att foflh 
bjf Mr. fcrady, nnd will r^nd a camralitee to Albflnr on Wednesday nnrl Thuradoj 
Of thin weal to confer with the DtJBofifwlio nnd nepublicnc eontnJtttea on ra<0- 
btioni, TIj^ n?publlcan committee meets Wedneedaj ncd the Ueaiocrntie com. 
mittec on Thurpdnj, at which tine It will he asked that a plank be lurried In 
the respective platforms. BtHttai; the paaltlon of each r«Nj- on the ceaaondllp 

NerdltM to sxj, lb* rapp^et of tbe entire leduatrj ULd that or man? ether 
■tfbUe. spirited citiaeca will h c ,lvrn to th« party tbot mnkes the repeal of the 
woaoi-Kbip Jaw an fuiie. rt U »urprI*Ui|- how far ihe iienduiaiE hUs nwung. in 
the opposite dlrrclion in the year we have had rPn-orBhlp. ■ Men who *ftre opcnlj 
in ravor of n niotioa picture coramlyalon arc doit just an ra|er u abolish It. Tha 
. 'InHaencr uf sik-Ii a board la pad, even thou|h ltd ruliQTa muv aot n*e«aarily be 
arbitrary and harth. Tbe Terj thouibt of bavini tbree prople derive what a 
whole State idat sre nnd mny not B eo in r*pu|nint to nil whu belifm id (reedira 
of i f-fi-'!: nncJ liberty of ihouglit. 

It.U unfoeinnnte that tlie motion Jikture Industry has to become involved in 
politics, hut Mince tbe Center Caiumiaaian Is a political hjard, ^o-mpoaed of pro- 
frtBlonal politician*, it \t> the only course open— Btiil certainly no one with iny 
backbone In going to nubmii ta such n law without nmklu; every effort within bin 
^ower t* obtain leu repeal. 

TlN-1 motion picture producer^ an 
more than snttlo tbemvelvi^A back 
in i:i'-'i t ■ - n ; ] l ■■■ i -i-urijicLi.-ii aw [■,■.■ J 
chAirs, trying to recover Trom tJn 1 
blow banded them by van who *cy>i 
hinitoU a frllow prodncoi, than nAother 
wajlop It handH thein by Dt. *,'. Edworr! 
Jonea, cuperinte:ulefit at tie Albnny 
aebpols, Whcreuq tbe 1, a. (meaning sri- 
biw pro : i : i - . - .- 1 wal|ti through two fnatall- 
EtfrDta of CoHier'n that the motion picture 
Indnatry baa nut tchrn ndvantairn of i;-> 
foet opporltinllieH, Ilr. Iftpesj iinys thrr. 1 
are no oppartiniitleft for motion pirtnrn 
Dr. JarteR dnci not rsprwa MnWeST \n 
Ju*t this ftttfUW, but the meaning. n:na, 
la the iftm?. ' lln hiJfui not. no bop- (cr 
(he producer who Ir Itlanlrrd with th* 
benutlFu] Ide-j that he iney h<'\\- tbr 
ynimg at Amarlru hy mnklnie plclnre-i 
fouaded an the risarirs. r»r. Jnnmt Fnya 
pu:t«r*fl Ilkr "Lady n( the Lake," "flvnn 
teUue" and 'The Tfir« Hnakcteeri'" ars 
more dptrtenento] than helpful to the 
jurMille oiir.d. 

QtJOllni (n'di the Albany .l^qmal li- 
eay* : ' . 

"They fret, when thry bavr* Been a 
movie, cntirti an undine of thr pint. nn«t 
learned the nmnpn nf th* charactero tba.t 
tbey hnvG derivrnl ji.II [mssitilc 
from ilir- bor.U. Thry arc wmnc- They 
linvr faileil to gain nay w*nse of Jiterary 
vntuea. Tbey bm-o failed ;■■ senao thai 
the !n>n* is a !i-rr.>;;, - oik] not a lipamatie 
iMWterpJeCp; tli^t the author A-aa prl 
inarFy Intcroited. not in a swift mcA-fox 
p'bt. but In sliuilcn nf character tao fthfl 
to be (Jcpicled on the acrcen." 

Dr. Jones Srma II 

IVrsonoJly I do 


OBERT E. SHERWOOD, motion picture critic of Ufe. thinks tbe n.u»'ity at 
■ motion pictures has het-n lower thin year thuu ji t any time ainca lfllS He 
g dISconrflccu; althrtiigh be ban found "Tolnble Da T Id." "Nanook or tlie Sorffi,' 
lyeandma'fl Bur," "The Prlsjner of Zemin 1 ' and "Thr, Bt*nul Flame" oaafr in 
- amgularly dull nnd arid gdcaerl." He La [Obkn e forward, knwrvvr, with hope 
i to «imln s production*, wb^b Include Jackie Ctwjta'a "Oliver TffSat*' an 

• n AeTlDBalr 
Hove the nro- 
fjui-i-r.-, n ci it take Dr. JoDrs any marr 
K'rlnunly than they do Pother's auCtinr. 
Or course, it Ip dlscoLirngiu|E and discoH- 
L'iiiiif! to be told !!:■■ clajAlcs lire harm- 
ful to the youth of tbe cunntry when 
areh nn a motion picture tcrajti, cape- 
cially in view t>f the fact ihe paid re- 
frirmrra li a v r nlway* tonrie It n pnrt of 
their propaganda, to woep aloud at the 
negligeuir of tbe film men in bringing 
the hitter ciaa& of literature to tbe 

Tnklnp; T>r. Jonea lilerally, It meani 
there is no jjope abend tor films. Aay 
Jin]ir In tbe pant tbut tlin cinema might 1 
liavi> *iia founded; o n tnaldug h*UCr ple», 
tures. with dTubjccL'i thai srs 1 1 ™ ' . c be clnraeiu 
by thnse who use the word an "Mgfc 

ROBERT E. SHERWOOD, motion picture «ftfc of Ufe. thinks tbe n.«a'ity of ljrt,R ' ™n»Hal,' JUlig articlea have betn 
motion pktLire.i ban heon lower thin vt-±r ihnn aft nn». tt*» .i>,» imo «t. wrUten, brilliant spowltee lia*e pj-cn dc 

rit] nnd editorlalt! have hcCa broad- 

cii on the failure of the "movie*" tr 

f tnafcc I he modt of Its opportunjiir^ for 

BTJ( j \ edu.-;itin; lliP young. IEow comes Di. 

Dotttlaj FnirbnnfeH In "ttoblh Plood." , Jones and aith ono mnke of the pen 

Mojiy enthusiastic fa'ns will eoa^:der Mr. SbervroHl^ liut fnr too restricted * MioibCtttea Ufi fine IJeoliam. 
-He but- neglet'tetl to mention "Blood nnd Sjud." vvhiib hi bos-offlee reeeipta *l»l ! Uttvieu only our crowing mlod to 
attendance. tt 9 well aa irttait* min^ity. tmtst h^ -iK-luded in H ny list of the mo^t wmdi— the lit.k |trl w|» Uvea at ray 
populur roA •■:in-:-:.h-.: pl^turcu. "Ke[iorted Minnmi." starr'iog OweH Mocke bsd i ^ ar "^'- — l l] " " ot IWWtttnt to fantrariict 

™i M .... i, ^u,.^ by M . r „„« «,, lb . fl „. t , fforl . „„ ,„,. ; .„ r „„ tbt s^x, ui^ssviZ™ 1 ' b';™"™' 

tmro. lliomu, Jl.ijlinn in •'Di,f Irfjdl n j Cttbn" i«d nnu.v ralliurluillc. MHroni- «esli— iT I maj he p,-mi»::*il for 

m from reviewers. aTMl fiiiLllr > ilLtti rlir prndiia! — vrith ur cipcrLenri? 

Oat m,i»l not furerl. ton. Norms To]nut!«r> -SlEiHa- Tbt ■■ Tll.t w«» i 'T"^' ™ ««»»''""?■ " 1 ' ll Vi' tlJ ''»» lrl 

TWrf waa singularly well dOnr. U. W. GriSlbV "Orpnana of ibe Stgfni" eland* ' "i tbought," ahf BRlri, "I would hot 
1lt aptetarumrly In vmof respects, even though It tu:iy no! be cttiaaS amoiiT the ' ^ K if,T DoOWta, but jifter meing the ple- 
:o:,i briidnnt result* of the Griffith genius . ( II,r(S ' WBnt l * rm "! ''« atoPi- as it was 

•.o/T,''","" ",'?" ■"',;""" "™' lu '- E "™ ««* ««« '" nd.,1 =rr mil I,o„„-,, ! "IgS'Sufi*. **o, »«,■«<» 

One tJiOMOu. Dnj. Rirorri Hushrfs "DrnKmiA Curtf Ahtnrt." ■■H„n,ao I mlloe" hail ninny crkl-ism. lo opT.r on 

JUaris. ■ <;porf« ArlLis'w "Tlie Itiii:nff i'uMinu," TliojnpR ijrijhan - . "Tbt BjJclle'or I tJ* *'1T '^ ft "l''rli llir |iirturr *,li pro- 

DaJdf ," "E..1 li Wtrt," vrllb CoMtUrt T.lttndjr, "Bin of Ufi" and "Btbool I l)U ^' 1, ,'"" ""?' mlnt "" ,a " *• "**■ 
IMrt" with Wfdtr Bnrrr. I ,„ ' i 1 " 1 "* P |cIll "< 1 ■Kruifdlnt- turtlj 

I IlilP .'tifir.l'i ! iiiili,>r hill T rm ■« h t^n. 

T aeema to b* 


I i[ ja difficult n--l to IikiIi at LliioE^ tMtfi 
; n paetiifc o.rt". Thui i« why 1 ivundcr 
i no one has urgeil .\[iUrrtJ Munloy tti elgn 

uti tin- dottid line. She Is thr wicked 
■ «fimun in "U*» a Hoy," Him Harria's 
. new prJuUy. and nhe ia the most Heeorntlvc 

\\ii\.K wp hfltc seen tbli jrrnsoii. ;!■■; 

hewntv rifiiji her ^nrdmbe, ft'iicb iinfoj-- 
! tuniitcdy ■■< eidoak'b tf make snnir yoniiff 
, girls f*M-l being a vnm[Hlrfl baa In mm- 
. penitatmnn. She in tii' 1 typr <■> Mta 
i Nvldl, !■•:];, much vtimmer and pinaller. 

Thin 1b not a (Mid adwttmttttat fn r SHw 
' IIunEey, In frict. a - e have never mat tlie 
I )adj\ L-nt wa di) like Lct work— and bet 
| brauly. 

I.IH5-L Who I'w Her*. 

IT a*ems to ba a fad at preaent to write articlea on "Cirrhosis or the Cinema 
nr "Why MovJea Inruriatft Me," In other wop)* ta tall attention to tbe number 
Of bad pictures nad fltherwiaa condemn them, This nonaense 1^ much ucerdfine. prfj- 
■#Hy btcauae the subject happen* at tbe ttme to be wleabTr 
V Nobody thlnka of execrating tha puMMier who turna out balea of trash nnd 

R the miDlakee of the Theatre ure wi ijulckly" buried tint tto «ne talltti or thr number 
of bad! playx wbli'li open and elose. 
. Tbe motlfla picture ia nt a dludvntafc largely beiinme fllma that are 
■ mediocre or ivorrc continne io ma la the tueatren iltraiighattt the country. oHen 
.. flndieg uaerpepled popularity fnr from Bromlwqy. 

prv-..,- Tbe picture like the booh 'market ha B ](■ list of best aeller*. wbieh d^es not 
Mp its reputation any more than the Sien.iatloaal novel ndoN io Ihe eubatnntinl 
Weraturt of rbe Innd. Both supply tbe demuad of a neatterbralned public whl-li 
avoids serioun thought— Ike wime ciasn that we'cotaei* in (be theatre the bedroom 
fare* or tha chenp vaudeville. But nobody b!u*fcea for tlie tleatr-e or anoloalies 
foe the dltnt DOvel masqueradhag b a IwO-dolJar (ditlon. 

Were It-peaa.'Uc to aectuntalafe statlntk^ WP belierc. thr percentage, of bod 
pUUrea would be no b:ghcr tban (bat at bo v J<a or plays. 

But thi* klpd-of criticism is out of dale, and articles on the uirjrjnj picture 
*r* tt (v-Cseja tie heqt -.•SIltj. 

Tk^ORE and more tlie eoatumo play appears to be coming back, and quite 
ATX atrongly. Of lata there have been. A nnmber or rhinfoj: eiamples of thti 
on. Broadway. 'The Pripone* or Keada" has made r great hit; likewise "When 
Hnighthood W» lb Flower.' 1 and aeon we an tn have Dmiglaa Fattbanka in "Robin 
Hood," «U of which accma t» indicate thnt the pnhlie wjl] patronlia the eoatumt 
^Uy. EahJbitora for Home paat were of the aplnJon that auch algyj would 
sot draw; wheihrr Or not tbars waa any good reason ror such an opinion aaaaa 
Wttftd, hut thin, neACrlbelrss, waa«Uio reaaon given for die theatre owner to fight 
WAT* <rf incb JiIiks. llowerer, the public will pay their money to see any nal5y 
good atTTliedoh ; It mtitnt no difference wbelhrr it be a cmtumr i» r modern play 
jnn s* long oa it nosaeas*« Tnore than tho usual amount of cnifrtainment value, and 
they have proved tbla to be true llmr after lime, t'oatuuie frraya have an adviatage 
over the modem type in that they are gtiierally of an blmorkal nature, and' there- 
tvt* caa offer more fnr thr money than tbe utlier.". Whatever tile reason fur the 
dearlli of such piny* in (be |ifi»t. tbo fact remains tbat in«ny uf the recent cinema 
■uotbbw have been «t«lume plays, and the public lift* liked tfaeui ro tho eitcnt 
Of packlnj; (left tbeHtre* *|iere tliey Imve played, 

Hfce ."lirlam Cucper, hut I am sure Long- 
fellow's fiabrM ran different." 

If that little girl bad not kcca tbe 
mm* -pw< ujtvHuti «:.■: wwiitj not hura 
thouKlit it lru|>ffrtnht to -try and vi>»ial- 
i*c tlie cliuractent and compare the jwreeu 
phiyer* ly tile ideal.t called forth by UrnU- 
fc'lmv's poem. 

The trouble, wp ndmll. with (he serpen 
clu^Ki * Lave been H, c ] B ctc tflt imagina- 
tion uti the pnrt nf some if tbe director* 
who have oniric them. Iliir this is being 
overcome, and nnything that sun pi re e the 
ehlEil with n dealn- tu rcuri cunnut be a 

| perniefous. influence. It is an Influence 

■ foe good. Moat of tho mothm pictureN 
rpondad on Wkn and plnya bare been 

I I natm mental in Increasmi; their selling 

1 Few people have ever neon 8 motion K . 

plttuM jilot aa a "movie. - * Tiny study ■** cl 

the <Ie'lneatiun of chariet^r and Tose ' 
tbetneelvcs in the atory, rorgetting »Lon. 
ever it in poterfble tbey are looking fit a 
make-believe drsma. To them it ia a 
real page out of life. Any one who does 
not look at the screen in this frame of, 
mind could not enjoy any type of Him 
whether it ia a classic or n jam drama. 
Most teacher* will diaagres with Dr. 
Jom-fi, and aay to bint n motion picture 
baaed ou higft c j 0w [iieraturc will create 
in the cbild"a mind an interest in thfl 

ittory and an understanding that only a 
vJMiLiJir.nticii of tha theme and ebsractcrs 
could bring to aim. 

Tip motion pisture fana this waefe can 
feel New York may Hgain be the center 
of all motion picture activity. Firet, 
Thomas Melghan came to town, 
no marc than settled bimaclf than James 
Kirkwnod Tcponeil. Following Mr. Kirk- 
M-ennt"s urrUnl Leetrlco Joy. Jaequellne 
Logan urul Uln Lee put in en Appoar- 
uiit^. siving ;l.n K;iUioua l J ltiyprK-I,SBkv 
officer such a tlirl'l BU 1HC worked fur 
two rlayn. All of lb\s crowd of celebTltif* 
nre at the Fumons PEayeni-Lryiky stiiiti'is 
in 1,-iss;: Ielitml nnd the oEd-tinier^ r- -.-.;- it 
rk-giiuj To |.c like pJd liniet When tll-Ie 
Fenjuson. Murgucrlte Clarke Mitry Plck- 
fur<l and thrc*> Or four other* were all 
mnklng pieturesi on Fifty-fourth street. 

"lfis titles are mmisiiiK u lihout ucin^ 
forced. After ripi-iininp mo»l of piv ihiy* 
ami eTeninjrs reuiHng to aft nor.ntliinc 
that trill mskr iiiurb tlmu the gvaxiurc 
piature. 1 welcomed the caatice ro aet 
Auo to write in- mi 1 . The of 
Iiuulel wen urn thr acceptod idea of tbe 
tir-ru as |r*ea riirun^h iu v e^ea oi tha nn>- 
tloii pL~turo and fnues. hut u -.• .\l person 
ivitb ability, bat ton !:.■■:,.■ to rn-rt liioi- 
silf to accumihilsli tinvthiuu," 

"I wa* |> -j.n. ,1 with "Our I-Kadin-j 
CtttfOA," 1 said Mr. .M^ighan. "until uu 
exhibitor tub! me ibe iiiclurc wan not 
ivJj:nt iUn wotben wuDtDd. The = j ■ - - ■ i llko 
rl. he «i: id. hut the »<imcn do ik>i like 
thuL k.iud vf d ben i. 

" Discouraging," wtul on Mr. iiiiyiiun, 
"if we uiiint lime n cut ami Jricd type of 
iiim duriieiOJ- whu item oie:^* a mil- 
take, but irho Ikvea n pcifect existence 
from the iu-:,i to the l.^t reel." 

"1 vnttbot belioVc," interrupled Mr. 
. . Kltinire, reacbing for a cigarette, "that 
He had I - V " UI exhibitor friend ajptdU fur the pubUe 
in yciu'ral. He might bare thiuiglit yon 
naeCted a rri:ii-i:iii and the \dvji uffered 
waa iirobaliiy bis «»u tHJiir^ptiou. Wo- 
ii!i:u are nut in tliette dfli'i su uuuhl tligeut 
that they c«n only tliink Ailing "0e niven 

uiotiai! picture bou*e« ih+M dflyt hire eaaie io be about like 
jloom in tbe Sprlog. tral li. They've noihlng to do with tbe 
ii"tbinp to do with the feature photo-ptaj 

P. HOK.OGUES in It. 
. tbe Rn-wer* thai 
e*»*. Or if they have 

it* tney are pltlfatlv nW*«j and nelf evident, ond see^i in hnvc been thonglit out 
t>y a group ©f Kjhth Grade seboal children, A pmSogur really is H sort of prefatory 
■Utameat or mplaDatloa. In which tha tbsme of Ihe play or photo-play, aa tb* ease 
runy be, is art forth. But In some 'of our leading film houses recently we have bad 
aoinf horrfble esuiuplea. 

For InataDce, in one caae tha berolne'a name In the headline attraction 

Tha New Color Plelare. 

Krtry so often we hear of some man 
who has invented n color prnceaa that 
will rcvolutioniae the wcrcen and bring 
tbe colors that heretofore bavo been so 
eidly tacking in all colored fllma. Usually 
en investigation proves tbe center may 
be a rich red or a beautiful blue, but the 
edges will be fringed with another color 
mid Took as If rim primary colors were 
clamoring for recognltiuh. The" new 
I Technicolor Company, h*«drd by _\VliH- 

b lam Trarcra Jrrnme and Churlca Dstut 

bine times out of Clbwn, with *l/>rkho]rters of mgny of our 

I projnlaent buainexa men, seeou to have 

j ^rilvfd the problem of frayed edgea and 

given uu p prococa that kecpa tha sama 

! color from the deep center to the outer 

j edges. Tiiis wa« proved at bu uliibition, 

held Thursday afternoon when the hdn- 

4 tiling of one rich fabric after another in 

Htttttm. ao > duet of The popular ballad "Genevieve. Sweet GeDevfrv*-' was at- f "i* 1 "Sf"!^ J^SStf 1", Wloj. of 

earpnlent tenor eiiflB Motbrr ilncbree ■ |a Jobn Blc<Vjfntlck, ns an approprlata tation of a washed out pink, were «£- 
JBtTodnctioo [«. ibe feature. Or, If the photo-drama happens In he laid In tbe timber i " latent ln llelr eolorlnr and tie wblta 
tllttrie*. e back drop is used representing this particular locale tod a male auartaita i *" tha (in ** t tblt1 ^ of ,h i" kind prtr 

sS:: '?- t k°" " "" r is* M,M K r" A " o( " hW "" j j ° '" ELii, ' h " ' » «SAi l *s- P ^r u ,iifrff ^s 

J.*Dth avenue*, hut aeems ai trifle toa much f^r the leading Broadway theatres. l"n- ; ha« been nnbeatable. but his, invention 
ha* a prolofu* has Home rea*au tar beiaa;, It ba& no husinesN i,-, be, j ia ro eiewnaiva It ha« been impractical. 

at week at ibr rj n pi|o| there was rather an eicsptionol example of tbe blend- ; It l " r*|*»tatl Ntlfaaj Technicolor la lb 

^^^v'^ret-anr^ l^st i z^^xstsrssb* 

■Et^&rTtW r„te It from me » go out and. di,- 

prologue makej. a very ^ttvaetira prelaw for a pboto-playT™ MrrisTwitb » °°™ r '"" w,tnt fnr th(! ,aotl « n P'««» 

i.J' 1 jj* 1 Imagmnllon ut iuveutlveneaa. bat otberwiae it ia'battar to let nature i Di^ucers, bet having been leelng thinga 

Uk« Jt* ecom-»B far a* Uia fflnaa f0 . ! wftb . notiH picture eye ill th.*e. y«jti 

\m aearaja Ad* IVeald Bay. 

viifo nud tindicg in her 
the i*cethpnrt who first t*M)k his fnae/ 
many yearn -.:,;•< may he ol I fgbbioticd. 
but Thotaas Mcigtiaq ll,,;c » W* FrfiUcca 
iiisri be doesn't care a darn who known 
if. Tn fact, talking to Tommy on any 
Hubject brings forth some such unex- 
pected remark an: 

"France* thiaka,", or '■France* d«a 
not think," and belitvc It or not u yon | J2*°* 
choaa what Frances aaya carries mere 
wetjbt with Tommy than: aoythibg else 
in the world. He flay* aha Ir raapbnai- 
hlc for otty airccem he baa made, and If 
he hadn't heeded her advice he might to- 
day be pluylof unimprortnM feltffJ on tbe 
atago instead of being electric lighted! 
from Broadway to Keokuk, la., and On 
in the Weal roast anil back again. And 
with all the electric lights nnd all the at- ; 
rcnium and all the ccmpFlrtirnts, Thomas J 
Meigtiqit hasn't chanced ono wblt in ait 1 

'Vos: pleane Tive n.« credit for sums 
Imagibatiou," I begged. 

"t'lenty »t it.' i,iin-c«l both Mr Meig. 
b -io null Sir, Kitin^e in oav vuite. 

"I Ciin aire j <iii j. aump'ic nt thnt. Uto," 
"lid 1'ommi. "Frairesa oud I wfcni doivu 
ti? the bcjteb fir.n day. to g,a in bntblng. 
i:iki=]i Percy and her husband mid pinm 
frlinds Joined ua. Ellecu kiaa^d Frjnccu 
add ttlvii icajicd uver and Wised me. The 
rieit doj 1 received * leatittuj letter 
from Home wdoidu. 

"ALOiUcr ]ttoi ahftttCCftd *ujr wrote. I 
auw you t;h tlit! btdeb liat Sunday Lining 
a lot if common v.omen. I tliuufhi hero 
at least Is die muti * J lid It true tfl till 
wiTe. I gueM all movie atars *ir«s ullke," 

"I waa sv furious at her letter," nind 
Tommy. "I twk It to Mr. Jdltky, I «aid 

the common wnmen were my v.'lfc and 
Elileea Percy- My wife and Mis* reroy's 
husband Were With u* uhcn abc Jilswd 
me, aad there waa absolutely notbing 
wrong; wa jttc all (pod frienda, >"ciw 
how can ydu ahap ibe evil tongue of 
gossip wbio ev-erything we do » inisoon- 
Btrucd mid made to lock evil?" 

IhiLt Amr*** "with iiln 

"Mr. LoaSy agreed with me it was un- 
fortunate people were out with tpy- 
Rlassca trying 14 find wmcthlhg wmug 
with iho raOvlea. 

"I Waa comforted," went oil Tommy, 
"by what Oeorgo Ade mm In iliu* «.W 
mopolitan lust week. Did you n-ud It?" 

Julldn Eltlngc aaid be bad been so bus) 

■ ei-encd in tfcrS SBS'wA3& S " , . ,, 1" l *« y ftU >- ^rtsge of gwd repute. 1 

kSrfJS than SjtBw ill ffiVlaJSJ - »S ! flw "SSr*^? ?" ^ yaa 

afternoo, i^jTS^ Srffi3« 1 ^^V^o n^etlee^ l ' r 
"I tike thh one." itnid Mr. Eltiuge, 
rend" ng : " "If any film actor rvt t stopped 
to plck> a prlmrose t all the Iwtafty 
claisea In America will Vnaw the factB 
sooner or latcf." " t 

"How nlhiut eJulfl?"" I aoked Tommy, 
ream lie: "The dream of yearn has been 
to get the name on. tbe urge bEJ[hoa,rd&. 
At last, ^-sheets hcajiB,!* shrift rrom 
*vtry open lot and lie victim ia cora- 
uelicd to rraJk in th? alleya." 

Jwtlaai r.Sk*. a tie. Too, 
Both Me. KltiOAT) and Tomray agreed 
OtotfT Ade muat hare known some of 
the inconreutenc'is of Iryinz to e-eape a 
liublic who pin laureS wrcotbs one 
minttlB and band a ertuvii of thurns the 


Readme Ado Ple*»i.n( raatlaae. 

BatUrday afternoon reading- Qcorga 

Ada wl.Ui two of njy lavoiitB JcWr* ia 

- blla he and Julian Elt- 

Hth the mortaa, Tommy as: r many 
mam dllarlit r hi wrong, hut all hope was, 

T ■ l l rt|lo , ,i K rp , *fr wasnliwr to 
write title* JtOfl add a little necewary hn- 
Jiinr (ft tho n? h " 11 "''y Wn of ftloi material, 
r- 11 * - «^ 1 i' rc t : In >" , " s g the hero It* "Trft 
l>olJcgii Widow." nne of George Ad«'a 
most notable staae plnys. that Tommy 
met sind married Franeea Wag «hn was 

;. N duhl.. troiieyo m$. ^K 

SSEK A w dfl 9*. p " w hi *n In the 
"WU howaebold since 'that dav After 
i-enrting and evading arid readlot. Tom- 
my appealed! tolranwna PJayervI^islrv 

r. let fJkffpt Ade write n scenario frr 
hoi The rcwlt vrns "Our Leading 

■i^en. and the ejtpcrlmrat bmught 
rnrtb aarb excellent resulta the ccmbini- 

lon of Melghau xaf \ Aor ttl |j rpmAin as 
lonr aa the Indiana author la ivilling. 

Toillniy Ilftlpif, Ja Ad*. 

"Ade knows how to. write charaeterl- 
utlona that an huttULa," said Tommy. 

4 rr!ijL'. 5 :it pastime. But there remalcod 
a Hnoday paper waiUnn to be put Into 
shape. At that time '-Hatudnughter" 
bad not reached the IlivolS. 

"f.o and see lt„plenar, M said Tommy. 
"I <vajit your honeut oolblon," 

My imi-r.«i opinion la that ths-cbaractrT 
or O'Bauaoo wu made for Thotnaa 
Melgban. Whatever ftawa are fa tho tjffr 
ture, tho eharaeter of tho Jrlah Histrut 
attorney standa out tike a beacon light 
on a storm*- He*. 

"Mr. IV M|ll*i nays he like* tn> wort 
trt-tttr than In The Miracle, Mati, " i*ld 
Timmy. "'Ha made O. Bannon go t^s 
limit when Etc stirtad tobagsoning 
dou-tiwaj*uifter he aint l-ydla to Jirison. 
I raid Mftnif Mille an Irishman knona 
no half measures and deprived of the 
■a .:■?.-.. in he. InVed. and having fotmd duty 
a painfnl rnbsiltuto for her love, ha would 
not atop tit anything until' he rcarbrd 
the bottom. Ilia comeback would be 
just nt BWoJ tJn other Way." 

"Ton onght to know the payrbolnny 
if tha Iriah character." "I told Tommy, 
is lvnll ib any one." 

"1 do." be answered, "and Mr. Dft 
Mitle let me put my 0<FP Interpretation 
in Korae nf the *ccoht.'' 

1 Baked Tommy wrlttt be thought of 
Iti- VaJrutiao case. 

"One thing I am hot discussing," h.. 
said. "I inir lit have made aome bid 
mistakes myself if 1 hadn't had France* 
i to a<iv sc me." 

A thought (hat BHUft have made 
| Jupllan 1'lltinpe regret he nev^r married. 

A FUm Trna«dy. 

I Had indeed la tho atury ftodolpk Vnl- 
| entino relaretl in court last Monday, tie 
1 was cOftYpcllcrj to nit on a barrel, sad th* 

only mirror furnished him was fn small 
j ho hfld difficulty In putting his nlllhc-ilp 
j un properly. Some of the industry- wept 

oifr thin Dvtdsaoe of linrd-heartrKluess. 

while onotner member mort practical 

than poetic said: ■ 
■ "Why didn't he buy n chair and n 

mfrror. Wl th (1 ,25(1 i week- — no ope 
| need sit on a MTtH, or deny Uintwlf the 
! plraEiirc of awuiiiy; .l docont sised iookinr; 

glaes. "' 

On Way DaaCi 
i Tho news that Dsugjtl Fflirbants snil 
. -Mary I'lckford are on ibeir way 1-Jlujt in- 
clines ut to believe "Rabin Hood:" may 
hai-c n New York premie're like "The 
Three Musketeers" with Mary and Uoug 
urcscnt. They Are espcctcd to reach 
tnwti obout October 3. 

Ilr Will Ei-ave. 

All the bravrry and chivalry isn't con- 
tlnsd iio tbe knights of old. if a atory told 
nbaut Noah Beery is true. Mr. He*rr 
was plsying in a ocene wr|th Hrlen Cbnri- 
wick apd Hichird Dii at the Uoldwjsn 
■■; .i=;i.:::. Lit whs the 'vlliain and Miss 
("hadivick the heroine. A part of her 
4ceue was to sbr>iu. Jlr. Ucery. Tho old 
story of a revolver— "didn't know it was 
In^ifcd." Thr- bullet JitrUck him In the 
•I bide nud b.'-iii!-,.- he dlu lk,; want Mfes 
Chnciwlck to worry he played tbe scene 
through to thr end when lie collapseid 
li s k ■ S bad to be taken to Ills home. 

BUK*« Yoo. Heard Tflltt 
Ycnterdsy morning'*: W^orld come* out 
"itli a rtfttj that tbe Picture .Stare Con- 
gress, a t-ommcrclEil cnterprlac for tho 
financial benefit of players, \h about to be 
held in New York Oily. 9aya the World : 
"It would be operated after the fashion 
nf the ejthibitorK nnri prtHlucern' fair held 
In Chicago some yenni ago. 

'Something like thirty or forty r>( the 
lending clnrmn players would be gathered 
here nnd placed on view aa booth tenders 
in -\ (nir of M)mc sort to ba held in a 
building on the order nf t^rnnd Central 
Piifaec. The furthering uf internet in tba 
fiim ploy generully would bo if* object. 
An admittance fee of about (1 would be 
charged, and thr patrons would have the 
opportunity, mark you, not only or seeing 
hut talklnt with their favorite players. 
Names already mentioned are Rudolph 
Vnlentiiin, Mae Murrtiy, Hope I'p.mpton-, 
Slni-iou Psvies, Thomoa Meightn, Harold 
Lloyd. Mabel Nnraiand, Johnny Uines, 
Constatir'o Binitey and Peggy Hopkins 

n> AckDowlcdaa His !.t-i{«-r. 
A [sJeasanr letter from Frank iJayton. 
reached thin dcnk on Monday. Mr. Day- I 
ton at one time w.i* one of the ie&dibg } 
scrcrn players at Lssanay. He was slsn , 
culled the poet laureate of tbe film com- | 
payy as hla favorite pnatlme when nnt | 
beting w*3 to eompnac poetry. Mr. Day- 
ton aoys be was ihnplred to write on 
the article in The Morning Telegraph 
commenting OB ''Why I Am Ashamed or 
the Movies." We hope he will let us 
hear from him again. Its Bjce*l to re- 
ceive letters (mm old friends. 

9|>«aklna: a£ ibe Article. 

The name of tha man who wrqtc "Why 
I Am Ashamed of the Movies' 1 rcntinuea 
io bo nu-r- of tbe naven mystcrie* of tbn 
film 1 industry. Either the man la ashamed 
to speak Up and tell his name or be ia 
afraid. If ha had half tbo aaaursnoe his 
article says he would not hide behind a 
norn da plume .now. We have received 
many, many letters commenting on his 
eowftrdire. Most of the 8.1m industry la 
inclined tn believe thr nearest ha ever got 
to a atudlo wo* looking at it from tbe 
outside door- Others are sure ha ifl a 
disgruntled member of the Industry, whose 
inability i-i succeed inspired his In&c- 
furfite articles. It Is unfair to other peo- 
ple In the industry to whom fhs tinger of 
suspicion rolgbt point, .If the man la not 
afraid let him apeak up. The film indua- 
try ban a right to kBOw the name of the 
man who is fichtircj: them In this under* 
handed fashion. 

Ham 11111 CrAtcrtalcts. 

Yes, bis nunA la really Sam HIM, ann 
although he bnila from tlfn West he is no 
relative of James Hill, tha railroad man. 
Tie Li a personage himself, a famous rood 
buitder. with the Columbia Hlvtr Hfgh- 
wny to hi* credit. Ycstarday Mr. Jitn. : 
thronab th^ Motion Pictisre Produeers I 
and Distributor*,- eitended an Invitation j 
to the newspaper* — tho motion pleturo 
editors to meet him at tbe University 
Club At luncheon, Those who BcCcptRd 
lii-: Invitation were- Interaated in hearing 
him tell of his moHon picture activities, j 
!!'■ took a camoraman with him to Ku- ! 
rope, and filmed a number of tna place* 
and penrmalltiep having to do with tha 
treaty nf tl ob -fortification, signed at 
Obcnt. Helginm, ir 1B14, betweaiQ C.'ansrin 
and the United States. Tbrtn apoq bia 
return tn thia count r* he built a "L'caca l 
Portal" at Blaine. Wash,, an immense I 
stone gateway, half on AAertcan and half 
i.v, Canedian i..i;f. Thia film, made in tba 
intercaU of pence, he ffta bmaght to tbl* 
ronntTy to show Ltir Hija or£aBlsatlo)| 
n»d pfau for its ctistribtltian. Mr MiU 
in addition L" all tbest activitiea accot' 
rmnk-rl Mrirshel Jnffro of France on p 1 
trip here a tew month* ago. He al 
finanead Joffiai trip around tha world. 



If you have praise Io give, com- 
pliints to make or ideas J.o air, 
rejliier them with tbe Onlooker. 


Mellon Picture Editor, The Manning Teb^ 

T caonot refrALo from comment on lb* 
letter In your column, 'ina (jan»Kcr, H 
prnislns Valentlno'a present stand. It re ■ 
Devts a chjiractrrlatlc atlltnde, uat a con- 
tract Js bladlni only on tUe employer. 
And no dautit a leglttmato measure nf 
popular success and nrmoesv; of character, 
la the Ssteat tq which, a man ta able to 
bald np bio producing company and get 
away nlth It. Wallace Retd must Indent 
rta*et not enacting Jesse JSmea earlier In 
hla Mreer, therchx rodangertas: blmscht 
to tbo publle. and maklna hlmsftf in- 
dispell SIM* tn his eraplDycra. Certainly 
faia company hsn not shown Itself over- rrprer-iitue «t buj farbesranre. 
I auppoio "(be sbj'b >&» limit." will ba 
Pols bTegTl'a niiirnrle after ihe leanta one 

Aod yet tb*r trll as tjint ih« eioi-bita'nt 
salaries paid to afrs arc llrgely rciuaa- 
sible for the evil days of motion pictures. 
P. C. K. 

Motion Pletnre Editor, The Uornlng Tele- 
Id your reTiew of "Tbe tjaoet Bresker.™ 
new K the nivol], van »ld nnrroiimate- 
Ij. tbit Wallace Held was di much like 
a Kcnturtkan as Waittr Hlcj* vns Ilka 

a negro. I ■-..'. li :■,■>; 0.«l[i ■'..■r.,1. ■:'<•:,; nhit 

im vaur Idea of a Krntucli!a.n— black. 
■-i.i-ich net, long bale, dandruff "ii the real 
eollar nUil A DB*W Of tnbnero? !.,-- mfi 
ssiure ran that the Kentueky youth et 
Ihn (jpe nf Wlrren JjirrlB Fa h!,.. any 
ether well orecl young maa, eKcepi, per 
frsca— nosalbly T am ten flattering- rfttbfr 
I'lSr-vr ami better lonhinB" th«n fhe fivtrsg* 
Now Vorfcsr. 

Wilier Hlr-ri irai silly rreiiAh. nnd It 
*eeairiS io idp, t hi> ftlnVtor muftn) mn^ 
at bis ^bsceei, hi.! (IHIo't gut llie maul 
out nf h!s rant llmvcver- — ! 


Hllt:lir. IUNOH.ANCE IS ItLlSS. 
Motion I'lcture Editor, The Morning Tele. 

grcpli ; 
Th* paper* sar at last that n En>at 
Qoloc Inventioii hal snHrd the uuest'on of 
why It Is nnt prnetlral to hsv& eolnred 
illTm. 1 wonder If tbli li trus. I have 
been n-nillag moiinn plttim? uewn fnr the 
P"»t ten voom nnd La time nn< '.-<■• 
ihna rn^i eempnntes rlalmtd :■■■ hnvr In- 
vented o. eolor prnefts Ibnt will brirs 
nut the r.-ii lints wlltmct merging threa 
or four color* Into a bunca. ] bar* icrn 
some of tbeee, among them a tiot-se that 
Tin n eiirlons mlx*d shaile et hrowa, 
t:lue and red. lie looked like be might 
hr the t-nlleo htirie of the fnlry tale. 

Hut never hive I seen any colors that 
sttrad nut with i»ny degree of beauty. 
Colored aioilon pictures to my way of 
i 1i-1b-.Ii s ua: hnve lieen pbout as practical a* 
gr^nrt npera |a s rSD'ttOfl. pletoee tbeatrv. 
1.«E the colored phatagrapby belnns tn 

th* Bllll p:.-furrr bcJ thB hroivn an*! 

hlscfc [1st* to iae icreen, or course. II 
msy he that Mr. Jeronre hsa an Invention 
that ■■ »; 1 1 ,- r- ,•- r s r 1 1 1 , but | want to *ee It 
before I believe tt Tb* same wlta Qeorga 
Esitman. Ihe nrwspsinera are too ready 
in niiMi-t; ■ to rid without. IdVettlgatlnat 

However. Rarkni Is wlllin". Tell JIT. 
William Trsven Jeromo to brlnf gi a(a 
cottirenl film end I will talcs a look at U 
for myielt. 

Your a tar lei* hunk and more truth, 
11- L- H. 

ro\vi>T.*:> aoaixst nU ivtltj. 
Motion Pletnre Editor, The Uornlng Tele* 

In repLy to Ida KurtraiD* letter tn 
tone paper, and from her letter I am led 
(i heUrtf that sbi> le not well Informed 
'oneernlng aereen faels wben ibo does not) 
know that TTiomsi Kantschl— for a eertala- 
tr. afshlon. Hamilton tnd Esthlyn Willi 
i*itii eippclolly — bs»e ever been Btarrsd- 
Mlsa WflllSQis nover hsp done anything 
else than star. She waa a Sella- atar for many 
ycjir-i. Tbeu sbe really starved for Fsra- 
me-unt. One of such productions was "Tba 
Coat of Hatred." 

In other wordi, shn baa oeea Btam4 - 
or nlayed star Tales in all tbe gr^at dba 
companies In raliTcatP. They are: SeUf. 
rarmuflunt. h'oj. Prlsnlck. Equity Produc- 
tion! .iTi-1 nanipden Releases. Ro tbat 
really (envei no doubt that K. WUUimi 
In not ft itin-. Beally I know of no other 
nelrcii— a star — that can basse of hiving 
bten connected with so many funour pro- 
ducing eompanle*. nnt crco the -wonderful 
Maty P. I admit (here Is only tho on* 
Mary Plckford. Thr re Li alan only tan on* 
Eiaitjlyii Wllllpiria, who !n srtlstle acting, 
neauly and perrvanallly, hns never io much 
s« even h*on lioiuteil, let alone c-toaHed. 
snd E doa't think ever will be. 

My t&qnks I extend threugh thesa coN 
nmna to yivur reader ef Beptember i% 
from N. J., In his approval of my erUiri^-i- 
flnn «f Katbtyn WllliJims. Aa to Ut. 
Hsntaebl. be has really been starred tft 
- l «-]itr speeltls, Is now Pstbe twe-r-r! 
-.f.ip and sis? playing; main rolei In future 
Pox pro mictions, fctihlon liimiUnr; haa 
been a Patha •car; sod played In all-star 
eaat p:f<i.artinn* "Salf a Cbaoce" w*a 
one of Uie tatter praauetlona. 

Mr. Holding has never really been 
starred, 1 admit, but be h*,B played In tbe 
alt-star raita we »ee, ana li worlby of 
st*.rdr>a] any day. My time Is mom than 
lip, io atlll Unehansenhle in my cvllm*- 
llon of ICatblyn WllllamB, ibe screen's 
grtntcat. most talented sctress and most 
beautiful woman ef the Hirer ihect, 1 rn- 
m*ln. Very sincerely. 

ST. W. (Ardrnt Fan). 

West Grove, r»< 

Ut THIS "B Att. 
Mftiion rlctuns t4ltor, Tne Morniog Trio- 

Apparently ray letter to your Ooloeksra 
Column haa rreatsd njalte a stir, for Tra 
natleed ae-nrai rather r*i*ntial replies. It 
•cat not my Intention to causa anr 111- 
feellne or to (rcarf en sronnd about which. 
I know nut h lug. I've been Interested In 
the inovlas for a goad many yearmnd my 
point Id the latter I scat wa a haw very 
much the teem all -stir U abased. X didn't 
• sree with "H. W.," Ibwt a list. IneluUlnr 
Ibe names of AnlU Stewart, Thamsa Sattt- 
achl. Katblyn Willtama, Mablan Il*roilton 
*nd Thomas HoldlrK, wSb all-its*. As f. 
sAld before, Aalta stew ail, or course, .baa . 
tta>r*iT r and T bcJlsve Tbemss HsntScbi 
was starred In « aeries ef short Weitero. 
film*. But tbe otbev plsyen are not stsrs. 
■<i why call tavh jf cost alI-*UrT 
,1 stso dluaresd with ■ if W." In bis p.' 
timste of >n.ry Plckford. Tt seems to ma 
that plnelBg Kathljn Wllllama abwv* 
Mat-r PlckTorri Is allly. I Ilka Eatblyn 
Williams. I don't koow her personally. 
But I mean I like her work, and tblflk 
abe la a vnry good actrera, but J cer- 
tainly can't pl*e* her atrbvo Mary Plek- 
fard, and I think there are a number of 
ether artlata. suHi na Poll h'e;rl and T.I- 
e|e rVrgttion. wh* are equally n< piod na 
Katblvn WlllaniB, However, tbe auhjeet 
i-a't imaottant rpougli to Quarrel abant, 
la It? No sctnT or sctresj |s worth LbaL 
Tour* vary truly, 

Ida KurtlBUn. 

Grwnwooi Lake, S". J. 





M.u To-racrtu* * tot- J-U 






AND tl*T -■";. 

5S M05„0rt.8 

Mmln*-r* WkI„ 
Thorw^Fri.* »**- 

(K!i»ii; nt Attl*tt. 
DliwUdb- fla. Jftill 
^ l»S La * taLMtitS.:! 
to tic. OLJmir Mlta.Q.14 

u Uf.lBC.Tu.SetiU «<■* 

» — — ■ — ■■ apnea nripw »™.h" 

J-fsEOVABD o/nOYCT«iwn- 

* Kanr tUmpY TflTH KVSIC. 








Ntilttl at 111 
W»a. *t J." 


UFMRV Mill FA' V. Tn*»u«. in*, nit 
tlCEIIII HMLLCtl o KiiLTapniMlii 

1P4A LLAIKfc rtfturn )t.-1Ai- 







"The audience took it to it* botn." — Tribune. \ 


CART Wul tULb 8L T.'g-. (ILK 
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A. L* Brian***** Prodm-non 


(AiipLrd tram,-p|J! BAJADBflE'l 

ifiu-ia ey Emntcrich Knluian. 

DHk 1- WIEUikm L+ ust-ont, 

Lyrlcf by Bud d> Sjlv*, 

WHS a^Rf!!llin{ fmr.ri.iu. JorJurlltii: 

VI ilrnnir SeirSI John T. AI nrt*r 

The-pc Balm V It Ian Omkland 

Frank Un^a-ne- Jloland Bfl((«jnlf jr 

■ Ed j Gbarua eC Yrm[h 11.-I Qtaiit) 

Fr«t O. L*th»m .nil Julian Jlurn+U. 

Mil- Thura. apd Ba 
"HUw TJlrlc Ontdoaa All RxpaMrta- 

tJ*im. Kiwi lllr>LW1ldM(. ,1 -TI,nt. 
PAVid mn.Asru r/wiau 

^cAEEoiinU, GHAM s„ 

Mar.v Wad. i SiL.lrq 

DAVID BS1.ABC0 W»<M TU£ Cllfll COO HLl III! n r 


with MarfArw. La**T«nc« 


*■ BKKOTW at 5Isf 5TBSET 




•'Rare, irr tb|nlt. I* ■ pbn~ 
(■plur of hirfnohJUj, c«m- 
lilntaK 'nn, roinnnff, hrin 
InterfHt a mi *xe«llrAt dru-, 

— 0Htn.ii ifar/tn, Wwl-.". 
PrBaenfoAwrjiyROTHAFEL ! 

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WARTIN ano-wN-B 



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I E". ».», Jliu. ffd, ■ til,, tt. 

Vaadecbllt \"**Jfe** 

Hi i*. Hia, 4 4ii, 
"I* at Klei from Biji-ita Pim.h, 
I* m. RouIdi TrnT#«.iv ta 








'A LACE I i-nTi J Onb.V Hitij " a 

B'TACSl. 2$*> VtBli*. 0»«!d, H. D 


,ii.:.KHih'« i Btul. Hfrrlwilr, 

lutDdtfltTl KERR A lViyiYJSf. (10R. 

r*t*flL E Uti. a Ca, 'udcri. 


b.F.Kelth-1 Vv« r h)irrt'- D«n<-ln 

STREET^""™ * V«Unt ntki. 

11 . "KO0.LS FIRST." 

iOLONIAL^^ttlS.- 1 -^: 

'■"5 ■"" ttH-Cw SUpportliyi mi. 

JHHS CfllllEN l-rrifhl. 


in « r,t* rera*aj- »■* fEiAKK rnAVtN 


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'I.ALftHIJiG (itCLTSS.'^E,,. «L 


"Ali.Diatalr 5a(« »r (." — AIuii n-lc. 


TRANll -under 

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/f AraMimi ficiwrt 


til Tfl *'*■*»: oom" wit. 

BQL'ARB Fama^k THkIIo OKbai|r«. 

(j— 1-nEW's- I VIOLA D*x.l in 
k TATF I "Jt'^'E MADNt$>r1" 

1 W» Gm i;b" 

'B-miAinnai. | Lliy. CJnd*r.LI. 

11 A- M.[d II r.u, I 


dual ami Ontanm. 


Ins-ires Biitribvtion for Two Tears 

in Cuba, Porto Rico and ■ 
Caribbean Isiarttls. 


Jobu , RobfttMHn t9 I'roiin.* for 


OK coarw JU-tn* dfttm't' wi-!i 10 be 
boWtfUl, hot 4 SiS.000 dr-B) 
all coatr»C!»d for fljld trYrtjlliJiir, 
lUrrut L*tw j and h>« Htaff cannot 
be Waa*A for feeljnij ■ Uul* cbfBLj. Tlw 
oliiAl. whirta iiUmPiMi Matro Plctan* distri- 
bution In' Cnb*. Portu 1M«. Sari Dbmin- 
(to, Hflfrt, Trinidad, tlic Xvinivtrd 1*1- 
andft ind BriHah Onliinft for t«.-.< jiitt, 
vu mail* by flarrj J. Colicu ""Itb Cblp- 
man, Ltd. 

Accdr.iiii? to Mr. Colon, irbo is (ur- 
I'ifn m?nirr,..T of :;!l Mt't:;,i mtn'mcl*. ffafai 
in tb* lairKcaE deal ever nifhl In fne W*s*J 
Indian tprrjturj 1 , and be bacaa bin aaOer^ 
tioi) vHth ;i clipfiti* *rara a Pnrio Elco 
ncwi-papor. a* follows: 

'"An wfieu n-alch occtirVcd yrftiertlaj 
DUfbL to iiinrk a luileatotHr* :u thn sm,.- 
tLoii pii'tur-* AniiBl- of this country imd 
itioultl tin- £Meral utiataction, far it 
Vfu$ a tl-iumpb acquired bf <w ImtkoruBt 
FarJn Rlrnn lirm.' The nCwa prodor^d a 


Tbe Vortf* Bfco Tinics llj 1 * tbt il*fll 
liniiki s 51M,0UU and it injures Tot thp 
inlanil iltf rrirly prp^ntatlOTi tff auch pic 
turcB n.-. ■■l-'asoiimtliHi." "Tb* PtweA#l Ml j 
/.i iuJil." "I'urun M* Not/' and mh'Tj-r. I 

Mr. C!i:>ni.ll"f. i|ip bend Of t'b i-umfl^i. I 
Ltd.. ,4ith wboin Mr. ColiWi ncgoliatw 
tbr «TTDtrairt, van tbe nariob inatrunirr- | 
.tal In aimnBinj; a alutwinc of "Tha Four i 
LIor#praen ol tlic Apwilypse" in Mactriil j 
nl thi- Kftyal Tln-ain'. uirri latrr befor* ] 
tbr Klnc and ijut><;i flf SimH. 

Borne Goraatt DA1p. 

1( aji> oa* Is l4borit^ under tlic <!*- j 
l vi-.ii =j:- ^<*J■r^.■Ifi■ Js rottiiic; oii hrr leftftfa 

ill Ui'C Qi:iiCrr of ffldlinll iijrtiin' |irodllr 

Huu. be ia miainformud. Uilra AlanflT. . 
an Knelt ahman, ii io nbs^aprd with tbr. J 
(car tlfrmnny may .'natiK llritish plttntv ' 
nrodiiciTM that bf tak«>ii lili l^ii ill baml 
[« cxpreva liini^lL Wilis a <r->-7 •■>?.• b«r|t 
Of tb* ttf*rli>nre bi> bJ» h*Jl i* rwuw*. 
Iijiii, AiiMrin. Sweden and Licrmiiio. 
Mr. Msntlfr «Ar>: 

"Tbr ili'i'iinii!.- are r*itii:rn1r:itin|, r n'l 
tbair (tfforta on hfdoricAl aubjtctAv Thjaj 
arc i e 1 1 1 1. m -I ; 1 1.- iiiriL- and inorr an EbJ4T- 

F;n-ii'ih:ii itsjj-:-! {iito liiLli |rir[ii !i- ■: in tbr 

hnpo i bat UnMr will rvrnliially rtrtluh- 
tHr rnnrk--rv «T ili^ ntirr wnrld. '1t, Ln- 
rlefiil. ttirj- huri' twtf iilreiidv donr at>. 

"No finrr [AftUFWn'™ mja ilr. MunrlT, 
'"we're M#-r madr tlnin 'Daiiiob,' "Mudnirit- 
dn llirry' or Tr^lcrii-ns Jt«t, anil tow.- 
»rr old ri!in> in li^rmmii. 

Tbifr- Autumn ™(U at* tlw n<If-a<r. >if 
tin- fimt bis G^ntiaO ptrtwraa in Un*"!. 

I l.Tirc.v tifil' ill ill dcalrr ^ln< hflfl nitTi' 

than, rffimn- antHi nlmA in hlti ir'ltar. 

" 'Lu'C-rptia Botcifl.' 'Slonlka \'nniin." 
•Earl ur Emt. 'tM6 HHHIrlMhc, 'Kr* 

j »in\nl,i.' ■IJatrtriii'.' , I,ei-!.v IfAnllltOII.' 

'Oth-llft, 1 'Aiifl*- BtfejlV to mrntir-Ti nflly 
n fnw itlbdbpeta whirl i ore nDiJrr Ircsit- 
mcnl fit tbr hamtit nl (hr- Wprm.ia film 
[irodur-rra la-dar, trill b*> at«en over b*re 
ilii.* vr:ir and nejet v-vir. . 

"Tlipae pToduction »rr oDt in u**» 
c/lac tecltnknll-f nr h[n[iiHt>4l1y prrtte.t, 
hut in both tlifar -ilr-M-tlnn-i t!i**y arr fnr 
aht>act of finysiiine nf the kind thm \w* 
bi^n prcrtoujtly iittpmnicil by nny other 

"F-jf pr-rirflt hlairifnlPA nn itcr-wi a-?ror 
In tlic wnrbJ ii'i eumji-rtr with I "mi-l 
Jmininga. * 

"T-Hid oth*r -lay n"fir Munich 1 wi« 
rjondtirtwl rnnml a litt> ftlni town, bl* 
enmigli t« mntftiii nM't-ifl of 
VpnW wi^h iholr picturPMuur (fniiLlntrin 
and fnll-ifscd rt|>llena (if tin' l^nf'* Pa- 
PC nn'1 the Pinna Ka^ ilarcn. 

-I alnn naw a cd|ovb41 rrprmltit^Lftii nf 
th<- innlo *«ii:-in- iifPInn, a rKirtlnn nf 
rTfrt ntn^t. Ivondon, 300 yaarB. aifi and 
man J" other a#te 

"In nprlfn a frw days w* 1 wUneiawrt 
tlm Ktomitnir at an sn«iMit Jlallan captlo 
of the Il*TiBi«iinr+ Tn>riod by 7/j00 
-lm_.'-i'.-, all riQBM&d in oofrtct roahima." 

t"ural. HI* Own Initipnny, 

John Robtrtson ar-Irpd in Xt-w York 
vrith Cfittr fflftfln. tfi dirwt j^eturw. Enrh 
rnmc from one of :bc larRp nrodiiciutT 
i'«mp3ni«B and nas a lU-tinile offer to di- 
rer! some a!ir. of International ptomt- 
iii-qon. He hat* lonked tin' field over and 
drddad tbe time Jn .-.!'•■ in ntnrt out in 
bitapnrta for b{m^ei , }\* vrill produce: 
Ids ftivti pictures, and eip^cLs, in a f»w 
u-«eka to iivic Ida piano ready to ati- 
nouAco u> the puKlie. In <:a?c Mr. Rob- 
pi-i^ou cluinBeii his mind, he will dlrrct 
Mnry l'lrkfonl In "I>orothy Vernon nf 
Haddon Hall" thla W'm^. Aft«r liu- 
i^blttK "Twa," illna I'lekfard tsacW ii 
prnmLHP from Mr. KolHirtKon tant if hr. 
illd not branch, put aa an iudepradcot 
prticliiCiT ae VTtrDM iitVH her B0t prt- 

V«t«lLp Tnlrantljie Kji prc(«<t. 
Friends of Ruater Keaton und bla. 
ti'ifr," who ivab NftUlffl T*lniadj,c< *re 
rilinDJnv to x\\v iht-m a rOuvlne Welcome 
nh*B they rcarh N"e« Turk from Lo* 
ilngelea with Baby Titiwier Knatan npit 
Thuraday on tb* Tweolinth Crntiiry. 
Baby Kcatoi) rpnehefl thr- home of BoV 

Mr and hi* wlfp only n fpw Wetki aRO, 

fnd In that t'me hr 1m ■■ mjidr! himwtf hr- 
m*d h BOt Oliljr b'y bin rena purenta, but 
by Eh* r-iuiro film cfl'iiiy ut L'- Aiigfli^. 
It lw liaid, When RniUer plnuaod bla trip 
[0 KftK York be waliKfl to hlro afTirate 
car for the baby, frftu n nur«nr7 In one 
eud Of it. lint Mrr. Ki^aton. with a 
wotuln'u idru of family li.;;!^r-;-. ahd ron- 
ecrvation of weulrh. imbn-eil him to coni- 
K rnmJAe nn a onupTr "i i-octlpurtmfiila, 

Mr. mid Mm. Kralnn wilt remain In 
Xew Vork for nrveral wpe&a bii<; «rill 
tlhtn return tG tl>* CcwML, where Boater 
will bpirin worlt oa n liYe-rerl p + ctnre that 
will be produHvd by J«.neph Sl. Sehenck 
and releaaod by Vim iXattouah 

riTP Comsmaimm <o Work. 
Wit a. the arrival of two new produe- 
tlon itaitK from the West Coast, ACtirlttea 
at too Paramount Long laliad itudtoa 
are increaajna; by leapi and bounds. 
Within thp week four ompaniea will he 
under way with a fifth to be Started 
vi'i> aooo. GeorcO AEdford's unit will 
Hiai't "Jnra Head" thin we^lr, ud .\l- 
frnd Green will bepin work on "Bad* 
Home aail Hrakr," atarrinf Thomjia 


Itll plfturr At (hr Capital this urcli 
Ir. friTUIific ine PlAVrfM* ft IILOSO 

i ^tSioi hiva iiren it ami vrfro' irii* 

"hiuilj llr.rrT, 

1 M^iKbsn. nl the name time. A rew dayi 

In ler I Icrot hy Hal ton irlll romiamr'? 

\rrrjk under tiia d(n - cll»n uf Vfsfto 1 FIoki- 

. lite In :i Tiit'nuv. that In rrmfurarlly tit!ed 

I "Plac'fi Fury." find SXk* Hi-ady. wbo 

I iiii- JuM roaip!et(xl "Anna AlWHtia*" » 

M-hi-lliled 10 nt*rt HnOthAr pleturs! 

, shorUif. "■■U< , a Htnd" will hr aiad- St 

rfalom. "i!j!-i.. aeil i"ie company headiKl 

hy Albert Rf>M\H'. Lrttrlfli Joy and 

: .litrtincliile LoiTftll tvill BOt'OfTipAity USoCtai 

I ^Irlfo-d there laier 't>)ln wpt»L. 

firora*. Marlm. Vllb Goldwyn. 
! tti'.-.-.T Maf im ha.K I.,-'!, iMii'i^iuK .: by 
j Ifi4- GoMwyn eotMpaiij- It t»kc I h F iilno; 
| left "Arnnt hy 1h^ reslfihaMoiAnr llolph 
; Hlnr-k, "■•!]« ha« Joined the Fnninns 
rSfiiers l.nnlij Ci'MPAnV. 

Hrtaini* ITbh prscui:. 

-Wlfr :i.i'-|ii; Bppcnrrd In firtroJT last 

I n-eek In eoajijueik-a wfctb the «howln B of 

i lux pirtbre, ■The IJeht iu th* tUrk, 

Hup- Hamptnii hn.a relnrncil to N-\ 

1 Vovk. 

Sinn. j I'rlq*!, 
THe name of ^uame CtH|ttl probably 
mean-i in:»rliini !u ihe uvea of mutinn 
pletnrp foJk, But In arortitiB rfr> |e* !t 
>» ttcM knoii'O— Mr. rriijui i» the French 
f?u!herWi'lcbl hoiluJi rbnrap.ion. He haa. 
Hct-urdihic in a Uttii refelYed ymtercjny. 
ded lod to follow in fJarpentler'n frmt- 
■ •.'■■*!■ and b*Wtrt n Street) after. P.v ihc 
by. uppakiitH of C*rpwtahr, ain defeat 
Djaj moke a dfffct*nfie wa'tTE ji)a plc-ttiri'H. 
Film fane are rtlwAn nta ;o Jmi-f their 
heraes winner, milj Carl nller mfcta 
lPdirin? 1 kf a rnmi— mm .hat ftlinnld 

Simple Way To 
Take Off Fat 

' ■-•:,•;■ ras bt r,r:ti\st ilnpttr imn L>\laa ■ 
■'■■•t-'--rr-n:i Klilr UliTil Iriar linn MtK iij ■'■'"■ 
Wtat Vmltkt U rr*uu4 t« Mtnul. IN 1 ' ill— 
!'.•; p«rc!i«M ■ »M Of AtunolB rrr- -t:si-"S 
Tm'bilifi from ymr druuUt for w doUw. Ol 
nm> pr)r* |h* worltf o*ir. ' f*0e* illr»rtlani— 
■w ■UU-fillOl «•: s: or UrMaOM -Jircdlnr Esl 
■Bbiunilil cur J— (j* u lift •• r^a l ;t * t- 1 fcr ' "' 
«■ aetlloa lllMtter. And tfw HH (-'■' "' ''■" 

rails rrt*ui>ii»n t»bs*m i* #>«y «* taraUaak 

iTIijt I* ynur ibuIuij nfrjurnl FunbiM in*ni 

frwn fonr drnuiEt. or i^nd iirKi to ■■moJ« 

l"o.. ItUl W'DOdVara A>fr.. IWU41L, WUfl. 


Patrons of Great Closed Auto Show ■ 

Cm Buy From Pfttforite 



Tha puhlifj will be jiTen a treSi \r>- 
day at the hij closed «r anew — which 
la daily jammlnn tb^ &Otai Central PsU 
Acq ta tbe doors — of buying its larorilf 
makes of closed can from the (rreAtest 
«ik*riHe« of dtsge sad screen. The 
occasion marks the arat time in tba his- 
tory of the fnduatry when it haa been 
pcissfble to see ili n leai!lnf; llfhta of the 
UiMttietl profeaainn In the mle cf piDtot- 
car udesmed. 

To-d»y will bf Theatrical or State I 
Do*jI Inn D«y t »" d.-sl«TititrM |Jrcall|St , it . 
will be for. by and of Ihe LhecUriL-n! ' 
prdftaslott. Throuftti ihn nnnrfeay uf | 
Mlaa Marjoret Allon. rreaAnrei' and man- 
a(0T ,.: the , l -:tnci- Door li:i Llir hhaw j 
committee baa ieesired the f.dlriwiiir lln- ! 
Atrlcai nlar« vehd barf volmnenrc-d tlwHr - 
aereloe* and pooltlee appfATanoft 

Willinni foirirtiu-y. fieyrge SL t'olian. | 
Marlya Arimrk*. llarCarrf Ijim-tph'-i-. 
lh:-»iLii.-.!i Berrll^. 01-an.t Milehrll. ! 
FfBneos Starr, Mnrtmi Oaslf* .Mnrli-n i 
Kirby. Minnie trBipfe*, l« Gt*Jfe. M«ry 
Nistu Daisy (Iiimphrey, BflOchj B«*W. 
Marpnlo (5r!m n rr. Florr-nre Moor* Eiildii | 
Spong. \'k>\'\ HeffllHlt. -i"l'a Arthur, j 
Aim* t'lajUur;:!!. Knty Flynn. Ei4dl# 
1'fiYlinjr, It; Jjafyei-. jB^pS SaiiUpj. [ 
IleVn Lowell. John Jlsmsni-il. Marlon .. 
Toaktcv mid IVnllaro Kddinirei-. 

The nrorciilsi Ff*nj ihe aAlM olfldr- |>y , 
llie Acl'irfnIL it ill jro inwdfd tbe upkeep I 
of the flrafr^ l>^ii Inn. which i« RUw- ; 
tinning well iiTidi-r llir rnaaascincnt !if i 
Mi-. Alien. 

Thr theati-tcal phtfes**wn bus s-twaura 
had a warm epnt in its hPArt for tin* 
lnnU automobile industry »0d ihe twl , 
fii-en alKive wil^ UinValf it* niembfT> I 
nrr- u-illinj: tn do ihnr ['art la pin ihe | 
■ haw orrr tiij. or to «tate It urnrr rfenrt.> . 
IliHr part Iti IhP ei|ioB,iil[)r. 

The ahfftv will a> Open i^very nfter. 
noon and pvrntna for tbe remainder L 'f 
the wenk from 11 A- -M. In )i P. M- 




i bob*. 

l*nl* Geti ■ U'qtm \Vr!i„ai(. 
All Uie i-v^|;.,j,,- r writer* of lam 
Angela Jli.ckeit ..own i., t] ]0 utatiou $&. 
iftfrtay to niepr Tylu ,S" t j;ri. A dclpealiin 
of lh« Lasky niiidio. rcjiiaioa; nil of IJ..I- 
frtWM would turn out %& iciest the I'oliah 
beauty* cirrumveuird thi* hy KetlJn* otf 
at I'Hjadenft anil s|j|ririnj[ Aflmf Negri to 
ibr Aaiba>i h adnr UatOf, After ahe. had 
time to cm Iut ht-.-ath thu trtWipattw 
folk wr-re -.;iiiL:i'. !■■■■!. tu tho auitn to njesi 
hi"-. Mill .\"i -ri will be iiiTiporttfi by 
Conway Tearlc and Claude Klujj ju 
_*... ..j iJifnuM, her firat j.i-'uin-. 

A lion) DK]T. g 

j To-rlQy is n busy duy t»r those of tlie 
| Aim folk who make it a poMt to Attend 
j all die luncheona ejvca iu tht Industry. 
i The Jlcttcr hllioi ,-ljin*latloii £s ell-iu* 
1 a party it the fiiltmote. t'oUowitie thu 

luuicbron, Cc-.tki' Arttaa s next liicture. 
s -Tlw Man Whs rjajed God/' Will be 
j Hhowo. The other lutidiaon ia at thn 
; AStor Hotel and cojicerna tho Tlieattc 
■ Ownors (.'biitnbor of Opmmfrcc. Thn iu- 
i VitHtlotiB arc )i..l out uatil today, ao 
! paUer pain of. deatii or iioison wo rr- 
I train rrnm ttlllii* all wc know about 
I this nltnir. It i . ImpoTtani, bat just how 

Import Line we cflnpor irll until to-morrow 

j . . _ — 

i Acfordlwc tt> the LTitic ni my liouw, 

1 '-Rii^s t.* fMhsv" with WeaUy Barry, 

[ is anoitt the fineat tiling thfa younj; artist 
I US diMir, Tht! pleturr it m the (.'upltnl 
I this week and ,S. I,. Botba/el ia gftior 

| it n .Ktn'.-i;il prr^rittation. 

Mrs. Stevnc Said to Have Bought 

From Store Credit of a 

Wealthy WcmRn. 

MrBn Lillian fjteyncr, 23 HATS bid, nf 

We*! EifTiiy s+^vfTiili ■tret, ojotbero) two 

bop's WW 3 '"- yrnrn urti d iiIoiitliN. Tva- 

yesterday wrntcrecd to wrve three montha 

in lh<: WorMtouM by Jutiticoi Daniel I", 

I !Mli.t[iI:i>",. Frederick Kenioeh&n urd Graf- 

' ctice KdwaruA In Sneeitll Se«aiona nftej 

■■he had [dendnl ;;i:il;v tn procuring a 

.it.-.-rs valuer? at fin nn AWFSPt I from a 

' fifth nvtrmup drpaniaent slorv by usini; 

] tbe credit aefnont uf Mrs. Milton H- 

■ Loeb uf End menuo. It ia aaid 

j the w^man l.:i<l u.ied tbe nomea nf «n- 

- teen wcoliliy women in i)r>ictirlnn iti^r- 

chandiae valued ut about S.I.Ji'^ from 

variuaa departinent ainrt-.i (luring the last 

fuur am) nn,*-.i-'li yeara and that ehc had 

ai]mitrMl that «lie bod D4Ad the nnmej* of 

nix women and had obtained jfooda raJUod 

at ?-VM, 

Aecordine to The pruhntian nffieer'a rt>- 
pon, Mr?r. gteyoe, preTlou?; to her mar- 
rlRj[a was emptHiycil iii the office of a 
department store nnd hud learned thq 
names of woman n-ha hnd chargn af- 

Sfr* SlH-r'-i ■'- Wi ird 's n trarplinc 
aaleAinan und their tw<> children art naw 
boiiu: boarded out. 


I J»A3*aAh«K*> Mfnxr&rar' 



Jnbmon -'Sail, Toe Kurojt. 

Bnior Jnbnaon allied for l^urope Kri- 

I day tu wpfidtl three months traveling 

i ii ihe intrnwtii of Ajtsaciaterl Fimt S"n- 

j tlonnl pietui-e*. U* mnk with blm h 

pHni of -Oliver Tw i^t," Jackie t'oopan's 

neweal pletnre, anil will aj-rStlie to show 

it In London. Sol Lease-* plans tu to 

abroad Ivt the firwt Hhowlne. 

To Heiunr Heat. 

11.1 r hi'j arranged for a fatiafartory 
diHlributioD of Ibsir fieeond dup picture 
* brinish Aasrudalecl First Nntiouai. Jeue 
lluj'fiti and IJawrcncc'TTimhlOi producera 
of tJ»r "8troTijhe*ft" pfcltwrs, will start 
for tbe FacLdc Const ivlthiq iiir, n^-.'.r 
few days to iio.mi work ou their neit 

A Line of Two. 

"Like film actors?" tbe doorman at 
tho Strand OSkcd Us eaiibientifllly on 
Sun d I f. 

"Craiy about them, 1 ' wc told him. 

"TV ell, jurry in, and youTl see .Imn.^ 
KbLwood. Lio Jtiat went \y ahesd' of 
you. .They are All hrrc to-day. Rkbard 
Banhrlmeaa la iu there a&j usin .if tbq 
s;i--i- 1 tbink it'a Lillian." 

We tbapk#J hint and walked la wait- 
ing long enooftb to hear aim whlaper 
J.e- name int'omisitlon to tao next cus- 

"ItA no scoop e.nywiy," sai-i Aftne* 
SmiEb. "Did you tttlQk it flj vmir 
youth anri beamy that nude him tc]] you 
s!l the hbtbT" 

Soldiers Safferino; MeDtally to Be 

Greats in ffew "Preventor- 

ium" at Mcnticcllo. 

Deplorins: tbe treatment accorded 
■he)]-ahockcd aoldicra In the lioeultali 
throufbout the country and tha trost- 
nient Riren other ao-cailed nirninl iheam» 
petectn. th«> Tlome end Firm Inatitutloa 
for McDtsl Conraleecenta. Inc., nf which 
Joseph ii. OUdort ia president, ounounres 
the purchaee of a seventy-room hoir] In 
Moiitirello, X. T., where mental defi- 
rieijta will be teealrd aroordin^ to a new 
Idru. Dr. Mcnaa P. Hrricory, head of th* 
ppyrhopathie dopanment at Bclli-vue 
Ho^nlu], ia one of (bo sponsor? of Lhc 

"Work is being apeetterl ao that t&e in- 
niTntion ean open itn doom by (lie early 
Spring." aaid Mr. (Hi. Ion. "TblP will 
be a prevtjntorluin rather than a K&ni- 
Urium. Thara will be no patirnls. They 
will bo called Tuenta Jn«teftd nod tha 
nurAra tvlll b* their hi»ts. The doetnra 
will be phy*1e!ftnB in nnme only anrt will 
direct the occupational therflpy depart- 
ment. We haro n large farm on the, 
plot, and the truest* u-fl] work this every 
year. Thwe will alaq he Indoor work- 
roodlB. K^eryLhinK will ho dona to di- 
vert the mind of tbe Hick go tint he wU 
labor under the detualon that lie ia really 
worklnc rather than recuperating," 


fHL'RCH." T)rftU«r u4 Mia St.. Tni^Uir. a 
P. M. 

W*AL4-l6tKH-RLlSAEirrH: W*^TOV 

nTn.x, tTNKHAL niwttriH." am . 

TllaUU. 1 f. M. 


TFNERAL <MTJfItCH. H - Ero»J*iT t.t.4 (bh *l 
TcMSar, 19 i-«, , 

STRAYED— mark Elaah«!*M PDMle. kihlla rv.ia 
rn br*4*1, iBi*eri baHa 'Tom." (Lhcri] r»«rd. 
UOD'OAN. ".•% W. Hit t: Fhua Clrcla t*UX 

Stoma Hours Now * ta 5.30, 
tr * .Formerly A, T. fileicavf 

liroadttaf at IV'titJJi, 

Tnlrphfint ;T'io Siuvrcjanl 

The Women's Fashion Saions begin 
the new season with a collection of 

Many Coats and Capes of 
exceptional distinction 


New silhouettes, new fabrics and — most delightful o( 
all — new uses of Fur, in coals and capes, copies and adar> 
laiions of Paris wraps at unusually moderate prices. In 
exquisite shades of brown and gray in the newest soft 
pile fabrics, In velvety and in fur clnlh. 

$39.50 to $395 

ihe Ions siendrr coat. 
The blernud back cent. 
The Russian silhouette. 
(iraccfuHy flariiic cSpts. 
Straight rpati with rrt^rj 

of cloth or fur. 
ftir-iihed dcth eaf-rs. 

f erv new ihorl cauls. 

Vi"* xhazcl collars of 
it in 

\ ; > dftml Ttfitch makes 
the mode of this new 
season the smartest and 
most iu.ruriozts of many 
years is missing. 

A word for the furs ] 

Paris insists on fur trimmings and, to have her way, 
does such fasdnaiint; tUfnes with so many different furs 
thai of courts she proves her point. 

Grfit horder:> of fin — -wide cuffs and bindings Ot mole, 
iixd hliik and v-orkfd In a konlrasllnr ( inn — filch In nlnel 
liirder? i'ii ifirk brnwn cl^lh — jqulrrL-l— dyed brown, and ermine 
u*rd with velvet — lur* rtmirkab!)- flue in quality, purthased in 
lirjar* id the rise Ih prices. 5econd floor, Old. Building. 

Two carloads of Very Fine 

Upholstered Furniture 
at a Third Less 

The Grand Rapids Exhibition pieces of The Jamestown 
Lounge Company h who, in acknowledging our purchase, on 
August 1 6th, wrote us — 

"Th«t models were mide for ttie advance Fall showing, 
ind contain ill the new frames and coverings itut vt us 
shipping on the Fall linn. We consider this the finest line of 
upholstered IMbf loom furniture we "hive ever offered to the 
retail furniture trade.* 1 

We bought this furniture for the August Sale. But be- 
cause of the slow movement of the railroad freight service, 
the cars only arrived a few days ago. 

It is all new and .fine, of latest design, upholstered in 
velours, tapestries, mohairs. In the choice colors and patterns 
of the 1923-23 season. We could put it in regular stack and 
sell It at full regular prices. But we bought it fdr our custom- 
ers. And the benefit we got in price we shall pass on. The 
goods go on sale Tuesday. 

$12,379.50 for $8,253 

Thirteen 3-piece suites. 
Twenty-eight chairs. 
One chaise-longue. 

2-pc mites 

>276 — for >4t5 suiie. 
5470 — tar 1706 suite. 

3-fK. REfittt 

J2J5— for 1313 suite. 

>:!6 — lor *38i suite. 
f292 — for 143S suite. 
5 V A;— :.r ASOO suite. 
*3Sl— for #5 3i suite. 
$376 — lor IS64 saile. 
J3S3— for »S;i suite. 
»394— (Or I55t Suite. 
»3°9— Jor »S« suite. 
HJS— (or |6S( suite. 


»4«— for 109 chilr. 

Two 2-piece suites. 
One daoenport sofa. 
Two benches. 

*64 — for SSH cbilr. 
(70— for $103 ehilr. ' 
$74-iyor $ttl ehilr. 
3106 — for $152 chair. 
$108 — for $161 chair. 
$112 — for $167 chair. 
$126 — for USS ch»lr. 
$t4l — for »!tl chilr. 
$t47 — lor $221 chair. 
f i :.-■ — for $266 chair. 
S194— for $389 chair. 

Odd Pieces 

mo— for $6t bench, 
$36.50— lor $5 5 bench, 
si 90 — lor I2S6 chslse Iont«e. 
S23t — for $392 davenport. 
Fifth Gillerr, New Buildlnj. 



FMPTRF, Vn ' * « BL. CM. #1 ML 
™V„" Mm. TO. DAT* 1*1 tit 







D Win nrJUfTCO P-rvantU 

1 M*[L Tr«l'»t P«t. t ft). 

n*viD PKfc*3C« Tnnu 




■ A WTW t,uMEDt WITtPllUtlC. 

INA CLAIRE t?BfBg'4jaa% 


FBAZEE^S r ;»„7 r ^j™,-« 

I ENORE ifftffr A ; iffVI WILtlAM COURTENAY - 
LS225ULtUt AS MM «EHT!W8lUlITK8SB»l(ll"Kr,„ A „- 





!*TkB kudUiK« took il to iii httit"— Tribune. 


vwn * *fatt,?7*d, sad »tL. I.», 




bt*c*cl Us.- 

HniMrd fhtiif. 

MIA Wluiita, r>m*r. 

n« alD"i*. Jcr 1st I Sir 

•pH, BUs'llrel Tffir fcf'JWa-S 

Tina Saturday Main 

<l?*ntnF of **j 

A. I. KTiidiiPr'i I'roduetton 


(AAiptad (ram "DHt BAYADERE"! 
Uunlc ur l-:tnmrrli.-I> Kilnln. 
Byok 1^ ivnilfli;, I.*. H»r*B. 

;•.-■-■ br pad do Byl**. 

With. I Erllllsmt CaflplBr. Inaluilni. 
VI vienn* 9es»t John T. Jlurniv 
Thorp* Uatca \l<r1aa Onklnod 

Frank Doana Holaad Hottum!*? 

«td • choru* *[ v-.-.itti ud Buuty 

'■'I «. Latham ?:,■! Julian M!i- :><■:!. 

iMB BUT Kv, 

*«* K0S.,0et.3 

itudnff" V* >< I.. 

I '|iurn..i"rl.i. !**l. 

il Ji consul) DC AllUl* 

1 1 I OlreeUoc Win, Karri* 
Il *, McDti ft Sal.StlLK.Tl 
III li»lSr, OiharHSlT.p.M 

IB iie.Srte.TlJl.Bj'lt* WW 

Mi orllro Opes o.w» 




Rcpr;r,en!Mires of Both Will Go to 

Albany ud Eyncnsi to 

Stck Bopcil. . 


Kanui irini.irr IllubPj- Bpdonci 

T-ilm, It. ■ prfr (, At Wlrh Hi 

Theatre OniiFni' Coavrrdati. 

BBlrTFTl* TDBATttKB orf W. 41D ST. - 

TIMES SQ. I ne Cijnt-Ii irlu 


Id 1U.1> DlSBIIAnT 
ET..I.ra. MiU,Thon. * Ul.. I.». 


in a urEiaiRL aiMCPT. 

Ell. (.ID. Mill. Weft, *S»L. !■"." 



Era. i.». *«=■■ w+d. * B * T - fl - 


D»ILTia.621 "" W ' wig 



Mlt». T«4. lilt. 

ritllE^C l<k* Th« Tml BMrtrf.' 
I: ,. ;■■::.. li ^Dlla ffMz to r«i4^ " 

> -I:. C + -I . ur*. 



in "EAST of SUEZ" 

B r W. softriRHKT Ztf JitTIHAM. 

A Furcm&uM Pu-smt 

TIMO A Par- *.»„.,. fi rtt 


R1»J!o Ore.) tat- 1, 

JOHN COLDBJf prni«.iti 


In a n«r i»m>A r hi FBAWK CHATC!i 


"A LACE !■-!■'.■ « oka. M.r. /. 

RB.F.Ki-Jlll-1 I 

Rraale,l P 

KERB a weston. oon. 

TJOH - roSD. .>!n."ir 
LUC*, a Ca. MbtfA, 



Elv ■ SI Sl. 

Hi >r!|in> r»olr>4riiini 

|ll.tM^llh'a Trip.- H«Adllii« Dill. 

rriHf « CI Bl p 

'" T.™^^^ T-. ■■«-'o-n»?* Mt.:.i 

"bjUBcnEU :.(.■ ? i ;:ks» .?■-£«■#. wc'ia 


■'Aftaelntrjlr 9mT« Ctrl."— Atpn Dale. 


[WM ctiKU immn o,4n 




vtoi.a dana in 
JUM5 iiafi.V!-:s« - 

"Mil Jfm ~ 

B'y A *T SL 

Bifiaa S^Hittct; Or«&. 


Park Commisjioner Explains Fis- 
sure Wat in Stone Originally 
and Will Be Rcpfcind. 
■. Aednr Part i avmaimkm.a m JobB J. 
Bran r«tero**y duridetl tho theory fhnt 



llie CrUctnrr, which haa juit been •',[; 
covered in itir- Hnarti of one of Hi-- drena 
Id the -Civic Virtue atatoc fn City Hall 
I'arlf, v.- us tlie rcMitl ot an act uf vtUI- 

The Act irk CommisiianBT . r -ci<j. that 
ricririlll BrOChcra, the Bronx ^ulpton 
irba baOt tho BUtas from the orhjlaal 
dcslcu. had infnrmed him the break wjlh 
rtotl«d before the (rtaiuo t*s rompTeted, 
but ibf)' filled ii In with [kprerriitc. **hk-h 
they expcclcil would hotd torutbtr. Ilttj 
tax* pro&ited to tii« daraa<a u 
the crack will rmt b« notioublc 


\ *-RfTH-«:OTL-]^ X. CAhpmexl ftfltttU 

CHL'aCU, Hrai4»ir. Hth St., uaUl IVnliiri-SiY, 


THE (iiracrc owt>«rs and thr labor 
irnloni «m vrork lontbff In Al- 
b^or And ivrrax-'jer to-day Mod 
to-morrow maklDg it thrir mia- 
eion is li,f> to convince tho I>#mwralir 
And R^^Kt'li'aii ...nuni'lTs on rriolu- 
tiofli thtt tSa tcnaomliip liw m«*t bt 
rppofticr]. Tbe> lU[»il!!iran committee 
ttircU to-daj^tpd tho D«Dio?ni^c 'com- 
mlttco («-niirn)-.v, |q,d tfcfa party will bt 
Itifrirniiii ih.n.t tmii«s a anaclat nUoik is 
made part of tho jdfttfom. orjrLna/ a r<-- 
p«4l of rmsonbla, if wilt not be ttlp- 
portod 1'V the motion picture theatr* 
oiriifra a&d th« Silmr OT'CanlzationA t>f 
the Mute ijf N'ct York. 

Cliiirlrs O'K^illy and ^amuaL Iicrmaii, 
aa a nunmlttM of two, art ira vine for 
Atliaitf inl:. motnlDR to fllfc f»r the the- 
atre owotra of New Yctk State. They 
will appear h\ both the RepubUfiftn aod 
the linnuwatic sualona. RaprcOentins 
labor, at tfar Republican mectine of thr 
rcaalutiona committee will <>~ J^hn d- 
Hanloo. of Troy v chairman o* the leciu- 
Tativo committee: Emanuel HavrLf'Vi. ui 
Bocbeater, rtfld MIm Wily Gates, of Al- 
tuoy. The? will ini|Jir« "hat the Uc- 
ptffjlifatiji «|it [ io do in fha comlus 
BUhefafflloHal eaHipilUn to airnure tlie-m 
CTBMrahlii will no bitigtr* rclBtip f" Hw 
atatuten hoolu aa » law. 

At Llit tnactlnff of the. DumcK-ratit' 

i.-fi'.'.\ \r-'"-W-'- nQ f(»;ni!]li''n^- JtimH HOlLlM, 

<jf New York. Plate president of i!ie t'"ed- 
«r«tioo vt ^bor: Wiltlatn Kehi#, acope- 
tary of thn Nt-w York TWJM aiiil L*i»* 
follucil. inil netiy Ilawlffjr. o( JltlHutn. 
will prcnent la\)or In en cDfon to IlidiM* 
the Di'mnL-ratk- party to 1na»(? tlic rejionl 
bl thr ranaorahlp a^t an linpurtaor planl; 
In ib^tr urojrara. Thlh r will uot bu a 
diffioull ::>:''<•. ** it b 'iinderriiiHid the 
Uruioeralfc trill etSpotn Lfnaorahl[i In lb" 
future, ;ib thry \\iv* In (he fa-t. 

The ClMtf and in* ExalhUvr. 

YeJitenlay the Tbfietrc Owners" Cham- 
ber of (.^CflinerL-e had ar special rue»tn »t 
its weekly bflohton »>Tne uf the promt- 
urnt rlerjynwn wf the citi'. The in*et- 
ina wds callell by Afl Rev. Ur. Kd«»rd 
n. Russell who. .with l>r. I. I'.. Holley, 
aave the world 'Tlw Uardi-n of tjtlliB*- 
munn" sorn* luftPlh* W nod 1» now 
ready vvitfc wimr flthrr VDttri&l films 
made in I'nle-itlne. t'Liflrlea StplneT. who 
wns in the preaidr-nt'pi gtiatf, ifiirwjnced 
Ciiiirlrx U. licULy. *ho iwtd ilio llicalre 
owners »er* jii'l to rfidowa iae rr]izJuu« 
I'Li-ini-".' P»d to do i-v^rythihg in tbofi 
power to Mp iirowW flwan. RortMttS 
lidilliyrst rotldWed' ai'il «Im> apofco in 
favuf of imvini more fiirajs with JJ 
«i|iirlTiULl ihemi-. Cnurtlunil Btoljo. os u 
rfp iowuH tfan (if Will U, U«yn, said the 
j Bath nrficc *;M pM m endorse any pic- 
' Lurir tif a rtliiiii'ua ualur^. He ni*erted 
i innny bfcturcR h«d bwai mudn far amuic- 
! mem and for Q&fatliontl prntpaaoai, hut 
I vrry Te« mlsht be clnswcl us rtlijcicus. 
! He added lie felt ther^ iviia a Wr fltldl 
i [or this. Clms r>t pictures nlid tin 1 Hayn 
urtaiHuuion waa nlod to eitpros ltd ap- 
provai of them. Among tlie clcntymfln 
wUo ntttiided (he luncheon wrre the Rft¥, 
Dr. Frttik Cianr, the Ttttft CbrintiaTi 
Rrlfinrr. Father Unrtin. Fubcy, the Jitv. 
Joseph Silverman, tbe Rftr. F, ]5. Ikale, 
tlie Re*. J'i-- .Josepb U. M'llfion. the Rev. 
Dr. IVllHnm A. Klfkwood and tbc Uev. 
Dr. Finin idleman. 

Enrtpr»e» W*t««a. 
CaiHnj; flu- juoih-ni niotK'n idctart th*- 
most OOWeHul ttftte in the' norlil for 
the hnifdinc i>f liiiiulitl chiracter, th« 
Kev. Dr. Karl UlncUuan. St KaaFJs. 
i:iiiii.n;i.l rhqulnln at lb" American I-e- 
gltm nod *»f thf TTiIrty-tifth Dirt^m, 
detlarnl In ii jpeeell incoV ftfl -Moflday 
iiisht, rhnt IT .Irauf- t'lirivl wtaPe on earth 
(inlay he Mould n»e motion ritiurert to 
"put crrr" 1 hti r nirxnaiie ro hnmaniiy. 
J>r. BlaeUmou wa-inddrejAinR di'lEtaTeit 
tn iht- : I'liii-.n.Tii^i! conrentlon of Mution 
1'irttirr TliOntro 0«-nFr» "f Kan*M ih 

"Christ would poi only xauriion the 
li!iH»," J Dr. BlackmiiTi declared, "Imi It* 

I M-ould nee them. a<«t for ftie clicking 
eLimora, and prultahly write neenjiriua. 
Id- wunld uao ;he newspapers, tele- 
phones. ni'l-nplunrH niill I'm dj Oft, lilJT til* 
prejiutat InntrumcQt in Llin banda would 
L» motion pictures, Tur lie would not 
Lie <ow '■" ttrSi-p the poieibl!ltIeA for 

1 RettlnR Jlla i;- ■■'!:■■■■'■,;•■■< ta the e^em^nt 

j uuuiber nf people in the ahortett lime. 1 ' 
The' Eee. T)r. B^chman buind hin 

', aiurrlfoti on the number •>< penona who 
attended .(he mutlnii pi^tUr* theltrea 
each iIav. The uuhfc fax imealtun w&a 
tahen up at the Kminan roll fen tfob, an 
were other vitiil and imnortatit cxhl^tor 
matter* . . 

Jerome U TaJk» 

Wllllnm Traters Jerome, riee-prraH- 
dent nf the Technicolor ^lotion. I'ieture 
Corporation, whicli Intend to nionuftcS 
tnre riiir.n-ri pintton [linun-.-! uridfr the 
pmee«pcM ipTfnml by Daniel EirrA 
Comatoek. of Hfwl-ii. ivjll bb the sliest: 
of honor at tl;.- weekly lunrheoii of The 
As.-inclated Mii"L f iii Pleinre Adverttaeni 
at tbn Cafe BouleraTtl BeJEl Thursday. 

Mr. JiTr.i:;,' nlll rTplsill tlie pri-d'aa, 

3«hcni'L C'alilra tor FlLaa. 

I..iiin!"n it "1-jns": to f=ce '"M;i-t ii 

Wpst"' and "The KtemaJ Flame," white 
Constance and- Norma T&lmadco am 
there, to wltnesa tbe prcacntnilons. J» 
Heph Gchencli. wh<> h i.i Europe, ea&led 
tho A'.i-nriiiiPil Plrat National to cepd 
along an Immediate Bbipmrnt of prlnix, 
advprtiniiia; nnd othrr ncce»&erica. bo it 
t«i aamimed Mr, Schenck ovrremne the 
block aritem which ban mitdo it almost 
ImpoaiHuta to releaM new "plltnreHj. 

firttnth ritlnrf la Ho.ton, 

The "try It oa the do#" polfer 1>. W. 

Griffith inaugurated some years ago Is 

lIUnrlBUd from T«ttr4*/4 L**| Edrtios 1 ' IF>prlDlv] Ovni TnLtiOr< Lail L'lUJnnl 



Hew Kyitery Play by Willi*™ 

H^rlbot Haa Its Ope-ning 

at Flijhoais. 


I ut Momentum tw linintil In Mc- 

■•■d and Mj-afrrr ■■* 

TbiTllla Arrive, 


Ita or,sa 

Mr*. Bvinta"* 

RlM ;-*:: r.:< 
PaiaV .. . 
■■<--:. :l; Lab* 
Cirinl *nba!iri 
WuthtTbf . 

.\r---.; i >.-,:- 
nit PiUUhBril 
nil niatilHir 

■ a, TirBiiinn 

Ruth ChatUrton, m Co-SUt, Ji Alio 

Excellent in Drama From the 

Pen of Henry BatsiUe. 

The Bridge of 

A Piayltt in One Act ■• 


■at* ot Tmat Qaalllr Tljat lin- 
u^rri Attmt F±re »r raaelia 
Mbb PUvhcRTd ObI, 

PUolo by Nrttton 

■he haa *h r IfnHjntr fCBHlnfne rftr 

la "Th<« Han Who Flared f.oa," 
«e#rarr IHIh'i piletar* n-ht«b 
,'""•»*■ to the, Strand next wrtu. 

boiTiff rnlBrtrriJ. Not onlv did Mr. t!Hf- 
tltli iLihe "Tlie Hauim-J BotUffl." hU | 
in we*t picture, into tbe wlld« <if Con- | 
ueelteut for a first tihowLnt: but be Ih at» l 
lilmiuHia; to hove n fleet KFmwini; in Bo*- I 
ion hefr>re tin fjtetttfi? hJCeJlOi New York. 
On Uctober f> 'The Hauutiv] rlouno" will 
open M Trem'JiH ■ftBBjita -e-itli n r^sulur 
H liffitti ffrct nlelit. It rtflDM'tn Ilnmil- 
way Inter In ilm- wmm. 

Anna MIM4D llJ 



Ln£ i>ntiTplj- reeovcred :ii>m Luru* 
MiHer.-d In r.^fciliB R-«liiahl Hwlcii-H 
ptetor*\ '■(leuri.'i A flume" (iliin i*. no 
juki-) Aiiiiji (i Niluuin in no ihu IiiUutj 
l.« in RnttjfwojuJ. *hr-r-- efei will aave 
ji urotntitoot rule in dealt L*e MllleV ueit 
[dflWr*. 1'rinjW UatOB' irf nl.w slut.ii 
i"\- it hi s; pi;rc In Di' Jlillf ^ n^il, whitU 
up to the hour <tf y to£ to iiituh hai not 
Ix-en n^jiK'il, 

^'H-lrtiauLaa u-eiIua. 
Wlu-1. IhORhis l";:il|iil!i|,- .mkI UU 
! mini' i- wife, Mary PtcWord, teuoli tuw:i 
Done v, il! hLartJe t|ie ]nKi>r» witli q 
b-iiril. This wo* grouu for tin 1 |inr|iii>« 
■;f ici-ltiuj; rc-rrert irliin iidunimuni illir- 
ins the rilmlng of "Rnbiiii Hood" nod 
\fr. IVIrh^nkti jra* so attached to lm 
ivliixkrrx in. \ms kopt them. Iiepinp In 
■ I art .i Wfuct, Spe-iikhiit of thr Fulr- 
baiiksen. Hi«y U unlns tu (llBpcnu-e with 
Tier litilc ^irl rwlra In "JKirnihy \>rni>u 
of LIihIiIoii Hall" >ind |dny tiie rule 'ii 
it tPOWtt woijHin. iJixrutiiy at 18. M» v 
LelleiVb, bid n,-: m-jmnlily i.f n wrtntin 

.lira. trWM Oleeclp for Fapiov4. 

AiUT nn nhatnrc from ttn- permit of 
alj years, J[m. Jr.|!n CttiwEurd lvcra hns 
bfcu rnKn&W o>" {'atBOtja l J lrij-cTK-i.nsky 
to dfaefit Untty Cunr|ifion in "Tim VTbild 
Finwtr," An a wriTejr Mrs. irera harf 
Lorl (.-on aide nibi<.< priimineo i-i', ainl tlio 
plcrnri' she lis» ;,,;v, . ^ ru direct i« oue 
of jirr own storiia*. I'^luiund Lofiv n- 
■.-i I.-.] .-. win- fvom ilir !,;i'ki ■ • i ■: l ■ u t 
pitf Hi(ij"i>.ii-' Mi»> COHJOWrtt* He ac- 
i-ejitcd the contract by tnlricruph and bad 
only miUiciriil time ;■■ pjirk and enteli a 
(runsn»ntitii»niFi! rrain i-ouiici-thig vltli 
the Miinui'.liii. tVillii-tninii in rdulo {or 
UatfaltaW. '"Ho- White FWer" if (« he 
.luidi* in mill iiroiiTnl Flnnnlnli:. UiIlits 
,i Ilir rum i.irliiHli- Kdwai-iL Martifitle*. 
^rlin-' 1'ntij.. .S>Ui,i A*hton. Arllmr 
.toyt. I.i-in Hurry im-rl i.ily L'Jiillij^. 

Chunari ■[ ii". foe ■*t[e , rj)," 

Now chat II. i: Sehfulbi is ha* il.^klnl 
;,. pot "Tln^ Ili-nV iiltfei'M Kmrryj. well 
liOown hi"*, on the esUrVri*. he hart bre;i 
ullii'rini; it I'list, niximlkiL! in wiinl n" 
eattvd from tho Cmi.m. l/nik tSnawier 
Bill ilim-l ilir pir-fiiri', Hnrhara Ijtt Mnrr 
»ill [ilay the rhi* of the wife, ant] Oa> 
ton (ilrti-B rh<- i'iiiHE brorlor, w|i<i i.,/-. 
Hr-en n bora during tnr War hot i^ n and 
"n real life. 

At tWe ilm orni-e. 
The Hrtys oll'n-e bnd a thrill ywtwrday 
that in^ce-i all duj. "Ui^Unnl ttnrthrbncia 
iiuf) tirnrsr AdV, b(Jtl« nf whom inKerl ti 
"litieusn n matter oJ importance with Mr. 
Ilajn. I.:. |.p.'jsivi jr, ut tiif. RnniF 1 time. Tin? 
-itiiHi/traphvri. nil. ntnpjifil work rr> lutik 
at Rhehattt, f*ir even if (ait. wnrtfl in nn 
olflr? wbrrfl films nn 1 the rinili- ronvcrsn- 
tiotr. It Wt etfPryedaj 1 n real livi- lilm 
ator v:'i!.:- in. 

At Hi.- Arrant}, 
To Kw Strand BWtJ wejk rnmea 
Clennte ArluJi in "Th* Mtm Who I'layed 
(iod," hi-; uewrHt film. ti oil vera enr 
SAorril ie the autonr of |he/ ,itutr h nd 
Tiilcfl I'irkert (Tomlmnn drnmqtined it 
for Oris S%hWJ« uu<tt)r (he title <if "The 
Silent Vnirr." In the jiii-iure ver>ion 
Forrept HaUey lies odopti'Ll rhe ntory, 
aad Ifannon Wright hai> directed il. 
Si:;.i[n-'!':ih~ Mr. Ar'ina in ?:■!■ L-i«st nrtj 
Ann ForTeot, Ivnn Simp^oti. Kdwanl 
Earle, i'.t'.in Shannon. Mlrinm ?aiti?tn, 
Mary Astor, Pherro G^ndVan, Afar^arct 
BuJilOH and J. T> W,i| K h. WIHb lift 
Arli"« la rhft attTaeli'in in the feature 

film, Llipfno l-n;-.-. ton "t!,; f >- i:: T. •■■ ■: !;.'.]■ 

will mckr'hLtf drbtt 1 in ihi/i tSWOEFJ 
as a aercen actur, I|ui fLT't pietnro la 
a short reeler called "Tjc Reporter," 
ivbirh br the by, we uoderxtnud ^lus 
much in ita favor as o ACreeu attraL't'ou. 

A Llaa or Two. 

One of the moat plcapont things ahont 
the Thertrir Owners' Cbambor of Com- 
merce [tinchoon jeatoeday wan mcetlns 
[) r , F'nif Idlemiti eujala. Qc hat] a 
'-hurch In. Dixon, III,, an mntiy years aso 
#a refuse t& disrnBB It. \\ r c knew- Dr. 
ldleoisn when, ns the pastor of the 
("jriKtlan Church, Ii- whh one of ; :■: 
prominent rcliciotia foctom in the' town. 
As ::-,i orLgiDitl man once paid: "The 
world ia very amall." Dr. IdlemtiiL baa 
come to New. York as the minister of the 
Central Church of the Dimples ot 
Chxist in ctreot. 


A 'new play for thedf who lovp btnod j 
iniied with their mTsl^ry Lias 'mme ro 
the PJayhonae under tbe inaiinpr\m'-ut of 
Jntaph BVa— "On rhr? Stairs," a three- 
art affair hy Willinni rWlhnr. In which 
Arnold Dalj' ia starred. 

Thfl nnthor. who In fa.Tiiiu^ for the ex- 
eellenee of liia first net*, appears tu have 
rpvrrted ihi? order nf hie prweiltire in 
this in-nanw. tRa Brit i^ the imorcet o( 
the lot, bit! uionn-ntuni i> EAthen-d it 
the drnitia pro (rod », 0«* wonders wh.v 
Arno'.d Dity, who insisted fur a trkttr. 
that hli own pernnaaf rexffon of tlie 
third act he n*i<d. 4hjn*t hrl|, o'.tt by lp> 
writinc tUr Stwl IhtteatL It lake* him 
u ton| while \e. gel Htnrtnl. Il- haw to 
lll| up with sw~ oil and n-nler. pnd even 
pump up the dm before tie repiele i^ 
n'Rd)- (0 proeewl. 

It in lilSeiJ wUli eon-rrr"ar1oftM. *nfJe of 
whteh HHfTe ti> pttva tlir wej- lor the sa- 
nation* and-ottum Wblrih do ttot, Men-iir 
Ijine, the hero, for Instance-, iM^-unii-* 
much vnl'inblv lime in dci-linluc to innot 
ilie heroine aeeoene W \* in W* "workroc 
<?loth#a" sntl "tog liirry." fi 'n «* no- 
fnuuded. tno. a* roo*t wutih eBresa*^ are, 
for bin attire, i^ a-> nenl ■" Pmu ^rii 
wy i |d ivlnU- We inunrct rlia: JoflrtB C, 
frftny. who uliiys tin- u^trt n'slly faneiei 
ihe xuit. too. for lif wear i. it throiiRh 
th« rfrat of {br idai-or at lca*t "«? 
which Heeractl idnif^aJ !■' the-.e aaine 
eyea. S*erhai»s hr « l-be^ fo U* fnre 0* 
The aurrra* of thr- rda* L*fc*e he mveeis 
In a comtder^p lettdlMB mans vvar.trohr. 

4.q«lDU llriin.-. Llvell*r. 

Bat, with the lir»t act attl nf the w.ny, 
tbinKii b.«rona« rouBltlcmldv IfcreMM in tlie 
oesi art abil * neir h»«liam iu the law 

Mr. Daly, wlio tatemlie l>Jirt or Swami 
Abhuk^Tflnda, e fake Todian mystic 
with unusual bnt tifulepeuaable i»wen< 
of hypnotism, hills dMertlTe* nod other 
m»Trtberfl of the PMt nfl with tia murh 
enl-hvulbem an if bo thniicht they were 
plavwrEhts er msuaeers. lte even tins 
the aBTpptni bodl'S lintled off hIli^c, too, 
SO tllAt thrre f/tnnjH nr ttK> mftnj." irroinid 
Milder font ttIiti he KTefHra on the 
scalrp wits the ho». This SwiituI is u 
irrj- WarScTUpulciOa person who hBf nn- imln 
m.nred thrrtna:h h« perwew «*f hypnotism 
tri- beamirnl " hrfrfrta. Finn tlurroll 
il'!ayed he Fram-en Anderw-iH ntid whf> 
id.lts up oporaline. OSfWTEsea by Titc-nlinc 
jewets ami planting fiaifte iln|ilir-BLes in 
the brlonuini™ or innipif he doenn't ILke. 
ftur of (hr latteT ii JUrHli I,a»e. hat 
Meiriit anapreta Hi" n-"l ehitriqer nf 
tlie Swam! and noon traflew b-nj to the 
haunt"! feaM ami eatnoaea him. 

CStffJtt TWWfTtS- 

U T 

In IhrM ter« k|> Hi 

nr n 



<•,;■■■- K'.r-. .:. 1 iff 

l"i <: llirtifv 

riaatr Mliivr 

n»«.s. rMii>f M 

Mii>kR>'vlFrll* LanlN 

Hfn Ftejj 

J4r4uk# ... 

Th* QdT«rsaM 

V.r, T>-I.r ! 

CarMi ivm ■•• 

Syflorjr !'r ( . , 

JulUn d'AMItiCHiH 

Alala Famtli 

a^lUld CiitTJjj 

*, a. Aodn'l 

Hill. 1(4741 


Not aiare "Tbe Great Divide" .ias 
Hi'nry Miller hud mich n :.i!-- it« was 
ciren ln::t lr>i nlnht In "I, a Ti ;:,};■■■ ■>■-'" 
with which to esereiiie hia taJeniB, And 
not .tnee "Th« <lt+4t 'Dlv.mV his. Henry 
Sll'tor everted himtfelf to slieh no extent 
an li<- did '!=■-; nishl In ' Un. Teadreaie." 

Tibj play from the tu-n of ITenry 
Dntaille was pre«enled hy Mr. Millm- 
himwlf at the Empire Theyatrf, and Ruth 
ChttttertOu waa aeeu aa ths eo-atnr. The 
honor* were easily captjired by Mr. Mil- 
ler, althouirh MU* Chatierfafl. (oo. ajtvej 
:i Bi>leadid account oT h^raelf^ and in one 
instance, ot the end or tho seeond net, 
i-D-f id renl rirjmatle b"ijt^t5. 

Mr. Miller's role In a hie one and ooe 
worthy of hl« e^tensire ab'lity. It run^ 
ihe imieti-ehuu'd jjamut of emotioiu" nil 
the way from pathos to tragedy, b-tr there 
ii little it no htimur la it. And this h 
imp of tiir ooeaKlonii, moreover, when the 

.-if'.'-.-l.ii-tiTL'-n.-it p. I unit Ik not uiili-iH-ij 

]f rut there had be*n aeretofofe wlm 
hail not owned Henry MtlSer a splendid 
(trior— and we have yrt to meet that one 
—hi- had tint to he at the Empire laflt 
e\ruintf and asctnuifttfcallj ho convinced 
nt hi* error, 

Toe «ta.r wotted ariiuotuly wtth hia 
rulr from ri«.- |o full cf curtain nod the 
Intense ntraiq thp IrnTdeo of t'jr play 
Lanced upon him wan evident in Ma tnlcc 
when he MBBje'l ft speech at the end of 
llie ao&gnd art, after tbe audience re- 
fused ti> hp stilleil without a te^ wordi 
fTOtn nomehoily eonnected wfth thft show. 

Appropriately ennrjEli. Mr. Miller 
eaJJed attenrinn to the fact tJ»t he had 
known he was polni to play in the Km- 
Iiim Ioiik li«-fore It was built. Il waa 
out on the Coast as a youtH Charlr* 
Fro|m!4r+ had told him of his plan for 
the boHju*— aeBDl day when tlia ship eaosr. 
inland .ie had promised Millrr a job lo 
ir when it waa enmrdeted. 

Mr. Miller reutured to hone that name* 
luiild-T whs preaent I*at nhrht. Inoklne; 
down upon all of them, and HUod the 
-hnw. il^ alBO toped thr audience LiUii 
it- I*m. 

It eer'alnly did. if ctithii'iii^m is toy 

1'or* oferieirB^j cf V". Vfto-tinif, wA« Vf 

'f.r-..!i: ~io-!.\t.i Ifl ihx tit* trum hf* .,'l.iirv 

ktr t . ('rtx-O^t w irtltj at t,rr lea-fahfa 
Ui thr •'«" after nin?ti a/ u Jjj rtrlr in Qciw 
Iff. Iftj*. 

1-mUr Mrt. iSf Lar. a fc"""'-" frtrnj r was 
h*i rrz-rnlh «oj-eJ ia .\Vrv )V/t, S^r till, 
4hh*i *ff her ffaer taltt a tup *! lia.'leees 

hit kpJUti mf SNi tSdtrH dsJ (UJ(J O^SBf '•* 

Ms*, at L*ifj M'- itrjT, if jnu -■■■:■'■- ;■.'■■ 
hav [ h»'e yon' Voo r.-.ali me nimplr IU wii^ 
cava] ll(i» fan msinre to hs>'e jour ■ciortici 
i~M pj-ur l-oafc jii -perfect orifeT. rqrepkttly 
Teady fivr thr wiwn, nn« waek after joUr re- 
turn is the citr. !■ herond my ti^-nin pum. 

Mb.. UMO-Ptfirti Whr, my d«' Oeraldir*, 
r«u look chinalnt. jaur*dL 

Hd. oi Lar; I don't. Genevisi - *. I look 
■ ■ nit oi «*«k>" ■••■ b morninf a'err tyying; 

lo hlrKitn »f(er frOA, VflU *■«■»■ this IS « likfl 

hwwi'i |0%rr.. And oiy \t s peff«et 

'i|rkl H VVSfl llir Tumitilrc bH C0*trci up, and 
the ruc» •■■".;■'. ■.::■.. the (orntiB. mote like ■ 
T'lur li-Iy'i irminur In lh( dr*H ct »nm- 

j msi, ih*ti k unan tiiy b(uue «t i/w openinx 

a) l 1 - .,, : 

MaO. Ur4o-Dui 

«]l. yonU 

Where irt' tdj Aalfif 

•mr ihoi>rinc> 
MlA. nr U»] s hqr«0't Wfltfi J*i. I- 

etn' beusbt * thing, lit met a her* to 
">ir irenrd. Oe c tui to pi to h*lf » doieu 

ilacrt inii f-lraA toe enough G*e«"n! rloifief la 
w*t nncirif, jiul enau|h W loot rtip«c*aMa 
n. And lhtn orrr'i houM! Tb»i u a prob- 
sm' dee «uri |t« ill orer ioks toe ib* wnut 
' eced* — JrctirBtoj-t, iiptioUttrcr., palntrTi. 

i.^ei- h«.:rrr., nonlturt <JtlJrrP. ill mutt b= 
In IB ltd iriih. T\tfS*l r O end io f^f ftvy 

Id si 


fl( out »tioppini stout 

iii ihi; old-fattuoned srttj". *. 

Wis, de Lay (>*;fuiljl: V.>II T fra tura I 

■: :- i ''■:■:■■-■ hOW Il3 Bicid il. Sills' OQ tOrtS 

dlil rou rcl it all dene so qukkiy? You 
Uivr inoopti ir^Lipil {u i teelna- si«v-Vorc 
iri-'i'lane, ibasnint; ci|ht hmm a dsr fur a 

week. In .11 the ilnrfi. Hilt MrtB, t ihouM 
r*«4 JC'-i'ii hi> c tskan S, |ail-ipin tram ihecr 
mhssuiaa iarl hsve heeu «mt bemr io in an- 
hul.4iiv 1 \'et hsra you »r*. a* ffrih a* the 
Hr.i tJirriaiiihrniiiro s^il leokips s |eed drel 

lltr loo. in vout loi-el/ fill tttxk ot the 
nt.r rrddhiFl'hrnwn, l'ou're a nine-byi'— tio 
< '(■•'chint\. a teven-dara' woadirT 

Mi*, Ur.To-L)*ir <drcarj>: Nu. my dear, 
h*nrr iti[l, i |ivadiv%' »endsf! 1 *rwet Jul 
i«n rfaTS miklna all my purchiKi. And 1 
'Mn'I thuti irnunil il 09. 1 w^rt "i eee Here 
fut rvri-ytlilna arrt wbb not errti (Ired whtn 
' 3(1 finirr.r?. THri'r Ik m rnaih ipOCC, d!j> 

i r fi- iiid icocirtety ahoui the jLlact. 

JUl. DT l-At i/tin.Hj/.vl : pir Iflll me where' 
SUfb ■■' (Lot* i* [Ar I: '-in;-! 

iln, (.le-To-lliiiT. Wkp) snj dear Gcral^ine. 
I0« »vjrltm ho« ibort » ihnr y<ni'*e lived hfrt. 
Na Sew YorhrT wavld *>V thlt qiwitiorL But 
I'm fUiJ In be j;i> Id 1*11 v,-i: where ynu m»y 
ici ire t :i >..!■■:■! (roci Pari* in every sort ut 
rJjprOsaL (ror-i b.m tu ihe«-huckl<a^-&nd the 
nvit buurlTuI ho>iK-rurnuhiiiE\ 4/' cuff eae 
'»o/. Vftn merel|i hare let eroii a tiTldire iron. 
ctK bulldinj lo another hn And evrrythicif. 

Mlt. pi I^T ImtJMjTil I'ow vender lull 
Writ Hot* is It? 

Mn. t.'M[i».rj«ir; tt-hj. iti* John Wina- 

nuVrr StorT, of rnunr. 

Mr>. m l^r: Hrillr. I nevrr lirtiBitd , . - 
Mil. VrTO-I>*lj iiilrrrjifjirfj Jifirl : Tti« 

Back Id la* Piny. 

Hut io c't haek tt> the plity, |jh r tead- 
' Is oar that aptly suits Mr. MJi- 


lilm t!-.T ht|i, 

He voulil lint \\aiv Ucen iihle to do ?q 
hut To- the hnaulifnl faith evt»L- 
inff lietwren buBwdj nltf \ \\ y , iletertivr. 
who .'.:.l-.ii- ::■ t ;,.: tB* Swami is the nil 
ouTlM-ii. Mrrrftt brrt HhoWH hi» tniat in 
Weatherby. (he sleitrii. I>y uiTihe him 
bin key* to hi- I^Jjiin.^ iti or In- rluit too 
Swamt'u t-harcie fiat the arulexi iewofs 
lire In J.ant'* tool kit misbt bo ili^iroyi'd, 
nrvi-p t!> irking [Imt In- miffiit hi* 
■frnmeii."' To ninru iJiis pon-fidrnre, 
YVrjttherhy ilblftui Iipn L::ne. v lien ttfl 
two meet in th" luiltMted ho»3* ^Tlcr too 
Titter nns Imvh fried mi hall, io ru t„ 
ji jrwiler with lie noleii pro|iffty lo 
^Cr w.ii'tlo-r or nut ihn> arriumic, tin ri- 
l>y rtrovtiltt to 1 II4i«'ii> n'lili- 

UlJt one may mrrl'xik a fea- iniltrerj 
lit- tSrts* for the iitike v f a fi-w ilirill-^, 
mill Lhey are imparled in both %ii tJir- but 
two not*. At the i-ni!. iik n matter nf 
fart, the ruTiipllcfition,-. rome itlmoin rrw 
Lliirk itnd foi"t and WW itnnr«*rilorj \* nn- 
avoiilnhli' tloit ihe (Htthoe b*e mii-nii'tr-d 
to epowd tOO tniieh into u limited wpner. 

Mr. l,'iily"ji uctlnj was. » fin» product 
Of the ni'-lodramntie whoe-l, nnil In: roan 
ithoii- Ihi LiLiiiiiiMji- whi'-li poor htna" 
merhniiliin iinnoiied upon bitn. I»oont IC' 
fuvril In fifty utiiit iuiij liajhte, continued 
in rjlure with cheerful Wtjkttttw after 
they were wipposed tu he turned *mt. 
Hut such things do hop L v;Ti on a first- 
night find ahnnlil nnt occur a^nin, 

IViLiircA AiidrrHon take* thr> part of 
Kha Carrol.l ititli a (treat dml of earn- 
estaeat thml n moderate tiainijnt af np- 
penl, and Miirjf*;ret Dale obtains wimn 
humor nf ii light Aon from iter role, "f 
Mrs, flrlmore. Mrs. Charles ii. Gwbj 
plays the ronvrntionai part of the colored 
"fjimily retainer" to whom cveTyrnti1r ron- 
fiiti-j. laefi tremhlr*, and doea it wall. Tho 
rout of the e*"i is mediocre. 

"On rhe Staira" will not add us mueh 
to Mr. Htirlhiit'a fume as "Lilien of iba 
Field.'' but it will natiafv those w-Jm JIV- 
their mrliidrnma slraitht und ore ROlvtCn) 
particular flbuut the lojtic and maunrr in 
which (be thrill* are-Trgvided. 


GrimitQ« SrliTildrr of \ e n Tork; 
(O Do Two Coseirti Abk-oad. 

.STOlirvHotM. Sweden, Opt. SO.— 
<»ermalne Schoitser. the Now York rvtan- 
iat. has been cnea^d foe two Phiihiir- 
mnhic concerts InThiif i-ity, nn NoTatohoP 
& and 11!, *'1idCr the dirvecion of I'rof. 
CilHies; .Sclnveevo t*:. 

Mbts Sfhnitaer ia also booked forthre* 
Fhi)harm»ole concerts in Christianlft on 
N^vecnhcr .". ii and 7 T as -..■•-'.] a.* [or other 
coticert appeoraneca in Dpnnurk. Great 
Interest U felt ih musical circles in these 
eoneerta, whleh mark the clcliut of UIss 
SMinitzcr in Scandlnarla. owing to the 
many aceounra rrceieed hem of thi B art- 
ist's unique peraonatlry. 


1T> Saellbaeka of Croat Bias Arrivr- 
on Orlaaka Froia Coina. 

A ircaetfll rjirru. i:-i- n. ;■:.,. rrioetr-en 
tnrtiea, rnnainfr in weight fHiip 4Ti to 
-'J^i pound* i-acb. nrrived j^nti'rday from 
Hnvuhfl nn tflC Oriaaba of the Ward 
Line, which docked at Pier lrl, i;.l-: 
River. Tbe (tittltt are cnnsi(rned to 
Wnltrr T. Srolth, Ine„ 313 Front slrert, 

The Fh i li brought a totnl of ■■>:; cabin, 
and utt atecrngc paaa^apera. 


ler. and he filled [t Jo nnrfn-tloili Tt In 
rial nf n middlr-aged French dramaiist 
anil aeadomiciflji reho. offer yearn of 
hllnd lurr, suddenly diaeovera tba arlrl 
nn lvhoni bo has lat'lehed his *(*n;tktns 
i his been frtlye lo blaJ, 
; itlna I'hjiitrrtno essays (he latter role 
1 and Mm, too. is coorf, at rlmtal better 
. nnil ooee or twifr intlj njOpnittcent. Tha 
i rent of th* n*«f, t w , h*x uon carefirlly 
r seleeted and \t ad^iualp, hnt [he mi'm- 
i licm thifeof n-p only p"?pels mored 

hIioij! ihe two ehief '■tin parte™. 

I The theme '^f 'l.n Te»dresse." aa its 

; liilo miRht Imply, deals with thnt ten- 

f ilr-rnpAfl. horn of crent ' loT*. and which 

i-TiiIurrh \^T\a nlti-r the Hre' «ml jinneion 

j of that lore hnvr vnninhed. N"or a scene 

! i. waMeil in derpluplnE; this idea ami 

,.i-erj- ^jieech Is ra Mi luted to hcl[i in Its 


The Minry '-OflOerB* one Tanl Rafnar, 

■ rotofl an thr foremost writer cf Franre, 

1 ntifl >Inrlhe DeHieroE, rntfl of the rising 

VO!MiS arlrrsi'-s of the same ooimtrr. 

| There in n Seeg Imrd of sff«rrinn he- 

fw*pjj them, and for .feat* Burnnc han 

Lavished hit love upon her, nppsrenttr 

i-siuifieil it is reinmed In the same 

Aad thPn a well mennine— or was ahe? 
— friend, a fellnir-AemlrmMaD. teTta liar- 
nae the srtrl \m net i.% lii-vnt.-n ar lie 
things, nine*- shs is eondiietju E a clan- 
nVtUiitie nrfair with a .founjr man on the 

Turn It Cornea Ont. 

Bamar ot lirat refuses to helipva it, 
hut finally whi-n he fon-es the other toi 
prtra him the -Initial of the jonn? man in 
cpieMlon. he iuvlfe.4, every neqiiHlnlnniN 1 
WllOM name liea-jn* with letter t<i 
his. house the next day, arrannr* fn t>e 
away, and in*tnl» a utotiofrrapljor he- 
hind - ,| :ii-* • ■ i : — i :j i lj: j to inke down ver- 
hatim erery word that may nan In the 
drawine -room ln-twern the visitors ami 

The ivehocue doesn't neem to work, 
jiinee th': first two callers make violent 
advftaeeji cily to be repulsed, bt»r then 
tlie ctrl, itnatrunR hy her experl'-ares, 
enlls nft her tenner and he comes nier m 
ihe !-,•■::-.■ fur a moment. The Id^s of 
this man, even, making |m-e to h"t in 
the house nhe hnhls aacred, is repellent 
to the im-Tj'— . but tbr hnrm haa i.e.-n 
done. '!"-!■■ ^tenoffraphtr \<-.i~ enough ot!- 
dener? to convince Barnac nf i?i? ipbrl'M 
- faithle.iannnB and in an intensely ilm- 
| mstic aeenn he diamlas«A her from bin 
! Toe Bill has no. excuse, to offer other 
than that nf the phyolc*l appeal for sat^ 
isfae^lon which *be comyLet^y dlneoeialea 
from Jier nffrctioTL for Hamae. Hfl Is 
too deapcrniely unstruna and mentally 
paralysed oy his discovery at the tlmo 
to view this phase. n f the caae juriiciollv, 
however, and] the nt-ltrA* poea away, 

Tim* anftens tbe hlow. of to-Urye, and 
eventually we flitri them -back together. 
Now- there ia but tbe leQdnrtiftu f [{],, 
love that once held also the animal for 
both nf, taeai. and ther are bo(a appai- 
entl.v ideally bnotiy. 

"La Tcndrcsse" La n t hough tfuHy- 
concelved play and one that hold* the 
attenlfoa of fin equally thinklojt audi- 
e» 1 -i- throstchoTit. Ferhapfl it laeka the 
attain and rapid-fire renuiaitea for the 
ii!»ual ourrrss. i^o-called. but for Ita par- 
ticular e T ientele It ia an cntbrallina; work + 
Just how larpe that clientele may be 
rn a iirvint on which, oommenimraicly. 
re.i(^ thcdep;ree of aueoeoa "La Ten- 
ilreusc" will sclii eve. 

In addition to the eo-stara. tho coni- 
pUff roniprig«i Elmer Brown, otagpte- 
-iie St John. Loais tat Bay, Klfln Flhn, 
U'iliinm Pearee. Norma Havey, H. 
roBprt-Cliffe. Edward Hackaj'. Mary 
Fowler. Sidney Hlirpi. Jean de la frits, 
William Hanlof, Ronald Cotman. A. C 
AtidrewK ami Judith VoMelll. The lat- 
ter was especially aond in n small but 
important tutrt in the last art 

Mr. Miller himself has atsfled the pro- 
duction, lit haa dona it wall. 

fntltioTi S»le,n» of the WanantaJwr *t< 

ih* firri in ihoi^ die t*nn ertatlaiai La V**l*, 

, *Tit domntic mwieli til irm-nv, *uit». ■» i -e,- . 

■ Mi^nsel and other ftiuiniCB tWmit^ in mill-" 
■lcrj 1 from I'sri* and Loudon; hi l«ilwear— 
minj of their newest (hue* ire *cpirv of ta# 
IBM Pirii rrv>o>T^->riH|MnB to- fc* liar] any 
inirirlrr. Artrl Ihrn All t^^ arvriwl" nf <frr«a 
Brf Id St fonfiil thcro. IiM; lieE*rir r bmwrj , 
Blevni. ever r I film raquiriitU- chosen. 

MfV pr !^v ijifhiut) ; ft'|»( bliuf [ (IU 

hir-lle n-plt to «r, for mywlf. tnh -onrferlnl 
HOTr. But yi>t) haven't said invLhina about 
lumhhinin for the huuM. Ynu meelraned 
crr>»in* l r^uidse? 
Mas, IJr-To-DsiT: I rlcn'i nncrsUy belieta 

m trailing bruiser h-fnre r, ir niiTR If} them, hut 
Ibis hr!d K e N HirTerenl. Tbe Wanamaker St«n 
nrlU it lhr \- ■-. :.:: nf f: ■■.; ■■■■- T tjll It ttie 

"rida* ef Sjittsfsnifo, Inr trhielitHer wsy too 
yps^ at* sine to find MiufacuOn 

I llv nttiel 


W-ell. when ymi have ermiri) 
utr fnm .Jliificlion in faihioiK. n]i4i |( 

ti're i# •stiify the needs of o«t'* hous*? 

Ms* Ue-TD |i*it: Oh. ev^rttrririB. 1 hard. 
> kraw *merr to IWJwn. TOflM, Hrw ftpna- 

nce. {Iiinilsl rvigl. r>8 ol thr-m In pe iiand 

rifh of ih*-*q tprcialilfs Wana> 


f'l bl Ik 

: L*i 


■.unr 1 
L Wamirilri 

tliera arc so many other 

■I- (or ihr "pyne — (ilif roviii 
r fim§rr*i- notp-rir*, curtain*. 

». LmiiriuTri. The- IiM would 
TUller? In KivcTMiJ- TJrirc. 

>*rr- Get " 

. 9* i 

. .. T defy you to 
:r~.'\. *'■'■■ far the hausa 

ii s-i :■!• - and curti^ni; 
vr>. an rucriirio Bcvn..n nf l!rr ilore ii de- 
vnted io ilirm. I nrvrr Nit iniae anv*berei 
rlir. Oi'mi mH ,1ms? l hive jn« itpkn- 

t>|>ed W entire l»hlr oi||ri| |n tfl« Seiletllbrr 
■.lie. |iiil rliiiexl. Their I Sina sloie is fiinoin 
for ita IierxirleH rhirta snrl o~!a*» nf (he rery 

'finest. And. af couth, thr Furniture Salons 
•re bnr>wn tfi* w«rld i round, far ihe qaslli' 

• nd [Ksuiy ot ihi furniture thry ire titled 
wtta. ThU lilrraey table jiiH ejme Irons Ineee. 

M»'. era I-it: Still, th-ii Agif't relieve one 
of the hKrUiiy ol )toiii| elte^liert. 1 1IL.* 
utlsfwa, >-ou kflo*., ^ 

Mis. ■TT-Vn*D^ir- _ Antirjin-s? My drsr. 
lorJc si this sjtil Entflii'i lae^uer deJ< ! A Brn- 
uiee Oueeu Anne o-^e, I- rem W»uaiti*aeT's 

rrhnMiaTi cf UnlilucH. fli* QAfs4iftt\ sihOrt 
Imtillifiil SrrSOKc-.Kcrir, in immt citJt*ol>lr wild ' 
mirror*. Iimpi, old piinl^. nt*»i and [W'ftrT. 
i-rlni rine .-o mucli in i-lioohinR (ur One's BWO 

Mn. nr l^.\. Pul the TTrthlrrrs «f slcfinl*- 
tTiH oir"« nails ami having thie«r' fit mpthcr 
and nf rrubine t his-menioni srfiolr. of ene'a 

house, nvrelj- pne "m'l h^vr interior decern 

t*n Inr |H»t? 

et*B. I'rtn-D*lt:- rertiinly, rme miuL 

>-■ WiTSBmiher'n. Besrstuw the interior tfer- 
orainf s*ta> cftmrs "> 7*1 from there 11 trained 

anrl <"« re Ft en red j n EttsT Sll o( rull'ilsl r^vl 
1.-.-1- before dilolaj,. Jint rnut up tbe ■.(■■'-< ' 
"t" Jilt Fit Delmaison, the Ilirreiiu of Drsto- 
latfon. snd an espert Kill s:orii* 10 rrrur home. 
Hsjl pe Lay: Well. I never! Ur me see 
if f can think nf wmeitimB t!-si rsnnet fc*r 

re-.-hf in t^i* tieaiure beusier Baoljt 

Mi*. Or^e-JMl-? WlOT* igiin. W'tjpa. 
mikei'i bas an estetterii hookstore which ojevm 
Intel tiociir. heleful Sstrvict. 1 al^-iyi tetephpna 
m» orders fur Pr Iitrsl p'lhtka lieps utij re- 
ccir« mf ■■'-!■ I want. 1" ','. .1: n '.,- Aaail 

Mat. or. IJV: Dear Use, sr*tf}Usitlf out CSe 

nsrleil Such - sttsrrl 

"*s t>TH>»*tTl {leuthimt.r Orsldtne, at 

the rlik of **vrnin« a ■..■-.- l j i -!r-.:r-. I a-n 
■ L "tsrd H tell |rou Ihm mj tsuuey, ibese fsiM 
e <\ their capre, be»3 and stand fp/«rwisr 

rn,.-i-£li l>e diiciwj Jo lhr ivn-ptrtor ^e. 

jrsu'^ all eaiee fei>m WoMSttlwrV ' 

Ml*. >r ].«*: Smirils like the fairy taia of 

■ '--ir fW Kre r Utile Twa Zm. EnoiHuia 

Ofle vrinlk biih" >•"■ h*fe-T nnr. fiom Wjtii- 

■-"--'i. I re-ally hs!e *a d°ql>t »-nar v^racii-ir. 
■■— (VntVseVT, h-ti I tsiusi bu »nd ire for isj- 
aelf. tomnrrtiw mr-rnin*- 

^i■l- t,>-TO-f>A'T: l\ Jijtl do not find enTiT- 

• "■infl vo-i lls^ed for vourieir, jrnii houK, s?tr*ri 
tput Ranlea, it W»niTe,«>Fr"'s. -of tt^ very boat 
quality, in ihr veri frihlon*, desiaruv oaisM 

you are iretinE. I'll tellHrou -rtat 111 e>>. Ill 
Kt cnu «i> Id a rismnt l "wa lunrbetstsi In. fhe w 
In" rrs.iasira.fii In N't--- Yb'k. Put if ve-: sto 

futljr aaLTiificd with" voue itoprinir. tbeO yao 

mu« pay fpr itie huUKcK 

Ufet, ei I^r: Art-red. That krctt is tbs» 
"'— *t resLatiraal" joa want lo intrixtui;? we 

!'■'■«. UctoD'ait: Winimiati'i ttstau- : 

Mai. nr. l,iv Hravrnif 1 niedt " hara 

■ nosra. Fvti dfiwR to the beat food ia tha 
4iir. I •■••■-.-■--% m*h n/ssv. dear, I came fof a 
cup of tea anil i ow a * *Shr. I deaart with ■pricc- 

-... -p^itc „f the u jy to miVe my whole 
life asnnntl-rr. easier, hapnier. Il** at aiw-] 
et a frtr-d <WiU*-e tirr\, so Lr la. KGati **, 
■fetVN f#et*r, toftrtwg terk^ »,-: '. ,1.? ..-j.-^rcu-,".. m 
of raft cnntrmlmrnt,} Jsrpt U> ihinlt, t),ie has 
oidis In ernsn the Ttiidsfr nf S*!i"fn-!tnn to ffed 
srscrylhinB frOtn ts-iajr**** it'll Pnriis Fa<.hions t» 

• k p ''■-■ thieirs thit cne ■., ai-.t*— fi-r 
err"!* find .■."-'■- L ,-— -. 











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Film? Succeed Where Music and 

Preaching- Often Fail, Bay* 



tMnrmn ClSLBS to "Htm FlMt COUTH. 

(Ion I* -Clertlaad — F« Xante 

<'»"1«t Dtln«* Latter D'InK. 

L'yrtipany. _ _. .. 

With U» yeeterday WWjLjD^jH) 
Elr mflnagiag editor or rh* Curisttfl 
UerftW. who (wiped (lis Rev. ut. ^n< 


unliitted ■ for a (fttup of re- 
porters yesterday nfternotin how 
the tcrtwi could be usurf u ml 
aid in pmchiitg sertnonB. Dr. Blwidon 
hould koo-.v. hating solved the. paycbol- 
!>-> nf Hi is rip bin ehuireh y«n M« ^hen 
lie read a c-hnpie-!- from "Id His Step:"'" 
rmi, Soaday at tin- Central Conarefa- 
lAnal Church in. Topcka and Aida hi* 
church dip subject of Yorld-irtde dla- 

"Sftmctimcs pood Tmnlr and arKid 
preaching fail in bring lb* people into 
church," nald Dr. Sheldon, "ajid flt 
sucl it dme It is. n-eccsaarj to tiirc worn* 
other ufut, Mt sncMsaor, Dr. John 
Rayhill. ehon-a a motion pictaTf eath 
Sunday night and delivers a rtnuoii an 
:B phase of !hf story. "The illntela 
Mbb,' 'HumftMfiniir" nnd "Over the Tllli' 
were un&ng the fllroi I|fi Knj'lllH 
fi-f^-nr;] in liit church., and i" has in- 
reaaed thn attamtaew* from nofl 10 1,000. 
nil thr church trill hold." 

This :n!Uf.(itifrtnrc.i tjiat a motion pic- 
ture wa* fihown In KiPau on Knndhy 
light brought forth iromfl *nlOBi«hnient P 

it eloalnjc law end libllo^«t^!J , forblda 
snr mo lion pietarft th«atre (o onco its 


Ur. Sbclifon uplnlnHl thitf by PBy^ng 
a ailrer oficrlne; Wfta takrti each Sunday- 
Up f>aiil 6 1 tw* will coiilriDijilfn dwrn nut 
cnmi: under the IifatJ of admlMion, and 
(bin tlr-traya lb* eupcHM flf the piclur*- 
g« hastened to na? the films wtrr Hf»t« 
cli. -mi until Ihny had b«n prfaentcd by 
thi> thenar**. 

"Dr. Kflybill ubjs bf*n bittrrly "itt- 
ciird by llw? othtr clersj, lh* picluro pro- 
pie and thfi pTf**" *aid Dr. Sheldon, 
"bucaiue of ihi* sponiorl-ng of ihe film*." 

Dt. Sheldon'* i»urt l P UIBr int crMl iTl 
ftiOii is his assoHlJitlcm with lh? Chris- 
tian Herald u e41tof Itrebltr. He baa 
Mine on to Wtw Twk WoTg* * n 
occupy the rtitrum at the Town Hall 
Sinidaj pifiht uod talk on a film sh<wrirtp 
tbc eiodiw of ibr Cbildrfu .of MfA 
This Is a flln W b* drrulatrd by Dr. 
liraliiin Ptttprson, IfiW U tbf pirBlrtfiit 

of tha bbjHjwn Bmm smw* «**5W 



diti cipIlih'thp'proMr'nay Id ehow m* 
lien pictures In a eburcb. 

-■Tb«M nbould b* prayan firm. Haul 
Dt. SbeiduH, "lis*n »oi* iiDRing. and 
iben tb« film. Dr. Raybll) *kam* iim* 
tfdf and then tikea up tht offering, rx 
litaioint th* porposa of (be offtriLiE br 
ftir«- th* #nrlr*a pieWiri' la jjen-faad. 

n*T. Dr. Jot»*pq SHrerinaiia MOltn 
tlon (bat Biblical lilma WW0 ,^ot jiraeti 
csl f/ir ail dlBlrcliM bccattM they could 
iipI help frfSfle duttrlnal l>rouaht forth 
a«mic dl^ii-Klon tt-bvt Dr. abfldoiij uho 
sHlJ lie did not agtvo witb Rer« Silv.M-- 
man. Eft- aaid the Klblo tefla a Blory 
that ^afi N Iwnatatad n« U i d »vrBt»n 
ivitb^m fdTnrJnir ihi> erend of any "ou<> 
htweifle Church. Tin «aid he* bad net 
Irfld -(vhor Dr. Silvermuu -;ml on the 
HiibJ^t to bp prr.fprnNl nnt to po Into it, 
Cmt he »«JcS hr wnuld nwdlrt ttiut thr 
yonoff pcoplp of lit* nation through the 
medium of the: moving pidiirv will know 
morf abnnt nih-lical liistory In a 
*eU iban they WW BW!« in their liTea 
before* k .+ .,,. 

AnlL-nt us Dr. Shpldnn is Jq his dnsixe 
to. list th* motion pictlirea as n rmpnTiim 
u( twwblns thp i aiing people rellgiun, 
be said h* did not believ* the Pajwion 
Play would flrqr reach the ifrtPti. 

"I baTe a friend wlio Btayftd at the 
home of A hi n'i r.nric." br< &atd, "and 
Mr. Laws told him tnry htd refilled ft 
millirin dollara for the motion picture 
rlghtii. Se.aatd thr ponple of Oher- 
nmmr>rrau would nercr couacnt to be 

Dr. Hboldoti r*uld not br- terontou to 
givp the uamr nf Om tompary. althongb 
tbrrp w-t-re many guemeK and spvcml rn- 
teriirising rcportKi " - ho olaimrd to 

Until lh* 2f>rt h 00n 4-liurchpB are pro- 
rlded wltfl. prnjeetlfln ii3Jifbine/i the 
means to mipnly' H'itih are pBinFuIJj In* 
nriequatfl. Dr. SlicMi>n rsntd. ■ Up Maid 
tben nrp only 10,000 churehva Mippiicd 
nirli i rojccium mechiDeN, and nine of 
t1ir*ic do not dhow' pictures. At no timo 
dllotrld the church try to Compete with 
the Jhentfe, went on the reverend doctor, 
'brcaiiM. t-acb box it* own plnc« and Ita 
o-v'd vrork to do. 

Thi Tawn DaLl taeftins is *n IflTlta- 
hon iiffair — brcjUse< fts Dr. Stipldoo vS' 
pi nine J, the BvatinK eapnrity is limited. 

Mo-re iillii more are ntock rompeniea 
fn motion pletfrptj coming into prom- 
tjivnw. Thr latest company to start a 
ptrmn&rdt pitock company ir the Pre- 
frrrcd PittWrM C»l*pany, tnrnugh ila 
l-r.-'nirlrru. B. P. ^cbulbctS. He ha* 
Bigaed Kennetb Karlan nnd OrrLllc Cald- 
ivH-N *i ji niicloua for the formation, of 
!..u - ri a company to btr maintained in Loa 
Angeles, it fa aejuilowt'a Inteatione ro 
si;rb siilflitioiuLl iiiMuiirrs as time joes on, 
no that at all linjes he "ill hare well- 
known jtlaynra to dmu- upon for ;mri5 
ip his 7>:u-i 'iri.--=. Kennath Harhtn is vrell 
known ax n IradioH iuan P having jdayH 
oiipoMJp Conntanec- Tulmadgf in, rsi.-ruy 
of liL-r mast Buereaafut pictures. Orrille 
C'&ldwcLl bos bad conaidrrfibre dram&lir 
^per-ea(_^. !!'■ hi-iu> tbn dietijiictlon of 
I having been called alia babfisament man 
f in the itoild. the eelection briup; ercditoil 
10 fcliao* Glyn. 

t l*V*tahd Nrli llir FmhJ..n. 

I The Srat annual convouiioii of cinema 
J rJubB of Ohio vlll so into session at the 

Statter Hotel October 5 and 6. This is 
, said to be th« first time la the history 
I of ili<- bnsineas tjat KUch a maetlni:, 

wIsptp tin; Ectieretts are not iirjandal. 

I has: p-mt tnVcii plaee. Mr». KliOPr 0. 

[ I Pi-rf. ivbo ivfti a pramlaeut fljruro At 



(Juu>t retnraed from Loa Anneleaf 
will t«*rn 90rdr%hia a! to h«r ■*- 

vmiii*' Ht »fisHinjr ptr*nti xd- 

tlr**« Id Hoi 14V, CRT* of ^Ic-rn- 

ina Trktcaiih, SOlh *■-. A rJarhiti 
*va» T ■ . ' 


Jib.* i!l;ij* lh* hnillnn rule In -A 
WontJirt'i Woman'* at IDC 13»R|f» 
nnt vceah. 

thi- \Va.<ibincron conrpiition Inul May 
Bad woo has been nrcnldenl of thr 
I'lcrMand l,!!iiemn Tluli fur ten jrarn. 
i.i the niFjiInc npirTt la thi* rr«iioH. flt 
which l.'irp orgnnitatiohH Will 6* reprc- 
s^nti-'d. Sirs, Xierp ii ^hairmBii of Lie 
better illmH mnvcTncnt division rfl 
NoTtarm - - hio and i* n pflA'^r In hpr 
home 9tQ4t. ^hr> n-i>o|>ular v.\th both thr 
rrfomierit .■mil iii>' film meq null y'luy., no 
favorites when it coition fn making d>- 
cisiAns o-n [uri'.-f ■ ■ .. S|i. ■!■:.:! niatti^rfi nill 
come un for diHctiMHioii at t lii-- rr>nvcnLlou. 
nmong tlium ccniwrnlilp— n snibjcot rio 
conveiiLioii ever minnis 

bo VOB Kiiu.t n 7f*meT 

Tl'llllnm Fos hns bcrn dchigw] with 
letters the pnnt t>->< doyii, lie baa bad 
a whole utrtlT t-U>iy toklng care of tbeni. 
The retwtoo Ja tlie offer to give anyone 
who selects n litlfi for "A Little Child 
Shnll T-eail T.ipm- n prize or $l.ttX>. 
Tbcrp doesn't live tbn man "r n nninn 
who isn't Killing to ttj bis ot her luca 
dt uHmiuK n, pWg. The central is rvuMy 
on th.r n'lnnrp. The h?ckju sUbmlttlnB' 
the Belt title before midnight of October 
•B H7sn buy ri paw BlimmiiliHe Or pay lb«* 
firet iinrrrif-at on n a*"ie In the eounlrj. 
Will fiitr nnys. motion picture writers 
flu not 'Jli-iunTiSed. io -i'e iclil ^r-hd Cur 
title in h„v earlj mail. 

ATrlirn ir. Tuitn. 

Oh ihi- rtomr-rir yf^trrdnj «as Colnnel 

E, C. > : i 1 - - (■ i : ~_T - ■■'.']. jipt^dent Of llii.uiioiil. 

I, hi. He coram from London for an rx- 
ti-ud-.i rteft. While In \i>- dtp ho ivill 
mnke hi* hendiiuanerii at the r>thce of 
Lre-rJnidford, Ine American repreaenta- 
!:*.- of (TBUnaont nt Tul drvcnLh avenue. 

"(art Tnt Plctarea. 
Tom Fortpsu toll week started Work 
On "Are i'on a PaLhiro-?" an origlnalbj 
Lorry ETBhs, for E'rcforred Pictures. It 
Will be Mm second TirlO Foiui;in prndttc- 
linu (or PreforreJ, the first heinj; 
■■Hhuiliiw.f," a'bieh will be relcoaed in 
October, (iannier has alno elnrked ircira; 
on 'The Sal**" 

1I« 1Von!iljn,'< Chance IIIn .lull, 

Yeaterda)' the. clerawr boy in the 
Commercial Tf«at Company was bo 
happy be wouldn't ehanpc places with 
the Kiiii of Kngland. T"wo celebrities; 
followed t-fldi other in rapid HO^eeaLon In 
his Cftf. 

"Know that man?" he whispered, 
poindng to Victor narbert. "lie la 
Americn'B grcfltcst compnupK M«kes a 
barrel nf money. Catni-s in thin building 
qrieD." * 

A few momenta later he said, "Ceo, 
lota of famous people travel In my car. 
Owain Mi.nL-i' jimt went up. ~\>- Is a 
■rent motion picture siti-. Did you bj« 
blmf J 

After all bapfiinCKs dnpcndfl upon Oca's 
point of view- No. thltt ciptimlstic at- 
Utudn In BOl caused by seeing ro many 
ministers kit within twenty-four hours. 

At (hr CanitO. 

Tbs Cameo takce great pleaaiirc ii> 
telling (be mrprld the film attraction neit 
week L*'"A Waraatia Woman," in which 
tbatf atcfling actrcin, Miry Aldan, ii 
stkrred. Tliht is the first New York 
showing or the picture t which was mado 
by Cuarlew tilblyn and ia rclcaaed by 
Allied Artiata. The Kiipportiag cost in- 
elndts Louise Laa, Dorothy MncKnil. 
Belmea K. Hrfbctt, J. Barney SbcrtT 
and Cleo MfldlaoP. ■ 

JCo Mara Word '-'mm i^ 
Considerable interest hs^ been ex- 
pressed in. the IndOBfry over the cahin 
from Herlln. published In last Sunday's: 
Times. atHtlng that tha motion uieture 
theatres had closed their doors u a pnj- 
teai *ft;Hii>t the high ta* levied by the 
municipality. The motion piefur* fan* 
arc wlthojot amuaemtnt. as the owners of 
:;!1 theatrca in Berlin locked thtir doom 
laat Saturday night and refnjwd to nCMpt 
the redletloo of the lax offered by tie au- 
thorities In an effort to ohtalu a cum- 
iirtmiee. No word has been feeelrcd 
that leads *be IndoBtry to think the Gor- 
man exhibitor* afe relenting. All em- 
ploye** have been discharged ami told 
they will oaly br reinstatwl -when tha 
mvnlcEpality adjiuts the difficulty. 

A Line our Two. 

A& aiuugnirent came in Ain oflre rea- 
icnlar that lb# antiro mniion pectare de- 
partment elamored to till. It was a let- 
ter l r.i-ru Chicago iDTltifig the mnlina 
pi r Lure department af The Slotninp IVlej 
arapt t" rrriew Awoeiated Flntj Na- 
tional picture* «t S91 Sotlth Wsbsth 
tveanc, <^lilr*m».'each Wedne»daT after- 
noon at '2 o'clock. - 

Stora Hours Now 9 to 5.30. 

-pr " * W Formerly A. T. Stewart 

LSroadway at Abiffi. 

Telephone ^7iJfl Stuyreiant 

The Perugia Pump 

a cmait in tern relation, in patent 
leather, of the anugdLtttof. ankle-high 
pump, the creation of Petagia, the 
famons hontannktr' ot Nke vjio bga )utt 
opened, a shop la Pnrb>, where in a short 
time bo has created a aensatiou- 

Stepa into favor 
at SIS 

The Waiuinafcer copy* u-liich has been vtty successful 
since its introduction to New York a few weeks ago, is an 
exact reproduction, in so far as it was passible to make it. 
lf\ place of the parallel lines of gray enamc] acros sthe'long; 
ton|uc, which is cut in one with the short vamp, ye have 
used narrow inlays of beige ooze leather, and in place of the 
high, stilted heel we have used a two-inch French heel, which 
is more suitable to the American woman's foot. 

Rr*t FToiST, Old Building. 

New French Fabrics 

In the Salon 
of Dress Goods \ 

The fine fabric* nf vXieK t*e 
very froc**, coal* and tuiU ore 
made, u-ni^ wt !*« marfe in J'orii. 
ere rtirirfng daily i'.i -*,- Wena- 
pwfccr 6 lore. 

Selected in Parts, sent to us dlrtctly from M. RODIBR 
and the other great fabric designers, they form a fascinating 
collection with which Jo work.for the womnn who makes her 
nun clothes, as well as for the dressmaker who acknowledges 
the lead of Paris and is grateful for the opporfunity of having 
the smartest and most unusual materials at her very door. 
The new KaaJia weaves 

M, BODIBR tinvinjr fln-t made 
Ki-iiUri elortl aororal seasons aro, 
tnxib yenr hrlogir am bru- and even 
mere delightful v«iJqns— now we 

llttVD — 

— Kashi iluretlnc 
—Kasha serge 

— [>Tailalne ' 

— Knaha^eloth la new eolors. 

New, Sat corded. 

Perllaune Gatlonne 

— Perllalnn naMange 
^Perllalnh In plain colon. 


Brigneita and Trison — Bmafteat 
oT the new fabric* fur Jittlc ehort 


The Tormer fror^ KODlrZR, 
Tor h^ it limit authrntle creator. 
The latter in nnr numher of faa- 
rlnnring patterns and eolors — new 
stripes. tinsel urer-acnbrALdemd 
and ploJn weates, Ln calora for 
evening snd day «r-r. 

Velvet-finjah . 

In three otw wearca: 

— Prop-fltJtchi 


— idatelas«d. « 

S:n;ir1i-!-f. .if colors. 

FlMt Floor. Old Buildtn 8 . 

A choke little list of «tra-aize 


At « Fourth to Half L*M 

Grille SilePrlct 

Serapi — 1 5.4 x9.11 ft tSoo $37S 

Kcrmansha — 15.7 x 10.5 ft.. S900 $450 

Scrap!— 15.6 x 12.3 fl S900 S4S0 

Kermansha — 16.2 x 10.9 ft.. 5900 $450 

Kermansha: — 18.1 x 10.2 ft.. 6900 |4S0 

Anatolian — 16,8 1 11.11 ft... S900 $680 

Serapi — 21 x 13.10 ft. . S1IO0 $720 

Sirout— x 12.3 ft S1950 $1360 

SlrrjuJr — 19.6 x 12.4 ft J2400 $1800 

Kashgur— 19.8 x 1 1.8 ft g;5oo $1250 


Diatriot .Attorney CrhBrging Pro- 

Germanium, Attacks Beeprd of 

Ferdinand Harden. 


|)i:a 1 H .mijhi;>. 

The surrender for lecoratio-n and ean- 
crUnrion ot. natural i ration Issued go May 
26, 0861, br the Circuit Conrc of Cook 
Connrj. Illinobi^ to Ferdioafid Jfanscn., 
the Writer, wbo wm horn id Ucrmsn;, 
la askad fur in an eqnltr suit brought 
by Aaalstant U. S, Olatrici Attorner 
Hertnan L. Pals: for the UvTcmment in 
the Federal District Conn. 

if an s*:;;, who during the war Was 
known w agenta of th* Department of 
Justice aa a close friend of Jeremiah J. 
O'Learj, is now' aaid to be managing 
the Overseas Pubilahiba; Co.. in Ger- 
many, and- in that poaition Is alleged 
to be broadcavtiug propaganda. 

The surrender of 1 1 Arisen '« cittten- 
ship is asked for hy Pronecuttr Falli oa 
the claim that hia &nal papera n-rr* "il- 
IftgaliT and frandMlentlr procured hr 
tilm" from the Chicago court, and that 
eince natural tea tl on be TJo2a:ed the oath 
tie took to uphold tba CanatltnUea and 
defend the United State* against all 
tiitrfiiwi. foreign and domeatic. Duriag 
the war with Gernjanj, the Government 
alleges. Hansen, in the war weekly called 
"Issues and Erenta," wrote artlclea 
prajelng the war matboda of GermaaT, 
and bj a soap bos orator at afreet meet- 
in ga quoted from jisnifhto.i entitled 
"Jeatla al tba Peaca Conference," 
"Blood Monej,"* "Unrepentant North- 
cllDTc"' and "Casement in Doutach< 
Laii'J. 1 ' 

The Federal authorities eipect That 
Hinaen, through his pounsel. Theodore 
Hansen, an attorney at 6C Broadway, 
tvill fight tbe canceilatJon 0-f hla aaruralL- 
Eitlon pkpem. Thef aa? tSat wh*a Han- 
sen n-EOt ta Bcr]kn-jn ]0t^ to riait Lis 
bntber, a Geruan soldier, and to taka 
part in a Kt Fatri^k's Day colehrntion 
at the Pruaaian capital, hia paAcport was 
bcUl up t-v the Atate Department. Tko 
panport u-oa raturned to him. botvet-rr, 
when Hanaaq in an affidavit among 
other things, nmerted: 

"I f>n";- more emphatically declare that 

I hsv c done nnthing, nsld nothing and 
written nothing wfelch could In any way 
b* considered m an 'act of dlelsyalty' oq, 
my part t the country of my adoption, 
inr United Stat&a. 

"My enilrer attitude, wbilnt by no 
means in entire accord with the temiio- 
niry adminiBtration. has always bean .iio 
tated by tht> fignaileht: Amerieaji prtn^ 
ciples, anch na TV'aaMngton nhd Liacoln 
laid down for our guidance," 


Tanbert Considered It "Admonition, 
to Wayward Chili," bat Court 
Couldn't Set It So.* 

Supreme Court Justice Hubert: McC 
Manh, after considering the admission 
of Lo-ull TatlbfM. A cigar dealer, of East 
Mhety-dtth street, that he hud reverted 
tv first prlneiplea In "pnniyhins" hla 
wife, granted has/ HO a week idimony 
and $250 for her lawyers, 

Krt. Blanche Tauoen, the plaintllT, 
a-'-- taat her hiiBband an July 3 last in 
the Catakiils assauJred her with a stick. 

Tuubert aald it wbs not "until bicker- 
ing nod nagging 11 bare Mm to a atate ot 
asxrenie nerrgnajie**. that he "went to"' 
the T-1--- that seemed obiigaioTy. Then 
ho. declared, hu tidiuiDLitered by an ■''eje* 
<ffldingly slight hlow," Theatwok, ha. 
anya, was accomMnicd by an admonition, 
"Very much ft* oiie' would admonish 4 
wayn-nrd eliiid." 

Tanbert U noun to go to Sarapae; Lake 
in an. effort lo recover "lost neajth"," h* i 

Getting Too Fat? 
Try This-Keduce 

Tffit «b9 j"... 1 ww wa nil |f» y%h t*r. 
iiiuu ititmnb. But ir >ou rma Lh. nn «r,-<,. 

1-.1.1 .a =■ ■■ir Br -.:.<■!,:- cnn>b»HeiH. .>.■■- win ■■■ 

•:#* to toiio* ihw iDOrt'Um, »Wji it. ee- . 

•Tin in! ' ' ; 'tnia Dt> -ha I row A is 
rtnr «ruF« J' lor Mtn&o]*. rTrwrtr^H tSftUt* . 
sad folio* diT*ti[»««. t>iu> daiur 11 (a* rrn» 
fh* inrM o*ar. ttaL tbarn frori r ,M -f *■** tffttctil 
vr r**t Witt 4M*n M ffbtwlt Cq, tttl T«4- 

v*rt A**.. Piimti. Mle*. Bj e»ii« lsu jw ■ 

. HBMHH 1 1 









. DAVID DCUKa Dfwtiili 


HFl ACrn *« "* *■ 'BwJom «t an. 
OCkHOUU H»»i-T*-*'wATS*f«..H*. 
'•Wli> t'lrio Oniflrtf* All B»?«"- 
tatlans-Bvau IB* TVII*e»t7Ml<n™ 

DAVID BKLAiiCo fwia . 



; k HOB, Oct. 2 

i r ■ , , I-- 

ni:-rct(ia V.'i-.. HBTTll 
Nltbla * ft* I. H. I II 71 

to ;:■. cn!if r M*!=.i:.:r, 

U ■ tr-S .Ici.Tii Fnii no> 
Box Of (k* Cmj ■ W ■ 


. »■—.■• Hill, T9>S * * WM. IN. 

*^H)VAI» •a/OOYCTwmrr 

V^ton« l9tokkrm4V= 

A NBW lUMKftY WITH wrHir. 

14»u.To-ip- 4 Thaw . tie, 
INA n A1RF* AMDnoKPuvrmu 




J 'Asm pea an »ii!i ■ l 
1 M':'!i! Cenwdr 1 


« — C-h«rlM MM| 1 

kJ f>' wwi*. ■ 

HEJTEMPDfl*RrHUSB*ND B 'Kr 1 -,*; 




"Screamingly Funnij Every Minute" 


! IT»S A BOY' 

Thai A«dl*<ne* c t >nk it to Its fcemrt." 

CnOT T -" ! Wl* ^ K »S»- "t LSI. 
u ■* ■ Hits. Tc-nO 1V«I,.IH. 




HI*. Bed llj 

H» ■»■»■*! atari. 
VIA WIN Ira Caltlar, 

fivrnr* veer*. Jh iiatit Tim* ftatnrstfiy M*fot 


A. L. Krlancer'x Production 


i-iv-ir. « St E... LIB. 
fiM.U. ^'«l. * f.L jjj. 


"Sr.jf.n', B«*t Pl.T."— Trftwt*. 

Film Booked Aiio for Cohan 1 ! Grand 

In Ohio. jo Whtte It Will 

Open in October. 





THEA-h J A". 



For be a 

with Margaret Liwrnci 

MlL». Wtii. * SIT.. :.w 
jOOUt KICHOLs- U^Kin, Sam*. 



Jrr *f?OPENlNC HON. OCT. 2 


sui« bi At.HJirSTlN Dl'SCATf 

, WEEKS W ApVASfE | A SAT.. *■», 


V> lien qn« *nme» »*■ 

r.ff5inTt-il no a. drllKht 
lice "THK TOHCH- 
HKARCtl<i" ti rarer!* 
In unite llkelr to "■ 

tjBll R. C n B, 3 _ i -C =- - 

VindtrbUt J ™, 

tfih 9i. * n .-. ur 


!<>»nilllii.C£ CObirdy Hit, 


*IU> TBllnlfth ltm.ktiea<I 

Knife pi.ti,Tbur«. A H.L, 1.M 

Eti. UU. M»u. iTri. A BaL, 1.11, 




it tttn El Eru. I» 
.._j.W*l, *S*i.t». 
._ _rj ll(ipWti>jJ'i lircnl CuDiMtT, 
"L.AUOHINC (lUfCi:S3. ,h -Evi. warld. 


<<»o]nt«lr S«t« Brt." — Aim, Dn,l>. 


|17»iAST. A ir aramovnt fitter* 


Rlfli Tfl " |,|af K CiODa- 



::■- a a st. 

JOE COOK. VtBetff 

Tllii». Vfaiu Oaula. B*t 

v.-:. *-.. >"■■- ^ ; i:>::. c<tb. 


B'r A H SL ■ LutM A 

llP.flflrE liAHiiLsr.\i.i: 

FOIID. J !:;:,r: !• 
0., otfHLf,. 


STREETj"""" 1 " 1 ^ * TiYihri. «hi_ 

** * ", MiltJull KHUqh Phoi^nu 


CB.F.Kclth'» T:s P !r lUiXLIiia Uili. 1 I ninmionii *rMey it I 
If**/*!*. t)l .„ d a (nlnr 'iTjuDOHInr It 



mj BIEHOB HupportlDB BllL 


s-trinii stBipbtiDr Oitn. 




El T I N fi F W. « Bt Er«. HID. 


in "EAST of SUEZ" 

Bjr TV. 80MBH9Er >I Al iniAK. 



STATEl"™ EvmxvoF 

It A. H. I? 13 P. M. ' TlmiwrttT 4 P^tt dtlifl. 


CfUIOlDC TEL. .-isxo m:fiH 

BrOfldTrpT "nil R«lph At«. 


Carpenter Beftdi Guilty to Man- 

ilaug-bter Charge in the 

First Degree. 

Umlw inditimont for Ihc EmnJcr on 
3aly ].u-t of Joseph HiiflDo «■ l-''"t 

lOTtli street, OaeUcno Huwo, & «r- i ihortly after the 4 kaiior. 
IkflBttr, IlTlne ••n First nTAtiUi-, pleided I 

pi] ill ,' vr&lerdfty ct man slavish tor i Q 
the fiwt iJ^ffre*. 

The rDurder resulted from ■ fight 
ovi-r a [Hi-CH- of vAtrrmeloa ic-d1c]i Bhuo 
had tucm i^rii t he MUano's fruit, lund at 
20Q7 Firsit sv.'n!if, Oa Lhat tlate Kii-.-o 
went to the bakery of Atttaalo CaccacIa, 
next dffOr to the, fnrft simsd, bought H 
pie and ats it, And thru bought a pi>-p>_- 
nT watennelon from MilAoo. Altur pat- 
iof tin- litter, be aaserted that It w» 
"tio Kootl" and a dispute enaued uorin- 
■A-'hich MUbiio sLniek Huaao. The Intter 
drew a revolver and &red two ahotf 
wliie-.i atrtick iinil ki!l.:il MDuo. Hatto 
Tins raptured Id a coal yard .Dfarby 

573lrA5'aatifto l » t/utnxtfrtot* ^ 



' v JcL32??An~r>i- ■ 

7,000 AT WATSON GUftlAL. 

i [1- Unlwd Kin In Ttus H»nluTttAIT*.pb.> 

THOMSON. Ga., Sept. 2S.— Senator 
Thomas V., WaFaou. of Uearfla wan ]ftld 
Id Teat to-day In the wll of MrDtifHo 
Co^nrv, where he «vi.», Ifhih. 

l-'narraJ aerTiera were i-'inii.irtc-ii from 
hiahDmc!,Hickor> Hill. More than 7,000 
Hiteudotj, and 1iiiHinio^« in the mcimuuitj" 
wu Eilaneailrd. A delegation from Cen- 
i:i> ■■-. ■■.,•,.:. pnscnL 

AaiorlntacI Mulian PJ#IWB Advrr. 

ILuh Olr* LintDFiin— DuiIdii 
Will ■«« D*Tfei Picture. 


AL'TlJJl lookiog th« prcmirj oTtr for 
a Hitlble thentre for "Hobia 
Hood.'' Hiram Abrmm aigaod 
toe., paper* yeeterdar aijd took 
over the Lyric lor an Indefinite period. 
All (hii wAa aceotnpuaned heforo rolci* 
tjrriille* QnnlUi. v*- L • <> [> In i»*ii is Don:- 
laa.FaErbaAkfA hrpreeetttfltlvt*. I»fr New 
York 'fir L'hltrr.jjc. Mr. fmlth franted to 
be anre rrery thins waa.aet before he totd 
thim. out [n i/hic-ng-i that the created 
pEotare Arer mndtr *a» About to mntr )u 
dehat in the Weitira city. 

Oohana Drand, one ol\(rie moat im- 
portant of the" legitimate houflc* in Chi- 
cago, ban turn leUad for "Rofc-ii Hood,'' 
■n-hlf-h h acheduled to cn«n aboiit the 
mJddJe or October. The New York first 
fllK.fu-iiiK it art for ij.Lt aamt- time, bo n\- 
toKoEhc-i- Pete Smith azpcflla lo vani id-. 
■alary beiween no* and ntitauootb. 

.Marj Pickford and Douglaa Fiir- 
banki, who are making the trip from tlie 
Cooat ot« the Canadian Pacific are. d«p 
to reach her* at T80 o'eiMk' Tfltwlny 
morning. \\> suincei that Is one reason 
Mr, t^mith ]h ieariog town, na htr ivon'l 
hnre 10 meat tbc train, Perhaps Mary 
and Dona chose fhly nlrly howr bo |fc*J 
would be fre* from rrportttn ani] photnt- 
raphers. . ' 

". ■! Jain Hnj* OriCJinlaatlAn. 
D. W, arifflti), who mm nnmed as one 
flf the grgtoaj merabcrs. of ihe Moli«n 
Plclnre rrodiiccrs and UlBtributera, UuL 
who did not formally Join the uHooiaLirtp, 
has matt* application Tor meinaWr*!.lp 
thrdn f fi Albert Grey, Jtfneral m.lnoupr of 
the Griffith ofgBTiiEatiou. This is eon- 
aidered a Compliment to Mr, llayi «n«] 
wUl uodotlbtedlj result in other pfo- 
dn«rs taking liana to bwwnie membfm 
of the Hays wjr&nlxatioa, The nnam 
Grl/fith !■ a valuable Ad*« and attewa 
thut tho wort BceoiflDlishKl by II. 1'. r, 
D. A. must be with his interest 
4nd avprnt-al. 

Boatar ipailea. 

lluatw Keaton ™ilpd yentrrdav. Ye* 
he did. although It took the combed 
effort of nil th reportm an^ his nir* 
and baby to wax a smile on the face 
that won Its fame, [hrou K h rinlmg tho 
undertsker'B Hdatajit In \vt perfect 

Bitter and Mrs. fluster (she who ««■ 
Natalie Tatmadge before ahe mtrrit-d tha 
comedian) arriTeii cn The Twentieth Con. 
turr. With tharn werfl Air. and Sir* 
Lou Anchor. Harry Brand mm! Kddi e 
Lllne nnd. of course— rhe baby. They 
all went to th* Amt.BSB cl i?or. 1 wbere the 
Pboto^rpphets and reporters hegt-ed tha 
floJemu Uustcr to imlJe— ju a t 4^ 

Tbo more they teawd h thr K !oomier bo 

"Come on. H mile, Dntter," coaifid ona 
photojrr fl s,h«. "I!| !ow m , Jol) if fm 

Thts broiiKht only B faint look f B ym. 
pathy— nothing tbat could h* eonstmed 
to be a real bonest-to-goodnep* grin. 

Thpn Natalie camu In -with the boby 
She pla«d It io j, B father's ^rm—Bnci 
Buatar not only nailed, be urinned. 

"Finer' called thr phor^ripher. 
"Hold tbat pose," 

Boater's smile was only r, fl^etlhj. (,„(., 
He relapsed Into hi* famous attitude of 
gloom, aad all the kinga hpraes and all 
the Hog's men couldn't bring hack fiis 

The Keafons ore here while the man 
or the family talks shop to "First K*> 
UoBJfl, It is espe*t«3 he will 9 \ SE . a new 
contract and. natural].,, ,h, t is „ |m , 
portant proceeding fo r both the Tlttt 
N(i:iiin;i| and Buatfr. 

Aa for the baby—Joaeph Keatan— lie 
is all his fond aunts and grandmother 
■aid, md bia p V ent B think so WSH of 
bim they haTe twai&nd him a job in the 
GLma when he grows up, 

A. W. P. A. Lone he on. 

William Tfavers Jeiome was to have 
spoken at the weekly luncheon of the 
Annotated Motion Pletnre AdTertiwra 
yesterday, hot warn delayed in Boston and 
unable to appear. In his stead foMm-r 
Jadigs Mosea Qroentnai) delirered :ir: \n- 
t^teAting sddress- Judge Qro^sman cm- 
lined hf| plan for the Arbitration Society 
of America and th* Tribunal of Justice, 
an idra to promote a bet t lit (eevlinc; 
among mankind 1 , to relieie the conges- 
tion Id the courts and aerre the public 
In tbe setttiog of disputes ttccordlna' to 
QodV justice, snd not law. Full infor- 
maUsn can be obtained s< the ofnciv of 
the society at H-" Broadway \ 

To Open In Hniinii. 

"When Knighthood Was in Flower*' 
will open in Boston, next we.ek at tbe 
Price Theatre. Elaborate, plans are 
being made to hi-.vr the Boston opening 
e^ual to the. New York first night. The 
London premier I* also being arranged 
and nil the Iaternatioril Company hopes 
Is that the bjx-oblce receipts in Londou 
nnd Boston will equal New York. The 
line in front oT the Criterion resembles 
a bread line oa a Winter atgbt — tis for 
getting tickets, it N as difficult ns the 
petting night at the opera, 

Ik* Vnr \plit-r . *' 

SrenkiniC t*I names and melodrama audi 
rvcrythloiF, UvTid Wark Griffith has cer- 
tainly eli;"-n a (rood one for his next 
picture — "One Kicltinjr Night." t It 
K-undri like Lincoln J, Carter. trft'BjM 
like Griffltli. However. Afcert Gre,* uo- 
licrea it is mueh better 1 Its a "The 
Ksunted Grauge,"»tlte orisinsj title. This 
was loat -when it ypm learned if had) 
been tl&ed before and was not available. 

1ftnfrlLit*J frost TttitNid U« KdUion > 


John (Hhwortly'i D«ub» li P«- 

unted Here Under Hanafe. 
. mtut of Charltl Eiliinsham. 


PbTkni! Ua, Bern BnrtrtlT lirtlcc- 

or«lr0 nn.l Tlr t .tr.L &,T. 
In, thr ,umm>-T HHlhl. 



Vn." * diai" >n 

IBIW tcti By -J-^ 

^ Om^werCT. 



t, ' 

J.ifli /.■■-•• . 

F*rdi!n.i*.l Oe r.,... 

H#!WT l'«-"ll 

Onfll ' 1-1 vs..- 

..rani Atif»r 

!-nn-'ii Bhiraln 

' fin'^r. !!■■-■■-' O* 

. n 

9. Oh 

nima H*u'» u "* 

v'Wtft? T*tlfij 

* BlritM 

Wi:Trld L *»«r»ni 

ntrinf w»r» 

!j '-r;r. 1 ■".■*■ 


1«„ CrtHi 


Mn- in tfcWfl r**t*r**r "•*■ 

j Ho>lcr una t*.e hs.ny. Thry tit* 

j Ml thr Ani'in-NtitNir. irlirr^ HinIT 

| .1,. II--. I Tor the -rlpllora. 

I Mr. (irimtll's OCIIj will be BO cffjrtna.1. 
All one i^aii l--;!,"i: nhout It IW i« ihnt 
Carol ' D*ei!>F*(i*i- and Miv- Mnrsh "ill 
h»T imiH>rta»l 'roVn. and that it Is a 

■ Aliiry of the n»ti So'ilhn "One Kiritinn 

■ Night" opers in Effrw York at* eoein iw a 
Ihrntrr in arnilahle and lu Ilowton Oc- 

. rnher 0. 

Sunt T>e>I Jaimlr rirH:re«- 

' Saverat of nur ln-Mt kwsvrjl fll"< BOW 
i are ,.T.-:iii/ Int^nnlitl in a two-ffttl pie 
! lure shtjivinB hontuau ha Afrira. Tliis ia 
I snout bios, on ttie ontfr uf thr? Itnincy 
j Rt-iith African ptctUMS, bW hi ftaid ^o N 
nmch more thrilllnc. "llinititii.' Willi 
I Gun nnd Camera In Rout*! Africa" is rile 
J qriiiirml litie-H hot till.- ivill pr>liobij' a* 

■ cah.nK p d when (be pldflpo in feleSfrttr- 
i Professor Snow, a Tt-nll-koown explorer, 
I is the man who braved the wilds uf ihe 
I Jangle to track thn lion and liner ia its 

Al iln- lll'"'l 

j "Manilatigblnr" i^ dodnj; so nicely at 
[be Klvoli it hss bi-en decided to let wel! 
enough alone arid retain it f>r another 
week. Founded on AJ^-e ttiwr Miller's 
wcllknewn piory, anil with the name of 
Gfttfll He MiUc as a mniSnet, the picture 
haH been doini. cieell?nt business. Of 
tourRo, Thomas M-eighan and Leatrlca 
Joy hare helped to fill the thtatfe. So if 
you bove misled noting Mr. 1>C Mille'n 
lolent d-0 not Ijhc hopt; — it remains vn 
llroedway for week. 

Hajnioiiil ifiilii'ii In %>« YorU. 
ttaymund iliillon ia io New Y&i-k fur 
the first time in his life lo play the dopo 
fiend pan in the film vegsfoa of Jysy|iii 
Hergcshclmer'M "Java Head," whith 
Q&orgn Melford Wfll fitwet for Para- 
mount- Mr*. Uattun, whosp one preri- 
oua three mintl™' smj in the mctropoll" 
has g'^cn bar the emirasr nnd savior 
fair* of D tin. 1 ' Whim Wsyer. \x with the 
j-!.:;.;- In |hf rolt 1 of L:niile. .'Ir:-, UaLtun, 
so we understand, j-ot aUm-z KplemJidly 
with I, eoiiplc of Uu* iHw, tfl^is Uimtiira 
ttie park imd lo the tJkoafcrva lor rhi- nrsr< 
thre* days in Iowa, h\\t aba tli|1>ed hjfl- 
ly ItHt eTenlng in the siihwoy. whii-h. 
with fthnttlcs and prcou Bad Idat-k Itneft 
,U not what It UHefl to be— iow yenra 
ago on her only o£hHr vl«it. 1'lie Hat- 
to&a arr; now ron hi tiering npeotl:«c the 
Winter ivlth hf. 

lltnme H on the Movies. 
One of the Porta newdfJ&ners quotes 
Ucscampa, GeorRiis Carpemier'a niBn- 
ager, aH sayipK "Ge-orges .spent *o much 
timo In the motion picture* he could 
not trsiu pronerly forjils ftKbt." Well, 
of courme.^rtc expect the motion titctures 
to get blamed for t>i eryihinr. 

■Co Ttiad ShrjH I'lrliilf. 

"Jtohin Hood" will be "Toad-sbowed ' 
in Europe, accOrdins in word received, 
from tbc Coast, quoting Douglas Fair- 
banks as aaylofi Urent'llriinin and Con- 
tinental Europe will be toured by vep- 
rcsentatirea with the filau .Jthhn I'a'r- 
bankK and Clarcnee Erlekiioa will leave 
for Kurojie immediately n rier tin' New- 
York premiere. 

*Sriv HO(lt£lliao;n 11-1. 

i Charles ~E. Wagner, formerly mun- 
j agins secretary of the Film Hoard of 

I 'Trade of ' Washington. L\ (\, has re- 
siSncd ".ii« job there to 'come back lo 
New York. He haw been appointed to 
. thii publicity staff <>r the W. W. HimI- 
kin»on Corporatiort nnd t)esnn his new 
duties ou Wednesday. 




'i'hpro WJBj wjld rscltement 
Burkau ofEco yceterilnj-. A rumor was 
rewired that Nathan Burkan "M the 
dark home CaOnen to head the Demo- 
cratic ticket and the whole fifbee 
thought it Tiii-i time < to celebrate before 
n denial rcAChed th-em and made rele- 
lin.ti'Jii:. out of order. 

Film BxtifnltosiB Provr Charter. 

{ScMCli.1 DIipBtcb EO -l !.■■ ■.■■:.--.l... . TeXfniptt i 

TBENTOIf, X; J., Sept 28L— Tfca In- 
dependent Picture Exhibitors, operating 
from 42S CeDtrki STentie, .Jersiy City. 
blc<j. n eertificiite; in ' the office nf the 
Secretary of State yeateTdnj' .showing 
that |l,O00, Which was the original is- 
sue of capital stock of tan. concern under 
Its ebarter issued *>A Augilnt S2, tfl±;. 
bad been fully pnid In CBfthv i.u-.:i. J, 
Krierol is the secretary of the compsny. 


Naturally, KTri-y flnims't'' thinq ii l"^*l 
to Something.. P** itiKtahr-. ttie cn: Bitty 
aerateh the hand that feeds tt. liiJt '1 *1H 
fight dosfierstely ter Its S*aB»i th* drunk- 
en bnabsnd may reel hnm* io yent Ki* 
wife. b«t }rt snme one rots iry it nijd 
waVh. the tut fly. 

Ami -fobn GslfWnrtby has seiitcWI iineai 
tbla test fnr his drnma. "I-cjaltie-." 
whirh Chsrl'S l>ill ; n^hi in prtreattsl lifi! 
night at the newly rleeoTiteil ami rfbuih 
Gelr-ty Theatre, The |i>v has a1tH<A> 
lj*fn seen ill ].ani|nn, vlirrrlir rceikTrn-d 
n [ironwjneeq wurnvt*. and in ilir- Amml* 
ean prodtirllriii 11 r. J ■'.llluichnnj ban ini- 
ported Basil Dnm. wao -.triK'-'l the nhnw 
In the British cnjt>i«l, ti perform a elm- 
liar nervier on this side nf tJi<- A.tlantc. 

.Mr. flflltwortby liav spent oil h)a time 
In dVTeJopJnj bin rlicnip In "Ixiyaltiea." 
eren to the esclnson of a story. There 
la little, ir any. VOap^ewa intho unwind- 
ing or (he threi- oda and seven sc-^oes. 
aud whatever thrill IS t*. be ,; tiu| of 
the jilay lies In its siKrt addiction to l\v- 
Ing up to Its title. 

In Wall Acted. 

"Loy-nltlen'* it wrll oeted without «- 
eepiion and w*il pxodiaen}, ion. And 
ss a strictly prafesxinnnl bit ryf wort 
It is to be highly commended;. As tn 
whether nr nor the c/c!ier:.l public wlli 
admire lu trchnlque lo \hi< point of 
OVtrrlooStng ItB lock of aitjieal a> n nmry 
tlmr utone will tell. CtTOttnly it is an 
eamest effo-Tt uud dcsejvra to succeed 
In such. 

Through it all. there is rxp.nlted the 
Injnlty nf tie friend fot bia friend, even 
in the face nf the lattcr'n coaviciion en 
s thief: loyalty of tbc thiers wire for 
her hjJiand. aiieo in tbe fuco of tie same 
dour circumstances: the loynUv of the 
lawyer for his law, evin when it forces 
him to gire up the defease u! the thief, 
bin friend: anol the Ipyally nf tha He- 
brew, against M-hom the theft bos been 
eommittet'df for his race, which hue been 
insulted by the thief. 

There art neveral other incidental 
phases of loyalty In tbe play, but It would 
take a deal of r?rrelinjj out to enroniele 
all of tbrni. And anyhow those outlined 
arc fnimcicnt to show jnetlhcation for th* 
selection of the title by Mr. Ualawofthy, 

What Ibe' Story Tells, 

The story ilesln with a young Jew 
who has a large sum of nmury utoliii 
from him at ii hotijic party. He suspects 
the thrier even from the start and he 
proves bis esse so clearly in the drat act 
as to imd all furthrr HUauonse. 

However, it is not until he charges 
tbe mail in (juration with the crime In 
th« second act in a Ixrtidon ehib and* Jh 
insnltett on the aenre of hit ost onaliry 
that he decides to make hln chan;o puh- 
lh". Ttie atiBpect then la forced by Ma 
frlenrl te- bring niiLt for (fefnmation of 
t'hnxacter and tnem I» never any doubt 
of th" outcome. The rotuplAJnnnt finally 
conreaseA hit xuilt after hiA lawyer havn 
deserted him, and be gate ready to fly 
to Morocco to plungr into a petty war. 

Ftrtt he goes home to tell' hi* wife 
■ bout it nri'l thn forma the last Itak In 
ihe loyalty cbafri Mr. Galsworthy has 
been si arduously buildine alt prenint. 

TV he* Tbn-r Ah, 

In the role of Cflptnin Dancy, a far- 
mer soldier and hero of the World War, 
Chnrtea Qnartormnine in excellent lie 
Riakea hla moment* of atrcsa'during the 
tiro* wh«ti his guilt la disclosed a thing 
of reality, and Diniin Buitrboo, as Ma 
wife, is elao good. 

The rest of the company does not stand 
out sufflcieutly to tint them individually, 
although all of thorn were adequate. 
They m-mnrised H. G. Stoker, Cathrvn 
Yoong, James Dale, Henrj' Corrfli, 
Felix Alymer. Jcanorttc Hhcrwin. Ylctor 
Tandy, Deeriog Welii, Eebr/ Sloirell, 
Laurence Hanray and Wiifrirl Seagram. 

Mr Dillingham has Ient'" a ]jOyaitics" a 
charming production nnd it ia Tory well 
staged. Perhaps the show will live up 
to the high standard sot by iheaC purely 
mechanical accessories, and if it does it 
will be a «i]"'««. 


Longih ore man's Chief Says Signers 
of Letter Did Hot Rep- 
resent Unions. 

■ Following the recovery Wednesday of 
furs wOTth $S,U0D r alleged to have been 
stolen from s Cleveland furrier On Au- 
gust 3$, Abraham Bemeeker of the 
Bronx and Ruben FessJer of the Brims, 
fur dmicr* in baslneaa on Westchester 
avenue, were under arrest yesterday, 
cbnTEed with r«ce.Ting stolen goods, 

The defendants. jieccullnK to tbc pa- 
lice, admit having nurrhaseo the twenry- 
;.■■■(■ nuupoEed.y stolen fur pief Or found ip 
their place from a man whom they know 
only in Kith:. 

Thn furs in question were part of a 
$43,000 haul made, by burg-fars who, on 
the date, mentioned, broke into the fur 
estahilahment of Jobn S. Fetter, a. fur- 
rier in business at Cleveland, Ohio, ac- 
cording I" Miss Lou, Qebrfng, faretady 
of this establishment, who waa khi on 
to New York to look for the Iwt 

Star* Hout* Now 9 to 5.30. 

\W T For««rIy A> T, Btmfi 

Btaa&wtff ut .Yiplft. 

Telephone .(700 Siui/iftnnl 



In the Women's Fashion Salons 

which i:- heiriR carried t'ul 
through the Gray Salnns, 
to present from cacli ser> 
i : nn, from tinie to time, 
at Tenst one mo5t unusual 
reason for coming to Ihe 
Wanamaker Store for 
gown&, wraps, lingerie 
^nd other articles of ap- 

These specialization^ 
will be priced at little 
above the^ customary Cost 
to us. 

For Friday— 

Full-length Coats 

(Our $135 grada 

Fine diatrittftl weave solt p-kle 
fabric*. eolFEimd and culfccl witli 
po'iirrVI nr beaver e.f excep- 
linnnl quality, in the new 

full ten glli. ^r:ip-nroiipd emits. 
rajiiiifmod nt tlit side with 
HtlKC two cnljnelinnn nf pilii- 
lilli or ■. single buttnti. with or 
without n belt. 

Crepenlr-rliine lifted ami i»' 

llrown. Mack, liit tsx, naty 

3-piece Suits, $48 

•Our $05 grade) 

T'nveL de hilne. und CTepe rte 
ehlnf. n iraart rnmbinatifui n\ 
fnbrle*. witli tBoleskin banding 
the cnHor nf ihe ja<-krl. 

nnd with 

rc>r <|e 

BWteJltag frock— 
inlcrttncd for wm!i!b- 

blur. hiark ami jktt Et>x gwtj, 
Sscnnd Floor, Old Building. 

English and Scotch loams send futl-fashioncd 

Wool Stockings for Women 

At prices that cannot be 
duplicated under the new tariff 

Wool caihrncre stockings 

L'lain black, $l..W iialr. A biter 
grnde plain black nnd uliilf, ->'.-.■ "■ ,: * 

Funry drop-stitch slate gray, 
bls^k, putty cnlnr uud envy blue, 
'■'■-.'<■' pair. 

Very tine. lifcbt weight, camel 
color, f4 pair. 

All-wool stockings 

I"llki. fawn color, heather gray 
mixed with jiur|ite and gray mix- 
ture, pslr. 

Fine- ribbed, plain black, brown, 
gray, while, embroidered side- 
clocks hi blue, green, unrple, gold. 
Card in si ; hlnck on while anil 
white on black, $3.50 pair. 

Plain camel color, potty, white, 
cordovan, heather brown, black, 
i'ifl." pair. 

Narrow and wider ribs, in mix- 
ture* nf lisht nnd dflfkee heather 
brown*, uxford gray, lighter gray, 
rlnrk breiwn, green and brown, 
JH-Tii pair. 

Flai" gray with embroidered 
black clonks and brown with eclf- 
<;l0Ck«i S*< P*lr- 

5 ill.- an d- wool stock ing* 

Drop Btitcli narrow and wide: 
cordovan anfl white mixture, Mack 
and silver, h'ray and white, nutty 
nnd white, navy bine nnd stiver. 
53.30 pair. 

Plain.; licht weiulu; with 
npenywork lirje^oclrs in sell-cotoT 
fumel mid wliini niixlurr, heather 
»ur[ blue, fawn nnil white. blnrk 
nnd u'bice, ;■!■:'■■.. .in nnd silver, 
&I.7B pair. 

Plain fawn nnd navy blur, em- 
hroi'Iered ekn'king in self colpr, 51 

Urop-siitch, ribbed, in liglit and 
dark coating sliacVa, bljiflc, white, 
dlso Lovdt and stone, ami white, 
W pair. 

Wool .?!!■; artificial tin- mired, •,„ 
eiftero* itt>ckin$* of thrrs coi'erl 
■■■h.,A.--. $.$,:,-> pair. 

English Golf socks, too 

Of camel's hair in i^aturnl e^lnr. 

all wool, nnrrow ribbnl Taps, wldo- 

ribbod lees; la Inti^er «ot:ks with 

I turn-over top* for ktikkcr wear. 

M.50 pair. 

Alt-wi>ol pluiu golf fwwkr with 
Taney turnover toils i oaforrl gray, 
1 dark fawn, Lbv« nn'l light gray. 
! 14.30 pair. 

And Scotch socks 

AIL w«l>1, knitted riba. ^diamond 
I cheeks of lame Bits: fTgfit gray 
I checked with hlue- utid tjin : camel 
color chccketl with blue .and 
brown: brown cheeked with white; 
gray chrekcil wit], black nnd 
white; cltocrilatf ml stare, checked 
with while ; $7.30 pniv, 

Street Floor, Old Building. 



Sweaters and Jersey Skirts 

Absolute cornfort 

Ab£olute_ match in colur. 

And tbe last word in smartneas. 


■ j ;.-.j. fl'PUi-b ii Ti.r Mi-'ii::.: :r>E->:i ' 
TRENTON, Sept. 'JS.— Stale Chair, 
man Harry Heber of Trenton to-tbij 1 :?- 
!■■!!'! the call for tbe Democratic State 
CommEttw for the State Coprention of 
the Uemocratie i^.ny. The conventJon 
will he hebi in the Stacy-Trent Howl at 
Trentnn on Tllctdajr. OctobeT 3, and busi- 
ness will be opened at i~ o'clock noon. 
The conrentiou will adont A part-? P^* 1 - 
form and transact other business. 
' N" call fide jet been issued for the 
Republican Mtat* Convention to be- held 
next Tuesday, It is egpetted that Slat* 
Chairman &. C. Btokea of Trenton will 
issne une prorldiflg for tha holding of 
the convention fji the Republlcaa Club 
lure, aa io pait years. 


The Women's Sports Shop 
features the newest of slip- 
over sweaters of mohair, 
with vest-like stripings and 
coat shaped necklines^ — and 
then complete the costume 
with slip-over jersey skirts, 
accordion pleated and hun£ 
on ^hite silk linings. 

Sweaters of mofisir. In crnr, 

helge, brtek red, rest color, blnek 

and navy blue wjUi three color 
stripes. ^I5.TS, 

Fine Jersey skirts in the Rrtma 
colors, $13.50. 

STote-? Taa stirti muy afoo, 0/ 
oojrsr, Ir warn irtin tho neip fur 
eiofl piW ccorrfJcd jfTfffrgfg. 

3*cobd Floor. Old Duildi !l= . 

TjyDts.TAwi;i[ S 


CHCT.CH. •-.„. «m a" fSSIV. iV JC m 

Utaraaj-, iF.H. T- - 



30, 1922 


in Htirj. iwtii^'. tiarlfrtr 




' UdtofO-rMY* TM*«.. 



AVP HIT frf. 

<n.B<lB<.i-e Wp4., 

Thi|M.,FH,( Hat. 

ivjirrirtj or ah:h-. 

MlriiTi * 

tt.ue r ivh,e iu t .. (;,:.-, 

to UcIsCTuvSho nvr 
B« tHTIdd- OfHM I CD t 




Tb* aui-Vf-pM> fnflk |I t« It* IsHfL-THtmlM 

•** fliRflrt Tr "*- *« <: ''- Ere*. *tt. 

CrtDT v.-,,. irtb at Kit*, .e «.*. 
V" 1 ." H«,l». TD-nAT * U#d. (to. 

wwuf o** sEAHdva itmrtBM 

tDDINGER hash 

Por*-*"-* Hll.*'-t'». lUB. Kh«rf. 

It1tn WHttijB Colli*'. 
, .ui*:i't «*», JM £jMi»r _ 
, 1ir*»r>r. EII-rilBd. TKffi WW "trf 


'tUinPdd atf * 
J{i*iL6i! CoouJr 
Hflnarl of WBI," 

— m*M*« Hirfl<»!>.. 

*>*. world. 




PiPBrHL.MTOIi; aW4iy*W 

yjtanqc \Jkftiam4r- 

A VETS' i .iHkUY V.lTi. Ull*IU. 


rnnt.EC M*t*.TO-D*T * H'ri,. I*. 



TtltA. t At* 

i*St Hiu. T ut; 111 pi 



with Mdf|-*ret Law-fanco 



A. L. E.rUntja.r'J Product ton 




so< t9*l SO 



El T ( m r* r V. U It. Smi. (.to. 


In "EAST of SUEZ" 

Br w. * own n set mavghasi. 

UTTI P w*.t -h si. Sii nitft 
I ■ ■■ t Mill To-fl«v * W(j_ ■! Mb 


rJBLWTW VHSATfUtfi OM W. dii> IT.' 

TIMES, sa 

■"mashing* n*Hrdr THE, 


■Itrs TallwlKb D.nkhi'td 
c " ' ':■ M»u.To-fl*r 4rbtrr.f 10 

jwmr jjSSJft** *WWi 



Er».t, U5_ Mj>. t«-:!h J WnJ. J;. 

ITI IJ fW Ji «-r V* v., ; To-djjd w*,..? v I 
Avtrt HoDwood'i trim Comedy, i 


"AblOltlCrlr l«fe ft(!(."— AI*a Ilnlp. 

.._ * / ' h THOMAS UBIGHAJI 1 

_ B*t* Dml.Li JiHn Kttkw««J 
■ TlkES .1 f(U-jH, # iinj .Piciwrt 

■ ■ SQUARE r«aa M ni«n» oichmrt.. 

Sjt.To-to'*. "ttii the Misfi >:.'■■■■ wiui 
Owoihr Dalton ■»! J*ck Jlolt. 

tt'hfH anr nii<i<'n xin- 

rirrprtr*,! on a d*ll«M 
ikf "TUB TORCH- 

<EAnCB,S" hj-iifHt 
l« Bdlif Likfly to »- 
■ ull, -!■:. C. 6. LHi. 

•iihflt -.- 

iVT-J'j* V.-r,i : m , 


WffjifllL V 

PWJOtH* 0E*N .,. 

EU4Dd Bimpitioji/ OnA. 




1st *«:■'. 

job cuok, n*tm 

Up*. * Oreh.. Will* * 
Tinto, VMia an 

V--.',:Jj Claud* Ca:iJr:-. cii. 

RU.r.K«lth-a BEHfllE BABRIfl 

ft * til Bt Lucu A r.i . oUitr 




8jli.F.K«it!j-«.«'aj-i-iiorn'« DmjitJH 
ItTflft'J™ * «5S »»-.. 

Cn.E'.liflt lis TrtBl* Hudllb* lllll 

led StronK 9«M4fllafl DCI. 



V*ty it JUL CHIIsI CICUl OfflMln. 

| -LOBW'l- 

1 1 A T E 



Biwdwir and nulpfj ati 

ran Krfrt W#-cln*afljiy |it 

wiwiii wostf-N jt floira" 

W«cU "SOUAL 5>l A] 

Net) W*cU 

• dHMdUtr N'liiii. 



Dealer Ooei Sleuthing and Nt Eed 

Herring la Dragged 

Across the- Trail. 

Mi* Kwillcii, a rinli Senior of 4] 3 
ChcriT street, IftceJ l eIoIoji Tjnrrr) 
of finli li.v it.* w ml. he tr^iifirt] jester- 
iT#y before M*ftl»tr*te JomltIi E, Sor- 
rinn lb Cimccx Martit*: Court, when 
ibre« woijifu :t!ts:-Mi to have «omn of Uia 
lliUslnH fiali wvrc arTmii;nrx] on aiiBpirl&ii 
of crimlnnLly n«!i iin; Btn]«n itropcrtr. 
All ifiiTp wtro iliticliiirird hy Mi-iiiiraig 

Tho biiM^L of fl«li iviii.;;. : ,,; D f fifty 
fiDay ciratum !.!;■»-.. sl h "'rouEh ridfir 
carji,". ^vbtfli, Konlipk salrf,. fould he 
lui'V'l I'V thrit «tne]t. Accord tag to h[* 

iZfc>AWiVdW^«. jMBfj 



■/^^^^j*jj.^jjy»-vi,i.i*' ■ 

teotimoflj, hp Sn«ffht Ihdbirrtt at Ful- 
IflU Market j-tstpnlij 1 Tor J18.7& aad 
after Oriiiac jh-.-«>". *rtOPP«*l *t a ntArliy 
rcstaunmt Tor dinner. When fe* tttnro- 
'■i ,l" ii;-- vafOD thn barret bad .■iinii- 
p&nreJ. ^ 

From tbtsn on. Kosliclt unW. bn 
itearcatd tisii markaUi and atacda, firat 
On Lbe W»t Sioo and ih^n on the EMt 
^vi'. t-ontirxiinn Tbe f.-irtr;-h tarti-Ugh tha 
. imsIiI. Kar]y i-><iny. he testified, bia 
TiTin %ai ratrarded by tba unmletiik- 
acilo odor of rough rEddir cut p. Tbe 

Kent I cii 10 'ii'* PLADd uiirj-v iii' thru 

n-oittfti, stood tv I tli their tvatca rcAdjr for 
■tii! 1 day'a market. He called Patrolman 
TViUlain J. Steffea* of the Clinton 'atreot 
atstlon. ivho arNflted tbe three wDiuti. 
MfKUtratc (,'nrriirau Mid -be conld not 
hold the wompn on tho f ride arf, Th& 
a*ld ttcv boufht Iba flab' from a pod- 
dicr ttxly to-ttay. 

Cart l.Jtt-ranilr afttMraa. 

Carl i.n.Muni!.-. prebLdsat of UolTarHl 
Film CompBDj, Trill arrlvq in N.:» fork 
tin the uttaffiohlp AqaltAnU tc-day. Hfl 
U accompanied l>.v hla dangbter ( Roaa- 
bellc and hia 4041. Julias. Mr-.-Laetmnla 
luiA been (hrfe njotithe In Europe, partly 
on raratton, partly trtudj-lng liJot coodl- 
Uona in England, Irraoco and tlermany. 

UK. Mi ATT. J'Ib.iib a..rc»D. Vac* Cu> 
itctlaoa. Faot LlfoJ. IrrioUaa. ■'■*— 'r*-r 
Uaawkod. t* Waat **. 


Goldwyn Company Se«kt to He ittAin 

Other* From TJidng tbe 

Title in Any Way. 



•DooBia- Palfhanka la noblj. Hood' 1 

<tr Op* R at tfc* Li-rlo on 

Oflfober 30. 



SnK'.U.(.KK TRM,MKK baa landtd 
la Iht coorta. Tlte /ajnooi d#> 
trctlTe e««*d hy C«t»a Oojl* Is 
tli* bent) of mR'-ntittii betwaori 
the GoldwjB, ComMtit *"i EdJcHiooal 
and tifi fntmer ia aaltin* that a tpafUA- 
fmnt reatraJnluJ order be ianiad jlalnf; 
thrra tbe eselnjive rijfata to th« nam* 
"Sherlock DoliBW" or "Hia Adwntqw 
of Sherlock HoiDie*" Th* heArtnf «• 
held In th« Bapreme OooK b«ta» Juf- 
tJco Frandi afirtln and It If «xp*eted 
hfj will .hsnd down a declaion T*tf abort- 


Tie motiPTi for temporary InhonCtiOTt 
hla been filed Id tfee Suprema Cobrt by 
William Gillette, Chart** THBinan, Inev, 
and Al«t tntrter^Ht**, tnc, rtatralnlng 
the Tldnrttirttial Fifm Kxchnn*>* ac>4 
Uta Stall Film CnmfianT. Lid., fnm il«- 
itiK ihr titlci mentloiiAd by the OoMwyn 
Compiuiy. J*hn BarryMMe'* "Sh,er3«k 
Dolmw," dirtfJbnl*! by Ooldwyn, isriir.. 
oompany'i Intereat In kaepibi the DAiHe 
hf the family. 

The pialntlff* contend that In 1&07 
Or 1BD3, wln-n Cbarlrrt 'Frnhnnr «M 
In Enctand. h# enterad ItttA s cootraeL 
with Doyle under whieh l>0yln trani- 
frrrcd fa Frohtnatl the r-if'tuHiv rijtni 
to tnaka or have* i»dde d dramatjaatJon 
enthsdying the cantral fignre of "Sher- 
Wl EnTmes" a> a detectiTo and the eft- 
clripjvr rlcht to prfwr-iit It uitder Ihe 
title of "Sherlock Ffolnle*" WUttaTO 
GcWatta wba engaged to *Titt the plfly 
(iniritni on tlirso tUfiif*, Jl.- ca1*<| ir 
''Sherlock ETolnW and he pliyAl tho 
titto rfll" hiEmtlf. I 

In 10ld ihr ri^liihivr mo(i«a pietnre 
riEhts were aequtrM by rVnanat. anJ in 
Peptemher. \^ h they iv^re untMs^nitrrd- 
ly dODiTjed to F. J. Oortaol. who tuniMl 
tb4m QTtr t(> the Aleve Camnany. whirb 
ronorn mr-ik n t.rrp*ji vAnian of "Sher- 
lock Holm**" wLili Inim R^rrymare an 
:he tUr. \ 

The Stoll Company hi* prodnred a 
.;ii in 'tf- of $we-tttf pirturea ba^ifd on 
Conaa Doyle mi>rli^. and haa fflljttiM 
Of the AueHean Hshta to the fCdnea- 
tioaal Film Kxcbaonwi. Il is rhimed 
tbel+Htrcr rotopftay i« dlatrlbntinir these 
pieryreji under the title bj "Pherlock 
Holmea" — hence (be .jrici-Btiee. 

. to* io a*t AdtOF. 
The l^yrie hiving bcrn turned over 10 
Uouilll Falrbamkn lir William For/ h* 
hftn had to look "limit for another 
to bant* "A TJtpt ^Hid Shirt L«d 
Ttlf^n L , ■ He obtained a anb-lefl^i! oe the 
Attar »ud frill ■ftarrd in the^e Octoh#r 
:*0. -THfllnff Women," R« lagram't 
IttMt plihire, onens at Ihe Astor for 
a fonr t«!cji- WiWteinrnt prior to Ita 
oeeiipancy by Mt. Fqi. Tliii arrange- 
meut wai 1-nnijfiit about out of -.^iri^.r 
to Mr Fairbanka, n-bo T for ««ntlmraial 
etiaoua. witbed to open "RoHil Hood" 
at tha r^yrtrj, October 30 if Ih* •1&k 
:-et far ;llc opening of'tbe F'tirbtnk^ 
pieluM-. With Mary aoi] Dihlg bolh 
here *nd th.* giliij nf stara thai are 1 
arrirlng Cr^ry day,. Ir will b* 1 pre- 
Kien- that Bhftllld trt 4a cvea[ i a bwahfl 
picture 1 circle*. 

I,* ml no llciirdi. 
A(t^r ependiog the SttitanHr ia rJurop* 
William Lflndeu returned On ThiirmJay 
la begin hia Fall work in tbn Theatre 
tjwnara' Ckltuber at Coftmare*-, Mr. 
Laudail iP. president of (b? EihibitdrA* 
AModalion and be brought Loiup a M 
Of itlvAn na bqir to maaagt a tlicalif. 
Ho cSiilp home on the Uumerlc. 

Hciuif iiovi*! Film. 
When the XtytjUSiu doekn in-day *;,*■ 
will hive un board W. <:. KLeareld, Jr.. 
»'hn nailed June (T for Kuiulu to g?t 
aonie ■roncit iii Pctrngrad. Siberia and 
other Raul*D »trongbDld«. Mr. Zkgfrlfi 
obtained periuisrioa from th* fjorlet go»^ 
eminent to make picturaa and, when 
granted pertnJMtica proceeded to Betiulrn 
-Kl.OOO feat of Sim which he ia aaid to 
be *rLnjrlng baek u-ith lilrn. 

Go (a ihe' Broad tear. 

-''Ueterted! at the Altar" hai the en- 
dortemcilt of Sualc Sexton, who sbjb it'a 
a good picture and the like* It, ao tnerat 
fclisa Sexton eaya, a* all £i>od mplodranU 
apmild lini-i-, tbii baA all the thrillfi and 
A few eitr* onca for good njeaaitre. Sha 
aarv the bride and groom who walk th* 
htret-in sre to NBmpIo it the bride and 

Jrrcnm oa the icreen. But w» tntint aay 
*T*attriic[JnE attention thla method 'of 
ctplDitailon acima to turn the trick. Yea- 
terday no, laaa thao ten eurigua iromrn 
foirttirrti Hip bride and croom^ who 
walked on atlirrd in their bridal outfit 
■ppHTently not In ihc leut emblrraeBCd 
by all t»L» attention. 

H«lBini* Tuoddar, 
Myron belxalck ii not -waitLnr for hit 
btrtbdAj, October $. Buiiiteu calle him 
and he must go back to the Coait a« aoon 
a* poaaible. llr is learlng Tuesday — And 
he ia Working hard burning the midnight 
oil to trail Raft all hla huaiaen bet* le> 
fore '..a- retarna to Caltforala^ We dd 
not mean midnight oil in a (rlTokrui 
?**!»■.-■■. either. "One Week of Lot*," 
which Myron conittann to aay la about 
the heat picture hi* compajiy ha* e*ar 
made, nil] opso at the Rita later ia the 
month. Although Barld Belinick made 
crery r.ffprt to alajga a birthday party, 
daty calls and Myron ia not waiting for 
lis* Rltx p»mJer. 

Back In Tun-fl. 
After * prqlitabl* fiummar ie Gwit 
Keck, L. I., where* 'm ., i-ntr bla irminta- 
cendu and had a Eood rest. Samuel friilri- 
rryti ha* returned to towa for the Winter 
and taken apartmenta at the St. Reft*. 

violet Hcaaluc P****! 1 **, 

"When the Deaeit Calla," a cwtRiag 

nltAM of Pyrmmld. ba»d on a norr by 

Donald McGihncj', boajta at a cut widen 


Ad (fcc- Icnijlni; WAimadi In ■•UniidT"- 

4ia« ,Uf," Jhr WmH nuiiir t-l.jlhc. 
b*t> (HM Aamd ririiillmfnil* KM 

■ adsAdal to alt tia-tjMtfinldiB, ■ 

Id hoaded by that well known *nr*en and 
*tBgr**t*r ( Violet Hemlng. With hftf 
ith. Ilohert Friirr. ShHdoiV I^wla, Julia 
flwayde? Gordon, .1. Eamey Sherry, Hunt- 
ley Gordon and Niciiolo* TbompMu. Th" 
i-onthtijify wag written by Pat*r Milne 
nod (icOrm-tla Diirhejco*. Ron tlnfre i* 
thi- art dl-prt*T and Kty & SJbiAILwdo'J 
wah ia ("bnrite of production Oft atipir- 
vifffflj; director 1 , 

B7 E. B. EKJTH. 

Nohddj with an oUure of brain* e**r 
belle veri that Prtdrident Harding would 
COdBtehinee the hlgh-handtd and Illegal 
Conduct of Dtnblbitkon mbla In holding- 
up and aeaKhJoc forrLKn aitip* that were 
three mUc* from onr aborea La order to 
aAtrrtniu whether they . Wort. conT*ying 
aleohollc liquor*. They did tlilit wllh- 
lOUt a djhadOT ot right and aotolutely in 
contrarentlOiT of iaUftiatjonaJ Uw, but 
tbt Prtaddmt and hi* adTinn have pw 
A atop to the jimetree and liencefcrtli 
thate oA»ra and c.Ter.u*Ia-ui ;-Tit>:Li>tn 
will do titelr tearthlng and aelalng witli'Lii 
the old e*taMlahcd limit*, Tbe Uritiali 
commander when craft vrtin about to be 
boarded by a delegation of thcac raiders 
while away out In ths Atiantir. o"ut itill 
In Mg'nf of thn lofty tower* uf Manhab 
ton, kdaw hla right* whan h* awore, with 
plain) drawn, that he would kill the Brat 
of them that act; root w W* abip- 1* 
America fau got to In dry, It mult be 
arid According to low, and every viola- 
tion of the diatiitts hv the prohlbltiopiitx 
only mAkea their poaltlnn ail tan mora 

Ttafflnnd at Liverpool. 

A friend vt uino jmt back from a tour 
C-f Bump' 1* wiHlfiR to tell the world 
that of places he bad visited Liverpool 
boaau of Ihc moat villainous and rc- 
pjlilve lo<rkihg lot [liumulu be ever 
encountered. Uc said: 'The facta, of 
Ibfi aubmtrged class In tbnt town nee 
etKipgu to eduie. a dliuOJer and the effect 
on a rrtranjfcr Id Ivrrlfying. Tie Wii ci 
thl* lowrr order *rr, if appesruncrj count 
(or anything, dreraded and of the moai 
bTtltal type. They look aa if they would 
commit Bonier for a few alii'llnga. I 
\im n«thhpaBle<l by a etalwrm Watt- 
irter who known bqw tu tnae cart of 
liitnaelf, and tiUu-ky to the limit, but he 
inid Beriouiilj- thai no sort ol! Inducement 
could utnhe hi ir, unlk tlie etreeta tif (Jvfi 
pool In the poorer i|tinrri-j-s by night. 
Il rt I'M-! not think lie wfiulil ever get bnck 
I" hln hotel. The wornen of a currt- 
ipondlng nodal s:mnt atv nulle^ad hard 
irrircrcd; aa the mnlra ntid apparently *k 
vicious In taelr conduet. Her* nod In 

litlgov: are llinuirniidi nf both ictin 
whoKii rhlef nim in lift i> to get flnuit£h 
whUky or ram tg kwp tuein in n durante 
Itittr or dnihkfunea^. Nowhere In tht- 
i Mited States h there n parallel Io thU 
bnMtted nggregatuin nf derellci boman' 

■rm^aiee owner Hera. 
[ W, S. ITiddleton. acrtjaipnEledi by hii 
I friend. waB in low* yeMentay BpendluK 
[ a little gflod Ileiwit money. He own* n 
[ ohaio of thcatrea in th« ilkhiKJiii vi:\ 
antr aajr-e irhlle New York may be all 
! right to ftinkr pietures, he ]>rrr«» Dc- 
I troit to Bbow them ia. He wouldn't uiV.: 
| a'.iftp uof would he Bo to aay motion 
j ]ii ■;:l:\" theatre*. Can you blame bird, 
. -when he wu on a varattaa. 

FaihfoH M*tf< 

I Associated Flr*t National BBB'tll a p4e- 
tnre of Ruth CJIffofd. who \i featured 
in John-M. Stabl'a a-tflt production, with 
the annouacetnimt Ibat no drbutant who 
copiea the frocit worn by Mild Clifford 
ran make eor nTi«talir t W'lshlng to do 
our ije»l to prtrcat eilcb a Irtjjcdy bop- 
peoiupr to any of oursocitiy ccItIb we 
arc pubHithing thu photograph. .\*\tw 
rmiD tilret- cryatal and peaCl* and « 
L'loth of ailver gown purvhairtd In Farin 
tbo dcdrcfiplion ii> too lon{ to warrant 
any m&re apace. 

• ayd (o»rf1il*r,i Are lad. 

Samuel SthwartK, #h0 t»» spent rtie 

pTimmer travelihg in Europe, aay* be re- 

turn*, to thin Country well pleased with 

the 1.'. SUA. With Mrs. Schwarta he 

tislted Ofrntany. Aiidlria, Swllterlaud, 

France, Italy an J Enghnd. Hr. 

, hchtraru, iu addition to being a mem- 

- bar Of the Theatre Owners rh.nri.. ■.■ of 

f Commerce, nirm a xlrin? of theatre* in 

(hln i-ity an.) Id nicfainond Hill. Mr. 

Srb\tar-[T SSj*l mnditiOUJt in Aliefriir are 

*0 bud thai the inntion picture lliexEce 

owner haan't a thancc to cxlht. 

ffD Nep;I i" Ktir llfi n). 

"The prejudice ajralual tierman 
uloTi< L .« in diBippearLni; in Edgkiid rip- 
idly, If it ha* ne> already gone, - ' re- 
ports Wttleraon R. Ftothacker, film 
labDT-atc-l-y cltain owfler. on bin rttnm 
from Europe. "Noiv that f^ngtUlk, lito- 
dtreers: b*ve i*een the 'irrimii prodect 
they no lotlger fear n film Inraainn from 
the rthlaf. 

"But noi •*> in France. Didn't see a 
tingle fir-mum film la France — nr a 
French film in (lerflliny. I found Ihn 
llerlin theatre nw h«H getting together 
OH ft pko to r!rii»i* up shop errtlrely in 
a protest BjJflinM th? enormoun luxnry 

"A little touch of Chaplin makcj lb' 
whole world kin apparently, for fn eTCry 
cooutry I *Ialie«1 CbDrllo's poaltiah a* 
the one btg tavoritc #4* absolutely un- 
Ch-iillenged. The (|!ieatlon molt frequent- 
ly Baked of me was. When is Itoug colng 
to send us 0<*rr 'Robin Hood"?" 

At tl>o Mmlto. 

To the Rialto neit wtek comes "On 
High Se*a," with Dorothy Daiton and 
Jink Bolt. It is .i PBramount picture 
and wfts Mlectcd by Hogo Rirtcnfeld to 
head! the pmiTim at thla tbestTe. 

At Ck* Oautnal. 

'"Remembrance,", a Rupert Hughe* 
pictuTe. directed and w/iucn by him for 
Qoldwyn, it Ihe hoadllaer at the Capir 
tol next week. "Remembrance" ia a 
father picture, with Claude GillingWAter 
ia the rale of father, Kata Lester *a 
Mom, and A cast with Cullra Landlt. 
Patzy Rath Miller, Richard Tucker, Nell 
Craig and Dana Todd. 

A Line or Two. 
E. Tin Felt caate In thla oSico -car- 
rjiriK it booklet nil cnrefully wrapped In 
tissue pafier. 

' ''Here," ba aaid, "r*ad it and. weep." 
"We elmraja do," , w* aasured him. 
"when tiopjf comet in thla lite." 

It wa* a menu- aedt fram HoUand by 
Oscar Apfel to Biaord Or*dwe]I. and 
contained fe wine list with Pomerey And 
Mumm'.i extrn dr.v lotted at 1 1 a bottle, 
"tteaaona fi-hy men !*•*» America," he 
addtd a* be dlaappeAitd looking tie pic- 
ture of woe. 

A Berth tot Jfnjtht hew. 

I'heic is s wel'-authfjitirnicil report 
that Senator Tlitrr L v Sew or IndlBiin will 
tei-elve ihe Bpjwiiiitmort of Uovernor 
general of the I'bCIppines ar bo i-firly 
day. T-cHetlna- lieufral Wn 0! l. who Ea 
quite eager to get Cwaj rrom ihe island;. 
The iattei- la jiow absent on leave from 
ble position at the head of ihe University 
of jVennaylvBhi*, kq that .Mr. New would 
not be ili>iilacii,c anybody. He would 
fit in well nt Carefnor or oar inaalur 
pf^paeaaloAB. and ihe Filipinos wrnil him 
capeclat'y. fde ia per&win gratA in bh 
i otiu ngllt, and thi.- mlaad* prefer t<> bate 
i an American ruler taken irocn civil Jlf*. 
rjiilu'r thflo a mi.ilary man, The SIsitB- 
tor should malic on Ideal oflleinl. 

MO* ThTiiwii, With, lleil; . 

Mention nf a flui-emor for the Philip- 
pine* Mi.ffR.-aU inotber tfuvLruorthlir-- 
thet of Petto R'co, where tbo damboy- 
■nt Mr. Mont Reily i.iiil it in command 
hi aptte of tbe In ten** disapprobation «( 
the aatltea. Porto KicAna have never 
h^ilated to give their opinion freely 
rejrhrdlng thtif overlord from rtsirniis 
City, i:id thi* gentleman is in no wii* 
Chary of eapre.alng hia dentiment* about 
them. The tight started In (esaj tiiou 
f'-rty ejirht luiun after hia landinii at Han 
Juan and ihputh there h*v« beeo. nn 
IrscclW thus far the anti-Reily force* 
aay tLejf Will never be HAttt&ed till Ibey 
g#( ffte 1 * olnclal scalp. 

Pat ceovro'j! FamoiBji LUt, 

Pat Ctoa-^. famouH for ail ilioe for bla 
kidaoiriug of the union of tfie Hoa*e e-f 
tludaby, |d iu Wgftbiugtnn now ;:;.l: tnen 
atlil at hi* geuDint- refunu Ihet* ia no 
aort of doabt. He U devoting hla PfTuri-. 
in The itnbruvernejii t>J (be imnditioBa In 
ire&il InitlintioHii to that i-unview may 
leave prison waUb better men than when 
-tlley entered. Heci-ntly t,hta I aeked 
'him hi* hrrthTjlac he left) me (bat lit 
cam* rrobi n Reality tbat had eot- 
trlbnted no leit than. *F* or ihe moat cele- 
brated tharaeieri tbAl fiTCr figured In the 
Vgfort of this country and that Scott 
Lounty, Iowb. wb* the mother of the 
Ei ■ L. H v ere " Wb liBt - fl " »rrflilged bj 
hinv wMeh with oMomlnj modcAry £«s 
precedence tn my informant: 

Pat GrafNh 

tlHian 'Rusael'. 

Tarm^r Burn a. 

MA] Crowds, 

Buffsto BUI, 

"ill/ StthdAy. 

j .■ SaSW* W* of ,il «r »CAnifing sa 
eatimaied by Mr Craw* I, followed: to 
•rhlch none nf the eulogJied wnuld e x . 
Cent unle**, maybe, Billy Sujidij, irl.n 
Hmshei ta*T in the field of holt a d««, 


Eqattj- rinrAn Intradvfe Worelty 
at Fottr-ej B tjik Sir*t-i. 

When Equity Player* open tjie door* 
or the Equity Fortf-elghth Btrw Thei- 
tre next Mond*y ere^Elig for the flrtt 
nerroemance of "MalTAfaea 11 they will, m 
addition to preaehting a play new to the 
American public, offer rtn iL-ii-_L.vrii.iTi in 
the conduct of theutrca by baring an ot- 
fldal hoBleA And an nakiatant hoateas 
preaent to welcome thentregoer*. 

HUa Uargaret Wheeler, n-iir. was 
formerly actively idenHdedi irltb the 
work Of the Stage; Wonnen'* War Rtllrf, 
ha* been Appointed hotteea and Mrt. 
(WH Fielding, ualstAnt hrwtee*. 
Equity oanrty" will ba a&ld between the 
octA by a corps of glrlt under Mr*. Field- 
ing'* dlteetHrti. 




wAHaAt-KuiAgrTH a .-CAiifaBU. re- 

Store Hour* Now & to- 0.30. 

c Mo ftmwafir 

(r ' W Formerly A. T. Siaeott 

-ftttfetoatf Ot .Vfnrt. 

.TsJlephonc il&O sijyr-vjnt 


Wanamaker Suits 
For Men— $35 to $65 

Wanamaker salts are made to satisfy New York 
demands. They ire not merely made to be sold. Not 
made of compromise fabrics. Not skimped in good 

Suits made far regular sizes are made of cEotti suitable 
for men of itfgular sizes, in appropriate colors, iesifns, 
and .styles. 

Different fabrics and styles for short men, stout QtStt, 
tall men. 

Come and see the fine showing and the great values, 

* * * 

Young Men's Suits a Specially 
See those at $40 and $45 

* * * 

M nchester" Topcoats, $40 to $65 

Made of imported fabrics — She. lands, Scotch tweeds, 
cheviots, homespuns. The lines! tupcoais mads In Amer- 
ica, No lopcoit ever nude was the result, of such paiienl. 
thorough ptmninj and experimentation as the MAN- 

Shirts of imported fabrics 
Very low-priced— $1.45 

Wuvcn and printed madras, imported by us, made up 
into shirts for us, our wiy. No skimpinj. No bad patterns. 

The variety of coior and pattern is broad enough to 
five the man who wants a doien shirts a good selection. 

English Wool Socks 

$1.26 for $1.50 and $1.75 gradei 
Importer! under the old tariff 

j;ht weight. Seamless. Gray and lovat shades. 
Colored side clocking on 

Slroet Flocr. New Buildint- 

Heavv weight in brown heather, 
both groups. 



EVtiX after/ the *un Ml*, tb- roadsides fairly flnw iviib Roldparftd flOd purpl- 
Piters: the burnlst ttlmn^n of aumac and tbr gloriuus jeiion unil reds of 
tbe poinoo iv*. It's little wonder that Ihoae wljo do not Una*, lake the poison 
1ft for iIz-hj _■:■.( i-. Li. ae there i- notbinx morr beautiful In Autumn follaice. 

This In lbe best sratof. Jir [orBeinc snd I walk bIodk, intriaiiid b.T flu- frsj- 
rsnee or wild B^apeF. Whlrh snicri barter itian [hey Insle. And then i sit in ilia 
ivarm sun by ^omt old alont* wall 'nnd ilevaur hiiki.ry nnis Mblcb nre not yet ripe. - 
but of U'"-]!. ■...'=? Ha v .ir. 

1'he rlL'puiunks takr these n* iLeir own pcrsonAl prOpSttj. and jh= I sM , dretm- 
Ilj' *a(\at them ha yeatcfdjij tBteatMMHl. 1 heard ibe lUtle «WtMf* PCitini up-» 
[_rt1 t-batler- Tbey were ordering nrt to go on nnil lc-t ih*m wurli at pnttinf up 
u Winter'* elorr. 

They leap nluni the fences, tbrlr Ja»a lillcd «Ub aals. A-blch Ifcaj store in 
their nerrei dens. They nre n'rer Idle a* lon( tit U'a dBjliiht. AjjA bh ihfi nut crop 
la nbnndanl thi* rrai. thej arfffl be fed diir.nj; llic wild Ma«08. 

OMaaionally I find a HuMer of late wild Wnclchrrriei. Sjmrllmefl \hut Are 
tsiteless, bur now and, ihen they're lu^dour.. Great black bch! yellow spklern hnve 
bulU (heir mot orer Iheae, .inii fhinL;. I fluppnsc. to fell brie* upon berrle*. if 
there nre doj molfcri oni Hie* and trlcltetA. 

The road is full of hole*, *nii H yon »tny near one'fOr n few uiii.i:!--.. n 
oKcltct. very black and fat and oblnlne:, will Appear, slnjiTiB: away like lbe lord of 
creation. Arid you hs*e to look sharp or, you'll step on the swarms of younaj onea 
which certainly nerer will be grown-up cricket* thi* yrar- 

Tiie roadside is n ihictrt ■•! bnyberry. old trr<fn hidden in criimfon woodbia^, 
or canopied in grBpp'liMs- Aw) amont; the piirrilp nstCTH, t naw many reddish 
brown buttir-flit*, whoae rolnr and enstume dtttffn was gnrjrcoua. Anil It was de- 
lilhifnl to Btand ami watch how the flayers bent and BW»,red when they were 
ii .-.i .■■■ ; ti ( |he henry. 

Near Bill Hart'a old ulare there itt b stone w»ll covered with honeysuckle. The 
last lair blo*H}m.i appenr isud It Reemn to rn» they st-e never mom fragrant. 

I utrfrll out Into (he fields which bord>r Ihc road; some of which nrehoapilably 
npen and others where there nre caule pasturinf, one has to climb o*cr the bar*. 
T-Af-h one la a liltle world, enciofird In a ureen (enrr. and bavlna: s different YhnV, 
FTom some I s«e (he Stmod, and <ia thesr ck*r day*, a bew boata in the smooth 
hlne water*. And the (rrriss is ubout ankle deep, tery jreen and haTiRt upon it 
that aurerj Igjht never ohaerrflble except In Autumn. A '«■* baSck-eyed-Eusatlf 
bloom and help to light no the meadow*. 

Autumn *llle* are p*cullarlT mBrvelouB.- The other afternoon I met Up with 
a Tniln*: (M*nd ar mine. * hoy ten years old. ond we aat in the field, looking nt the 
wonderful blue bills end wood_t, and at the eky which *bb deep blue, covered wllh 
iicsvlllke clunde, Thl* mortlnji the ak,r ia a delicate aaure and has swathe* ot 
iMn while clonds. which look like a few Btfokes of a paint- bruah. *■«■ ' h < 

— 'in (vheltert ' 

Theae rioudB the sun yet ahicen :n.:. it la warm 1 

And tbronflh 
.>.-.-ci places where there 

ia no ivii-i-1. 

Jli friend nt;il hhj ■Iff- BroWnle. a mnfll!. * hut. JET Rpecimen, hare taken care' 
of thirlv Cowa this Summer, drivlna theiu to puSitut* and hack. And so 1'vb mat 
thrni'raany tln_>e*. Brow*!*, like all of us, prefers to daah^off and wear himself 
out after pnlenllal fame than to slick to his last and fetch lb the cow*, m that 
my friend alwaya carries him to the pasture where the cow* arc and pub) him ta 
work witi n threat, whleh be never clrflea out. ' 

The cowtaardinf bnalnesa j* a lelaurely one, and mj friend W alfc-aya willing 
to mi bait-tout* snd talk on Sahln*; and how impi*riar Brownie ii to other dojta. 
Sti we sat'fot awhile im a field, havini carried the slone* there, and ate our hickory 
nut* and a couJ-4* or apfil** I'd fetched. Ii wa* delMously warm and haiy ami 
r^mful. W.v friend, fjellnj the general cnRlrntment, aald whnQ. h*sfr*w dp hi 
wis aoin*Tw>. ' 
could be In, 

Vest itsd^ore a ranch: it «n* Bbont as rood n buricesi aa a man 
fn, didn't I think »o? 





Th* Choiceit Furniture and Art Works, 

including Stemway Baby Grand and Upright Piano*, ■ 
Kroger Baby Grand, together with 

Fifty Large Kermanshah and Chine** Rag* 


242 Fifth Avenue, 27th-28th Stt. 

LOUIS 'VAN BRINK. Auctioneer. 

Cauloja at ta» »»!«. Paaa. -M»Ji.«n -tg. W 


*■ ■ 







^PnbUrtrf bj THB UIWTAj »CBL1SINKG C0KT4WT, it No, RO Ei £ hiti Avenue, 
r.rjftl**h_flt»et. In the- City -- 

1 of N*w-Y*rt* ton«lb *f UinhitUtt. 

lifhlh A. van a*, toward B. Thoma*. *!«. .."--. 

. Kelt. Tr- Becwiary *■* Treasurer. EB Eighth Avenue. 

*t**e Chech* parable to Tl| Morning TetegrapS, 8» Eighth Arena*. N>" Tori, 
R. A. BllUTT. Uvertlalnf Sfinu". 

Praise tbe 

Any writer with a choice collection or brilliant phrases 

t\Vlitef CoBH can employ Ihrm to perfect advantage b? attacking motion 

Who Picture*. \t takes no peat originality nor &ry vgst amount 

of intelligence to write a ecs thing article fllllhJl attention 

to the chaapneaa of the turns, th* entire lack of re&ncmenr 

ttiid thr hIiidh of rill culture. Th* subject haf been 

trotted in often that do argument now contains anything 

■w or Freeh, unlris peihapa It is la humor. It ii so can? to 1 be bnmorouh when 

ic can launch forth in a storm of crlttdsro, taibLajr illustration* that might nerve 

in the plot In ftalap-atick comedy. An? critic ran tell you— the poor playa atwaya 

receive the moat scintillating criticisms because Jt la DO trouble to be amusing 

when one em be sarcastic 

_ So with these motion picture articles- 

Writers Trio haw exbaualed every possibility for obtaining Interesting ma- 
terial eels* upon tbe motion pictures. Fir ft, because ther are the moat popular 
fom of estrrtaLuftient r,m\ mora people want to read about rhem than any other 
subject. Second. Lcwu?c, like nJ(iog> jester, the Tnntloa pictures fa r&isb-a bumiant 
material for corned; la those who think it the smart Thing to look down upon tbem. 
Tew of our no-called highbrow* would dare admit nny feeling lilt ui alter dfe-gust 
viih mo Li on pictures. To admire any one picture or ru Bee a semblance of artistic 
beaut* would he- tn the worst p^sible tftMe, and these people who lire for the 
approval of their friends would not drtre come down from their pedestnl and lone 
! their poise. 

That the motion pictures should he excoriated in the mngaxuw and made the 
hint of oil jokes is n sore point with tnan.]> folk, whs' call attcoiion tn moior nf 
; the' atafe ploya and the new books as beEnf in the nine clnu as ibe rheaper tfrpe 
Sv;Of nwtlon pictures. 
f. ' .. Aa fo-r the element of buetpsp. one out of every twenty [ilayn fnila to make 
^atood. The ratio of profitable inotion pictnrFn.i» mnch greater. Thrrr nre many 
mere pictures produced than plays lind yet [cwrr picturrn fail to Urioj: bnck re- 
turffs than plays- A fact, which, when analyzed, must mean that iln- screen la more 
popular than tba ataje. 

In the (natter of food ta»te end retinenlent there are no pictures that nun 
Vnlajnr aa some d( the plays thai appeared: on Broadway Inst Kcaaoa. No producer' 
mraid dare In the face of public opinion to offer anything aa crass nsd crude "a 
ftotoe of these overtaxed urainae. The current literature when i-oranared with 
motion pictures is, ia much vorbc from a standpoint of moralit)"' tbere Ik- no nrfii- 
aiant. It would be difficult to aelcot twenty books from k*l rveason'a crop, lisied 
among the popular aQMeasea, tbnt are cot filled with frank Immorality. Many of 
tbeae are. *e> obTloualj ae,x atoriea they are uosuited for the tcreeit- 

And yet tbe books and the tfrPtna are jh vit made tile butt Of the ambitious 
writer's joke's. Vulgarity :s never mentioned sflte in contirctinb with the motion 
picture. From the amount of atuff of tbia nature that fs publlnbed every month 
ic bafinj tn look aa if tbe magaajne writara bare: e continual source of EnaplntUoa. 
—and yet none of it is Orilbnl and frw of the artTcJei are erer" amuilnf or enter- 

Tbe writer who would dsre come forward with praise for the motion pictures. 
tnight be unpopular in his own set, hut be would certainly be welcome, if for 
nothing cIfc than the fact he would bring or change, of scene and Bctfpa* 

r—^-. * • ■ ' . i i..i,.i i. , . ^*-_*- 


WHILE the reformers have been working night and day, spreading thfllr 
propaganda la Uasaachaaetta, tbo Sim people hare been icoicin; the *Uu- 
ation over caredilly, eaaually and fcequcnUy. One month rnualna before tb« 
o.u*RtioTi of cenaoranlp 5n Uaa«iebiisetta cones up for a referendum xott. Pour 
kotnt -weaka to let tba people in erary city and hamlet know wlmt eensorpblp 
stripped bare or all Its preteptft really meBOf. Nftf Ttry much time— thirty days 
trnfeas, of jranrae, there haa been effort put forth of which we have not been told. 
-Starting to-morrow, it ie aajd,. the work will ba begun ia earevt. Neither time nor 
Bfert will be mpared to gi»e a p»p*r definition of censorship to every voter, "Wna.t 
it will mesti is added expenses, bow it will be ufced to further polltlca] ambitions 
and whj it ia uirsueceuful In denning the screen will be broadcdst through the 
State. Those who bare rfrged for months that the industry be called to arms to 
t$ht this rote, hope four weeks li long crouch to aecompliab nil tbe work there 
H to he done. In lb* bromldlc- avorta of our achool copybook, "Tina Alone Can 
3Rli." Tb* pewapapera In Bostoa have always b*en atrangely silent on the aub- 
Jact And the acreen, naturally a menus of delircrlng any motion picture massage, 
*ap Sot been utilised to fi*y one "word for or againtt censorahip. It aeemartther 
early to crltlclae the metbnda'of the Uasaacbcisetta motion picture folk, but the 
Kehersl opinion in the induatry la, pessimistic. It is feared the reformers hare 
hipread tb elr nets so carefully the fllni folk will have ^mftlI chance at winning »t 
the polls neat tnontb. 

THE unperiof virion of the screen Is frequently brought to one'd attention' In 
peeing a atage play filmed. 

Their ar» many scenes mort difficult to play in whirh tbe nctnr Looks from a 
tJMr or window and descrlbea the action taking place off Btage, 3ucb tblnfa con- 
ytg little to tbe unlmaxinatire and must be exceptioualiy well djcr to regiatar with 
thft andietipt.flt all. f 

There la also a truant aense of humor which is ape to arise at tba tight of 
anna one. pterins; let* h wing and snouting tba progreja of e horserace, a football 
aafte or a great trngedy ga iq "Boamenfaolm." Em the screen, with ira instant- 
anenua translation of Ibe i«a», Is able to takr any surh ploy and put It into 
living reality- *» 

A recent eaample la »e*n in the new Arilss 01m. "The Uan Who Played Go47' 
Otuht Mii^'. under tbe title of "Tna Silent Voice," even the artistry of Otis 
.ttdnnet coftJd not bsyc it from beina; a dull play. The picture by its rang* or. 
■rttdbn causes tbe play trf teem with interest and instead of merely hearing about 
tbo deeda of the man. cne ir able to nccorapany him on his vialts of mercy. 

Hie melodrama of the old school la also greatly helped tn ith depiction of train 
er abtp wrecka. ■ 

.Til uhort. tbe tcsrtn turus words to deeds and brings io life that wfa>h the 
Iheajre can only aufgeit, '^ v . 

Ix| a little theatre movement, to flouriah among the motion pictnra^a&i? 
-'V BrfitoWay la being conTuIsed by "Tie 3feTca -Bearera,*' a play for and about 
those who have been trying to uplift the dntnut tnffc many years. And. a,Lmul- 
tnnetKislj. Ben Tvrpin. is bowling over Severn of comedy with one of the boat filmi 
be crer matle-^ H H0Bie'aitde Moriea." A Johnny Jonea «ime dv -r^iii];v released 
and called ' Making Movies" Is very similar. * , r 

-With all of t£ra talk about what's wrong; with the motion picture!, It !■ anr- 
■tirlsini that asm* of our profreaslve society and eltitLWomen flare not started out 
tu dead earn tat to reform the films, by making sml An-ting in them tbeminlves. 
rWohld It not be a 'splendid' opportunity for idle women killlnc time who really 
.feel (bat tbey-hBTO a blaston, In irl'i It will probably be much taster to photo- 
apraph film drama in tbe hope than it has been to stiaa Ibsen and To!etoy at th* 
Centuty dug roonri, Eapecially Id tbe small towoa should the home-made movn> 
have a wUe popuiarfiy. Potential Mary Plekferd* and Nulmovis, who would 
rarer have n bona-fide screen dsbot, can make their own oppa-rtnolttet ia tba 
koine-made iccnarlo 1 . Rtsaltant close-ups mlfht be more aw fin to their tfTeet 
loan eome of the manifestations of lbs Little Theatre mivemcnr, described la 
Sht; Toreb- Bearers." .: 

Inter*atinj[ statlet^es mrght be gathered, too, about what "firt of motion 
pkturf* the public realbj wants, ^ouid tb« eternal triaDgle be eiimicated? Would 
prrrrv leading msn he expected to act like Hodolph' Valentin?? What a^trtisee 
.won|d be copied moat often? Here la an excellent way of fCariinc out jutt what la 
hmr with the motion picturer. Let tltt public wars: It ont themselrcs. 


; -By tOUBL LA '. Q; PA R S ON S ,¥ 

THE clemor of th* separato forces 
engaged In miking bibleal fUrrv* 
for rewnnition froto tit* dergy 
brnoght some unexpected develon- 
mentR this laat'wcclc- While sataa of the 
ministers gars their unqualified endorse- 
ment to tbe motion picture screen u a 
taJQabta medium for spreading tbe gospel 
other* wert more conaervattea in. their 
opinion. Dr. Joseph SJIrerman, for in- 

at mice, nfi-r attending llje InDcfafiOtt Kl^fn 

by Pr. Edward Ruasetl and tba Theatre 
Owners' Chamber of Commerce, said he 
thought the purpose- of tbeso picture* 
would be lost because of their doctrinal 
quality. He thoiucht they might servo 
soma certain churches, bat they would be 
valueless to others where at different 
ertad in taught." 

The Catholic prietta at the luncheon 
did not oxpreaa themnelrei on ta*_ motion 
picture as a factor In./ tba church -and, 
several of the other darvjcaeri war* 
equally non-eorarnittaL One print, who 
was not at the luncheon and who asked 
that hla name be omitted, said later 
when the qoefltlon was pot tn tiin : 

"If a minister of any one church should 
make a motion picture it seems werj 
likely be 'wilt uncon*eJo«aly pat bif awn 
faith into the film. He may set out with 
tha. highest intentions 'in tba world, bat 
ersduaily his own doctrinal belief will' 
assert itardf. The beat Illustration of 
that ia ebowa In th* paintings ot tha 
blessed Virgin. The Italian psintern- 
ahowed the Virgin Mary as an Italian 
girl, the Dutch palutenf pLllnt Ii.-t as one 
of their race, while li» Norway there are 
aaveral well known palniluca with fair- 
halrcd Madonnas. Eacli nrti*t peea in 
the Virjia idealixed typo of Ida own 


IN Vanity Fair (or October is an article by Ralph Block which purporti to ba 
-"a prophecy that man's greatest coiieepUoae of bis deathly may soma day 
ja^pear os the ■creep." It is entitled, * J Whem the Movie* Come of Age.". "We 
i^ltat* selacilon* from Mr. Bioek'a Interesting obienrationa: 

If llfa [» a itrram of beeoraing. nev? r oner arhlared, motion ia bask to It* 
ACtrtrayaL The CooUtnporary motion picture offers little more than a succeasion 
Ot MiU eooj posit ion* of men and things against a >M1I baekgronnd 

Much found and fury has been ap«nt in oar time on the validity of pantomime 
;S the ioqtlon picture. In ote «n« the erlor is aocceesrul eoly aa be uHve* 
baatomSme behind. To eryaUllixe all emotinn fa a set or Inelastic alphabet of 
fHttuHxad metton is to make an art that Is hestj. Inexpressive and awkward, Tn 
rather aenso a psntomLmr, a sign language of the highest elaatidty will ba 
ajteeassary to glre vitality to thn future art o( motion.. 

It will concern itself with caraprewlng a boat of general human memorira Into 
s Blaglr. one that la nhle to repreeent all of them. It will awaken cycles of epic 
armory with tlit essential sweep of the hands or lift of the eves- balanced and 

Ktbrrnml, It will tall to tolnd ail the large generally io DB with which human 
bags sjjmify ibeteselret in the great leene. 

Then* artiat* who are born into n world familiar with the law* o( a new art 
?rifl find new Y*altti* to Inmost reality Through |t. 

Tbare w!tl be a FaleeiFina, doubUeae. and In time a Bach a Beethoven a 

Dr. ^itflflon Advaeat*B secern. 

Dr. Charles M. Sheldon, the author ut 
"la Ufa Step*/" <tnd editor-ln-ehief of tha 
Cn'rbrrJqO Herald, baa tukeu up the cud- 
(ela In behalf pt the tnodon picture To- 
night at the Town Hall !;r. glieldou will 
lecture on the "Exodus of the Children of 
Israel," after lb* Aim in ehowu. He be- 
lieves it u tbe. buaioess of everj ijninifter 
at any coat to get people into the church. 
He uari as an illustration hia former 
charch In Topela, Kan,, the central cofl- 
iregation, Hrr,- I):-. Johu Beybllt, tha 
psator T raised the number of lila confre- 
gution from 300 t>> 1,000, by showing 
popular mutiun iiicturus auii mentioning 
them Id bis sermon. 'Or. Sheldon hlm- 
ac'f proved the way to get the people 
Into church it W give them what they 
want when, vornr. yenri ago, he read 
chapters of bEabook, "'In His Stops," each 
Bnndiy to hla congrtgailon, gettlnp; them 
ao interested they would nut stay bomo 
from. church to go to the most exciting 
ball game over played. 

The Rev. Dr. Earl Blackman j?ave the 
Kansas exhibitors the shock of tldr 
■ Jiv«i )net week wlicn he said if Christ 
wen on earth to-day he would use the 
motion picture to help preach the toepeL 
Aq the moat effective way of reaching the 
people be would nae the aoreen and the 
radio. He said the Bible cbttld be Unght 
more suCc*wful]y Is motion plfltnres tfien 
any oibor way. 

To KtaAy PosalbiiililAa, 
No one denies the great power of tho 
acreen aa an educational factor, but it 
does Becm there mn»t be aorao foreo 
ttmng^r than a mere- cornwcrdal appeal 
to get the church to see the value of the 
tilnj a.-, a teacher of the Uiblc. 

The theatre owners and the church 
can be brought together, but it must b* 
dpne with careful thoofht on both; sidea. 
We need more broad-minded ministers on 
one aide and more theatre owners on the 
other, who will co-operate with the 
church In ehuwiiLX the better dasi of 
motion pictures. The church should not 
compete with the theatre owner. There 
ahpuld cither be non-theatrical Alma foi 
the church or pictures that *jhvc already 
been shown b* the picture honaer. 

The way to n better utLderatandjDr be- 
trXrjn tha church and thfc motion pic- 
turn theatre is n big subject sad should 
not be attempted without proper tbocsht 
and preparation, a meetlnf of tha 
clergy with the thestre owners should ba 
arranged when there t* some defiMto pur- 
note and Bat to further any plan „f «x- 

ploitadoii. i - ■ 

' KJFkwood in FoitoeL: l'lt r , 

James Kirlrwood, who looks ao mudi 
tha type of the leading character in 
ObanalBg Pollock's play, ' "Tbo Foot," 
and who !t«o cqeb a big foliowiag in 
matioDi pictaret. baa been cast for tha 
leading rofe in the Polioeh drama. ?Sr. 
bkirkwood is one of the most popular 
leading men fn the fllmi. . h>cr since he 
tcored a hit In Gne of the Curwood pic- 
tures and created such a demand for 
himself on tba screen that he was. per* 
euadad to give up dlrectlne; to act— hia 
popularity with the motion picture pub- 
lic' he* been arnwlng. Within the short 
spare of a few wrest he will haee three, 
pictures oh Broadway, sad right now 
th trie judgment of' a man who knows 
there ia an better hct In pictures than 
thU aams Mr. Kirhwood. So it wculd 
than If ha hat the tame charm and per- 
■onalHy on' the itaft Mr. Pollock la to 
ho coniratulated. Speakinc of "Tho 
Fool" It is a play the labor unions In 
San Francisco took to their brarta, giv- 
ing a* It does the labor element a square. 
«TeaL Meanwhile, we are waiting for 
the advent oC this play — which, accord- 
Ing to Ull California preis and Helen 
Pcllock, is a headllnsr in the year's dra- 
matic output. Mr, KfrkwwM.1/ we under' 
■land, has not put motion plctorea pn 
lha shelf, hat. ia seeking the epeaking 
fttfe for a little pleasant diversion after 
two yearn of continual screen acting. 

. AtlaTflt take* <>e««ta m* T*««. 

I-eatriec Joy insists apon urginality. 
She nfnaes to have a nap of tea ud ft ] 
lutwheon tahU u ■ bachjTo-jud for aa 


She Is tier* to ]>l-j- the teadJnB f*ml<ilne Milr 1b "The Java Head, 1 

Interview. She Kf,yn this plot has been 
averwDfkod until It bae become as much 
t p&rt .if a motion picture Btary aa tbo 
handsome turban la now a property of 
tbe famoua Korean Bbctk. 

Yet Lciitriiv Joy act at the luncheon 
when 1 interviewed lirr. flOd: i»pe d/nnk e 
ni|i nf ten- Her motlior sIao had a cup 
of ten. MJsa Joy talked while she 'ate 
a chicken aarcdwich. But hhe implom 
me to leave out both the sandwich and 
tbe tra, and here I hm stranded, for at- 
motphere. But when a lady insiola on 
oriEiualtty ehc niuat have It, when 
Much nn old time background as a cup 
nf tea i% drecarded. 

Over at the Algonquin, where the »n- 
vernation tonk placf. LcatricC Joy wore 
some clothes that were smart enough tn 
hove been the oncn iu the wardmbte of 
"Manslaughter," that made every woman 
in New York envious. Thcrn was a hat 
with cunning feathers that drooped gr&Ce- 
fnlly over her right eye, a fur that 
matched and a blue frock of tbe latest 
mode. Tho casual observer vioultl war, 
p/axing at th:.* young woman who ia', in 
the vernacular of the dajfj Wt$ easy to 
look, at, that she had littlo. to worry 
-about. Young, good looking and a suc- 
cess. Yet. filiva Leatrico had beeu 
worrylnr, r-tn- auid :-d. nncl her mother 
bore her out, ao it in'iEt: ha true. 

"I am very happy now," tlie said, "but 
I was worried until after I (alkqd with 
Mr. Zulfor, I went to bie office 'la fear 
and trembling, my kneea shook,, and my 
voice trembled. ' I waa never "bo fright- 
ened in my life" 

Why ah* Worried, 

This -latter she said in. a dramatic 
Southern vole* that has not Ipit any at 
Its fin.'".- tlirniigb Holljwood iBsociatlan. 

^Bceiajf my- surprised look? Mrs. 2iedlrr, 
the mother nf the gorfrmis Lcatrice, said 
to her daughter, "Yon better explain." 

"O, it ffasn't that I was afraid of Ret- 
ting fired.," aha wii<!„- hugliing. "I had 
in mind the last and only rime I met Mr. 
ftukor. I wantetE to make an ImpraHfoo 
on him and I said, emlllug &y sweetest : 
'[ want to tell yen) bow much 1 onjoy 
being with .Famous Plnye r-i-Litlf.v." In- 
ateno of thanking me and eipresslBg an 
equal gratification, he sail),: 

" 'well, we will tell you in a year 
whether we are (lad to have you. with us 
or not.' And he walked away after he 
■lid it. v 

"I worried over that remark, and I 
always felt Mr. Kufcor probably thought 
I waa trying to impress, bim by a little 
clumsy ■ flattery." 

Yeeterday "turn 1 called at hia office 
I Was very nervous. He Win gracious 
and oontiai. I said: "Mr, Kpftaff why 
did* you speak to dk so abruptly tha 
last time wo mQ\V . • "■ 

"SVhat did I f*sT" he eaked en, 

"You said yon could! telt better in a 
year if you woald be glad to have tno mm 
a member of your company." 

He lauphed tosrrilT. t *W4 bad been 
meamttj yon for 'ManaUtifhtsr,' " ht 
■aid,* "and I wante6 to see what you 
woaJd do In this picture before I pasted 

"You see." aald Miw 3oy, "if I could 
bare read! his blind I would have bean 
spared months of anxiety. 

"The year la up and Mr, Zutor didn't 
aay he waa corry I ara with Famous 
Players -Lanky, so I guess I won't have 
to be afraid of bin any more." . 

To Fins' tTfcrnree 1 . 

Leitric* Joy^ far fjom belnff the stately 
cold lady of the I>. Mi'te ilraran>, ia not 
very tall. She ]» vivadoaa sad a brunette 
uf the colorfuh type. Bight now she la 
hnsy studying Chineae charactoriradon^ 

a nart of h*r edticatlDn, having been to 
see Florence Recd'fe "EtM of Snex/ and 
aha admits Miss Beod is wahderful. 

"I play Ji Cblnesp lsdy of Quality in 
Java Head," she aald, "anri I have read 
everything I can find on Obiuesf customs 
nitd dreaaes." 

"Leatrtce always atudicti every char- 
acter aha playa." naid bcr moilier. "She 
mokea it a point to npend all the timo 
eke la working on □ pictnro In readisg 
and tnlkmj? with people who know some' 
thins gf the sUthor's ctiiicciitlDn of the 
character she is tu play." 

Miss Jny had much to say of Cecil TH 
I illlle's method* of direction. Bbe wniri 
f lir explained every trauiiitiDr of rlwratMer 
: eo chnrouclil)' one would have to bn a 
[ state r nf L)Hmb.l>irn not to nnderatand 
I Iimiv to piny in bis uictutm 

Of course lft& didn't line exact 

laiifruog*. Havingbeen-hom nndj brouxht 

I up in New Orleans, the dmiffbter of a 

[ prominent phyaieian, aiic dooan't laps* 

into ulapf phraser, but her meaning _wae 

the same. 

"Did you notice my clothes in 'Mgn- 
slaujtlitrr'Y ' »be asked bib, 

1 told her I did and envied nciae- of the 
smart frocks aha wore. 

Clothe* Mutch Dlspostilen, 

"I didn't mean the style vt my gowns," 
she said. "I nieant lha material. In 
the .brat scene* - .1 wore metallic frockn, 
and ermine, everything; cold. TITfcn when 
my chlrCCter softened and -1- become a 
normal xiejlirr-ul human bting I had cUng- 
in){ >.[!tiii-, and lovaly soft ruulcakln. Mr. 
Da MiUe choae tbe msteriai In my clothca 
to match tbe ttansifjon of my character. 
He said he didn't supposo many pcO&Ie 
would notice it, but at leant ho woald 
Lave the satbifaction of having worked 
out his idea." 

Miss Joy's nppreaatioTi of Cecil De 
Mille ia almost matched in her liking ot 
Thomas Meigbun. She had ao many 
pleasant things to aly. aheut him. I 
asked her it this was irrhmtual admirn- 
tii-tn eociety, for Tuiniity had been pro- 
f us* in his uraiHS of >t|aa Jot's work, 

She laughed and said she liked Tommy 
becabsi) ba had none oC tl)C lira of the 
majority of stars. He nffverVic-s to take 
away your scene baestnasj in thinks ie It 
his. Instead he rchesrfteri and rehearsed 
with m.e r dlscusting Lydla,' and helping 
me to get the psychology; of her nature, 

"Saturday Night" was Misi Joy's first 
work for Cecil IV MlllCj and she aaid she 
had been Mrry that aho could not play in 
his next picture, but that he had no part 
for her. t * 

Life Haa Ceaipenaaltoaui. 

"But," ahe naid, amilblg, "think of the 
chiuce I am w have wfti_Mr. Molforf. 
L,ift* ulwaya has Ita eojnjpeniationd— " 

It was a lucky thine wa managed to' 
sandwich, in all thin conaervatipn, for 
many picture folk drifted into the At' 
gunqiiln and we wrro Interrupted an con- 
stantly I had only time to Harry away to 
the station to a/et ft train, in the lobby 
waa Thomac Mcigban and Rita Weiman. 
both heUfT interviewed by GJndyn Half 
and Adfllo Fletcher- And, of course, we 
had to atop and talk abop — who in :>*. 
motion picture business over disciutnea 
any other subject. > . 

Mba Joy, Dad by the by bcr real name 
Is Leatrice Joy Zeldier, is leaving- for 
Salem this weak to start work on "Java 
Head." A blow when ahe ia enjoying 
Fiftb' avaauc and the theatre*— eti 1 1 ahe 
is coming hack, and then she bopee to 
get in "all tb» theatrea. 

Sht- and her mother plan to atop at 
Mew Orleans on the way hack' to tb« 
Coast to givo the home folk n ohaace to 
see Lwtrlce, tb* star. . They call her 
Joy Kiedler In Sew Orleans" where tbe 
»U bom mid reused and if anyone ever 
starts a motion pktQtD coatest tluvrn In 
i^njaiaiia no ptier star, weald.. g« a 

look in — that i t>, how Leajtrloa Joy stands 
In the old borne i-ity, . ■ 

He tSmU * CbatLpra of lican. 
Ttclnf; a scrotn villain la 'a tbankleaa 
join Ask l^iw"Cody i' you do not 'he-- 
Hrve- IL "Far -xnany monthi he WIS tha 
bqttertiy man of thr scnaa, the lounge 
Heard and the finale hopper. All ha eve* 
raeelvect for jt In addition to his salary 
wa* black' took! from husbands wiili.grwd 
lookine v-ivfs. Tbe women rather like 
Mr. Cody's vamping manner*, but tha 
men couldn't enthos* over Mm. But 
now Lev stands In a fair way to gee ■- 1 ' 1 
the men on his Bide— and hehopei the 
women will not forsok* Mm. Ha la 
pUviiip the rough woodman typo of cbar- 
D^ter He hed this part in 'Tba Valley 
of Spent lien" and he writes from th» 
Maine wWtsta to say tha Cnrwood habit 
in ao formed be- la playing .in another 
Ourwood picture. And he hkea these 
rotrsh and ready type so well It will take 
.-in extra lot isl prnHiArilti*; to get him 
to go back Io the mile vanqi plays. 

At ihr iiiicalt-.s:. 

The lift of acceptance to- tba epenlng 
of "Trifling Women" snutiua like ft 
Who's Who in picture*," - When, this pic- 
ture. Rex Ingram's latent Metro attrac- 
tion, opflim at the Aslnt- to-morrow night, 
th* following screen celebrities, may ba 
located: L - ""V 

Johnny Hlne?. Edythe ItaVcr, Mnble 
Ballin. Tlieiln no™, t'harlea Brabln, 
Richnrd Bflrthelmce^, .M»ry Hay. Mary 
jYiiderfien. NLt« Nahli. Miriam Battista. 
Hopn Hamilton, John Kmereun, Anita. 
lAtia, Kitty tlordon, Vera ^raafoH. Ann 
Pennington, Conhtanrr Binney, Betty 
Browne, Betty Blythc, Hex Bench, l*w 
Cody, lryin 3. Crbb, T>>Wr Cnasinelll, 
navmnnd llitchcnck. Betty -Jewell, 
Kvffc. Slieftlnti LewSa. Virginia J'eirton. 
Montagu l- iV vi;. Ooraldlna, Alice Maiion. 
WD) Morriasey, Anita Stewlrt, I^icIUe 
Lee Stewart, Ned Vayhurft. Lillian 
Walker. June Ofttirirf. 3am. Mary Terr 
and familj. Doris Knton, Lucy Poi, 
Cbarlea HutchlMnn, Mr. and Mrs. Buster 
KeatOTj ami others. 

Fnfllns- the Melo In Pun"- 

In ifsticJii°M^r, n nK land, a tfv weeka 
agfi "Tha Boynl Di^•o^cu" played at one 
of the leading 'theatres on "ill seventy- 
ninth mgagoment. Tickets were Bold 
weeks io advance. And because Uarley 
Kr:'-i>"-'. bellevev a go"^ melodrama nev^r 
die*, lie Is ptttUnf this popnUr KnpMah 
pl«y nfr the sereen^ nw b(s nftit vehicle. 
What "Way £™wn X&*i" bus been to 
American suilic-nces for the paat quarter 
rtf ii century, thst place line "The, Royal 
Divorce" filled in KtlgUcd. "The Royal 
Lllvorc"* Is a cnoibinatlon of melodrama 
nnd lihtory. It tcilw of the divorce "of 
Naonjeon eii^T Josephine, and how Mario 
teunta Jose.phine when she prcaenb the 
Emperor with tbo chilii-that Josephine 
wpr never ablo to jrlve^him. With 'Mel' 
maison," Fountainblur and ntl the other 
places Napolenn mad* fainotis, the bach- 
yround far thia picture Is something to 
canridsr. Of CoatW, Mr, Knoles would 
go into Fraaco. for his exteriors. 

BfaLW Mnrnh Id rietnl*. 

Whatever V. W. Criifilli decides to 
ilo .aeit, Mac Mat*h waU have a part. 
Ho has piven her hia word tbct ehe Is 
on the llat of players, and of course 
that Is all nbc needs, ^arol -Dempster 
will alno he in the pleturfl. which maj bo 
a atory of the Sooth. But as one nf 
'irifHth'i own men rrad. "you know bow 
D, TV. ia, be may change the story at 
the last minute. We uever know until, 
he becins work whst plana he bes tip* 
his sleeve," Meanwhile arraaroinearj 
are aulnEc forth for "One Uicitin* 
Night," which opens in New York H 
Ai>nn as a theatre is leaKcd. Thia wan 
OTiginalli- called "Tbe Haunted Urange" 
hut was cb anted after Mr. Griffith 
li'itmicli tone one else hud a prior right- 
In tbln title. 

To Ba Known in London. 
Now tba( the Prince of Wales ban 
given hia official 'endorsement tn "When 
Knighthood Waa in Flower" naturally, 
nil L*ndoo «a waltlua; to see it. Royalty 
always acts the fashion there. It wit] 
open in one P of tbo big theatrea this 
mnTith, and It la certain Marlon Davirs 
will catahllih herself In tbe hearts of 
the Britishers who love beauty, and who 
will adore this picture, 'most of which 
Is laid In their Own Country. Maw York 
hasn't been slow- in rrnl bring the good 
qualities of Knighthood. At the present 
tnomrnt it ie shout tbe moat popular 
nlsy In mwii. If you don't believe it 
tnks a Jacket the Hue waiting in front 
of the ticket office- every dgy. 

Demand for Tickets, 
With October 30 «ct a* ..the tentative 
data for the opening of "Rabin Hood," 
the Indostry Is tnJkln* Drat night There 
wilt he un. uhp recede nted "demand lor 
tickets as there alwaya is at a Fairbanks 
picture, and with -the added attraction 
Of Dftlic and Mw, nvcryniic will Wftnt 
tu be there. Can you blame them7 

EfsiT* Ton a TlUat 

The beat ontertainment offered, these 
. day* ia to try and select a new nuns 
for '"A Little Child Shell Lead Them." 
A (roup of newapapor women, all of 
them well known' to the public through 
their respeetivo abcets, did some Christ' 
enlng tha other night, Some of the 
titles Were so brilliant It ia a pity no one 
bad the energy w send them aloiig to 
William Foi. But with Ipftfim al- 
ready on hand In the hands of tbe con- 
test committee what ehancft would fta> 
other gnexa have, 

Bailar fewttri. 
Tba news that Al Smith waa nom- 
inated Governor en , the Demoeratie 
tioktt la considered tbe big sewa of the 
week. The value of uewn of course: de- 
penda upon tha person hearing it What 
might be a whale of tt etory to one man 
might bo time to another, and so It goes. 
Ho while most of ns devoured all tha 
wires from eTyraeinje beariug on the coti- 
vrndnn others were readlnc every line 
about tbe Keftton family. They arrived 
this week — Natalie. Buster and the 
bnbr, and: wont immediately to the Am' 
bofsador. t'rged by photographers and 
reporters, who flocked to the hotel, it Is 
on record that Hunter smiled. Not even 
the faintest auggeatlon. of a grimace ap- 
peared upon bja sober countenance until 
Joseph Kenton w«a out in hla arms. Ha 
changed bin fnooreal rsflressiou to one 
of sucti 'contented parenthced It was the 
fret thing that resembled s grin that 
any one has civct seen on Buntfrrn face 
niiir-r prat lie started the style ef looking 
sober. While iu New York Mr. KeAtrm 
will «ign a new contract with First Na- 
tion'oL At tenxt that is the plan now, 
and there ia no reason to think; it will 
be chungsd. 



If you have prslia to give, com- 
pltinls to mike or ideas to sir, 
rciiater them with the Onlooker. 

ho cxhsobj nip yon, anil. 

UpUoh Picture Editor The Momiag Tel-- 
What J* bftlar, dour fa araiueboeetu 

agatast cMinraatpl IVnd rn nuaiob r»e 
m'aqy year* Bad I know how atrengly tba 
people feel merits. It will take a 
better eTguhuat than say of- (he ones t 
ha*e read aed heard te convince the Hai-k 
Day cltlaraa censorship should not be ma4e 
a law. --Tn rwalaf tba dslly papers I am 
amaacd at the raMkneas with wblch tba 
people «M*pt Jnhn & Sumner's dictation 
on bpoha. TVbat right nas m to say what 
we nhall *ead and what wa snail not 
readt The poop)* tkeaaealvBa ara to blame 
for the condition la which ws now flad 
our aslm. Tfaey need soma backbone. 
Way don't tha qewaoa£er* Iain tbe llgbL 
In a Uw u«nUe we shall btv* ear news- 
papers eeasored. I am net s movie fan* 
hat"! want to see th« clanks presented as 
th«y are written and not wkh an expur- 
gated edition that ■uciaati primary '««" 
for tbe youog. Mavlsa are bad enough 
without making tbcm any worse. It every 
nee weald fight tha Jehu K. Suuinera and 
the Dr. Craft*, we nhoulc) pit Uvb tha 
trsedeni tbat our anceitors fotigbt to prs- 
lerir hsBglnfi la tbe balance. 
3'oura tn)!y. 

Gordon Djionaon. 
■rapktyrr, r£ T. 

BUmoLFH htAhdh Well. 

KOtfcn Pletorn Rdltac The Harnlna: !>]«- 
5C*ph: , 

1 fltlak your ptfret hr,« been reij Unfair 
to Kodnlph Valfiillno- Why shoivliJa"t he 
have n mlrmr In his dretslnR loom like 
Tbon» M-eigntri and tse other sttn. if 
Dorottiy Dilton In wgrtb 16,000 a week I 
Iploh Ur. TaLenttno Is worth llD,D00t He 
\* a sent'eiaeti sad SB irilsta aad nothing- 
that toy one can write or say will male 
toe rbangs.rny mlnil. Ii makea me sick 
to r,--b.i all r that staff ibnnt Thcuias 
MeiaAnn. Wb.r deg't yen write lometalo*/ 
ilIi'mji Mr Valentino. X Dur i. 

?. D . If . E. 

EdltoT'a Nc-ts — it may laUCfSt 0. H- K 
Id bear ibat we are to hBTC in Inberrtsw 
with Mr. Vileotlnn La next oundsja paper. 

Uotjea Pletur* Editor, The Menilng Tets- 
CT#ph, r 

\rti+l3 inert biTs' bwc KT«ra] of tbe 
old pl&vi irhleh I bsTe beard my (atber 
rave ab" broogct. to the Screeii. 

"]>«Berte(1 at tbe AILat/' "The Curie of 
Drink,' 1 -More tn B<- Pilled Thia Bcoraed" 
are ot the titiea. 

And rt* stir j- bowj|nbout (be (site nf tbn 
puhlk ie-day, when tbtae etd thing* sr* 
example* of tie kind of Junk people Used 
te iii.e. 

from the ntandpplfit «f htitner, T <ma n*a 
lomsthlng In tbem. 1 aa go to one of 
these iraveailea, Tor thst la what they sanui 
to q»e and bar* ■ good Itngb^ but tha 
people in them aluply aren't Human. They 
nqrer explain anything tber sbsalil; ttisy 
nr* great on kfttplDR dark all the things 
which. If told, would esaspUtety gam the 
plot, sad they love and sacrifice and raut 
ft bom beyood comprahenslap, 

If there art »:ill enongb people 1u this 
eallghtenad age to patronise the plctane, 
more pvwer to tbem, but I wlah. ssmebody 
wouleT explain to n* the ntinctlon and brtl- 
ni. whim tbry have it over our modern 
and ciore natural pictgrn, 

Very traly soora. 

*HesIaa Tfall, 


Motion IMctuTo Edlter. Tao Mar n ic B Tele* 

One evening last week; while gotig uowa- 
towa in ibe Broadway car, I waa annuM 
sad touched to en tbo nartloa ef eldtcly 
ladles and many old ooea that were on 
their way I* the nnrrlag plcrnrw tTaaatraa. 
And I reftUsed that thssa wara tS4 woman 
who before (be aiya ef pteteres had spent 
ereclog after iT*nlif Io orah seeluslen, 
New they have a new and decided futemt. 
The picture atari ta thaa are a new lor 
of rrlocdi wbote aetlstUss fbey follow sad 
vrboie f^lothea apd Idea* give them aoSsar 
thlnf tt- talk about- I de not rafay te the 
well-to-do pifdaia-sgaa or old lady bat to 
the lonely soerst end wbe live by tH*o- 
i4l*tl and whoaa. friends are few. 

I partleataTly know thin tjpt of woman 
bseauaea T bsvv Uv«d ift boardlnff ionsea 
with many of them and 1 mill* what a 
Mending nlrtores are to them and bow la 
injiiiv csies the?- hare bean reluvenatad by 
the eeee eoanglng plctnia which rellerea 
Uu monotony ot their llrt-s. These croups 
are found everywhere, In New Turk *» well 
ss la th* smaUar towns, tber* ia possrhly 
ua cl«i«. mo™ ^-Btndint nee* plcture*- 
Tkora In no poisl to this letter m* yen mty 
finro dlscovshd nni you msj alio bars 
antpected thst 1 tA ubi of thasa fuaay 
aid ladlsi wbosa Ufa baa baca bTutateaad 
br the ttOTla- 

"■ ■ Ten trtuy yovla, 

Jalla roreuy. 

Motion Flcture,- Editor, Morning Telt-' 

graph* . ■- ' 

I was plaaasd t* vesd in the rsvinws at 
most of tb* papers, iactndlng Th* Morn- 
ing Telegraph, fha appreclatlea af »s 
new LUtls caDcdy aeted by ChUdran. 
called "Ops Tarrtble Day,' which ran: at 
the Capitol s,wsak er no ago. 

■Whan X saw |t I. act only laughed ok>r* 
thin 1 had for years, bo t felt that It wan 
a step .la tba right direction, H*ra wa. 
a clean, waotoeonre eomsdy, aoilabia'fof 
the roue aeit eh I id to it* and. original 
enough to make the nldstt tatt 1*01*- The 
wesdartnl way in which th* yoaugstart 
■eted . - la* apaaUMont tub, at It all Waa 
a delight to m*. 

The j*caeT&it*Ki which It retelred trotar 
th* rsri*n*r* also showed ma that It waa 
a* walm at my «*o to ba cbtmtd by It 
and this alto mad* taw rta.Hu 'that ther 
liD are looking for th* tight hind at 
cnraed.v. OlT* OS KOf* f.f "Olif 0*01." 
Thar ■*• th* eatast tUags on' th* scrveaL 

Tary T txaly yonr". 

■ ajamlt-X- J. 

Hof* FaSUrdeldL 





1 lu lir.NRT BATAItWCB >t*T 




A^J.. Krlmigrt'i, Pt-otlaciiois 


Mn-.Tf-ni' ft BaL, J.». 

■s^ioa't Bit^riM."— Trlpm 

Utt*. Tnnra ft f.i ! 





. t: "if 

Whi<(..T«-^'w, Than,, Frl."* 9»V 

Biawavt is new and 



VM.1 4 col. .Hi. Hit*. w*a. ft sat 


*ns JORKPnuE VlCTAlt 

lEQUITT48lli st?;i'*!r B 

J' l ■*!■■! t-r 

*<"< < "."■■* «5*iJ. SI.L*. 1 ii.fli T ft ««L 


■ imfctLK^, To-raamnr ft Smuti*..,. I lit, 


■MMfll Of A&TlsTS 

■J 1 J *||ftta .nd S.t. MiL. 

i j i . unt.; n » ia tic, ik 

dBnanU T«. - SKATE SOW 

• ]■. A«. ».io. 
... INTrWN 



•'Mill lilrlc niidinr-. All KxprC- 

(j.lloh.-Ei,n {he I*" "Fluin 



REPUBLIC j;i r ,i D ..'; 1 £^^"- 




with Martrarsti Fjivrtcco 


fUU PPIEOIX »|ll prrasi 
In ■ W*a- XtjiKiI riu. 



Th>L, ,*|W,.)|S|„ 





"IT'S A BOY"rJ3& 



Q/cr Cap' Applejack Hat Anchored For All Season 


STAGED s;v TJtTr AUTHOR AtfD 8 All *&RftEar 
UUK 1 I nKM I l\C »IU!»** To^r*' * Sawr-m. J.p> 


Sh!B»hlji C (Njmriljf lilt. 


villi A 1,1, A V IJIVEHAIll? 
wltii TalJulah HNnktx-nsl 
tTl.l.XC. MIU.TEun.ft ft' in. 



IN A UDBlQlllL COMfifH-, 


I Brfcttft u«u.«/Hi-ft hi. : : ■ 



En. J.HL, UiU.n'*d. * a»i, 11, 

HEPPODHOltE — This Sun. Ni^ht ,'[, 

r-:'!,"-.r <■*■:-■-: br &«*rt— MI5CH A 


ifinccri M*i. L Inc. Acdllnn llml. 

flmilh :■';- K Hunk. li-irlmtiivi 

'■And(-nOi> nHflf 1*11 

nnl nl Km pram lacmh. 
in«: Mr 'TUB TOUCH- 
m-:*Etr.:n«.- ih* tuipiii 
h|i»r[»u« coin«dr la ■ 

fR iSlh Bi, E.-.. *.»■», 





E L T 1 N C E £ % .' : tcV:V^. i: » 


in "EAST of SUEZ" 

Br w. RbHEnnBT m.ucham. 


AVtrrlHiiuWoiMl't firtol I'^itnh. 
■ VCHIjffi aUCfJtiBi.-'-ir, VS? S rt 


"A Trunin •«!)' 9ftf« !?<■(. "^ \ In n f)jil*. 



#«*f. with TNOMAIt MBICIHAf.', 

•On (hf IUkIi Br**' ■iih 

7">r :■■!?. [Jjlir.r- 4 /> i HoEir 

.4 rjr,1i.k-,rril PlHmrr- . 

Tktnoit I'.l.l!^ Dnh*4tr«, 




.! T.ilO To. 


111 1-iHIh:!1 

JllPEiiT iiii,iii:v 


WtaMJ U«M D-*h**lr* 

RB.r .Hriib'! lALICE BHADY 

H.F,K(llh» I SCH'Mli: niKi-n 

IJ'ih.-irs (.in M „. nam* ft limr. 

'"'"'"IT 4 f ."I!. Ijllir - t. Olh. 


O'llirnnHI 4 Bl«lr 

u- ft Emmi pita mhni. 
{Tin I K#Mh« j OKOSOF! MOOTiE ft T4 
AISTREET WiranPti ti. Jl h. «<!»> ft 


I i0™ElO ACT? -10 



U Bl)B l.m4LH». 



, Tlt«u»l > Pli,.i Cof 

!:'.s*a:l Bj Htp kfta f Qr<lh- 



~ 'jmJviSftW 




rill l:i 11. ■ ErolJ*ij aril (111, Ilr»[. T-jrvlii 

11 #. K. 

Aotor H*i(i on Xiirf<<. Cliarifft. 

3ohn I'mil -lnnr* h *n netaiv vistir^a.* 
Wliw IrfW In #ViO bn|l In Wmf Hirfi- {;<»iirt. 

Ctiai^fd t» Id : lisi'.in^ Jiii: ! .-u:-: t -r: ill hJB piH- 

rcdeIoii. A siinilnr HinrsQ ftjrplcAt Mr*, 
RMlli ;t0 k roputrsl aWfltf oT fln 
npartnTPnT in W*W HtVdiitK-ftMflnd itrttt, 
WM (Hnmisnctl. 

! S 


_ 1TUBHJ1 OF . 

_?aiKisastiu,*H, J 


Effects of Old Or^anixation Turned 

Otbt to H"«w Ona TTader 

Will B. Hnji. 


Kfr«( National llHBUn CflliUlttftft 

In>— (JoMfth W^l rtln 
"Tfii or the DTrfefjrvlllWft." 


THE .ViUional AJfodBtlcin r<f >lo- 
tlon. Fletowi-is no nmre. Ftw]- 
fripk , CUlAtt. 1 MtMOllt- i«rTB»TT, 
rtsljnrf &n SalurfUy fttid rarnftd over 
tJ3e .■(■>ct:i i>t ft* old orxinlutlds to 
th# new B.H«3cIitJDi) fomfci bj Will H- 
Hnj!i. Although U hsn ftceti kuotrn in 
the indpstrj for nosthl thilt thu qr- 
tlunal *iunHation would clMe lt& doorH 
tniiniallj. is montlM , w«iit on wlti no 
InaifitJon th*t tfae oBefti were join* to 
be dlaeoatlniiHl tJtOM wjio were inter- 
rated ccuftrd tn ijiertlllta On irhcn Lh* 
-S. A. M. P. L. woold ecy food^T to 
tbc iitiin-trj". 

William -\. Bridy, th* urttidtat <rf 
the old motion picture aJBOciAtiou. his 
not lx*n uptiv* in its fttTaira »inefl T>e- 
• ■<•:■,::.,■■:■ ti, '.vI^p-t. he pr-Mantcd his r«if- 
maUon. B> 1ji fririnff all tr» rime to his 
theatrlcnl T*Biure(>. Mf. Elliott, with a 
r*Soc*d office forw., has U**n winilinfi 
ill* the ttffilrs of the >Btociatka, pre- 
pftrutorj to iLi eloslnjj its door*. Thli 
havjas hi-cii i^ffwtcti on SfttiirfliT. tfi* 
old mRiwriaUoii plt*ed Into blAtrrrr. 

Tbf Xatianal AJEWLatlOD of MotiAc 
rieruros w»S iformfd ahout gevoa j-*Br* 
';k" an.' had for lU nn'iiir-i'Tfl nltnt of the 
urodncins anCt <li»trii)uiiri( cottpaaiM ia 
(be buslnMB. !t contintieil to hattlc for 
[iioLkitL nirturo righu Uatit 'Will JJ. H*tb 
wus ensaswl last jcar by eilht of ilir 
loading produfioc mmjrtjjlca to bead n 
new grsniLi?!!Ui"M to br callfti lh* Mo- 
tion Picture Producer* and Dl»tribMtof*- 
Tlii«. or oourBP, would antomalicaUJ 
eliminata any rithrr aaCb aftiociation. 
inasmuch n« the orj;arilzt>rB qf th« M. I*. 
P. D-. K€tt iH nn!ipt>o™ and Qaatftbtttdn 
to llit N. A. St. P. 1, 

Rlnktri »( 1hr Cfttfltal- 

Ko viait [n t)ilx ■■iiv would ho Mm- 
plcie without ftn Lvupf tfou of Itie Onpi- 
lol Theatre. The bank^rB who fcftve 
Lokcn New VotU uier, with tliii purport 
at iaIukIoit nAtbtng from the fiattery to 
[lie Brons. ar* mjikinK it their buftlac?s 
tu we (h!.* beautiful theatre To-ulflht 
the fcmi»o will be oleaed to the pdbfk 
fiftcr 7 o'clock nnd pui \a rmdiaela for 
thp :!':»■ '"■:!■ i evenLHf perfomaanctf which 
be*™* at S.3(> nV'ock, 

TJne Aiueriran Baukera' Aattaciatlttri 
hei-e in Nrw York In iveaiion represent* 
■i Lj "■ (rwfttwH rv-':L!ihlfii;'' nl financial braiha 
in tUc dWBttJ tu any nccliinir nf vnat 
in; '!]!■•. i ii in Hmttft Will II • Ha jb wi'l 
opwi tac progronl with [u» addr*« of 
Wfttcaroc oil behalf nf the mOttOa ploture 
in drat r)'. Tho eniirc fuciJitics of the 
4'Aiiltul wilJ br- uaad to ranfco this an eve- 
ning to In. 1 n-meraberiMi. "RerafmhrHnc?" 
jx rhf teaturc ilhn to he shown at the 
entfrtainnler.t arid M- L. Hotbufel has 
added m chin a (jronrani »t sptA-ttU tiim» 
jjji J mu.-oi. 

i'lrM %«[Iodm1 In Frl>tan. 

Th* MTWrHiife cflmmltter uf the Atjo 
dJttiid Fint Nfttional irtfi journejfiug; to 
Clilenio llii« we c V (u hod a *p**-isl job- 
sIdii. TciIf In u yefirly c!l*t00i flrld a 
fiiiod time n nl war* .njored by ail who 
attend tJ>h to^iiuij. 

To Have Private Mnnrlna. 

AirrjinE^inf-ntA were ounplnted ynier- 
day (vt J; iptt'ol shewing of "The Old 
Onneatetut'' nt ihi' Palace Thea^rp on 
Thursday of thin week, wiu-n an audience 
cnmpo!>etl *if t'lorKjmen imly will witnra* 
thr jiirture. which foes Ipto the? (Jnjjitol 
mi! '.». I'-"-. ;i-i ihr nltrnrtimu and f&llow- 
iiie in Urnadwcy K!:nwLritf will b» re'eaim] 
in \l\$ n>ftlion pk-iUTe tli^trca nt ft. F. 
Keith, il. PC MOM «nd F. P. ITotlt-r. 

filial Will Happen t* 5N**f 

The aLaje U nil bfinn aet on rJ;r L'out 
hy Martbali Neilnn ior "Tew of too 
liT tee rvil lea, ,h which will he his nwt 
QoidWja |irodoclhin. He h&* sent for 
llorothj Krirttubi Ip ™rue Went and yut 
Ltioi w-narii' fiftni Thomas Llflrdy'B fd- 
niotiu story iLiBt Itus jm*t>'«1 Minnip Mad- 
drm l'iftlii- ond olbrr wcli-ktiown «e> 
lrrsu.cjt or "titrrliill lehioles on the staje., 
•■Te-v/ 1 which ha* prtat dramatic f»fci- 
lillUle*. wdk mflils for tlif scrMn with 
litis. Etihft Komc yaaw i«o. bnt tl wal 
litvir L-lfUAed an i-nii- of Iho livii.l. .-piciyp. 

In thinkiug ovrr 'Ti-^," wa wonder 
what the twMaBirB will do about it. Wfl 
only hail* tliey wdn'l Eusisi hiiqii a m*r- 
riaHf: tof h*r CM won iw rh« slr>ry tipfiis. 
With A -ensor ltfnrrt thut irinlsied upon 
Ktriklrifi nut "hiis."y" from "When Knifiil- 
hood Wan in Ftowrr" n- b*fftff itiplejrf.uL, 
nlihoiitli Lt Wfls n eomiiHtn ciprT!i*ion In 
Uir earty dnys. nno umit ktWBMt Doro- 
thy FhMiiiU Is -'iTtiiinly cmwlni t" Ike 
iTWlf Hhj« flnys ■* n IBSWtrt* wr5*<r. 

\ 1,-i.tJ fji»itTiii-twTf to -Uftel. 

Tho oniitiiil usi-otsii^ r>f ii;v Vimat In- 
struction Atonriiition of Ne«" York Will 
Iw !,.-Ii= Kdtti^ld.v morning in the nndi- 
1oriiim-«r thi' Antirloan MlupiiiA of Niit- 
ural UI«(yr + v. At tliis mcetitiK pffEoftHI 
will be eleoted ami a rnfyjri ff tho N«- 
tiunnl rdurrStion AaaWbktiHi mtvtlni itt 
JWtnn wil| tx- refill AntwiuiiwmflHU arid 
plant for thA coTPinU yrnr\ toicthnr wltii 
u -\ l 'i:\-<::: of tf*Bjt] Itifltructirta materJal. 
w-jll be a fenture n( the inoiniLnj; proBrflm. 

Ad l-Isiisl'iili (>ltl« >;i#m.k.n. 

One Of thn tnnfJfin iiLaiuro critical In 
London Xiifa* (WPiilhm » n ur aub-ilOen, 
aasi-ttlnr ihry urff much to«i alanjtr to 
be L'li-ar to sny on* without an Arntrl- 
tnn education. He nays: 

"Aintirircti anh-NtleK mi films Wally 
cuEjht to h» translated. Only Inat week 
dnft rend. 'Why don't j-oy bounni « flat- 
lrou at hio b*cui?' The meililnc. jiidsed 

Photo tr CMnptMII. 

iiii;m: castle, 

Vhe Is allll nrnriiiff hrr arm In a 

iiinif *mi nip mif fttn>«ar In iiii- 
inr*a unill li la emiralr k«tl*<l. 

In. Caatl* i*"a.a InjtirnJ In "" 
arrJdent aoni; tiptI.ii *R». 

by Trie contoxt of Uie picture. m>rmed to 
be thrit aotnr- cne shouhl |>e «trut-t nn !!■■■■ 
h^nd very sevprfly." 

«nr r"*e , fti in To" 


"Dm Dfjutscriei Op-rnhaua" of Ber- 
lin Plans Long- Xrip After 
Season Here. 


Orannlnfir inn. 

Will OBTer "Wiabel- 

nien" *prlpi, Braldra Five 
Oltifr llnenrrinn Wtirlii.' 


rlFtins younjr actor, Ijctirsu 
r'lw^t, Ik bank in New YflTk. Aa a 
mem her of ihe Knmoan Pin ye rii- Lanky 
stoi-k i-ompiny, hfr 1« in deman,| the*«> 
d»:« In many plJftBpc*, He haa juiit 
roin« on 10 play nn Important role in 
■Mara Head," tjpijtpe .Melfwd's next 

r.Lr/nnoLi:,:. picture, 

Tlirilr* Oitdctji la KBpport >:nlih. 
Alfred E. Wmilh nil] have thr* und^- 
ridrtl aoprtott of Uir LlieatTe owners lb 
ihie State. What lie baa wlimd for In 
ilie $>aar, unit ivhaT he plcdpey himaaij io 
stand for In the fnture U good i -.■mi;l: 
for tlit tnotien piniin- Industry, lehirh 
htut uir. ,i.t\: /rtimd in Mr. Smith a mito 
n-bo co»ddks« the bf&l InlrrCTt-i o( 
Ii'recn. yovernt^r Miller -tuid in i rp- 
ceni initrriew Lhai he if Ant J to ntiNh 
hla jo[j. Any ore who has any knowledge 
of chi- iJov^rnor's attitude toward pic- 
tiire- iuiibI know ti-IjdI tail nifana bo far 
st e»etvOTShip Ik toui-e.rned. If (rovoruor 
MHiCt iw (Je3t*l) it means we will have 
a eunlinqaniT of Lhe iQoiioo |iii'ture .'om- 
miaaion, a lionrd who 1 *? ieiftn Ei rtSpOP- 
sibV fni* ntsny ridiculous decisions on 
motion fili'tiin- cJimlrLUtJon. If we have 
Mf. Smith, it nieau^ s re^peal of itie i - en- 
Mflraitp bill ^vill he ttsked. ^Thu Uemo- 
erntie plalfi)rm i,:s- a plank tiatln; this 
fact very rlenrty. Al! those who "-ere 
in llifir ofru'Cfl y**i*fO»j — the itoliday 
took kqiik: of th'- Qlm people away from 
tuMiuesn — wero rirm in h u y i u - they would 
support Mr. Sm'tti atifl help <£«& him 
oof liest LlovcTiior- 

Arm Hfllt In Sllnjt. 
Kvidfudj Irene C*4tTta nrfii ii still 
dl^Bblr-d. Kin: wan filirnpsed yvnterdny at 
Ihe AlKtimi'iin lo..kinc Tory nmart all 
ffteawd in hlnrk. with her unit in a 
BlttlK- -Si la* t"a«tli- (rn Injured when 
she felT from her hrirsn n innnLh rgx. and 
.oV U Utta)Me io mnke'Jin.v prnre piclnres 
until hrr arm ie bt*ni«l- 

Rdllor 0.0*1- into* 
FlarHnjc the ne^^paner liUKinesH not 
V3JtE II «■»■ ••■■■'-'-. MsxlmlllfAn Harden, 
editor and pub'ither t>1 a. WfJtWy nutnian 
paper waller! the Knkiinft. [niMinher! In 
Benin, has Rptt* i^io lb"- motim) picture 
buftlntaai. Mr. Harden bus jiwt finished 
writine c Jicenario Inr Astn Niflsen. who 
made wieh a hit In the screen rernion of 
"HAmlet" when If iota presented 1 hrrc. 

I'trtnrrs Mad« iv; Gat rrnnrnt, 
A complete Ifcrt pf thr tBb'fiad picturp 
films prepureil by i.ic L-nited Slflten Ji*'- 
pnrtmxni of Airrlcnlrur'', inrludins; many 
new ti-iit.iri'-i. |k contained in de[>srtnient 
cireillrtr ^11. >i»tlo.n PlelUr"* and .Ifirl- 
rnltiirp. reiTRtly Iknued. Them film". 
Which nro produced atl'l dlMrilmted hy 
the ilepaHnleiit. srr intrndi il primarily 
for the uae of Us, cxierAion a nil fiild 
wurker* hji well n» oflicially eo-opertiHnc 
l^tltuljft'iip. ' Films net in ii»f rnny h*- 
borrowed by .stiu-iv. ilifnii^ti extension 
nojdicr* or ro-opevatiaji liLititnilnnn or 
hV direct application W ihe department. 
The hq.etow*r i^ ronvJrred to paf Irtitin- 
l'-; t.i : !■-■-. r>i.i 't -j m Liot-iaed ' tsnlli'ido*!* 
Or or0aiiti:ntiiih>; nw.v Imy prhitii of the 
fitlua from ft eommereinl niapnfe<-LiiTr r nt 
npnroiirnntely tfic &*i of tninnfaotttrft. 

Tho afraiia^mpTlt by wjlch jirlDts maj 
|ia pHrchAiH aire* Utate Ajrrleiiltural col- 
lrKW and eBtthj-inii-nrpanlisatlonB, hoards 
or trade. pubHc Attlool sjatenl*. fiiriuws' 
orgafliMtirtn? and olher (Jroups an oppor- 
taafty to nstPiblinb or iidd to tlielr film 
mllrcrjoin. It Is r*rjHircf! that tho niih- 
Jeet matter of th*? film alia I? not bn 
r"ii!nB;.>d add that eamt t# the rternrt- 
ment nhnlt bo rnMlncif. Arrfliiflcihcntu 
can Siimetlmfla br. iriad* (or rid win x Alms 
tWoi-p pur^jaae, efilut In vVashkcton, or 

A Ttp t<,T ihr Movie*. 
William dobustorj bf the World says. 
"Whaerer hcarfl of a, (at butalBr?" >"o 
ohr, probacy, oiitcblr q f motion piemres_ 

A Linn ur Twn, 

Erery daf In evstrj Truy the hollttars 
grow more and moro itk number. 

Once mote [lie Mnnhattsn Opera 
House, which baa nnderjrone many 
ehanffr-s plnef the ijay. * 0*ear Ham- 
mepBrjeln, i* fn v.r ihif. home Of crand 
Optra when "Pan P^iireoheA Opcmhaua" 
of Berlin brins; n aCatyttN. ^f Woprmlan 
npcra In (iermAn tn ilil^ copntr? early 
Id February, T.wafvd important opera 
houses of Gerrouriy nr« wald to be co- 
oprmi:iK in the pltin, whirh inrhtdrp 
nreadnlini; in »w Vnrb for [he nrnt (line 
ain hi die war, the mme "tllnB dca 
UlbelonKen." Five otB^r Waimerian 
muxic dramd* will ah" be offrr^d durinp 
the season. 

Oeorje Sarrmfinn. iliiei-ior of ihe 
"TJftoUChea OrernhaiiK" in ftrrrin, fa ar 
the head of the umtTtnkinir mid he hns 
aUo arranced tn take his Ittafor* "ft a 
tour of the MldrlSi- and H'^ieni Stat™. 
It is attted on ;;•■■•'■ atiihorilj lhai ■!;■ 
company will include the nry finest 
artlAta at vhia-h tichmtny Uin^n n\ 
Jitcaent. Btstfdes «mc »f Cfee prlOcipii!? 
fmtn "'Den Dentsclif? Opcmtmu*" t*pIo- 
1a1a. Coildnctort ilnd inuHlriann nr' heina 
drnftcd ftnm Vienna. DWstfen. I^ripsin-, 
Munich.- Hflmhur^. Frankforl ami cither 
cities dbconiL 

Th' 1 rOmpftny io lie bt(nr|iri ovrr by 
Mr. ii^rtintmn will comprise aboitt Ewo 
hiindrnl pcradna; h* will al^n brine ktom 
of the iinpuriain Jsceu*ry nnd njipoiut- 

The ilierniBri opeTa house hs* pc*Tpor>ed 
hi own [ireAcntntiini of the "Rinp" frr-m 
January untiT March to all.iw for thp 
Jtpeeial jw^senuitioii nt the alnnhartau 
Oih-ra House. 

I'TaeiJenlly a iripl* 1 nei of principuls 
:':L i mndnntors will br included in :•.<.■■ 
company, which will nail on Jamnry ;i 
from tiiTTTiflny. The tentative list oT 
BOloilta !■ as fnlloivs: 

Kh-a Ataen. Deulrhe^ Opernhaus, Ber- 
lin: <;abri#lla Knclec.h, Sarlonal Thr^- 
lrr\ MiiOcliea; Nelly Men. Ndtioflal 
Theatre. Mum-hen: V«n f?chw*ri. 
StaaiMiper, Merlin. Wtlo: Ottille Metz- 
*ec. gtaJiUaptr. DtdadaB; MbrtIIh Bo(b> 
ler, t>r!ftclie# Operohaus. Drrlln: Ijoui$o 
Thelscn, National Tfaeatre. Mnneh*a: 
Kliisure Itfinholz. Deubrue*' Opcrnhdus, 
Hcrllo: Uran Ohlnen. JRtMtDfatM f>p*m- 
han>:, Hprlin: ET*o Appel, Deutsche? 
npernhnu*. neplin: l.ntT Baldamu*. 
DnitT-hi-a Opemh^iia. Rerlirf: Nlholanr 
H.iTiM.l. \5tioaal Tb^Jitre. Mwndten: 
Frlte Yoffelitrom, Swats Theatre, Dres- 
den: Tbcoder I^ittermnDa. Opernhaur', 
KambuMt; ^'r-iedrieh Fl*Hrhkp, Slants 
oprr. ilresden: Mai Fnlmy. Lander 
Theatre. Hch«rriu: Conirlloa KfCrtW 
eeest, fitnatnnner. Berliu : HcIuj: Rotl- 
manu. (Ii'erntians, Hnin'nnr^ Pett'r 
Hpbot, &wdt Theatre. Ba«*I-. Theo lor 
voin Seheldt ]Pntit«ehea Opornhans. Ber- 
lin: )-"-i:,: Kljnzii. Deutscneii Opemhans. 
Herlln; Paul Sebwartx, Opernhsu^, 
H^OLio-ra:: Paul SeMlacli, Opirnhaiw. 

Tho fOnrlurtoT.* coaii'-eted nidi thf 
fiittrpTise jir*: 

OlM Morrliekn. nciiLsChea tlpcfuhliH. 

Bcrlia: T-eo BdelL ataatsarwr, EScrlio: 
Kirecu LVottlieri. I^andri-thpalrp. Wlcs- 
badi-n; ("al Froiiiiauf h Ih-iitaehrs Oprrn- 
h*na. Berlin: (Htc Bcb»iarti, F*-«rpiel 
fcauH, Iteyreuih. 


.rpnnllan Aoon (o OcDPr 

rtffiir I'lnni am, I'Mh s:rcr 


Yellow Tn^i. finrr ilieir suftrdcinua be 
winning n littin over "Siri-en moatlr^ a?o. 
ate ffni-tLup tim! will »t>&ii ftcctJTi? (heir 
Ihinl sod what ia bettered rn bi> the 
lafflVSt one-floor pHT-tige in New York 
City. The fleif piTnxe is iocnlrd at 
IvbbI Hiv*>r aod I'ortynititb slreitt and 
nidiH fb-ar through in Fifry-tlrflt «irpr( - 
a niaitr of aunm li'At {rrt — with nearly 
4O.*'«0(^ equate feet under one miaf 

\Y. E, Mcfiulrk. EPocryf nianaEfr of 
thl« Tdlfiw Turi CorpdrEtton, **?*: "Our 
new fdrd:g* will hnvc p.vny modern con- 
cenhjnee for Yflhjw Tnsi euiplnyoes. 
PenvLitoi! hfta hecti mn.le fur a retitaurant 
with s i-npnclty of fifty fjemonn. where 
nredjJ "ill be proi-jded Jo ^11 n-raptoyeri 
in t-jiAt: a taihir *bop where rvrry rbsnf- 
feur'^ mtifnTTrt wEI[ baTe Mir ^rnp^r al- 
button; nciui and rei>nl>- "■ >^-. with the 
camfl'- tiroi^r ha vine, ft ^-npurify for 
."Wl iflxieal-t. The hew o; nan ere will 
al'o bave rrK*m for the rare oT thi? rec- 
ords of a thntisnart rab». The new 
garage is a irihnie to the tapid crowrh 
of Yellow Ta*l nerrire — proof lhai the 

nMIr « " 
sti^pon an efR 


PuHnisD ratn(4>e Gave dlcnal to 

Itiiinr I'nrrrui Toa (HilrLly. 

Filinjr of n hail 1njnd for fSMQOQ yea 
reruap dlneloeeil that Harry I'tdhier, a 

!.r-.:i:iib-l paiotir, a;;n,l dflj nf ],i!ll.- FaDh, 

N. J., hdn Jfldl been indiolrd by the 
Supreme Court tlraod .fury jo JTftw Vonk 
on a his as laughter rliarce for the elec- 
trocution of rrcjl Kopp, aaed 115, at 
TallmsPf, S. If, 

An odd jthnini ii Lovnhcd in rhe In- 
diirtnient. The State .• I- ■■:.'■.■ that before 
r'almtr put n EAOk of |lrti n ICr* tn, n-ofk 
tin poles wilb hi^h Inislmn n Irec he whj 
givrn a written card from rhe power 
eoinpflpr staling rhitc the power wda 
shut off Tie reus to Klgc thi». when the 
jnen were withdrawn from the pole* to 
certify it was Mt? to (urn no the cur- 
rent n::<iiTi. Thr iiiTeent was tuynrd on 
and Kopp mar hlllnl. 

*Jfl,OOU CnlekCnft an Way Kerr. 

[SefcUi dLicikIi id : .-e- ■•>■. -:r.-i TnUrriph ■ 

SUFFRnN, X. Y„ Oct- 2,— Railroid 
eraployeeA reported today that a train 
of twemy-twn cara cnntRlnlnt nhout 
B&flQO rhieLpim pajtsnl ihrDiijtb Suffcrn 
oa the T2rle P.allrond to-day en twite to 
New York t l ity. Ths' i-hleaena camo 
from Nebraska and Missouri, Tbt 
chlcltens. all uIItp, rode iu Kpeeial poul- 
try cara with * rapacity of 4(000 Men, 

Reduce Your Fat 

Without Dieting 

Tears sao the rormvh for tii reouetlon 
WU "didt —■ "ere eels e." Tcjay It la "Tnka 
M:iri]i6U t'r^aerlption' Taidel'," Filendu 
ta-H. Jrieoda-theai. friends tel3 othsrs. Ta»« 
ml ■uim.iiLtlal fbod, llv* a» they tlkd an l 1 
ir.lll ftitliee ir.-n-Hlv mia easily Wlthr, U1 ■;.!. 
knjt ihriingt! ionsr »pdst at tlwMrae ei;er- 
H stand starvallflortlM. HdrnOlil Tr«ierEn- 
fier Tahlnia nro solo bT.nU ilme^x-. the 
iv.»j-Til iveror unndolldf fore ease, &t \1 yon 
pwfer yao ooti ordar direct' from the M*r* 
mok Co., dfllS Woodward A*. "Detroit, Mhrb, 

Q«4 fiMMaA 

*r . .' Formerly A. T, Stwart 

Broadiroy ol Ninth, iVeio Fort 

tftore //obtb 9 to S:S0 

A Million Dollar ;, 
Stock of Fine 

Exhibit and Sale 
Opens this morning - 

$250,000 of these Rugs 

are offered at 

A Fourth to a Third 
Below Current Prices 

Have you ever seen a mil- 
lion dollars* worth of Oriental . 
rugs? Have you ever seen 
thousands' of rugs starting at a 
humble Anatolian mat at P*>.50. 
and running Ihe gamut of al- 
most evrrv size that could 
jto&sinW be needed in a home; 
up to a superb Persian piece, 
13jUI teet, at SI 5, ooo, all on 
one floor? 

To see this exhibit will be 
an interesting experience. To 
avail of Us economies and its 
rich choice of weaves and col- 
ors and sizes, will he profit- 
able. • - 

So Urge a slock of Oriental 
rug* ha* not been wceinbled 
under any one roof for retail 
nte in marry year*. It is the 

Ursett purely retail stock in New York — and that mean* the 

United States — today. 

To disptav il properly, and permit out friends to view it 
and make selections with some convenience, we have doubled, 
tne extent of the Rug Salons. Thej now wind all the way 
around the Rotunda in the center of the New Building. 

It is not possible to convey an adequate idea of the beauty 
of the Exhibit, or the fascinating desirability of the individual 
rugs. Bui the following are the group details of the &250,OuO 
offer of rugs at a fourth to a third le**. 

Room- size Oriental Rug& 
Fourth to Third Less 

200 Peniui Mahal Rup — $135 to 9375 

#200 to 1500 griatCS. SllM l 0. IO16. 7 -ft. to 1 3.3x10.3 ft. 

30 Pertiaui Gorevaji Rug* — $195 to $325 

J27f to SS00 [rid*!. Slid from fl.7j$.J f(. to Mm ft. 

30 Permian Serapi Ru%* $ 19S tD §385 

#275 jo $525 glides- Sires from 3*7.8 ft. to iMJulO.S fL 

69 Persian Arak RtXf*— $185 to $750 

USO'to *l. 000 (Tithe*. SUes from lO.Jxr.n ft to I7ii1 ft. 

75 Sdtrouk Rug*— $37 & to $1,650 
ISaa in £2,200 grides. Sizes 10.1x7.1 ft. to 21.21ll.ts (t. 

50 Kernuuithn Rug* — $216 to $450 

JrJfS to 1^00 fltades: Sizes from 12x9 It. lg 13x10 ft. 

50 Fine IUihff>r Ruga — $225 to $1,230 

S3?5 tn »i,SO0 ErldCS. Sliej from 12x9 ft. [ft (9.8x1 I. a ii. 

14 Fine Hsmudaui Ro^Tf — $275 to $7S5 

53?3 to t(,2DO EJ"*de5. Sizes from 10x3 ft. Lo 16.2HI.1 ft 

15 Piece* Extra Fine K-ihan R u;? * — $750 to $2,500 

• 1,000 to »5.50l> gtldeJ. S!*« l0«r,(5 (i. to 16? to 10.10 ft. 

200 Chinese Rugs — $95 to $750 

Si 5o to (1,500 griddS- Sizes °x« (i. tft 2*0x15 ft L 

Small and Medium Size Oriental 
Rugs — Fourth to Third Less 

SO Anatolian MatJ at $9.25 
Si; 50 to JiS %rt&tt. Avfra^c ilie 3x1.6 tt 

BO Penian Sirouk Malt — $21.50 nnd $30 
t2>:> ?0 10 £40 [rules. Avenge ilie 2.10x1.8 IL 

75 BelooehLUn Rufis — $18.75 to $25 
»:S 10 »3J grilles. Sires J.fxS! (1, lo S.7U h. 

250 Persian MoKml Ru5» — $37.50 to $56 
t<$ to 175 grides. Averxee slxe o.6xJ.6 ft. 

75 Rich Silky Dour Runs— S7S to $110 

= i,"„> to xi5o siades. Avenge sice 6x4. t ft. 

25 Antique and Modem Bokhara Rugs — $63 to $80 

fs; la si to gndes. Sixes from 4.4x1.11 ft. tn 4.10x4.? ft. 

50 Tm-Sdsh Pergam Rugs— 524 to $56 

iJj.lo Ttt |7S grsdes. Sizes from 3.5xz.S It. to 6.tx*.3 ft 

50 Peniui Lelihan Rugs at $25 

*3S and S37.50 grides. Average sixe 4x2. S ft. 

25 .Fine Quality Kermnnsha Rugs at $63 

SS5 to f9S gradej. Avenge sire 5.1x2.9 It. 

20 Penian SaVouk Rugs at $90 to $125 

ft2S to |1?5 grsdes. Avenge sire 5x3.5 feet, 

100 Hall Strips — $50 to $145 
S60 lo *2t>0 trides. Sixes from 9.3x3 ft. to 17.5x3.1 ft. 

CThti lot In 

es Mosouls, Kurdlsirn and Iran strips.) 

Extra-Size Oriental Rugs 
Fourth to Third Less 

Ranging from * line GoreTin for the dining-room, 19.3xtt 5 xt 
foOO, lo I beautiful Kermartsht for the llvlng-roorn, 25.6x18 le'et' it 
11950. examples: 



Iiiirtitnn . . . 

t-.i-i .1:11! . . . 

Ir&n.fLiAh ... 

IrSllshall ... 

tifrrevsn . . . . 
Irsnsaslr . . , 
l.srlxun . . . 
lVensLna .. . 
Iraniihah .. . 
Krttnjin.hs . 

17.3 112 fe*t 
H.lQlla.2 tftt 
1(1.5 xil.l fMt 
17.-2 xll.2 feet 
ID.,1 x1l.fl feet 
17.7 ill.!) fret 

15.4 xlfl.2 feet 
IS.'! Kll.lOf^et 
lT.lOxll.7 tart 
!i3.H lis fret 




JSoo ' 



Sole price 
' ISt5 



■ tSOO 


, »S5» 


Third CUer,, Ne» Butlding. 




QCtje iWornms Eefcrjrapr) 

Th* only TEN CENT DAILY h"EWSPATEH in New York. 

, TOE,. IflQ, NO- «, 

•—EvUiSltt.. 15 ,?..^? f»W» nBLUPlM COWFJUfT. ** No. MO Eiar»l* Avians, 
«Wlwr FtfUaib stmt, 1b tie CUjot Naw YoTlr, Barcneli or JPrMIUB. 
hl IE' J^v ^ wl "- 'V iweident. &* Elrtlh Avenue. Edward H_ Tbomaa, Viet PsarideBtj 
RJo Eighth araui. Join J. Nell, Jr. RecretArr and. Tre«Tjr,r, tcO Eighth Area"*. 

. H. A. HALLHTT, Advrrll.lnt !£■■*■*». 

■H an*b.fta A*mu*. 
. Tt-leeha ne. tW Cirri*. 


sntaeatarttaai Twra — Pcisuit bald la the iniiisi stairs Bad Hi poDmaloni i 

Daily una hnti, one voir \ Tmily and Sandii, three month*.. $4. AS 

Daiij und Buaday. six months... llKt I Salty end Smudjy. an*, mum a , S.i3 

Hairy only, oat yeae, ."'^ ■"** 

n*l.(j anly, ill maetbi , H,O0 

Dalij c-*- " 

tilj Onlj. tbreo monlhi :,.MJ 

Bnwlsy only, Ons Tear. ,M.;o 

Bnu-Sty only, ilx nii-j!hn.._.. s.™ 

Sunday only, Una mouths 3.1B 

CiD-dJin Fps^st, CI^O ixtra per wr en Ssndiy lump. TVhrn tit Sitndi; edition 1i 
take* fca HDjniKtloB with tbe nelly piper na njtTi posts** U cljaHteo. 

Entirrd it [l^ Sew York Posterior ne Secoftfl. -Class Uati#r. 

_ XH UHTDON lb* TAiHy and Sunday Itmri uf The Mora tog TetejTiph ita la ba 
found on ml in at aorrinrVi Amcrk-in Kew-i AuMitjr. n Or**n Street, charing; Chii 
Hold: Pall M*ll Deposit 4 f'nrwirding Cu . Recant led Carlton Stmt; II. J. Willi, 
B7 Bhalteabnry Ave. 

CUBA— HAVANA, Plilcond \'nm Co., flu]* Al-fido: Tha Amvrlcln 3s'e*i Cam- 
|«bT t I DP., ftoL Si 

Kate ekecks' parable, io Vint MO* N I HO TKl.KflBAPH. 
MIISW8 DmcB. Na JW) Eighth. At4d«*, Nsw ****. 


Senator Reed of Missouri told tbe people r,r tin State 

Senator Reed Tells tbat " *" W(,r * * member e-f the Leagne of Notions we now 

■a Truth AKoi f WOB '* te semUnif troopa to fijbt wJch t*t Greeks end 

Brltiih agiunst Turkey, and tbe Ncir York IVortd puj-jj 

me Awn Minor Uat .. Jim .. Reri haa n6 T „ pPet ror tfte Irut h. iribe 

Situation, World t hint a it no beJiUIe tie- SemtoTfeT cnlliaB him "Jin" 

* it m-i-p. Mr- Reed ii worthy of tbe nnmc. dood mea hare 

lircn rulled ,j .Iih" and a PrenMrnt wbs nillett "Tedd;"' and another ouc called 
-"Andr," but it dtd not harm them. Aa to thr iiscrLlan that Senator Uriel tlid not 
Bjir-iit !■!:■■ truUi iviii'ii be mid solaiers of Asurloa now would be on Kh-lt way to £fht 
ftciiinjit tba Turks, (he World is ivmnf . Mr. Iteed. la rlfbL It was one of tboie 
**Meabi" of Woodrow TVilsoa Ihnt wben we went into the League of NlHnni M be 
qrged — we wwaldi taket tft,e mandate for Anueni,i, And thftt would mem a Sght with 

"Turkey, and ererj-liody katrvM it eicept the World, lit. Heed is ua American. 

I fattrlot; his idjeaU ire home-made and do not urtp in all fr^QtJon. 

Mr. Fairbanks Almoit the Natiasal 

Meiicnn Hero Since Hiking 

"Mark oi Zona," 





rjavlil Selial«t£ 3.1 ay bum BVlwtD 

. EdBDa4l»Bal iHUMinrBt— .V. H, 

Clarlt* s»ii i.biHj Apu&inimmt. 

Pu^ the Ban Up 
Against Girl i c 

Look tot aoma aort of nn tinrrMUa; .in. Spain.. The 
The King of Spain K:; f ' °^ ' ] ' ;R favored Innd baH forbidden carlic carers to 
come aroutld bizs; Ihey mutt not appear in tbe Toyal 
preMnce under anj- eiretimHtoni.-e? ! Tbia meting lba£ tbe 
Kipe iTil] stand alone io Bpniu. tor everyone over there 
eatn garlic- It mu»t be that. Alfonso* does not like the 
imel[ ;;i" it:; v.?:^;-i :; bk; for gkrlic ban mucfi in ne toror. 
It is one of (he oldest fooda in the world, and the children of lerael In the wilder- 
aeaa under the leadership of 3|ohc wtuplaiotd bectnw they did not have it. This 
wai 5,412 year* ■£<», and the Bjoje recorda their eomploint id these worda: "The 
children of Israel also wept ajtaln. aDd Mid: "We remember the fish wb did eat 
in Egypt, the melons, the encumber*, the leoks, ibe otii&ns fl»d the .garUci." 
Qariic was the fiToriie condinfent of these peapfc and atill ii {ill over Southern 
Ettrope. T It haB a strong odor tEfce thst or magnified onloa, but this is offflct by 
the fact that it haa excellpM medicinal qnoHiiea. Oarlk in a "ntimulant, tonic. 
auad olds digeation," nays the Snejclapedin. K\ti- AlfqnsQ la popular with his 
wfaJectK, but If he wfchea to hold his throne be wltl stop tbis war on ftarlic. Otber- 
wi«*-n-e may bear of another king being naked to abdicate. 

Ftguree, enpariaUs when Ueued I>y profeaiiLonal pro- 
t of the Use hihltloBikls, bokL no iatercnt far u»— the prahibitiouiatj' 
<J Tobacco Shown 1 ** u " fl wt ^° nat h *l'*^^- Thane hired reforraera are 
gifted in the maaufneture of atatimlcs, br many persons 
By GoTeramenr; bri | e „ Hut when TJnele Snta tells im poraething_ in figarea 
Figures. we not only know It In true, but we rejoice like n bride- 

groom on hia weddine; mom. for invariably they point out 
the prOsperitj of our HearcD. fnrored land. The laEeat statlMica to bring hsppiseii 
nrjnn- us were put forth by (he Internal* RtTenue 'Burenu, and hare ro do v,-L?ii 
tobcees. Read this and cheer up: There' are GMITOvOCK^CuO dgarettex innde In 
Amertcn erery rnonta, a uolIJiIj- locreaE-e of a billton over the aacce month laat 
,year. SJorfl than, 700,000,000 eifars are made monthly, too, nod the good work 
(Ofs on. The gratifying increase in the number of cigarettes made is due to the 
fin;' that thousands -flf women arc new Uafcg these healthfui fags, and smoking 
| antonj tbe ladies increases grenHj. We niafa WMJen would undersiand that cigar- 
ettes used in moderation are beneficial; that. they have o training cJlcet on the 
nerves and help the digestion of lood. Tgbarco is one of tbe doctor's beat wenpom 
tn -all flgbt on the us* of druf l If alt men and women In this country :.;■■...:: t-u 
■ tobaeco. there wouW he little demand for pernicious: drugs, and no one would he 
harmed. It may be a Bit ttfir hi the trnaade to induec pfrsoosj to nc/iufrP the 
tobacco habit, but it wiU do no barm to point out to women ibut in tkc privary 
H their homea tbe pipe will be found; an agreeable aedatlTe, \jpj((tlng. while of 
the same time it is SQotMuf. - 

Raymond Uawbi, fipert on bausiRp; froni Bugiamd, 

Expert Unwin De- Oomea to Near York to (all the folk in this city what this 

elarea Ejtpnnaion L0VV8 P a P* r »'■■ "t** teltina; them for a deaea years. It Ss 

■ . —..\ t thattbey should' more out into a dintiiat suburb. Four 

^? T * Isoaaasd pernotfa eametEmea ere crowded into otic black In 1 

Congestion- lliis boronghh It need b no medical expert to point out,tbtft 

such a condition ii? unhealthfuL Mr. Unwin tells eis that 

In thirty years he hs> relieved congeation in London; merely by maHog fnr-amy 

■uburba attrsctiae and easy of access. Hedf a million, perooiaj bave quit the heart 

of Britalo-'a capital and now dwell in plenaant surround ioga and enjoy better health 

than they eyer d|d. Also those who are left in the one-time crowded London. 

districts arc better off. The trouble here is that ertryone seems to wish to live 

* it* the metropolis preferring Manhattan to other aecUons. Tbe Bronx is n better 

j4*e* hi which to Jiye than the central part of old New Sorfc, reotu are cheaper 

there than here, and air ia clearer. All of Slnga County and Queens, too, offer 

'|T*flt indncetnents ttf naraons who wjab to b»y * hooae, fraying for it on tie EDdtad> 

ment plan and getting their rent for nothing, fttc-hitiond Count? also inritea bome* 

, atikers, and lien only five milei away, with >' eheering ride, on a boat between 

Often and domieite. Mr. L'nwin bis the eiealTent Idea for New York of indaebag 

•-■ laiiinctorirs to more into the aoburba and take their workmen with them. No 

"ier hoar far away persons mope they atitl will be within a -abort ride of the 

' And ean do their trading here and attrod thcatrea. Wa hope this Englitb 

aionary induces hair a million persona to move to the remotest frontiers of 

the city, lima Icaring room for those who mutt Ht* here to"rnm around in. 


T*>** **■»■ Can Tf» — b*i Cast compel— nr* ii Wbnt They K* T - 

FAIB tormnea shoidd attend then day, aeeording to antrology. aatoria, Neplunt 
and Uranns are all in friendly fiapect- 
> Thid Rhonld be a farorable a^aty for labor ntd tin beat interests The stenn 
make for better understanding of industrial problems K i ncc N epuiac nd L'r anus are 
auppoerd to enconrage mental -riaion rw3 acceas or wimlofn. 

Miisea and mining will occupy much attention thiH week, and it I* of Bpeeial In- 
tevest-tbat a ar«aon of nerere cold appears to be forerhadawed- 

Manufneturinf lbtereata a« not well directed to-day, when tbe stars seem to 
pr*s«e! Mupretn* crisis in which big coneerna will gain a balance of power. 

Hotels and restaurant* are to prosper, or, at lemt. They will be largely 

.Tbe aspect read as foreahadowing a national food problem U persistently !*-■ 

felted to by tha aeers, who declare that the Wlntee w fl| bring much auETerins to 

the poor, ^ ^ 

Invention* that will add much to* the success and narety of ariation ate aaain 

peapbraied. * , * " 

The ye*r 19S2 will be marked hy many unuUbla advance atepT. ti«k S ite< ths 
k riBB,|«tie views token by certain economists- 
Tor nearly two years tha s«r# bit* predicted that a new Invention srenU 
utionixe motion pictures, and it la lUielj to become commonlv mod befora 
■ -jontha. 

. I tbe *i#ns appear to promise inuen to motion picture Intererts, hnt there 
> to be aalrxiiahing thangea in tbn making of popular attractloni' 

Oaaping will gam. toUowsra in aoclety during tha coming Winter, when t-Ibt for 
>_«nk*s will cause at least one big ecandal. » 

"cwiU bn subject to aplendtd conditioss dttrinj the Winter, when cammnaity 
it aril! nultiplv Concerts, 

hu wboie. btrtbdat* it la aboiild be earernl to resist the tomptatioil la 
ley easily. Specclanon wdl be unlucky. 
(Copyright, 16C2,) 


~ an often that ho can have Mexico 
if be ctree- to come down thcro 
and take « look at President 
Obrrfion and his country men that bo 
haa nVtJdcd the lime is rlpa for the Vi$. 
Sometime within tbe next few days Maty 
Pickford will be escorted into Mexico by 
I>ong and* ^iveo a chance to oee junt 
how her huabatd gtande in tbe eonutry 
■where many American nlma ar« bttri»d. 
The reason DoUg fa rejartled with such 
fond and loving; ejea is because ot "The 
Mark of Zorrn," wherein h* played a 
Mexican hero. Thta picture made ttieh 
a hit he is a national hero. 
Rnouph- to make the producers in thn 
future moke all their heroes Mextaan, 
md^ their Tulaine 'African natires. Per- 
bapa ho can inftuance the Mexicans to 
think leas harshly of otier Americnn 
r, U L'ii- Dotjr hlms^T oil the 
edss rf e, chair and sliced hi» rbfixCM 
how he learned the lutricacioa of old-time 
archery, ho (old lomcthln; oT ilyg trip 
iii Mmico. Edivard Knnblonk la eoijic 
^'illi lh(i) bpruilfi!, Hi Df.u^ explained. 
1c will !«■ Biich a gluHoTie chance tor him 
to talk eoatumea with >fnry for 
"Dorothy Vernon of Haddou Hall" an] 
diacuna the itory of "ATonKicur Brnn- 
Hlire," Doug's nest picture. Booth 

Tarkinstoa, the author of "Besitraire," 
is invito:! if he cares to go n;onjf. but 
it seems xttf unlikely he fan leave 
America ju*t now. v 

TKsug wouldn't linger on the Mexico 
Bubjeet, very long: he wanted to talk 
"Itobia Hood." Jle in so full of the 
ancient da.tF when Jlichard^ the Llon- 
Ileaned, reigned; he fairly oozpr the oub~ 
Ject in hla eoDverartion. HL* cotkuHlflam 
wns 8o contagious he had every one, dia- 
eurttog the dm when knights wers bold 
a - ith him ond rehearsing their ancient 
history, which, between frirnJe, "isn't 

The Ffltrbjiniiccfi reached berr on th^ 
Cimsdijuj Pacific yrstorday rooming at 
dajbrenk, not loo early for n repreaeiita- 
tiyr from the Boy Scouts to be on hand 
with n petition thnt the bo^s he invited 
to bcc +J Hohin Hod." There were re- 
'portcra nnd photogrephcre at Uif station, 
too, and Dour fldmittfd he would have 
felt neglected if one ot those scribe/3 had 
failed to appear. 

All the time Hong was talking French 
and explaining how he and Marj talked 
over tbe radio and how he bad to he Mr. 
Pick-ford in SlatyV ronntry, s«verA] en- 
terprising reporter* were nsklcg for 
Mary, who lied fnilrd to join her husband 
1n the interview. 

Itary; it was wpHSsid. wAs having a 
bath anil gettinj; her cutIr wnshrd, but 
Doug tbrited Hie entire party to Rtick 
around until Mary appeared. 

"It will only be hftoen minute^, 1 ' he 


JUarj- is. worth wnidDg tor tiny 'time — 
the reporters ogreed. 

But having been tipped off by Mrs. 
Charlotte Pkktord that it would be con- 
siderably lotieer, we only waited until 
Jack Pickford en me out orjd grabbed hla 
brother-in-law. and Doug dilapidated 
with the promise that he would return. 

Whether be relumed or not jfl unim- 
portant- Or how long it took Mary. The 
important tiling pj thnt "Robin Hood" 
opens aWut toe twenty-fourth at ibe 
Lyric, and Doug in plnDntng to have toot 
notes tuafle for the program, so fffl will 
alt know nn much about eariy English 
history ns-he does. 

IJonklnaoai Biota vtim. 
■When "Bull I>p(t Drummond" make! 
Its appearance iu America BS a motion 
picture, tha dhuvrtbutton job will fall to 
W. W. EodkinBon, who has arrnnged to 
take over the relensc of this picture In 
the T'liiiol States and Canada. Banking 
on the popularity of the play and that of 
EveTyn Creeley mil Carlyle BlackwelF, 
the picture is considered n good bet. It 
was made tor Producers S««rit]r by the 
HoUsudin Film Company in Holland un'- 
der the direction of Oscar ApfeL r "'• 

Hay KnTf New Pfjnrlmtnf, 
David Selznick, who is largely, or' r-n- 
tij-oly respoualbla, for the jonptovement 
in the Selzniek news reel the past year, 
la "now Atudying. tbn educotioTial field 
with an idea of adding an educational 
department to tho SdznEcb hold! age. 
David has eotnc original thoughts on tho 
nubject which he promises to Unfold n 
little later. Associated with hi Bt In the 
investigation fa Gcnrice* Clemenc^au 
Getineau, fl"nephew of the great Ctem- 
enCenu, who figured so promiunntly in 
tbe recent wnr. Mr. Cintincau came to 
this country with a letter of introduction 
iii WiH ti. Days, and it was through 
Mr,. Tiny* that David rngjiged him to M- 
:-jr! in the new department" 

ll " t > , '»k" ^ppola.tRUB.1*. 
In 'the future Victor IT. Clarke may he 
addressed ns assistant to the firat_vico . 
president, this new position bavin g been 
created for him by Jrran L. L'asky. Mr. 
Ctttrke wft»t to Hollywood over a year 
ago to nsaisc Mr. Lrtsky at the l^amou* 
Players-Lasky West Coaat etudlos. and 
it is hecnuhe of the ananner in which ho 
handled wftbin, dirty to rs and Htor* that 
b« Was given thla new post. 

To Yafae. Flva-neejtars. 

Buster Kenton ut maklnn; plans 



Sho and her ini^bnina, Doavlna 

Inirhnut", arrl V#d In .tOvfO. T*S- 
irfilny. TO*T "1" *»■»* ■" ■TeailKr 
tt*r tha (ipe-Hl-rm: of lb ftohla Hfciid.'" 
Ther are noinar to Vriieu <hta 
mixitli for a abort vliH. 


brapcb out in five-reel! comedJes. Under 
hlg present BrranfTemeut with First fi%- 
tiotial he boa been furniphin; sburt reel 
comedlM, hut tnc trend of pbo times 
soeou to bn tor longer pictures and Bus- 
tftr canoot oftord to )w behind the times. 
iJarold Lloyd's rtrteot success wjth 
"Hnndma'a Boy" proves what a - tnar> 

type. The new rnntrSct will provide for 

!li:i;vt Ki-jin:: picturCS. ■ 

31 [Tiler Wriiri Intradnctton. 

lira. Mar^Bret Talmadge bos prnvail- 
ed iiuon Cilia Parker BntJer to write Iho 
introductiOu l"ar heb new book. Tho 
outlier of "Pigs la rigo" h-Je written 
an interesting forcnote to'thia story, 
which hegins with the babyhood Says 
of the three Tnlm ad gns— Norms, Cou- 
Rtnneri and Natalie^ — and continuna up to 
;!■; \v.-<-' ■--!:'•■ moment. 

-n-^rkton: W>ta E.iimm. h 
Maude Adams' hns beeo workina- on a 
li:-;Isriiiii Hyatem wherehy II hi nil net Ion In 
motion picture thCo.Trt4 will be almost 
as iirilliant as dayUi^ht. She has been 
in constant lonrh with George f-astman 
in Hoclieator- Dr. C- E. K. Jtfeea, hr:ad 
of thitf Eastman R^rsoarch Laboratory, 
has al» Tteen workiauS With Miss Adams. 
The invention will shortly hr« tried iii 
the kodali town, it is aaid- "Jlisa 
AdniP^'ji plan is to use e certain typfl 
of light Tor the tncntrF in conjunction 
with tho arc of the xaotiop picnire pro- 
jection machine. Tbe ncht of the thea» 
tru in the pant bos boeil fio stropp; that 
the iuolloji plettire on The acrca, heloS 
composed of tight tnjF of 9 certain ac- 
linic value, wns lost. In projection work 
With MK< Adnnu's i-iea, the bri^lit Ksht 
will be non-Dctiolt: to a area* istent, hut 
will contain ns mlicti brilliancy. ■ 

Dfilrr -VVlTli D( Hills. 

Ceeil de Mills is already ot work on 
hi l neit piaturc,, an original by Jeanio 
MePliuRwn, whioB Enr the time being. Is 
WOrpytnc aloiii: vitlioUt fren » nine. 
Added/ to the east Is Elliott Dester. who 
has done- such fine work In dfl 'Milks 
plctiiiTfl in the past. Pauline Onvoa, 
who malie* her dcbui. as a de Mille plsS; 
ct in this picture, Anna O. Nillwon, Mil- 
ton-'Silla and Thra>itorc K(«lolT are tho 
other players now at work. 

At tbe Strxml. 
The Strjnri Theatre in lookinp for- 
ward to shovlpc; Richonl BarthelmesH's 
■pLcture. "Tho iloutl Boy." which is tho 
etiii-f film flttrarrjon booked at thia the' 
atre for ne^ct week. In "The Honil 
Boy" Sir. nnrthcIwieMd for the first 
time in his life* will play a *hi«l role— 
thnt fif f-ither and firtn. Support hia hira, 
»fU lie Mnrv Thurman. Mary Alden, 
Virpinifi Magec, Lucia BackUB ^Sepf* 
Ijawrence d'Orwy. Ned Sparks. QauVKaal 
H!U Mailcs ami Thomas Mactiulre. 

At tbe ChbJIoI. 

Dcnmsu ThompKon's phy. "The f^ld 
Homcsiead," in which- Mr. Thop-jp^n" 
api>eared^frjr thirty-two yenrs, Is tho at- 
traction at the Capitol next week. With 
Throdot-? Kolicrts in She role of TSBjCJe 
JohIi Jind a cast in whirh kiicb. players 
as George Paweett, Koy .Barnes, Frilx 
BnSow»J' itid Harrison ■'Ford appear, 
the picture nrouihjeii to Ijve up to the 
reputation of the piny. S. L. HoLiiafcl 
baa been a busy Toau"wtb the hanKcrfl - 
entortnliimrnt On his hands, but be is 
giving his pcrsnnal HtCenHoP tP'lnn plr> 
tore, whicn meani it will have a typical 
Capitol utrhentation. 

Attending BIsetlDBT. 

Th» erequllve romTnitice of Associated 
First' Xational Pictures, Inc.. held its 
monthly nipetlnc: In Chicaco thtu W*5*> 
The meeting was oponcd Monday. Tiie . 
members of tho cSCCutive committee 
who arc to. attendance are H. 0- 
RchwalP(i chairman; Moo Mark, Samuel 
Kttt, A."li. Blank. Robert Lieher and' 
E. V. Klcbards. Jr. Besidca the rnem- 
biTj of the oommitteov the following from 
toe Jiaw Voft office attended th* gather- 
ing;; J. D. Williams, manager- of First 
Nailuual; Samuel Hplinj;, of the lags.] 
department; F. IL Btockwell, spper- 
Vljnr of aichanjraav-Tiind William J. 
Morgan, of the tautrac* departmernt. 

-To seflu "goaLTeorAw, n 

Percy Mc&fex's atoiry of Salem iviiu-ii- 
craft. "The Scarecrow,' 1 wfll he Glenn 
Hnuter'4 next Film Guild picture. ^Tha 
acsnario is being prepared by -Tamen 
A-thiiioi-o Crwtfman, B»d Frank Tuttle 
.will direct the picture. 

"A. Line or- Tw«, 
Cut out :ill iiKutiun o( Eilnor Glynn 
Is the advice to exhibitors conducted ia 
a >stier^fi]ja- weekly run. No word is 
give* to aiy why Mrs. Glynn ia treated 
tbitsly— ohe- is forced to use bk imagi- 

Poo't TaU Mo 1 Couldn't Run a Sparta 
/ ColtiTiin! 

ITh« tt!lilT la dub oit IBM of Uw fflllowlrs 

fhinrle-r pram Uml. X ,-truiil.l 

When Dealiny grips htndi wi'h Life 

AI the end of the sunaef trail. 
The man who h« thrilled to the tittle's 

Is the man whom the heroes hail. 
The man who ha! taxed hi5 brain and 
, brawn 
'To tha utmost, and then some 
more — 
Only Ibe 'sun fives light at dawn. 
.. Only the runs count in the Score, 
The'greit gods laugh In their Morris 
At the puppets down below. 
But the duty of pliclne; the wreath Is 
theirs, ; - - 

They dole out the victor 1 * dough; 
And he who has rushed through the 
paging, steel, 
Nor stopped to ttsuueh his gore, 
Is the boy who drap down the Lope- 
. mobile. . 
Only the runs count in the score, 
"dnly the stallion kings the bind. 

Who is roiled in the desert's fire", 
Only.the filfy cheers the stand 

Who can beat tbe field In the mlre ; 
Only the athlete gels the mitt 

Who can stretch one base to lour. 
The headlines balk at a two>basai hit. 
Only the runs count In the score. 

As a-matte; of fact, f used to'wrfte 
a sports column every ^Summer — and 
right on this paper, loo. But I'm 
afraid to admit it. Because ■( the pub- 
Wishers ever gel hold of it, they could 
Justifiably say apropos of any adverse 
comment l might make on t tic i r books, 
"Humph] What do you expect her to 
know about literature? Why, she used 
to be i baseball reporter!" 



1 really didn't expect any competi- 
tion lor the reward offered for in 
answer to the wher*ibouii of departed 
sifety-pins. Mrs. B., of LiTChmont, 
however, has sent In the following: 
Out with yoar whole week's wage* 
r begosh. 

And *end un that floral spray! 
What becomes oi tbe safety-pins? 
Why, Ihey •'fill for us" ind we "leave 
!em lay"! 

Hefted it I am with the Inlerest 
Mr;. B, has taken !n th is important 
question, 1 cannot accept her solution 
at satisfactory. Becluse Vlrgie and 1 
discussed that very point. 1 asked her 
if she didn't find pins In the carpet- 
sweeper or Ln the corners or under 
the rugs. And she replied firmly that 
she never did. And so, to dale, her 
suggestion that the witches Come hi 
the night and mike away with these 
harmless, necessary articles of the 
toilet table still leads for the potted 

From the way I go on. you might 
think that my apparel is Ihickly punc- 
tuated — or should it be punctured? — 
with safety-pins.. Not at all. But 1 
do find occasional use for the small 
black ones that so easily moor a 
shoulder-stxap or readjust a ripple. I 
wis. brought up, loo, on the principle 
that It is disgraceful to have pins ii» 
one's clclbftig. A fond grandmother 
used to look me over occasionally In my 
flapper days, at 1 wis about to sally 
forth, and IT she found that 1 had taken 
a; hasty tuck with a pin. she fle*-for 
a- work basket while she was voting 
her disapproval. 

"Wriat difference can one little pin 
like that make, Cram'ther!" I would 

"Why, child, just suppose that you 
were to be run over in the street and 
taken to a hospital! Wouldn't you be 
.aihlmed of that pin in, your pe(tl. 
coatf'J ' 

Once upon a time there was an- 
other grandmother who could not go 
to bedand rest easily unless she knew 
that the recaption rooms of the house 
were In perfect order. She- would go 
about after a bridge game, removing, 
all -(races of it- — emptying ash tTays, 
putting away the cards and returning 
the chairs, to their accustomed places. 
She would even arrange the magatines 
neatly -and fold up the newspapers. 

"What do you raikc such a luss 
about leaving the room Just .£b, 
Mother?" she was once asked by a 
son-irv-iaw who was helping her more 
through chivalry than Inclination. "The' 
isecrants will be In the first thing in 
the morning and dear it all up," 

"I know, but just, suppose somebody 
Should be Sick in tbe night",- was the 
response. "This would be a fine room 
for a doctor to come Into." 

Her Sew HusicaE Comedy Has Soon 
by Jerorae KoTn--TfeTec Mem- 
ben ftf "Spite Cornier?' Ap- 
peared With Craven in 
■ E&ft Pifty. - 


k« tbtn is foe .good coatdje* of tbuj * L". 8. Thompson. 


(irwnp <a Attend It roji*-u ln« of Rea- 

tannul Td-talsfBt, 

One ha&drcdvuibla reservations hare 
been mads by a ffraUp of deJegstas to tho 
convention or American bankers now 
being held in tbtn city, for the formal 
oneniug to-night of thie "American noon. 
Charming* at the Plantation, Fiftieth 
street at BroadwayJ This Uniue after- 
theatra plBygronnd will rereat Jiereral 
new surprises oftj environment and rv.-i-i- 
tlH of antartadnneot for the Fall and 
Winter seaaon jiist hfKinning. 

• Misa Florrnce Mills wilt be, ac before, 
the star/ of the Houtbldnd revue and will 
ba surrounded by an entirely new com- 

O- of Southern apecJaUsta, inelndina; 
ton Brooks, ewnntrinuc-: hIi«H_Jes- 
aica Zaeb, coloratura ioprano, a eoncert 
acquisition who wnrbles in three lan- 
gnsB**: Francis Mo rex. baritouei Scott. 
Hay &r Cofitniy: £ditb Wilson, and 

! may have dismissed the servant 
pioblcm too airily yesterday. Virgie, 
the student, now comes to we between 
the dark and the dtyHght, when the 
night Is beginning to lower, thus 
making.. It impossible for me to offer 
another maid anything but a part -time 
place. A nt! the good ones don't -want 
part time places. . 

And so I have arranged temporarily 
with darling old Hehon to look after 
me 'In the morning- Nelson has worked 
for v annus tenants of our. building 
ever since It was .put up-i seventeen 
years, ago, and has served me. ofT and 
on far sight. of tbem. It wis she who 
led off my "Sonnets to Servants 1 ' series 
as follows: 
There Is no perfect servant, nobly 

planned, • 

And If (here Were, I'd have some hesi- 

In changing thee for her sweet minis- 

The (ace that launched a thousand ships 

could stand 
Thy rivalry, and thy; abandoned hand 
With china and with crystal spells cjc- 

- pense. 
But thy .Wordswortbian Indifference 
To weather that Is totii Is simply grind. 
Thou art as certain as Aurora's cart 
Bringing 1 each morn my breakfast to 

my door; 
In feist days and! parades thou hast no 

And scemest not to wish one, which is 

■ more. " 
ThQ&gti ineffective with a book or pip, 
Tbou sayest dally that I'm getting thin I 

At that Juncture. Oliver Herford's 
new book, "Neither Here Nor There," 
floated In, jtad this department came 
to a dead hilt until every word of It. 
had been coniumed. 

u h easy enough to be pleasant 
when life Jaws atone like a song^etc., 
but the girl worth while Is the girl who 
will smile when her bone-rim specs 
keep sliding down her nose. 

It would also be "easy enough to get 
the specs fixed so that they wouldn't 
slide down if only the optician weren't 
on the' other Side of eighth avenue. 
And across the street Is to me v/hat 
across the border Is to i lot of people. 

First Luncheon on Friday &t the 

MBrtinicine^-' , Mfliii Street" i»' 

Stock — Emma Dunn Opens in 

flew Prodnction — Bernliarclt 

Celebrates Birthday, 


STlL/l, another production from the 
house of P. Zirrfeld, Jr., will get 
under way next week, it transpired 
jestexday with the arrival baek in New 
■Jtorh of Fannie Brice on the Majestic 
front Paris. 

MIm Urine has been spending tha 
Summer abroifd, moot ot the time link- 
ing been apent in the French cnpitHl M 
the *iftst of the liallr Sisters. Whilo 
there a few woeka ago Miss Eriec board" 
the srore of her now musical comedy 
played by Jerome Kara, who also onlv 
recently'returned to town from Eurniw- 
And it la thia work-in whidr Mr. Zing- 
feld will present htr tliia aenson, 

Tbe detall3 ot thi book and lyrics are 
being kept a secret as is the exist which 
it being engaged for Miss Bric<!'& sup- 
port, A full announcement of the plans 
for this show will be made Tyitsr In tho 
wbrk> it i* promised. 

HniT Lnn«f llrrn TOEAther. 

'Three of (ha. players in Prnntt Craven's 
cojnedT. "Spito Corner."' Itt the Littln, 
have local boeu associated with that star 
on the stag*. They all weiS aeen to- 
fretber In his , first play, "To Many 
Cooks," bae*. la' MM. - 

The trio compulses Eta Condon, Mat- 
tie Keen*, and John Kcofe. 

Nji/1 ITnlfet-ln to Apjltir. 

N'an Qalpcrin Is the latest recruit for 
the Saraiac Lake Lcj tTorsesy and 
Community rtouse ln-npiit at the l^x 
laaton Theatre next Sunday night. This 
is the charity perfoimaOCe which Mr. and 
Mrs. Willium Morrie are sponsoring, and 
at whk-ti iJurrv Lauder will ba the head- 

This and Trial. 

Valentino, die Sbelir himself, will at- 
tend tht performs new of "Kast of Sues." 
at tha Eltinjrc to-night. 

Tho management of "Tbe Ginchnm 
Girl" at the -Earl Carroll reports 109 
per cent, bobbed balr in its (-'bonis, de- 
spite tha changing fetshinn toward the 
longer style of hirsute adornment. 

Wagenh&ls &. Kemper hnvn insured 
the gowns in "Why Men Lc-sive Horns" 
at tire Monaco far $25>000. 

First Authors' HeetlajE. 

:Tha Authors I^tiogue Fellowship has 
changed its meeting- pl&eo for tlto cur- 
rent season -from- the Etrulcvurd to the 
Hotel Marrinicjuei sbd ilii' first sirt-to- 
guther. luncheon will be held at tha latter 
hostelry on Friday at 12.P0 P. M. 

John JJ. Hummer, secretary at the 
New YorJt Society for tie Sapprossiqn 
<>' \'if", will be thfi ipeakor and a dls- 
QOBaion will foiiow under the l^adrj-stilp 
of Sfre. Mary Austin, Heywood Uronn. 
Horace D. Llferlzbt and F. fcicott Fita- 

Oeiett Burcess in 'president of the 
Fellowship and Maravcne Thompson is 

"llrtln Mrr*t" In Staelc. 

Thp weed's stock ^release is "Main 
Street,*" the drmmatizaiioiii of SiaoUir 
Lewis a novel by Harvey O'lIiBrins and 
Hflirlet Ford. It in joow nvailable in 
all territories under the guidanre of ran 
American I'iny Company, In.-. 

r;.oin ; « Evaiu. Lai aia i rin. 
Minvi.wn voftefB. ■ 
Vomij Actress Froni Coaati *n*ho Ts 
ii Tt in mabarh. on Btaara Carew. 

Rmmn Utnn'i ?fev 


Paul Wilatach has written e now play 
erttitk-d "Hnr Happiness" foe Emma 
Dunn, and rbnt actresn wan seen In it 
far the first BOH on Monday night at 
the Oarriclc In Washington imdar the 
nmnsgyri.iit of George M. Catta. Sydney 
Orfensirect forms her chlof support nl- 
thou^b the company enlists tha services 
of thirty plRyecH. 

In "Her Happlnrs*" Miss I>unn is ac- 
eorded a role entin>l.v liiff^r^nt from that 
of any ahe hun heretofore port raye J. Hi-r 
Character is llirr. oi an IUiTuau woman 
Maria MnrelTI, who kvpa a table d"h,ii(? 
rratsiirsnt near the sUge door of the 
Mptrnpolitna Opera House, Tlio atarr 
concerns tbe career of a youha; sxBB+r, 
Jlnd most of the action takes place in 
the httlo Italian report. 

Lester I^orlorgB'! directed the produc- 
tion, winch/is headed for {few York. 

ntano Alorka T1p(qtii*. ■ 

Oiano Storm has returned to the staff 
of tho School of the Theatre sitter a 
ggaunej of wnnderitig in f«rvm ports. 
Miifs .Swrn a former pnpil yj tlitsnote-i 
Mai Helnhsrdt, ha*t been placed in 
eitarg* or the voico and pantomimic 

- So Roosa Tor triilcri. 

Word rrom Rossi* tell* of the aboli- 
tion of archestra conductors ia Moscow 
on the Eratrnd (hat mieh H'Jtdera ak i n 
Tiolstion of the Soviet's principle. 

Snrnli Dcrnlinnlt TT. 

SarulTBerahirdt. tho dirine, will cele- 
brate bar ITtJi birthday on October 23 
fir instituting; preparaNons for her staeou 
of repcriotre in Paris antt hiyt plans, as 
already unnouaetd. are more nmbltloni 

™ a j* r ,Bl10 fl0J drafted in recent years. 
" To begin with she baa i ubw verainn 
of Paid and Virginia" from the pen of 
Henri Ilahaud for her -Stat production 
and a wort on which Saeha Gnltry in 
putting the fin ighine touches, "Adam and 
Eve" will follow, ^n thia aba will ap- 
5*Ki Wl - ^l"'* 11 Gultry, Manrieo Bos- 
tsnds "J.e tiphiiii." a poarJoai drama is 
still another listed offering- snd her Sea- 
son will coma to A does with a revival 
of "La» Princessfl iAinHunc" 
j Mmc Bernhardt ip said to b* in **• 
aellent health and looking forward to bar 
new theatrical year with much enthus- 

"Tka> rint" nnurm, 

'Tha Bat" 1* sbU flltriin about Kew 
Tork after two- years and more of reea- 
dence id the heart of the city. Ttw mja- 
toir plfljWby Awry Hopwood and Mary 
Roberta KTiirhaHr, wiH. visit rhn Piiviera 
nest woek to* begin a toqr of the subway 
eircntt, s - 1 

Cu<-*t of Bsnlcaar*. 

Maryland Momc, h young actrv-4a from 
the Coaae. in here for tbe Bankers' 
ConventioQi of ulrich nbo Is n gncst of 
honor. The occasion for this honor is 
tha fact that the girl lent bar classic pro- 
file to tha design for the 1022 so-called 


peace dollar nnH that naturally ^pttats 
the sympathy of the visiting financiers. 

>Y'hfln Miss Murco has ronjlncd her 
histriobic talents of late- to botion - pic- 
tures, she ia hero to stay and wilt do her 
ln-t to uplift the drama ns It is spoken 
along Broadway, henceforth. She lifts 
had Considerable esperience in stock, 
both in California nnd in tho Middle 
Weat.'but sho haa nerer been poen on tho 
local stage. , 

f'llfnJi Starr KB*.is™ent. 

The following bulletin ia Belf-aipLann- 
tory : 

"David Belnsco nnuounces that owing 1 
to tho aocceso of France!i , Starr io 
'Shore Leave,' at tho Lyceum Theatre, 
her ottjcngemCTit has been extended from 
October '28 to December 16." 

"3haff:la Mo-ar,"' l'l>ip>. 

M-rnii-:--:-.- of tho il!-fatod "Dumb 
Luck" tronpe. wfcfch recently encoun- 
tered financial ahonls in tho theatrical 
seas of Worcester, havo another all- 
Colored company. "Bhufflo Along," to 
thank for a safe* -voyage beck to this 

When -word was received at ths 3cl- 
wyn in Boston, where "Shuffle Alone" 
la playing, that tbe "Dumb Luck 1 ' folk 
were stranded in the other city, F, B. 
Miller, Aubrey Lyke. ihtblo Blsko and 
Nobln ^iaslc, compos'ers and. slant of 
tho flrst-nnmcd thou", msdo up a -relief 
fund ol fl,O(>0 and matorfid over to 
Worcester niter tbeir own performance 
to minister eld. 

Aecnnmlsted bills were settled and. 
tickets back to New York purchased for 
the "Dumb Lnck" -victims. 

Next at ibe Coln&tbta. ' 

' Joseph HurtJg will occupy the irtnsa 
of tho Columbia Theatre all B«t week 
with h« procraotion* ot "The. Big Woo- 
dec Show." The enow ie said to !■* ono 

_c-f the irooift eJaborsts on. tho biixlesqua 

"ffheoL /('■*■ 

Bnnkeir> fte« "KtinpT." , 

A delegation of tha Araericnn Bsmfc* 
era' Association has taken ov&r tha. on* 
tiro hfinao at tan Belmont to-night for 
the performnuco of "KempF." 

Tkrj' 8*« "Thr- FollJes,* r 

The jnran nrgacLEation had tbe New 
Amsterdam all to themanlTps last night 
at "The Koliles." 

Moreover, tho officials or the Njwf 
Tork Trust Company have taken fifty 
seats racJi niglit thia week to tha Ziesj- 
feld sbOWs 

Starts In Tfa-nnrlc. 

Newark will ba the first city of thia" 
country to be visited by tho Irlflb Bandr 
Oh Its trap soon ducntal tour this season. 
The orsantiaUon will open at tha Brosd 
3trix-t Thcntro there on Stindny and is 
t>oOH.od to fulfil nn engagement at thft 
Hiptiodrorae hero early in !NpvCBiV r * 

-wan tad i a l.r:»dLns Woman. 

Whiln the rant for AuguntUs Thomas's 
new Play. "The Song of the Dragon, 
has heen nearly rorrmleted, there vUM 
renrxlns open tha-lradtnp femU^o «'«. 
Hnveral.aclressofl, lnehidinfl; UNen Ga- 
baean, the yonng woman who created ■< 
such a favorable impression in "Dreams - 
For Bala" recently, have heen consider- 
ed for the part, but as yet no definite 
decision bos hwn teachec. ' 

Mr, Thomas <9,daptnd "The Sonp of tha 
Dragon" fmm the story 1 of tho Bttin* 
iKMii" by John Tninter Fc-Ote- tjeorco 
■M'. Cohan will sponsor th,e pndnction. 

Mom Uanlceva Sliclitr-J, 

Eipht hundred othet membcro of the 
banliers' organisation., in session here, (it- 
tended George WhUos, "Scandals at tan 
Globe laat night Toat loaves only two 
doeen unaccoiantcd for. . . , 

Thr** Biatlnaas Xext Week- 

There will bo three matinees of "Abie'i 
Irish RsaV' at tho pepilbtic pert, week, 
In addition to the refills* Wednesday 
anil Batiilrlay afternoon. pftrformafleBH, k 
them will t» a Columbus Day (.how on 
Thursday. J* 

FUIadc-lplilatta to Visit tfa. 

Tflao Philadelphia Inqu'rfer will giro «■ 
third annual theatre party at (no Hip- : 
TrOdromo to-night foe a Brnup of bfty-/ 
right rbUndelpjiia haKchall fnna who sra 
in New York an. tho tvorld series gunats 
of that newspaper. i 

The Inquirer eseh year oonductaa eon- 
teat with trip* to tho soiH.Cfl as prifea, and 
for tho last throe jewre, owinj; » the fact 
that ths series has been plisj-«! wholly 
or in part in Greater ®W York, a visit 
to the HEppodrome has been included! in 
tho ebtertslnment.- 

The party Is Jn diarge of H. C. Turner, . 
and since "both Pbilndolphia clahs ended 
their foag cellar tenancy thds trensos, tit* 
annnal story that thn rMladelphln fans 
hava come tn New York to seo a major 
leajfUn ball gams has beon ordered ■sup*, 
pressed. , 

5r.""*'» Bl r Ba 


Dispatches from Clevolaud tell of a 
rcoord. businerTS doue there by John Philip 
SoiHta and hia hund. The orffanLsation 
played to- JIT.TOO for two nerfortnnnce*i 
on Ssrurctay at the new Audit*: ri urn, and 
it to stated that only lack of capacity 
prevetitwl thn receipts from mounting, to 
tbe (90,000 mark. V 

To B« Called "JohmaBEia KrelsIeT** 

Instead of '"The Mrstrrioue Tales of 
Hoffman." the GortUau drams, ia which 
the Bel wjps will presort Jacob Bcn-Afiii 
hero next month, it will ne known as 
"Johannes KreisVr," it wns decided yes- 
terday. Tho play xaea into rehearsal 
just ne, soon a* l<rnnk Belcher get* 
throWxh ain;?tivj! Chajuiing Pollock's offer- 
ing, 'The Fool," wbich ia now in ie- 



Hit*. KM. A S»!_ , MA, 




A Real BlHiioM Anug tjmr' 

—A-—?:- JCRtAlfOEB'S 



_ irn.r r MSI. Vn. J.M. 
■— it Way,"— TriBuwi, 

I YPPlIM irnl » Jt k*«. i-.iif. 
LTUCUITl u*h w-(iTi!it :*> 



1114 rumpm* or ju-uiti. 
If Dlj-«sj«n Web. Woirl-. 

I | Miltlli 1 5«t. Jin 1LTI 
J a] t » eScl Oitmr Hau.. 

, Wr,. tnej. T*J. 


r ui_ l uri tutlruti Pit. a w»a. , mo 





■V* 3 1^4 


— Chan** Dirau*. 



nAi V'ft iMItMBAL* U ST. TH.E.ATR.B) 
UHL I O CnL IMA mtf. Wrf. * 6*t. 




*]EJ £0WI7 Pilrats 


fluatA br 

bub < W«il Ahrid. Hits. Tun. A, 9*t. 




nHC.LL]| lt ,, TIM.!. A iiniriiT. I.JO. 


DL7I ACrfl W«i «lih H. Ermine •! 1.14 

DLLHoUU |ug ; Tn.^T A 5*t UtH 
DAVID MCr.ASCC i'lmnn 



ntrUDLiu «.(,, Wrt . 4S , L _ : . Mi 

ANKI ItICKOUT Laaftlu Su««li. 




with M*r|T»rOt LtWWlte 

TUESDAY OCT. 10 . £$}, 


l TO-DAY A 341 

. W,II ! LH 
> Jll If . T*i3»r * fi*<- --*' 1 - 

ilYrV LLAIKt miiciMicinr. 





Staved br ff*Ya 


S— - "TilE AL'tllKNCE 
I took It To 


— TneuD* 


MillnMi T^rtnrftiij; A B^lur-lij, Mi. 

OW Cap' Applejack Has Anchored far All Season 





west it StRket. EvtMsgn ,- | * 

1 M'r.iiiC-rtj; A. Mijrd;- tlfi 



Uo&Mb>#9r ■■■■*■■■ a6*io«iBO 



EITINGE J£*&.%a.fc 


in "EAST Of SUEZ" 


" fcVtOVMkMsl 




UtnBihln B n.m-.lj' Hit, 


".J 1 - A Lt. AN Dl.VKlrAIlT 
«ll)l TKllQlKh naTll.lir»(! 
E... t X. «iu. Tcd» 7 * S^L. t». 





E»». I.M. Mil.. Wed. 4 R*l . ! ». 



ViSDEfiBILT "■' " s ' 



■l,A.l'Gni*r, HIT IN VKAIIi." 



',*fIIq[ Giud. Orcbfcalra 

B( r aL£s«llKl. ' 

■f SI 1 l±l,l-"*iir:i 


B"J * IT H-L 

fOPHIH) Tl'CKKIl Lot*, * 0rrhi ^^ 
birru^to, Nta WETfcm't 
W»IU| Ot™* 0l Romi A Can!. 
"WtllCMr A I>PD»iaMD A «h. 

tr.Oll;r O'Donttalf * UUlr 

TU* A EniQu Dikp. d(I|4t1. 



"CrwiEu*." shoo* a Hernia. 

Dironrt* D* HollMb. oIAm. A 
Fhoto liimi, "MICE FEO. 

fi,]-:" «iih v'.iiifn hjia, 


,ii. • -.Krin,-, I BANNER VAUD. SHOW 
imil| 10— B1Q ACTS— 10 

Hwrybofyt Gains to ilit Sit/ii .V.-m.' 


|\ TIUE3 

•On thf JilUti Be»*m 

_ Dorcihr Dalian A Jick HoIl 
TIMES A PdrdMauHl /- lc - r -f* 

COlwmbrPi.TJ'TAMi. Burl. Pofl.PriM.Twk. ffly 

CRtCKLEH OF il>3». 

Wnld Btiiu Bcmru Raid Iiam :ij* Aufi. 

■ ■ «-14-i*',.'l,. ,;VH4HiJA,i -iMHtsaJ 

• =■" Jftjc*. aLbar 

b wallac'e 



& Maitrn Vandtcillt 




mo ro sco as a% sy» 


•'Ab»tnift| r SpjTd B.l.-'-ir.,, D „., 



w ii> * H fit ■" 

George Jrlijs ln 

BltnoKLTs. fT^CWOMBmpn, 

T.I. U» hlk T-l,. D.II, 

<OOJAL HA.IU4 -itft 
!^«X1 W*frtc "iHH-KKTTS" 




Sir Rolwrt H. H. Baird. K. R. E 
«dilor of the BelrA«t Td»cntHi *ai 
JLrTCtinff bucf of hAir a dflien oiher ItLaJi 
sfTOPApern, will dUcitM tiPM-ApAD^r eert- 
ditluna in lr«jKD(! Al n lTinch>?ox, in lija 
hanor tt ihoNtm-apAEgr Club a( 1^30 
UiU Afternoon, 


George '"davit Sen With Plana of 
ffew OrffAiiitatioft— Wtti Ar- 

ranpe for Distribation. 


« IIbIIbd ri{-(nrr« &<E*dj for Tlfi- 
!•>■■« br CaBAPnAiF Till. Ullla 

'Tripodoi-*..' - 


THK macic name of Bclaaco ttIII 
be ujiH to held A !)<■/ film pro- 
ducing eoiBpiD* Id " the West, 
^■'oi (hp treat D*tii! Bel*aco, tn 
L'c hure, but hl« brotlier, lidivard. who 
haa hat! iniriv T^Ara' experience In tbe 
[heAlrlCil fic?d. tieorje l>ATi< Lai eorot 
to New York n-illi deDnlta plana for tbe 
new onramiitlon, and with the aaairn- 
ment to an-nngc tot (he diatlibiition of 
tbe Brat product, whicb U now in tb« 
proeean nf con»tniction. 

Over at I.ii office At l^W BronrtTsy 
Mr. Urtii iaOi itat the firat production. 
J, Uet Price," hj Xols ZcUaer, bsd been 
alsrted wltb Miriam Cooper aa the fea- 
tured player and ft>?Tnt Staak] 1 Al Lht 
tHdltle man. Other nsembcrs of toe 
caat Jntluile MJtehell L**Ii, R!eh«rrl 
Tucker, Maude \Vaja-> and Kate Latter. 
Dfll^ta M. Fl(«cra!d ii the director. 
BtlBKo Productions. Inc. haa acquired 
the acreen rio/htH to Anna Bhtlce'a ksct.t. 
"DBTicinj; feet." nad Either BlrdtiOr 
DtplUiT'B "Batdy of Nome" which will 
he made foJIowlns the completion of 
"Her Price." 

.lifPTilini !'Mn!nfiiOH<- 

Muth Amer-Cn hds atftrtc-j to unikc 
motion pleturea of her <nvn. andArJen- 
tlnfl Ji leadlnn Mie war. Tbore are al- 
ready b fioirrn eetabliphcd motion Jflcturc 
prottucer* in Buenoa Aire*, and there ia 
Avrry lcdicatlo'n that tbeae will Sourijli 
bectnap of tile local intereat in tiiefr buc 
ceiu. Tbe firat A t^'nrid-i drima was 
produeM bAPb in 1P1C by MArtinea y 
QBHtJte "n-iih the title of "Noble ea 
Odneba." The steset wctt very well 
daae nnJ the picture bad a contlnuoui 
run for over two ycara. 

The many attAiapta to mAke a pjctara 
that rollon-ed -iXubleca Gaacba" were 
most uninccoaaful. the Delnt pwrly 
acted bj- ineiperienrtd aotora nnil tlin 
■ pes cheap djjO JDBdcouate- En *jiito of 
th«nc ohilOtiB drawhicks it is iul:d the 
j>Uys ivnrc prefttahle to Hie iirorlndoi: 
coai|»onieji. Thin it accnaotcd lor by tb& 
fact that ^o little nttmry waa hpept In 
(bfclr prnduction «nd that tbtyr enjoyed a 
certain Buccean from their "Hoiae Uloat." 

jhiriofr the Ihpl year produetioti haa 
JmproriMl and hircral ompiaiea ore oi- 
ferinp nk-mrca that prompt to tie lalable 
Hi>lh nt home and abroad. American 
idioto-iilays an tlic ttandard ia Areeu- 
tinn. and American Kin trio tdnLs, The 
com|)Anica iiattern'thetr produetioni aftef 
t\iv American^ and tne .reaKs cfBtpOt J» 
faiil to be creditable. 

Max tirmt Will Metro. 
Mai fJraf. vi-J-m has t«?n brought LO 
our notico time and timr ajuin aa tho 
man who -would meniuallj- make San 
Frmic'isro the p»ria<r'njc rcoter of the 
West, has «mui£CcJ »-|th Marcus Locw 
to roJea«e tip output through Metro, "The 
ParfflKlBO Law" and two othrrs in n 
emes of yhotft-nlays: prnrtnend under the 
siiptrvi-inn of Mr. Graf will be di>- 
trlbiitml by Metro. "Ttie Forsotten 
Law ' W** ftdAptfsl from (JbtoTjijc Ab- 
bott .Stualryu non-cl, +H A Modern Jfu- 
d'tuna.' It was directed by Jarara W. 
Barn*, and (nseph Kranklfn Poland 
niiutc tho Tcrceti adcpt'iitlnn. In the cast 
are Milton Silln, ,Tqp1( MulhnlJ. Cleft 
Uiilelcy. \\w U. Francis. Mure! Unna 
aod Ali«. Howler. 

In lie far tpt^r Caue, 
_ The Wary Astor ense itherein the 17- 
year-old &(?LrrnA .stjotI Harrj Durant fat 
a canxjeJIatJioa P f eontntct. haa eM««sJ 
eotjfUerablr interest In tr?n bduatTy, Sfo. 
r-rcme Court .Timtlcc McCoek ikcMcd 
riu«j Miss Aster Jj Irpally the indcnbired 
■ippn-ntice of Jfr. nur fl jit, and. in nc- 
■-ordfin'-o with the old-time "maafpr and 
man'' act, ahr must falfil he r eoniraet 
maile by hir pireata fov her w6*n she 
Wfifl krro.i o n -. r.urilp I jipphim ke. 

Mt Durnat niJ yeaterdfij; 

'Tlin rjueatiou iu i»auo in whether 
T not a fair coocrart made by 
All pnrtifrs .-oncrrned, nball bo lived up 
t<>- More than that It will probably 
catablifh the precedent wherein les-al 
rontracta may lie entered lpto hy Lhf- 
atricnl iSnd Tnotloo picturt produceTn 
with minor*, Herrtoforr; produecra trid 
mabAffrra hflvr devflopp-1 and eatabliih- 
ed Hiarw who wr.rn undrr ace, only to 
have them takcu a nay by vinie ?raan- 
inc prodiicer," 

Mr. JJurant w^t on !o aay: "Theplrl 
Had prcat iiietoriul aad p biographical 



Taltnhbae PIul* atU-acds 


At Absolut* Auction - 

Fins Furnishings * 

Incladtnx Km pirn Knlie*, WULlAm 
ftiul AfAry Hot*, Colon [»| f-Toitl Br-d i 
Htuntw, China. Rie>, CI)ln» ClorkK 
Plmrn Plmiim, Vlr(ro|p.». P a | n tioa» 
Hlvr-r Bint Sh-rfli-lil Wurr. I>r*pcrlrn 
CIiIdih Vufi ana KHabrnldrrlH 
llpiniifiil A-Hdlopolnl ChaJrd. And 
»»"■■ (*■»«, At, pwoftrtr el TiBrt. 
aa» CoailiJDr*. umi lo Clota (b« 


Br Or4er at IpImi v, [rwln. ISAq., 

91 fir..-.] Mi, (Ht. 

H'lifri-f-l Frem Tbrvra'* Nerk fl'p 

n»r W*!*- Tork C^tr^ lir Cahfvnlnat 

in" HUD train Ihi Irihi* al Ml af ttlA 

old - Kntikertwrkar UnA- Thr i-allrr maJr rom- 

Sala T*^ty (Thara.), Fri., 
5at. J*r5.e-T* l : c i a - i; 

PB9U l>r Aft la, 
Minv ASTOH, 
Wbaa« mnit ■■■fnat Vmrrj Daiam 
araaied ertn<-h latareac In motion 
plplare olrelea. 

»*luer. Moreover her face had n di»- 
tinct J>nlritual (tuality. I undTtcok to 
put her over, and I have. [ eten. ffave 
her ihr najqe. MAry A»ior, hjitrtrctfcd ber 
aod directed lur i> - ork and pomonall? 
eitAblivhed her la the indiiJilTy. 1 ad 
•"ADced a Cr^rat rteal of iflintj aad I 
havo never recclTel a penny "In-- mj 
from her paroLeEa." 

Mihi Aator claimed "■■ bei- r>,m aha 
bad U'-vt reccireil any in»triJclion from 
Mr. Durnnt and tbe cotitrart ■■■:.■■ ai^ued 
nlirii ahe m.' 14 yean of ace. 

Addcraon Brluti Ceranlipi, 
The firat of the sprifa of Rian Laurel 
comediea hta nrrivod. It bears tbe In- 
tr!pirne title of "Mud and Sand." and 
au iln [iflroe miplu indicate. \n n btwJwjBfi 
on the l-banci atnrj', "Dlood nnd Hund. 11 
LI. M. Audnraon, wh'i made niRb n mime 
(or himself na ,h Tironchn Billy" in the 
pioni-CT dnyi f>f fllraa. ha-' c*"op no fnim 
the C&aat with bia treasure, I.- having 
been chosen to apontor them' ahort rrdcra 
whiLii Metro lins com rat 1 in J in rrlcnae. 

Italian Fleiarea Iteatfj. 
Now whim luionr (Ilnsmatrografiea 
iLflliane oitli the prouil brrost h liaa t**- 
eral film productinnj in prrparation fur 
ihe American markfi. Conut TLiAitn d 
Hrvel, just to prove his company kicau! 
lo do tiusincsft in thU ei-njiiiry. haa et 
Ubll*hcd g(Tl«- el 7^9 .Seventh menu* 
He ha* ready for release this year iwi 

BIK-cinH. ■■Cytftnn JL JSzt£Crae;' (dnyfil 

on the AmrriaajL ataga for four jears by 
Nv- lute Kicfunl Mansfield, and "Thv l> 
irothed,'' in addition to twenty-bix lea 
. tii re rr^+durtiona. Two others, arcordlnc 
t" i he Loiint, arc now in tlie hnukiTJB. 
The L . C. L.— which U cruder to :■,,•, \ ilinn 
upell -.-is the company tejpoBsrfbJ p fur 
■Theodora" And ■"Oabirin." and accord- 
;ns to trjf? i .'-iiim. ia ftaurlihina i&jjiai 
hevcral ruraora to the contrary. 

flr-emem Indntlrr. 
John Jaspar inu- re-ent*red the rank* 
of producers. Aft^r n lour iLbtencc Irimi 
ai-tii" production, the builder of tbv 
HoDyWEKrd atudioa. of wliich 3ir i.i ccn- 
eral manacer and port owner, ia on. bia 
wuy lvaat to conirlude arrana;amentA for 
the filming «2 fi^e apedaJ prodiucllona. 
While in New fnrk Mr. Joapar will 
make his headquarters at the Ambaa^udor 
Uotel. The tin«t of thean plcturen will 
he "OvfirhcTc," a jnelo-dramalic fratut-f, 
wiLli an liII-m.ip- but heoHeil by Jvitellc 
Tnjlpr, Tially Marshall. Wilfred Lucas, 
Snitj: Kda-arda. .lean Perry. IIl-u Ilrulpy 
and Rote Price, llertrajn llraekea 
hnndk-d the dlrecrioTi h 

At (lie mVotl and JllAllo, 
Cedl Tl. Db p]ill«B picture, h, Man 
alnuphter." with "PboniaH Meighan in the 
lecdiag role aad l-^atrice Joy and IxtiH 
Million hrnditie th* ^upTwrtiiii c«at h will 
p3ny n fourth week on Hroadway 1n re- 
apon.M to public dftnand- On fiutiday 
Hugo Elieaonfeld will muvd it' from ili» 
ttlvoli, white it will have played three 
woei*. ic. the ItiMHu, wheVo it will plaj 
the fourth. A fowr wcrku" en^Bgen^iit 
of a picture (t a bi(t tflOtifirt picture 
tbeotre I| rqTr. only 11 TJecfptiisn" end 
"'Blood and Rand 1 ' harine had SHtia loa^ 

"The Fan; in [Hp rVa;." a Coamopoli- 
tatl-Priramouot priidnctlrni wirh Liotie! 
Itnrryniore. Hrenft OWffl and Lowc'l 
tUtermnn aa the reeuired pliycra. Iirb 
been aelrcted hy llusis ftfeaenfeld as the 
prinripal film at tbe RIvali durine; tbd 
Week beginning Sunday. October &. Tlie 
Cast aTipportinj!' the fentured iilnyert* in- 
cladf-s IjouN Walhelai. *ieorj;c No^b. 
Moeer Harlan, NIdry McLaren, (itiatav 
Keyrierrita, ,1oc Ki rKl Tom Blak-, Mjiric 
liurkc. Joaaph Smiler ond Martin Pdtset. 
'"Thc Fare in ih* Fob" waa written by 
Jnek Jtoylr. John Lyuch and Ht.ylc 
wroli> the peenarin ami Alau Ottuloud 
directed thr production. 

floetnl ITotA. 
Anita, Loo* ia leaviu B for Bar Harbor 
to-day, She b.nx Anisbed two nlayp. n 
sreaario nnd n jfhorf uttry, dud the fee la 
she in entitled ti> a little real. Hrr BrKt 
vocation i n 31011th*., nhi> BAjra, rrftiHlnr, 
to cull her trip Abroad a vacation. 8ha 
aad Joha Emeraon will work tn Cali- 
fornia tbt* Winter- Tbeir cuetran witib 
.rnaspb. Scbeiocll will Ufce them Weal, a 
fact both John aod Aolta betuoaa, um 
they lore >"tw YoA. 

A Lln.a or Tiro. 

L. J. Dirmouc. editor of the Sekniok 
Novib, T«ceiT«d thA foilowinfl telefrram 
from ft cAOKTamAti statiatted in Milnau- 
keer "ConBlderaWfl conlrovfrsy here be- 
tween Aldarmsn And Curator of MM- 
*A|ilTj over.TOlam pole fium Alaska and 
NAJd to be ]nrcf*t known bo account of 
Curator patriae It in front of Muoi-uto. 
Aldernjan *.aya that tt U not nrt and 
will acare children away. Sb.aH I Bboot? 
riatae wirf.'' • 1 ■ 

Editorial judfment is delayed. 



Broadway Belles Affordi Fair En- 

tertainment With Billy Higan 

aa Featured Comedian. 


atyrlli- Aadnni, Anna Turtr. J 

Barlnn md Art MarAelA Alao 

Uembera or Ibr Coat. 

I , 

By '■ T JT?0. ,, 

Jop Opr'i-n.lieiiiicT'h "Ltrofldway Hellea," 
a aatiafacrory pniiTinLiaicnt tbnJuKhnut 
two hiirli-itBs. "Go tier 'rjni.*' srlth it« 
n-mlcEvoiis in Ihe lohfcjr nf the Hotel 
Willard floinewhere in Ani^nco nnd "We 
Got "Em." iniri in Atlimiic City as ataped . 
rfuite adroitly by Killy K.,l-:-i:. oleated o 
lot OT lihnki'rs' cimv.-niinil .■.:■■■'. world'a 
series Vivttars constdrnthlji it tl^ OiytB- 
pic on Tuesday, eveiiuic. 

Hagan + liimaulf, n n.w mm on tho 
burlesque wheels, in Otr featured funeter. 
He mnnufaclurra I1.I.1 liiugha easfly hy 
way or bin patented ejaculation, "Sheeio 
and Crackers" ond a drj. droll Herman 

:n:|'iT>'.;nn Lew I^Jircr, opposite 

eomlc. also iu a I'uL'-Ji character, was 
funny in inugsinK^ nnd m:ike up, Indi- 
vvdwaJlj! or, ax a U'aio, they weri- ei- 
tyemety timuainn. 

Hot Ijeiicfattm madi- nn jiitriiciivi: 
prima donnn and .■ :i m-i fur ini-!(Klii-H 
: i i- - siLt.- a lind tAH t>f ltP*t3t3Tf*&. Mjrllc 
Andrews, n, tih>i1p-|i-mjI]c (iKFeatlB. i* 
Tunticr natnrcblcwi'] uuli n powerfut, 

■""■>ri >;i.- 1;: voice t>[ lliv kind may ahow 

or robaret would he pruuil In fi-tittirt. 
Aniit- T'oetJr. nn athh-iie iiitfcuuc »(in- 

lirt-tt*\ fcBH cood tn i(M>t ilium, (miltlc»n 

iii hfjr npnkrn line* and tiinVrniorc. was 
thr- life "f the nnmber*. Al Barlow, a 
nntty atmicbt whh heayilj wide up and 
ileciratcd eyea, never dr^ardetl hia irfli 
alovi'n fur nn inatant •; ':■■: tlie iierform- 
'iiace. Art JJe,yfield. jnwnile, is eiijoj 
inc 11 wjKim'a vacatiou with iln- Oppi-u- 
htitner yrK^niEBtiou. 


vj- FlnJinrlil 1'r 

TIk' linri half bus 10 *5 
nf ABBA, a merhsLiejil dQj 
b* interpreted ea the pjot, 
thii li.-uvy hiifliicn.i ttnaa 
it fiartnwa kiaeinc Kystr-m 


wlii<<li may 
In butwtcji 
rum. There 
bu-b rnjaed 
ho, nnottnr 
bit whi-re Letlerer feta [hi bum'a nub 
friiui rhe Barlow speaj;-e.a<y iu ihe total. 
*'l"iMrJh the Ijinnvileir' Is the foreword in 
Rllly'a ukulHr aclin-ol for (Ik next lauch 
event. Put ibe fun reoelt'M its pe«k 
with the purehnJie of Lin- doll" and in 
whjcu ihr fetchius Anna »ii rr-mark- 
abl.V tttilid nuiler rorigb Irr-ifJniOiiL Op- 

plkd by Hie comedians. 

In or rullicr at tho Atlantic City rr- 
iOPt Mvrtlr --it- in^v fur kikava ami utuh 
Lrrt^rer a reck'eav ciiatompr, Then Dot 
arl]s laen. but far the privitese of tell 
inn Rtofrrn]ihlcal tiuif fmrn nrvklat 
walcln-v Thi* lime 1 E:iean »ii» an caper 
patnm. A brnpecked bit followed, flub- 
aaqnently Dot'n **cr«l ro»e from l ,- rnnce 
lir» i!-<] tli*; foLLndalioti of a bfockofailittg 
farce. An FiriruiTientiil nffair between, 
]-i::^:in :i!'ii ],-■!' c-i- with the ahuo last, 
the a*| rinrl ihr liid^ «a the main topln 
undr ili^'tiHijon Invoked actCAEt". par* 
liculrriy when ilic i 'imf Oinri?. lo emphn- 
hiip their paints. fn-sL-urd eus b ethet iu- 
duntrieuiH'y with . i- >.\> j-uda. 

Ha tan ond T«hie in (heir sfcinky 
WtTCa vijfOTOlll i ■ l cnnverrintional Iniumr 
out » lie? HnfTmiJStW 0AO*n and Hilly 'a 
nbiliiv t" tell Annn's inawt and future 

Httcan. Lwftrer ""'"i Mayrirld. for a 
aenjnd sperinttj. warbled thr. "Hr*ii.i 
iIdti Hlui-B," Bianjuc veww iui-erpn rated 
werp nrvertlieleKs apppeelatiil by the 
filymiilc'n roirercAatiou fur many encore*. 

A hire U,'il;i'-i'.: cli-ir-u/i, Mill drllliHl Ami 

prettily emrtonied, hel|ied inalcriully in 

the FUCl'f^H nf Lhl- llllillblTf. 

i,r^fftu\ Ftlarh Klrkrr. 

la lifr Iim riilty, T.Hiii.> .Juhilr-." 

MiAB Tuebe showed sa« wn.i n jrrflrWid 

hi(ih-kieki>r nrul owiitl do splits imil hand 

j^lirlnpu widmiit apparent effort. In her 

*eeoIid. Aiinrt Ubirl her pIcqsinK JierWJU- 

alily ptD omt n <ptaint so 11 ft "Hnuthlaml 
Night," with a[ilenditl vnenl and 1 erbal 
daliver.v. This ineiiulinl n apc-cidl dance 
hj ,lewc| Ciirlt/m, (rttwy * H 111 fiint h¥o 
other n«ii» ponSts, to (in- utr <•( "CflntrnJ 
Thru tin- Ityn. " Mlm T-K-'be a othi-r bin 
were "IJiiie'" and "Liarn tiootl Man," 
the latter fully ineritinc its three rcpenia. 

"TaAe I( J-laav." hy Min* An*Jrewn. 
arfla u»iE;hteued by lb*; cli. sir ha^iful 
Hcll'-fi'disciosinu thrlr dlRiiity ami curves 
from under lose rioaka. Tfjr tjljmyic'a 
jiiipulnlnin ).-ct tli^ir utotiow'H worth alone 
rishl In thiK MWittBi Phillip IeT-n PrW* 
]fljl4clr, n i-onlioictcilr on ■ niicji propo-ii- 
liiuia coneerhStlR the fair sea. in Ihe aa- 
AerahlaB' j . ppoopuneed it "nrr ' with a 
hi s A.' 'Nohnrly Lie B ." -Hn.. U n9 " 
nnd -'Htime i^ick niviea." Al nnd Art 
Jis!iif|jns in ihi- lanl nauied. comprjiifd 
three more eiiellenlly led anil anna ren- 
ditiona In Hlsa Myrlln'a r*pcrtoir«». 

Mi™ l.i-i:^ni:i's "'rHue" sotiE brtmj; 
her three encoren and a bouquet. In the 
excitement intending fhti nnuKunl Jari- 
dent the meKKcnjrer earried uff I ho cawl 
of the ih'uot. Tin hypnotic prima donnn'a 
fnrlJier eootflbTttiijua embraced "Knock. 
Knftek. - ' "Tbrro n'Clnct: in the Morning, - ' 
■Klclcy Kfyi" and "My Uhie." 

JJnHoiv. )u 11 friir tenor voice, rounded 
nut trie aeon- with "fnnkpo JJoudlu 
Blues" nnd "(ienrcia." 


Imperial M'1r:ir.[ llr-l^.-Li Beenuae at 
■■Pnljilc Hcurn.'f 

(Bj lo.fA fTn*. W The-MonUn* T,("(T*ffc i 

ATLANTA. Oct.' 4— Ed* ou\ Y. 

Clarke, nciinK imiieriaj wizard nf ifae 

Ku Khix Klan. lie* retirjied. it w^a an- 

liniincnil tn.iljiy m the. Imperial nulaco 

here, The naii: nation ia Effrctivr- *fo- 

mh^r Kl. nt *hleb time WMlimn Jo- 

ph SistTflanit, whf> wan fur-eH ti> j;ive 

1 rhc ncljri' direction of the K^Jin on 

nreolllll nf ill hf'ultll. ftifJ UCiiill ftaSJBHO 

L-iice eliarRO. 
In bin ntnH 

fition- Clarkf dpdata_ _ 
intend ro 'rock the boat 1 ," ami impiicn 
that the "p'rsccutlon," "public neom," 
"ridicule" and ''personal hairrd" of those 
.vim have "sought to wreck the orgaa- 
r.Uti'in" arc responsible fur the deowJoh 


o-l U'u 

en, Tt« 

a In 

TO Vv. Soe "Heme mora nee." 
rieveiil)--nvc nped men and women 
from the Home nf (he JJauphlera nf 
Jacob, Vindlay uremic And Bast lt>Tth 
Ftrect. thr Jiruni, M'hoao Ages rangeil 
fnini HI to 107 yean, were ,:'■:■-;..- nf 
L. Rothafel at -a abowinir of ""Ili'- 
"ntbrnrjee-"' at the Capitol Thca^n 1 . 
It waa admitted by aeeLflDiAliott th»r 
Noah JAco-bnnn. who until be wua If" 
yews oid, wa D the oldest yoims chap in 
tba parry, and that Mr-. Minute fiado- 
wlta, 7<5, was the youngest. 

0«4 fwmoAr 

{/ * * Fatmtrl v A, T. Etetcart 

Slr,:.}.i-i-a-j hf .ViniA, Seat Tort 

Stare ii---.?- r 1 to S.-i 

Pftv*d the way 

for the great 

aueceM of 


hy creating such fa^iiialm^ 
models that no i>ne could 
resist Ihem. 

And the \\ omen's Fash- 
ion Salons have adapied the 
various modes of Paris to 
trie modes of New York — 

in a collection specialized in price 

The bodices of the mitching frock are in every instance 
of crepe de chine to match the lining of the jacket and thus 
create a feeling of unity and delightful completeness of 

Al $58 

— of I 



irWu— rtJ-Bjgttt, 1nn*e. b 
trith the new hell sleeci 
The frocks have the rffective a 
alceve* nt La»vi B . wi'b id 
row cuff. 

At $68 

Or duvet de laine, blar-fc cara- 
csi] collar, caffa end band across 
hack of jacket, wholly tinlisbifui. 
tv-llh n bit or a ■trlaK hplt serosa 
ihi- front. This tnKk bat tb» 
nf*- very short sleeves. 

Tii^aronnd >ackets in another 
mode] with moln*kin collar. Here 
the (rock boBnts the flaring Tteuaii- 
j%ance sleeve and a skirt of circu- 
lar effect. 

At $73 

Of duvet rie loine, nutria eol- 
lart and rufTa «jth paich pocket 
effeets mp ji copy of a Bernard 
Mill (Illastrate<l<. 

At $98 

Or «&[( pile fabrics— bir K e t.eavrr 
noMarj nn Jick'-t-'i making a mart 
u^e of I h f- light hip hand Qtid 
buck If. 

— of marleen. ropi«d from a Paiou 
model, without fur trimming but 
with a new Isrll mIccvc nod mo*t 
fwtereirtiaa seiia pockota on the 

At $125 

Of wjf;i pilp fabrlrs. The new 
Olrtctoirc line in abown In ihe cut 
of the jaeketv alinhily flaring end 
rfaa*ically almple in treatment. 
The »niLsire shawl collar ia of 
heaver- * fne and nbajH now 
favorites i:i Tarla. 

In i-nncOjillr onJ rjefdrn firou-fi; 

in the dull -aft llur-. {» kit fa. 
Cray, nir-^ blue aod Stnek. 

Second Floor, Old Btiiidin E . 

pretanitc diitinctive new faahioni in 

Lingerie for Large Women 

One very pretty »t 

in shell pitlV crepe de chine. 
Is smirtly lucked nul tdc«d 
with narrow folds at snowy 

Its n 1 r; 1st «:"■.=, ij. with bficom- 
inc square nacfclfne, I* $i4.50 = 
its vesl them lie. with it rip 
Shoulder':. SG.95; ilj step-in 
drawers. ST. 95. 

Another charming set 

in thfll ptrtt ndlum silk, I* 
tftrniHy enitroidfted md 

edrcd with hand-made filet I 

huUnii jtcp-i», with 
strip shoulders, are 58,50 



Slriljrht lallored MyliC, 
wllli slrip or built-up shouk 
ders. in v.i;i- or radium silk, 
16.50 to J13.50, according 
to Ihe iii.jlcrhl 

Flesh, while, navy blue or 
black in the collection. 


The materials uned in this 
linRtrie ire all Tlrm, lieivy 
qualities, and the flesh and 
white carmen Ik riiav be liun- 

Thf ni«:htgown, w 1 1 h "■> 
graceful V necklines and the | dered very satlsf^LOrily, 
new deep armhQles. Ii $15.50; | Third Floor, Old Bui[din|. 

A Remarkable Special Sale 
at $1.65 

* ■ * 

A wonderful variety 
Every woman wil! 
wont I wo to three 

Delightful leather bags; many at half price; all far be- 
low the market price of tod a v. 

Swagger — Envelope — Parly — Pouch — Carriage — 
Vanity Bags — of long grain, alligator and beaver calfskin, 
ecrase leather, vachette, India goat, pin seal. 

Fashionable shades — black, several shades of brown, 
gray and dark blue. 

Self leather or silk cord handles. Gun-metaS or nickel 
linish lock frames, antiquc^inish gilt frames, bright-finished 
gilt or nickel frames. Inside frames, change purses and 

mirron. Main AUU-, 5ln*t Floor, Ol4 Building. 

Snbwr*T Aiala, Down-Stain Store, N«w Building. 


Wili of the Latft Architect Awaited 
With Interest— Valoa of Es- 
tate Sot Known, 

Drtaili of the aill of William H. Mr~ 
J-JlfatrLclt. ihentricol architect, who died 
!,---: '!'!.i::-mI.:j al hia homo, ".'.ft Sterling 
plaw. Brooklyn. w**a a*alted n'ltb mpch 
intfroai ycaterdaj-. 

I«wyrr William GroaaTaan. eounat-l for 
the eatntp. :-.*Li i yeatcrday that the valu« 
cif McVllfairick'a pmncrty. rval And per- 
gonal, bail oot to l iii't'ii dcttrmfocd. It 
incladen the huusa ia u'hleh the archi- 
tect died near Proapcct Park and a Sum- 
mer remdeUcu At Long B«eh, I-. X. 

William H. McKLfatriek waa tho 
VfiuDCT member in tbe firm fuut^ded by 
Li* father many yaar* tin The fcnior 
itrcmber iru oree SI yeira nl<f whm br 
diM. For *■ ipnx timn tbp firm hurj 
office* In the Knickerbocker Tlifnun 
'■■ ii!-.: j :■■;■;. When the elder MaBtf utricle 
ilM. ttw buain*tn -ytitt' OtfttA to tbe 
■Jolumhia Tbestr4 building. 

In tbe oaicrhA them at prevent are hun- 
dreda nf original sketeheH. dealjrns and 

. and Can- 

tret All ovrr Uir Tnitcd Stair' 

Hack in ihe 'Tr> the MeUnaolilaq 
On*ra Rowar tm partial!* Imrnod. Mr> 
lOlfntriek ,^ Sun drew the plans for it* 
reconstruction. 1 n the mnstniction c-f 
nearly nil tbe idd-tinie th^-atrca in Katf 
Tork thi* firm had ' a hand, eithrr in 
drawirit th^ pUri* u'e were the crramjltlne 
architet'ta. In rrtrot ycnrA Miry wera 
chier un'hiL^nia far thr IS. F, Keith; dr- 
cuit of iheuiiva aad for the Tolumbia 
Amuwm^H I'l-miiany but'kst]DQ ' wheel 

William IT. Me£lCAtrh>fc waa n lifa 
— mber i.r Hronklyn LuCkfl SJ of . ItM 
1 r mcinh^r rtf the Montauk; 
- He loft a widow but 

Elk* and 1 

Huh in P-rooklvn. 

no children. 

plana drawn Dj theaa arehiteew for theA- t»* Lkaa tv i-rf-t;* ie AaAS&f, ^tttitm'-^i ua, 

Fat That Shows 
Soon Disappears 

I ■"■■i"' .■- ' 'fc, LtlCt '..'■,■■. pr ._ j ■j-., rh^fB \\ 

11 n'it oardtd L| ■ bnrdvn. ■ (ile4nwe tit ■ett*' 
ttf, L eu.b upnn pMnit. Tfra he («k» nfe i-i 

tn rt*m H thf-i ttj- .ii BS afiir Mfh m<ti ial 
«>• ?i«.r :-io:.i i-v ■*.-•!:■ r "■; t«ai»(. 
»bhta an n vttMfra * a tf h*rmi#« 
* -«i KH 

J!*bi tb- ->■■■■- t. o.H a*]i ihani at «n"rtn|iw ftw l 
'"• " f r«» «•■ w**' ih«» airKi tnn tft* *»r- ■ 
IWIi. OK, 441] Vnodwirrt A#.. IWir-n. .m:-.n. 

At b»di|iB 
Tli-*. Il«l __ 

u IBM l»m"-.i. nraTIFllTTt tTi'm ^ftlrfi 

. .„■; v : ... . u, ..;■ j"-- 







XitJ Vim*.. * kL. L» 


„ t* >mruTiii£H tljlt 



*>•*. * K Usix w*s. imu tie. 
a. l. BRbAiraini'i 

HU1ICAL fnOIlX't'TIf-'N' 


«■ M T«-m A T*ww. 1 »». 

77j£ S£i4SOJV'S 

DivID Mt*a*CO anaagta 



WfTtSrrt TO-TMT. 

l'm»J«lir »[ Arttsls. 

DiKci»'<q Win. Hown, 

\:.i:it * fil Mil i: n 

m H>,: oib*r nUi*.. 

L~.H (5 He., Inc|, Tu. 








! ■ -- CM. "abi Til I Tbs* 3 H 


Ju* Caasl, «Itfhl »iU> * ■■.:---. fj 

'Flaf "ISC**" Wll* f!l<3 Mali" 
-Bngg. Wmla. 
(Mil ll Ttol OrtK* I W*rLi Mtaad 

r.xirm MiUnct Their. (t>el, IB.) 



« HU It InnUip «l LK 

.ts.T«-W» i 'nam. I a 

|e awtdo+a all erpeci*- 


L esore ULRICa5KIK1 



C«0> 0(1 HAH THIATKE. rwly a IW 11 


with Marajaret Liwmu 


~ fftVWBM O* HEARTH." 


AIM . 114 

EARL CARROLL lutt^"^/'^ 1 

Willi .nt 

INA CLAIRE "fiLesfe"** 



Br* Warll. 

,,. ■*- SMASHING HIT!!!! 


UAOQJO TUC1TDC west u "rrr.r.7 cvimiKai til 

II. nHnnig | ll CH I [1 C sUuns-a T*.mon>» *. Wi :-.._■.;. ,. UK 

Old Cap* Applejack Has Anchored for AU Season 





TIMES sq, 

tfmaibJor Oumefly Jilt. , 


■ Mb ALLAN niMill.lltl 
- 15 Tillillib n»TiLh#md 
Eip I.:" XaU To -=:.iTt-.ri : ; ' 





| tu t 13 Han. W**. * Sat.. I V 


SAldKt »^ET,A!iUER 



nl*r,I)V is THE GftEATEST 









"Ab^ tar. Bo<."~Al.n D .|,. 

' Ll T T L E IS ^ ."^w'i 1 ?- 



v lur. 




ll nirxj 

■"~^a w Dwnl^ Oattan A ;i-. UalL 
Pisu«a Rlttto QrxkailFi. 

HIPITllL EST"** nt-GHr*- 

0--aj M Hit, rmtal Qr >g< t^r^taatj* 

roli»»*ni, ftaji, Tim Tr t*,Twitm IT lr 
ITatlA Ian*. K*tarr--i ta< ffM !L . TtM ^ 

i n *i ny Tt. Mi* w-taor.iM T «d c 





^Jrircni Lou, 4 Or*h., n.->. 

A I^Bl, 

■ * Mb. 


jtHTfUjH i [M>nikar 


O'DonnrH A II| B | r 
Rii A T.-.-i r>in. alBfrv. 

j (street 

TraallaEi- fiaiai A flaulr*. 
hutiHi Da Hollar. r>tlu A 
HIM- Pra^i. -KICQ TKO- 
PLE" »1ih Inn,-, RfLiI 


ti r kFitin 


10— B1C ACTS— 10 


EMPIRE^^, , ^'JK' i 5"- 

A«a**«i Z»« f WHinlix m#m 

**«« w.«u •BOtKKTTl" 


The Chapliin Clank! Will Deal in 
- Films and Haobuui, 
C«pit»l $60,000. 

(laaettt Di«MU)i u T&* H«TElnc TUfinpa. ) 

TftESTON, Oct fi. 

Thi Chiplln 0h«fat> Inc., of 15 Ei- 

cliuifB Plice, Jcrary aty, with On Cor- 

iwritioa Truit Compujr u Afrct, wu 

e*irl«r*d In tfcs oHiw p( the S*;rct«T 

of Slate ;.Tit*rd*v to nuumf^ctUTt ud 
4«»1 lb motion, picture filow, moUoa pic- 
lure ffllilMBa. »tc. Thu eottcenj feu * 
nvlulIriUoB of •JOO.Qto ab>rei wljleh 

l^n l di T v ^ , ?U l mo l |y, ' 000 Bt * W ^ r MS™ 

RTitl 1^0,000 iTiana uf eommoo atock 
without npmiiial »r p*r valna, Tha in- 
Pormrttiohr and ifa B namhor of *h«rr- 
bald ijy *arb i> Ricbird Bonnctt if H 

J. Rj*n of 32ft3 UpIr-atj'&^lB 
Yflrk, 3, i.3](I p tt »r G. BrtniulTi or Wfi 
rlnrt avenu*. Iirootjyn. 2. 

0*Pi P ( and mdju m n 0a pjaura 
theiirp* tfcroutiwut Ntw Ittn ud 
■WmrftKllipf and daalinf In filiri*, «ti> , 
art (he priuclnaj eb)eeU of the \aitmj 
Thrtrre Corporation, which wai aUn 
rhart^i*U bora iwtardiy to do bunirifta 
from York ind Grrcory itrvtEl, JflntT 
City, witb Juliua Jo*laon ai ajem. Thij 
MHfM baa ■ c*pitaluu«tiMi of ^0,00(1 
wbica ii cofflpGaeJ of 100 Inaret tt K00 
Pflr »!i*jt!. while thi «moutit tb«t will br 
■i*vot^l to th> Atamce of boxiceat U 
(LilPO. Ta« lnoarporatora and lie nom- 
btr cf aaarei bfJd bx aach aic BcnJAmia 
Jwlioa, 40 : Rom Jaelaon, l. BB d Jolioii 


Trip With Tnr*e ExecntiTei Will 

Be Xtde in IntoreaU of 

H. P. T. A. 


'Inrrli K'.Kn |.nvn IrUnlrL ■ \ m 

Irr of (n»lt«i" Havnkl far liar 
l**F— JaMMt C^Iih ■! Untiil. 


ALL arrang*]H"nui bare birn mnia 
oj Sydney. S. Cooerj t(» imir the 
rtnimi-j In (Ifl latfrctii* at tlia 
Uolion Pictiirt Tb(atrt (Vnpra 
of AmrHca. thr oranDiialloil tit bradi oa 
|>rnld*Dt. T!i? (rip will like in iba JdioV 
di r vVpsiirn fttltec and. Id ail prnbabil- 
Sly. th*> Pirifle Coait. 

Afi*rt&riJBJ*d by M. J. OToril*. e-biir- 
nin rf tar Nitianil Public SfrTle* 1 Com- 
mlltrt: W. A. Trut, prcjldcnl of tba 
CoonKtJCDt Motjaa f'ietarr- T'J.r *!.,-<» 
C-l". sin, and E. M. CotLWrfanL tire:- 
tlvr tad of tha Cetnrlfnrd clrcnlt of 
[hratrva and a Ta+n:b*r of th» natinnal 
board of dimtora. the r»"; v ill Iuvd 
New York on Samrday. Thf itinerary 
'"ill ladude Stata conTcntioDt in varioai 
Statew and rXbrtitor orfiaAilkLiona in tbe 
lir«7t raatan. 

XN dr«( NuIp eoott-ntfon Mi b» vi». 
ifd Dili rw tht- SflcnEcan Motiod PEnnra 
Tbcajtrr tiwnrn in Flint. Thli « 111 hf 
a rHthcriui; of piblbltora from Miriii- 
fan. Othrr ronTrDliojii th I-- • ,-.:-<\ ■■- rl 
Sr ia lTK|ii^#poliB. Coiracn nnd Kanu* 
CttT. If auiiable arraD£eniPD!» rte, in 
(node tin- party will altrnd thr tbraira 
ovrnrr*' conttritioaB in Omaha. Nrlirn«^« 
and De/ivrr. L'o!. ll la rxpecird ttirlvp 
Stnim nill hr visilrd Id nil. 

Matteni nt inl^TT^I to fsliiSiinr* i-itt 
be dliciiBHrii and the pur|K>ir •{ Mip 
motion pi<nir* AHirH of Atrlr-rioa <■*■ 
jileinnl tn the L^lnte unit*. 

Mr. O'Toole -nill prewdc- in« i>arij 
by ntartln^ For Cleveland to-dnj in nt- 

t * l th« lWi-r I'ilmi Contpntlon at 

Clrrrlanrl. FT^ if down Toy a npc^h to- 
morrow on publfa lerrico. aad will *p»«k 
to thr wonifa cojiTanloi luerr- r )n mi- 

Paklti* Hi Ihr ^(r.r.,1 

If tb* proxc-Bin gt tii« Strand ti nor 
nrtutic thia rnmintj |eaf r U *ill not Si- 
tha fault fl Jncrpb Plunkrtt, whn haa 
entAKrd no 1«» a person to aupTViic ibp 
danrr pmfAtaTioni than Mlchtl Fokinp. 
erotroj of ihr Balltt Ruaw. Hf aurta 
#ork an 0«iil»r IS, on an ajti-emrnt 
thai ppnsiw his own anpfaraxre or thai 
of any nf hit pupil a tfarfnc the comJnEj 
yrar. Hia Una work at the Strand wil! 
tr "l>a fiylphldM.' whirh hp l fti"*. 
from Cbnpin'i muaical tbroif and prr-- 
aroied fir« in recrajtrail !n 1016. The 
CBtarrmptit of Foldne la of tnn^iubiai 
l*terra( to birrm nf mnttop piftorr.1, fnr 
ic 3nanr«« d^^i-c finmbcm of imrpt^luc 
frtn-rrii at tbp 9trand for tin* nunim; 


K«Kn Obi a,r "-lip-lci. 
Morria Kohn haa rpfftanrd from Lh# 
Srlc&iek Pirturea'Cfimpany. l]ia rt»l£- 
nation will tatc fifferl on M-r.-iav. U 
which timr he> n-ill move tu e kuile o! 
offlc« In the ruttifljB Building in atfin 
work an an indeptDdcnt producer. Hr. 
Knhn hmn b«n HsOeUlrd with Ihs Self- 
iitck company as treaaurcr and ia paibra- 
inc. in devote hla entir* atirnilna to tho 
I^rwndBblc CoDiparjy. nr which ho ia thr 
prcxMcnt, Tlii^ firri plclum reucfn by tV- 
pindRhTp U "Till We Meet AM*h. ,T dla- 
(riDuted ity AasoclitPd Eiblbitom. 

Rn>etc 5a.Mb far Bebtnrh. 

Th« Tolmada;* picturea «r« ffoinr 


80k How BchibiU H»w AitDmi 

JSodd. Aided by Bed- 

Haired QtlU. 



TcprfAcntaiiuD abroad, 

Jrwph Seaenck. wh,. j« anar fa c" ur o]ia 
* Kb Sorma and CoOatAnrv Talmadyp. 
haa Pent for Lot}[* Brock to Join him. in 
London. Mr, Brock wiil niaMUh of- 
fice for Sir. Scatftc-k in Paria aad Lon- 
don iH arranp for thn nl' ^i the 
Talmadcp product abroad. Apropos of 
Lb|| It ia intcrratinc lo neir that five 
picture* have joat been cold to the 
Social* Dea Flablpaamsti Qiumon! — 
'The PasalDn Flnwer," "Wonno GlTta." 
"Good Referencea." "Brandfd aTaaaajaf* 
■ ml "Danrenoin Buainftn" — all ot ihem 
Tatmadca producriom, 

KavTlamn to Rat«*->i. 

It la a rood thine to ba aMr Id coma 
ha*?k. That i» «by thn announremmt 
thai J. W. Kerrigan la returnlna; i:n the 
•creen ii of real to th* motion pic- 
ture induavry. As a pioneer in the buaf. 
nru and an actor wh<n>p roHo»lnir at nno 
lime extended frcm const In coanr., it la 
worth Teoordin* that Kerrigan baa: Ifft 

j.rivi-Lic ltfr to play tlir Iradinn role 
in ^'bc Ciivored \\'aj|0P." to bft pro- 
durt-d by Piiinoua I'layam-Laaky. Thi" 

Ii Mr. KirricLin> hnt e-nxaevmant on the 
M-rTn in two years. Jnmca Cruse will 
direct htm and he will hove, % cut to 
aaalat him cnmpoi£d cf Lain Wilson, ni 
a fvaturrd player; Atan , Hale, Chjrlo* 
Oitle, Ethel IV rIps, Emeat Torrmce, 
Tu!l> Msraaall V.u? Oliver and John 
r'ox. £meraon Uouch, who la the lutbot 
of *The Covered Wojron.." will make *ar- 
feaEloai for ihe pcr^antnf nf tbii epic 
whkh trill of the djyt of '46 whtn our 
parent* and firaodparent* traveled' in 
eovtued waroO'* and fanxbt the Icdiana. 
Navada and Vtuh hare been choiea oa 
the moat ippropriaie locations. 


he haa )nlii«,l (bit) Vllaarapli Cum- 

pany 10 ptar che ir..iinj( i-,.ic In 

•■Th* Ninety aind Nib*," n aptirlal 

reainre nnvr bel«K nadr '••? Ikl* 

hag joFt aold the rifhla 10 her Mori* 
"The Valley n[ Cnntrnl," lo taMla ft. 
Slayef 15 rei-Te a» a vrhtete (nr Itrfinald 
Barber for one of hi* ijiprsj! produc>ton«. 

nualiiT. r.iri (tela matt. 
Any Entlilh firi with n hankeruic to 
play a part rn a Talmadir piclure hn ■ 
chance 10 reaEixe hec ambtiiou A coo- 
ten baa Juat been ararted 1 '*« f^c^don by 
Jo*rpb SchtDch. the purpoae of which rp 
10 choose an Entltis, arirl io c*me t« 
America mod play ia the neat Xouua Tal- 
mad|e production. The Talmadaea are 
Ln Berlin nejw. where hfr. Behettra: hai 
beep, in cOBaalttiiou »i'.h ■ repra.«eat«- 
l-»p of tbe Soviet tioTernment fnr tbe 
;-.-.! f;nj'-«- of makina picture? i& Ruaaia and 
■ rriinj-iiix foe tbt ■■; l> r rtbatlon nf all 
Amprical) pirlurei. "EAat la Writ'' will 
t>r presented in ! uniiun while Ifac Tal- 
mndsea iJra ihefp. Al*o « deal la now 
pendmr whereby n vrell-known »iatp pTO- 
durrr In Lnndan will acll tbe DUitlon pic> 
ture rlshls If "Ore* nf his wjccCBRfuI 

Jnclrle Co>nn at -urjimi. 
Joeeph f^lunhett in .to jilmiird with tha 
Toutrgrt be has mndc with Bol Lcpaer 
whrrrbj Jeckie Cnoian i*i booked to ap- 
pear nt lie Strand in "Oilier Twist.'' ha 
iinrvn't care whn koona It. "OUrer 
Twiit" "1.1 JacMeV bijre.t pie-tute and it 
ha* been the mow talked of picture (hit 
baa reached here In many moona. 

fetltnar Id Prvdaee. 

'The Eoaliah aren't Icttiax a Little thine 
like the diiiji[iprovnl of the American een- 
aora ot Elinor Glyn affect them in th* 
leaaL In fact, Mr*. t!lyn haa bees of- 
fered a chance in make a picture abroad. 
I'p to now the 'unti'i committed htraelf 
aa to whelher abe wilt lake tha job or 

Hay WtllHrl ».rk Fl*y, 
Sawyer & Lobin, a-.->. rJ:^; to word 
from the Cooal. ba«* made irruxfttiLcnt* 
with Willard Mark to Rim "The Rat." 
tho play in which be ia npneariai m 
Tiudevilie "P the Ctm*u Merro witl r«- 
leaae this picture which Clarence Xjadser 
wUt direct. 


In Siairftoj-il. 

MpTic-ti iMiri'.i Company now 

WOrhlbt Ln Stamford ll hmy cetlinB 
nl|ht M*»ie» ief 'Adam and Ke*."', Aa 
aoon an ftol^rt Vianola flnlihra with thia 
piAtnre he w||| take six monthn' I'tw of 
■hieneo to tout- the world. Ilia tempor- 
ATT nutyr *■■■:■- m director of MLoa Darfaa 
haa not been ehoaeo, 

.1 » i:ki Vanner Here. 
James Tnune;, or Jlttimie, aa hi* good 
friends call him. «u in fnwn ycaterdiy 
tlrioc al! bis fr.rnd* thr flirt band. He 
baa >ast |ni>hed "Omar, the Teat 'Mafcrr," 
which is said in add another jrood mark 
to Mr. Voonf'a lonx lift of 

Calleen Mo 

wit* vldrrtDk. 

Colle*n Voorr i» one letrena wb« keeps 
busy, liavioz ju*t finished I irrtei of 
pictures foj OoMwyn she i-« now mor- 
inf ucr beloneiuia. « lb« Vj|«|ripb »tu- 
die*, where --hr "il be atarred in "The 
Ninety and Nine," a Rara*ey MofrU 
story ',- he filmed under the direction of 
David Smith. Mi»i Moore wiitt have aa 
hftr leailin ¥ map WlCBtl Butter. V(ta- 
crnpli is planainp to turn looao with 
"The Ninety and Niue' h aa a bla apaclal 
and extra aiirartfon, and mnfry Is t,j*lni 
cxijriiil'.ri In ariap it tip to expectations. 

bSMSfa (or vilt. .He cHr. 
As won n Buater Kenton cap tear 
;-,:!ii-' if jiM-ay from the world iprlpK Bime 
in' srni Ills ivife. Nutalio Tiiimadro Kea- 
ton» li-lll gn to AtlanLic City for b few 
weeks' vftcatlon. Of cauna, ti e baby, 
■eUsn i* now boin£ called "Jim," wilt 
accompany (hem; iq fact. Em tee ti coa- 
templailnt; takinp; Jim to the ball came 
with him. He ewma to ebeor s4 we|] 
tor the Yanks ervry time bin piceDtj 
dlictisi the two teams. liprnkinK of the 
KeatoD party, wtlh tea tickets to buy 
for the thHtrta every niaot. the hanker* 
hardly had a look in. That is bow Bus- 
ter ataaifi t^ilh the speculator*. 

Bays 5torr for Ilarl.rr. 
Blaarhe Upriiht can afford to hue a 
cood Utrnt in New York, sosr (hat fhe 
has a thtck In her pocket for a Cotlwd- 
erible amonnL hliu Upriaht ia it the 
Aster Hqttl thinkini nlaiunt thin|i «( 
Ilia) in ftsaraL. ud tha raaaoa ia, aba 

sRsasBBBsaai ' 

A i.Ip* or Two, 

Oier on Eifhth sivenne a hairdnoatr 
waa cirint a detnonairmtlon through ■ 
window- Fiavina- snooevded in sttraeria* 
the attentioD of tbe crowd, he proceeded 
to eivp the innocent victim a ptrmsnent 

"Wonder if ihp is a merit atar." uked 
°oc jnuliD.8 youitrc woman itindtnff on 
tiptnes to watch the operation. 

We ronlri liave'ttrTd hn no motion pit- 
tare gear VOdld have permitted the. world 
W sen bow she* waa made beautiful. 

Celabrata nrr rrr<-ni!,ir : 
Fire Prevention Week was Jipprapei- 
nttl.v cclebrtted at the nlppodrvme wben 
thirty members of Aabcstoa Worker*' 
Local No, JM formed 1 theatn party at 
Ibi pertaroilnM of: "Bftter Tlme^ , ■ ud 
inspected the Uipnodrnme'n huF4 tsbeitos 
curtain, the lirfeat flraproof nrtaln in 
the world. > 


teeei Giwm Msirkea] h T Sneaker 

ihsdrr. IK'felU Hxenlna Derates 

Favor holier Hb«hS. 

One at ibr ImpTtWalve Faahitn 
Shows of (he ipill iicanon waa held yes- 
terday aftemooc. from 4 to at the 
borno of Maltimon's silt da Luxe. Fifth 
BVenm> and Thiriy-iV-Bt utreeL Thia nam 
a Fasiloo Pho" in rnoTf rhan one wnse 
of the word for [>arue. Fashion pre- | 
vented a piir.mi showlno the eTeVen 
Am of Faslii-in eoatSnlid In Mallinjon"rt 
IfcS silks. 

1 Tbe ahoar open.d wiib "A Kiaa from 
a Bed-headerl Mie*. " 'mm "Greenwich 
Villas* Follies of IHiV *L lia = by Harriet 
Glmbei and a »r<*r^ «r marc of red-headei 
misxa. rjfltSied in dlsck and sileer and 
a dOsen nr ma «f red-headod dancsjw 

sllajbtlr amyed la blun with, ta-nchta 
of bl«ck *ad »bll*. 

The <.-osttiD3M ran tha aamnt from 
^fiiW ti mother with appropriate, dreaaea, 
bats aod wrapa for all occajuons. The 
Prensiline colon* for daytime nbea and 
wrap* are black, dnrk bib*, any cdMha 
Toe-i atiadiw tit brown, henna and rose 

EveoLns ff«ck> faror bjvriy ao/t 

iJiades *»I y«J|oae. Ii^nlir. l(|ht ble* 

and rase. M.inv nT ihe rnnrna are two- 
loned. with blouse *if Persian silk and 
uteri n( cei'pr of a ullver lirocaded top 
with dark iirown or bhip' aairt T 

T>.c jri"n-jis, in most Insuncefl. trt 
voluminous, batb »s 10 uleern and akirta: 
many iirmlsr skirt* ft:i- saown. 

The inci- ■■■■ . !■ mini /nrnrctt are unsay 
willow mdpstriirtitilK crepe, crepe faille, 
Point twilt ttnnhnnnra crepe. Molly '0 
p]R|il. kurntv. I.e.k ,,ii. . rhirj-liilln bit in 
and Bokhnffj a»lm. 

T^ip pjhfi iium UiHir ikmred to the di*- 
t.!a.v r.f i....d.-|h. t^r, [T -.wle.l with huyets 
nnd spertators who enoaa-axJ Iheir ap- 

prOTal uf r.-atum ml models with 

vifioroua ippUnae, 

The fntlonini,- rirma pa ftpatntcsl In tba 
display. furnhlnnF hats. handbsiCT. 
hosier y, dnlln »ml« ('rofnt A: 
Knapn to.. Jsme* Ii .lniiimni (>.. Jar- 
dine l(i Co-, ii. IE. SfLehl A Co.. P T W. 
I^mbert Bt fo.. Madame G^rfenr. rir*.. 
(t-nld stripe ttr+iham llnsierv Co ami 
Kbanks Hoot Shop. 



Zcmo r CLtut, Jctnetntufj 

Anfiyptjg Liquid. 

It Is unnecessary far you to Suffer 
with Eciema, Blotches, RlRnrortD, 
Ruhei and slmliar iktn ironhld. Zemo 
oblllned at ii\y Jrufi stoft for 35c, or 
it siu fpr extra Tarfe bottle, and 
promptly applied, will usually Elvs in- 
stant relief tram itrhinr. torture. It 
cleiniei an J ',..:;hr, the skin tnd neail 
quickly and efTc-iively most akin dts- 
eatfs. , 

Zemo is 1 wonderful, pcnetraliftc 
dliippearlnE liquid md ft soolalnf lo 
lhs> nuiM delicate ikln. Get it i.^div 
and save ail lurthrr dUtiesi. 

whits. XVmr." 

(ornlir Tilefriph) 

0. B, Ten 

Wnsild. Kb* 

ia«- iii np.:.ii-!. re tm ^■■v--. 

TltENTON. M, J.. t»ct. 5. , 
Kyck, owner of the Qrpheum, morJoii 
picture theaire. hen-, yesterday and* is 
offer to the Trentnn Chamber "f fonv 
in. -■-.• to Ki«e Ji,i»«i 10 a fund for th* 
CTeadnE of a "white way'* 111 Trenton. 



Xtndtardt Cannot Be Made to Keep 

Premisei Sanitary if Liquor 

Is DiiUlttd, 

Justices Frederic Kennwhan. ' 
Edwneda and Joseph P. Moss in ^perial 
Seaaiani yeateiday hpld that n landlord 
could unl ho accniiiiTrri resnonsibLe for 
the unsanitary rtuassuaati nf moms in a 
lenemaert when the tenand made a prac- 
tice uf dislilUtil ihnif urn liiiuor in ihe 

The Justices amvt n susproile<l sen- 
tence to the Salvfn Itrnky tromiiany of 
201 Weal Fiftieth street, <rwnara or a 
aeven-atory twenty'sit-famlly tenemeni 
home nt -1- (iraml strept. Thr com- 
pany. Lbrouxtl itl ireiMirer. Samuel Bal 
viof. pleaded paTHj to a.iola(lna; the tene- 
ment house law in March last by haviuj- 
broken plaacrr on the walls and general- 
ly unsanitary ssWsfatsSM ealatjnt in the 
reonia in the Grsn-I street butldtol- Mr. 
Salvia explained thst the tenants or Ihe 
huildini;, contrary la the wish** of the 
officer* ot the company, mad* s practice 
of having; barrels and stilts io their 
noma and that tap steam and cookinc 
caused (be unsAditiTT condition. 

Loon Schlstt. an inspeetor Of the tene- 
ment house deparunenc. who made the 
complaint, corroborated Mr. Salvia's 
statement and said achat many of the 
tenants of the build in r distilled their, own 
liquor in the place. 

Jurtiee Keruocban in anhounelm the 
kutpended sen ten re said that the court 
did pot heH*ve that the corporation 
• could be expected to bee]) the building 
in Eood cohilltioii whei the lenanu w*re 
vioUtint ■!■' law nnd w^ie the irause of 
the trouble. 



One for $10,000 Wu Given by 
Lottii Weiu, Whcse Ifoiae Wets 

Connected With Bans; Bobbery, 

The bail bonds of three defendants 
were declared forMied yesterday by 
JuttEe Morrts Koenlc in General Ses- 
vimis. JtidJie Kocnl*. In forfcltiaa; the 
bond.-*, wbfrh in all amounted lo ¥!S,30U. 
declared that the Court roald not b* 1m- 
poaed upon, nnd In r^ery instance wire 
■Hfudamta wan callec, for trini and 
srertj not iimient bMI wnuld be forfeitrd 
iitiIpsk tJtesafl «n> Lump fivod rtBHcn fur 
ibrir nbheurr. 

In the ense of T^ouls Wein, 47 years 
old. of HID Wost Ninety-seventh atrect. 
-"tin was intlicted for brippinit atokb 
i-iherly bonds ititd New lork Stale, 
CotHf «f which tecre said to be the pro- 
eceds nf the r'arrners National Bank 
robbery in Watervelt. 111., September 1. 
Ilim. rbe bail of 110,000 had been put 
up by a *urrty. company. 

When Weiss'* cane waa called foe 
trial by Assistant District Attorney Al- 
bert Rbicr. I'npe, Issftl »*ssthi rr«:>oTi.-.' 
Repeated calls lsUed to bn=s forth the 
defpndani. Mr CofCr asked that bail 
be forfeited. 

Bail of $."..300, which waa riven on 
June 2S last by Charles Cariiai of »» 
I'ine fireet. Itn-okWn. who was chaired 
with ri-imiosi aaaauEt. was also forfeited ■ 
when h" failed to answer the call to 

The same course was followed wheo 
William McGHnn of ISH West Sixty- 
sixtb street, charted with violation of 
the irolhvsLn law. failed lo bxiswct wben 
cailed. Hia batl waa $2,000 and s» 
turnishrd «n July 21 last. 

Judce hoenis- empbasued that here- 
atter defendantji would have to h* in 
coort or ihelr bondsmen wonld 'losr ont" 
thmiieh forfeiture nf tbe amount of ball 
to the Slate. The three bonds forfeited 
ypsterdny wire, all (urnisbed by siiTety 

COTapaUirH, • 


Take Notice!! 

h* Word rha Con* Forth Tha* 
Stuart's Dysp*p*ia Tablets Rakee* 
stal* You At th* f 

ill 70a fsssy. sent atama^aa ski 
eat b*c*u*tr tram. ■eldJtjr yon 
paaars ot lodlfssUos, Itl ll bi I 

]-!.-. sad CHilssBeat All wu, A 

H*t Doapllad witn nsson's 

n^ 1 p* n .M» TsM**s As* 

Dal mi L«c*. 

that yea rlnn relief from taca. dfalrc** by 
■Imply cbewior oo* «r tw dtatrt ■ 
[>TPpepils Tablets sfipr tnesls A Boat 
of people bear* csoe bach to frleil eras 
and baren. sail sa ae. uocrbnuii |tale«t 
beans. [•> aad ebeese, steak sad «nleaa. 
rj'inttwn. rrnni wllti eoffte sad so OS 
bersns* ibey dlsc*rer>d ihst sHer aatlaa* 
saeSj tblna-s, s Hiuart-s Dyspepsia Tahlsi 
care the auimsrb a swerU-ned alkali** ' 
'-!*r.-i and \'.i- r,- was do sour. arid, ssssy 
brartburn. t*i>Pilrv(, pressure sad such dis- 
tresses due m lndlr.ea*|pn after hiIdC. It 
Is wpl| |p tear nntlee of Ibis and to est a 
iio cent bni r-f StLsrfa DyipeasI* Tsbl+ls 
at any druj; aioie. He armrf mn* pre- 
pared tot thr. IiIk dinners and bantjusia. 

The Remarkable Record of 
One Salesman at the Telephone 

Travels 5400 Miles — Makes 39 Calls 
Closes 21 Orders in One Day 

How many traveling salesmen and executives 
whose companies are competing for out-of-town 
trade know the multipUed-selling possibilities of 
the telephone ? 

Perhaps you are one of the hundreds of busi- 
ness men who have hesitated at using this 
modem method ot selling in your business, be- 
cause you imagine toll calls are expensive. If 
you believe selling by telephone is expensive 
study tbe figures in the chart below, which 
show what one salesman did in 

One Day of Telephone Selling . 

Duance coveted , , 5,400 milet 
Dealen reached .... 39 

Orders secured ..... 21 
Time of average c*ll . 3miD.42te& 

Coat of average call . . . $1J3 

P enrent of expet) le to tales . . 1% 

Almost every day representatives of our 
Commercial Service Bureau report instances of 
broadened markets, increased sales, lower selling 
costs, and bigger profits through intelligent ap- 
plication of the telephone to selling problems. 

The service rendered by this bureau is proving 
of great value to many of our commercial sub- 
scribers. It is furnished without cost or obliga- ' 
tion. When will you use it? 

Telephone: Cordandt Official, Extension 610. 





in i iiij. JUlwXa-dar a w**.. ;.M. 



AMONG SHOWS. "-^»-~- 

■tei& B 3ttlrRSe I i 




DAVID nUKo r.auLt 




Tfi WBjpT AT 111 

CmHtr •>( AFU'U. 

I>:r*.UflB WW. Hvrlt 

M|U A. III. aUL tLTl 

la Up. 










TULI UN nau.To-d*r 
tkt: smartest airr. 

waj. «•«. »-». 


\stanqt I JldWoia^ 

"A KOLtJ-'BOfCg millCAL PLAT." 


ina claire sparaaja 


|l!:M , tpfilW»WH 




l.ll '.".- - i.'r 

— CBirlti ri::>« 
In WnrhL 

■ I HCHrTJMO Bgcffi JSk BaBa 

Kjira HrjEid-T Matlnn lulmlii 
I'»Ti TUnn.. OCt. JJ— '{ill Sow. 

i.Tfl-PAlT A T*»fi . j H 

fttm MHi omdnfi all riMCta- 

tlom-nn lb* wllde*!."— TiebB. 

DAVID BET. A a DO Praaran 

L enore ULRICasKIKI 

*1tWI matwui 



FRAZEEJ™,^E"5S: EE555S"- 



GEO. pnUilJ THSATH. Wmm A t*i « 

J*. LiUflJHI ■«.. is. jU. iw«, Let 



f« ■ **■ Hufnl naj\ 

■OtECW rt- HEiBTl." 

, to- Hat a waa.. J-»a 




1 URL MM DUar^!." - 

^ *MXr*.l.J4.Miti,T«-du-.TBM.A &:< ii 


MUM Pawl, allatat wltt a biiBflr'C 

■ram."— Alex, W(n>! K*HC TlaV*- 

'PUr atagpn «l^ *nlEd muli " 

-Brana. WacLS. 5>aU 4 Waakt A hud 

rrlrra ROc. Io fit. SO (Final Tall. 

riiflhl til Ml ilH, 1 ■ ■ ■■*. lEoUtliiT*. 

"Sam iff. Horn* Atfnictiwtr 





Stated Iff 1AM FORREST. 


Evaniafi S.I 5. Matrne*a 
fsj-aaj- dt Thu-M- (Colmrnbu* Day) 

'4C£S XLL ylCfS' 





liar Hackrtt'i 

A s*a frn—i. 


Hat*. To Jay At Thuradai 
(Ccturabui Dit ) 



TV ^n dee ItjJ ilinrr f]nnr, airh ■• 5r»r Vork faaa nrtr 
l.nil nuid In ait Jinil fUsunrt, ."acrrh Jljtbll 

MrlwOinii nailc by Ditirrt of r^jihii 



Katf<(ee Ti)-MoRnon at ■ r. >i. \ 
Jrle^n I,*!i1f*. B^e.i i:fnilt"«*i>, fl.O<J T *at. a fam-i LadiM. 

T »>n. I1.3A, 

-■-. ■ Ga-ntl*' 




JimaaltlBK Ce»*dT «H. 
Mf.1l, Mi«.To^«r *Tl,un. LW. 


CV*,I.H. ltiu.Tr i. 7 a Ttiuci : 



World-a LaacklMjc Ult. 
En, I.U. Hl«t">lii * TbMM, II, 

U-TTI C w«M « IL E" #1 1 *t 
I I Lt MiM.Tf-diT.W'id.jA Thiiii. 



b I I n W & JUBTmiaVWaATlt 

Kut r.i-d*j*5S*.f j-. :.;r. 



1TM Hcfe It. B*«a. IL 
Htta. araj, aiat., in. 
i ■ (Iravnt («a*ir. 
IT ipt towSi 


■■A*«i]ai*i r iAf* Bet ■' — *tii Dole* 

\?*Vi> ja troxai mcigha: 

rf faiaamal Fvrtwr$ 

■* T»-aV i>Taia Pap, t- lh« Pi*'' 
"HA Uaoa) Iitttt. A Mu Om. 

If I ML, I U D*»Ua DaJtan A lark fla!L 
fl TTMH J F;rj«?*a: Atfin 

AQDAmK Ft-ac, Hula On-kapn, 

■40rN]*TXO Cv#ll H. Pc- MUle-'a 



■ r*1T*£. "* aVU4 «n»pfcv«a On.*, 



DULY 1 10 if. 

3D. TD<I5Q 





Star SMki to Xeftnin Filta Com- 
pAMT jtHB B«TitiBf Old Pic- 
ture, in Any Way. 


K-raljm (.r»| tr frill Xarrr J* ha 

Siairay — rnrodacar-CihlMior r. v 
iraria Tlradr f*' *lajaa,i a.«-iri!. 




B'y 4 « E-L 

Vtocmt LDMf A Ofta.. Bcarla 
Darr^c«4*. 'Sr4 WafbenT* 

~* BE piuJ, R«M A Gin!, 
A poaaJdaoo A w*. 



E| O'Donnnl! * Illalr 

RB,T Ifallh ■ 
rraMiL I 


_____i '•Cp»«:Wai.' 1 Ob+Ba A hair*. 

STREET! p*™*™ »■ iww 


n.V KrlLhi 




10— KG ACT-t— 10 


lUla* ATt 

AoLirt an Enrj TV*dBe»iiny "flrfel- 
«C!IAI. IMA.ZHM » .Li 





MANY IntM-nton 1 pnwoai floekH] 
IllW jDBtJW Jt'Obm WaI|lM *■ 
'■o-uft T«t*rdlj awrnier to Eirar 
taM ■r 4M fatH'Btl Id lb* CSaC nf 

I-,, ...„■;,, Falrbaaki aralru: TrlA&e> 
Kilro L_"iwnp*Fij. ilr rairtrAiiki u vnb. 
ti'S to rMLfaua th* /ii#» «bpihj (f^si 
Uiiaf on: of n»tlib»tl* Lht- drrea (i!ia* 
wild [j.v tAcm f**iorfnjt hlu and n- 
vii'Ii; IBC9) in UP WIJ. H* BULBtJ.iB.ia 
■B tctor fa** Ihi uat rlxti ab 4Dther 
fit* vbea a* t**b*aa to ptraJt fait pl»y 
or book 16 be rr.ri.iFd without bJa per - 

Jaitin Wnp ( t hBiTd Ura BrfmnmLi 
isd i-r«ft'ad d-cUl«ii, vrttiBC 0«oh C r 
I I'-f.i U» Ihul (La j far JUi&f britfj. 
Hit action Lb tbt taattcr will b* i*aii«1 
irilh (rtil iBtemt hr bhpj t*lon -arhu 
nitc bid io ii( ind Mc tktlr oU ninu 
en ; ibiI niutjiittd Ln aura a w-aj tiitj 
w>rf »lmo^L unrrcorri liable, Tri&oi'lt 
Comt>BD]r .]»]|u. abto'lila ownenBlp jo 
Ibfsi' rliriyi fi'lEAB with tllA rijhL to 
do what It [■1,-a.ra **. Ltli th+m io lie 
n*5 or BstttpH ftr *iblb]tlii( Clira. Lft- 
ilrL'.n Vox rp^n«HO(«d Triang]* and 
Mr. Kmrivor'hj. n-«i trprmrntn! b.T il. 
I.. Ma.lrVi ftJ .S.y. 

"Th* LBnlb" and "Uoubta Trai»b| Fl " 
pndiUHKt WU oAdc In 1015, tru am«if 
Lite fiTnn under diicaailon. These were 
RH& I-; I>. ftf. Uriffirb Hnd Mr. F»Lj- 
'■Biilii malncaim bb roniiiri n-jk wltb 
with CrlFllh apt] m.i Mfth TriaBfle. He 
Allied fnrtiirr that if Ibsar rilTOi am 
j-bniL^i-ii and! ■■!= l";i tn B i>-iJ they ift iint Lbi 
imm-- Fiim-i mad* (ir Mr. OriifJtli 
Iflnik \Vloik rcf«ml; nrflyirtj oil il«rci 
at Hip pic turn ind pits* Io ncoBitriirt 

.Fmle* Wagiu>r n a d^rlBJon wil] he aw»Lt 
H Pith fir.-.i: Ifltet-MI bj mo Li j atar* 
who In** had th* nperieae* ilr. Ffcir 
t*nV» Eud. CliarJea Cbanlia, W. 8 
Hart and otaim will Itflfrw riicllj vbai 
rrdr»*» ih#/ ha^r ir anj. If Mr, Fair 
Atok* i% riTfn aa lejaecUon rmtralahn 
TTtaaf!p (rr-pi <r\ta»twt Am old filati 

Flni MAttaBatl JdIh Hl.i. 
Withia a f*-r dajs AtMciaiad Flrat 
.Vacfoaal aril] makf a fornui Aaaouare 
bipbi ot in tflfiUattoa n-Kj, the Hars at 
caaizatioa. Tfcla la a tlrte«7 for ho-;. 
-ifr. Ki«i and J. D, WILUaio>. and It ai 
| rrsardNl ■■ Alenificaal it should mu 
( aft« the mnMtaa: in l^bica*^ « he ra tha: 
; francbiac boldeia and tha cir"it)i r nm- 
J milur nq in imn (, 

1. D. W|][Ibbi- htt alarari Lvvb an 
adm:ivr af Mr. Har" and Aacar to j*in 

th* MotK^l I'li-tnrr 1 * mt ! tcflfi | D j iHl. 

triboton, la fact, lir- «u »n nncq 
JbtPlvatH ^anonalij iq tbc Haji ot- 
CBBiutlln ib*t hr po*rd for ■ motion 
Jrtrmrt «kh nlai whrn Mr. Haja cam* 
to N*-«r York to «hpul[ *riih la*- fit™ 
induatrr Thm a rift In tfn- Nte ap- 
ppar«) in tbr for™ ml a d^acrrrmrnt 
on Ibf pan of Hint cC tba Karat \a- 
tloQp] oirmbrra, aiio wnwr nor rntin-rj 
in »tmjj«Lbr with iht Hayi jd,> a . 

That application for nfmbeniiip hai 
brat tnadr and will, *f Mntar. br ac- 
c-pird in dur timr speaka w#;i for Lbe 
manner in whtrh Will H. HftFa hai con- 
du««! ihr attain p.* ibr motion p:rturB 
prndiii-* tk »ini-r br took p--rr tL c man- 
■fltdtBBBt of th*«[r> FoTth^nnore 
it apHik" w«-11 for Mr, TVUIlami. wbj 
»-aa ahlir, aTtcr nun; nnothi. ro con- 
tincr lii-e imiDciaiH nf th* wKdnm of 

mdi a rtjurti. With thp uMlUuu of 

l>. W. rirlfflth atid Flfat 'Nitional to lh» 
ruoka. Mr. Hl/i <-an fcvl fc:n work !■ 
flpprfdatrd. Thi" rompllmrnt cflnialntd 
In First NationaVA appUc-atJnn In mom- 
bnffelp, fl body composed nf mirh a largs 
nuralJpr. ii out' of tlio Qneit th« foraitr 
T'oatmagtrr U'lncrnl h|> rrrrlvpl. 

ftTa-lyp Crrflp) to llirrT. 

Them wu a rracop for Evclrn 

Upfttfljr'A to T«tarn W iht 

U. B. A. tbat waa not entirely piirloUc. 
When ahr aaUeil iw«y alir left behind 
her not on]y her coutnlry hut Mr, John 
Smiley, in wboai «hfi *ai rreatlj in- 
ti-ieatH. Bha dldn'* know how mach 
until he *rnt » rflMr^riun and Mid "Will 
foil' marry m*V She anan-ar#d In tbrafj 
liltan — "Yfa." Then ab« hurriad horn ft 
to kMp her won). The wnfdlng a~UI 
take pfaea on October 25. and ftm one 
will b> Interenw] In wttit tha bride wore 
and how abe looketl. Miaa Greelfj fa 
raniryinit a mcrl man ai:d a meubcr of 
OU4 of the Bla- Amerfrarv irtloeerint eons- 
pttdka. Bat lu aplu nr-thta aJse ii jpiinr 
to continue her acri+n wrr*r. Not right 
awar. It im true, beoau«« nn OctoboF 2S 
tba briil* and bridegroom will aall for ■ 
trip amond the world. Miaa Orrtler 
ihinlui ahf mm'mnj ber trip to Europe 
thia dme. When the was la Holland 
maklnc a piemr*^ "Bono! Uft( thTini* 
tnond,' iri which, in*- plajrd the leadjnt 
rola, ah* *n arn hninMiek nhe didn't car* 
couch abou tha Old World. Sht baa the 
bwdh withe* nf ffienda. who co-ncratalate 
Mr. Shirt*y oa barinr won h+T. 

■■■■■..:■ ti ;■ »tt 
file Etaie Motion Heture CotatnitaioQ 
chanci the R C. CorapaoT with riaUdnf 
the law in three dlatinrt offeaaej. aod 
Jroatarday the film n>mpAoy pleaded ' 
■ullrj. A Bn h of flOO waa Inpoaed for 
each ioatancc b* Juabeea Frodenca Kef- 
mehaa. Joaejib F. Uoaa and Clarence 
Edward* In Bprdal Beariona. The thre* 
riolaliooB of tha law lind Puloa at the 
eenjnr board oeeupred fai; M*7, when 
TL C. retaied and permlued picture* In 
be ahowti In vaiiona rheatTca bofort ibtf 
bad been paaacd hT tha eommtaiLon. j 
CaBBaeJ for the deleodaBt explained, the 
violation waa not ir.trntional OB the pan j 
of the offlciala of th* rompuT, bat waa j 
cnaod bj jhr eareieaaneaa o[ *tPplnie*t. I ,_> 
The eoalplaJntj were urn!? bp Aturaey I chl-bch^ 1 
GonerAl OhBrlra fL Newton, and tha Com- } rrtar 
pan*' paid the tinea. 


WtiJthy Eniineu Hah Becomes 

SpeciAl Deputy in Charge of 

Safety Committee. 


Cm* to <iifi Active IijIti to- ate- , 

•'off ••■ii.i:iici ea Blr**U 

« Ilk t nhpniGi Vtfk. 

Tbr ntatiliibnif-iir .)f a public bn-eau 
of Hfrtj in the ;■■-::■-- De-parrnumt wliJi 
Barron Collins. * l-jat Beeeiilf-Gfth 
atreet. ownt- of l.nna i'ark, iportanisti 
and bBMEmh nan. at i:a brad, in the 
capacity of a arnv.fll ..;.■[■■■■: .■■ poliec oom- 
mi*-ignrr. ■ ■« a^Dnum-rd T**jerdajf bj" 
Mtn ConunbQirwnr- KiP'iard E. Eu- 

Th* deiunraecr mkkk I* deaijpied to 
cot di« ti the lump nutnb<-f -^ street Ae- 
ridrfiiM nnj to m*k<- Lba hifhwaTe and 
bj-wifa of tb* rtty .air tor the popular*. 
*ll berlfl fua'etioninf in a few *!*■#. 
A apecial ■.:!■;;. arcL will mirk the be- 
jrinninf of an inti-natTr- drive to rrdurp 
cAiueKir* t*n ihr «trerta. 

The BAtninc or Mr. lollip-r ■ iipFeial 
deputy coRiiniMM.Qir liTtl ihft drpin- 
i^elil i.i >*rallj> mmhrn.. oop of them 
a woman, in its croup. «f ^i^iij dt-puij- 
roaimiuf.Hiern. Tbr ' i-lirr tnoari-Ki 
drpiitira In J>r. Julpn A. Hairriaa, T. 
l.oJ*ni*n du Pojt. KrlmunU lluicccnhrim 
itwlmuu WAdAmakL-i- nru Mr^. 'uiid 
Loft. Th* croiiit doubt lea* c-Mh-.c.* 
iBtirr wealth ilia:. aiiT other rro«ii u [ 
rily ofliiciaJa l n thp world, bt i» aai>l 

HarroB Oollier, who Ir I nBtlir'r ,.f 
Mrmphifl. Tenn. ttn d B Nrli ra arlr man." 

bu* h toiTo hamr nt 8 i^m nVnatr-ttfth 

I street a D >l a rwntrf L..NU- it i^KftiUka 

Hill*. >. Y. b>-iile« hi- uumrroii- cfhrr 

brterPBt*, hr h rncnuei! in th»> adven'si"' 

| ili« buiiaeax a. jireH.drm uf rhe Sircft 

Unjlivji,. A.h'.-j'iiBiii- CoLiipnn). ^ 

1 He l» a dlret-lur In sruernl honk* In 

(in- dry. Iinin,.;,,,,- nml Dihrr cltff*; di- 

rrrtor And irrn-iirrr u( the Amrrlran 

i Elrrirlr flaiJwny Ash-Kjutlnn (if Kh«. 

\ Ti.irnj Stairs; the lnr*f»T i;i.]ivu;n„l Und- 

nwurr In ihe 8tn!r i)f F'loridn. hie hold 

IngK c?n u hllnj[ <>( l.tfuytHX) ftrrrn nf 

"Olnr of rhi* mrxu r<rtllr nnrl fii.hLr.-.jnf 

j lapd in ihHt Simp; thr owner or I .LOW 

1 jrr.iiiM frull In--, and I- rennrrted vrilh 

' oiiinfr'Mi ■ ^rlifr lnii|ln-'-i-?i. 

Alu-i. br Int-bBirmiLn r,r the I>»i S^ut-i 
■ f'ainp. rbritri bi lOOaO boy» el Bear 
i M>i':r.t.nn etPPf SiiminiT; a trimee 'it 

' FnjHBfl llojLpltj*) :md i nii< other nr- 

. rsvini! »l:" He i« - meniher nf lb* 
: I'niiti Timitir. BBflketa. Mr'rapnljEan B n*I 
i New V»fk VBi-bl eluha Be u-u forme-rly 
, r>rewli*!H nf Ihr Meimnnlitan Tlidifie 
I Club, nod t» keenly iti(rrr>.!ed ir hnr-r- 
j mhorhln. beWTnU »n.l «.ihe^ *port» He 
- h rhe Paihrr of three ".mall hire. 

niain t>7 HIM 

fiVELVJt (,rj-;i;i.i:v. 
*he Wilt Qr Uarrled on Oviohar 23. 

tb Jfltin Umllrj, a, Heel 11a.n.. 

hibitnra are all ready. Tfci lawyrrw hnvr 
Tut lb* lr<-r MnixLinf lajuchrn an thrm. 
•moothed out the pointgi that' ererr in 
quesTion. mid turned 6VftP the pnpern t» 
rheir cllenti. 'I'lif tihlbitnr firffltlltPi 
tiona are now eriiitic Tfady to hIiu them, 
Thr Thpaire Qwtirrt' ("hnt(ihrc of v"o:n- 
merce and ihr Km Vnrk State Tliratr^ 
Ciwnrra hvt a contrac: that meet* "Ith 
tlifir approval. 'Ihr national nntanuu- 
tlon liAa a few more point" to nettle, but 
It tceem* row tlmt , eierjlhlnf w||| Ir 
■patiiifacforiyt diapcMed: of ao thai the ron- 
tttBCI iriLI "ffitian.T an into effect ueil 

lldirard a lnman Her*. 

l'«icrfl"By Edword S^unan came into j JQ|£ M'GINN OLD 

tBana hrineinE with him a print of I 

"Blind Jnatice." a BlBtBTI h* baa )u*l ; NEWSPAPER MAN, DEAD 

finished is> be reteaped ek an independent I ^^_^_^^_ 

prodocdoa. In the cs« are JHIton 3 111*- i 

Carmrl Uyer*. Aire Fjhuria. Pal O'Mfl ' 

ley. WaHer Loop and Erio Maynr. Th- J 

■lory i*. from the t*n of Frank II. ; 

Adama. Mr. tinman will tDBke hia head- ] 

qnartera with Charit* Rocrn wblle In 

Hm rlry. Mr. Rocrra :• nakiits HTBatP- 

menta for rV diatrihafjoD pf th- pic- ] 

Honoring h. h. taiiiaM. 

One of the btpptest daya in ihr in'- 
• f JJ. H. Baxhaum wbb Ian Tharadaj, 
whrr a bronze medal, eapeciatly made f<ir 
him by tbr American Fnternitional Ship- 
pint Coaipapy. waa prepensed *., hitxt- 
Tbe raedLil w« jirm iim In erwnnarniP- 
ritCirtD ot" Ihr ricellent afrrifoa fcr rrn 
drred dorin K the war in the buiJdinc *( 
the "bridite of ihips" at Hoc Inland. It 
beari An LnK-riptinn with the daTea. 11)1 J 

Rone frnni ladia. 
A Tier Toti t yea m In I n dia 1 *rtroth j 
Kinf&aja Is eery happy en be hpme pjain. 
She reached here yraiertiy with many 
lalea of pirture-ra awing in the Ka*t. She 
*i« ftnt to India by the Oriental Film 
Company, whirh innde a bualoean of put- 
tins Irgtndnry filma on the i-creen for 
educational purpimn, 

At (hi Cintn. 

PritdUa I>ean. io ' l"nd»T Two 

FIbi-b." aduiitnl from 1'jiida 'a mtM> 

known Btnry, will hold the- fart at the 

'CamOo next rreek. 

1 T* Open Or*. 33, 

"■One Exciting- Nlffht,"' the new D. W. 
trrifHhh picture, copiee. to the Apollo on 
October 33 for aa inrihnullr eniraBemenl:. 
flinco Grirhth first phjffata hto al«raya rfr 

tard&d aa sreat prenLS. evoryonei in lb« 
idcBtrr in looting (nrwird (o tlhln aces- 
aion with Interest. " 

Wanta ■ Leadlnf H ««li, 

Sodjd octrona la golnc/ to get a job. 
Perhaps ■he- wnn't he an actrena, bat ttho 
n-Ul bn hOATirifnl — that much Dnuglaa 
Falrbarjka iasi-rt*. tic ia RotuR to ea- 
puiro a leadLnc n-omap for "Mon*Leiir 
BeaiTjeairt - ' and hr La abac nearrhlng foi- 
b type; to play Madetooiaelle \j% PrtaceM 
do BonrboD Cont:. Lady IHana Man- 
&er* waa approached for the learlini role, 
that of Lady Mary Carlt-le, hut on 
apooTLnt at previooa eontrqcE" aba »al 
not available, Mr. Falrhaakji will | n t--T- 
ri*'.v any appticaot ahoae phntoarapb 
a«cna the type h<- ia peaklnjc to find. 

A Line or Tara. 

With John H. fetumrtrr alated aa the 
cle«t of honor at an Author"* l^rflBue 
runrheon, now a!] that remaine in tn* 
motion picture iadtiAtry i for -"cni- one 
to tender Joe l^eTruaen. aerretary of 
th» Motion Fitlure Commipalon. a 

Had Been III About a Year— Worked 

on Many Hewspaperi ind 

Aasociated Preu. 

I Jnneph >lin linn. -iar «t fh«- •ild-tirn*' 

\ ntwipaper men «f thia 'iij. died ie*rer- 

| day at hia hnnte, _'IIJi Sixtyasu-nnd 

■ atrrei. Mrooklyn. He had brrn til ntmiil 

n yc*r 

Jor- Mef linn, aim reTired Trrini netire 
now»paprr aork a year apn. waa con- 

heCtfd With the A--.u-;nl ( d 1'rrn. jit vn 

rioua Tin-,'- from T*2ia up i.i la»t re-ar- 
Mr Mctilno a*f hnrn in rrrJand Frbru- 

Stora Hour. Now 9 to S.3Q 

9C fymiildAr 

/lrwdi«f fft .YiHlh. 

If n >--' 4700 fiivrreMn, 


Remarkably well- 
fitting Suits for Men 
$35 and $40 

You KNOW that trie suit is well- 

tlllorrd, a? .noil 2i YOU put it Oft. 

It fcfls fine It Ino'lts jood. This 
was tti£ cipffiencc n( the writer, whi 
tried on lialf-i.Jo7.en coats of £35 
and {40 suits. 

And Ihe fabrics are wonderful- 
Tweeds and cheviots. Grays, 
browns, blues. Mixtures of a very 
ajreeable tind Several ) or 4-but- 
lon coat models, differine; slightlv in 
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line and front of coal. 

Fall topcoats 
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New Neckties at 65c 

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didn't expect to g;et for 65c. 

Hall i hundred d«igna — each in ttl eC&Bt combination*. 
a a a 

Best Buy in Shirts 

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a variety of r,ood palterns and colorings./ ej | np 
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Recommended very highly 
m the three lengths of sleeves 

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En three shades of brown — nutria, castor, tobacco tint- 
Brown i$ all the £ft this Fall. And there's economy in these 
j-nod hals al $■ *. 

5Cfa«t Floor. New Buildiaj 




CHTBClf, ■ •raa.lvar *m£ ttt% Eimi. !it*"»T 


Coalrarfa Mm r He n***r. 

I Aifar ai iba Bayi office la coneerTjed. ' woottcn-alsipt h. "Tan mrtuxi, 
ifai contraeu banp«« pnduouB and «- S"?^" ~*» — ** ■»-*■ "**»■ 

TiO. 1^411. and worked aa a reportrr . nine World and ihr »w York Time* 

c.i papero there. inr-Min* ihr l>-bdm<' 
derry Journal, the Belfaat MnrnlnrXcwi 
und Frenoan'a Journal froai ' 18T0 to 

I'fminE !■■ thia munlry In IS&4 ho 
wnrliKl a.* fi trnrral and politfcaJ fe- 
pon-r In Philadelphia, and laief with 
the Men-ury in thia city, ihr New York 
Sinr. (he ?»rw Y*>rk RewinJer. the K»e- 

before joicinr the staff of the AaeociAted 

Re eoaered many bsjr apcrtrne erenta 
for the "A. P," aod made many frienda 
asr.'.r.c baacball. boiiac and ffeneral apon- 
Inn men. Mr. Mctiinn n »urrived by hia 
wife, three ana" and three daaxhfrri, 

I'tinrral aerrices will he held at B.3t) 
o'clnok. Monday aorninp. at rhe lionae. 

Opens This Morning at n O'clock 

'""- ■a aaaaaaa w^'^ 



OCTOBER 7 TO 14 ' 1922 

Showing thjC entire range of electrical service as utilized 
in the daily kfe of this great city 

Many of the original devices, used by Mr Edison at 
the beginning of his great work, commemorating forty 
years of Edison Service in New York, will also be shown 

The New York Edison Company 

tAt Tour Service < 

■ - 







fltfje iUornina Wegrap!) 


trTHJliaB*a by TRX WWIS ruHLISmxil COHFAirT, it No. E20 Eighth AveBUa. 
ran t'irrieto Klrwt. In Hip tnty of New York, floroiiab of MaoBattsn. ' 

W. ft Lewis, Fretldent. K» Vlstnh Awnap. Howard. It. Thorns*. Vic* President, 
► Eighth Avenue. John J. Nell. Jr„ Reenter? nad T miuitr, 830 Eighth Areaue, 
Telephone, :ioo cm)*. 

Has* rbwi! fiij*:>^ to Tbe Morning Telegraph. £30 Eighth' Avenue, New Tork. 
If. A- BALsYlTT, Adm-tlalng Hwnr. 

- ' The idealistic, cfirabiiintiori of ctjtirca and motion picture 
5 a n d *t y CI (Ming presents more difficulties than the surface would indicate. 
Should Not Bt Dr. Charles Sheldon, author of "Id Hmj Step" end other 
Limited Co Motion rel 'i* oa " works, told of the enthusiastic reception accord*-! 
p. __ , " the motion picture entertainment presented' at the Central 

Congregational Church in Topekft. Eansos, each -Sunday. 
When Film* Art Dr. Sheldon feafd the minister hod built op bis congregation 
.Shown Ettawbefe, tram S00 to 1,000. Teaf compiimeptary, in riew or the 
tact he girts motion pictures the credit. But there is one 
angle rir> Sheldon did not dismiss and that It He Sunday cleans; law in Topeka. 

^Vaulti Dr. Roy n HI la showing films and crowding his church each Sunday night 
the theatre owners Id Toprka are forced to clone their doors because It ia against 
the lav, "Dr. Rayhul does not charge no admittance, hot he accept* a silver offering. 
'wtifch "tiefrar* the expanses of the enter tain ment 

■"; ,.Tt« UlMtK Owners have no wish to interfere with the church, bat it does not" 
□a fale that fllrna can. he shown In one place nnd not another. If it la wrong to 
look At n motion picture In a theatre It ia just na wicked. to aee it In a church* 
1Eh* saeronndinga make no difference if the name of pictures are" being -shown 
i tie chnrch that would be the attraction, at the. Ibefltro it the law allowed it to 
keep opes. 

Naturally, the man who makes hia living is a motion picture theatre feols Tory 
resentful that he la deprived of the receipts of. the heat night In the week. It 
Bnkt seem to him that Juatice U blindfolded and the scales are being regulated 
without any consideration Ot blfl Welfare. The nne dfstlnetloa ia lost to him — what 
difference is there between seeing a picture in a church or In viewing it ia a 

] ti the choron want* tp show fTlrna there are many non-theatrical subjects of 
an «ducnrIonaI and religious nature. The church haa no more right to encroach 
on the preserves of the film men than the dm toon has to throw open. bis theatre 
and one the church as a meana of atimutating hts patronage. It's a rule that works 
both WKTf. 

The importance of the church, and Its influence in motion, pictures cannot be 
i*c tier cg Lima ted. The church has done much 'to improve the quality of flints, and 
the aid it la firing in raising the standard of picture* Is a thin; ton hie to be 
Ignored. Bat that la entirely outside rh« question. The point la this: If Sunday 
closing is a should, «o for «8 juoUou picLurea ore concerned, he applied to 
both the church and the Theatre without discrimination. 





/ If Toy h*ve praise to gtve, com- 
plilnls (o make or ld«3 lo. tlr. 
register then, with the Onlooker. 


| T (■aaput, as if the drHia» would always huve 
goes the more conreiitionniiied they are. 

is *)-nibohi. The further biu'k nac 

The early Greek luvt [he Japuneee renortfltl to masks, while the old Italian 
Uaed a aet contume to indicote the different elements ot the play. 

Looking hart upon our own theatre, we con aee the tendency to symbolise cur- 
ried out in the casting of the characters. 

K The heroine, mode of virtue. Wan ununlly pl&yed bv a small CSttb; blonde, while 
the woman ot adeentUroiln type was a tall brunette. The hern, typifying utrengrh, 
bad to be tall, while the villain, fat «omc unknnwn reasoa r although souinimcs hand- 
aome. wak A wolf in extra smart clothing. 
" The theatre haa left Ihese aymbola behind and we daw ner rven moi&era on 

the tttage aooktaf n cigarette. But the mrreen clinjrft tn the ntereolTped character 
drawing probably because it has rtot the advantage of toIcc indication. 

Every fan can pick the screen detective, with Ha Fedpra hat and pigsir, nnd 
follow the crook by the angle of bis cap. 

| Cigarettes still indicate womnn with n past, apJ eigars, when not in conjunc- 
tion with the Fedora, mean aulid business men. 

.', The star cow-puncher only li permitted (o wesr taacy boots. Aaide rmm the 
Dunjiertsms of dress arc those of acting. 

louth ii gawky, old age over- tottering and evil alwajf^ graceful. The cleut-hrd 
Saudi are the moat telling agent of expression. Below the wn?iit ihef iticlLcntP 
anger, distnrhLog thottgbta or Imminent danger. As they move upward they suggest 
the more tearful forms of emotion nnd prflyer; rained to the brnw nnd above, 
taenia) derangement; if very high, denunciation. The heating ch<>8t and rolling eye 
is another much-abased symbol. 

There doe* not flcem n»y way of eliminating these old method*, but ihc clever 
player modcratea them to the point where [bey are Imrdly noticeable. It ia pos- 
sible to photograph the more mental kind of actinc;/ and it is unnecessary tu cling 
to the old typen in caFttag which have became ao familiar that they have no more, 
individuality than, the Greek maak. 

IT ia moat gratifying to note that of lute many, many clergymen have como out 
'' Wftal eiceeaingly strong endorse men tn of the motion picture. This hi almost 
a sure sign that good pictures Are appreciated by the clergy as a meana of entet-- 
tatomeat for the nuTseeav enterlauiment that they would not hflTe otberwiKe, 
because other recreation would' be beyond their meonu, while the film* enn be 
enjoyed by even the poorest. Not long ago a Michigan minister made Ihe stnte- 
anent tbat If motion pictures had been in vogue at the time of Christ He would 
have utcd them to spread his tcachlaga. A prominent clergyman of Kawarll hna 
for some time been uaing.tbc motion pictures up a meann of illuatrniing li'a 
Sunday evening sermons.. He has dellverrd addresses on the atories told In the 
photo-play and with the greatest of success, Dr. Charles M. Sheldon., one of the 
Uoat highly respected ministers of Topeha, Kanr-a.i. aaya that often gpod preftcli- 
iC( and good muaTe: fail to bring the people into the church, and he has found chat 
mma other means ia nrcer-sftry^ Morton picture? are the tbing, anil: in hia church 
a film la shown every Sunday evening. At last It would seem that the films are 
coming into their own. Long ago they ceased to be the joke that name people 
would have them, ADd DOW they nrv not only a means of amusement and enter- 
'"lnujeiit, but B method by which the word of God is taugbt to inilfkim< Truly 
t industry haa made front sifidca of late. Let na hope lhat*it continues to do so. 

A RECENT, article in a Sunday newspaper presented the opinions oT some 
£\. seventeen aothorltlea on feminine beauty, regarding the &gc at which, wotnen 
rj be considered most beautiful. It ought to make any woman over thirty feel 
i- jean younger. Artiata, theatrical managers arrd writ era nahl ttitiny. thing« to 
tt&port the view that the more mature woman has the greater claim to the golden 

- f This thIks "another *iueation about stars or the screen. Stanford ^Vhite'u 
theory that a woman ia passe at aeventeen Ijilh hitherto been more or less the 
eriterios by which scre«n beauty wan judged. Frens agenta hn«e written and re- 
written the ingenue into motion picture history, But have the greatest successes 
of filmland reallr hern attained by the girl in her leenaT Isn't the more mature 
and experienced, actress the one to whom the greatest triumph comes? 

Mary Pickford, it la true, in only twenty-seven. Norma Talmadtfc t.i well p£mt 
Tier tr-E-ii' : . V.Ww Ferguaon ; Nazimora, Clarn Kimball Voung, Dorothy Dnlion, 
Eatberine Macdoaald, Corinne Griffith nnd Pauline Frederick can ln.>k back to 
aupceaaeu coveting a number <»f yea ta. The perennial Fanny Ward is always a 
living denial of the claim Tbat onlr the very young girl ja eligible for camera work, 
afliui TTard makes no aecret of her age or of her mBrrir-d daughter. Jet flbe can 
. undergo d clase-op as fenrleaaly an Mary liilea Minter, Thb neemin tn prove that 
many Women tony reach the summit of their *oreen success about or after tin- aga 
1 Of tLlitty jLud that it is not only the very young girl who maj hope for cinema glory- 


THERE are n umherlcaa dis cus sions as to what the future hajds for (he morion 
pjcture. Some believe that it will be many years before the "eiu etna reall* 
cornea Into J)a Own. Colored pliotoarnphy nnd the synehronisation of the voice with 
the. aereea are now in the prooesiW of development, and it la beUe-ved that with the 
perfection of these devices a whole Hen- world will bo opened for the «[lent di-amn. 
On the other hand there are those who feel that there isn't murb hope for pictures 
tu ptogres" any further thnn they have to-day H That instead of gning on, they 
will gradually Hip bnck to the tea. twenty, thirty variety, wbirfi la thei- metier 
In the following editorln] from ilic El L'atto Times, 9. I,. Rothafel. director *r the 
^pilot Theatre, matea.a few well-chosiCL rcmarlfH on "Future Movies": 

III ten yearn the motion picture will rival grain I opera as tin nrtisiir production. 
ThE* is the ptojthecy. not by Ihe ghost nf Biil N>e talking over the ouij.i boarJ, 
+ by 3amnrl J,. Mothatel, celebrated dcBigner nnd director or the Capitol Theatre 
I New York. 

If'Rothafel la right, the movle» have a long way to go and it will h-ve ta he 
; a fast clip. 

The movteo, however, come tn for a loi of unjust rritlriirai- Critic* fOrSet that 
the motion pictare Is a baby Among the various kinds uf theatrical entertain men ta. 
' Jt took thousands of years for the legirlmlttc stage to develop modern acenie 
effeCtn. Even in Shii^c-iienrc's d;iy. scenerv ennt^Uted oT a bore atage with signs 
like "This Is a forest" or "This is a street in name," 

. . The movies are like everything el&e. Americans ejtpeci a new device to he 
perfected the day after it is invented. 

.. TJ» J"au remember the moviei, back before the dayn of John. Bunny? Compared 
With (he present, they were mechanical frights. 
Movie photography haa become an art. 

'The badly -ventilated vacant atoremom in which mories were exhibited ten 
years ago haa developed int.; an art-palace. 
„'; . . The best of modern movie acting, too, la an art alongside the crude shadow-' 
land acting of a decade ago. 

The only real fault in the merit* is that sometime they tell the wrong stories — 
often atcpid or aamlne. Time ■•■ill chaago that. j, 

Eothstcl has a golden dream, of future, movies' lie believea movie theatres 
will be shaped like an egg, the pictures made realistic by a fusion of colors, high* 
grade music, magic lighting effects, the characters "talking" their lines, with sounds 
■nd J»ven odors reproduced to complete the hypnotic state of the audience. 

;" Rotbarel even predicts that movie theatres will be endowed by national, State 
and dty goTcrnmclii*, like the endowed theatres of ancient Greece. 

In the background, however, is the possibility that ten yearn from now movie 
xtkearrea mar ba doaed, with the fineat movie* broadcast by wireless to the hum- 
tdaat homea.^ 

In that case, you wonder, who would pay the actors? It would be tbe name 
ITfociaw aj tbe future of radio music. The finest of vocal and instrumental talent 
wS B&dauhfcedly be employed bj the radio lndaatry aa a free iDdueemeat to further 
tM aadaa at their bxitruxaejata. 

IF tcj want to Sco historical acreen 
dramaa with (ha history intact and 
classical film plays presented as they 
were originally conceived by tbe autbor, 
tbe chanra is at band. New York has 
an opportunity to call her motion picture 
sou! her own again, if the will only atop 
;mr! dp a little mental figuring. Tbo 
campaign for Governor of this Btato i* 
now on t Du r ln E tli C next week the town 
will be clouded with literature telling 
why Governor Milter should be re-eJected 
and why Al Smith sbonlc! ho sent to 
Albany again. Both the Republicans 
and the fremoetara will havo a fine aa- 
rwrtmrijt D f ideas all presented in the 
latest and most approved propaganda 
fotm. And after it has all been, read 
and assimilated take it ail and hum it up 
and keep only one - thougbL Vote for 
the map who will wark far S repeal of 
&a- censors hip law. 

It is ridicuJooa to take the attitude 
aaaiimnd by some of the motion pfctpnt 
folk— that the 6ght Is political and the 
motion picture industry must iiot he 
mixed up in dirty polltJca. Wc have had 
politics forced on us, and If wo have not 
tho courage of one convictions we are 
not fit to be citizens of thla country. 
Every man and women in the motion 
picture Industry with a vote lo gtvo 
should cast it far A] Smilb. Not because 
ha la tho genial, popular Al Smith, whose 
friends love him, but because he atanda 
for tha Democratic plaform which is 
pledged to repeal tho censorship bill. 

iioTfrnor Miller for C*naaralLip. 

Uoveroer Miller has consistently re- 
fused to do anything to remove tbo Com- 
mission in this State Is fact, many 
people believe tho Luak bill, is hi* 4VB 
pet Idea put into practice to discipline 
the motion yicturo industry, Whether 
Or no: he actually inatijfatcd the bill 
matter* vrr\ little. The fact remaina 
he voted lor ccmorahip fxi^tbia State am 
appointed bis own lieutenants to servo 
(in the board. Ho In in favor of censor- 
shir; — -therefore, if we havo any fighting 
blutxi in ua wo are not goiag to do any 
stump speaking for Governor Miller. 

tint wc are going to support Al Smith. 
N«t In thg r.ii-.i: lanjroagc, but openly 
and hohofttly. Homo of the men in tbo 
industry eecm to hare tho feeling it is 
a dangerous procedure ti> offcad Govst- 
no; AILller. i 

"If be in elected, said one man. ivo 
won't have nny coal for our theatrva." 

It is better to die fighting for b prin- 
cipal thnn to live because we are afraid 
tti fight. Governor Miller Las never 
showed onj" desire to be helpful to the 
industry and tbe man who thinks he wilt 
help iu the coal situation hi an optimist. 
Even if be rloeu favor tho picture houaea 
la the diatribiirioii nt re-el, crnsorshju Is 
an Issue that rnnnot he ignored. 

Are wo for censorship? 

Then we most b« against GoTernur 
Miller + s candidacy tor Governor. 

Freedom, from censorship in this State 
means not only the, acreen wil] hare a 
fighting chance to have better pictures, 
but literature and the eoijje will have a 
better chance oT protection. There will 
be Icsr likelihood of some wild-eyed re- 
former trying to ecasor the press if tbq 
picime commission is eliminated. Cen- 
sorship in any fonn Is dQPgermia and 
the only way to abolish it ia to lose ao 
opportunity lo fight against it. Tbo 
chance is hem if the Industry will (vnly 
meet it. 

Harlan Insists an Tvlllnc tow Truth. 

AH tbo pretty story of Morion Davies's 
long life devotion to the role of Mary- 
Tudor with montUS ■?* BtTUfOjlo to p*r- 
Kunrie CoBinopolrtan to see its pictorial 
qunlltlca ia a fabrication pure and 
simple-, In the words of American a I ang 
it itf tho bunk* Out at Mta Daviea' «iy 
dtrsaicg room In tho Broni— mii&a from" 
her home and Broadway — she admitted 
she would loi'c to have selected "When 
KnighuWd Was in Flower," hqt, she 
aoid, with a laugh : 

"Like George Washington, 1 cannot 
tell a lie. 

"It wo* William I* Homo," "she Said, 
"who came to me and anked. me to read 
Charles Major's story- "You would make 
on Ideal Mary Tudor," ho said, I had 
read the ctory before, but I had lo re- 
fresh my memory and 1 read it again. I 
"will havo to be truthful. I adored tia 
romances any one would who enjoys u 
love atory with an historical background, 
bnt I was wry skeptical about making a 
costume piny- Ar k final argument, "Mr. 
Lc Boron said. Think' of your oppor- 
tunity to play Mnry Tudor, Julia Mnr- 
lowc-'s groat role,' 

"Julia Marlowe' I said, that nettica 
tti I can never play Mary Tudor. It 
it in that big a part it la not for nae.' 

"Mr. Lc Huron talked to me fordaya. 
Tic persuaded Mr. Viguoln the pietonal 
qualities were not to be Ignored and so 
we made the picture. When the press 
■torica came out, giving me tha credit 
for finding 'Knighthood/ Mr. Lo Baron 
said, "lio you call that fair?* and because i 
I believe in- justice, I wont you to tell 
ereryone the credit belongs to him and 
not to me." 

Gtrimat Vlamnotai Cvedit. 

Marion Davics's staunch defense of 
William Lc liaron wa^ given in a half 
humorous, half earnest fashion, that 
showed how really eager she ia to place 
credit where credit is due, I hadn't 
seen her since the opening of "When 
Knighthood! Was in Flower 1 ' and I 
wondered if all of the praise heaped 
on her would make any change in her 
viewpoint. Marion Daviea bus always 
been excessively modi-ut and her own 
blttereM. critic, and if tbo homage given 
her has made say difference it was not 
apparent during the two hours I spent 
with, pcr- 

_She la pleased, of course. Any human 
being would feel happy over the triumph 
that has been hera — but abe la not ac- 
cepting all the ri pry herself, A large 
Share she gifts to Robert VEgnola, who 
worked with W and studied with, her 
until she said ahe lived in an atmosphere 
Of Tudorism that threajaned to crowd! 
moHern life out of tha bariaon. Sua 
oouldn't hj enough for Lynn JIjLrdJnj; 1 ! 


With "lVhtn Ktilarlitlkoad IV ii* tn fliiwp* 1 ' to hrr ernlll mud tta« priim- 
l%r of nf lire s^-oiitl |ildt;rrs, AllSB Dsvlet Dub li-uriii-iL what It 
I tUFBTin to In- mcTfiitnl, 


Bem-r VIH, ond for thi 
crs in her eompauy. 

While abe net tlicre, pouring left, a 
pWifrv with liT hhwide liivelinesi, with 
the bncksrminil of thn blue Htndio_ wallrt. 
I was reminded of what Robert Vignoln 
said of her; 

"Marion 1'avics is lacking in nil 
conceit. She docs not believe nlic eiio 
set sinrl I Lave had to tell her «i'oe and 
over ngain that all slfo neetis is a little 
seif-conridcncc." , 

We hati luaclt'eon in her apartmrnt — 
in thi? CoHmopolttnn Studios — a little 
pem nf a place, writb n living room 'lontj 
in. Alice blue and a dressing room in 
rose pink. A canning kitchen, with nil 
the regulation aid" t<n culinary nrt, fur- 
niFlieti n romp] etc little suite that would 
delticht tbe feminine heart nf a very 
womnn with ihe hnuHekn-pinc instiu^t- 

"U'ill you make other eoatume plays?" 
she wns asked. 

"I cannot say ob«ut that. Wo could 
hnve tinnjlii, 'iVimihy Vernon of Hud- 
don fJall" very cheat*, but I wns afraid 
of costume plays. I shared the ecr±orn,l 
belief lui-y were unpopular with tho 
public. 1 thought nne historical drama 
would be all we dtirctl do. I understand 
Miss Piekfnrd paid a big priw for tbo 
righla to 'tlorntby Vernon, but nt the, 
time tkn play was ofTcird to me tho 
owners w^ro not si> "anguine about i^ 
appeal to the public." 

Thlnlu llnry mm Irirnl Ttarathr- 
"iJorothy Vernon is, nf course, an his- 
torical eh s raster, 11 Mtss Davios went 
on ; J, ihe really E ■> •-■! lone: ar,o, JBft as 
Mery Tudor did. Won't Mary I'ickford 
be lovely in those quaint old clothes? 
She .Would have been clmrming hw Wary 

The sigh tlmt aceomponjed tins and 
the rather wi«|f«l way in wliieh she 
spoke of Mnry 1'ickfonf made jiio say: 

"Mary Tudor has an ideal interpreter 
down at the Criterion this very mo- 
rn mil" 

"Do ynu rcnlly tblnk ko3" she asked. 
"I did try hard, nnd it i;> wonderful to 
think it has been ajtpr-cciatcd- 

"You know," she snid, "I am not a 
bom actress — I bfisn had to l-irn all I 
know by herd wart It'is easier for 
girls who are bom with real taknt tn 
make good, but "ivIicti you bava lo work 
and work to Kct a m-ene it means tonne- 
thing when finally you, are nblo to 'pat 
it, nver.' " 

■ Refora Mis» llnvjpH cure into picture* 
she. vo'i a "'l^nilii-^" girl, then a little 
later she 'had a parr In "Miss 11MT." 

"I only had -a bit." aha aaJd/''b'Ut 1 
wns ao frightened every time I came 
out an the stage I thought I would (He* 
of fright. Time after time -1 said to 
myself, 'You were certsiniy never uiintii 
In be an Rctresa. 1 Then I went into 
pictures nnd waa booked aa a star. Yon 
know nil the unkind rlilngp that were 
anid nbout me. I - d'-s .-!■-. I them. Too. 
If I ever have any desire tn be vain nil 
J have to $o ja to rvmejnbei what the 
cri tit's said rboul my pictures- 

"I might hnve grown discQuregM!, but 
Uh YffiftOla i-ehonrsed mc and helped 
me so when I met Lynn Harding and 
the ntber big actor* I was prepared, and 
I could go on with tbo scene without 


"' fnn, 

. This from tbo star or "Whan Knight- 
■liood Was in Flower." Tl)e Marion 
Paries who is electric-lighted in anch 
a tremendous sign no ono can miss it 
on Broadway. Thia from the girl whom 
the critics all admitted has arrived, and 
whom tho Prince Of Wales calls a great 

Nine girls oat of ten would hove had 
an I-tacw-I-wculd-mnkc-good air. Not 
Marion Paries. Shi- h- •■■<< apprCciatlrb 
of all tho plenaaut things [bat lni-.v 
been - - s a i -- L 1 am ' inclined to" think she 
doesn't unOflrstAnd yet what a fine per- 
formance ahc gives and what a great 
picture "Kajghtiiood" ia. L 

" 'Knighthood' proved one thine to 
me," Marion Daviea said. "Such a cast 
at I had it tn inspiration. I 4idn"t dare 

bn bad with Mr. Harding nnd the other 
players- — all artists of years" ciperteuiT — 
guve mc «uch ,j*yniputliclic help and 
understanding f would hove been utterly 
de^oiii of brains if 1 hadn't been able 

to plHJ Mnry Tu'li-r. 

"Once I K^t into tti* pnrt, J wna as 
rabid a Tudor fnn as Mr. I.e Ilarou. I 
rend every thing on ihc Tndoi family and 
waa so intrigued with nil early English 
history 1 spent days rending every book 
1 rouJd find wi lliy snbjtct. You have 
no idea what a difference it ntade wlien 
I wriu to London. I frit I bad had a 
previous aripinhiltince with the whole 
city. I was sorry I hndn't seen Loudon 
before we made the picture — ynu see I 
do not go to Europe nnlil after Caq pic- 
ture was nnisherl 

Although Miss Dn vies went to Europe 
with her at other ;ied Iier two Jesters, she 
said she setts h'miesiek and longed for 
Amcrlra. "Paris in a wonderful city." 
»lie «nid. "but New Ynrk is far more 
wonderful. I tcallv like Loudon better 
thnn Paris." 

Does Her trwn Un-^iinkiiii,-. 

I admired n little black velvet frock 
slie a'M WRariug and told iier ona could 
■■■■I at n giuttcc it eamt> f "_.- ■ : f i ■ raris. 

"Paris [" she hHid, "I made It myself. 
I make many of my clothes. I made all 
those costumes In "Tbo Knchnntress.' 
yewins is my favorite pastime nnd I 
speud Imurs when I am not at work, de- 
signing nnd malting drosses." 

1 spent about two bour.f with her, 
telkini; Hod discu&ting pk-turrs T and in 
all the time we were together I never 
beard Miss Davies say ana unkind word 
about anyoue or utter na unkindly criti- 
cism. She ninde hn attempt" to pretend 
to be brillian,L She admittefl she was 
Studying French, nnd when 1 she epoke n 
few worda with an accent I wisli I pos- 
sessed, abe laughed and said: 

"It's pretty bad, isn't it:" 

1 takt.' it back when 1 suy sho said 
ngthjug unkind about tiuyonc. She bad 
a few thing*, io nay about the censor 
boitrdn who cut out the word "huRSty" 
and other cxprossions'.wcll known in the 
rime of Henry 1 VIII. 

"I wouldn't hnvc minded." aha sold, 
"but it nisrinod so ridiculous to Cm out 
wcrdu that Were In common nee in those 

"We didn't think they could flnd nuy- 
thina to cririeiie in our picture because 
there in imthing ceneorable In Mr. 
Major's story/' * 

And ho™ Miss Daviea a great aim and 
nrablttoo in life is, ia tha words of Caue> 
to "grow better every day in every way 
so thut there will bo more picture* forth- 
coming Ifts "When Knighthood Was ia 

After remaining at the atndio until I 
was late for hty work and Miss iJavles 
wow delayed in reaching SraTnfnrvl. where 
sho waa aettmj in "Adam and Eva." 

The ln«l worda she said were. '"Plenso 
tell ma. whnt to tflkjj tn keep awake' We 
are mnkinj night secucs and I have to 
wefrk from live o'clock nt night until five 
tbe next morning, und I Can never stay 

I could only think of riendly cotTee, tho 
one thing that invariably keeps me 

"It won't do me any good," she said, 
waving good-hyp. "I nlway» drink coffee 
at night and sleep from eight to tea 

Maybe that Is why she bus each a, 
piifk and cream complexion. 

BDCKltiJBa: at (fan Tains ■ 01 we a. 

Constance Talmadge is having tho 
timo of her lifa in Paris. Everywhere 
she goes she is pointed out as tr-ea jolle 
Copafonee. Sho liau btctt chosen to act 
i as the mascot for the American team 
entered- tn the internatiofiul pistol 'tour- 
sotnanc, being held in Milan, Italy, 

Fenr-l Loses 

Tho old joke nbont the press agent's 
(Ek-liRb:, the robbery 1 atory, Is no joke 
with Pearf White, She v/aa :eallv ryb&ed 

of her jewejry last week at her apart- 
ment, on Fojrty-nlrtth street, when reb- 
l.,'r= entered while sho and her house- 
keeper were uul All that remaina la 
an" empty box, with pearl*, diamonds 
Hnd o titer gems listed htnoag the miss- 
ing. Pearl reckons *hc is nut about 
$25,000 worth of valuables. 

•-DlK-rivrrlnR ilif Shelt," 

Thot Rodelph Vniencino has penetrated 
even tho, sacred prCclnctB of WellesVy 
College ia eridcut from a letter received 
from two freshmen at that school. They 
were walking ak>nK in one of the dor- 
motnt-1?* when one of the young ladlen 
discovered n picture that took her imme- 
diate attention: i 

"Look," she said, pointing to a figure 
o( a man iu n. turban nnd (lowing draper- 
ies, leaning over a recumbent femelu in 
dinging draperies, "isn't that funny, 
Tho Bhelk'. here." 

"The Sheik," shrieked her companion, 
making a dash for the picture. This is 
what she read. "Isasc meets Rebecca-" 

"Oh." arid the first freshman, "I 
might have known they wouldn't havo 
Valentino at Wetlneley. 11 

Meedii'e Ii<'):i3lj- 

The atajff up at tlie Capitol Then t re is 
wjllinn to tell tbe world Lord and Lady 
Mnunibatten nrv just plain folk- Tbe 
other nigliL, nftcr tlie bankers' party at 
this theatre, Mcssmoru Kendall brought 
some of hia guesta to hoar an organ re- 
cital. In. Mb party were I/mi nnd Lady 
Mountbutton, who were bridg given a 
iwrsonal inspection of this beautiful 

"Say/ - snid one of the men telling the 
story, "I almost said, 'How's the king?" 
You know, he is the most regular. Mount- 
batten. I mCso. No one would know he 
callrf the Prince of Wales by liis first 
name mid walk" In tbe Buckingham Pal- 
ace without even knoekpfe." 

C-ntBlH pi ■ i Womnn P*.*».'* ClTlb. 

More and more are the luncheons at 
the "Woman 1'aya" Cftta rieeomjne. 
'■■vr nt.'; of real intervsL _LaHt week Mrs. 
E. It. Thonins end Courtland Smith 
were guests ft honor. Mrs. Thoinas, aa 
an artist and author, spoke to tbe clnh 
members, urging that e»ch one follow 
hie own particular bout, eron if the re- 
muncratiun Ss not entirely satisfactory. 
She said thut Nub nne should dn the 
thing hf feel.i he I* ln_-at fitted for. even 
If tho results nt first do not *eem ta 
justify Ouch a course. Mr. Smith ns a 
former newspaper man and as n member 
of Mr. finys's organization spoke of the 
progress of women. lit- mentioned the 
apiHjinlment nf a womnn la tbe Sen ntr 
and auid some day he believed we would 
have s woman President in the White 
House, a Btstomcmt that pleased the 
members, who are all ardent feuiinistn. 
Tho luncheon wan n sreat mcecus and, 
auk it opened the seaanu, it gave promise 
of what may lie expected in the way of 
guests of honor for tbe coming year. 
The dub has ambitious plans and en 
the program for thn scascn are men and 
women high la the civic, artistic and 
literary world, iueludlnn in this lint 
motion picturce. 

Evelyu trrr-trXr-r to Marry. 
On October 25 Evelyn dreelcy will 
become this bride, of John Smiley, steel 
mnKTiate and well-known American engi- 
neer. The romance started some months 
ago and continued after Miss Greeley 
went abroad to make a picture for the 
Ilullnndia (Company in Holland. We 
might any it increased. Mr. Smiley 
realised after aha sailed away life Wns 
pretty empty without her and he soSt « 
cable with a single line, but one that 
neither of tfeeJB will ever forget. "Will 
you marry me?" ran the cubic. Miaa 
(Jreeloy cabled back. "Yea," nod she re- 
turned to America to keep her promise. 
On October m Mr. and - Mrs. Smiley will 
sail on the Majestic for a trip iiraund 
the wurld, to be. gone sis months at 
more. The Rcrccn will temporarily lose 
Miss Greeley, but sbc bopeil to make 
pictures when sbo returns from abroad. 

<iVv*m Norton Comb. 

Our American stars haven't tlie slight- 
est ebancfi of escaping recognition iq 
Puria and London, where tJicy are as 
wall known ns thny are iu America. Tho 
other evening Xortun Tnlmadgo was sit- 
ting at tho Ambassador Revue in Paris, 
watching Mademoiselle Paulcttc Duvul, 
Paris'* favorite dancer. As she put up 
her hands tn applnnde the graceful l>uviil, 
who, by the way, ia the aame young 
woman who plays the lead in "£i*cn>," 
the rlutjeer happened to nee her.. 

"Norma Tnlmadgo 1" she cried in great 

After her dance she sent for Stiles 
Dickenson, well-known miniature painter. 

"I must meet Norma T&lmadge. Can 
you arrange; it?" 

Mr Dickenson departed on lib mis- 
sion and returned, bringing tbe Amer- 
ican actress" with him. The enthusiartic 
Dnvat wan so pleased she presented 
Norma-with a Spanish comb that is ao 
big tbat it la worn on Fifth avenue the 
tr.ifflf cope will have to havo advance 
To Act as Jadgtt. 

Richard Bprthelmcss cud Pearl White 
Ore extending their .activities into -new 
artistic fields. They are now studying 
the futuristic and cubiat schoQle in anti- 
cipation of the topsy-turvy Greenwich 
Village Hallowe'en Carnival. Both nf 
them, tngcthcr with Neysa McMein, the 
Illustrator, and Henry QhW the acreen 
artist, will act aa costume judges when 
the bohemlan* frolic at Webster Hall oa 
October 27. 

TqUt Com 'Abroad. 
Itiehard Walton, Tnllr" aniled on the 
America yesterday for a. short trip 
abroad. In Paris be will alioot, a num- 
ber of scenes for bis next motion picture 
production, which will bo u screen ver- 
nion of l>u Mautier'a dovc), "Trilby." 
As in the oase of his two previous pic- 
ture productions. "The Masquerader" 
and "Omar tho TetJtniaher," Tully wilJ- 
atar Guy Bfttes Poat. his rule iu "Trilby" 
naturally being the florid and faneinating 
Svcngat). James Young will again ba* 
Post's director, and "Trilby" will be re- 
leased through Associated First National. 
Tully wtjl nhw in Paris superintend the 

frcsentation on die legitimate stage of 
ia play, "The Bird of Paradise." which 
baa never been seen in the French 
capital. | s 

Tally will be accompanied by Mra. 
Tully and their daughter. Maya. Upon- 
his return to thla country, aboat the 
first of il'-cember. Tully will go to Loa 
Angriea to finish there tha production o[ 
l Trilfcy," 

Why AagJ TBaTT dsai- to inuTHt 

Motion Picture Editor, The Maralnjr 
Telegraph : 
1 wns very muea Interested in jouf 
enmrfiefil on Ih* mpI'i-i.-j ar-pearVoE la 
Coltiers Weekly eohccralnfi; to* moriofl. Von 
Mr tbst e^her (he tnan wtm wrot« then 
stories "Is asbkmed to apeak up and tell 
bij immc or be Is afntld." .lad then you 
add that "if he hart balf the ■•■urertee 
hia article says, he wouIq net hlfle behind, 
a aom dr pluro*. " Tht^ j^ems to me t* 
he eery «hs!low erltleisra of thle niitiior'i 
efTnrt, nlDiongb H la simitar to most nf 
the ohurn-ntlisns I hrtrc heard. The pet 
roBiturni nf inowt rntilun picture [>eople la 
cnnnectlon with tbe articles Is "{). he's sutas 
dLiRruntled eld ■ r.::ifc whs hnan't oindri 
as much mnney ny be espeered to In the 
in''f!-;i, and bo nuw lie nans Ihem." Can't 
the movie people hear Inith necsHlohJ Uf 
ami profit by Itf iV:m:ii|.y it's only by 
kaowlnc onraelres thnt we enn Improve. 

[ have ;...-■ :i ]n tbe Him tinslne U tot A great 
mmr years ami I know tbe game prattr 
thonnigJiir. 1 Bare read, three of the artrelea 
tait bsv^nnpenrt-d 1r i ■■jiii-r.i .!!:■: 1 dlitn't 
act m -ii'i the Impresii&a tbat the nnthor 
cf then wn» rnniiK. ^>r dtscmatlefl or a 
aore-bend. f felt Ihe ntorie* very ilncere, 
n-rltten hj nomeone who Tsr frnm f«|lnT 
fnlteful tn A einhlttererl, ku polatlng ont 
whnt hp l>ellflT.-i:l to be the chler ehitacles 
in the way of mot loa pktur'e development 
tadiiy. and suggentlni; that We da |onie- 
Iblu^ nlinut them. There arc -■; mnnv 
people w hi enutlnnn to iieipeHk tbe virtues 
ot the dorian, nnd :■■> say how It Is pro- 
RTe&slnR nn t | how bright 1 he Tutiirn lonVs. 
Triers jit? also a xre*.t number who eon- 
| deaUB the films at s whnlesste rate wsth- 
l out l::i-, i.-it; nnj- resj foundotJoa Tor Ibrir 
r-nndemnatlon. But here tn n man who 
writes constructively nod pnlnBtJilclngly an 
lb? subject, nnlj- to he put ilown as "a 
dlBiiniEitlfil old crank who baao'l mftde ss 
murb 'money as be einected lo In the 
dnftTiitt.' r 

as to yDiir ■ bilement tbat bin artlelos 
nro tnsceurate. I unmt nny f can't under- 
used It si ell. He ".i vs. taai the cans, 
ot the movies li stupidity. Well, Isn't tti 
He say* thnt "stupidity results Jn In- 
efflrieney, lnsbnblltiy, Im-L of Judgment, 
J/:"': of infaKlRcat luVaH-im, [-■■-- b= at 
leud*rshJri. lack of urn rn II ty and pLilo ua. 
ftJufa terated grei'd. Dn y ■ -:i find anjtblnR 
InOreurale In this? He ftloa Ufa that It's 
nat lotenllonnl evil that nllB tbe mnrJcs 
-— l!'a Juat jjIoLb Ignorant. Can you dis- 
pute IblsT Hli corom<-j.l» »» the rrglras 
of scenario department^ an- all strnngely 
true, *ad 1 rant for Ihe life ut m tf mn 
why (tie pt-epfa nf the Industry ahould ba 
up la arum the articles, 

I foultj nrlte, -■ crrot ilefil indre en this 
Bithjeet. 1-u: f ilfin'l w»nt [o take up loo 
much of year rnlnsnle riaie + Just one 
iIiIur mow. ,Ab (o his making tha srtlclea 
nnonyraous If the man doeint chor>M 
II. ilga air, nnme, way should tier Tha 
Important thins in thnt he had nomethlog 
ii say. anil lie sal a tfc Mill why ho J 6 In 
nny -ursy Indebted lj> hit brntker pre- 
Otceerj tn Ibe pnlnt (if rnakJng himi^lf 
kOOwn Is bcy>nil me. I tn very m-ic&i 
jifnkt thnt heeans': ol this very onn-JlMtig- 
i"-« to iht- pat! ftf iIiuBn lp the lcdUjiLry 
in Inok tfliuKH nnuarelr In ihr- fuec nnd TO 
fX> .tfjMRTF(lN«3 AUOIT IT. the movies 
In place n f aitrsaelair to ti rrfjsLar nbine will 
ilon-ly Liiii nurely get back t» ihett lea. 
IWalltl, ttilrly stS-gcS. wkli "BerlQa. ths 
Sewing Mnehlrf UJrl" reprcBentlnK lua stjindsril 

Vrry truly yours. 
L. P, it. 
rToUywooi!. Cullforiild, 

fARreNTiKn \a ax actom, 

Motion Picture Editor. The Homing Te.le- 


I hive rscetved n numher of :n:tilrtes as 
to the effeet nf [u ( . defeat uf Oeorsei ("ar- 
peatler il larls oh htj future ■■ a film 
bictue, I Hhutilil Kite r" sny tliac i eiigsfiea 
ST. far pearler ther B une I helieved In his 
aliLHiy bb .1 screen nrtlct. My fultti wa.a 
fully JiKtifled la his pecfertnanee In "A 
mpBj Cnvjillcr" 

■ark bj flu 


ki this 

Coase.mently the n-sultlfir tan 1'arin righL 
on a^Tindny nUi nut otter* t'oriuntJ^rl 
future nork Tu r aie. L should iiiipSiBlie 
berv that in ibi' ndvertlBtaar sud Jmlilk-lly 
in the Carpeutler tllm the untriil Krenelj- 
inan has tieen '■_ .t ( ■_ i tl-iJ h- ao Bftur aud 

If tbe rcsuit or tho Psrln flrhl means 
thai (>ri>eqller win lenvu the rlnj; nhnuca 
I eaanot isy ttuit H r!oe»^, tbiK amy provs 
In Olesslng in disguise: Tor Ihr-n this prrm- 
istng aetot wtl[ Ife able In aire ;Ml his 
time snd thought tn developing \-A-,. career 
n> one or U«j must rDirln.-Lilrig mole rer- 
Honslltles nn the screen. I am looking 
torward with great plej-iure to my future 
wart n-lth hia. 

TlniBt' who met M rnrpetitler In I^icdea 
realised that febl interest In hoxJair hsd 
mateMslly dlminlohed. UN at C h Benee r.l 
sportsmannhlp remained the SAltiO, aad \ 
felt thar ae was httti by the erlttclsra of 
hln koeelEunt In the fight villi Lewis, 
though tbo eLneraaiotfrapli record of chat 
euatcBt proved tlie lerrithnsF; of the blow, 
this K-uaitLraacsp. may ha»e Included bltn 
t« prolnnrr lbs encounter lu 1'nrla in view 
of ihe reports jtatlug tbst he bad tha 
LdrtataKe during the early stupes of ths 
fight. l( Is not unlikely thai he vtas at a 
grei.t dlBSdT>nl{tee through a weak thumb 
which waa broken, la thn fight v.-LIb Demp^ 
Bfla sud relltj waa ihr caUBe of. ala defeat 
at Jersey City. This Injury wis sus- 
tained !n tbe second ronod when, with, a 
BtnBihlac: ble-w bo sent Dempiey sgnlnat 
the Tup.ft. F"Tura that polar on ha was 
suffering suph Inienee puln that h^ vt* 
hardly able hi eontlnaa the ffght. 
Faithfully yours. 

J. Ktasft Tllaeklon. 

Bush Honse, Molhoama Place, flLrsnd, , 
W, C L LondOD, England. 

Motion Picture Editor Th« Blemlag Tele-' 

Doca anybody know why Bar rugrtaq. 
rbangecl the tltlo of bin new ftlr;i frora 
"Bisek Orebids' + Id 'Trifling Waraen"! 
The obvious rcston weu^d aeem to Tv> that 
the latter la a better' box office name, at 
lease from tbo motion picture peine of 
vtftw. Tho ituestfop in my mind la whether 
It really Is or nat. "Black Orchids" seems 
to me a splendid title, carrying with It a 
degree of dignity and a nasllty of sig- 
nificance. It nt IcaBE If.-n-n a itttle some- 
thlnu ta ths imajrin.-nUin of the spectator, 
while "TrfriLBg Women" la cheap, coni- 
moapUce anil inat irsshy. Cen*lnly It ll 
the last type of film la the world to bq 
identified with Mc. Ingram, wro is one of 
the few hopes of the screen. 

Nun-, i haven't seen tbe pkrare, but Pva 
been Interested In It becSUae of Mr. Trr- 
crnm. Ai "Black Orchids" I woa]d ba^e 
gone to aee It. Am "Trifltag Women" I've 
Ic-it ati Interest In It, sod feel regretful 
that It should he |lnt C d irllh Mr. Ingram'a 
name. Of coarse. It's dlfflcnlt Tor a maji 
who haa set .a 'ii.iiii.1 ;• r ■; as bigh as HT, 
Ingram's to live up to Ft, hut I'm i.uf-0 
the maa who directed "The Fear Horse- 
men" and "Tbo Prisoner of Zenda" haa 
Barnething better la offer 'thaa "Trifling 

Sera et1 tries I wonder whether all |h« 
words written and spoken by way of Cle* 
vaElog the cinema art not luat KABteOU 
Rome timet 7 wonder whether Jt reitlly caa 
be elevated or whether It Isn't srter alt 
Just Woolwortb catcrts lament. )| ■eema 
atgnirleent that men like Mr. Ingram hare 
to resort to the •¥rlflLng WBmen" elaas, 
When yau come right down to It If this 
Is- what the public 1 really wants. and^U 

aeeUia tti ):::'■,■ been |T..:..|i ibi( H |p_ 

why not Juat M them have it, and atop 
trying to educate thetnT 

Faithfully J 'i lira. 

An Intaruutt Bi*r4*toL 


' ■ 



ABH, ! 


llu» TOW&R-1Y a SAT. 1,10. 




Mltl. TULir,. * TM. 


*,«. (.fc. MlU. TBBMr'V * 1*. .t ML 
AMONG SHOWa."-^,.™. I 



wmr « St. fi", i.;n 

1 VPCllU w ** 1 + * S! - I*nhn *l » ». 
UtufUm jj^h. Ttivr» ■ ne hi, t.M. 




fl !>■ I ;■'. U*u. Tods?. Oil * o.-c. U 


■n* uii. limn-, wlih » huadrad 
*(■■'■•■ " — ait*. WMtKell. Tint*. 

Pur* Ktt. WWHBw; Ott. «■ 

) IFIui T«»l r nr. Htu.S iltlidirt 


yjtaaqt, OMAonUr 











4 -Aim Dtl*. 

ANNE MCHC3MC I^utMnc fu-cw 


Hipi TOMl>W A BAT.ijO. 


Lii:«tnNi; hit nraiiiw 



CCO. PflrlArJ Tbm.. BTiriT * «U tt«*l. 
■*• UUnnn hkiT hit. thi;mdat. 



UaX BrtcaEL. win ptmbbi 


■n ihe nc-tv 


t MilcTtnBo'w.Tbiin.* SiLllt. 


HCLHiuU nun**. Tout*, ufat-u i.M. 

'■Mi»t l Lrtc Oatdort All Ki|iri" 

1ii(lum-Kv*], thr tVlld*»l .'■-tlm«i- 

DAVJD BEIiAS.rO Prwrnt. 




■ M P 



PFiTV 3 


. icoi. nil 

a in 

IFamara of l««" 

Ht.Wl'Jf TUEATREfl ON W, WW*. 

* SihhHIhk Cornfiij- Mil. 




i. j.IO. Mll*.TbU>. A 6»t. . -»■ 




E».t.». Hii* r TTiar. t Sit. :,*v 
Sptclti w*t Celuwbui 0«r iTlur.} 




Wnrld'i r.nuit *■•"«■ 1U« 
EI..S.M. H*M. Thur». * Ml., tL 

Special KolidiT Mil- THJRS. 

»™ IJJDDlC TbMlrw. W. « SI. &ti_ B/t! 

it nnnni4 ^m> iun, a p«t ^ n. 


'T,itlnrr> THun. A )%4I, : --■ 
knatkDDl H|(."--rr>Erin. 
\V »IJB.f<- Ed J 1 »■:«■■— M»rj- S*ib 





' HJt*.W«d.Ttrjr.A9m{,l-K. 




■Jliiin.l 3*1 H I ]?. 

!»■];»:»< rlW^I 


Extra hat. THimsDAY (C*t D» r i 

»!f!i JACK HOLT * 


R'fltvb WMicIimiI, oth*. 





tIUi ttenr] lini-ry lis life 
°' ■* " LA P^ntmattn! Picturr 

gAPlTOL ^&-0ld Homestead 

V Ww^Alilit. C* F li&l Ortnd OwhMtr*. 

[I I : II lk sill '1^9, 

l5^,nSiSSd BELt-thekeu 

■"T*« Baad Boy" 


CntillnanTi* ID.ftO A, M, to MMntjttit 

Rri.i'.KHl»i> I 

PU.V .KtAtW* 

Suplilf Tickrr, Jdiir 
A KatberlAR I.rr.Vnn 

'lropea A Oiiih.. Jahnnr 

"-ftp, A aihtri 

l,n.r.xHiii'i I vaft a sckenck 

ii a Ki:v nrit.vs 4 Co. 

D'VAIftMBt.| And Olbcra. 

CTRtrT. lock llOllHH," HOW. 


BJ-.KHth-p } VlNfKNT | MlTTV 

nlnNlnl C1HACB HAYES. [, 

ULUniflL DE1.I, Jt MAIT, Jl! 

l T * «! sl MT ircAs dt co. ou. 


Patrons of the Big Department 

Store Havf Ho Cause to Worry 

Over Advent of Winter. 

The roal situation will cauic no worry 
W H. H B-lacT ft Co., Inc., thla Win- 
ter. Thej' ni 11 ^ J 11 -'- ''"i'-'ii 1 ' 1 ! isitalllng 

i>|L-blim!llf: :i [.pi, rttii.jn, v:\;\^l- will J>TO- 

vlde all licat, light and [>ower for tat 

S» Urjt jir* the new- ci<?ln« ( wbieb 
replace the coh) huminc mPCbicerx, tttvt 
M tntrftTict Iti the builtliuB would ac- 
coinniods.te even Lbe acpbrtt* iiierr.i. 
LargA bolea tin-l to be opened Id Lie aide- 
W4lk to, tnem- 


Thcee eiuclneii "ill olao supply the new 
Mac;; build in jt .behind the preexist Htruc- 
turn Tbo lonndatiunir nf this addition 
have juat boon cnrnplciipd In:-; week. They 
HO down 45 feel Into Tbc *oHo" rork of 
Madhnttau and Lhe atevl tuprr-atnictuTo 
will rlae nineteen Morica. 

Tae^oH-burtiint- engiiit'«. t»t lnntftlled. 
Daw require a dailrnverag/c of ff.000 fal- 
lona of oil.-. They will m*d S,OQ0 vhrn 
the r-r-w bDitdldg ia done. 

Tbc pntifripal saviuj,' in the afl-bum- 
tnj; maehinerj ii in-.t in fuel msi but in 
humiu) laljoi-. Thf owk of atokinj; fur- 
ufflcv is one of IhG moat fAtiguinc And 
flidagreeflhle loakn. ew» under the beat 
of conditions. Ab KKin as the oil burn- 
era atari ppejRtthflg ihe tneu who do thia 
work vlll be diverted to tjlcoaanter jobs.' 

A|cHoua;h every- effort waB mafle to prt- 
VOUL coal doit' flriDK when fii'-l war rTe- 
livered to- the tbm. (bi.rc woa Home dirt 
and considerable obatructiftti to parsers - 
hf frutn coal waajonR. Oil btirntnr -"ill 
eHminale this, as the new fuel cad be 
poured iu vrrj- quickly and with no dirt 
Moreover, after It If burnt thera are no 
aahca to be diapoud nf. ThDK ia aatj- 
4 comjinrnrivdy amall ijiiiifiury of g n 
earthy -I ookine; residue w-tiich can eaally 
be tatted awty. 


■ ZMirtfofltttoJ* flufivcf.l**>- 1 




Eictard Whitney wid Wiathrop 

AJdrich on Board of Directors 

of Arleta Frodacen. 


Carina* GrlffiHi Cum 1« C«>at H 
iJ«y (or 1'lnal V1t«er*pti rlclnei 
Glfalrn Bmila far HotlAbd. 


DISTINCTIVE Pnotoplaya, with 
' t^Htre ArTuta'a plctQrts to ir.« 
credit, feels Justifled in expand- 
Inif its reaoqrect and Ittcreatint 
ita clpltalixatlon. Thla is nmde possible 
by the addltioD of Richard Whitney and 
Wlnthrop Aidrich to the ' board of di- 
rectors, which condnts of Henry Hob-art* 
Arthur Frind acd Chariea W. Henrey. 
Mr. TThitney is a brother of rjeorirr 
jWliitP-iy, Vlte preaideot o( the J. I'. 
Morrsn Company, arid Mr. Aldrleh ia ■ 
membrr at the**firm of Murr4y t Prenije* 
Si Aldrieh. Both of these men are Ln a 
position to obtain tm limited capital for 
the production vt Distlnetive piciures 
-wheheper additional finances are needed. 
Heret;ofnre Mr. Hobnrt and Mr. Friend 
hare contented themselves with maklns 
^leorpe Arlisa'« pLctorr. a venture that 
hint hern ec> successful they ran m»V fc n 

(ilirdd nnrl i~'1 !!l-'i.:«!i nTh-'J" lir.LI.'-. At t!s- 

present mr-ment they eoBtenjp-atn .eogax- 
injt a woman star to heifl *nc of the new 
units and an announcement ab to her 
nflme may be exjjectfe ^Lsaoat a»J time. 
' The czpaDllOb of Distinctive Photo- 
plays places hi new eapttalitation at 
11.000,000. Thi» new charter waa oN 
trf.ncil in New York State last Week, and 
DOW the.t all tbc "legal matters are nT- 
tendrd to, this enmpanj Ss ready to start 
ita new operatlonp. 

Geitlnal hea>d7 for Action. 

A cocuraiitee of one hubdeed repre- 
sentative citizens of Masaachuaetta it 
now Kettifin ready to Are the moat ef- 
fective .ammunition qgainst eenrvnnhi[i. 
These men end women, (rc-uped tojrether 
undrr rhr head of the Committee of 
Mas*aehnsertH Ciiir.rns Aca-lnst Censor- 
ship, vilh GbxrfM H- Cole an prpAident. 
are homliaKtin; ihe nCwApapC" with lit- 
i^ratur* tclllns why every citlicn ahould 
Mtft "no'' <■■■< ci^nsorahlp wiien It comes 
lip for ft referendum vote on JNnvrmfter 
7 Tart of thp meBnafie contains a atate- 
m tic made by Rev, Jubn K. Gfiult, paj- 
tor of ihe Reformed Pre"byhriAn Chnreb 
of Cambridge, published in the Cau- 
bridffc Trltniae or Srpteolbei- 30, 

Rev, tiaull says. In part: 

"Have we the rijht Tn establish eenanr- 
frhb o.»er moiioti picturer, and n&t for 
anythlnR oin that afTecta the mnrali of 
society? I do no; helleTe that we hare. 
■What ^hall vrp nay about the articles in 
our newspapers which are until to read? 
YThat about the so-called 'worki nf an 
that «-ii jf,' la -'lBTitute* and muaeunM? 
Many mothers in [Ihj country hold up 
th> ir linndii in lmrmr if their ciilldren 
tee plr£%rTS of nude men iai women 
thrown on the screen, but these statutes 
of nudo Sboits pre standing around on 
nil sideE. 

"Tee," saya Dr. Gault, "let up have 
"'"■nnnrship so an to make the ootlnn ple- 
turp industry whnt It oufht to trf, and to 
make our museums nod Institutes whaL 
they oufiht to be. When we betfn the 
ffoid worli t»c eonsiBlent. We niM*l C4rTy 
it th.rol.jrl.. I<t hi. eertnor every enter 
prU* that if defliimrd to serre the pab- 

lip- Irnvra for I h ■■ ('nan! In tiinlfr 
oh* man piemtc tor Vl1»B l ti*pb. 
■ flrr which >h« t>nl be iiRm-il 
In, her awn rompanc, *n rnmor 


John tt. Dunn, Department Commander 
of Mo«tach.usett5, Is aendine out n call 
to big comrades to i-«if; a)cainat censor- 
ship because he beHe^ca it important for 
every patfiniic cifjen to drote "ao," 
Commander Dunn prrScnLa his reason in 
a most comprehensive letter 

Whether thla w|]| wake iraaiacliueftta 
ni* to do her duty can only be toJd after 
Election Day. 

Smith In ariebLsftn. 

Coqrtiand Smith has gone \a Flint. 
Michigan, to take part fu the exhibitors" 
meeting, in aeraioti there. Ho will de- 
IK-er B ipeech ftnd take part in *oma e-f 
'ii" diacuaAion scheduled for to-day and 
to-morrow. Sydney* 6. Cohen and M. 
-O'Toolr, ovCompDnled by varlau* mem- 
bcra of the llotlpn Picture Theatre 
Own en of America, will also bo on the 

Morru Join* Waraet-, 

lpav, nB fcr thr CfJfiat In^tar Mi« Crir- 
fith. It it said, wilL heail jer Brivn eonv 
paoy, financial b^ickin^ heriDf bceir " ; - 
tnined to fiwJng the deal. One n( thp 
wellknnwu men in the Industry, is until 
to bfl actively Interested in arranglm; the 
details of the new company. 

I.aniifiil..- In I* kiln dctpBU. 

It ***ems to be TniiTssl iv^el* In PhiT- 
adrl[>hia. L'arl Laetnmlc nod »eVor»| 
pUcgiirlvi-s trt his compuhv, including 11 
H. ro'ebran. E, H. tToldsteln, Art 
ftchmifl't ind I'. J. Met'cnn*] w«ii ihe 
eii.\-;. last nigJt at n prosperity dinner 
held ai the Ititz in the Quaker city c,; 
the Pbiladclpbla Rschangc nf L'nivrr»nl- 
Thc ocraslon for tbu OatlTlty, to we are 
loM. itas ^o celebrate? 'tho grcateiii week 
in tJe history oT the orj&ejixitllon." The 

prini'ipAl BpnaH n m Wprr JuW IttVJ Bllfii' 

B. R. Csrrlek, who mwupy Important 
posts in the company's Chlladelphis 
'hendqunrter". And lWi wp foTgct — &tb 
Mayor nr the town hae turn'fi over the 
keyn oT the' cit; to Mr Larinmlc, For 
ofle o.'eok anly_ 4 

Will Rogers Villi f4elanlek Seivi. 

Hereafter when any nne feds he needs 
a little Will Rogers philosophy to held 
a ljttlr Will Rogers- philosophy to help 
do is take n look iu S'ltnielc JJew'ft Mr. 
Rogers will be there tvitli all his wit and 
nonsense. fl> has been niBnecri to write 
for the Xoara and we understand he hns 
lots to Ull np the [i'i!iin-f>l question. We 
hope he will tell It as it should be tnld 
these dayp, with a fe*' words on r-ensor- 

Gertlnar > In* Ftral Thine. 
Somo of the ones who were EortunatB 
enough to have nn advance look nt "Mer- 
ton of the M«vi.-.i," Ihe play by dr-orgo 
9- Kaufman nna Marc (.'unncllry, adapted 
from Harry l»**JB Wilson'* neve»-(o-br- 
forgotten atory, were cspeciaJly plcusfd 
with the "movie" kernes. Xo le.ia n per- 
son than Hugh Ford, nell knon'ii mot inn 
picture- director, directed them 'so tlicy 
pbould be nccordinK to "llnyle." 

Mctt Comimnr Formed- 
The newest company to declare iuelf 
ns officially dedirutcrl to motion pictures 
la the Regent Picture Company, headed 
by E. D. Newtnan. Formerly representa- 
tive on the West Coast (or Aasocintcd 
First National, The Regent company 
has purchased 'The 1'rivin' Pool." an 
automobile jam by William F. Sturm, ns 
Its first story. 

In the Really ElmlTir.ii. 

Christ y has added to hin 

Char lea II 

holding! by hni:iHiink' out ia the rr:il 

eatate business. Whereas In the past 

fill his tlioughta were of motion picturra 

,he will now dhddr Lis interest by trying 

Bam E. Morris has moved his belong- ' [0 BH11I j r e and develop property In Holly- 

ings: "to 1000 Broadway, and ean UoW 
bi^ found at the Warner Brother office. 
Mr, Mnrris retnmed from Loadon only a 
short timn ago t where he went In the 
iuterrata of tha Splanicb Company. He 
enme bael, \n said, hecao*e he felt Lon- 
■ n-aa no place for an American. Harry 
Wnrner seised ihe opiiortiinity 1^ ppr- 
suade Mr. Morris, who is one of the 
!""■•■ : -Kiirj'-vn men in I be nJm business, to 
ioin the Wants? organiEation. Mr. Mor- 
ria will have an pvecutiie politico, tad 
as lie hea a wide neiiuftlptanca In the In- 
dustry. *he arran^pment ehntdd be an . 
amicable one for nil ronrcrned. ■ 

C.talyn Sails for Holland. .j 

With "The Hypotrit**," Henry Artju? J 
.Tone&'a well- remembered play, Ct> film, I 
the Hollandlu Company sent out an S. i 
O. 3. call lor a director of ahltity. Hi- ' 
ford Oradwell, bead at the Troduccfs. ! 
Security. i*crlved that mcfeaagD for help, [ 
and 'Hi Saturday sent C'.LarJr& tiihlyn to 
Kurope to nnawer it. Mr. (iiblyn will he- ] 
gfn work a;t noon sa he reaches Haarlflfr, t 
the location of the Dutch, etuuloa. Wyad- 
Imii! hUandiiU and Mar^norile Marsh, 
who went abrond to play in "The Lion's | 
.Mouae," will remain to work in *'The 
Hypocrite*."' and 40 aetresi or import- 
ance in Etii' country' anff abroad will be 
ehoAea to play the role of the moljer. ' 

L-cnre* for the Copat. 

f^orrlnne Rrifflth. who, by the way, 

ha* oot more picture to mike- for? Vlta- 

graph before she doiahes her contract, ia 

■wjd. Al rhri*tii 
brother in his nc« 

Associated with hLi 

Jor Brandt netnrne. 

Back from tbe wild* of Cflliforaia, Jop 
Brandt rCturna -with a amile of optimism 
and a betief thai conditions are itnprov- 
iuR throughout the todnsfcry. More than 
this cheerful oiuiook Mr. Brandt line 
aeveral comedies end says he. will be 
ready to make an antioiinrement nest 
week concerning them. Wc shall await 
Mr. Brandt's word. 

II*?* n*-nin«. 
Will H. Hays, who went away for 
the week-end to try a-ad get a little rent 
from tbe atrenuouv efforts of bossing tbe 
motion picture Industry, La expected back 
to-dBy or to-morrow. 

Nfii llariuisrr jt ( Strand. 

Hatry B. Davej-. who has been 
known as the hoy msmacor, ban eeaigned 
bis Job at the Sh-abJ. !d his place will 
bp William B. Harris, appointed: by 
Joseph Pluukett as resident managre. 
Tbe change will ta-ke place Sunday, at 
which lime Mr. DaTey will (fo to Jersey 
City to (ske-orer the rOSMgetacnt of a 
theatre controlled by Max Spiegel. 

I. \ A Ltna nr Twn, 

This It registration week. Brirj man 
and woman with a vole in the motion 
picture lnduatry should rtglatej. Nnff 
aaid. Ibis la a motion picture column 
and v* must not an«tk of polltica. 


r )4i fytomafir 

Broadway at \iaih. 

IWssflrty A. T, i*lctcarr 

J'eJcghonc $10Q Sluvrrtrmt 


that came to America this Fall 

have been reproduced 

by two o{ New York's foremost 

These Reproductions 

we arc now privileged to offer 

at Half their price and less 

because they have served their pur- 
poses as samples 

Motc than 100 coats, capes ind wraps, 
and each an individual model, in this preat 
fashion event and sale, beginning today. 

$98 to $295 

The most successful ideas for street, aft- 
ernoon and evening u-ear of these g'cca.i 













The long slendet coat with the new bell 
sleeves^ wrap around coats, bloused coats, 
marvelously soft capes and wraps of duvetyn, 
vetyet t kasha cloth, brocade, matelasse, 
broadcloth and the soft pile fabrics. 

Luxurious fur*— fnr this is a year of fur 
trimmings. Here they are jjsed with the 
unsparing hands flf fhe artists of desigri. 
Brown fo*. cross fox, minlt, fitch, moleskin, 
beaver, wolf and caracul— smart furs, in 
every smart fashion. 

Embroideries, too — for they play their 
part in the new mode of elegance. Silver 
or copper tinsel, tine beading on the eve* 
nin£ wraps, much fine soutache and silk 

Linings are by no means the least — fur, 
in deep borders, often to (he waistline. Vel- 
vet in delightful colorings. Silks in the new 
weaves as well as crepes and satins, 

Second Floor. Old Building. 



Op*ru this morning 

This annual offer Df 
American-made Silver valine 

does hot include sojnany individual pieces 
is the offers of former years, because of 
the peculiar condition of t£c silver and labor 
markets, Factory stocks are extremely low. 
Prices are firm. 

Our leading silversmiths, however, have 
made up tu us for Ilic shortage in quantity, 
by giving us good measure of quality and 
style. Same of their best wares, including 
unique piece*;, have been secured 
for this opportunity. 

And the firmness of the silver market has 
been offset by substantial price concessions, 
enabling us to offer the excellent pieces in 
this sale 

At Reductions of 
One-fifth to One-third 

7 piece Aortrf OnOflea 1 (en, »jtt of irn-Jinrj riltw 
Tofay'o ttvidattt price, SI,S\0; in the *tilr nt f3R5 

The set pictured below i& indicative of the 
quality of uic silver in the sale, and the sub- 
stantial character of the economies. 

The Collection includes ■ 

5-piece Tea Sets— $190 to $410 
7-piecc Tea Sets — $875 to $1,650 
£offee Sets — $65 to $415 , 

Buketi, *>o tp 364. 

CompOlesJaS to |8J- 

Bcwlt, }30 to S3 5. 

Vises, 122 to »4S. 

Sindwlch Pl*tei. 
#19.2S 10 (57.50- Water 
Pirchers 1S4 to ftuS. 

Bread Triys, 1-3 2 to 

Bread And Butler 
Plates, H2 1o Si+J a 

Vegetable Dlihti. 
■42 10 ISJ.50. 

Kettles, JUO to 9265. 

Centre Pieces. 168.75 
lo *J45. 

Pllt tl, Szl.iO to 

6on-Bon Dhhes, J1S 
to III- 

Meit Dfjlics, l$i to 

Cindv Jars, $i 2.50. 

Aspsrigui Pish, 595. 

Clndle Sticks, $69 
to 51 2S. 

Str&Si Float, OH Hviidiisn 

Year &lat(rr Enlronrr, 1'cnth direct. 


OrignriBJ idea Is Carried Oat by 

Eobert McLa.aglilin, in 



<r:-.-i>: nupiifh ii FM MErnU* Tel«ir*ph i 

Tbe first theatre bookshop a* the world 
on* hecn |ttao ti> ne^-elaud b? Robert 
McLauKhlin, AUtlinr, iirodcwr and tbcSt- 
rlcfll Manajier. 

Mr. McLsiipblin hH" taten the 30 by 
TO foot foj-£T of ihft Metro]vilitfln The- 
atre. Ern-lbl aTifniUB at K*st Fortj-slslh 
Fireet. where his rflsldttnt BtOtk company 
has !>cp:i Installed for lut aeastm. lioed 
tho walls w|;h Impks — wore than J ,000 
at tksust — Runieicd ihe »[iare with cnay 
chalrt. ri-ading Isnins, anti^uo pifceti and 
Fine I>ictnmi. a»<l has lurked tlv public 
to enmt' and Uprars* aej tlnjs between D 
A. M. and 11 V. M. witliout any obliga- 
tion ti» buy a slmr'e vnluuic. The books 
are there ti l>e read lij - thrws who want 
to oora.e. Tliej- sre elso there 10 be piir- 
chH»eil. I.. C Jtottafortii, librarian In 
charge, wDi -.■■■■--' any one to makluf 
purr^asrs. He i* nut « salesman, hoiv- 
rcer, in the sense r>( nu proa chine; people: 
with the idea of HeHinc books. 14c only 
offprs Btiffge*Lians ujion r»|uest. 

The '■■'*< feet of atmlvtng that complctr. 
It line the vsuW* at the fi>jer horute hopks 
of science, esiaj's, belle- let t ma. fiction, 
history, jurenlle anil drama— principsIlT 
drama. Almost luir-fourth of the shi'lT 
snncs is dRroteil to rirnma en all ith 
phases. Mr, McLjiueiiliii mske« the 
claim that Lo baa herb the most complete 

Opens Id Mdralaf. 

The Foyer BoqkBtSlll. 1- ft ul kocrwR, 
opens at tl A. M, and Stays open until the 
close el lis. era Din? n*rfonasn«, ap- 
proalmstely II r. SI. Tou don't ^>ny to 
get lh rttid you don't pay ro jrt out Tick- 
ets to thfl thrntn 1 are collected only si 
the Immertiate entrance- to tic andi- 
torltiTn. i 

Whet* did Mr, McLaughlin eet th* 

Idea of a book shop Iu connection »ilb 

theatrical performancefl? Lite others ot 

j Mr McLsuajhlln'R ioeoj., this la original. 

So far oa bo knows there is no such 

enterprise anywhere else In the world, 

I What was his idea in providing snr- 

| thing so idealist Ln? He aays ha had 6tv- 

| etui idpaa. Some are. material. Others 

[an- philanthropic. Msterially, the booR 

1 shop Is planned to nt people lain thi 

Imbit of dropping in to the Mciropoli- 

tnin Theatre. Th« foyer habit is easily 

Converted Into n theatre ha ML And thfl 

j theatre Is what Mr. M^Lausjaltn ia most 

viraJlj interested in, Another raljAQ 

! dVtre |h to prepare the publie mentally 

for tho higher type of drama which the 

McLaughlin rrpertnrj comptiij- cipecti 

tu present later In tha iressop. 

VffO Mot BBS- 

rhilojithropically, Mr McLaafhLin 
wmita to offer tbc people of Cleveland n 
place whrrs thry can enjoy good books 
co ra for tab I y. Libraries nraTt con fori ■ 
able. Book atoeea entail Lbs obligation 
tu pun-has-. Tli-0 foyer book stalls en- 
tail no obligation. Pcopts attcodEng Uir 
perfonnanco cane tarlj And read until 
the curtain rises. Tory Mad during the 
entr'acu. Or they may rsad all eve- 
ning, ctljoy the Duo-art and Boloiit wUcli 
provide muafcRl diversion la plate at the 
i muni c-rchestrsl aumbtrs and go feomc 
r: ■::■■- iu mind and equally u rich in 
] ■ i= r>!- an tbev Wore, wbeti they came. 

What is there to prevent pcoplo froni 
I :ik ins the boaka akqv? Sothint;. Ab- 
solute); nothiar. Mr. Mni^y-hMi has 
sufficient faith in hunun nature u> inilC 

his books to his patrons. Anyhow, hn 
bos'f. the only book that fj regularly 
■ lolru from ly«k shi'lves is Uie Bible. 
And sfl far as we- could *eo Mr. 
MH-nughlln has protected liimaeEf to ihs 
citent of fmittinr a copy of the Bible 
from bia ct1ienvi.ti? complete and uniqna 



Bottl« of Champagne Broken Ova 

Her Prow by Mra. 


Thp Byonphotiia, one of tbr nioirt besa- 
titul Imsts of its hind. The owner of 
which is Cbnxlos Hinging, at circuit 
fame, was taiLmgod ofe Siiturday niorn- 
Sng. Mrs. Hobart Rinj:linp. wife, of ih fl 
baritone, acted nn £*>dmnilicf, qnd made 
a torj beeiittul picturo. as, ^ i th an 
enormous bouquet of roWes in onp bund, 
ahf tfrok'" Llie Votfle of clisnipnpne, 

Mr. Itobcrt l'.i- ,.-!!:i.-.- thrn presseil the 
button ivhtch rvJesKed thr? Hymphoniit. 
The boat i* one hundred twenty feft 
long ami twealtj fcri wide. cnniaiuinR sir 
>.it- ;!■;■■ poosu, niii' -.i ;.;ri,- room, four tiatl] 
rooms, snvaiii; room, galley, a dining 
room and a tiriat room with Ffench 
doors between, rnhkens; It ptuBiIhH , to 
make one room forty fc^t long of th* 
t«o: ami a ecu m rami a ting iweniy-dvo pea. 
pit i including Uir orewl. The Sjmpboai* 
makes hftten ntilrn an hour. 

Lohg Your Fat, 

Keep Your Health 

Supertiuoia* flenh la not benitor, nellBei- 
I* it bealtby lq Out nr eserciie too mucPi 
for Us csiuoral. Tha afmpErsi n»etho4 
known for reducing tiie oT*rf*t i»ody easil* 
ind luadlly U the M«TnoLa Method, tr'rS 
and emtorsed by ihouaandu. Msrraols rr L -- 
scriptlftn Table: a eontaiq sn «act deae «1 
the (siUQiin Mtnaoiji rrescrlptlon, ami sm 

■Ollt 0T llrUgeltTS Ihe World prp F A t Olio 

dollar f ( ir a rsa*, They are barialeii and 
tclr* no wrinkles or T]ftiS>ljJq*M. 1'scy sro 
popular because elfn-tKe and convfiiieJ.ii. 
ap* ytiur druuglat rur ihi-m or aead price 
dlrtet to lbs Marmots Q£, W12 Wood ward 
Atb_ Detroit, Siich^ and »»enre a cats. 






mrrn chatterton 

«M*iivi >iv. Lq Tcndresse 







tt AVIP BEI.AfCO hMll 



im Cfcel alla>l «-nh *. has. 








'£"■ COHAN 


1%**.. ir-tT a tw Hmm. 
ntiT mat. TimmiftTW 
hjlx sraazL pnsntu 

- a ih* D r- 



■£fi TEMFOftABT HJSSAKB By ^^j^_ 

BEUSCO jjgi5SiS^Si. M g 

""M** I'lrt* Ob1'<«*« All K^ii*r- 

tatloaa-fcr,,, tkr Wildest." -TIE*! 
DAVIb BKI.\M-0 r-fn:y 





II DC n 1 I _tb* fcTi-it-e K-jiai a** 





ArOLLi 6 ' 

■ ■I1AI>1 ConselT Hit, 


IjAIIT 3 WEftK* 




get i.ip. ta>T ar. : t*. 
dri' M Hal* T^arw i»L 6*rl 



World's .LnwhlPH Hit 
Cm i.lo Hiu T*-i='* * IH. 11. 

tadil Halldir Hit. IMDft'V 

Holiday Mariurw To-mprriiTT, 

1 It Pip, F»imt. 

VrUfl I iU\t T" = w a Fir fig. 

"A Kimltnl 1Ilt- r *-T*l*ir»ni. 
Willie* EMIinli-<"f 


vtrrv CflE*dr, ■ 

!unl Vj Anllkor t Bun 

Holiday MKinrt To- 



. Irrinff Leuer and Michael Eoicn- 
! berj Will' Be Vice Preiident tad 
Secretary et Coapany. 


J. E. IHIIInr Will rroaac* L»w- 

*■! Lures-sir"— "Ro*rt» H«#4V* 

Wtll Of«n at t T rl« d*l. SO- 


LIFE lor Be! Lmcr la ■ srbolo pro- 
i*#**U"fi of happenings. on# mere 
Important [kin the vOin. F!i- 
Ijtcvt 44a! mi armttntiraitrd (J»U 
wrtk him] c«ii<«rfu thp fonaitisM of a 
nw ronmiDj, to be «Ilrt lh« PrinHpal 
Pirtww C*np*n«. itw eSlef porpow ur 
vfclrh will b« la hardl* prOdURlaii anri 
dialrlbutlon if matioa plcturd. 

AJaocUttd wflh Mt. L>H»r in hii en- 
trrtK-i*- will b4 Iriird: L*wcr ud 
M!tiul Itcwcilrtrf, thr former u '<(-'- 
pftsldrot uirl tde Tiucr u Mcretarr ■ = ■! 
rrrwrrfr S-l LrHvr btfd* th* argaiii- 
sitxm is prutdrat, H« pluu tc raiJn- 
uls t«4 oSkirt. «B B in Im AnfdM intl 
OH in the Ltwir BU(r BnOfifif id tkl* 
fltr. Inivr Lfiwr will be Id rtin> of 
tb« (tilTR offiM *bHt Mf. RMeubers 
wit] munjre tb« Cowt ijoirtrrt tnd k?«ip 
sn pjw An prodnrrJoru m wrll u on the 
urinr nf flnt-mTi ihrirrrc opcrttH by 
bin and hit MAAcUtei. 

SinultHntouiE/ wilb UinDuO«n«nt of 
Mr. Idrmr'i new cotnplnjr catin word 
that Dorotiir I'hilUps haa tatn ilinrd to 
amr ir> ■ **Tltn of plft»ir*i whicli will 
li- dUtrlbnlrd thrtrntli lndcprlld«at Br> 
cbttflcr*. Sho hai nlrrortj lirfllhwl 'Tbr 
World's n Htntr." Tbii uid thr btat 
Mitt r.ihrr phivTH jrnd dirpctor* »r» mn 
tn Join \hf i.i'iT.i'r (hronjc learfii on« to 
rhlbk tlif Mff Prini'lpnl Plftorrti will 
i:.!:-- tin nlnrc ■-n the mation plcturc 
liDrLcnu an «n impnTunt factor. 

Auotlmr Principal Pl^turw prcMjuctloii 
will be "Tlir Lait Unja nf Ponpril," 
starrfna JtvIhr (."umminiTR. Tbii piccurf. 
founded on Rulwr Lyltoo'i fpJrioua 
ttorj, nilE be produced on a pretention! 
r':"l". It i-ii" n»'[c anme jcara ago by 
(l«rsd ICIpfni* and hn pictorial quail- 
ilf-1 tbii lew itoHe* jKniAcaa, 


. WHEN ssraft^g 





l^v»:v' UWBLWOfUH-J 
inoni I0.3ft A, W. to MldlTila fc* , 

■ ami. r-ir. »«■ acCafc hm 

■ IRLEiftlT-lH. 


1 '"" ar-Hni - -: 


, i Tp-aorrow 




a^pfala Tacktt, Jan* 
M. li*llL+rlft* I *r.\ *u 
at lahaaiFk. iiart»i 

■ a DtCR . :<4nnr 
" QViwt*. 


Van A .unitM-K 

Apd Cfll.rlt. 


_^_ | fcrMi 

■rda VutL 


• Shrr- 


■-!, ■*■;■! l.i.i !i 

ft MAC'T. J' 


igPSU n., 


c ' rt T>iC lh1 "-- 1 '-" s t- B - r - 

Oj^mlnir Tn>nJ||fal at =.!."( 


PUNCH & JUDY l?£i:.J'..Sll:\t. t . 

gAPiTOTT^oid Homestead 

■ i 4) f*i. 

CECIL 11. ■VrMlM'.F.'" 


I lli-lfhrin 

A P 




■Thr Tmvr In tbo Tom— 

■llh t.lnhrl llarri mnr* 

A Pars -.ic-jnt PittHT4 

H're-ii contwi nrebaMfa. 
1oi*t 16 'Af Ri;-4?J| Nam" 



Bichard B*rthclm«» 


SS Ih>1«fa.t«| jr«m Enropb Will At- 
ttufi American Legion Convert- 
, tion it 5ew Orleini. 

Coating Mi the French liner L« Lor- 
^siffn, dtic to arrhe it Quarantloa to- 
daj ara twiniy-iiree (i*>fan;i from 
acTKaVj^urVDaari coantrlea who aVe to at- 
tend Pie eODTentioe Of tb« Jul* -Allied: 
Vt:* ri -j FedleratI-»Ei at New Orlein*. 
Oc^bet 14 and IS, berort Lb* becUnLai; 
of ib« -Aujtfkaa L-tfloo Corftptfon Id 
'"■■-■<.: city oq U-ntda? Dexu 

A kaajajnajj romnktee of tbe Amerkaji 
L^r-Ta will leare tbe liitit-ry tbia aara- 
".-45 on the dtjr boat Ma eon to 
SaWejjatea. at Quaraatlne and 
Bp tfer hafbor, L*adio( tl 
a proceKloa will B> formed 
Leffaa Titsftni and wid 
, __o*dw»j to City U*l| where 
. ^ilaararea win he r,r<*ent*J to Major 
j vmm...A,Bt*i the parade ir.t! paaa up 
'l **••?# and lien ro it* f'enotyl- 

. r»iw4s^tfc»*rt 

— -* - if nrn" * 

T«nf* atatloa, where the rleltom will 
Jiiinn! a »pevi:i! train for Waitinctda. 

In n'tehltiston tbp fi.u#;cn delqcalni 
tvIU ba nreaentrd to Pr^ident Eiardinjr 
at tbt wiiita Hon*o and liter v.*it the 
arare of the andairwti s-jldi* qt Ar> 
HnftoD CemeterT- i'rom WaBhinjlca 
they will go dOectij L* New Orleaoa, 


T, R. Vawauill and r,r. e. T. Dr» l H + 

itaonc FbcI Ptn'rn, 

IBi^follrf K«» r T*. ■■■---:.:■ i TlMtnihk 1 

WASHINGTON. Oct. 10.— PreaJdent 

Hirdlnc (o-dar announced the^foMowinr 
z?.*mbtr*h:y at the fact-find in a; roa| ■•^m- 
ttiNloo wbleh will in* estimate Lhe twin 
■.wl ]cd'.J*(r.[-i: 

Jobn VVf' Hammond -of ITalifotnU. 
TboBM -TlPey >HnbaU. fwrnerly Vie* 
E-retident; Jnd£r EnjUjaaaJ Aladnilrr, law- 
yer, of Cblcaso: Clara: Howell, editor 
of lie A tin. Bt* ConatitnHofl: Georce Otla 
Faii[h. director at ihe tiwioairal S(f7*cT; 
Dr. Edward T. Derine of New York 
ClU. prof»*aor of ■o*iolmty. and Chariea 
I". -Ne-U of lEUftoli, C-nnrmLsMonc- of 
Labor ander rreaident RooeerdL. ,* 


PMoeielatf V«ael*w-tll* Act Pmaik 
Ih-tl«i> Falii, 

Tiaicttrinf a new raudeniie act In a 
^ttnaaicps at EB Weet 116ih atreet 
yfttnlty aftanuofi, Frank e-bae^iir, ,Vj 
jrtti old. an acrobat, fell b-eadlinc [o 
thr Wopr from a heiybt of aerera] feet. 

Hli left *ide waa paraJrseiL Ba wm 
taken to Harlem Harpital in a aaaiou 
cocdlrJoti. fbaaetie 1a a rocaaber of a 
trio hilled %u Kelbr, Bocara &. Kcilj, 
TAudatilJo pcrfc.-mu-A. 



Hurtig-'i Mrtbologkal Fantastic I Police Commissioner Tellt Oepi 
Berae at Columbia Mast Mas- ■" They Must Pity Big Part 

sitc GLSd EstraTS^&iit. in CAmewifn/ 



Tknn ij PI.ttIj r-:tM 


Kb* rtllt piny nn« of * h* prlnnlpal 

j "'!!>, In "LatVlnl<'«n,." Icr <t 

i pr-jflncfd tiT J, E. DrirlatDnr nlih 

I nn nll-itln* rail. 

■ eiec'itii'n branded It n« "bnok"-— puT»" 
i K.I simple, ^Ir Ijiakj' went a it^p 
| BMtbse a^d tel^araiihed e.n r-mphatlc rf^ 
' rial of lhe wry—fa that In tin I. 


^n On 

iretlnf of 

The ■n-*r»ly mreilni of the Theatre 
Qwnen' Chamber of CoBfimerce joater- 
day wai niven ci-t to a diacuaaion of 
the now Eamoua Ilijs eoiitracL A r#- 
Haed clana*, tynp*#ted bj the prodnoerf* 
attoro#>*. K-ai under diaeuMkin. It haa 
tn do With arbtlmtion and depoait and 
ronieqaradj la one "f the high. Ilajita In 
the equitable -:"rim- : i. It laoka %trf 
much aa If n latiifanarj arraaBemeut 
«II1 tn made, providing, ul eour*e. Sen- 
ator Jamra J. Walker rite* IlIa ap- 
prova] to ih" ctauar — notlimp i» cvrr 
IfC") in eiblbi^ar circle* without benatnr 
IVilkrrl if. K. AoTwaj TOterday lie 
pnwera thai be aJI amlle^ approvi) on 
The contract, ao It mcrii tie end U In 
cjaht. for which every pne ahould bo duJj 

Firai.ianT BMtt "Lawfil I.ire«nj." 
"I^awful l.arrrnv ' haa at laat been 
mid to nuke a motion picttire. J. 1-;. 
'Hrulftu-ur li lie Durcburr of tfaia price, 
whlrli bae been ronildered one of tie 
tuoat dealrah> of the reevnt j/liy* ri« 
"cenfa belnt mpecrallj adapted for the 
j.'.t^*:i The deal ■ •,% conrummaied 
Lbroufb (ht offorti at Jlj'irjr* KerrcuM. 
who ripreacnied^AamiQel tftupman. the 
omhor, and A- il IVomli. tie producer. 
While Hope Itanptoo will hjv f thr lead- 
tng K-oflun'B roll-, lie t>nc Uarcaret 
I'l'f'^c create^ on the atatr, *bc mi] 
not bo lUrred. Mr BnllBt»ur plana to 
make "I.anfiil Larceny'* a bin apecial 
with in all-Ptar xaat. The director will 
be «r!rcted aoon, aa uni! a* ibe coojparjT.' 

To Mtenrt c-hit-ajo *p*-nir. K . 
October fa hai been definite!? aetLled 
upon aa the opening of "Ilobb Hood," 
DooB-laa F*irbank*» new iiicture, at tbn 
l.j-Tft, Of enurpr, Ll«a| and Mary m ill 
h» there; In fact, they plan to mke in 
nn mnrj- liret-nfrhia of "Jtnblti Hnod 1 ' 
m they eao, When It teaches Chicago 
on October m toe f will both be at 
Oeorjre St l.ob*ii a Optra Ho«ae to ftfn 
tie fana i thrill and periffaally to nee* 
how the pletura goe* u vr r . Tnfnrtunate- 
lj-, October )fi, lhe date "Robin Hood" 
reach*! 1.0a Ange'^i, comra ion near th* 
Chicaco onenljiff, eo ihc Conn "will hars 
to worry alon^ irlthout Daub anil Mary. 

r>n Thflr Watf 'iti-.»t. 
Nen- York lctr» two mure encrjon pic- 
ture penpooajtra to-daj. m lien Hti«n mrf 
Alabet Dallln atart for the W«M Chil 
Tbiry are imicift to rallfoenin to main 
"Vanity Fair/' antf «ince Tiacieroy 
wmic a InftB ttorf when be decided to 
create llr^y ^harr>r and Amelia Sedley. 
they wtll probably remain In thr Oa'dcn 
Weat tome dej«- Mr. Biltln witl chooM 
hia n«t 10 luppofi Mi--. BlLlin irhen h« 
reBClin lie Lvul 

BOaton HlMa ia ihc OccaaloB. 

Boatnn for;ot -.r- crnaorabJp troubiea 
Alontla]r nit-fat and conevntrated on D. 
W, tirlfftth** sow pjeuir#. "One Excii- 
ln( Nlcbt. 1- Wlrb D. n\ hLmaeir o 8 
hood. In •«; nothinr; of Carol Dampner, 
Porter rStron? and Mr. and Mr* Albert 
lirey, the occ**ion na- nuada a ape- 
cfal trent- The tirwepapcra pafd 
Tril.-iu to Mr- Urifflth'a lateat picture 
fend bnndtd it ao maoj bouo,neta that be 
it rettirnin: to NtW York aatiafied 
Trenuint Hall will be filled darlae th* 
run of hia plcttlr*. 

Vm-mitT D«Blaa Bei art . 
No one waa greatly exerted off: tha 
report puhllahed In two ftA«tpi(wr* laat 
week tbit Ado1[4i Sukor Cod Jrii* 
Laakf fajd «obk to a p-ri.&k- of tbe 
waya. and that M!r I<aakj would nnlta 
with «ome other compan;- Sii.l. iwhn 
or tbia kind hare a way of bafnt re- 
peated and rfirtrfd upon. Oitr MX 
Famoua I'tajen-LaAltj aferj out of the 

ntlilrm Home T" 

I Harlur arranced wjfll Aafoebtted Klrat 

j Nfetionil for th'- cii-.-r- ,-,f <\,.-. «. r .n..> 
j ling plcturr, June Marfiu It rttu'tilnc 
' to California lo-dav to : r.;-, -.-. , -l ab 
her thiftt. Lflrrt Trlmbtr. who p [0 
dncrif ibr»w dojk fiinis in conjunction 
with JBai Murfib. hm alrro.iy preceded 
her t» the com. 

Will KDKrn to fa>*nk. 
Th" Associated AdTcrtlxeTi of Mition 
Pletorea will have a fgl| a«a«i»n at their 
neii wawaJjr luncheon, ataal Rnr+r* 
pr»mUR>« fal be- the curat id" b*B"r md I" 
tulk to the boid in "What I Know 
About AdvpTtiainir." B:» friendat aaj it 
i* Lvni''jcrab«e. kca enemln ar- not u> 
sure — that in if ho haa anjv rnrmi*». 
Anyway, the membeia look for a irent 
and hope to fi&d Mr. Roc^ra at hii hear 

l**T»t tar rh* Coaat. 

Bernard Edelhunt, boy or«;t.- of tbe 
Theatre Ownrn' Chamber of ('addiw, 
ia !e*iinir New York :o-daj f«»r a tt«it 
to the Conai. Loa An;»>i pspTa pleaac 

I. -r.-- r.h l-.'.w B«|, 

Despite th* mia yf jntrrday Amaltn- 
mated Exchange* uf Amerira. a very 
new film omcecn in nnr uiidat, beaan 
work *t tlie 1-onpajiy'a amrjio in N»w 
Rochelle. Tie flret picture nn tbe pro- 
irraoi Bi.*f(*ae Madotina in t'baina," a 
near nook. Cfanaeai Lt imtf-jt'; Hiq 
charnciera on the tcircn ar* E. K. Lin- 
coln, ItnSial Man»field.. Mra. Roilolph 
Vnlentino, W. H. Tooker. Mutlun t!a«- 
lup. Baby IVejfjr Rjcr. Loon WllIlBma 
and Bessie Alison- The laat u-n an> 
colored perrormera w^n knov-n In vaude- 

Back Prom Enropa. 

Ciftrlen Crban ii» atrnin hnck nt his 
doik At l*rbnn In el:- in-. In-inatoii-on- 
Hudaon. after a -n weekn' iHp to En- 
rope — and hi« Citflnldh jouracy arroaa 
the Atlaulic. All Itn- t'rban proji-cta nr« 
Fathered at Irvingf-on. Tho office* and 
Inborauirj which wvpftil ihn nineteenth 
floor fu the Masonic Dnildini. a!«iithnv. 
eau*. and Twenty-third ntrpet, have be«li 
I reoioi-eil to the Irvliiftrm plnnt. Citjr 

Ioffieea will H maintained in ihr- Edr- 
den Buildinc in the fir«nd Crtitrnl dLi- 
trld, but the mijgr part of the bi( L'r- 

■ han orcauUatlon will be. housed hence- 

■ Ef.rlli At 3 rviriKtuii. 

At tlaa HlvaLl and RUIl'v. 

Wllllajb de Mitlta production, "Clar- 
ener/* with Wiilnrn Reid, Aajaajt Ajraa 
and May UcAvny in. ibr leadlnr rolej. 
haa h»a acleeted for preaentatLoa at lb* 
RlvelJ Theatre next Sunday. ■ClBrcPOr,'" 
It will ba recalled, kiu bat of the moat 
■uoreaaful auxv comedlea br Booth Tark- 
laiton. Clan. Brrarigrr wrole :!■.- 
aceuario of "Clarence" and the auppoftvnf 
cut Indude* Ratblym Willifluu. Adnlpli 
Mealoo. Edward MartindaJc. Bertram 
Johna, Robert Ainew, Iiorotby t;ordon 
and UBrmr !v:!--> 

At tie Eialto Hujo Rriacnrelrl wUI 
hare 'The Cowboy and tie. Lady." a 
picture of tie Cljde Fitch play, directed 
by Cbarlea Maijme,, neit Sunday. Th" 
acanario waa wrUten. by Julicn Jo*eph- 
won. lb lhe cast aupportini M|ajj lOajajf 
and itoore are aerepat >crr<-n fa*oritn. 
lncludlns Patricia Painter. VLola Dnm*>. 
Robert Scbable, Gits OUier, Leonard 
Oaphant and Rebert Mack. 

A Lin* of Two. 

A well known member oj tie ineJuetrf 

'Tie Sim induatfj - wanta ererj man 
and woman to Rfieier ih:i trevk, (=r;- 
tidibe. of eoaia>. he or »he imam to 
vnte In the war a 100 pet^ crnL motion 
picture person ahooJd do. If net. never 
mind ffha.nt tie KCtstcrlna-. We have 

CQDIlth llicktfi DOW." 

Bcaa#a Varjr rrvai inirtint He«'.oci 
lo riiftn Vrnkip *nC AU Ac* 

\\. -•■-: lt»lBf. 

By TjKO. "' 

Jo* Hdlilfa hew 103228 edition of 

tie Bijt Woo/lrr lUllia. apilj deficed, ac- 

cordihE ro peocraim + > m i iho|n*Sca! f*n- 

taatie rcme," ai tb' ■ ■ lumbia this week. , 

rnnipriV OBe Of lluriic i heal A&d I? 

leallj' li* ftuMt tna**! 1 " 80*1 extrtca- , 
fane of all bia »hr.»«. Sirmpturmslj 

equipped U It it ■ ifh [irettv l-TT-ir 

af/reta and n»ltimr>. ti is further BBBr 

belJIlhed Wilfc ■ L-il nf rirh rmqrttlr 

anenea. many bi(h rliw sprriultin and 
fcneful number* Joe Hume, the mas- 
tar rnjfld. with the auiiianre at Billy 
K. Walla, who wrote or. rather. rwa m aH 
A (ea dkaVtefl Ip th' Imok; Marty 
Scmon. who "lajted fba u-me*. nad Bra 
BernBBd, jho pntduced the rniemblcs, all 
diri their work wttt * 

BUI*. Foafer Jiti'l Frank Harwnrt, 
feitnired reeentfic fun>.n m. arr f hi- fnurt- 
dation for tie IbobIl*. MiJ.-ir-d Crc:!. co- 
reatured Bl the prima jontuj, is lb* vocal 
hit of ihe enat. ami link 1>iclle .\rub 
Nvi, (!»•■ asoJbfMtti h <h p 4aTtffwlf mar- 
vel or rt,e ahow. 

In Miaa Cecil. burJi-atiin- «rnld unie a 
hard time lliniine o Stfpofks aopxlmo. 
Not only hue Ufa* Mlldmd a rr*nnnniT 
of proftpiihi'i'il liri!;iiiiirv jinrt rrfiaed. 
iin.Jj ■ . I. m itlie i* ot tlir name iIttio. 
tiBlttrd N«IU il with *i ri'tnorkahlc j>er- 
sonnUty and .< -li^l.vir.r that stands nut 
of ihr nrfi.i- uf tin- bUa *iih, KaaderftJ 
dbniatQM, t'liFter liim rr-nnoii pi laird the 
comeiJy helm n, tIm 1 ftarlfl *cene.-s 
hi n llnrtii," elm* rulli'd ib" Bowecy 
ltnrleiH|ii(krr. Now In- Imk lie cu-opern- 
tion uf thr i-rrctLj- nnn.iuirl. who boa 
dropiied >■■:: at '■••■" prriioua bi'kum 
iin-UnKit uiirj v. , irk.. Mirni'uhitt ilifferentlv. 
It If ilwibttnl. bnwavtT, if Che inirtli- 
mnliltis ability of r^OftH mi AM cimody 
of '!:■■■ *hu»- is tiuf raneh nior^ ncnEth- 
eneil. If aii>i||iuc lire- iir-- pist nn many 
loun'ta in (he mjl 'Si i-.Im1< u with Foa- 
!■-- In hta nrhitir mufciriE arid amnaiae 

ejiCuLitiuna slirir.d ^' numilj hlill'-m wiiU 

uarcnitrt on a fifry-fif ty ba^ti. Thit 
riiiOiinutlre Kutclle la « livnlj. ajrile mite. 
In tier i|i!"i.. of nfr"hrj*ir. niltur* ahe 
iloe* Huniuij ituiHi-T. i|itii&, rttU-oiers, 
lnftdslirlPfai hiah kith*, et cclra. with- 
•lut apparent effort. 

(jeorjre Huaa i.> '•;•* a n in the comedj 
with a x^o>I Hehrew in^ke-up. dialect 
and nuoncri*UU> <ii*orj;e ikwca like a 
!>ls leaguee i-vpiedain ]>r»r>iuiLiJon r Martj 
SfKiin effects a capable sTrairhi. thronjpi 
bin excellent MejihiMoi-elea character. Hart *n Frm* Li and Spanish char- 
aetrr f>I" waa ne*et tw*t beWef in 33rr 
life than |n thia ahow. Where real art- 
itsa: tneaiil much for the iucctii of a 
aaajH MU* Hart'* effoeu were i-oq. 
spiesio-Ja^ Other t»rin,dpala are Ben 
Spencer, <;i-*irjre Ail-ar!±i. Julia ftarck 
and kay and Klorenrc. 

Ptom JaBjraatat to sbtbi'j tnin, 
Th' afaow op-n» m att it* iplector with 
a picturraue rifW nf a jtfttc preaim^d to 
separate Heaven a&d eaTth Mici^trait- 
Roar preaidei nrn thr itiSuqi! in the 
*«ic of tbe iKeTll vrratie Foster. To the 
infernal region* i« the next «rop ivhero 
Rr)| and Frank bnd imh joUi an alnw- 
elms coal and ■ kaniop ial» &• Ibcl- \ 
Htior. Then ihc rfr.iuiBtitm is Queen 
•>f Nhfl>a * thrmie with MiM Cecil, a 
dream In while, dircctiojc the operations 
of ao imponine; eonri and her priuripal 
atteiidanu. Foster nod Harcourr. oflioa; 
lice- »U,yofi 

The tr-cooil half ■■arts a: the plnoel 
Veins*, all!) another bright antting and 
nnt' nbich irae ilisi-hw.-o after a tmnv- 
ramii- idi-a of an a^'eat to the akc_ The 
|iaih j|li>ne the milVj way in pared with 
a funni ^illr.'itti'i uf incidriiii emanating 
frtifo the I limmflaii a ■ ■-.m'i;- ■c*siOnn 
with Fay, I'lorrnre and Libv, inebrtated 
■•'.■I, the T.-.-ii. hi-.! milk cxtrained from 
the eww'b boms, tn the (Jtrdcn uf Eden, 
tip next ;.-i [;■ . there ii more tmoteiiSF 
perpetrated hy 'Ariain" Hnrcniirt. his 
ri*-al Foat't bh(3 -l',f" Mildred, ThK 
fin jib- ia itafred rlEbJa Madame Cecil 
I Jti Barry's lunufblr, rlt borate find |ji-e- 
lenrlnns with ita tnlhiiri dirncep hj the 
rntlro eampBtil and.. rxei'edLnglr hnmor- 
iiilS. for ejie<-iif Inner HaroOttrt'e Ule at 
im Krandfarbcr'a walk t» St LouiH. enry 
pmrftlnji Jjeftrta tjrrik&irt to the awed 

9iX variety acta brjtan with p'osIpt. 
HftrcoUrt and Senmn in fooictly and mel- 
rAtjr versions. Kay and Flnreiwe, two 
c«(* Hirttet*. hlemled voice* nicely and 
seorOd fnrthrt In eolo reiiiJUlons of four 
nlra rmbr ant: it fltilr reiiiTtOlre nf melo- 
dim. Ttie liaorf* Humid irnnpe cf six 

UTOllBf nr.-lllii'il :i Tflrrtl nftipplHUSe f( 5 F 


rnairiuan, «f *. V. Cwoaaalttaa lo 

LriKD [lea in i br Ae*ia*«vt, Call* 

for ."irLini of t'lltaana. 


L the!r marri'loni tiniihlinv. «pnn« and 
pyramid fW&Utietia. Foster, Han-ourt 
• ml Misi Eleirt were enjoyed for their 
'■SomTbocly I. Ikes What You Don't." an 
odd Inspiration. IwMilSBBa&ttd hi Bill's 
nasal cornel iniitrttinn. MIm Nack'n too 
dafliHot itrenKihentd matrrinlly tbe roin- 
uex' series. Spencer add Rose put over 
a few eones. invokpd iRttEbtcr in confer- 
Rntio(L*l chbtter aiiil iincoTked aome rev- 
elation tntrieaite ■:- :- -^ that rearstprad 
for liem the renuisii.- "rloL" 

Pootea i::"i iVioilni Bracket*, 
Jean [*■ Yea. Kilty O'Connor. Irene 
Hen*. Muriel Curtis. EW i^arinR. Jean 
Richard*. Vad Wiiitnw. Lather Brandon 
and Ml!:,-- Koy proved a nimble set of 
pnnic la the frost Hoe of an altogether 
eo*h| looking and nell-ilriltcd; cbonw- 

S-n. ■-: and Mjss Cecil's dwet of "Weai, 
derful ITirl" naa ihi> first sonjr to in- 
voke henry. reencnUioD. other rocal 
Irejta nrfp "Jost Becatiae They 4 "all Me 
1'iBj, "lour tyiH Have ToW Me So" 
and ".VUbtrra.'" hy tie m'lodioi:* Mil- 
dred, who »|*o ted "'Apple of Sly Eve."' 
a number ihai inrmduced the m'rla eepre- 
a — ntiitat an a"*orancnt of fruit. 

lu THxJeland" 3l'4l Sack revrnled 
h'r athletic ability ri-lic from the fcrRn- 
tiinfi From then on it was easy siiiinr 
fof K«ipII-. In "MusJal Tonical" and 
in "A labs ei " -he waa ably aupftorted by 
lh« niTt.v vrpsirhorran ahliity of Spencer 
and K»je. There »■■ nothing tbia team 
did with tbeir feet, tiottch, that tie 
rlever KneSlr- couldn't follow. r tt the 
remainder of lhe dltiln were such oth*t 
liil-biln as "Anytime." by Fay and Flor- 
ence: 'Ain't Like II Caed to Wa*. v a 
comely eem. hy Hareourt: '"(ieorsette." 
by ilia* Havi: "G re th P DeViT HU 
Du*V by Semon; "i«oi)iherD Silea." by 
Mi-* Fay, who poawrwed unit* a aweat 
coloratitrji viprano. and n series ot 
Mother (kma* Honaa hy the ponies [n 
duo* to lend oolur to lie milky *ij up 
to Yeaua. 

The pnrt of the police In the drive, for 
aaJety ^as hr^usht out yeeterday by 
Police CrtmratasHTer llicbard E. En- 
rrjbt. when he addrcswrd aVenii \.t*A> 
tiniformedl mrmhera at thr department 
at t«iriie(»e Hall yesterday umnnnl- 
Owlnp to infiltration Oaj. the attend- 
icrv <>u inni'wbsi Rmallee than tia 
('ommtssionrr had espeeted. He uraed 
thoae present !■• repeat rhe Inaieurtion* 
be issued fmm tin platform back tn 
Lbeir station houses and to aeqaaint 
their fellow patrolman u ith thrni 

"Street safety is itricily a polio* job,"' 
cjtid the Commimlaner. "Wc haw if 
compiiabrd wonders in the put in recu* 
..*.:: -z traffic, but V eood aa w« are them 
ia adil more that we i-ir Aa. 

"L>etroic and 8l. LouLs. fol!owins 
safety ratapo |bbhj such as w# are hiTing 
(hj.« nreek in til'" rlty, rerinced the nuiR' 
hpr ol fatal accident* on the stieet hy A 
Larue P'lrentfljti-. The |*oL|ce Uepart- 
menl i-r Llim cilT. with thr mppori of 
lhe nftabthe behind it as it hnw has. otllht 
to be able lo mOkft even a letter show* 
inj Ihjin lie*' t»0 cities. 

■\Vc must heat I'clreil ahd tt. I-ouls 
nnd I want ench of you men peraoivally 
to co from this hali with that object nn 
rour Btnl- Tbe department will stand 
i'l'iim: ran nuil j:i»c ytrH everj' uoaisi- 

Perinnil Toacb t'ouuti. 

"It l« the iio^Bdnn] iniipi that rounts. 
Ult* juilLrenian enti do tiiorr tn aav«j ths 
lives of little children en the atrerta of 
N*w York thin ji inn el llteniliire. I 
uni ■■■■■■. , i'i l - nnd eren drmandlntf tbnl 
ev#rj! poli'*e gtni^er flhe It his personal 
attention while on pasii in aJdition lo 
tninp duors, «topi>ina dia^rder or rejrii 
latins' trjific aod add tbia rule: 'Public 
swfetf i" to be jrajuj' Irst CnfujaeB,' " 

Memliem council of the Merchants' 
Aeso'iittcm of New York ibvw a lun- 
■ boon yeahtntajt at tin- Hotel Aator at 
nhlib Ai-riiffHt prevention »■■ disninsed 
■"--■- i i liniinhi point or after, and for 
ihe pprlnr-einsiil of measures which mill 
redi'o ih. wasteful ln»* to p-i. iuftiv- 
ithrietiri 'ti-i il bj jccidetitn in »»v 
^ork rifj_ It wa« the Tirst meetitit of 
tbe members vv^tiul of the season and 
"us presided over br Alfred K. Moms, 
tbe neiv viairman of tbe cuuncil. The 
speakers nere Judce Elbert K. Gary, 
cbnirnjan of tbe puhlir safety (ommi|t«a 
for Cireater New York, and Mama A. 
How. director of aofety of lhe New York 
t'cntral lunes and also presidem uf tha 
National Safety Council. 

J*sUB« s.?.rr 9s>*a,ks. 

Id bia addrenkS Judas {im?} said in 

"The numb*r of scrinus pr'ientable 
aocideiits ever* day ihroufibout tfaia 
country is apnaJlinf : and because o[ ad- 
ditions ia. populatlnri *».■; . »i:i(«-*ri»in m 
movement the number m inrri-iuiu^. not- 
« iiL>;j.'".!iii» siTirk has be^n i^Jtie to pre- 
sent Tier* should lie o>ii*iuutIi rune 
lu tie »nr.« <<■' eseey livinc man, woman 
end ehibf: 'lywk out for accidents,' 
iwsnr (et hnrt,' "lteh't faun others.* 
'1 "i-n ; be tiniie-bili u , i >on'i be i-crc- 
lc?a." There ihoold be palmed »o lamp 
posts and pavemeata at •treet i-imers 
or other consplruous places the woeria, 
'Beware of accidenia.' 'flafety •-.'■ ■ or 
other sufficient warning to all sLu an 
exposed to ilsnerr . and besides' every 
moan_-> of |iren-ftt]an should be adopted. 

"In the blithest spirit of tfevo[|»n to 
human wrlfjin 1 nnd loyalty !<• rfnjn I ry, 
we shall not be lacking in nuhiniaim 
arsd ccneroniiy in jrivinE' our lime and 
money coom^lcnily and rontjiiunllv until 
■■"■ ve thai the maximum nf safety and 
r)..- minimum tt preventable accidenta 
ha,ve been i-i-arhod.' 

Snlfl> l>rlve JPrsrClnl, 

Mr. Pow. in his nddress, rclerred lo 
cbo fart lhaL :i.-4S:i ;- i ■■ -i.-- nere killed 
by ait-idem in the city of New York (P 
tfrjl. CoiHitmiOE. br said, lit part: 

"It ia bail cuouel) thai fiiKi pernona 
of iw.y ngf Of stuiion in life sboull 1>0 
Micrii'in'-il on the :i! oT trarrleasneaa in 
1 sipjfli- vrur, but ivh*0 we "top to con- 
sider that I.0H of ihosn killed were 
L-hildren nadcr fifteen ynan of aae, nnd 
that, our of that oiimhee, the lives oT 
,"J"'"' little bnt>es uader fire years 
nf Uift- were cruelly Jiud rclriitlcBBly 
f-nnffi-'i out by painful Injury, It is time 
for us '" rUe up In juat lnrl)l|rnalJon 
And ejCL-lalm: 'Thth rauaot go On— let us 
tret together, put a stop to it and wipe 
nt this bint upon tho fair name of our 

jrreai city.' 

first ChinE that jnu practical 


ill '.-■•: Is' whether a 
safety campalicn is north while- — 
tvliether it will nctnally prevent nccl- 
ilenis. Thr answer in yei— If properly 
orS^ni'H aud t'nasdUCWdt !t wilt. t>nfety 
work is n'i longer nn experiment. It 
bas beta demonstrated in thousnnrls of 
ladhAtrial plants, on the railroad*, and 
lu scores of communities, that safety 
work if pm-tiral and that i safety cam 
pnicn with the ri;bl kind of leadership 
and Orrtnttntiou will prevent accident!. 
1; will conserre human life. \\ %\]t[ 
inrrease efficiency ia lodHstry. tt will 
reduce ocoDomic waate. ]t will miBi- 
mire hortuin suffering." 

Fnllonipg Mr. D«w'i speetej. Chair- 
mi-i M.-irf'.nr said no formal BCtioD 
«nuH be taken at the Inncheon r»tative 
to the measase conveyed hy both lie 
■ prmkrra. but thai carfa member srenld 
take away with him tie inspiration tfaey 
had received, which la tee would be eon- 
verted iom deed* that WMU materially 
add to the results of the safety rar-.i 

■ « i.niimie i rroaq FlgC 1.) 

which she [•, Hkld lo exorl moat of her 
older coatem;iorariei of the franc) opera 
-|jte. Jobit Mi-t'omiAck admits thai 
hU daughter is -oe of the beat Mimit 
so ever heortl. mid be is said to bavra 
protplied to -iu B K.rfiolfu to her Muni 
'before be t- t.i jrnrt oli." He farai 
tuo yean Mi in nhirb to fulfil that 

The celHrn of Mct'-irvnaek: haa evoked 
a general demand for c-ocert tiars- and 
hia managers, t barle* F, Wagaer and 
J*eno|!i h. IliiPaiiissj bo;e t<» Indue* 
bim |o exienj faj* ,riiv -.n the I cited 
States. Florenr Wtffofl. Jr„ yestenlay 
radlorraphr-i tbe ranaasas n-im-r ao inriu- 
tion t«. atfend t.mirhi - i^rformincr jf 
lis "Follies." suj Ih- ■-:.! u 3 , ,,-repted;. 
lli-Termack. fnlh mtor-tl - . "-faith an<l 
voeajtlew, will be tb- bine,*- mest nf 
Mr /.irgJeM |bi» eneniag it be has t« 
cOme nauori' in a ruwb>st- 

Wosi4errvl Mntfrti Qb:im--i-, 
Tie Chamber aaaude Society n f s ia 
Fraurfseo, a *irnj and reed ^uiotot'e of 
already famoin players, jvapHasslJ mad* 
a aigfial success in their first New York 
ippearan. r Th* '^rraniutfon haa never 
beTore adventured fiii-thcr East than Chi- 
cago, but the enthusiasm shown hy th* 
dlsllnguiahed audience which treated 
them yesterday at Aeolian II,]] ihonl'd 
tntke them anneal rLiiia&ta to Saw 
York Elias Heehi. wftu fonnded and 
developed ih.s fldtuir4blo.j.nii[i orchestra, 
appeared yesterday ae thr flutist in Mrs. 
«, H. Ay Beach s "Theme and Varia- 
tion* tr>r flut*. ai.d stent iuar:ette, xit- 
in« Ibis intrre*iing r..n»position iu> nrat 
[H-riorTtianct- m New lork aud dih-luaing 
ttie hohle nnuiic aiii-bn, and tcebpirai per- 
leetloi, „f ,h£ nnariett.; tu Lie (.aLir* m- 
NfiCUOn nf fie 

The quinrt w„ i rar d tt it, best. 
«h* » i-" "petuiiij number. Beo- 

•I-m / , rm l "" J '-- •Pti" 5B. for ,lnnp. 
Tbia ideal i.-bicli- r,. r j string wSaJtls 
be- moat perfertly rfjstrtbnted an 1 "" ly 

M Lellisi Walter F-mer jitnl of L«Um 
r-eraii.Bcr, ttt»t -loUni LouEa Fn rij , tPr ^ []d 
VjoJlD, and A.timn FinironVfl vb-lu. 
Ibla Jewel L f kon.mrr mutik ha^ wldoni 
v V. wr , V ■ lk, "* p J f«P'Byed in New 
York and I hope Ihere wf-re plenty uf 
» '-i«!'H* nnrl ptttrtUJl of tJie Bee thy yen 
Society ihere to | l( . ar | t . 

Iliis h!-illii,ht ..rKnnixiiLinn from Sau 
r rrmr-iicti t>M l.v "luiniK-jied-' j Ilt o rhiii early 
enguKianfit or tha new season, nod oslt 
(Itrnuglt thr enferprlMO of Uie Arthur 
Jildson coiici n oimtagcinriii. u-hub piund 
theni ihr hi S hii "f th.- rtcooi PittafWd 
masic festival wtken thrj_ were inducted ' 
[\™b[t "e****! f&orts of Un, 

The itrikinr: sjmmeicj. beauty and 
Hisimcmm „f ji-strrdiy', brief concur! 
at Aeolian Hill hhunld meisn m U ^y pjuro 
i-liita here, but 1 Wtdantajid tbaL tliii 
Hiiperlniiie quartet Li tn such ffrent ile- 
laauil an (he PbcLHc Toast that they mill 
bat.- few upiKirtunities to retrow tbe 
enntineni eren for the reclime uf Broad- 
way. They ejirted their brilliant program 
mtanaj with li«Lncnyi'i. Qiiartet '- 
h-flat major, ibe Bmianto finale lo- 

Peanrl* •tl"in- Rreltal, 
Francis Moore drew a fine and np- 
probaUve audience to hii piano recital 
at Aeolian Ball las: evening ac d delight- 
ed his bearers artth a genuinely dis- 
tinguished delivery of MourtV F-majWt 
aonata. The Bach fantaaie unil fqcua 
**d the ft-hsunann ctudn, with which 
he coarfiidcd a rather dl versified Hat, 
showed tlie youthful anist at his best. 
He dn-w upa B Bach. Dcbusay. Chopin 
pod Moxan and, is usual, displayed a 
versatititr not eacelleil bj sny other 
jnn.'i Americaji pianist. 


TrwBoc v isdaet W III » c Bollt to 
P«rli Aimii, 

nornucb I'roidrm Julim Miller an- 
nounced i-eatrrdar thm nrgotlatiocs. with 
the New York Central Railroad fof *h- 
opening of Hepetv place, it the Ursnd 
t'eoirsl lervninsl. to sraffic, and the coo- 
m ruction of a traffir viaduct In conneet 
with Pash areinie. ha* been completa.-d 
He said he «on!d *irhnsit the pjfan to 
the Board nf Intimate and ApporfJon- 
tneeit in s areeai or tsro* ih" deity being 
occasioned by hi^t indecinjori as to 
whether he nil] sul-mit tbe plan with 
his recommendation for the coauderatJoii 
of the Iroaeil or »lihout remmoitodation. 




At TOs-pfttwEJ-Trn.Es— n nta 

Oidot and Moat Reliable Used Car 

Concern in New York. 

E*!abliahcd in 1S99. 

rnm r.«i™i3or..: Eiuninsiiiin, n* ;■>.-'.. 
".iHaiiMMLw Tr.fled. 

A Fine Stock of Winter Can. 

aim Op«a i ;..;,■ 

-X\C* i'i :■ < -.'■■■ 

At Prices That Can't Bo 
Duplicated EUswhere 

■ l>-r,:h-;:( Jun A' F.ti :••'-.::■■•. :1 

Title to Ever, Car Wo Soli 

MLS Dni ThpreuiSI, Intfullvn+fl ( , tc 

Ownarahip by Motor Car Abstract Co., 
Inc., 1834 Broadway. N. Y. 

Warrantinjj That the Car ItrfM 
and Clear of AH EncumbronCca 

3 to 12 Monthi Credit Extended 

if Desired. 

S* " T aj a* a I 

%o 'Mnrticsue*: \ B roMlrltrl 

Auto Bodies (Winter or Sunmier) 
Lo%v««t Price*, 

. <"«« Wftftli ■*-**' n* rr-Mrvt' 

Ttres of Beit Makes Only; Sore 
40% to 65% 

TbInb. ti 11 -v it 3. ii s* pjf. 

Jandorf Automobile Co* 

1739 Broadway, near 56th St. 
TaWphoaa to All Dept,,. 2476 Cifc| f . 



T*TLOB-mAM;K -v-AlirBtLL FISKaAtr 

rm'RCH" flK«ass; ul «ii £Aimt\. Wsdssfr- 

osx. J.K r. il 





. V*u. «.■.£. * 3 AT.. 1H. 


r.uii^i pikr. La Tendresse 


i.l.h BEBYL UiaCXft 

Stp. l.M. >lxl-. W>a. A Bat. .1 !«. I 

£ h t^^WyS Mused Piodcfkr, 


Jt-ni -DIE MJADSRS-"; 

I Mil?. TO-OAV 4 &■!., 

HoUda, Hat. To-anr *< HSU. 



V O W fc * M OUT 


U_U [pink [iii..i..Sit A IlMlCMn 

Fill TflU M FI-, W. of B^mt. fc«*«. l.«. 
rUI*IUJ1 iSpELl'Rti'CHAT. GAT. 1,44. 


Id-dvi £aL It 


AS'SB NICHOLS 1 Laufbtnr Buceaa. 


VANDERB!LT;X.'i.S, i E S: T .rv:,! 1 



.' Hat. to-day 

"A SMASRI^AriT N, V. rrttlc. 

»^ _ uAx erica:.!, r.-r'-^ti 

H6HRY WLUIrS S&af^i^" 
'■ "THE AWFUL TRimi" 

Mftf^TPAV MAT. TO-10AV, 



BE LAS CO £*" " ,h Ki et""c«* ■* * ». 






Hiu. TtMtir (Holiday) * sii. 

JBMBMpi M*i!r»l C™*dj Hit 

I "Bcrtiptd iff with 

>!uHi:i.J C«mnJ T 
liranfi of ««i<g> " 
— i-"I:irr«i DftraUl 

(i-r. W/vid. 

mJftt TllEATKEft Ot- IT. «D ST. 

TIMES sq. 

I <;maj'lilncr Com^j lilt, 


I Mm p lulu re * T«IJuh*h E.nVimtl 
■ tft. 1,14. M*L». Toflj)- * :■: IW, 

X.A8T B W*EK» 


i« a MvBiamii conzirv. 
£*•. 1.30. Mil*. To-dM * Pii - » 
tfttM H.r. TODAY. fciiBO, 


Wurlil'* ..-.iiEtilnn, Hi' 

Kn. I.ML Hiu. ToAt.7* "'■. 1-.